Prepper School Vol. 31: My Top 10 Survival Gear Items & Why!

By | July 12, 2022

What’s going on guys we are live with Prepper school volume 31. um man we have A whole list of different prepper school Volumes uh and you can go back and look There is a prepper school playlist And you can check all these different Things out we’re trying to get into a Lot of details and yet there are some Things we’re trying to kind of spread it Out a little bit Uh robbie wheaton’s not here today at Least not at this point So we’re gonna go it alone but really We’re talking about my favorite gear And so this is a great time to be able Just for me to sit down and talk to you About some things that i have found over The years that have been just very Dependable and rugged and things that i Personally like now and i’m going to Talk about why why i like them uh not to Say that there are other items that Wouldn’t fill the spots because there Are and we’ll probably kind of throw in Some things there But the main thing is there are certain Items that you need for in a survival Situation And sometimes when you’re looking uh and Researching i mean there are a lot of Choices so hopefully this kind of will Narrow it down and then i can give you Some good ideas Uh really appreciate sarah mack she’s

Over on the computer she’s monitoring All the comments if you have questions Go ahead anytime at any time and you can Ask the questions and she Notes it and then when we take a break To do questions and answers She’ll be there to answer it so or i’ll Be there to answer it um also we Appreciate sportsman’s guide uh they’re Our sponsors today uh for the prepper School and sportsman’s guide gives 20 Off every 100 or more purchase using Such No zero zero and also if you remember Their buyers club you get better pricing And you get free shipping and the guys At sportsman’s guide are just top notch So we really appreciate those guys So we’re going to be looking at a number Of different items and this is not Necessarily in order i feel like that All of these are important but we’re Going to go through each one and i’ll Just talk about it one of the things Though that i always preface all my Preps on is the rule of threes And it’s the time you have to live Before you’re in trouble and it’s three Minutes without air three hours in harsh Conditions Three days without water Three weeks without food And then medical and self-defense flow In between we’re not really going to be

Talking about self-defense today But you know that goes without saying But these are the items that i typically Have in any of my kits and maybe not Just these exact items but some that are Comparable Okay the first thing we’re going to look At and really you have three hours Without air i mean without In harsh conditions and so really being Able to control your body heat is a Really big Survival need And two guys it can be in the middle of Summer you can be out in the middle of The woods and it rain and you can really Your body temperature can really drop Especially if your clothes are wet so It’s really important even during the Summer time You know maybe not at 100 degree weather But in the summertime is to have Something to be able to control that Body heat and that includes keeping Yourself cool So we’re going to look first at the Arcturus Emergency tarp now this is of course you Look at it i think it comes in different Colors but this isn’t the camouflage Color It makes a tarp it makes a rain shelter It keeps you you know out of the Elements having some kind of way to be

Able to keep yourself out of the Elements is important but one of the Reasons why i really like this Particular tarp is that inside we have a Mylar blanket so just like those cheap Emergency space blankets And you know keeping some of those in Your car is fine it’s pretty much a One-time use but with something like This it gives me that reflective Capability to be able to reflect my body Heat back towards it and it folds out It’s a really large part there are some Different sizes that they make as well It has grommets so i can Make this into a tent if i want to or a Shelter Carrying some tint stakes or just Carving out some wooden stakes and being Able to tie it off so This is really just an excellent thing Now I have had some different ones in the Past and there are different type tarp Systems out there But the arturics to me are Is just been really one of those Standbys in fact i went and bought one For everyone in the family but the big Thing is guys is you need to be able to Keep out of your shelter you can keep This as a windshield you can you can Mount it between two trees and keep the The sun off of you you can use it as a

Lean too and again you can just use this As a standard tarp now won’t have a Floor to it but if you get them big Enough you can actually bring them Around It’s a lot lighter than a tarp and when You’re using paracord or some kind of Cordage to be able to tie this off i Mean it works like a tent And again you know if you need tent Stakes which i usually keep tent stakes With me but this makes it easy to be Able to carve out some sticks put them In the ground and hold your tarp in Place So really one of the number one things Guys is to be able to regulate your body Temperature or i can just lay this on The ground And put the camouflage part out i can Lay on top of it if i need to and i can Keep myself off the ground And then two if i need to do food prep i Can lay this out and i can do some stuff You don’t want to you want to be careful Not to cut your tarp You know if i want to clean a firearm if I want to maintain my gear i can lay This out and it gives me a general area To be able to work on without working in The dirt without working you know in Those areas so The uh A tourist

Emergency space blanket or space tarp And i say space but the emergency tarp And guys again there are a lot of Different ones out there another one That i do like And i’m going to give you some Secondaries is the sol space bivvy And it’s actually a It’s kind of a sleeping bag you actually Get into it it has the reflective Material You know a lot of times emergency units Especially our paramedics and ems rescue Type uh And fire they keep these because people When before they go into shock they can Wrap up and it keeps them warm it keeps Their body temperature regulated so if You have an injury it’s another use of Having one of these kind of tarps Because you can you know wrap up in it And you can keep yourself controlled and I keep from going into shock because the Last thing you want to do when you’re Out by yourself is to to get into shock Now i’m going to have the list down Below in the description of all these Different items so and they’re not Affiliate links or anything like that These are just You know a lot of the stuff you can get On sportsman’s guide but you can do your Research just look for it and you can Find it but um yeah i purchased these i

Purchased again one for each in the Family All right next on the list and we’re Going to kind of go through this pretty Quickly if we end up quick you know We’ll we’ll end it quick but uh next is A good field knife you need a good solid Fixed blade knife that is full tang that Means the metal comes all the way to the End and that keeps this from breaking Off you got to be careful because there Are a lot of knives out there that are You know they they’re fixed blade knives But they’re not full tang and so having That full tank capability gives it a lot Of strength now this is the se4 I’m a big fan of sc knives There are some knives out there that are That are better knives but for the price Point uh you know these run about 120 or Something like that uh and these just Are excellent they’re very very thick Spine so it’s not it’s just one of those Rugged knives i mean you can beat this Thing you can you can um Baton wood with it you can carve with it You know you can make fire tender with It you can clean game with it if you Need to And you can use it as a self-defense Option typically it comes with a nice Sheath that has a lot of grommets and That way i can just attach it to my pack But it also has a clip there’s a lot of

Different options for clipping and for Attaching it to your pack Or you can attach it to your belt but Having a fixed blade knife is one of Those tools to me that is the most Important tool to have Because you can do so much with the Knife and knives have been in survival Situations since the beginning of time Even when they were forming these out of Rocks or possibly even wood Having some kind of way to be able to Probe to dig i mean there’s so many Different things you can do now you Start digging in this you’re going to Lose the edge But also one thing that i highly Recommend and this knife will do it in Fact it’s got marks all over it you want Something with some high carbon steel in It because that way you can hit your Fire steel and being able to create fire Is a very important element but we’re Going to be looking at that as well but Being able to have that carbon now Sometimes stainless there are some Stainlesses that will Uh ignite a firesteel but most won’t and You need to test out your gear and it’s One of the things about this i have i Have used this i’ve got a few of these Because i keep these in my pack But again they are able to cut its full Tang very secure fit in the sheath i

Mean you can hear that that click that Way you’re not going to lose it and it’s One of those things whatever knife you Choose make sure you get a good sheath System because you don’t want to lose That knife Now it’s really funny because a lot of Times we get real focused on the knife And the high quality knife and we spend A lot of money And i’m not saying you shouldn’t do that If that’s what you want to do if you Like those really expensive knives They’re out there Uh but uh in the argentine economic Collapse that happened back in 2001 For foul who wrote the book the modern Survival guide for the coming economic Collapse i mean that’s one of my One of my go-to books i love it because It actually documents Actual events And he ended up having a rambo survival Knife it wasn’t full tank it just had a Hollow handle it had survival items in The back City i had it as a kid and so i just Grabbed it because that’s the knife i Had he said it made it through the Entire ordeal And it went on for a good while So you know while we focus on good Quality and it could have broken and a Knife is important i really highly

Recommend you getting a good quality Knife more knives are some of the the Best as far as just inexpensive survival Knives And those are scandinavian design and They’ve been around for a long time with The fishing industry up there but those Are excellent survival knives they’re Very lightweight we’ve done a lot of Different reviews even mods too the Mora and doing a lot of different things To them so i mean there are a lot of Great knives out there another knife Though that i do use are gerbers the Gerber lmf series their military knives Those are excellent knives as well And the strong arm is one of my Favorites but it’s a little bit small so For me i like to have at least about a Four inch blade you can get the sc5 the Sc6 i mean you can get this thing out There But uh i like to have a good capable Knife that you know i can really depend On and for me the sc has been one of Those knives and it comes sharp as a Razor when you get it so it’s just an Excellent knife okay we’re going to go To the next one and then we’re going to Take a few questions So i’ll go ahead and get sarah mack Prepared for it One thing though that’s important is Cordage and i highly recommend having

Paracord and 550 cord and that means There’s seven strands inside wrapped Around a nylon sheath and the military Uses these and 550 means it’ll hold 550 Pounds of weight for a very small almost A shoelace thickness in fact a lot of Guys will take their boots and they’ll Lace it with paracord This is just standard 550 paracord it Has that seven strands inside the one Great thing about paracord is that you Can open it up and you can pull those Strands out and use the strands and It’ll multiply your paracord so it’s one Of the reasons why i’m really a big fan Of paracord there’s bank line which Really works well there’s kevlar line There’s a lot of different types but Paracord has been proven it’s been Tested but that’s not my tool that’s not The gear this is the spool tool I’ve had these for years i love these Little uh spool tools you can wrap your Paracord around it there’s nothing worse Than having a big nest of paracord and Having to pull it out and having to work The knots out this is all encompassed in One thing and i can use it there’s Actually a blade on it where i can cut The paracord with that as i pull it up And then of course i can reattach it Where i need to uh one thing it does Have is a small little lighter that Comes or a little place for one of the

Small bic lighters it’ll go right here i Find though that what happens is i’ll Put it on there and then after a while The big lighter won’t work it kind of Corrodes if you’re not careful and so You know i but that really fits right in Here and it’s an excellent option Because you want to heat the end of your Paracord once you cut it and it’ll Solidify it’ll melt it down you can take Your fingers put on your tongue and just Press it and it’ll mushroom it out and So it’ll seal the cord so you don’t have Cordage going all over the place But the spool tool to me is just one of Those options that just organizes your Paracord and guys you don’t want again a Big mess of paracord everywhere So i’ve been using these for years i Love it Okay Let’s go to a few questions and we’ll See what we’ve got and it doesn’t Necessarily have to pertain to this Uh chris mcwilliams ask no comms on the List Well i mean when i’m talking about Favorite items and i’ve talked about top 10 no comms are not on the list um you Know ham radios are great And there’s a ton of different brands And then you have Two-way radios midland and a lot of Those that they make and then you have

Your emergency radios which is something That you really should have Um you know emergency and that’s one of The things that’s kind of bottom tier But it’s something that’s really Important uh you’ve got your emergency Radio you can you can hear what’s going On around you you can hit emergency Stations if you need to you know the Weather it typically has shortwave and a Lot of those have hand cranks they have Rechargeable batteries uh and so there And then they have even have solar Panels that will trickle charge the the Radio so That is my number one First line of defense Is a weather radio of course obviously Without the phone And then next there’s the ham radios Which are extremely capable uh we’ve Done some videos about ham radio it’s Been a while but ham radios are one of Those things that people have used for Decades in emergency situations and so You can hit those relays you can talk to People all over the world so ham radios Are excellent but also having a good set Of uh two-way radios i mean two-way Radios A lot of times and it’s pretty much line Of sight it’s not like you’re going to Have a two-way radio and somebody’s Going to be three miles down the road

Around a mountain you’re not going to be Able to talk to them but with line of Sight you can talk to him and one of the Biggest things about Little portable radios Is that if i’m in a security situation Let’s say that there’s some kind of Problem we’re having You know there are people out there and I’ve got A couple of guys trying to get to your Phone and communicate back and forth as A nightmare so having a two-way radio is A great way to be able to just to hit it You can have an earbud and you can talk To each other and communicate because Communication is huge But um yeah hammer any kind of Communication is vital Uh so but the main thing i’m doing today Is just bringing out top 10 just item Gear items that i like Um i saw cat litter ask what’s your best Solar powered security light Uh oh okay well i don’t really have the Brand name i picked it up at lowe’s but It’s a uh it’s a security lock with two Solar it’s got a separate solar panel it Has leds on either side and we have it At the end of our driveway it is A great light it’s i need to get the in Fact i need to do a review about it uh We have a driveway alarm At the end of the driveway and when any

Anytime somebody comes down our driveway That alarm sounds the dogs know exactly I mean they go straight to the window to Look out It’s just a great way to be able to Signal when people are there But With the light i was not able to see Before The alarm would go off and i would look And i would get my pvs 14 and i’m Looking down the driveway I set up this light with these the solar Panel kind of connects back where it’ll Get light and so It comes on i mean it’s just so reliable So dependable and so whether it’s cars Whether it’s deer sometimes deer trip it Off my cat has tripped it off when it Jumped over it it doesn’t trip it off When it goes under it but i wish i could Give you a brand name but i just went Out found one that i liked i put it up And it’s worked beautifully so uh maybe I can check it out and see what the Brand is and i’ll Um You know you i they have a number of Different types so i’ll see if i can Find the brand name and maybe put it um Put it out there in the comments after The video Uh paintball god ask don if you have to Leave as soon as possible what is the

One item you would take my bug out bag Or my get home back Of course i usually have it in the car But you know Even fema on Will say you need to have a container With emergency items ready to go at any Moment So you know but um And typically i have my edc on me So You know that that would be a hard one That would be something to really Consider is what would i grab But i keep my bug out or my get home bag Pretty stocked and ready it’s in my Vehicle and i’m ready to go uh i take it With me whether we go on vacation or Anywhere So um As far as just one item I may grab a fixed blade knife uh Because i don’t usually carry a fixed Blade i carry my standard knife my Flashlight you know and things like that But um Yeah that’s something to consider Uh ethan trotto asks with everything Being so expensive are some preps okay To buy cheap versions of ie harbor Freight tarps And what would you recommend not Cheaping out on and buying premium

Uh definitely i would buy tarps from Harbor freight i do it all the time Because you need to have multiple tarps And they are expensive and it’s a great Way to get them they seem to last we Have some covering some stuff right now That’s been out there for months and it Just holds up sometimes when you’re Pulling them off or you have bungee have Them bungeed they can they can tear some But overall i found that harbor freight Tarps work really well Um i would not go cheap cheap cheap on a Knife i would get a good solid knife i Mean you can get a good solid knife for Around 35 bucks You know even like the gerber lmf’s now Those are a little bit more expensive But some of those knives that they Produce are actually good quality knives Sog also make some Cold steel make some good quality knives At a fairly reasonable price Water filtration to me is an important Thing and that’s something i don’t go Cheap on We typically have a big berkey we use it Every day One thing i would recommend too is guys If you can use your items you need to Get out and test them but if you can use Them a lot you get real familiar with Them and you make sure they don’t go Down but that is probably the knife and

Water filtration tools tools are Something that i don’t really like to go Cheap on because they will they will Break and they’ll tear up and tools are Very important Um fb drivers training network ask Question how important is it to know the Different grinds of your knife edge for Multiple knives well the big thing about Grinds is according to the use that’s One of the big things about grind so if You know if you’re cleaning meat that’s Our cleaning game that’s one thing if You’re preparing or prepping wood for Tender or getting it ready for a fire You know you want something that’ll Slice a little better if you’re if You’re cutting for Um You know for food prep And so one of the things about that is Is you know this is a drop point blade You know it’s I mean it’s just got you know i’m i mean It’s it’s just an excellent Cutting knife but there it has its Limitations and so having you know uh Different type grinds are important but Let me just say this it’s not that Important Because Now if you’re a knife guy you’re going Uh Yeah it is important in a sense but yet

You can pretty much do i can pretty much Do about anything with this knife if i Have to i can i can slice with it i can I can prepare food with it you know i Can cut i can baton with it um i think One of the biggest things is especially In a survival situation is making sure You have something that has some Thickness to it now i say that after I’ve said that the more knife is an Excellent option it’s a real thin blade But very strong But i really if i only had one knife i Would pick out something like this Because i want something that’s a do all Knife so you know Uh Jack of all trades master of none But you know the real saying you know It’s always been used kind of saying That you know you can’t really do Anything well but that’s not true it’s Better to be versatile than it is to be So special specialized And personally i don’t go for serrated Knives i like plain edge knives uh but You know having a few serrations at the Beginning are okay but they’re harder to Sharpen and to me i’m just not a big fan All right let’s go to one more question And we’re going to jump back in uh okey Artemis asks what’s the best knife Sharpener that’s easy to use I find most i get are difficult for me

And don’t sharpen my knives The work sharp the work sharp is a an Electronic knife sharpener And it has a belt and it runs and i’ve Got one i’ve been planning to do a Review on it Uh and once you learn And it has Holders so you can put the knife in at a Certain angle and you’ll get that Uniform grind on the knife that Sharpening uniform sharpening To me that is one of the best on the Market i mean it is it is excellent and It’s the easiest to use now if you’re Going to go with a hand hand type Sharpener you know lansky has made Excellent sharpeners for years and so That could be a good one i have a Spyderco knife sharpener but you know The thing is is you’ve got to really Hold your hand still you’ve got to get That right edge so check out the work Sharp i mean it’s a little more Expensive but it’s definitely well worth It but learning how to sharpen your Knives is a skill to me especially a Survival skill That is vital i mean you need to know How to sharpen knives you may not have Power to run your your work sharp and so Having your stones having you know your A lansky would be a great option to me As far as an all-around good sharpening

System Okay we’re going to go next to the next And we’ll come back to some questions so Don’t give up hope Okay next is fire and fire is a big big Part of survival now of course obviously With electricity and with all the things That we have i mean even out of our cars I mean we have power But power can go and if you find Yourself in a bad situation you need to Start a fire to keep warm you need to Have for boiling water you need to have Fire for cooking food It’ll also keep predators at bay but It’s also a great morale booster and it Will signal if you get lost One of the things i love is the exotec Fire rods now there’s a couple of Reasons first off you have this aluminum Head to it and there’s a ton of fire Rods out there guys fire steel swedish Fire steels [Music] They’re just they’re they’re excellent Because they will last a long long time This one is huge it’s the xl it’s Massive uh here’s just the standard fire Rod and it’ll do about 10 000 strikes So we’re looking at Thousands of strikes So this gives me a long range capability What i also like is it has some duct Tape or gorilla tape around the outside

So i can use that if i need to and then This is actually removable so i’ve got Replacements if i want to just replace This if i end up wearing it out but what I really love is in this cap here I have some tender tabs and these small Tinder tabs guys when you you’re Starting a fire having fire tender is Huge in getting a fire started yes you Can feather those pieces of wood down Really fine But this is a much easier it has an Accelerant to it and the u.s military Uses tinder tabs so you just fold them Out you put them there and then this Stores though in the back of this and it Keeps them dry And it allows me to contain it and i Know where they are and then of course This little paracord i can keep hold of It especially when i’m using it to Strike um so the Exotec xl now again there’s a ton of Different ones this just is my favorite It’s a little more expensive these are Made down in georgia they’re just high Quality and i’m a big fan in fact i’m Such a big fan that they’ve you know i Put videos out and i have a buddy of Mine that works at exotax so every once In a while he’ll send me some stuff and We’ll do some reviews on them and they Give a 20 off every 100 i know it’s 20 No it’s percent off twenty percent off

Their website which you can find the Link down below it is an affiliate link But i am a huge fan of the uh exotec Products and they have a lot of Different ones uh but with the firesteel And i’m gonna expand this a little bit What i like is is having a fire kit Not just My fire steel i like to have a lighter Just a big lighter now i found though That half the time big lighters They they work or they may not work uh i Like to have some lifeboat matches It’s great to have redundancy uh i like To have different ways to be able to Start fire different type tenders that i Keep in here so this to me a fire kit is Great in fact i’ll tell you a little Story uh we were at a big bonfire one Time my father-in-law had a he has some Property and so we were down In chattanooga and so he had this big Thing of wood ready to put the bonfire And he’s fiddling around trying to get The fire started and he’s having a hard Time he pulled out the gasoline and i Said hold on hold on so i went and got My fire kit out of my car which i keep One in my car and i started that fire in Like three minutes i mean it was just Simple to get started and everybody was Like wow so if you want to be a hero It’s your barbecue or your bonfire carry Around a fire kit and know how to use it

Uh one thing that we did and this goes With all of this gear guys whatever gear You have Is to make sure that you understand how To use it and you become familiar with It With our prepper group we had a fire Clinic and so i took everybody out we Set up some little small fire pits with Rocks around them and so i just started Working with them i said bring your fire Kits well most of them hadn’t even Opened them you know so they’re out There awkward and so you want to get to Where you’re at least proficient and Batoning wood doing all those things Guys it’s simple it’s fun if you have Kids it’s a great way to take them out And just to teach him some things again And it’s fun But a fire steel to me is my main choice Because If i need to man i can start it now if i Need to start a fire what is the first Thing i grab a big glider I mean hands down it’s convenient it’s Easy But when it comes to long-term survival Gear uh having a good fire rod is Is just not replaceable and then having One of these big old exotec Fire rod exhales this gives you a lot of A lot of spark And again don’t forget you need to make

Sure and test your knife if you have a Knife that you’re counting on you say I’ve got this knife in my bag it’s a Fixed blade knife make sure that it will Ignite those sparks on your fire rod Because it’s got to have that high Carbon steel Okay next up oh now if you light is your Number one security tool i talk about it All the time Uh but what’s very important is to me if I have one light it’s going to be a Headlamp Headlamp will give you hands-free It’s easy to use i mean it can give you The lights you need in front of you so Headlamp is vital If i’m going like we went to the house A couple of months ago and we put in an Ethernet cable my son and i and we had Headlamps And trying to set up a flashlight and Get it in the right angle and be able to Look is a nightmare with a small little Headlamp It’s beautiful now what this is one of The many parons or perron mini from Olight and um the beautiful thing about This is it comes off the band and you Can use it separately I’ve got other lights that you can’t do That and so this makes this a very Versatile light so i can take it i can Look and look at things i can use this

As a standard edc light it just has the Angled neck uh it has high lumens i Believe it’s a thousand lumens has a Pocket clip with it so i can just slip In my pocket and then if i need to i can Put it on my headband and i have hands True hands-free not sitting in my mouth Tasting the light shocking myself uh but These uh are just really excellent They’re the perron mini and olight does Offer a 10 discount um in fact i’ve got A link down below in the description but Uh i’m a big fan of olights And guys i’ve been using olight for now 12 years 12 years i carry an e i carry An o like my pocket for edc and i have a Lot of choices so we just highly Recommend it there are some other nice Lights out there i do have a zebra Headlamp i really like it i mean i have Some others but the per run mini is my Favorite and so um and there’s the Parent the uh the standard front is Longer it’s a bigger light so you know You can go with that if you want and the Headband is extremely comfortable to Wear so just one of those things and Plus it doesn’t have like a battery pack On it and all that stuff i mean that That just gets on my nerves honestly That’s why i like this really simple Easy light it’s very versatile um and Speaking of lights this is something That i just did last night i did a

Review on this so it’ll be coming out But it’s the uh oh lantern Uh pro 2 pro And uh comes in with a little bit of a Like gas light looks like something Antique and then it goes right up to Over 300 lumens these things are great And it’s got a battery backup in it and All that so i would highly recommend one Of these this is just an awesome light And so i i wasn’t even going to bring That in but i just had to bring it Because i had so much fun last night Doing the review Okay let’s go to our next one the next Is and this is something that uh it Really And honestly i didn’t even know about it I mean i’m kind of embarrassed to say That I was at a field craft survival school And uh i i went there was one local so i Went and checked it out i’m a big fan of Mike glover anyway and so they put on Some really excellent Uh survival schools and so One of the guys brought out one of these Silky sauce Guys i’m gonna tell you if you’ve never Had a silky saw man this thing cuts like A dream and it cuts clean and it cuts Fast in these teeth and you get Different different type teeth for it Different

You can get coarse or you can get the You know the different ones to be able To to do whatever you want to But i recommend getting the more course And man i’m telling you this is called The pocket boy i have one of the gun Boys it’s a little bit longer i like it As well maybe even a little bit more but I just had the silky this was in my my Go back and so i’m gonna tell you guys If you want to cut wood and you can cut Pieces of wood if you’re building a Shelter if you’re cutting for firewood You know you’re doing whatever this is a Great deal right here i mean the the Silky saw pocket boy and a rubberized Handle i mean it’s just nice it has just The the release is really easy to use One of the big things i like simplicity I like simplicity and quality together They’re hard to beat and guys i’m Telling you if you’ve never had one and Saws are very important a lot of special Forces guys carry saws so having a good Saw with your knife I mean it’s just a great combination so Let’s see we’re gonna maybe we’ll go to Some more quest let’s let’s go to one More one more okay now um i have a Couple of water options this is and this Is for gear Uh this is my indoor survival canteen Now there’s a lot of canteens out there Canteens though are not enough because

You need to be able to filter your water And this actually has in fact i’ve got Water in this one because this is in my My go bag It has a filter built into the lid So i put it in here i fill it up with Water and i can drink it immediately That way i have a container i have a Filter and They make a ton of different packs for Them so it’s really easy to attach and What’s really beautiful because this is Really a system And so i also have water purification Tabs in here On the side pockets Then inside if i can get this Open I have a standard cook stove That is military it fits right there In the bag has the handles i can use it And My canteen fits right in it This is one of my favorite systems guys It’s just a complete system with Container filter you got your stove Throw it in a military issue and they Have their own Covers for them and then i put my water Purification tabs water guys you can Only live three days without water you Really need to consider Your water source and secondly uh when You’re out and about that stream may

Look absolutely crystal clear it can Look beautiful but it can have a Cryptosporidium giardia it can have Minerals in it it can have all kind of Bacteria So it’s important to be able to drink Water but also to have pure clean water If you get sick with water i mean it is A nightmare and then two you could Actually die from it or get dehydration So water’s big and so that is one of the Reasons why i put that on my list Because this has been and i’ve had this For a while and it’s just a great system Another system that i really like is the Grail now the grail Um it’s not monty python’s holy grail But it’s the the grail and it’s a Container and it has a press and so you Take the filters built in and you just Press it i’ve got a review on it in fact If i’d had it available i’d have i’d Have brought it out but i’m uh it’s in One of my packs but man it just presses Down and it filters the water out and That is an excellent option as well one Thing that i do carry kind of on the Side are uh aqua mira frontier filter Straws and i like the plus the bigger One and it it’ll filter well the small One will filter 13 i think it’s 13 Gallons of water the bigger ones will go Like to 26 gallons of water so it’s Really handy i keep them in some of my

Edc bags just slip it in i need to make Sure that i at least have some backup Water if i need it not long term but Some backup water and then my big plus The our home filter system is the big Berkey And it is we’ve used it for now 10 years And we use it every day cooking drinking Water coffee tea doesn’t matter we use The big berkey So that that goes more to the extreme And that is one of my favorite survival Items but the indoor for a portable Water system it’s it’s excellent Excellent Also the berkey sport bottle it has a Filter that’s dropped into a container And those are also an excellent choice As well All right let’s get a few more questions And Sdw nj asks have you tried rapid rope Rapid rope no i haven’t no i haven’t I’ll have to check into it you know it’s Funny there’s so many different products And it’s a good thing it’s a it’s a Great thing there’s there’s so many Different products that are coming out Because more and more people are looking To being prepared and that’s a big plus For all of us that have already been Being prepared but the other side of it Is there’s a lot of products coming out But

I’ll check into it Tommy soules asked how do you organize Your magazines for your firearms my Collection is getting out of control it Does get out of control uh i have a uh A crate behind me And We have it full but one thing that uh we Do is uh because we and say being a gun Reviewer i have a lot of guns and a lot Of magazines and it is a nightmare um But what we do is we get the the Containers the the hard plastic Containers and then we’ll label them and We’ll say like beretta mags or you know Bretta 92 mags or you know 1911 mags or Glock mags or glock you know factory Mags we have and we have these Containers and i have them all i have Them sarah mac did all this we had this Whole organized row so if i’m doing Something where i need a magazine i can Go and pull that container out open it Up i pull a magazine out Because but the biggest part of that is Is making sure you put your magazines Back in after you use them And so you know that’s that’s one of the Biggest things we do a lot of surplus Firearms so sometimes we get magazines That we have to mess around with to Figure out where they go because you Know it’s they’re just a lot of mags and What’s really crazy is a lot of the

Companies will make magazines and they Won’t put their name on it so it makes It even more difficult but yeah we do we Have a container system just some small Little you know storage containers and We keep them in there some of them are Large storage containers because we have A lot of magazines of that particular Type Uh jim drazer asked if mp hits will a cb Still work I have a faraday cage already set up Should a cb be in it Uh i would say yes uh but you know it’s According to of course now with modern Technology and cbs and that’s what’s Vulnerable to emps Uh but i would say yes you know two-way Radios are important to keep in there Maybe even emergency radio you know one Of the things is you can’t keep your Phone in there because you use your Phone unless you want a burner phone but Then again you may not have cell service If an emp hits So i would say Yes i would keep that in there one thing I would possibly consider and this is What my plan would be is to have in my Faraday because we have some faraday Bags is to have certain items and have Them duplicated Because one of the problems is is i may Pull it out and then the emp goes off so

Having that duplication of just the Essential items maybe a an ipad to be Able to at least access files and things Like that You know definitely any kind of Communications Battery backups even it’s according to It’s just a chord and two it’s all Theory they don’t really know what an Emp will do and two it has a lot to do With the intensity of the nuclear blast And and the signal that it puts out but Um yeah i think it’s really important to Have a faraday bag or cage and make sure You have essential items in there Nmr ask what do you think about the Nuclear attack public service video that New york put out that’s interesting uh Very interesting you know we did a video About it’s in the prepper school lineup About Fallout So i would recommend checking that out If you’re interested uh there are some Possibilities uh Not only from russia but iran iran’s Really building their nuclear weapon System out Russia with the current situation You know who knows you get but you get Some guys backed up in a corner and Sometimes they come out so um i think It’s one of those things that it’s Here’s the thing guys to survive nuclear

Fallout If you’re in the blast zone you’re done I mean if a nuclear bomb hits new york City Uh there’s gonna be a large area that’s Just decimated there’s not gonna be any Hope for that but even on the outlying Areas in long island in different places You know you might be you might be fine It’s according to where the location is But getting off the island can be a real Problem but really it’s there are some Simple things you can do to protect Yourself And so iodide pills are really good to Have getting in shelter getting Underground if you can there are things Like that so i highly recommend if You’re concerned about that which you Should be You really should be There are even some geiger counters some Really small ones the technology has Really gotten excellent for that kind of Stuff is to watch that video and we talk About a lot of the different things in Fact robbie wheaton was here and he did Some um Training In nuclear fallout and biological and Chemical weapons And so i highly recommend that video One more and then we’re going to go on Uh pedro ask what is a good place to get

Local and regional maps Uh truck stops truck stops are an Excellent place to pick up maps Now if you want more topographical maps You can go to a store that where this Supplies hiking stuff or outdoor gear a Lot of times they’ll have topo maps Especially for fisher fishermen things Like that uh so but Truck stops are excellent and uh we’ve Got a video coming up actually of a map Case i got a surplus map case from czech From sportsman’s guide and it has two of These bit in fact i started to bring it I didn’t but has this big map case you Can put the maps in and it’s clear you Can actually write on it with a with a Wax pencil or whatever and then it rolls Up and it goes in this little military Molly little pouch and maps are Important because if gps goes out guys We’re going to be back to maps and Maps will dry up really quick and They’re getting harder and harder to Find But having an atlas is good but i like To have regional maps because it gets a Little more detail Okay let’s go on and we’re coming back To questions before we finish up um Okay one thing that i came across now I’m big about trauma kits i think that You should have some kind of trauma kit You should have some training i think

It’s important to have training But i was in palmetto state armory the Other day and i picked up this north American rescue iroc And this is a trauma kit in this pelican Case these aren’t really cheap they’re About 140 But it has those trauma items i love it Because it’s solid it’s easy to see and Then you’ve got your you know your turn Your cat tourniquet your compression Galls you’ve got your chest seals you’ve Got your hemostatic agents you’ve got Your nitrile gloves and so this to me Keeps everything together it’s really Easy to see now being at the range we Carry all the time we have trauma kits Around the vehicle where we’re shooting You know we have those but i always keep A trauma kit in my car so it’s really Important to have trauma kits and this Is just one of those good quality kits First i mean north american rescue is an Excellent Distributor of really high quality Medical gear in fact they’re based here In greenville But this to me is just a great idea and When i saw it and i thought this is Great so when it comes to trauma kits Having something like this now I do a lot with skinnymedic from medical Gear outfitters and i highly recommend Those guys you could buy a small little

Case doesn’t have to be a pelican case And you can put your items in there so There are surrogates Or you can leave it in the soft nylon Pouches they work fine too we’ve been Using those for years but uh for Something that’s really rugged and you Know can withstand pretty much anything This to me is just one of those pieces Of items that when i got it i said that Is just cool and i love it Okay Now food is definitely something to Consider now you can live three weeks Without food but you start to lose Energy you start to lose mental acuity And Sometimes having something to eat just Lowers the stress down But again three day three weeks without Food but If you’re working hard it’s going to be A little more difficult to function One thing i keep in all my go bags and i Have for years is the emergency lifeboat Food and this is the these are sos bars It’s a certain brand they make a number Of different types This bar Has like 2600 calories You can actually share it if you need to It’s like a graham cracker it’s almost Like a pie crust it is so Tasty in fact when i did my first review

Of this i ate the entire bar i couldn’t Quit eating it Gained five pounds but uh it’s just Really good and it keeps you from Getting thirsty So no now you can go with mountain house And and mres there’s a lot of different Choices uh you know snack bars things Like that a lot of times though you’ve Got to prepare them you got to bring Them out you got to heat them up or you Know with mres you can eat them but They’re much better heated up But with the sos bars I just open it up and eat it i mean it’s That easy and there’s no preparation and I just wrap it back up and then i eat it Later so this is just one of my favorite Food items to put in our go bags and We’ve done that for a long time And you can bind by the case And so you know it’s just a great way And i think the shelf life on these is Five years so you want to keep track of That and then when you need to you toss It but this is what they use on Lifeboats so when lifeboats go in the Water they have these on board and That’s the reason why they don’t make You thirsty so Really cool option it comes in different Sizes it comes in different calorie Counts But again a number of different

Companies this one is the sos i’ve been Using sos for a long time we do have Some other types though that we’ve Gotten over the years but i highly Recommend Having lifeboat food having food some Food with you is a is a good thing But it’s not a Vital thing But you’ll get a lot you get along a lot Better with some kind of food source to Keep your energy up All right now we’re actually i believe We’re at number 10 but i have two other Items that i’m going to show you after This this is number 10. uh this is a Multi-tool having a multi-tool guys i Mean you know it’s self-explanatory you Know having a a way to be able to Manipulate things you know you may need To get a pair of pliers and turn Something uh having tools tools really Are what separate us One of the things that separates us from The animal kingdom but a good multi-tool With a lot of functionality this is the Gerber Center drive now one of the reasons why I really like this one is that it has a Part right here and you have a um in Fact the well i had one uh you have bits That you can put in here quarter drive Bits and so i can have some quarter Drive bits on the side and i can put

Them in here and then i can turn screws Uh and then of course it has the knife And all that kind of stuff in here the Saw The file it has all the basic things That come with multi-tools i like this One because it’s one-handed opening so It’s got a little knob on here very Similar to their standard multi-tools That they supply to the us military but Uh i really like this one but i have Others I love leatherman i’ve got a number of Leatherman tools as well They’re excellent sog i mean there’s a Ton of different good tools but buy a Good one it was surprising i saw a Multi-tool at walmart for 3.50 and i Bought it and i tested it i said i’m Going to test this thing out it actually Held up decent it was kind of funny Because A lot of the early tools from china they Would just tear up this one is made in The usa it’s good quality and so having That Okay so that actually is my top 10 gear But i’ve got two other things i’m going To show you First off is a bandana there’s a Bazillion uses for bandanas we did a Video actually i think it was 25 uses in The survival situation for a bandana a Very important very inexpensive option

To keep with you You can put this over your face if There’s a lot of dust and smoke around Uh you can put it you know on the back Of your neck if it’s wet and keep you Cool you can use this as a hobo sack you Can tie it up tight to a string you can Carry things with it i mean they’re just You can wipe things and wipe off your Face with it you know there’s just so Many different options with a bandana It’s very simple it’s lightweight it’s Packable it gets really small and so i Always keep bandanas in my pack so it’s Just one of my favorite little pieces of Gear and so this is a bonus this is Number 11. and then the last On the list is a heavy meal tarp or a Heavy meal trash bag i should say or Contractor’s bag These are Really excellent i get these in a huge Box at home depot And it’s really heavy meal and you want That heavy meal your standard trash bag Is not going to last This thing is i mean it’s it’s made to Pick up debris and large items and Leaves and different things so it’s Really going to hold out A number of years ago there was a really Famous survivalist this has been Probably about 10 years ago They asked and they said if you only had

One item And you were going into a survival Situation what would it be and he said a Heavy meal trash bag and there’s a lot Of reasons i’ve done some videos about Them i do have one you can look in the Little hourglass or the little Magnifying glass and put trash bag and It’ll take you to the video but uh you Can create a shelter you can carry water You can put it on your back you carry Your clothes you can use it as an Improvised sleeping bag you can collect Water with it There you can use it as a shelter again As a windbreak i mean there’s so many Different things that you can do with a Heavy meal trash bag and so while this Is not really gear it’s one of the items That i just love and i keep in all my Bags And again you want that heavy meal okay Let’s um we’ve got some questions we’ll Go to that Uh john matick asks what have been the Guns that you bought that have increased In value the most Um Man there’s there’s a lot um there’s a Lot of guns like that um well i’ll tell You one that’s funny is uh there was the Old nagant revolver And it they came in at 59 apiece they Were russian service pistols back in the

Like the 20s and 30s they were ugly They’re just ugly but And they shoot you know the nagant Caliber and and i looked at them and i Thought 59 that’s ridiculous i wouldn’t Pay 59 for that well the ammo started Coming in Surplus ammo i ended up getting one for 79 Right now it’s worth 600 It’s supply and demand and one of the Things about surplus firearms when they Come into the country and this includes Police trade-ins guys whether it’s the Glock smith and wesson or whatever they Come in cheap because they’re dumping Them onto the market but once they dry Up the price goes up Uh so you know there’s a number of Different guns like that i bought an Hk91 when the first assault weapons ban Happened and i paid 800 for it i turned Around about a week later and sold it For 1600. the guy there sold it for 4 800 the next day So i missed out on the the big bonus but Uh you know and now they’re worth about 10 grand So um you know there there are guns like That that you have that definitely Increase in value one of my first 1911s Was a colt 1911. i paid 400 for it 399 Brand new series 80 brand new And uh and now you know they’re going

For about a thousand dollars so um Guns are an excellent they not only hold Their value they rise in value Uh You know so um There’s a whole list of those kind of Guns and i’ve lost i’ve sold a lot of Them and wish i hadn’t had to rebuy them Uh lee infield rifles 59 59 apiece when they first came in now They’re going for 350 400 bucks Nagant the gantt rifle same thing uh Paul frank says question i’m looking at Solar generators for camping at home Um do you have any recommendations the Humless the humless it is a extremely Quiet Uh solar power generator and i would Highly recommend it uh we use it We’ve used it a number of times it’ll Keep our refrigerator going For about seven to eight hours our Refrigerator freezer And um and then we can put it back on The charge but i that is one that i have There’s a lot of different ones out There i have been doing a lot of Investigation And so uh and you can go to home depot You can go to lowe’s you can get a lot Of these type Solar power generators the technology is Getting better and better so there’s a

Lot of good quality options out there So but the homeless is my number one Pick Uh david garrison asked question i have Saved some money and i’m curious what You think regarding buying a freeze Dryer or a solar battery system i can Only buy one right now thank you Yeah wow Um Both are excellent both are needed uh Freeze dryer is freeze-dried for to do Freeze-dried foods that’s you know they Are they are pricey But having solar power backup you know i Guess the thing is is is according to How much you want to have for your solar What you’re really planning to use it For If it’s just for limited things like Your devices your phones things like That i mean there’s so many inexpensive Options out there until you’re ready to Jump into the big one i think maybe a You know the food prep would be a little More important right now We’re looking at some really serious Shortages coming up and uh so you know And prices are going up and just may be Hard to get so Uh maybe do that and then buy you a Fairly inexpensive solar backup battery Power type system And uh they can be very inexpensive but

Um Yeah unless you’re really looking at i’m Looking for something large that i want To do i’ve got panels i want to put up Uh you know yeah that’s uh that is Expensive and if that’s what you need But in the meantime having a few Smaller Capable solar powered little You know battery backups that’ll that’ll Do that and build up your battery power You can use it for your devices uh that Would be a good surrogate While you take care of your your you Know dehydrating or freeze drying Uh margaret thatcher i have I’m in general how much ammo is enough There’s not but um One thing that i do is and i recommend This um A thousand rounds Of any caliber you know if you have a Nine millimeter pistol you need a Thousand rounds you have an ar-15 i’d Buy more than that but at minimum of a Thousand rounds okay and i’m just saying That because they come in thousand round Cases Uh for a small like a 380 you know maybe 300 rounds for that uh or you know less Oh no not less because you want some Training but having some stocked up you Want to really focus though on the guns That you’re going to count on in a

Survival situation so if you have an Ak-47 you definitely want to go with 7.6239 or you know an ak-74 or whatever Or you know whatever your main rifle is I would definitely have at least a Thousand rounds When all the ammo prices had gone crazy And guys i’m telling you right now the Prices are starting to come down it’s Time to buy now before they go back up Before something else happens it’s going To drive everything crazy uh but if we If the if the november elections go South if we don’t really take control When i say we well that’s when things go Nuts So um I i told everybody at least 300 rounds Of ammunition minimum minimum while Prices are super high now that prices Are coming down thousand rounds Definitely and i would buy more than Just that Uh brian morris asks i wonder if a few Rolls of cast gauze with plaster Wouldn’t be a good prep in the old ifak Oh like a like a break like you have a Break huh That’s interesting that’s interesting uh I hadn’t really honestly hadn’t thought About that that would probably be Something that would be great for Long-term Prepping situations

But even short term a splint though will Carry through until you can get medical Help or until you can get back home Typically to have it set Um That’d be that’d be a lot of fun but Thanks for bringing that up because That’s something that i’ve not really Even considered Okay guys it’s one o’clock man that time Went by quick Uh i was actually concerned that we Would have less i mean we’d start stop Early because you know we go through the Gear but you guys have a lot of great Questions and we really appreciate it if We didn’t get your questions we Apologize you know sometimes it gets a Little bit busy but again this list will Be down below in the description there Are a lot of surrogate options doesn’t Mean because i say the se4 and you have A sog you know seal pup you’re going Well that ain’t saying well that’s fine You need to find the knife for you and You need to to make sure that you take It out use it Find its idiosyncrasies find out it’s Warm spots see how it works and um and That is with all the different gear So we really appreciate it we appreciate Sportsman’s guide for again sponsoring Today’s episode and they give a 20 off Every 100 or more purchase using such no

Zero zero and if you remember their Buyers club you get better pricing and You get free shipping and we really Appreciate sportsman’s guide also exotec If you’re looking for twenty percent off Exotec products there’s a link down Below in the description and there’s a i Think it suits 20. but 20 is great so Check it out these are to me the best Fire starters out there i mean the Quality is there So again we really appreciate everything You do thanks for being a part of Prepper school volume 31 this will be on A playlist And of course this video will be live You can go back and watch it if you want To find something in the details we Really appreciate sarah mack For being here and hopefully we’ll see Robbie wheaton next week With us and be strong be of good courage God bless america long live the republic