Fireplace & Log Store Build at the Woodland Shelter – Steak and Eggs

By | July 17, 2022

Hi guys welcome back to another video as You can see I’m at the shelter again Last couple of videos I kind of said That the fireplace was temporary pretty Much just a pile of rocks and today I’m Going to rectify that So here it is the temporary fireplace Which is the pile of rocks surfed his Purpose while it’s been here but uh Today I’m going to be installing this fire pit So here’s the fire pit in question it’s A big steel heavy fire pit originally I Was going to do like a raised clay bed One but I saw this it already had a Feature that I wanted to use it’s got These pipes here for slotting in smaller Pipes that have the grill hanging off Them which is something I was thinking Of doing here anyway but this was all Built into this fire pit if you’re Interested it’s made by fire pits UK and It wasn’t cheap So my intention is to clear this we’re Going to install this there’s a raised Fire pit and then build up the Rocks Around it Foreign Foreign Area clear now I know there’s a bit of a Fall off here so I’m going to put the Fire pit in see how level it is and see How far it is from the shelter Actually seems an okay distance from the

Shelter but I think I’m still gonna have To take a section of this Fallen Oak out To fit the Rocks around it and stuff Foreign [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] Foreign [Music] This Oak can sit around for ages it can Look really Punky on the outside and Then just a couple of mil down Soliders are up Foreign Well the pit now fits quite well don’t Have to worry about that log being in The way just have to uh make the ground Level I do have a level with me and set It in ready to put the Rocks around [Applause] Got myself some standard mortar cement Mix here And uh I was gonna maybe use clay but this is Exposed unlike the base of the smoker I Built so I think it’s better to just Cement it make it a bit more permanent This being my kind of base camp Spread this out Sure how much overlap we’ve got I’ve been beavering away and I’ve done More or less two courses Um they’re very odd shapes obviously

Being rocks so trying to find the right One for the right spot’s a bit tricky But that’s my first mix of the water Done as well not using too much just to Hold it all in place Um so it doesn’t just tumble over Yeah so another mix and then carry on Foreign For me it’s the next day from the last Clips you saw and this is pretty solid I’ve started putting the flatter rocks On the top here Um just for a bit of a surface this one I’m not too happy about but we’ll see How we go Um just a bit around the back and then I think it’s starting on something else Trying to dry fit some of these just so I can get an idea before actually Sticking them in place Last mix I used yesterday was a bit wet Unfortunately So wait a while but it was still wet When I was using it Well I’ve got that to a point I’m pretty Happy with it’s not perfect but working With rocks like this is not my favorite Thing to do I’m not the best I don’t Really have the patience for trying all The different Stones Out But it’s going to work for what it is It’s pretty solid so far from Yesterday’s work and now I want to try Something else the area is either side

Of the fire pit I want kind of a stone Wall Now if I can do it I’d also like some Alcoves for firewood but we’re gonna Have to see how that goes Um we’ve got quite a lot of rocks around Here so I’m gonna kind of drywall it Take it down Cement it and then do the same over and Over repeat I’m slightly making things up as I go Along now I’ve started to build up off Of the fire pit I’m trying to keep it as Flat as possible I may use some of my Leftover floorboards from the shelter To make kind of the top of the Alcove And put rocks over the top I might leave it as just the boards for A bench I’m not too sure yet So bear with me I’m just kind of Thinking aloud by placing rocks and Things but this is the kind of thing I’m Thinking of mirrored on both sides at The moment Um it would be more level But uh just somewhere to put a few logs So I don’t have to go around the side There and um Could also be somewhere to sit Foreign Ted now so I’m gonna go with the boards Something like that

Thank you Made a bit of progress I’m thinking I will put rocks over these Kind of alcoves so I’m finding the Biggest flattest ones I’ve got for that And I may have to build up the back as Well I may have to take more of this log Out from behind or see if I’m doing that On both sides But I might do just to hide the wood a Little bit is just rub some charcoal on The front from the fire just so it Blends in a bit more We’ll see I’m gonna attempt to build up these Rocks behind The actual uh alcoves here So see how they go so I’ve just got like A whole kind of Rock cave Foreign Foreign Well that’s done the alcoves are done Covered and almost looks like a nice Natural Rock cave there’s one on both Sides back’s all filled in as well And I think we’re ready to fill them with Some wood All right so here’s a cover I made Which seems to fit pretty perfectly Just fine it’s not in use just a bit of Plywood with like a bitumen spray And there’s the big reason I wanted it The grill

Look at that That is perfect You can get other attachments for these Fire pits as well like um tripods and I Think even spit roasts and things Here That’s gonna be a treat for my back Foreign To get these Filled up with some wood Foreign First burn in the pit Foreign Well I am pooped and it’s pretty hot so What do you need a fire obviously But uh I think I should test drive the fire pit And that means steak Let’s get this Grill heating up or even The ball on the ends pretty hot It’s gonna need a little bit of Seasoning this over time Got a nice piece of sirloin steak here I’m just going to oil and season it That’s just going to be A salt and pepper mix I’m just going to do it on both sides A little bit of oil Rub that in And salt and pepper Well I’ve got some Flames but I can move Stuff around so let’s try this out There’s some oil on here I can see that’s tilting back so it must

Be up a bit to take a little bit of Weight First one’s actually all right So come on not bad too Season our eggs Steak looks good to me And the eggs I just had to fiddle with Them and they came free pretty easily Actually Maybe until I moved them Do I dare give it a quick flip I think It’s all right I think they’re all right Yeah definitely best seasoning needed Foreign This looks good Yeah I’m pretty happy with it obviously I wouldn’t ordinarily cook on it so soon After lighting a fire better just trying It out today Get at this steak which is probably a Little further done than I wanted Yeah it’ll be fine Okay there you go on there Mm-hmm needed that Oh Helicopter going over Well there it is my fire pit of the Shelter will complete and working as Just proved gonna have to get to grips With it a little bit and work out how I’m gonna do other things like spit Roasts and stuff but uh yeah all set up Now so this shelter is practically Finished there’s a couple of things I

Want to do Um still but uh yeah ready for the next Overnighter here thanks for watching Guys I’ll see you on the next one Goodbye