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By | July 20, 2022

[Music] Hello Just waiting a minute for some people to Join Hello You’re my first comment Oh thank you very much Hello richard Hello oh now we’re rolling 50 people okay i guess this is a good Time to start hello everybody welcome is It hot enough for you Got myself a new england ipa by the name Of uh brew gooder I’ve got a few different um ipas and Parallels and stuff to try at the moment What about this heat though Right i’ve got a fan on here so if that Is um Making the Sound funny let me know but it’s quite a Quiet fan so hopefully it’s okay and you Can hear me just fine Wow these are going fast um yeah so I was about to go live and then i Remembered i changed computer my editing Station and um i don’t have a webcam So crap i’m going to do it on my phone So here we are my phone it seems to be Better than Quite a while ago when they used to kind Of flash up and disappear they are Actually staying and i can scroll them If i need to as well because they are

Going pretty fast because there is 300 Of you now apparently So hello all i hope you’re all doing Well and keeping as cool as possible Uh this week to be completely honest i Have kind of taken it off If you can’t be ever the hottest days of The year off when you’re self-employed Then what’s the point but yeah that i Was gonna get nothing done Um I had um busy week last week and weekend Uh we was Building a Um A bridge for an entrance to our woodland That we use that i use That’s what’s helping out with that Thank you benny hill The real benny hill from the dead Um yeah So this week i’m taking a bit easy and Kind of i’m already on holiday or Vacation whatever you’d like to call it Because Um this weekend i’ve got off and i’m Going away for a few days as well so It is my summer holiday this week I hope that you all enjoyed the last Video i don’t know why i put it out on a Sunday i was expecting to film but when That heat hit i just couldn’t so um Uh yeah So i thought let’s do a live stream and

Here we are Um Right simon’s wearing your t-shirt That’s break as i wore his last week But i do like his it was a design i was Considering myself but he beat me to it So i’m happy to buy his Um Yeah nothing really planned to talk About um so i might uh field a couple of Your Questions and um kind of uh you know Take it from there really because I’m completely unprepared oh matt thank You very much Matt and chris Um Love you to come to canada yes i’d Absolutely love that myself We do have if anyone missed it from when I’m talking about it in the video we are Me and simon this is going uh to norway And sweden kind of on the border Excuse me that’s happening um sort of Mid-august let’s expect to see that Beginning of september And um That’s kind of how our big trip J test asmr thank you very much When am i collaborating with simon next Uh our next big tricky trip is what i’ve Just been talking about norway but um We’re gonna get out before that for a Little paddle because uh i’m pretty out

Of touch with the paddling Ah right What was that about a mixed grill We’d love to see a huge mixed grill fry Up and a big stone again yeah i was Thinking it’s about time i didn’t want To overdo that so i kind of gave the Stones a rest but I think it’s time for one Uh Thank you very much michael Philly cheesesteak that’s on my list Actually yeah philly cheesesteak Um i’ve i don’t think i’ve ever done one To be honest even at home Hello romania Vixx Thank you very much indeed Uh Do you watch histories alone um i don’t Watch tv but alone is one of the few Things i download to watch Um And uh yeah i love it and that’s because It is purely you’re seeing them there’s No presenters or you know Obviously it’s edited but it’s not Edited to tell a story make people look Stupid or anything so yeah i do like a Loan uh would i go on it which is Something people ask a lot um i didn’t Know people outside of the us could but There was a woman from the uk on the Last season that i watched i’ve not

Started the new one yet Um but it does look a bit miserable After a few weeks i’m sure the first Month is quite fun and then Just sitting in a shelter Eating dried fish and i don’t even like Fish Right let’s uh have a look i have Oh oh Yeah a lot of people already have said About um a book I haven’t alluded to it before i did Start writing a campfire cookbook 2020 um and then everything kind of Happened and I just went on a back burner and i’ve Just been so busy recently um that i’ve Not got back to it but it’s something i Really want to get back to so Um Yes so that is something someone said is That a co-op beer no for those of you Who didn’t catch it’s a brew gooder new England ipa I’ve got a few ipas and stuff to try They work for camps but Be rude not to now Do i miss my long hair Not really certainly not in this weather Um yes youtube is my full-time Professional now So obviously i have to take it quite Seriously and Yeah get them videos out unlike this

Week Uh going quite fast going quite fast Hello new york You look very smart long hair thank you Yeah it was a bit messy i had longer Hair when i was younger as well when i Was in far better condition that was Like a last ditch attempt to having long Hair With the receding My favorite led zeppelin song oh um it’s Gotta be when the levee breaks a few Years ago i would have said ramble on Oh that’d be as nice Uh when’s cooper coming out god knows You’ll hear about it here first Cook differently in grizzly country yeah For sure Uh Be nice to see a black bear in norway It’s unlikely but uh Would be good i remember when i was in Sweden we could hear the wolves that was Quite fun at night Hello poland did i see now i’ve not seen Led zeppelin live i think the only one Would really have got seen is that weird One they did with um Phil collins But uh no i’ve seen um robert plant live That’s pretty cool A lot of music questions here slipknot i Liked their third album i’ve seen them Live at a festival

I didn’t like their early stuff Have i ever been to shropshire before i Have indeed one of my videos was filmed There actually um just before or the end Of last year a camp i did up there In a hot tent Uh beer is beautiful up there and i very Nearly moved up there to be honest but a Few things keeping me here Are you a chef or a carpenter in real Life I’ve kind of done both In the past i had my own barbecue Catering business for a little while So cooking on fire and um I um Worked with a friend building um Shelters for schools for playgrounds and Stuff for a while as well And i do live in kent yes Um This beer is a brew brew gooder new England ipa Wow yeah i do need to get to where i was I really do Um what i want to do which i’ve been Mulling over is um getting a van doing a Conversion Um i could do some videos on that but The real reason being that i can go Somewhere and have a base camp Excuse me um so i can maybe film a video Get back to that base camp and get Somewhere else get cleaned blah blah

Blah go do another video and then i can Go away for extended periods like Scotland wales and stuff um just make it A bit easier But yeah that’s something i’m throwing Around at the moment i’ve had enough Expenses with the truck recently Um that’s just that new suspension all Round it’s um Got a uh two inch lift i thought it Might as well at the same time Just got the air con fixed and it died Again straight away so that was fun in This weather But i’ve been using that e-bike How did you get into camping um used to As a teenager a few times bit wild Camping where we would just Um go off and Just take sleeping bags no mats no tarps No tents And um Then years later i got back into Photography going to places and having To camp to photograph them places And then that along with watching a lot Of youtube and survivalists and stuff i Thought why not i know to edit a video Cast iron Frying pans are best for camping well They are great for cooking on but um Depends how far you need to walk You do there is a learning curve with Cast iron as well

Claire cooper i lived in maidstone for Five years not far away Hello hello hello Yes someone has asked um yes this is my Full-time profession now How long have you had your car rooftop 10 uh it’s got to be Two years now it’s gotta be Um yeah thoroughly enjoyed having it It’s um For the uk or for england at least maybe Not the most practical thing if you Don’t have Permissions Um Because you’re going to be in lay-bys And things like that for Maybe wells in scotland it’s going to be A little more open for that sort of Thing obviously internationally better But yeah That’s why i’m considering getting a van And converting it Do i carry protection when camping Um Well i rarely see any women when i’m out I’ve got knives on me so i guess that Counts but I don’t intend on using them on people Did i find my drone on dart or no i was Going to get up there and have a proper Look and um Someone else did for me actually rio rio O’brien off of youtube he had a good old

Hunt around as well and didn’t see it But um Yeah it was 20 20 so You know Other things were going on Happy birthday vincent valentine Have a great day I don’t own a woodland myself i have Access to a couple um the people are Kind enough to allow me Um So uh Sorry i’m Reading and talking yeah so uh that and A couple that i can sometimes use on Other occasions Uh i wish i could buy one but in the Last two years the price of of land of Woodlands has basically doubled Um So I don’t see much hope in that happening Because it’s only going to keep going up Looking for a new knife due to losing Mine in lake district all-round knife Recommendation Um It depends on the sort of camping but um Maybe like a maura garber or something They’re gonna be an excellent knife I don’t have one myself so i can’t say It but everyone does say that I mean i use the condor bushlore and Have done for a long time which is a

Well-priced knife that some people have Mentioned that theirs have been um A bit soft the metal so i guess because Of mass production a bit of a luck of The draw but mine’s been absolutely fine I mean you’ve seen everything i’ve done With mine Oh thank you very much patricia Yeah it’s always good when you get a a Message Or whatever telling you how the videos Have helped that person or whatever It does kind of make it worth doing hi Kaelin kaelin’s longtime subscriber Staying cool over there yeah It’s better today the last two days I couldn’t do a thing i just shut down In the heat I’m absolutely useless In heat Give me uh winter any day autumn’s the Best though How often do i sharpen my knifes and Knives and axes um Not often enough probably yeah i sit Down and i get them all out and i go Through them with a wet stone Um Every couple of weeks probably obviously I use them quite a lot A lot of fires and kent yeah yeah Yesterday there seemed to be fires it Everywhere Um dozens of uh fire engines out and

About Hopefully not deliberate but on that Note if anyone is camping in this Weather do be careful with your fires um Try to have pump them up off the ground If you can And uh remember that pine and things Like bracken will spread underground Without you even knowing it so make sure Any fires are fully out Etc and try and have them with them off The ground Right i have This is my next beer Smash ipa With mosaic hops Uh sorry When am i traveling to scandinavia um Mid Uh mid august back in scandinavia cannot Wait Oh fruity Uh scariest creepiest moment Doesn’t really have any Um There’s the odd sort of jump scare when A tree comes down or a branch um falls Off of a tree But no not really any scary moments to Speak of um What can i say The most uncomfortable is when um You have When it’s completely steel in the woods

And you hear every tiny noise like every Little tweak And um Yeah so but yeah i haven’t had any Particularly scary moments Who do i watch on youtube probably a lot Of the same people you do I don’t have nearly as much time as i Used to have Um but yeah a lot of people a lot of Smaller channels as well Yeah i’d love to get up to scotland as Well bill um Yeah i just need to get to it Last couple of years when i’ve had money To actually Travel a bit more um it’s Yeah been a bit harder I’ll call you the outdoor chef best Bills thank you very much Yeah i do love the more ambitious kind Of camp cooks i think i might um Do some slightly simpler camp cooks That are more approachable for other People as well I was not a chef um i said earlier i am Had a barbecue company so i used to Smoke a lot of meat And uh Yeah it didn’t kind of work out Come camping in maine we have 90 acres Oh thank you very much Um Yeah maybe one day

I’d love to Maine does look lovely and uh jessica Fletcher is from there so It could be quite dangerous The death rates on that Wow the new shelter yeah a new shelter’s Great um Right now there’s quite a lot of bugs About the last time i camped in it was Off camera actually uh i went up with a Friend um Um I’ll explain why in a second but i had To take like a tent bug net and put it Inside it um Which was easy because it was easy to Suspend in there just to to stop the Bugs because they’re having a light in Their lights up the ceiling all the bugs Wanted to come in But the reason i was up there with a Friend is he he’s a photographer and he Wanted to um do some bushcrafty photos So we did a like a photography session Up there and um Yeah you’ll be hearing about that soon But there’ll be some kind of prints Available not necessarily of me like A bit of bushcrafty things um quite nice Actually he’s a good photographer but We’ll go into that at another point New fire pit um I’ve used it once i’ve not gone back to It um been doing other things

Um yeah yeah we’ll see how the fire pit Works out um i’m not 100 happy with it To be honest the fire pit itself i like But then Wings either side of it i wasn’t 100 Happy with the way they looked because I’d like the rocks on top i don’t know Let’s see how it goes i may take them Down and just put benches there or Something at some point All set for the trip with simon um Yeah almost Um i’ve got a new dry bag for the canoe Trip like a bigger one than i had before Because actually i borrowed his last Time we went because my one’s quite Small so i’ve got a 110 liter one or Something A few other bits and bobs i’ve purchased For that Build another one with simon yeah simon Doesn’t have the sort of time i have for Youtube otherwise it’d be great to build A share with you maybe one day Um On that note um I’ve got a couple of shelter builds in Mind the next one hopefully starting in The next couple of weeks um Which is basically kind of a cabin Really basically A woodland house or whatever they tend To call it in these videos So that’s um

Something That uh Yeah i’ll be starting very soon you’ll Probably see a few weeks after that Because i need to get a certain amount Done before i can put any videos out Fishing Keep meaning to do fishing but um It’s uh I don’t have that motivation because i Don’t eat fish But uh yeah maybe at some point Ham radio no never do any ham radio Stuff when we were kids we used to do The um cb radio stuff that was usually Just Kind of like pre-internet really Everyone insulting each other and stuff Like that I guess it was like an internet comment Section Horton’s cakes thank you very much Indeed Now i want cake Uh no i was explaining before the Woodland i use is not mine although i Use a few woodlands but uh none of them Are mine um i cannot afford a woodland I wish i could hey robert hello nicole Um yeah Um Lewis kerr hello Is that who i think it is Anyway um yeah uh i just have kind

Permission to be able to use them Hello morgan Hamm radio yeah i can imagine how Radio’s more civilized no it didn’t camp In the heat the I can’t function in the heat Hello world camper Oh looking girl they go too fast Hello from the states What’s up from california Do i go to music festivals obviously not In recent years um yeah been to a few in The past Um I suppose i’ve got more tents i could Take now Used to take crappy tents Oh my god oh my god Do i play guitar i don’t play guitar Well i know a few chords but no i don’t Play guitar i used to drum Just drum in a couple of kind of Bands That was my thing Hitting things Jackery might sponsor me i don’t do Sponsorships um Yeah i don’t do sponsorships or paid Promotions which is probably a big Mistake but it i don’t know i’m just not Comfortable with that sort of thing um All my opinions are my own Why would you take steve wallis to stop This camera i don’t really watch him but

I have seen his videos pop up God i don’t know he’d probably want to Go to like an asda car park or something Like that How do you get your permission Um my permission someone actually Contacted me we kind of become friends i Become friends with his Friends and it kind of went from there Um It’s uh Yeah kind of luck really and The best way i guess is just to get out There exploring not necessarily camping But the only way you can meet people who Own these lands And stuff like that is by getting out There talking to people and things and Gaining people’s trust but It gets harder and harder Oh uh who is that Luvina hello and thank you very much I also hate the heat Yeah hands up if you hate the heat Where do i get my steak from all over The shop um A couple of online bridges i’ve used in The past campbell’s and the steak shop And um I’ve got a local butcher used to use a Different butcher but i’ve got another Local butcher here now as well but Online for more specialist steaks and Things as well i’ve actually got a

Rather nice tomahawk in the freezer for A video i’ve got in mind I’m not married and i have no children Where am i from i’m from kent In england How many tattoos do i have um I don’t know many Uh favorite steak cut it’s a rib eye Ribeye slash uh tom hawk which is rib Eye on the bone Um Yeah just it’s just the tastiest steak Basically in my opinion Go veggie i was a veggie when i was 18 For a couple of years actually I’ve made up for it since Sorry how old am i I am 42 i think Chicken versus pork pork pork is the Meat you put with other meats to make Their meats better so pork is the best Meat overall i mean a steak is you know The best sort of cut but pork in general Everything you can do with it Any advice for a scared person to go Camping um Don’t force yourself if you’re Uncomfortable because you’re not going To enjoy it um Try out like these Woodland permission campsites and stuff There’s a lot of them popping up Visit places Um

Just visit them just day camp spend the Evening And get to know the surroundings build It up like that until you have the Courage to stay Excuse me Um overnight Excuse me these ipas are Building up some gas Any plans for a camp with tom outdoors Could happen Um I do still Speak with tom and i have seen him as Well you may have seen me a little cameo In one of his videos uh picked him up Off of one of his camps to take him back To the start point Um we just uh Our videos are very different we’ve One evolved in different ways i guess But um yeah it’d be lovely to find time To be able to do that at some point Poor pork is amazing oh yes You said you’re not married you don’t Have children It’s gone it’s gone Oh god these are going so fast sorry Any projects outside of camping Bushcraft videos you hoped to try this Year Hi glenn um God my mind is just so focused on that Um

Finding a house Is a part of This year’s plan really Which is gonna Yeah be a lot um No Um get a life again um Last couple of years Pretty much oh hi rachel Past a couple of years i’ve just been so Focused on work and filming and that’s All i’ve done And um yeah trying to get a bit of a Life and a work-life balance again is Kind of a bit of what i want to do I’d love to build my own house I’d really love to but For those who don’t know kent in england Is You know quite close to london it’s Yeah it’s not exactly the wilds I have to travel At least an hour to get anywhere worthy Of camping like my permission or Anything Was it worth focusing on work yeah yeah I guess so yeah i mean in that time the Channel grew a lot Um Yeah uh i did have a bit of burnout but That happens to everyone on youtube it’s So constant I’m not going to Complain about having my dream job but

With any job Has its downsides and yeah it’s um It’s like a ticking clock every week And when you want to try bigger projects You kind of have to do them in the Background while you’re doing other Videos and To be putting out Um Yeah it’s a bit of a ticking clock but Uh Yeah someone just said about a woodland House and that is the next project that I’ll be doing in the background while Filming other videos Uh greg phillips thank you very much Check out simon’s video Uh the beer festival yeah we’re going to The beer festival seeing me inside Yeah so If you’re near london come to the beer Festival we’re gonna be up there i think It’s the fifth i can’t remember fifth or Sixth and uh Yeah that’s gonna be interesting What do i think of other survivalist Shows uh the only one i watch with Regards to tv shows is um Alone I’ve just watched season eight i think It is if it’s season nine it’s on now I’m only gonna watch that once it’s Finished Um but that’s the only one i i like to

Watch um but yeah i do watch quite a few People on Youtube as well Simon watch i’ve not seen simon say Hello Ah real obran Hello i just mentioned you earlier Someone asked about my drone if i ever Found it Right we were getting 30 minutes i need To slow down drinking i’ve got one more Beer after this one i’m planning on Going for an hour I’m not from gillingham It’s not that far from where i’m from How do you approach landowners Permission I don’t know if i’m honest and Everyone’s going to be individual Um visit that land or around the land Talk to people get to know people Allow people to become comfortable with You and take baby steps i would say like Oh do you mind if i walk on your land do You mind if i use my stove on your land Could i count there one day just build Up just you know With anything gaining trust Sorry i had to pause them messages for a Minute A wonderful demeanor Thank you very much You should see me yeah drive Rachel oh the gatehouse

Glad you’re not from gilligan No comment Who are my favorite youtubers I don’t have As much time for watching youtube as i Used to and doing this watching other Camping channels is a bit of a bustman’s Holiday Uh used to watch a lot of joe robinette Um A lot of uh color 195 Um Things like that uh Now I watch what a lot of people would Probably be like um Smaller channels Um But um I love them you know like burning Outdoors like lundy’s wild camp and Bushcraft and mdm Outdoors adventures You know People like these People keep it real a lot of bigger Channels can get a bit fake God Controversy My self-reliance i’ve not watched him in A while but yeah absolutely amazing Videos Simon yeah obviously We met through just me watching simon’s

Video and talking to him And yeah we just got on and Went for It what kind of axe do i use it’s um Halter Forrest axe Thank you tom Uh the beer festival’s in london um i Think it’s at the excel i’m not too sure Actually um simon’s arranged it all Okay very fun of your steak and potatoes A lot of people have started calling Them kent potatoes We’d like to know who’s your favorite Band I always used to say like led zeppelin And stuff but uh Depends on my mood Best camp frying pan Stainless Stainless steel cast iron if you’re not Walking too far or i use a um trencher 22 centimeter folding handle one now Uh Badger Uh what did someone say my camera set up Well for anyone interested in filming my Main camera is a panasonic um G9 Has been for the last year or so It’s a mirrorless It’s like an slr but it’s mirrorless Interchangeable lenses and all of that I also use a obviously

A rode mic and filming light on that and I use a dg dji action camera And And dji mini is my drone I love the ketchup And i edit in um Um I had it in final cut pro sorry on a mac Yes i’m a mac user Worst thing that’s happened to me on a Wild camp I was pretty miserable on a rainy one Years ago on dartmoor and had to even Just cook my meal in someone else’s tent Just everything was wet i didn’t have Room to dry stuff it was horrible And I guess the other time i was getting Sick in sweden um Basically took one day out of the five Day trip where i just slept through the Day i was so sick Luckily i got better after that i was Still a bit weak but yeah i felt bad for Simon as well because he can do much in That one day as well Um i’m not into gaming no Maybe solitaire on my phone Camping in canada hopefully one day it’d Be lovely Lanzarote It was in bigfoot I haven’t That would be pretty cool

Excuse me Down the wrong hole Lantern covers no i got an email about That the other day that i’ve not replied To actually My leather um your hand lantern covers Are Made by Um Paul d’or Liver craft and bushcraft or pd Levercraft On instagram i think Um he’s not making them at the moment a Lot of these small makers are finding it Hard lately the borders coming in Obviously because of people and money And um He will be doing them again um and i Will actually notify probably on the Review channel about that because They’re great they’re so handy Wow that’s weird I have Madison west coast ipa at the east coast And now west coast This Is Peachy Tastes peachy I just said about lamb covers no i don’t Do them myself Leather patches oh Leather patches coming soon watch this

Space Yeah i’ve not had the time while i Probably have had the time this week Having the heat where i can’t do Anything to update the website and stuff But watch this space A dug out shelter they are all the rage Aren’t they Every time i do open Youtube someone’s making a dugout Shelter Maybe this winter maybe i’ll consider Doing it um you kind of need the right Place like a good slope and One reason i’ve not done it’s quite Destructive on the ground Um but i did see a place in the woods The other day that’s um a slope and There’s Nothing Too close to it roots and stuff so i Might consider a dugout we’ll see Something i did want to do quite some Time ago you do need that right location Don’t pull you back again yeah Urban camp I don’t know about urban camping I like to get away from it i want to Have some peace Free beers for a work night I don’t usually i don’t drink at home I mean i haven’t even been to the pub Much lately just been so busy Carly is on the pool

Oh whoa Have you still got the russian bear tent Yes i have got the russian bear tent Um I doubt i’m going to use that in summer But i do look forward to using it again In the winter How’s the truck yeah i was talking about That earlier Um I’ve done a lot of work on it lately i Say i’ve done a lot of work i’ve paid Someone to do a lot of work on it Recently Um Suspension Um egr valve bloody modern diesels Air con Which is still not working Um yeah So i’ve said a lot of work done on it Recently It’s running It’s just my luck with trucks Okay let’s have a question i’ve not had Before Uh i’m not a dog person dogs need a lot Of looking after it’s like having a kid I’m a cat person they’re independent And dogs i can’t relax around dogs They’re always Watch all the hate comments come up now Did you get to keep the electric bike i Do have the electric bike still um

Me and simon might actually do something With electric bikes but um yeah i still Do have it It’s favorite toilet paper Excuse me What are my tattoos i mean that’s a crop Circle Um These Lotus flowers are my interpretation of Them they’re the only ones you’re going To see Northern scotland yeah would love to at Some point What was my career before youtube I was working with a friend building Shelters for uh playgrounds and things Uh like wooden shelters hexagonal Shelters that sort of thing Hello magda Win a date with andy That’s not a prize Brisket I wanted to do more smoking things in The um The smoker i built but uh i figured the Roof of that dried out so much i can’t Really hot smoking it anymore i don’t Think Um Yeah Maybe i’ll take my smoker into the woods Cook a brisket Which wife did henry eight kill second

Oh god Uh married died survived i can’t Remember the order Stealth camping urban areas not for me I don’t get off on that sort of thing it Doesn’t excite me my camping is enjoying The outdoors and Relaxing And doing creative things the Whole stealth camping thing I don’t get a buzz from it i guess That’s why people do that for some kind Of buzz This it’s not really my sort of thing i Mean i have stealth cam just Camped in places i’m not supposed to and Whatnot but uh Yeah it’s it’s not me Have i ever met any celebrities Tony blackburn That was a long time ago Uh Who is considered a celebrity i know a Couple of artists that are famous Who said moves Oven Cooking yeah i’ve got a couple of Different uh stove ovens that i’m not Going to use to the autumn now Do i’ve listened to the radio when Camping i have done usually when i’m Doing like a coastal or something like That What about darth vader that’s one of the

Things that burnt down isn’t it Favorite soccer team don’t watch Football Have you ever rolled out of a camp bed Drunk I’ve been tipsy a couple of times Usually on solos Best youtube content thank you very much Indeed Uh eco flow solar panels they were the Big ones they worked really well Actually and as they kind of stated Um a friend of mine has got them at the Moment He’s got more use for him I like to kind of If i have multiples of something i’ve Reviewed It’s not something i really want to give Away because it’s not brand new but It’s something you know People who help me out on the channel And stuff i um Will pass stuff to them sometimes I do not like football All right i’m going to skip a load here Because i’m getting well behind I do i’ve heard of steve wallace yes Someone asked that earlier i think i’ve Seen one of the videos but the whole Stealth camping thing is not really my Thing Are you affected by the heat wave of Fires well i’m physically affected by

The heat wave but i was saying earlier If anyone is going camping be extremely Careful try to have your a fire pit Raised if you can And um yeah um Remember that roots can catch um I know i knew personally that pine can Spread underground i didn’t know that Bracken can as well very easily so just Be very careful with fires at the moment Trying to have them up off the ground Drink hot chocolate before turning in For the night it’s a camp thing Always at camp i’ll have a hot chocolate Firstly it’s a part of the story of the Video Like You kind of need a story you know a Beginning middle end sort of thing it Shows the progression of the night and That but yeah i like her especially in The winter hot chocolate camping at home Very rarely would i have a hot chocolate Um I’ve not had any two worrying situations Camping to be honest just sick in Sweden and things like that i’ve been Quite lucky with them regards Who is that Oh god I’m sorry they’re getting a bit quick Are you allowed to camp in public works The only place in england you’re Officially allowed to camp is um

Dartmoor in select areas but Anywhere else is technically illegal Treehouse build Um Probably yeah i don’t know with Treehouse We’ll see about that I’ve got a couple of um If he wasn’t here earlier i’ve got a Couple of um Camp Um shelters To come Oh thank you very much rachel didn’t Have to do that Yeah a couple of shelter builds coming What i’m gonna start in this month And um Uh yeah i’ve got a couple That i like maybe a one another one day One and another one for the autumn as Well Um but yeah looking forward to getting Started with this It’s a um A croc frame shelter basically if you Know what that is So a little bit of a kind of cabin small Cabin I do not own any woodland no red wolf Hello gabe Do a fish cook i don’t eat food fish Muller get my words out i don’t eat fish Oh thank you very much neil

Yeah i don’t eat fish um that’s Just my motivation now i’ve cooked Salmon once on the channel that’s the Only fish i’ve ever cooked on the Channel i will get to that but i would Need to be with someone That would eat it i don’t like wasting Food and things there is one fishy-ish Thing i’m gonna do in the near future But uh yeah Favorite place i’ve camped it’s probably Gotta be sweden Absolutely beautiful Um Yeah Colorado I’d love to go to colorado Maybe one day It’s just been a crazy couple of years Isn’t it so uh Yeah there’s a lot of places that love To go Norway i’m coming to norway next month Favorite shelter build so far my Favorite i don’t know i do like my wood Store i do like my wood store i like the Shakes or shingles whatever you’d like To call them Excuse me roof but um yeah i’m loving The the new um adirondack or dano hut Levu Shelter it’s got so many names that Style But i love it

But uh yeah i’m looking forward to Starting a new build very soon Portugal why not Hello tom and thank you very much What’s a great canoe to start with his Rookie Go over to simon a bloke in the woods And talk to him he’s a canoe expert I You know i just Canoe If i can do i I am Tend to use his sorry reading and Talking at the same time again yeah i Tend to use his canoes when we go out or Like um from an outfit as if we go on a Trip I don’t have a canoe myself i do not Have the room to store one i would love One at some point kent also isn’t the Best place to just get out and have a Canoe as well What’s my best outtake most of my Outtakes have been my camera falling Over always seems to happen to me broken A couple of lenses doing that Have i seen an adder i’ve not seen an Adder while camping no I’ve been pretty lucky and people always Ask about ticks as well Uh that looks like a horrible tick place I’ve stayed in places that i’m going to Be awful for ticks and i’ve never found

One on me They just don’t seem to like me How far is simon from me Two and a half hours drive something Like that little ways Obviously we both have um Our own ideas things we want to do Simon’s time is more limited than mine So it’s always good when we can um get Together Doesn’t sound fun when the camera’s Falling no i know it’s pain I thought i’d really broken mine um The other day actually but it was a Setting that actually changed when it Fell over Was the secret to my fried potatoes Uh parboiling them if you call that a Secret Favorite beer Um I’ve been drinking a lot of wild beer Pogo lately which has guava in it it’s a Very nice beer What’s the funniest thing that’s the Funniest thing camping i don’t know Funniest thing I don’t i really don’t know How weird is that Seem to remember the bad things rather Than the good things it’ll come to me Epidemic tunes How bizarre hello You’re going back to the fetch of the

Camera every time i’ll tell you what We’re going back to fetch the camera You only get a few a few people Commenting on that because The idea is to make a video good enough That people aren’t thinking about that But um yeah walking back to get a camera Unless you’re you know really going Uphill on a long trip is not too bad Driving back is not too bad paddling Back is a pain Having to turn the canoe around go like Upstream or whatever Turn around again get close enough try And get it in without dropping it That’s the hardest one is actually Paddling back to get a Camera on like the foreshore plus you Got to put it somewhere you can actually Reach it Iron pier graves end I have had nine pier but um Yeah i need to try them more Um i tried a couple of deal Beers on the last camp but yeah i do Want to try more local ones Who would i most like to camp with or Anyone in the world or somebody That’s accessible i don’t know who would I most like to camp with The people i do camp with No bears around I would quite Like

Some more wildlife like that i mean Bears here were killed off like middle Ages when they were hunted like wolves And stuff as well it’s so sad Though there wouldn’t be enough land for Them to survive properly um Anyway here on our little island Um but yeah i would like a little one Yeah i know obviously there’s the Inconvenience with bears with cooking Away from camp and bear bags and stuff Like that but um Yeah snakes I’ve not seen many Um i’ve never seen i don’t think i’ve Ever seen an adder I’ve seen grass snakes i’ve seen common Lizards here and stuff like that Do i poop on camp well yes sometimes Nature calls when nature calls I seem to have a big following in the us Why do you think that is i think Primarily just a bigger audience and Same language Um Yeah one thing i did learn oh thank you Very much tyrone But yeah uh i think a big thing is that I learned is when i went to sweden The first time it was a massive deal for Me both personally and for the channel As video But um The videos

Didn’t do that well well i edited them Together and they did better but i Thought i guess it’s a worldwide Audience so The location Isn’t A big deal to other people me going to Somewhere else because it’s just another Place you can see that place from other People on youtube it’s a worldwide Community And um Yeah i learned a lot from that um I don’t know where i was going with this Point But yeah i guess people like seeing an Environment um That’s different to their own As a bit of interest Different You know surroundings What tortilla press do i have and i do i Do like my tortilla press i can’t tell Exactly what it was it was from amazon I think it came with a book or something As well told you how to make certain Things i am obsessed with tacos the past Couple of years obsessed you probably Saw that through the videos but yeah i Love tacos proper tacos and i’ve been Making a lot more proper corn tortillas Lately Love them Um

I have a cat Vj i have a cat How long have i been making videos i Think this year i’m coming up to six Years this november um Yeah Does that make me some kind of youtube Alumni Favorite taco joint in london Um I have a favorite in brighton In london i was in greenwich the other Day and had some on the market like a Food truck still place No i did not they’d run out of tacos i Had a burrito Thank you very much terry’s adventure I had some nice ones in we have these Places called mercato Which um i like food markets and there Was add some nice tacos there They’re good in greenwich yeah yeah the Burrito was very generous size for the Money Okay let’s have a couple of good Questions because i’m going to be going In a few minutes I’m going in that long What influenced me to cut my hair it was Falling out on its own Come to michigan Maybe one day it would be nice and he Plans to return to sweden going to Norway sweden in uh

Ah they’re going quickly in august Was i chef uh i don’t have much of a Sweet tooth i wasn’t a chef i was a pit Master as they call it Tent camping or homemade shelter bit of Both variety is the spice of life the Variety on this channel Ah Full bottle of red wine You can watch one of my video from this Week Land rover no i wouldn’t buy a land Rover because i’m not good enough Mechanic Uh what country do i live in england Uh thank you the axe monster thank you Very much where’s your go-to seasoning Well seasoning is technically just salt But I really love the flavor combination Chili Lime coriander or cilantro And garlic You put them four things in anything Obviously this is why i like mexican and Thai food quite a lot put them with Anything and it’s gonna taste great Thank you rachel Classic mix Full time uh yeah i’m full-time youtuber Now Too many How were you a pit master i had a Barbecue catering company i used to make

Sauces spices to sell and um i used to Do kind of pop-up restaurants in pubs And stuff For barbecue you know like pulled pork Brisket that sort of stuff Ribs I have smoked many a rib What’s this what’s this Steadily growing over the years Um the moment my channel really took off Was The very first I mean not the first time i cooked on a Rock but when i did that video that was A breakfast on a rock It really shot up then Um Quite a lot and then Like a year later i did a second Breakfast on a rock that was bigger Because it was after the first lockdowns And stuff beginning in a pandemic and um Yeah like kind of helped get things back On track And it did Even better than the first one fernando Partridge fernando partridge brilliant Any celebrity I don’t know I’m not always been of this You know Kill your idols thing or you know Separate The person from the work and stuff i

Really don’t know I don’t really idolize people We’re all equal Drink whiskey or beer i used to drink Whiskey it was the first drink i used to Um Drink and that’s the reason i don’t Drink it anymore Used to ride a motorcycle not anymore Come to essex i’ve came to in essex I’ve got two videos camping in essex i Think Jalapeno or habanero or it depends how Spicy i’m feeling jalapeno for you know A school night habanero when habaneros Have a better flavor but obviously you Get the heat as well but if you put a Habanero in whole you get the flavor but Not the heat I’ve got these going so quickly i Brickens i’ve not camped on the broken Beacons Oh wow my favorite metal band i tell you I’ve been listening to lately it’s not Strictly metal there’s a band called Gnome You know like Genome like the little figurines check Them out they’re brilliant Metallica or maiden Maiden was my first bend Uh doing more upgrades to the pickup i Have lifted it because i had to change The suspension anyway

But uh Uh i’ll probably come to norfolk when i Meet up with simon next What was that about boris Did let’s see something about boris Would boris johnson survive in the woods Hope not I’m trending on youtube live oh Trendy Andy Oh my goodness look at all these Messages Gnome rock yes they do Were you at home base sea front the Other weekend i thought i saw your truck I was i was at home bay How peculiar suck my truck was in the Garage the other week and i was talking To the mechanic and he said someone Noticed it there in the carriage and Said could they wait around for when i Come to pick it up to meet me Celebrity lifestyle That is something weird i have I do tend to get recognized a lot of the Time that go out now and it is something To get used to Because when i’m filming the videos Obviously i’m alone and that’s the side I see of it and then i’m out and about And there’s people going handy you can’t Survival They say ken survival i know where they Know where i’m from they say andy i’m

Like did i used to work with you did i Go to school with you oh you watch the Videos Oh hello clara i’m afraid it’s Nearly time to finish hello burton also Oh everyone’s coming on now i should Have started later Ah What is my favorite thing about being a Youtuber Creativity I guess The best thing is also the worst thing Being your own boss and Yeah having that Is a great thing but it’s It’s it’s hard it’s hard to get used to Um You really have to be self-motivated Goodbye same old bmx Yeah it’s um It’s a hard thing to get used to and get The balance right of work and life and Stuff like that Um but yeah the creativity and being Able to do what you want within reason Any usa plans Yeah it’d be lovely to get to over there Again at some point It’s just been a weird couple of years So any plans i’ve had for international Have just been on hold the last couple Of years obviously But uh the first one is the norway trip

Coming Well thank you very much adrian An irish meal I shall consider that for sure Well thank you for it seems like a lot Of people are coming in now And i’m about to finish I am a full-time youtuber i hate to use That ton Because youtuber This is like what you imagine a youtuber To be i’m a filmmaker don’t you know I just happen to put my content on Youtube Uh i didn’t get a better life work life Balance on youtube but i’m trying that Now Like the two times i’ve Worked the hardest in my life are When i was had my barbecue business and Doing this um yeah It’s hard to turn off sometimes you’re Never not working in a way Ah it’s going it’s going it’s going it’s Going it’s going any plans tonight no This was my plan i’m going to go a rib Eye steak actually I got a rib eye today and i’ve got Some bone marrow as well to put over it So that’s my evening Content creator Right everybody thank you very much for Watching i hope this uh You know filled some time at the very

Least i know this always turns into a Question question question one day i’ll Figure something interesting to do one Of these often answering the same old Questions but uh Thank you all for allowing me to do this Uh it’s very much appreciated thank you All the contributed on this as well um Just thank you all Um yep New uh shelter build coming soon so That’s that to look forward to i’m gonna Have this weekend off and Yeah sorry sorry lee But um yeah Thank you very much and if i can figure Out how to stop this i’ll see you soon Maybe it’s this x Yep that was the one bye