Isaiah 43 & 44 – The Prophets Bible Study

By | July 15, 2022

We are in isaiah 43 Today You may hear an air conditioner and a Fan running in the background because It’s over 100 degrees outside And not much cooler than that in here Roughly page 447 in the scriptures But now thus said yahuwah your creator o Jacob Jacob being israel and he who formed you O israel do not fear For i have redeemed you i have called You by your name you are mine When you pass through the waters i am With you and through rivers they do not Overflow you when you walk through fire You are not scorched and a flame does Not burn you For i am yahuwah your elohim the set Apart one of israel your savior I gave mitzrayim for your ransom cush And siva in your place since you were Precious in my eyes you have been Esteemed And i have loved you And i give men in your place and peoples For your life Do not fear For i am with you I shall bring your seed from the east And gather you from the west And i shall say to the north give them Up and to the south do not keep them Back

Bring my sons from afar and my daughters From the ends of the earth All those who are called by my name whom I have created Formed even made for my glory He shall bring out a blind people who Have eyes and deaf ones who have ears All the nations shall be assembled and The peoples be gathered Who among them declares this And show us former events Let them give their witnesses to be Declared right or let them hear and say It is truth You are my witnesses declares yahuwah And my servant whom i have chosen so That you know and believe me And understand that i am he Before me there was no el formed nor After me there is none i I am yahuwah and besides me there is no Savior I i have declared and saved and made Known and there is no foreign false god Amongst you And you are my witnesses declares Yahuwah that i am El even from this day i am he And no one delivers out of my hand i Work and who turns it back Thus said yahuwah your redeemer The set of part one of israel For your sake i shall send to babel and Bring them down as fugitives even the

Kasdem who rejoice in their ships I am yahuwah you’re set apart one Creator of israel your king Thus said yahuwah who makes a way in the Sea and a path Through the mighty waters who brings Forth the chariot and horse the army and The power They lie down together they do not rise They have been extinguished they have Been quenched like a wick Do not remember the former events Nor consider the events of old See i am doing what is new Let it now spring forth Do you not know it i’m even making away In the wilderness And rivers in the desert The beast of the field esteems me the Jackals and the ostriches because i have Given waters in the wilderness and Rivers in the desert to To give drink to my people my chosen This people i have formed for myself Let them relate my praise But you have not called on me o yachob You have been weary of me o israel You have not brought me the sheep for Your ascending offerings nor have you Glorified me with your slaughterings I have not caused you to serve with Grain offerings nor wearied you with Incense You’ve not brought me sweet cane with

Silver nor have you satisfied me with The fat of your slaughterings you’ve Only burdened me with your sins You’ve wearied me with your crookedness I i am he who blots out your Transgressions for my own sake and Remember your sins no more Remind me Let us enter into judgment together Relate that you might be declared right First your father sinned And your interpreters have transgressed Against me So i have profaned the chief ones of the Set apart place and i have delivered up Jacob to the curse in israel to scorn To the curse deuteronomy 28 the curse of The torah which is death For disobedience Chapter 44 But now here o jacob my servant and Israel whom i have chosen Thus said yahuwah who made you and Formed you from the womb who helps you Do not fear o yachob my servant and Yesherun the upright one whom i have Chosen For i pour water on the thirsty and Floods on the dry ground i pour my Spirit on your seed and my blessing on Your offspring and they shall spring up Among the grass like willows by streams Of water One says i belong to yahuwah another

Calls himself by the name of jacob Another writes with his hand unto Yahuwah and names himself by the names Of israel Thus said yahuwah king of israel and his Redeemer yahuwah of hosts I am the first and i am the last besides Me there is no elohim And who is like me Let him call and declare it lay it Before me Since i appointed the everlasting people And the events that are coming and those Who do come let them declare these to Them Do not fear nor be afraid Have i since made you here and declared It You are my witnesses is there an eloah a God besides me there is no other rock i Know not one Those who make an idol all of them are Emptiness and their delights do not Profit And they are their own witnesses they Neither see Nor know so that they are put to shame Who would form a mighty one or cast an Idol That is of no value See all his companions are ashamed and The workmen they are but men let them All be gathered together let them stand Up let them fear let them put be put to

Shame altogether The craftsman in iron with the tools Works one in the coals and fashions it With hammers and works it with the Strength of his arms even so he shall be Hungry and has no strength he drinks no Water and is weary the carpenter Stretches out his rule he outlines it With chalk he fashions it with a plane He outlines it with the compass and Makes it like the figure of a man According to the comeliness of a man to Remain in the house He cuts down cedars for himself And takes cyprus and oak which he raised Among the trees of the forest he has a He has planted a pine and rain nourishes It But it shall be for a man to burn For he takes some of it and warns Himself he also kindles it and shall Bake bread he also makes a mighty one And bows himself to it Has made it a carved image and falls Down before it Half of it he shall burn with the fire And with this half he eats meat he Roasts a roast and is satisfied he also Warms himself and says aha i am warm i Have seen the fire And the rest of it he makes into a false God his carved image he falls down Before it and worships he prays to it And says deliver me for you are my

Mighty one my false god They do not know nor understand for he Yahuwah has smeared their eyes from Seeing in their hearts from Understanding And no one recalls it to his heart nor Is their knowledge nor understanding to Say i have burned half of it in the fire And i’ve also baked bread on its coals I’ve roasted meat and eated it and eaten It And shall i make the rest of it an Abomination should i fall down before a Log of wood Feeding on ashes a deceived heart turns Aside He does not deliver his being his soul Nor says is there not a lie in my right Hand Remember these matters o jacob and Israel for you are my servant i have Formed you you are my servant o israel Do not forget me I shall wipe out your transgressions Like a cloud and your sins like a mist Return to me For i shall redeem you Sing o heavens for yahuwah shall do it Shout o depths of the earth break forth Into singing o mountains forest and Every tree in it for yahuwah shall Redeem jacob and make himself clear in Israel Thus said yahuwah your redeemer and he

Who formed you from the womb i am Yahuwah doing all stretching out the Heavens all alone spreading out the Earth with none beside me Frustrating the signs of the babblers And driving diviners mad Turning wise men backwards and making Their knowledge foolish Confirming the word of his servant and Completing the council of his messengers Who said said to jerusalem be inhabited And the cities of judah they shall be Built and her ruins raised up by me Who is saying to the deep be dry And your rivers i dry up who is saying Of quresh he is my shepherd and he Completes all my pleasure even saying to Jerusalem let her be built and to the Call the temple Let her foundation be laid Yahuwah does not appreciate False worship Something you might want to think about And i could speak for another half an Hour on the subject But i don’t feel led to right now Read your bible With your eyeballs And put your face in the dirt and cry Out to your Creator your redeemer your Savior and don’t just take my words for It because there are so many of you That want to

Kick against the prods And yah doesn’t care About what you think is right He loved you enough to tell you What he knows Is right And i love you enough to tell you as Well What yah said Is right And i will not tickle your ears With half truths to make you feel good About yourself If it jeopardizes the disposition of Your eternal soul Bless you all Shalom