Olight Olantern 2 Pro : Portable Light for Power Outages, Camping or Every Day.

By | July 14, 2022

The olandran 2 pro let’s check it out [Music] Guys when it comes to being prepared Having a light source is vital Especially if the power’s out and you Need to have light But one thing that we find is that our Preps that we use on an everyday basis We can depend on Had a buddy of mine just went up on an Extended trip up to new york and he had A power bank he just bought and he was Really excited about trying it out and It failed on him in fact he had two to Fail on him And that’s one of the reasons why i Really recommend getting your gear out Testing it making sure that you have Some confidence in it This is the olight O’lantern 2 pro It has a lot of great features but one Of the big things up front is that it is A light source but it’s also a battery Backup which is built-in has a very Powerful battery in this it’s Rechargeable And then when you turn on this light it Has kind of like a really warm orange Glow almost kind of antique that matches This really cool styling And then when you turn it It just increases the intensity with a Seamless

Just a difference all the way up to 300 Lumens with warm white And so it’ll give you 7.5 days or 180 hours of battery life On this low setting i mean that’s a lot Of time now one of the things about Having a battery powered type light is That you don’t have to worry about the Danger of having fuels If you have a standard lantern uh even a Coleman lantern that requires coleman Fuel You know there is some danger to that Especially inside But this is great for again power Outages but it’s also great just for Outdoor living Now we are outside a lot we like to sit Around in the evenings outside and just Enjoying the evening and this is a great Way just to set a light on a table There’s not cords running off of it and It will run and you can get the Different intensities you want for this Light But also it has a battery backup right Here so you have a power bank built into The lantern and not only does it really Look good but it’s all metal Construction so we’re going to take a Look at a lot of the details to be Honest i got this in as a sample because They were having a sale And i was so impressed with it i decided

To do a full review of this light Because i think this makes a great light Option For Shtf but also for everyday living now Olight offers a 10 discount using suit 0-0 with the link down below in the Description It is an affiliate link but it will give You a discount on all the items on the Olight website well the lanterns come in This antique copper color and they also Come in a green and they come in a clay Beige color We just have the two One of the things about this is that it Is all metal I mean each of the little shades and the Base and so it gives it a really nice Feel to it i’ve seen a ton of these out Different types they’re plastic they’re Lightweight And they’re just cheap these are Rechargeable so it has a lot of Extended battery life on these so to get Things started we’re just going to turn It on And you’ll notice it’s almost like a gas Light i mean it’s almost like it’s fuel And so it’s kind of that orange warm Color And it’ll go all the way up to 130 lumens If we continue to turn the dial

It goes into from 130 lumens up to 300 Lumens in a warm white You can see it really kind of gets a lot Of brightness Of course then to just compare it we’re Going to turn this one on just to the Lower setting so it just gives you a Totally different look with both of These lights and it gives you 360 degree lighting So with a flashlight you’re shining in One area with this it’ll give you even Light in a general area now on this Lowest setting i’m going to turn it all The way to the low this will go for 180 hours which is 7.5 days And then with the white on the lowest Setting before we get to the orange Color So it’s about right there that will go For 35 hours Once you increase the intensities Obviously you’re going to have less Battery life and that’s with both of the Lights the battery inside is a 1120 Milliamp battery and it actually only Takes four hours for it to charge And it does come with the standard uh Olight charging pad and underneath just Put it on there plug this into any usb And you’re charging but you can also Charge it right here from the front now Here at the front we have this little Rubber boot and this has the olight logo

You just pull it And then it reveals usb-a and a usb-c Port the usb-a is your standard usb that We see typically And you can actually charge the light Through this way or you can charge your Battery your phone and we’ll look at That in a second and here we have the Usbc and it’s just an oval and it fits In here as well and you can charge it With that as well you’ll notice the Flashing red light this is a battery Indicator and this means that the power Is down to five percent down to zero Here with the green means you have a Hundred percent down to fifteen percent If it’s just solid red it means that it Has fifteen down to five percent so this Gives you a good idea of what kind of Battery life you have you have a Polycarbonate globe and then you have This metal gate that goes all the way Around it and so this protects it in Case it gets knocked It does have a 0.8 meter drop distance But guys on the lowest setting to move It up I mean it gives you a lot of light And that’s at 300 lumens now again this Is a brand new light from olight again They’ve had some earlier editions but to Me this really brings it to another Level and with summertime coming on this Is a great item to have around now you

Have a small handle and it does have a Silicone little sleeve to make it really Comfortable And you can hang this if you want to From this direction but there’s also a Smaller little hanger right here and This is just going to give you more Stable hanging so you have two different Ways to hang this but really this is More of a grip to be able to pick it up Here on the bottom we have four rubber Feet it’s going to give it stability Again you have your charging pad right There you can put on the magnetic pad And again just plug this into any usb And these feet allow for the cord to set With this still level now once we turn It on i’m going to show you just from The bottom looking up but you see where You have your lighting all the way Through And then when you turn that it actually Gets really bright Reflects off the top And then when you go to the white You can see that the leds are actually At the top of the globe So that’s going to allow you to really Get some intense light it’s going to Give you that 360 degree around this Lantern then we turn it down you can see That it has two separate bulb selections Or leds now for the iphone it’ll Actually charge an iphone 13 pro

Three and a half times so you plug it in Use the adapter and you’re charging and It takes about 30 minutes to get this to 50 power now of course there’s a lot of Different configurations this has the Usb a and then the usbc this one has two Usbc’s so you can plug this in Be able to plug this any kind of device That takes this for charging or you can Actually plug this into a source and Charge your light so it gives you a lot Of options now we wanted to check the Performance of the light i wanted to get It out and see what kind of effect we Would have i mean we can talk about Lumens and candela but really you know What is the effective use What are the practical applications So we took it outside set it on a table Like we’d be sitting around Maybe for dinner uh just hanging out by The pool And with that orange glow i mean it Makes a nice Very ambient light But there’s not a lot of detail so if You’re gonna try to read something Especially like a book or a map or Something It doesn’t really make it very clear the Clarity is a little bit down Bringing it up to the white light really Makes it sharp i mean it really brings That light in now as far as the general

Area it brightens up a nice area and It’s not too harsh The shades really help with that because You know it just keeps it from glaring In your face and so really i love the Aspect of having it sitting outside Sitting on a table just brings portable Light now inside same thing you know in A power outage or if you just want to Have some dim down light you want to get Away from just the harsh lighting we Live in a harsh lighting world and so You can sit there you know at a table Just have it on have it at low light Or you can bring it up and have really Usable light Sitting at the table reading You know the the low light again the Orange light it was very difficult to See but once i brought it onto the white Even at the lowest setting it gave me Plenty of light to be able to to read And the detail was crisp and then of Course you can bump that up to really Create more light in the room so it’s Very versatile just being able to turn That knob and setting it exactly where You want it i thought that was a big Plus it’s not like it’s got two or three Settings where it’s like low Medium and then just blaring bright one Thing too is with these shades it keeps It from glaring in your face Especially if you’re walking

I was just walking through the garden Kind of just using it to see how Effective it was it was very effective The white light really brought a lot of Detail into the garden area in between Plants But the shade kept it from glaring in my Face and the one thing about the light In your face it turns down your night Vision it makes it less Effective and so this shade just had the Light down low it was all across the Ground i could see really clearly and The handle was very comfortable to carry Now speaking of handles uh you know Hanging this light is really easy i mean It’s got that little bit of that silicon On the top that rubberized feel to it so It’ll keep it steady But if you really want to get you know a Very stable light this little hook This to me is an excellent combination i Can carry it and i can hang it but if i Want to i can bring on the little hook And make it very stable but it again Bringing it up really brought a lot of Light into the area So overall i mean i am very impressed With this light It gives you a lot of capability with The orange glow Again that ambient light with the really White light it gives you a lot of detail Portable does have some heft to it so

It’s not going to fall off the table and Yet i mean it’s very sturdy now one Thing we also wanted to do was test the Water And so i just did a simple test and i Just poured water over it Poured it over it splashed it up in it And of course there was no no issues There there’s nothing open about it that Will make it you know short out If you have this little panel open and You want to make sure you have this Closed that could be the one place that You can get water in there and it could Affect the light but overall as far as The body of the light it’s sealed up Pretty good and your off on button and Your adjustment It looks almost like one of the old Coleman lanterns it’s like one of the Little fuel pumps so it’s just a really Beautiful little vintage light and but Yet very useful now it’s 7.32 inches in Height and it’s 4.81 inches in diameter And it weighs 26.69 ounces so it’s got a little bit of Heft to it i like that it means it’s Really stable on the table it’s not just Going to get knocked over and so it’s Almost like a weeble wobbles But it’s definitely something that when You put it down wind’s not going to blow This over i’ve seen a ton of these that Are just really inexpensive

One big advantage of this one over the Original o’lantern Is that it had actually a plastic Cover the shields are plastic and it Took two double-a batteries that’s great If that’s what you want to use but Having the recharging capability there’s So many options i mean you can charge This from a power bank you can charge it From a solar power generator i mean There’s a lot of things but the problem With batteries is is once they run out They’re out and so while i stock up Batteries i really like to have my Rechargeable capability because even if I don’t have power i can recharge it off The sun now the price on the o lantern 2 Pro is 99.99 you get a 10 discount using Suit zero zero with the link down below In the description it is an affiliate Link so guys if you’re looking for a Light source Great for camping going hiking you know You’re just outdoors by the pool you Want something that’s really portable It’s hangable it’s easy to carry It’s rechargeable It’s a power bank it has some really Cool light choices on this And then two it just looks really nice All metal construction so it’s very Durable and if the rain comes around you Know it’s ipx5 so it can light rain on It you can splash water and it’s not

Going to hurt the light so a great light Source to use for every day And then to have a backup in case things Go south be strong be of good courage God bless america long live the republic [Music] Capability There’s so much about this light i just Keep going on and on shut up Now the height Now it’s