Crazy Science/Research Experiments – Mindless Banter 94

By | July 14, 2022

[Applause] The threat of disaster is never pleasant Welcome to the casual preppers podcast These safety measures are essential the Only place for prepping survival and Entertainment this will be your source Of survival instructions and information Every member of the family must be Coached in the business of survival here Are your hosts cam and kobe Let’s do a little experiment yeah i got An experiment for you see what people Think of this Episode Cameron How the hell are you I’m hating summer yeah dude summer’s the Worst i don’t care what anybody says People are like what’s your favorite Season mid summer is the bottom summer Yeah like i i like 900 000 degrees and Sweating on every orifice of my body’s Like shut up I hate you i hate heat man i hate it i Just and it’s like it’s not even fun for Kids they don’t even want to be outside No they want to be inside and you have To fight them off devices you get off The tv go do something it’s 250 degrees Outside I don’t care go out there like you don’t Even want to go near a window it’s so Damn hot and you’re like go under the Car i don’t care yeah go play under the

Cars Some something away from the sun i don’t Care But it’s just oh yeah dude and then You’re just miserable yeah i don’t know How people live in like arizona no and Like i don’t like we had mentioned There’s no worse place on the earth if Like the power grid went down no i would Just be like no that’s why nobody lived There before i know there was nothing Like nine people You’re not supposed to live there yeah You’re just not It’s basically the gates i got thirsty Talking about the heat i just started Chugging water To start drinking oh man so today we’ve Got an interesting little uh Episode for you right cameron yeah Man Humans Humans love to do things on humans they Do they love to just see what happens so Let’s just see what happens we figured Why don’t we talk about some of the Weirdest craziest research experiments That have been done because why not Science is crazy we’ve learned a lot From the freaking psychopath doing Yesterday procedures it’s just amazing That people let other people do some of These things to be honest yeah and like Some of them’s like what were you what

Were you trying to get out of this Experiment oh yeah just because you Could i don’t I’m bored yeah well i think today though It’s like people get money for doing Weird stuff from the government and all That and so that’s part of it but some Of this stuff was just like randomly Going with this just like well what do You do i got bored got nothing else Didn’t have youtube yeah decided to make Some weird things happen yeah so we got A whole bunch to talk about today so We’re pretty excited yeah before we talk About those things let’s talk about how Prepping can be Pretty overwhelming yeah lots of things To go over lots of things to learn Self-reliant medical care is no Exception to that it’s super hard like There’s a lot of things to learn there Um you can make it super easy on Yourself and just get the preppers Medical handbook yeah by notice noted Medicine and wilderness expert And survivors william w forgi yeah he Knows his stuff he’s been out there he’s Been out off the grid he’s learned how To take care of himself and he’s an md And he can teach you through this book You just read it it’s great but i like The book because It has all the like Basic medical stuff and then the more

Advanced stuff yeah and it teaches you How to do it Teach you how to put your pack together What medicines are useful it’s like all The medical stuff you need really yeah In one book it’s awesome like dude it’s One of the best ones that i’ve had as a Medical provider so yeah seriously you Should get it it’s the preppers medical Handbook you can get it at or you go to Amazon and get it and you’ll be super Happy did and you’ll be able to take Care of your whole World that’s awesome civilization get it Boys and girls All right so number one this first Oh my gosh this is a crazy looks just The name of it elephants on acid all Right of all the animals yeah yeah yeah Let’s test it on the biggest Freaking animal so on planet what Happens if you give an elephant lsd Well on friday august 3rd 1962 a group Of oklahoma city researchers decided to Find out Warren thomas director of the city zoo Fired a cartridge syringe containing 297 milligrams of lsd Into tusco the elephant’s rump with Thomas were two scientific colleagues From the university of oklahoma school Of medicine yeah right they were just Cousins or something let’s see what

Happens You know what i mean we made a bunch we Don’t know what to do with it yeah let’s Just get rid of it if anybody asks you Guys are researchers from oklahoma School of medicine check these lab coats Yeah come with me If anybody has questions just say you Won’t understand it’s scientific all Right so 297 milligrams it’s a freaking Butt load of lsd seriously it’s three Thousand times the level of a typical Human dose Three thousand just over shot by a Couple thousand three thousand times i Mean obviously you have to give them More because the elephant is gigantic But three thousand times in fact it Remains the largest dose of lsd that we Know of ever given to a living creature Right here the researchers figured that If they’re going to give an elephant lsd They better not give him too little Since they know the elephants are highly Resistant to many drugs so uh they later They overshot by tons they later Explained that the experiment was Designed to find out if lsd would induce Moose in an elephant It’s a kind of temporary madness that Male elephants sometimes exhibit during Which they become highly aggressive why Did they want to do that i don’t know They secrete a sticky fluid from their

Temporal glands they r it’s like camels Do this too apparently It’s kind of like a rut for for deer and Elk but it’s just like this temper they Just get like all horny and crazy and They start secreting liquids from their Head it’s weird but it’s weird so Whatever the road come up whatever the Reason for the experiment it almost Immediately went awry tusco reacted to The shot if he’d been stung by a bee he Trumpeted around the pen for a few Minutes and then keeled over on his side Oh man horrified the researchers tried To revive him with antipsychotics But about an hour later he was dead Oh my gosh so Freaking messed up this is my favorite Part the three scientists concluded it Appears that the elephant is highly Sensitive to the effects of lsd That was their conclusion of the whole Thing the book’s like this thick yeah Four pages Well and that’s it so anyways let me Draw a picture and make one more page Dead elephant Uh scared running away no secretions From the head Proposed [Music] Anyways that’s elephants classified That’s i don’t know Yeah i don’t even know what they were

Trying to get from that they’re like if We get them all Beefed up and take them to war man what Are we gonna do with it it’s gonna Destroy tanks What was their Motive i don’t know yeah they’re just Trying to get rid of all their lsd How we get rid of this stuff Shoot it in an elephant so this this Experiment the obedience experiment like It does not surprise me one bit of just How Sadistic and weird People are people are they hate each Other sure So Um Just imagine for example that you’re Part of an experiment and that Experiment is for you to kill another Person do you think you would do it do You think you would it would lead you up To doing it if it was done the right way Well according to this Um Experiment in the 60s Uh stanley milgram Uh was the one that conducted this Experiment And he told subjects they were Participating in the experiment to Determine the effect of punishment on Learning one volunteer who was in

Reality it was an actor The other Were volunteers that would read out the Word pairs and give the learner an Electric shock every time he got an Answer wrong The shocks increased in intensity by 15 Volts with each and Wrong answer So what i understand from this is like He wasn’t actually getting all the Voltage but they just kept cranking it Up so What was happening is the learner would Eventually give got some wrong answers And then some more and more and the Shocks just kept going up in volts 120 150 And The learner would scream in pain and Demand to be let out confused the Volunteers would turn and ask the Researcher what they should do And the researcher would calmly reply The experiment requires that you Continue And so they would just keep doing it oh My gosh so the person was showing like He was in agony and he was in all this Pain and he was getting shocked by Voltage that you know most would know This is probably Not good going to start or you know You’re hurting this person in all these

Different ways but they just continued On Um What he really wanted to see with this Experiment is how long people would keep Pressing the shock button before they Refused to participate in the increasing Increasingly sadistic experiment What they uh would they remain obedient To the authority the research or the Point of killing someone or would they Be like this is causing way too much Like the voltage is way too high but he Found that none of them did they just Kept going oh my nobody up to a point to Where they could see that it was a 450 Volts what that they were given the Experimenter like they were just keep Shocking him and they were like none of Them stopped none of them oh my gosh so He he said after he conducted this he Didn’t write a paper and say shocking Experiment Shocking results shocking results That’s what i would have yeah that would Have been a good one yeah he said i Would say on the basis of having Observed a thousand people in the Experiment and having my own intuition Shaped and informed by these experiments That if a system of death camps were set Up in the united states Of the sort we had seen in nazi germany One would be able to find sufficient

Personnel for those camps in any Medium-sized american town oh my god he Knew that they would just like if they Were told to do it they would just do it Just do it they were just that demented That’s creepy man super creepy so i was Like 100 100 of them not one of them was Like i can’t do this it’s causing too Much pain like i’m gonna stop they were Just like It was like the the ghostbusters Experience [Music] [Laughter] Um but yeah that was what he proved is Like people wouldn’t stop if it was According to an experiment they would Just keep doing it so well it’s all for Science yes If he dies hey that’s this guy’s Experiment not mine I’m just getting paid five dollars to do This it don’t matter i don’t want to be That part yeah i’ll do this part but It’s kind of like the one um didn’t we Talk about or is it in this one Experiment with the uh Soldier You might have it in here the prison i Actually think we’ve talked about that Before but i think i took it out of here Because i had talked about so there was An experiment where they took college Students and put some in jail and some

Of them was guards and the guards like Turned like psychotic like they were Just like they didn’t care they turned In like They didn’t want the experiment to stop They’re like dictators they were like Loving it yeah and so it shows that Humans that have authority and power Over other people become pretty messed Up yeah man that’s crazy pretty creepy Well how about uh demakov’s two-headed Dogs [Laughter] In 1954 vladimir demakov shocked the World by unveiling a surgically created Monstrosity a two-headed dog my gosh He created the creature [Music] How many heads does your dog have oh one I’ve seen that oh there’s a medical this Russian dog have two heads and dogs Might have three soon if they let me Keep going who knows pretty mean Pretty mean bites you twice idiot You think both legs rip apart He created the creature in a lab on the Outskirts of moscow by grafting the head Shoulders and front legs of a puppy Onto the neck of a mature german Shepherd Seriously I don’t get this demikhov paraded the Dog before reporters from around the World journalists gasped as both heads

Simultaneously lapped at milk bowls and Then cringed as the milk from the Puppies had dribbled out the unconnected Stump of the esophageal tube Seriously what is wrong with people Oh my gosh the soviet union proudly Boasted that the dog was proof of their Nation’s medical preeminence It’s pretty soon we have soldier with Two heads huh yeah what do you think Vladimir did good huh High five for you high five for you Would you like to breed my dog with your Dog See what happened maybe oh in dog show This year Number one dog in the world Not just not just russia in whole world Number one dog [Laughter] You get treated you get treated twice The bark twice the bite This dog is beautiful awesome very good Next experiment next is perfect bring me The fishies uh see what happens Over the course of the next 15 years Demakov created a total of 20 of his Two-headed dogs none of them lived very Long as they inevitably succumbed to Probably just like that I don’t even know how you start this Like what do you do All right we’re going to cut this dog in Half

Let’s see if it lives long enough till We get it grafted onto this dog yeah Like how do you do it i don’t know and Yeah wasn’t it dying because of like Rejected tissue yeah the rejected tissue Was the problem very good highly Advanced medical one of them lived for a Month wow so that’s pretty dang good Right animal that’s not bad but here Listen to this though demakov explained That dogs were part of a continuing Series of experiments in surgical Techniques with his ultimate goal Being to learn how to perform a heart And lung transplant so he was you know Trying to figure it out like if we took It from somebody else and put it on this Guy so i guess the creepiness had some Yeah it still doesn’t make any sense i Think he would use a heart from a dog And put it in another dog yeah you know Um another search Let’s start with head Shoulders i can see it it looks at me Then we know it’s working I couldn’t see inside the dog if their Heart is you can’t see a kidney working They have to see face spleen i don’t Know if it works or not but the the dog Will bark or he will eat huh if he’s Drinking milk it’s working Maybe that’s for you oh yeah that’s a Sea dog bar yeah bark dog bark Also he can see it look come here puppy

See it you see it’s two two heads hand Can oh man anyways that’s the two-headed Dog that’s demacobs pretty freaking Awesome them a dog democob a dog Um so this one When we’ve talked about experiments Before of like homosexualism we need to Cure it we have to figure out a way to Fix it yeah and that’s what this 1954 Experiment was done is to try and Um initiate heterosexualism in a Homosexual male oh Look james olds and peter milner you Know i think with most of these Experiments the one thing that i’ve Realized is scientists are sexually Deprived and most the time it’s just Like anything to do with Sex uh-huh breeding and stuff around We’ll watch it for a minute See what happens Doesn’t it seem that way it’s like There’s so many stuff yeah i agree what Are you doing on this experiment nothing I watch people have sex I’m learning i’m writing notes i’m Learning you can read my report Afterwards get out of here Get out of here you’re ruining my Experiment Now i gotta start over all right hold up Hold up hold up quit your section i Gotta i gotta get you you two wash up Come back in ten minutes start it

Bring in the homosexuals afterwards We’re gonna do something else yeah so You know yeah so i was like it’s like Always these weird experiments yeah so These two james olds and peter milner of Mcgill university the ones that write up Peter and jimmy yeah Peter and jimmy up there have been doing Experiments for a long time yeah so Discovered that the septal region Um in the brain is the feel-good center Of the brain okay so they put some Electrodes into a rat And would see what it would do and Realize that it can self-stimulate Itself and it would Um Maniacally bang the lever up to 2 000 Times an hour that’s all they’re like Well that’s pretty cool why don’t we put It in human yeah um in 1970 Robert heath he’s the one who made the Candy bar [Laughter] Candy bar man After all the sexual study i’m gonna Make candy bars delicious crunchy Chocolatey Toffee bar what i’ve learned from all This Yeah i guess the other two i was i Shouldn’t have bad mouth they just did It with a rat yeah that’s not this guy Candy bar maker tulane

University Dreamed up far more novel application of Olds and milner’s discovery to do it on A human he referred to his homosexual Subject as patient b19 because he wanted To see if he could transform a Homosexual into a heterosexual sure he Inserted teflon insulated electrodes Into the septal region of b19s brain and Then gave Um b19 careful carefully controlled Amounts of stimulation i don’t know what Is that I hit one and then i back it off And then i go to one feel good I’m gonna go real slow i’m gonna eat This and candy bar while i watch you I have failed Hey you’ve seen that two hit a dog [Laughter] This is feels good How about three [Laughter] Young man was reporting increasing Stirrings of sexual motivation oh hell Yeah he was you want You want a candy ball or do you want Something else yeah he then rigged up The device to allow b19 to Self-stimulate himself wow it was like Letting a chocoholic loose in a candy Shop Well that was Interesting yeah he’s bars all day b19

Quickly became obsessed with the Pleasure button yeah in one three hour Session he pressed it 1500 times until As heath noted he was experiencing an Almost overwhelming euphoria and elation And had to be disconnected no more Pleasure P19 you’re finished Done Get out of here she’ll never gave you This power Uh by this stage of the experiment B-19’s libido libido was so jacked up That heath decided to proceed with the Final stage oh it’s time to bring in a Female And let’s see what he’ll do because he’s A homosexual yeah um with permission From the state attorney general what Yeah give him the range that guy’s Probably like Yeah i’ve been part of Operation climax go ahead and go right On ahead Um the 21 year old female prostitute was Uh Able to come visit the lab and he placed Her in a room with b19 for an hour b19 Did nothing just but then the prostitute Took initiative it’s a successful sexual Encounter between the two success heath Considered this positive All right about everybody shaking hands And candy bars this will go down an

Infamy we can change them all we did it Little is known of b19s later fate i’m Like what they just Discontinued after that we even figured It out it’s over that’s it we got it we Got all we needed bring all the Homosexuals in We gotta figure it out heath reported That the young man drifted back into a Life of homosexual prostitution But that he also had an affair with a Married woman he just made him buy yeah Yep Heath optimistically decided that he uh That this showed that the treatment was At least partially successful for sure However he never did try to convert any More homosexuals So He tried he said mine looks like it kind Of helps but yeah moving on gonna go do Candy bars now I got them on something this tastes good It’s toffee and chocolate getting me Aroused though i did something wrong i Don’t know if it’s eating and watching This or if it’s just the bar itself it’s Good combined Yeah so um that was a weird experiment That was weird how about this The isolated head of a dog these poor Puppies oh my gosh So scientists they’ve kind of always Wondered whether it would be possible to

Keep a head alive apart from its body But it wasn’t until late 1920s that Someone managed to pull off this feat Soviet physician of course Sergey brukahnenko Brew Bruken Broken Developed a primitive heart lung machine Yeah he called it the auto ejector This is the auto projector It’s the elbow jetter That And with this device he succeeded in Keeping the severed head of a dog alive He displayed one of his living dog heads In 1928 before the international Audience of scientists at the third Chondru congress of physiologists of the Ussr to prove that the head lying on the Table was really alive he showed that it Reacted to stimuli he banged a hammer on The table and the head flinched He’s showing a light in his eyes and the Eyes blinked He even fed it a piece of cheese which Promptly popped out the esophageal tube On the other end I know His uh severed dog head became the talk Of europe and inspired the playwright George bernard shaw to muse I am even tempted to have my own head Cut off so that i can continue to

Dictate plays in books without being Bothered by illness without having a Dress to dress and undress without Having to eat without having anything Else to do other than produce Masterpieces of dramatic art in Literature I don’t even know if he’s british but He’s gotta be could you imagine like Yeah i could see you being like to a Point of not being hassled by like food And all that it’s like Forever just ahead Like I made a big mistake I can’t kill myself they put me in this Storage shed keep your head on boy You’d lose your head if it wasn’t Screwed on I guess the nutrition just stays in your Head you don’t have to hear anything Yeah i don’t get it how do you breathe i Got i doesn’t i know it’s like no you Gotta have the auto ejector yeah it’s True it’s the only way blood ain’t gonna Be produced anyways poor little puppy Yeah that does suck yeah so um Sorry i bumped my button i scrolled down Too fast now Monkey head transplant no we’re Human ape hybrid oh wow we’re way up There i don’t know what you did i did i Scrolled like clear past like 17 notes Down the road um

For decades rumors circulated that Alleged soviets had conducted man i know Always soviets freaking the nazis are The worst and they’ve been doing all This look over at the germans they do Weird things pay attention to them not To us Shut up by avalanche Um but yeah experiments to try and Create a human ape hybrid by breeding Chimpanzees and humans but it wasn’t Until the collapse of the soviet union That the opening of russian archives That would have been awesome oh yeah That the rumors were confirmed dr Elia evenlav Was a world-renowned Expert on veterinary reproductive Biology But he wanted to do more in life in life Than just breed fatter cows yeah for Sure The fat cow’s good but i want something More i just need something more Substantial for my legacy you know I got four bucks he’ll breathe fatter Cow Give me some more Let’s move on to something else i Breathe fattest scale in the world you See that the guy got a two-headed puppy Dog Daddy i don’t know um Um in 1927 he traveled to africa to

Pursue his vision of interbreeding man And ape Again Deprived yeah Thankfully his efforts which way does it Go how do you do it that’s what i was Wondering but yeah this kind of tells You okay this was due to both um It didn’t it wasn’t it didn’t work both Due to genetics and Uh people agreeing to this crap Um for whom he uh And to the native staff of west guinea Research facility who we work with They’re like we ain’t doing this If they had found out what he was really Doing what Yeah You don’t breathe what now wait wait Wait wait wait you’ll back up this brush If you want to do that weird [ __ ] and You’re the good that mixed feather cow Go get me a rib eye I ain’t doing any weird stuff you wanna Do Um They found that he wrote in his his Diary this could have led to very Unpleasant consequences Now that i think about it Maybe it’s better the necessity of Carrying out his work in secrecy made it Almost impossible to do anything Although he did record two unsuccessful

Attempts to artificially inseminate Female chimps with human sperm good so He’s trying to grow a baby in a chimp Yeah frustrated ivanov eventually Returned to the soviet union he brought An orangutan with him named tarzan of Course Back uh hoping to continue his research In a more accepting environment back Comey advertised for female volunteers Willing to carry tarzan’s child and Remarkably he got a few takers Yeah we’ll do it i do okay Huh Do i need to have sex with chipping good No Cow men want me to breed with a monkey That sounds crazy That’s one thing i’ve never done put Finger down if you’ve done this Ticket Sounds like a man i’ll take it I’ll Um but then tarzan died and ivanov was Suspected of harboring counter uh Revolutionary sentiments and was sent Off to prison camps This ended his research of course there Are vague rumors suggesting that other Soviet scientists continued ivanov’s Work yeah nothing has been proven Interesting so They got some eight people all day i Guarantee they’re still

Yeah we don’t do that here hey monkey Boy come down from three You gotta do your homework I just picture the kid on jumanji i know Yeah Little snack Um This guy Is weird oh carney landis in 1924 I know hello i’m kearney landon i’m Connie landis i’m a graduate student From the psychology of the university of Minnesota So he wanted to experiment to study Whether emotions evoke characteristic Facial expressions so yeah for instance I didn’t read this experiment i saw the Title is there one expression everyone Uses to convey shock or you know or Disgust is it the same one so he got a Bunch of people uh he brought a man to His lab painted lines on their face much A whole bunch of lines to see so he Could really see the movement of their Muscles you know so then he exposed them To a variety of stimuli designed to Provoke a strong psychological reaction So as he reacted he snapped pictures of Their faces he made them smell ammonia Look at pornographic pictures And Reach their hand into like a bucket of Slimy frogs made him do a whole bunch of Stuff

How you like that How’d that make you feel let me dry your Face Super weird look i’m gonna draw your Face take a picture of it for later Mama’s gonna want to see this reaction Um I just see him drawn but making the same Expression And they’re all just like stick figures That you’re drawing No like you’re really like no help at All He has no artistic abilities This didn’t go very well yeah i couldn’t Draw their face this was when they were Shocked This was when they were Lines by their head yeah that doesn’t Look anymore um But the climax of this experiment Arrived when he carried out a live white Rat on a tray and he said decapitate it Decapitate the rat wow most people Initially resisted his request but Eventually two-thirds of them did it wow Yeah see there you go i know in the in The art of experiments here’s the worst Part i’ll kill it he noted that most of Them performed the task quite clumsily The effort and attempt to hurry usually Resulted in a rather awkward and Prolonged job of decapitation I know

It’s like you have a sharp sword there For him or something But like just let him wait It’s bleeding everywhere I don’t make it stop making that noise You’ve cut it through the mouth My fingernails are short how do i do This Did you take the picture of my face yeah I wanna go home yeah your tongue’s out So uh Anyways his experiment presented a Stunning display of the willingness of People to obey the domains of Experiments No matter how bizarre that’s so creepy Maybe Um but basically uh it didn’t There there was a wide variety of Expressions so nothing really happened Other than that That was weird Move on i know What else can we do what else can we Figure out that was a weird experiment i Don’t even want to write about it chalk That one in the weird pile let’s have Him move on Weird Weirdest spearmint yeah I don’t even have anything to say about It Um The vomit drinking doctor what this guy

Is disgusting okay Obviously But um you know like through uh Medical experimentation they always like With testings on themselves or prove Their point with like i’m going to Inject myself what is this it’s always At the movie or it’s like we haven’t Tested this and then the guys in the Corner are doing it for the usa Yeah but yeah um that’s kind of what This whole thing is about so Stubborn’s firth there’s two f’s yeah i Don’t know if it’s stubborn’s first two Weapons f two b’s two f’s Dr firth you gotta put two f’s Don’t get me confused you gotta I’m puke Um he was a philadelphia doctor trained In the early 19th century all right Having observed the yellow fever that Ran riot during the summer but Disappeared during the winter he Concluded that this must be because Yellow fever contrary to popular opinion Was not a contagious disease a la covet Exactly instead he theorized that it was Caused by an excess of stimulants such As heat food noise hmm a lot of noise Gets you get yellow fever watch out Quiet down you kids be quiet you can get Yellow flavor i didn’t want that No good um but uh to get proof he had to Prove

What he was you know what his theory was Sure so he’s like i’m going to do it on Myself so he did it in the most Disgusting way ever he started making Small incisions on his arm and pouring Fresh black vomit how do you know if It’s gosh just came out And put it in Making You know we’ll just puke on my arm yeah I’m gonna cut it open So the weirdest way possible he’s like Cutting his he cut his arm open and was Putting fresh black yellow fever laden Vomit into his cuts he didn’t get sick Like boom look at that He did dribble some vomit in his eyes oh My god then he fried some in his skillet Oh my gosh what is wrong with dr Farthest or whatever the hell his name Is first fart first he was yeah he would Frighten his skill and inhale the fumes He’s like Yeah I ain’t getting it i ain’t getting it Let’s bake it let’s fry it oh yeah he Fashioned it into some pills and Swallowed it oh my god finally he took To drinking entire glasses of pure Undiluted black foam that is the worst Thing i’ve ever heard and still he Didn’t get sick he’s like Look at this I’m a miracle of size

I love smee some vomit can i get a Little ice for this it is look it’s like First i know first rounded out his Experiment by liberally Smearing himself with yellow fever Tainted fluids blood saliva perspiration Urine give me that yellow fever sweat I want it on my body little fever Um healthy as ever he declared that the Theory was proven unfortunately he was Dead wrong yellow fever is actually very Contagious but it required direct Transmission into the bloodstream i Don’t know how the cutting didn’t do Geez i know usually by mosquito to cause Infection but considering all firth did To infect himself it is a bit of a Miracle he remained alive wow that’s Disgusting nasty dude i hope he’s he Probably ended up being like a Gynecologist no that is the worst thing I’ve ever heard Doctor first crying Vomit yeah Well they puked on my cuts I rub the urine on my body What we have friday night can i prove Yeah We can make waffles with this [ __ ] See how it goes You hear that i’m falling yeah i ain’t Feeling sick one bit i’m gonna brush my Teeth with it maybe Now that kind of

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It’s ready in minutes and it has a Surprisingly awesome taste go to use our code casual Preppers you’re going to get 10 off your Order and you’re going to support the Podcast so go get that stuff Way better than black vomit Like immensely better yeah And it’ll last 25 years some of that Stuff so it’s great probably healthier Than what you eat now most of my cooking The most likely Um how about You ever heard of a head transplant Yes A puppy a puppy how about a monkey hedge Yeah why not why not Vladimir demakov So he this wasn’t him He unveiled his two-headed dogs oh That’s right i was like another guy we Talked about that it inspired a strange Kind of surgical arms race between two Superpowers yeah or rather to somewhere A head race All right Eager to prove that its surgeons were Actually the best in the world the American government began funding the Work of robert white Who then embarked on a series of Experimental surgeries performed at his Brain research center in cleveland ohio That’s my brain research center it’s my

Mom’s basement but it says brain Research center on the door that says Brian research center that’s my brother Okay Brother brian white [Laughter] I’m dr robert white But i had no other place to go But most people don’t notice that no Yeah you got something wrong with your Brain still wrong Um it resulted in the world’s first Successful monkey head transplant Who knew yeah i didn’t it occurred on March 14th 1970. So weird I don’t know It took white and his assistants hours To perform the carefully choreographed Operation Separating a monkey’s head from his body And reattaching it to a new body they Had to kill two monkeys to do this thing Hopefully it wasn’t like a person monkey From russia You know maybe they just put it back on The same body they didn’t realize that We’re just going to stitch some stitches Right here and put it on did we switch The body no no okay yeah we’ll just tell People all these monkeys look exactly The same You know Um

Anyways when the monkey woke and found That its body had been switched for a New one it angrily attacked white with Its eyes With his eyes Snapped at him with his teeth Look at these eyes i’m pissed i’m so mad You ever seen a monkey attack a boy with His eyes I did where’s bro i was in a lab Assistant and it was the weirdest thing I’ve ever seen yeah it happened um the Monkey survived a day and it snapped its Teeth at him too yeah Did both the monkey survived a day and a Half before succumbing to complications From the surgery we don’t know why i Died surprise surprise still had a body Still had a head didn’t didn’t live it’s Exactly the same as it was when we cut It off i don’t understand biology one Bit don’t get it stubborn little monkey Yeah he didn’t want to just keep that Body yeah tried to give him bananas i Don’t know Didn’t want to Live what else you do what do you do I don’t know i’m going to play some Atari um As bad as it was for the monkey it could Have been worse white noted that from a Surgical point of view it would have Been easier to put the monkey’s head on Backwards

For some reason he noted that afterwards One strange thing is the monkey said he Probably put it on backwards yeah Probably needs you backwards wait a Minute wait a minute i already did it Yeah So white thought he should have been Treated like a hero But instead the public was appalled by What he had done Screw you all Dr white will be back i ain’t fixing Your brain screw your brain Your your brains are screwed Don’t don’t even ask me And see what happens when you have brain Disease you get shot in the brain i Ain’t helping you me and my brother Brian are going fishing screw you guys Brown’s getting out of the hell out of Your brain What’s the one brian white like Song i don’t know No idea Nevertheless saying it but i can’t Remember white soldier dawn campaigning To raise support for a human head Transplant a white soldier dog yeah you Sold your number you said yeah yeah uh He’s like well we did it almost with the Monkeys let’s just do it with a person They’re smarter yeah he he uh toured With craig Vediviz a near quadriplegic

He’s almost this guy’s almost equal Please quadruple legion can’t move it He’s like i’m fine guys i’m fine my Pinky’s broken i wheeled in here that’s It yeah you’re practically a Quadriplegic don’t listen to craig his Brain’s broken i’m a brain doctor I know what it is His arms are acting for themselves he Volunteered to be the first to undergo The procedure i did not volunteer He tied me up he tied me up i’m not here Under my own volition um but today i’m Here for a prosthetic in a new Wheelchair no you’re not I got something to tell you Look at this monkey how would you like a Whole new body think about it Think about what you can do yeah You want to run again You want to swing from trees i i monkey Did this for a day and a half yeah he Almost bit me with his eyes but anyways This hasn’t been they haven’t done the Humidity Yet yeah Well that’s that happened So yeah yeah that was conducted in Brian’s lap The remote control ball Yale researcher jose de la delgado Stood in the hot sun of the bull ring Hot hot sun The bulls coming right in jose delgado

Stole it in a hot hot sun He sounds like a pawn man yeah This guy Oh this guy and this ball is coming at Me he’s picking up speed really fast and I got very scared i said oh no but when It about hit me i hit the button And it stopped oh say the guy who leave To tell the story But that’s exactly what the experiment Was okay so he got in there in the ring And He was going to demonstrate the ability Of the stimul what so we’re not the auto Injector okay stimulus ever stimulus is To manipulate behavior okay The stimulus ever the stimulus eva Was a computer chip operated by a remote Control unit that could be used to Electrically stimulate different regions Of the animal’s brain Such stimulation could produce a wide Variety of effects including involuntary Movement of the limbs It’s awesome the eliciting of emotions Such as love or rage Or the inhibition of appetite it could Be you uh it could also be used as Delgado show to stop a charging bowl Great so yeah he got in the ring come Charging at him and he was calm’s day He’s like hey look at me jose don’t Sweat I’m in the heart of the sun

Boom stop God now Everybody I am the captain now Um his experiment sounds so much like Science fiction but many people were Surprised to learn that it occurred in 1963 wow during the 70s and 80s research Into electrical stimulation of the brain Esb Not in what’s his butt’s brain brian lab Yeah languished stigmatized by the Perception that it represented an effort To control people’s minds through Thoughts oh yeah yeah but more recently Esb research has once again been Flourishing with reports of researchers Creating remote control rats pigeons and Sharks birds yeah yeah They’ve been doing that for quite some Time well jose man it takes balls yeah It takes big ones many ones that’s a Good one yeah that one’s interesting i Got a story to tell you It’s about the ape and the child All right so history it contains another Transplant stuff no no no okay history Contains a number of accounts of Children raised by animals you know We’ve all heard the story of the jungle Book maybe And i don’t think that’s real but you Know there’s been a lot of stories like That the children in such cases

Often end up behaving more animal than Human even when they’re returned to Human society right Yeah this made the psychologist winthrop Kellogg the serial magnate He wondered what would happen if the Situation were reversed what if an Animal was raised by humans No one’s ever had an animal in their House before think about it Yeah well what about dogs and cats Dr kellogg anyways what if it was what If it was raised Dr kellogg just eat your cornflakes You’re delicious by the way what if an Animal raised by humans as a human would It eventually act like a human oh yeah That’s what he was wondering so to Answer this question in 1931 he brought A seven-month-old female chimpanzee Named gua into his home He and his wife then proceeded to raise Her as if she were human treating her Exactly the same way they treated their 10 month old son donald So they had donald edgua raised them Both as humans okay donald and good go Get your sister up she’s a monkey but Fine i guess yeah i mean you’re 10 Months old so that wasn’t really saying Much oh he was 10 months 10 months oh That’s right that’s right donald and Google played they played together no Yeah they were fed together

Um and the kellogg’s subjected them both To regular tests to track their Development so one such test was the Suspended cookie test All right in which the kellogg’s timed How long it took their children to reach A cookie suspended by a string in the Middle of the room I mean if you’re not like tipping the Scales towards the monkey i don’t know But that sure sounds like something a Monkey could do better than a 10 month Old human Doesn’t it Let’s see who can climb the tree the Fastest Get up there donald your daughter you’re Stupid you’re an idiot donald got a Brain fart something going on I’m disappointed you’re my son get over Here I love you yeah you getting extra bath Time tonight Donald you’re sleeping in the tree You’re sleeping in the garage dumb idiot You know what you’re going out to live With the monkeys i want to see what you Grow i’m trading you guys So gua obviously Regularly performed better on such tests Than donald physical tests yeah yeah But in terms of language acquisition she Was a disappointment Goddamn monkey can’t talk

Yet oh we got one that can’t freaking Climb a tree But talk’s okay this one can’t top with Climbing tree uh which one am i gonna Keep this is the best despite the Kellogg’s repeated efforts the ability To speak eluded her yeah she can’t speak What do we do what are we doing wrong as Parents Our monkey boy can’t monkey girl can’t Sleep or speak Or sleep Disturbingly It also seemed to be eluding donald Trump nine months into the experiment His language skills weren’t much better Than gua’s How are they talking to him i don’t know When one day Uh when when he one day indicated he was Hungry by imitating gua’s food bark The kellogg’s decided the experiment had Gone far enough to foodborne i don’t Know Oh he wants some corn flakes get it to Her quick Oh that was donald’s I forgot that shut up oh hell that was Dog Yeah So they uh they decided that so later on Google became a prestigious doctor yeah Donald donald eats corn flakes in mom’s Basement all day long

[Laughter] [Laughter] [Music] Flakes Anyways so on march 20th 1932 they Shipped google back to the primate Center oh they did they’re like you Can’t talk get out She died a year and a half later of a Fever [Laughter] So that’s the ape and the child story That one’s a good one All this led to the invention of corn Flakes Enough grunting goes on you get some Corn flakes oh gosh um okay yeah well Let’s talk about um My fingernails taste terribly Did you read any of this one This one’s my favorite one okay so in The summer of 1942 professor lawrence Lashon leshon It’s a sean Um stood in the darkness Of a cabin in upstate new york Uh i don’t know why this one makes me Laugh this is the creepiest thing ever Okay So he stood in the darkness of a cabin In the upstate new york camp where a row Of young boys laces whoa this is the Starting of a bad story spoke aloud Repeating a single phrase over and over

My fingernails taste terrible bitter My fingernails taste terribly better oh My gosh lee shawn wasn’t mad He was conducting a sleep learning Experiment all the boys have been Diagnosed with the chronic nail as Chronic nail biters is that still Diagnosis today i don’t know I know what the problem is i’m sorry to Tell you your son’s a chronic nail body All right won’t you take a seat yeah i’m Present down for this Little billy he’s a chronic nail bite The worst part is this is how we’re Gonna treat it Yeah Um Lesean wanted to find out if nocturnal Exposure to a negative suggestion about Nail-biting would cure them of their bad Habit that makes kind of sense i guess So lashawn initially Used a phonograph to play the message Over and over okay i think your house Tastes terribly bitter muffin oh my god He’s terribly bitter um this is like What the book what’s the book that they Did this um the huxley book I can’t remember what it was is that About like sleep well no i mean it’s Like a futuristic Book that was written like in the early 1900s oh really and like when the kids Go to bed they play this stuff oh i

Don’t remember that yeah aldous huxley Um If uh it faithfully repeated the phrase Uh faithfully repeated the phrase 300 Times the phonograph that night as boys Slept But five nights into the experiment the Phonograph broke five weeks i’m sure kid Broke it five weeks into the experiment Five weeks yeah lashawn Improvised by standing in the dark oh my Gosh speaking the message himself All night long my fingernails taste Terribly bitter my fingernails taste Terribly bitter The whole time he’s biting his Fingernails Um at the end of the summer lashon Examined the boys nails and concluded That forty percent summer of them had Kicked the habit forty percent wow the Sleep learning effect seemed to be real However other researchers says apart Later disputed this conclusion in 1956 Experiment at santa monica Uh college william emmons and charles Simmons used an Electroencephalograph To make sure subjects were fully asleep Before they played this so they were Just like oh [ __ ] Like he’s just standing over there in The dark my fingernails taste terribly Bitter my fingers and they’re like i

Can’t sleep lashon doesn’t so they Determined under these conditions the Sleep learning effect disappeared Because they weren’t fully asleep they Were terrified they were yeah they’re Like i ain’t biting these for the rest Of my life hell no These are weird i’m sure going to sleep They’re like if i have to come back this Summer camp one more time I’m gonna kill myself see you boys later Yeah Never lashon out remember my fingernails Taste terribly better oh that is creepy I know i was like That one made me laugh because i’m like That guy dedicated to some weird stuff The experiment must go on Um how about the electrification of Human corpses that sounds fun yeah 1780 The italian anatomy professor luigi Galvani discovered that a spark of Electricity could cause the limbs of a Dead frog to twitch ah This is interesting I don’t know what that was um soon men Of science threat [Music] Mario come over here it’s very Interesting uh bringing that to Spaghetti we’re going to do the Experiment look at the shocking frog [Laughter] Uh soon men of science throughout europe

Were repeating his experiment but it Didn’t take long for them to bore Is just boring Frog again So they turn their attention to more Interesting animals for instance they Wondered what would happen if you Electrified a human corpse right from Frog There’s no in between no what is the Next step I think a human I know i’ll take it to human huh What do you think a person would be very Interested does it be a spicy a meat Baller Galvani’s nephew giovanni aldani Embarked on a tour of europe in which he Offered audiences the chance to see his Stomach turning spectacle his most Celebrated demonstration occurred January 17 1803 when he applied the Polls of 120 volt battery to the body of The executed murderer george forester When aldi placed wires as a murderer Yeah on the mouth and ear the jaw Muscles quivered and the murderer’s Features twisted in rickets of pain The left eye opened as if to gaze upon His torturer for the grand finale aldi Hooked one wire to the ear and plunged The other up the rectum This is the grand finale There you go

What do you think is going to happen Here huh Watch this Oh my goodness [Laughter] I’m gonna lose my spaghetti oh no Everybody [Laughter] Everybody will be amazed Uncle will be so proud of this Um he thinks he’s afraid the chinese are Very good what is this Sauce here [Laughter] I The audience gasps [Laughter] [Music] I know The corpse broke into a hideous dance Oh watching the murderer dance huh That’s creepy man they were the london Times wrote it appeared to the Uninformed part of the bystanders as if The wretched man was on the eve of being Restored to life yeah that’s correct That’s what they were scared of other Researchers tried electrifying corpses With the hopes of restoring them to life But they had an accordion like Um so anyways that’s they actually think That a lot of this is where uh mary Shelley got the idea for frankenstein it Makes a lot of sense in 1816.

Creepy um so this one seeing through Cats eyes okay um kind of cool not super Weird but kind of weird 1999 researchers So That was like not long ago which is kind Of weird yeah um researchers led to dr Yang dan You mean dan yank nope Yeah an assistant professor of Neurobiology at the university of California berkeley anesthetized the cat With sodium pentathol okay chemically Paralyzed it with nor nor quran i’ve Never heard of any of these and secured It tightly in a surgical frame They then glued metal posts to the Whites of the eyes what forced it to Look at the screen and it showed scene After scene of swaying trees and Turtlenecks turtlenecked wearing that is Creepy that is a really creepy like Let’s find some weird stuff um it wasn’t A form of clockwork orange style Aversion therapy for cats instead it was An attempt to tap into the creature’s Brain and see directly into its ice oh Through its eyes yeah that makes sense The researchers had inserted fiber Electrodes into the vision processing Center of the cat’s brain and the Electrodes measured the electrical Activity of the brain cells and Transmitted this information to a nearby

Computer which decoded the information And transformed into it into a visual Image all right that’s kind of weird Yeah to be able to It’s like what’s that movie that came Out it’s like visualizing the things They were thinking Oh yeah you know that had spider-man in It yeah tom holland was yeah um but i Always thought that would be creepy it’s Like oh yeah man just like in mcdonald’s Please don’t some of the stuff somebody See what i’m thinking because yeah Um as they watch the images of the trees And the turtleneck wearing guy the same Images emerged slightly blurrier on the Computer screen wow that actually worked It did that’s crazy the research Researchers suggested that the pictured Quality could be improved in future Experiments by measuring the activity of Larger number of brain cells wow they Probably have that down to like 4k now that’s crazy super weird wow then What are you looking at i’m going to Find out Now this next one is This was definitely needed for science So if you know about male turkeys They’re not super fussy You give them a lifelike model of a Female turkey they’re going hard right i Mean any turkey hunter knows this that’s Why they put out those decoys right

But They these researchers were like Martin sheen shine and edgar hale Who wasn’t that martin sheen martin Shine of the university of pennsylvania It made them curious about what might be The minimal stimulus required to excite A turkey Right so they embarked on a series of Experiments to find out basically what They did is they got a whole model of a Female turkey let the turkey out boom Turkeys excited going hard Then they just started removing parts One by one Of the of the model of the turkey to see If it would still keep going right They had a tail they move a tail they Removed the feet they removed the wings They were all removed but the male birds Still waddle up to the model let out an Amorous gobble and tried to do its thing Finally the researchers were left with a Head on a stick and surprisingly the Turkey still showed great interest [Laughter] In fact i don’t care it preferred a head On a stick over a headless body Oh really it’s all about the head about It it’s all about the head the face so If you take the head off of the bodies It’s like i don’t know if that’s a Turkey wait wait wait you guys messing With me

[Laughter] It’s like down to nothing and it’s like Everything seems fine all right take the Head away wait a minute [Laughter] You guys just getting off on watching me Do this what’s happening something got Word weird and i can’t figure it out That’s what a turkey sounds like by the Way So shine in hell southern yeah Subsequently investigated how minimal They could make the head itself before It failed to elicit a Response they shrink in the head [Music] The baby head they discovered that Freshly severed female heads impaled on Sticks worked the best But if the male turkey had nothing else It would settle for a plain balsa wood Head So that’s the end yeah it would do it Never knew it Well we learned a lot for the human race Today boys good job everybody yeah Mark hey carl good job on the balls Ahead yeah that was good i didn’t think This was gonna work but hell okay it Worked it didn’t look like a turkey to Me but the turkey shirt you sure fooled Old butterball over there Yeah that was a good one oh yeah that Was a good one um this one i like

Because this is not surprising would you Go to bed with me tonight no imagine That it’s 1978 and you’re a young woman Walking across a man a young man walking Across the campus of florida state University okay beautiful female Stranger approaches you and says the Exact words i’ve been noticing you Around campus whoa i find you to be Attractive would you go to bed with me I’d look around and be like where’s my Buddies yeah they’re exactly with me Exactly if you were that man you might Have thought that you had gotten Incredibly lucky but not really you were Actually an unwitting subject to a Design a an experiment designed by Psychologist russell clark he’s like Dumb kids yeah so He had persuaded the students of a Social Uh psychology class to help him find out Which gender in a real life situation Would be more receptive to a sexual Offer from a stranger i could have told You this i could have summed this up and Just wrote the paper that day yeah so Young women and uh young men and women From his class fanned out across the Campus and began Uh Pro Propositioning strangers yeah the Results were predictable 75 percent of

Guys were happy to oblige to attractive Females i thought it’d be higher than That honestly i thought it’d be 90 there Must have been some uh for the other Team yeah it must have been a few who Said no officially or typically offered An excuse such as i’m married okay yeah That’s good i can see that i guess but Not a single woman accepted the Identical offer of an attractive male Not one not one in fact most of them There must be some ugly dudes in that Social yeah so you would think one would I know most of them demanded the guy to Leave her alone get out of here get out Of here At first the psychological community Dismissed clark’s experiment as a Trivial stunt but gradually his Experiment gained acceptance and Eventually prays for how dramatically it Revealed the different sexual attitudes Of men and women that makes sense yeah So Basically Um Women are Not going to give in yeah for sexual Things makes a whole lot of sense to me Yeah the men are like sure yeah why not He’s heading over psychology i got eight Minutes before class starts yeah So guys i got to tell you about off the Grid their summer 22 collection is out

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Survived but the hole in his stomach That never healed no it just kept stayed There recognizing a unique opportunity To observe the digestive process Beaumont began conducting that does suck You know what let’s try something real Quick this is the craziest thing he Would tie food to a string and insert it Through the hole into the stone oh wow Then every few hours he would remove the Food and observe how much had been Digested and then he’d put it back in a Couple hours later he’d pull it out this Might seem really weird but what year Was this 1822 so there wasn’t it wasn’t really Anesthesia no yeah yeah but i mean the Whole was just there and yeah just i Mean i’ll take it with cows they do that Yeah so It sounds gruesome but it actually led To worldwide acceptance that digest Digestion was chemical and not Mechanical wow they thought that you Know something was going on in there no Guys in there yeah hammering away But it’s actually chemicals and that’s Like one of the first things crazy That’s crazy huh i thought that [Music] I don’t know put something in he Shouldn’t have yeah we’ll see what his Shoe does yeah man didn’t do nothing Yeah

Well Study shows [Laughter] Study shows coal does not break down Very yeah not great for the stomach People die The end Um The effect of radiation on testicles how Did we learn about that i don’t know Well between 1963 and 73 dozens of Washington and oregon prison inmates Were used as test subjects in an Experiment designed to test the effects Of radiation on testicles what bribed With cash and the suggestion of parole That is the suggestion of parole 130 Inmates willingly agreed to participate In the experiment conducted by the University of washington on behalf of The u.s government of course yep in most Cases subjects were zapped with 400 rads I’m surprised nuts didn’t fall off right There yeah in the uh the equivalent Amount of 2400 chest x-rays good grades In 10-minute intervals however it was Much Later than that the inmates learned the Experiments were far more dangerous than They had been told In 2000 the former participants settled The 2.4 million class action settlement From the university it should be more Than 2.4 million that’s nothing yeah

Sure here you go sorry about your nuts That’s crazy that’s nuts man and your Prostate cancer and all your other Problems yeah that’s nuts yeah that Literally nuts Um how about 1956 and 1957 the united States army conducted a number of Biological warfare experiments in the Cities of savannah georgia and avon park Florida this freaking blows my mind Listen to this in one such experiment Millions of infected mosquitoes were Released into the two cities i think i Remember hearing about this in order to See If the insects could spread yellow fever And dengue fever dude not surprisingly Hundreds of researchers contracted Illnesses that included fevers Respiratory problems stillbirths Encephalitis and typhoid in order to Photograph the results of their Experiments army researchers pretended To be public health workers Several people died as a result of the Research oh That just that makes ridiculous feel so Confident in the united states Government that just pisses no wonders People are like yeah uh yeah i’m not Getting that freaking nuts dude why Won’t people Go through with getting vaccines and Stuff like you guys ruined your history

Yeah don’t fall Um This one i think is pretty funny yeah The three christs of epsilon i don’t Know i think so yeah in 1959 if 1959 There were three patients with Schizophrenia who became quite famous Each of them believed he was god ah a Book about is titled the three christs Of ipsalanti Milton wrote [ __ ] rockeach Rokich author of the book was a social Psychologist he put the three men in Contact with each other in an effort to Determine whether one or more would Abandon his delusions of divinity as a Result of being in contact with the Others all right you threw your god Figure it out you guys are now roommates Who’s more godly We got three gods living in one room Yeah can’t be three of you so figure it Out little change in their belief Uh beliefs uh were recorded although one Showed temporary improvement yeah maybe I’m not gone Well these two guys well maybe you guys Seem way better yeah like you’re a Little bit more holy you’re smarter yeah You know what i’m not i really don’t Even have any powers to speak of i don’t Know the three men stayed in in Residence at the hospital for the Remainder of their lives that’s crazy

Dude yeah that’s a nut that’s pretty Funny though they’re like oh you think You’re good oh you think you’re good you Know what get together Figure out who’s going y’all gonna have Some lunch and see what happens I would i would like to conduct that Experiment um so stockholm university Conducted a study that proves chickens Don’t like ugly people We needed to know this that’s such an Awesome study dr stefano Gerlanda of stockholm university’s Experiment rests on the understanding That when a chicken pecks a photograph Of a person They do so because they find that said Person attractive oh they like to peck It if it’s i won’t peck you you’re jack Yeah i’d pick you baby chickens seem to Be largely heterosexual as determined by Step one of the process Individual chickens were first shown a Picture of a human male and one of a Human female the hens usually peck the Men that’s so crazy while the [ __ ] peck The women Right that’s awesome that is awesome When the chickens were presented with Seven different images of people the Same images college students were given To rate zero to ten in terms of Attractiveness roughly 98 of the time The chickens pecked the most attractive

Person in accordance with the students You rated that’s crazy it makes no sense Doesn’t make any sense so uh if you’re That’s crazy You gotta be good looking to be a good Chick don’t buy some chickens if you’re An ugly person yep that’s pretty crazy Though yeah why are you taking my Picture no reason no reason no no Um Here’s your picture back no pecs in it No pecs get out of here Um robert e cornish brought dogs back to Life in the 30s using seesaw technology That’s a way to do it yep well Take these dead dogs over to the Playground and see what happens bob what Are you doing Nothing now you want to get some dogs Make sure that puppy don’t fall off Just trying to bring them back to life Oh man Robert e cornish of the university of California berkeley man what are they Doing i don’t know who will lsd master Death he’s like oh I got a master in death mom ain’t got a Masters and death and i’m studying death Minor in life He unsuccessfully attempted this with Humans so he tried it with dogs how did He do it with you i don’t know Either killed the person or he went Hurry and dug him up he actually did see

Success there on two occasions he Managed to bring dogs back to life that Had just been killed by Nitrogen gas suffocation okay after the Dogs were dead corners fixed the dog to The seesaw and began lifting them up and Down to circulate blood flow while Injecting them with anticoagulants and Epinephrine wow the dogs returned to Life and went on living After his his dog’s success cornish Wanted to try the message method on a Human once again a death row inmate Named john or thomas mcmahon monaco Thomas mcmonagle At your service Why don’t you use my body Thomas mcmonagle will do it for science Get me on that set what we got in here For armed robbery Oh crap That’s all okay kill him offered his Body for experimentation post uh Execution but the state of california Wouldn’t allow it fearing the murderer Would just be immune to further Prosecution if he returned to life Either double jeopardy makes sense Though yeah that was like total sense Smart yeah Sure sure yep i’ll do it bring me back To life yeah i’ll i’ll volunteer i’m a New person Mcmahon goals back

Yes I’m out give me a lawyer right now Double jeopardy [Laughter] Mcmanner goes on the loose Oh man That’s cool though that is cool the the He was like pretty you know yeah the California was like no No this guy’s gonna walk this one might Be the dumbest one i’ve ever heard the University of minnesota determined Swimming in a syrup is no more difficult Than swimming in water Edward custler who oversaw michael Hopkins 2004 experiment at the University of minnesota admitted that The bizarreness of the idea is a reason It received funding 16 people of varying Swimming skills swam in a regular pool And in a pool of guar syrup which had to Look that up because i don’t even know What it is i think it’s like kind of Like xanthan gum okay It’s like a thickener it’s twice as Thick as water the differences in their Recorded times were negligible That’s so weird that’s it a liquid’s a Liquid yeah i don’t know i mean you Would think i guess that it would be try It in honey and we’ll see yeah you Sticky son of a bee Um so that’s all we got guys man we do Science there are some good experiments

Out there there We do have the latest battle box so We’re excited about that we’re going to Tell you better right this second all Right the first item mission 89 is the Pocket shop Where’s the pocket shop that’s the Condom slingshot oh yeah Thing yeah it’s pretty cool And we got the rescue essentials battle Does it come with marbles yeah it does Have a few come some babies in there Mm-hmm And then we have the rescue essentials Battle bandage that’s cool yeah you got To have bandages especially if you’re in Battle yeah especially for the battle Then you got the decibels custom molded Ear plugs i actually thought this is Pretty cool yeah How did they get my custom shape yeah i Don’t know that’s cool um and then you Go but it must it must You you heat them up or something ouch I’m gonna see lots of new patients i Don’t know Um The advanced box this is my favorite Item the dead fish co whinge alpine Foldable chef knife Dude it is cool so it’s a basically a Chef knife that’s foldable so you can Take it with you camping that’s cool and I don’t know i just put mine in my

Kitchen because i love Kitchen i love my dead fish i do too i Use them and so i just played every day Kitchen man because it’s pretty rad What you doing over there getting her Out it’s an experiment experiment Gotta be gotta be again oh it doesn’t Slide open no you gotta like i think it Just pops open dude that’s way cool Pretty cool huh yeah so it’s like a chop Chop chop chop yeah exactly it’s a noise It makes chop chop chop that’s pretty Sweet yeah i’m excited about that one And then you go to the pro box and we Have the nikron h35 1000 lumens Headlight It’s pretty dang cool it has like two Lights on it or something yeah i like That a spot beam and a flood yeah it’s Pretty awesome so that that thing is Cool 1600 that’s pretty good and then You got the pro plus knife of the month M3 tactical m3 force recon So that’s the latest battle box and if You guys want one Use our code casual preppers you’re Going to get a free knife sent to you so That’s that’s an awesome deal it’s a Deal you can’t beat So anything else cameron no that’s it go On Create your own experiments at home do It stay survived