Revelation 11 – New Testament Bible Study

By | July 10, 2022

Well Shalom beloved Revelation chapter 11. Roughly page 1206 In the scriptures Strongly recommend Reading all this with your own eyeballs And if you’re unaware where we are in The timeline of revelation Go back and watch the earlier videos Because There’s too much here To do a recap Every time we start a video there’s a Lot going on in this book it is chock Full of imagery and prophecy and Cross-reference to the old testament Into the new So revelation chapter 11 and a read this Is john speaking And i read like a measuring rod was Given to me and the messenger stood Saying rise and measure the dwelling Place of elohim and the slaughter place And those worshiping in it I’m going to read a little bit and we’re Going to come back because there’s a lot Of meat And we’ll probably read the six and then Come back And a reed like a measuring rod was Given to me and the messenger stood Saying rise and measure the dwelling Place of elohim and the slaughter place

And those worshipping in it but cast out The court which is outside the dwelling Place and do not measure it for it has Been given to the nations And they shall trample the set apart City under foot for 42 months three and A half years And i shall give unto my two witnesses And they shall prophesy 1260 days Clad and sackcloth These are the two olive trees And the two lamp stands that are Standing before elohim of the earth And if anyone wishes to harm them fire Comes out of their mouth and consumes Their enemies and if anyone wishes to Harm them he has to be killed in that Way These possess authority To shut the heaven so that no rain falls In the days of their prophecy and they Possess authority over waters to turn Them to blood and to smite the earth With all plagues as often as they wish So Let us Begin again And read like a measuring rod was given To me and the messenger said stood Stood Saying Rise and measure the dwelling place of Elohim and the slaughter place and those

Worshipping in it So To Measure means more than just a bust or Tape measure out take a look The father measures us And it says that he searches out our Inward parts and other translations have It as your kidneys right your inward Parts what’s the disposition of your Inward parts what’s your heart set Are you just going through the motions Or do you actually love y’all with Everything you have so take stock he Wants john to take stock Of the dwelling place of elohim now Again Here we are in the new testament With john having a vision of what is to Come And look at Yet again the overwhelming temple Imagery Completely does away with the concept That this you know the law was nailed to The cross we don’t have to do that Anymore blah blah blah all that Falsehood Second thessalonians chapter two go read That if you disagree with me And frankly i don’t care if you disagree With me we don’t have enough time to Argue about whether or not you disagree With me these videos are for those that

Have eyes to see and ears to hear a Remnant is not two billion people Let me repeat a remnant Is not two billion people As we’re going to see With this measuring So john is measuring the dwelling place Of elohim the temple And the slaughter place and those Worshiping in it he’s taking stock of Them but cast out the court which is Outside the dwelling place and do not Measure it for it has been given up to The nations And they shall trample the set apart City jerusalem under foot 42 months So this measuring is ezekiel 40 imagery Recommend you go read ezekiel 40. we Don’t have time to do that today but in The book of ezekiel and i’ve told you Before if you don’t understand the old Testament and the torah you have no Chance of understanding the new Testament and revelation So ezekiel 40 he measures everything All of it With an angel At the command of yah almost like Picking up what i’m putting down here There’s some uh There’s some parallels But cast out the court which is outside The dwelling place and do not measure it For it has been given to the nations

Now if you know anything about the Temple You know that there was a courtyard Outside of the temple and the tabernacle The tent of appointment when the Children of israel were in their exodus And walking in the wilderness for 40 Years There was a courtyard outside of there And outside of the tabernacle The tent of appointment where moshe and The high priest aharon aaron Met with yah And where the holy of holies was the ark Of the covenant outside of that was a Courtyard And in that courtyard was the slaughter Place Offerings were made And so we’re going to cast out the court Which is outside the dwelling place and Do not measure it for it has been given To the nations Those nations to my mind my Understanding of how the temple system Was set up They’re there for the slaughter If you read revelation 19 they get Slaughtered by who the high priest Yeshua I know we don’t there is no hippie dippy Jesus There is no peace love and prosperity Gospel jesus that doesn’t exist

Biblically Especially when you read revelation 19 Which we will when we get there So this courtyard is where the slaughter Place is and it’s filled with the Nations and y’all saying don’t even Bother measuring those people don’t Search their inward parts i know what’s Up with them and so again there’s a Clear delineation here between israel The father’s chosen people genesis 32 Which you as a gentile believer are Grafted into romans 11 16 which means First peter 2 21 you should be doing What messiah did which was matthew 5 17 Embodying the torah And again i don’t have time To uh apologetics you into understanding Here you need to do your own research So don’t bother measuring The courtyard Because it’s been given to the nations And they the nations are going to Trample the set apart city jerusalem so Circles within circles within circles we Have the dwelling place in the center Then we have the courtyard filled by the Nations which are given up for the Slaughter and then you have jerusalem Outside of that right think of like a Bullseye target the center of the target Is the temple the one ring out from There i’m sorry the nine ring out from There

Is the Courtyard that eight ring out from there Is jerusalem the seven ring out from There’s everything else Zion if you will And so outside the eight ring right the Set apart city jerusalem is going to be Trampled underfoot for 42 months some People say this is already happening i Disagree because we look at the timeline Here and i’m a biblical literalist what Does it say it means what it says right To the best of our ability that is the Blade that we should use to cut through The nonsense Of biblical interpretation As much as we can even when dealing with Prophecy what does it say Not what i think it says not what you Think it says not what rabbi hayemben Shmuel said or pastor johnson said or Bishop Or rabbi or You know whatever You know the pope don’t care What does the book say And it amazes me how many people are Constitutional literalists Shall not be infringed means shall not Be infringed But when it comes to the bible they’re Picking choosers They make their own a la carte doctrine That will get them smoked at the end of

An age The father explicitly says do not add or Take away from the word of this law Yeshua backs that up Yeshua In revelation 22. Let’s see Yep 22 18 Three verses away from the last word in This bible For eyewitness to everyone hearing the Words of prophecy in this book if anyone Adds to them elohim shall add to him the Plagues that are written in this book And if anyone takes away from the words Of the book of this prophecy all this is Torah by the way elohim elohim shall Take away his part from the book of life And out of the set apart city which are Written in this book Do not add or take away from Okay So what does it say So Here we also have this imagery of wheat Versus chaff separation Separating the sheep from the goats Especially when you think of a slaughter Place imagery in the courtyard So those who are in the dwelling place Of elohim And are worshiping in it Are being and it see it says the

Slaughter place the dwelling place of Elohim the slaughter place and those Worshipping in it well in the dwelling Place of elohim in the tabernacle in the Tent was what was called the slaughter Place of incense or the altar of incense And that represents the prayers that are Going up in the courtyard was the Slaughter place for animals The altar for animals And so inside the tent Inside the tent dwelling with yah those People measure them count them john Outside the tent in the courtyard That’s been given to the nations don’t Count them don’t even bother so this is A a wheat versus chaff issue here and if You think about um isaiah 29 13 for Context Isaiah 29 13. And yahuwah says because this people Have drawn near with its mouth they’re Drawn near they’re in the courtyard with Their mouth and it’s with their lips They have esteemed me they’ve given me Glory And has kept its heart far from me They’re in the courtyard they’re not in The temple though so they’re saying the Right things But their hearts not in it And it’s kept their heart far from me

And their fear of me has become a can Command of men that is taught They are there to check the box Not because they want to be there It’s the same rebuke that messiah gives The pharisees For Not ritually washing his hands in Matthew chapter 15 that you have Nullified the commands of elohim with The doctrines of men That’s why they are there this courtyard So john’s not even going to count those People yah doesn’t need to search their Inward parts he knows what’s up and by The way they’re in the courtyard which Is where the slaughter place is got a Plan for them the high priest is going To make an offering Revelation 19. So verse 3 revelation 11 3 and i shall Give unto my two witnesses and they Shall prophesy one thousand two hundred And sixty days clad in sackcloth Three and a half years These are the two olive trees Which is zechariah 4 verse 3 imagery And very clearly the two sticks the two Branches the two olive trees Uh this is Israel and judah coming back together if We look at the renewed covenant in Hebrews chapter eight The renewed covenant in the new

Testament in the book of hebrews chapter 8 verses 6 through 13 Which is so new that it’s taken from the Old testament book of prophecy of Jeremiah you’re me yahoo And i shall make a renewed covenant with The house of israel and the house of Judah that’s who the renewed covenant is With and so if you’re a gentile believer In messiah you are grafted into the tree Of life which is israel romans 11 16 And so you’re supposed to do the things You’re supposed to walk in yah’s ways Not be a heathen gentile paganist Which unfortunately billions of people Are today while claiming the name of Mashiach So these two two witnesses these are the Two olive trees and the two lampstands That are standing before elohim on the Earth And if anyone wishes to harm them fire Comes out of their mouth and consumes Their enemies and if anyone wishes to Harm them he has to be killed in that Way i think fire is literally going to Come from their mouth Because that would be undeniable and That’s also what the word says And if you’re one of those people who’s Like man that could never happen I think that your depth of belief is Shallow These these two witnesses possess

Authority to shut the heavens so that no Rain falls in the days of their prophecy Who do we know from the bible Shut the heavens for three and a half Years Anybody Uh flip with me first kings 17. First king 17. And eli yahoo elijah the tishbite of the Inhabitants of gilead said to ahab as Yahuwah elohim of israel lives before Whom i stand there shall be no dew or Rain in these years except At my word Elijah remember elijah didn’t die he was Taken up in a whirlwind that’s in second Kings something something something And when he’s taken up in a world when Elisha His 2ic Goes with him And he’s like hey man i want a double Portion of your spirit and elijah says If you have the cajones to stay with me When yah takes me up you can have a Double portion of my spirit and elisha Goes with him and he picks up the mantle Of elijah it’s interesting at one point He has to cross a river and he smacks The river with the mantle of elijah and The waters part he walks across on dry Land hearkening back to moshe Yeah elijah Elijah the servant of yah

Who uh Killed righteously 400 false prophets at the wadi kidran Because the spirit of yahweh was upon Him the holy spirit was on him Yeah that guy Biblical Badass These possess authority to shut the Heavens so that no rain falls in the Days of their prophecy and they possess And they possess authority over waters To turn them to blood and to smite the Earth with all plagues as often as they Wish who does that sound like Moshe Now some people will say and we don’t Definitively know so it’s there’s almost No point in arguing it Other than for interest some people will Say that these two witnesses are elijah And enoch Enoch also didn’t die he lived 365 days He was found to be completely righteous In his being in his soul by yah and he Was taken up by yah I think it’s moshe and elijah because Enoch Did not turn waters to blood And did not put plagues upon the earth Moshe by the hand of yacht did And so if we’re just looking at the Pattern of behavior here this looks a Lot more like elijah and moshe

Than it does to me elijah and enoch That being said we don’t know However if you flip a few pages back to Jude 1 verse 9. Jude 1 verse 9. But michael the chief messenger the Chief angel In contending with the devil when he Disputed about the body of moshe Presumed not to bring against him a Blasphemous accusation but said yahweh Rebuke you What Where do we get a story in the bible About Michael fighting with satan over the Body of moshe The answer is unfortunately today in our 66 canonized books of the bible we don’t But in the apocrypha we do Jubilees Michael and the devil fought for three Days over the body of moshe Think that at some point I think the enemy understood that at Some point That body is going to be important to Yah Because he’s going to be coming back To earth Body not coming back Maybe asterisk depends on who you are And what you believe right But the body of moshe was so important

That michael The chief messenger the archangel Came to earth to do battle with hasatan The nahash the enemy That serpent of old for three days To capture the body of moshe to bring it To yah and the yahudim the jews have an Oral tradition that yah himself buried Moshe Why Well Keeping a finger stuck at revelation Chapter 11 Flip to matthew Verse 17 or matthew chapter 17. Matthew 17. and after six days yeshua took peter And james yachob and john yochanan his Brother And brought them up on a high mountain By themselves and he yeshua was Transformed before them and his face Shone like the sun and his garments Became white as light And see moshe and eliyahu moses and Elijah appeared to them talking with him Now there’s deeper implications here on The mount of transfiguration here with Yeshua what do we have the embodiment of Echad In one place At one time Four dimensional space We have the torah moshe the prophets

Eliahu And the resurrection Yeshua hamashiach The torah of the prophets the Resurrection All of this i believe All of this we’re commanded to believe All of this the fullness of Understanding revelation 14 12 here’s The endurance of the saints those that Have a testimony of yeshua hamashiach And keep the commands Endurance elijah Testimony yeshua commands moshe The torah and the prophets and the Resurrection here on the mount The mount of transfiguration Also Depending on which gospel story you read When miriam comes to the tomb there are Two angels there Two men shining as white light what we See in luke chapter or i’m sorry math Chapter 17 There’s two men with yeshua shining as Light and it’s moshe And elijah and so i think i think and This is not me It’s not me preaching or prophesying i Think these two guys Are elijah and moshe Uh also Moshe I believe was well aware of yeshua

And proof of that still holding a finger In revelation 11. you can go to Deuteronomy 18. Deuteronomy 18. Deuteronomy 18 verse 15. Yahuwah this is moshe speaking Hmm There’s that it’s such good stuff like You almost You almost don’t even know where to Start Yahuwah your elohim shall raise up for You a prophet like me from your midst From your brothers Listen to him Capital p Prophet Yeshua And if you don’t like the word prophet In regard to Yeshua in regard to jesus You can be a prophet And other things as well Right it’s not It it’s not a descriptor of the entirety Of his being here on earth But you could also proof text there go To luke 24 19 And he yeshua said to them what and they Said to him concerning yeshua of Nazareth who was a prophet mighty indeed And word before elohim and all the

People So his own apostles considered him a Prophet regardless of whether or not you Like that terminology for who yeshua was And is That’s what he was considered by moshe And by the apostles So now that we’ve briefly delved into That rabbit trail Let’s go back to revelation 11 verse 7 And when they the two prophets have Ended their witness the beast coming up Out of the pit of the deep shall fight Against them and overcome them and kill Them so epic rap battle between the Beast and the two prophets I don’t know if you can hear but my cows Are hungry over there they’re talking And their dead bodies lie in the street Of the great city Which spiritually is called sodom and Mitzrayim where also our master was Impaled So this great city Has set apart city which is being Trampled under foot which is now Spiritually being called sodom and Mitsrayim we’re also our master was Impaled so we got clues here this is Jerusalem But at this point because of this Trampling underfoot by these nations It’s now spiritually sodom and egypt Yeah so it’s in a bad way here

And some of the peoples and the tribes And the tongues of the nation see their Dead bodies for three and a half days A day is a year and a year is a day Right They prophesy for 200 1 260 days three And a half years they lay dead for three And a half days A day to a year a year to a day And not allow their bodies to be placed Into tombs and those dwelling on the Earth rejoice over them and exalt and They shall send gifts to one another Because these two prophets tortured Those dwelling on the earth there’s Going to be a dead prophet’s party The world is going to rejoice the Nations are going to rejoice that these Two men of elohim have been killed And after three and a half days a spirit Of life from elohim entered into them And they stood upon their feet And great fear fell on those who saw Them now remember lazarus was dead four Days And yeshua was like lazarus arise And lazarus A rose Three and a half days Ain’t nothing Ain’t nothing for y’all And after three and a half days a spirit Of life from elohim entered into them And they stood upon their feet and great

Fear fell on those who saw them And they heard a loud voice from the Heavens saying to them come up here and They went up into the heaven in a cloud And their enemies saw them Now again moshe was with yah in the Cloud on the mountain and elijah was Taken up in a whirlwind so not not Harping on this i just personally Believe that it’s moshe and elijah And in that hour matthew 24 imagery Coming here And in that hour there came to be a Great earthquake and the tenth of the City fell and in the earthquake seven Thousand men were killed Seven Being the number of spiritual completion On earth spiritual perfection on earth Because four is the earth four corners Of the earth and three is the number of Spiritual perfection so three and seven Jammed together you get spiritual Perfection on earth right and so this is A perfect judgment and thousand in Hebrew thousand is like a million it’s Like a kajillion right when you say There’s a thousand a thousand to Something and hebrew nomenclature is Like alva Man how many how many camp chairs you Got bear I don’t know a thousand See what i mean

So this seven thousand Is like a perfect judgment from yah upon The earth To the myriads And the earthquake seven thousand and Also Getting back to what i said earlier i Also think it’s literally seven thousand But for those that have eyes to see and Ears to understand ears to hear right We get it that that number seven Thousand which is a literal number of Seven thousand people killed represents This perfect judgment by yah on the Earth to the myriads And in the earthquake seven thousand men Were killed and the rest became afraid And gave glory esteem to elohim of the Heaven The second woe was passed and see the Third woe is coming speedily and the Seventh messenger sounded and there came To be loud voices in the heavens saying The reign of this world has become the Reign of our master and his messiah Mashiach and he shall reign forever and Ever and so now there’s a transitionary Period coming here the reign of this World the beast and the beast system and The antichrist and the false prophet the One world governance and the oppression Of the saints we are now transitioning Into the reign of messiah It’s

It’s kicking off sweetheart And the 24 elders sitting before elohim On their thrones fell on their faces and Worshiped elohim Saying we give thanks we give you thanks So yahuwah el shaddai The one who is and who was and who is Coming because you have taken your great Power and reigned And we’ve talked again about these 24 Elders 12 tribes of israel Minus dan Dan did whoring and abominations Dan has separated himself from yah So one elder From each of the tribes we’ve seen this Previously in revelation but also One one of these others each represents The 12 apostles Right minus judas plus shovel of tarsus So or yahudah Luke 22 Go to luke 22. Luke 22 verse 29 Yeshua’s speaking and i covenant for you As my father covenanted for me a rain a Kingdom to eat and drink he’s speaking To his apostles this is yeshua speaking To his apostles And i covenant for you i make an Agreement with you a contract with you As my father covenanted for me a rain A kingdom to eat and drink at my table

In my reign and to sit on thrones Judging the 12 tribes of israel You think he meant it when he said it It sure looks like he does over here in Revelation 11. And the 24 elders sitting before elohim On their thrones fell on their faces and Worshiped elohim saying we give thanks We give you thanks oh yahuwah el shaddai The one who is and who was and who is Coming because you have taken your great Power and reigned and the nations were Enraged and your wrath has come this is Psalms 2 by the way worth a read Looking at what yah’s wrath and the Enraged nations look like Your wrath has come and the time of the Dead to be judged And to give the reward to your servants The prophets and to the set apart ones What are set apart ones revelation 14 12 Those that have a testimony of yeshua Hamashiach and Keep the commands Not either or Both The set of part ones and to those who Fear your name small and great and to Destroy those who destroy the earth Now the dead to be judged Flip to daniel 12. Daniel 12 verse 2. We read daniel 12 previously in context Of revelation because it applies let’s

Start at verse 1. now at that time Michael the same chief messenger the Same archangel who fought was satan over The body of moshe At that time michael shall stand up the Great head who is standing over the sons Of your people and there shall be a time Of distress such as never was since There was a nation until that time and At that time your people shall be Delivered everyone who is found written In the book same book that yeshua talks About in revelation chapter 22. same Book that moshe talks about written in The book of life All these people written in your book Why Why is john searching the temple Searching the inward parts of the people Who are in there Writing names in the book And many of those who sleep in the dust Of the earth wake up Some to everlasting life and some to Reproaches everlasting abhorrence And those who have insight shall shine Like brightness of the expanse and those Who lead many to righteousness like the Stars forever and ever So the resurrection In christendom we have a messed up Understanding of the resurrection Yeshua was the first fruits of the Resurrection

He is risen he has risen indeed And if we believe in jesus we will be Risen too News flash everybody rises The just and the unjust the righteous And the unrighteous Because all will be judged every knee Shall bow every tongue shall confess It’s after Your risen right here daniel 12 And many of those who sleep in the dust Of the earth wake up some to everlasting Life and some to reproach his Everlasting abhorrence Separating the wheat from the chaff the Judgment And i could go deep into that But every knee shall bow every tongue Shall confess And those that have yeshua as messiah as Mediator as intercessor Who are covered by the blood and who are Walking in the father’s ways Matthew 19 17 if you wish to enter into Life guard the commands Go forward a few pages Right here revelation 22 Verse 12 yeshua speaking and see i am Coming speedily and my reward is with me To give to each according to his work Judgment to give to each according to His work I am the aleph and the tab the beginning

And the end the first and the last Blessed are those doing his yahuwah’s Commands so that the authority shall be Theirs unto the tree of life And to enter through the gates into the City All flesh Shall confess All flesh Shall bow and bend the knee And cower Before yahuwah Verse 18 and the nations were enraged And your wrath has come Behold i come speedily to give to each Man according to his works and your Wrath has come and the time of the dead To be judged And to give the reward to your servants To give to each man according to his Works To your servants the prophets and the Set apart one so who’s his servants the Prophets and the set apart ones and to Those who fear your name Small and great and to destroy those who Destroy the earth and the dwelling place Of elohim more temple imagery here in The new testament the last book of the New testament We are 11 chapters from the end of the Book After the death burial and resurrection Of yeshua hamashiach

And what do we have here more temple Imagery so quit saying it was nailed to The cross It was not It never was doctrines and dogmas of men Were nailed to the crossha Which by the way was a stake staros do Your homework False doctrine bad teaching Doctrines and dogmas of men Were nailed to the stake Not yah’s perfect law and the dwelling Place of elohim was opened in the Heavens and the ark of his covenant Was seen in his dwelling place and there Came to be lightnings and voices and Thunders and an earthquake And great Hail Revelation chapter 11 The final story in an eternal love Letter from the creator of the universe To his chosen people And gosh dang i hope you’re paying Attention And seeking the father’s face and Reading his word and putting your knees In the dirt in your face on the ground And praying until stuff just runs out of Your face And submitting to him And being washed in the blood of the son So that you might live unto Righteousness which is blamelessly

Walking in the commands of yah and being Led by the ruach hakodesh not some other Worldly spirit And seeking to Observe the two prime directives general Orders one and two love yahuwah your Elohim with all your heart with all your Soul with all your mind with all your Strength And love your neighbor as yourself Well constantly first peter 2 21 walking As messiah walked back to elohim so you Can be a servant of elohim so that you Might be sealed in the forehead so that When john With his measuring rod searches your Inward parts you are in the dwelling Place of elohim which means you are in Covenant you are tabernacled with him You are under his covering literally and You are found righteous at that point That you are not outside in the Courtyard Standing next to the slaughter place Ready to be a burnt offering Bless y’all Shalom