Thirsty Thursday Q&A 7JUL22

By | July 8, 2022

Good evening everybody We have a little tiny tripod And so you’re you’re down there tonight Um Say hello wife hello Because you know audio and visual Production is what we’re known for this Channel um did anybody buy a pallet of Water since the last brief Is what i wanted That was funny It was the best i giggled you kept Everybody questioning like life yeah Like it was awesome hydra you have this Question every last time james reyes What military background do you have None i did not serve in uniform i work With men and women who serve in uniform I was a dod and dia sme or subject Matter expert Done contracting for federal government State governments and several agencies As well I know stuff Stepping in to say hi i work on the Cottage still working on the cops roger That What’s up humble Rover checking in what’s up dragon Yeah it’s like a podcast dragon shield Hello When you couldn’t just see the water and Just listen to your voice so like Listening to a podcast the brief is

Actually in podcast form on itunes and Spotify and all that you can just look For bear independent you can find the Boots from there as well No pallet of water to look at no So there’s a button on here look and i Accidentally hit this button last time Now you can see bob’s uh zero percent Beer foes blue dangle mafia shirt Um Uh a bleeding control kit Shalom brother and an advanced rip away Kid and so last time shalom picture Plumber last time I did this accidentally hit that button And so you all were looking at a pallet Of water for 40 minutes or so and Let’s be frank i don’t even care thank You so much they loved it it was awesome You know we might just start doing this Uh on occasion just to see if we can Keep you on your toes yeah subliminal Messages for and especially all the new People who are freaking out like are we Are we supposed to go buy water Subliminal messages you know what i’m Trying to say because we need to go buy Water it’s a code it was actually the Whole like he really does buy a pallet Of everything oh that’s one of three Pallets of water that we bought the last Time like You know and that’s interesting people Are like oh he really does do this he

Really does mean what he said yeah if i Say it i mean it so he really does a lot More than you Yeah because he doesn’t say yeah i do a Lot of things to never make it to camera So Long brother Jinx All the jinxies There’s trivia So it’s uh I don’t know what it is right now but it Was a hundred and two earlier on the Porch yeah so we’re inside and then not Porch So Back at the brick wall Let your usb yes dustin tribble that is Correct there’s a tour for that so Uh for all the noobs the way this works Is the primary rule while you’re here in The chat is don’t be an a-hole be nice To each other okay So the people above you and below you in The chat that is your brother and sister And if you can cannot conduct yourself In that way you can’t hang out here so Don’t be an a-hole Next put all of your questions in caps In all caps that way i can maybe see Them If i see them and i want to answer them Then i will answer them If i don’t see them i won’t answer them

If i see them and i don’t want to answer Them I’m going to not answer it Next rule If you ask the same effing question for Three hours in a row that’s probably not Going to go well for you a little hot I’ve Self-censored the word f three times in The last four minutes and eight seconds Um You know pay attention to the moderators And that’s that was the last thing i was Going to say if a mod somebody with the Blue wrench of which we have one two Three four five six sitting here right Now And Three dozen more out there On the interwebs Um if a mod answers your question Your question has been answered That’s a really good way to piss us off They know as much or more than i do And your question has probably been Answered on one of the last 300 live Streams that we’ve done which is why They were able to give you an answer So Their answer is as good as my answer you Should not live for the validation that Comes from bear saying your name on the Internet and then answering a question Okay

What did i miss nothing right Who needs uh punched in the face white Fox answered a really good question Oh [Laughter] Um They stopped me from being able to get Back to you i don’t know what that means Diane We did not stop anybody who wasn’t Supposed to be stopped that’s a really Good point Uh somebody said what about the georgia Godstones they were big rocks with Horseshit written on them and now it’s Rubble the end Amateur work was still standing uh it Was a low speed explosive Placed improperly um Is it a message yeah it’s a message that Somebody didn’t like the georgia Guidestones Also coincidentally if i had to like if I was a betting man I think there were Eight Maybe ten Four inch mortars left over from the Fourth of july that were all duct taped Together with an m80 and a timed fuse Attached to that thing Right after the fourth of july amateur Work like This was not a coordinated effort this

Was not a coordinated effort yeah There’s not a global cabal that is Acting out destroying the georgia Guidelines So Oh caps what are you drinking i’m Drinking iced coffee because we are on Day 4 75 hard today which means 71 more Days before i drink whiskey um and when That day happens Probably not a good day to live stream I’m bad at gray areas There might be a little over correction In the other direction And what’s super cool is there’s like a Hundred people on patreon that are Playing along in the home game really Yeah they’re also doing 75 hard we Started at 100 yesterday there were 54 People who posted for accountability and Pressure and and that’s okay if 10 of us Finished i’d be like that’s awesome Because the thing is it’s about Discipline right and You start over and do it over again if You need to So high rate of attrition copy that but It’s cool because we’re doing that on Patreon people are posting Every day you know what their goals are What they did you know what their Workouts were their their passion now They’re spent meaningful time with the People that they love so forth and so on

So Yeah Bears beard is nij certified yeah it is It’s uh ncz87 certified as well so for Protective reasons if i need to plop it Up over my eyes That works just fine um It’s also level three plus if i weave it You know if i put it like a Like a rubber band yeah yeah it’s just Just like kevlar interwoven I don’t know i mean you should glitter It Tinsley twitter it out on them she gets Intensely extensions I think uh My thing is like a lot of people ask Questions like man how do you get your Beard like that I don’t cut it and then it looks like This And other than that i think it’s Borderline homosexual to ask too many Questions about a man’s beard [Music] Shall not touch my beard So it’s in there Uh yeah i mean the luxurious bastard Sent me some beard care stuff and it’s Good stuff but I’m like i’m not walking around asking Other dudes like hey bob what do you put In your beard hey don what’s in your Beard oh is that a hint of rosemary i

Detect it’s like no It’s like it’s fish water yeah exactly It’s sweat and i think maybe sour Cream it’s like what’s in mine Like there’s a little there’s something Like that lunch yeah I found a hollow point where i rounded My beer earlier Not exaggerating Super cool yeah and uh when we were on Vacation in tennessee full-blown cheeto In there i was like Full chicken that’s a crunchy cheeto All right So Oh yeah Legit food Somebody said hey bear uh should i store Ammo or food since they both store Indefinitely You need a certain amount of ammo you Need a lot of calories um you need a lot Of calories and if you’re down if you’re Storing ammo to go get calories you’re Doing life wrong in general that’s Murder and theft and all those things Are against the father’s commands They’re against the teachings of messiah Because news flash what he taught was The father’s commands Yeah i know But anyway that that makes you a scumbag If you’re one of those people that’s Going to store ammo and kits so you can

Go get calories Don’t do that because now you’re risking Your life for grandpa’s moldy graham Crackers and that’s horse [ __ ] So um it’s not in either or it’s of both Something if you have a beard you can Put a hollow point in a cheeto Yeah right right there ammo and food Stores right And like a band-aid good to go medical Coverage Tampon for food Yeah if uh if a patch doesn’t stick to Your beard you’re just playing you don’t Actually have a beard If you can’t do this You don’t have a beard you’re just Just playing this live stream brought to You by Dot com that’s advertising i know Somebody call the ceo He’s selling out You’re so commercial I mean we uh we just posted life 49 Today on patreon as well yeah We’ll talk about like 49 tomorrow on the Brink as well It’s like it’s kind of like when people Are like Oh he actually does the things that he Says that he does oh you actually buy a Pile of water yeah there’s 49 people That are actually alive because we Showed up to work

Imagine that like we don’t just say [ __ ] Like this is not like a one big ongoing Marketing and branding scam that we’re Running on youtube like We live our lives and you get to see Some of it a good portion of it and Make decisions from there So In mark 5 1-13 why did you sure agree to Lesions requests not just cast them out Is there a story or lesson behind this What’s up eddie i would need my bible in Front of me to answer that and it’s out On the porch regret Yeah if you would please Do you make your own fertilizer good Method if you can’t get fertilizer if You can’t get fertilizer you live in our Own place because fertilizer comes out The ascent animals So we don’t make it we have animals and They make it for us What do you think about storing whiskey For trade value I do how’s that for an answer yes It’s not the only thing i store really But i thought it Is definite same with tobacco and Other kinds of liquor like It’s dual use as well thank you Go ahead baby talk to the people Okay Tell me to matthew chapter five while my Wife was talking i know

Just do bear stuff on the camera don’t You embarrass me Yeah what’d you do today i went fishing A day and Me and some brothers kicked some ass and It was super fun And It was an awesome day i wanna like Caught a whole like cooler full of fish So pretty stoked But i’m also wiped because i’ve been up Since 4am [Laughter] I’m also exhausted That’s part 5 1-13 somebody said hey do You need heavy equipment for caleb house We do please email Admin admin at It’s a dozer transfer dump tobacco All of that How many biscuits do you want more Babies Um We are not not trying but we’re also not Trying so We’re open to the father’s day it’s Yah’s will yeah it’s ya’s will and so Far it’s been six years since our last One so Right now it’s not his will But we’re open to having more babies So what’s the lesson of the demons the 2000 demons legion in mark chapter 5. Um i’m just a guy i’m not a prophet uh

But there’s some things that stick out To me Uh what did Yeshua what did messiah cast the demons Into A herd of pigs So they’re let’s start with that and why Was there a herd of pigs there How did we get 2 000 pigs in the first Place Because that’s not something you do if You’re keeping the commands Right so there’s there’s more to the Story going on here and then they Immediately right they cry out to him And seeing yeshua from the distance he Ran and bowed down to him and having Called out a loud voice said what have i To do with you yeshua’s son of the most High elohim swear to elohim not to Torture me yeah because every knee shall Bow and every tongue shall confess So Yeah and the people were afraid of him They asked him to leave right Like you need to get out of here because Uh They rejected him because it was easier To just get rid of the son of god than It was to actually do what he told you To do So yeah there’s a lot of lessons in There in fact i’ve read that on camera Before so the mac the mark chapter 5

Video Search bear independent mark 5 you’ll Find it so No hog beat beast meat for me well there You go man Can you speak on the issue of men with Long hair in corinthians Yeah That’s what it says in corinthians Don’t do that Or do it’s up to you Um A woman’s long hair it’s her uh what Does it say it’s her beauty it’s her Glory thank you Right Sounds like you guys have studied that Once or twice Men aren’t supposed to wear women’s Clothes women aren’t supposed to wear Men’s clothes men aren’t supposed to Look like women women are supposed to Look like men You know male and female he created them So there’s a differentiation there it’s Part of what’s like bear why do you have A beard a because it grows out of my Freaking face and then Here it is B i’m not a woman That’s why i don’t have a beard crazy She doesn’t have a beard So Um

Right that’s exactly right yeah i am not In dollar shave club not even a little Bit So take a hedge trimmer at this point So uh good evening rock click Yeah that’s all i’ll say for corinthians I think it’s interesting though how many People want to dive into Pauline doctrine without realizing paul Was a pharisee who kept the torah read The book of acts Um And if you yeah and if you read the Second thessalonians chapter two it’s Absolutely clear crystal clear From the mouth the pen of shovel of Tarsus the apostle paul Yeah the torah is not done away with and The man of lawlessness is the antichrist So Yeah What’s up everybody where else do you Put cheetos And hollow points and patches Um Typically not they’re not all in the Same place at the same time so yeah Another special thing But have you heard anything about russia And alaska yes they’re near to one Another geographically And uh Alaska is to be a land bridge controlled By the united states and russia doesn’t

Like us i heard a woman say she could See right there when it comes to things Like pews and supporting gear do you Believe that you should buy the best you Can afford to just buy budget stuff Thoughts on the matter no i don’t Believe you do those things I think you should get a rifle that you Can afford i think you should buy The best rifle you can afford And then instead of And i’m just going to say this one time Earmuffs kids it’s going to be a whole Earmuffs kids episode because i’m Self-censoring myself too much right now This light has given me an epic headache Um Don’t strap a bunch of useless horseshit To your rifle And turn eugene stoner’s six and a half Pound rifle into an 11 pound rifle Because you want to be a cool guy Because you watched a grand thumb video That’s [ __ ] Okay you need a sling a way to aim the Rifle and a weapons light that’s what You need on your rifle That’s it Beautiful thank you It’s like right Right here Cooking the top of my head So That was that smell now

Yeah that’s that’s what that is The other thing too is like okay well Yeah in a budget rifle your extractor is Only good for 5 000 rounds versus a Military specification rifle 10 to 15 000. Cool an extractor is two dollars get a Spare parts kit Well you’ll you’ll the barrel will lose All its rifling if you shoot enough Rounds through your rifle you need to Swap a barrel out which is a couple Hundred three hundred bucks You shot thirty thousand rounds Thirty thousand rounds through your Rifle now you need another barrel Guys issue thirty thousand rounds Through their rifle don’t ask me Questions about rifles Okay So get a budget rifle if that’s all you Can afford if you can afford a daniel Defense ddmv7 get that Noveske if noveski’s your jam cool get That There’s a lot of really nice rifles out There that i wish i could afford but i Can’t and i don’t care that i can’t Because i have some good rifles They they’re not gucci i mean they’re Covered in krylon but i have some good Rifles that i can run that’s the thing Okay so You’re better off buying a good rifle

And going to some real Training Real training And spending money on ammunition then You are buying a really good rifle That you don’t know how to shoot And do not Do not hang all the Tactical barbie dolls [ __ ] off of your Rifle you need a way to aim it a way to Carry it And [Laughter] What about the chainsaw attachment I want my ar-15 to weigh as much as an Ar-10 Donnie o’keefe just got married on the 24th june in colorado is wondering what Your thoughts on the colorado is a state To live in it’s a beautiful place most Of the people are [ __ ] politically Speaking and their gun laws are Abhorrent to say nothing of the fact That they’re not really in the Sovereignty of the individual anymore Otherwise we’d probably live there too Yeah i mean gorgeous yeah Yep it’s great vacation too yeah it’s a Nice place to visit Agreed I’m not in a position to buy a homestead Or a house yet what’s your opinion on Renting outside of tulsa and working Until i can get by

Homestead of 23 can’t get a mortgage What’s up larry but i feel called to ku Him Yeah so at 23 you should get You are in the prime earning years of Your life okay so let’s start with that Hell yeah you are in the prime earning Years of your life so don’t do dumb [ __ ] Like buy a jacked up f-150 with big Wheels and a bumper winch And go to the bar and try and impress All the girls by buying everybody drinks Nobody cares we all know you’re a douche If you do that like everybody knows You’re you’re not impressing anybody and The girl you bought all the free drinks For just wants the free drinks she’s not Going to go home with you because your Pickup truck like don’t do dumb [ __ ] Like that Okay like don’t run up your credit card Debt don’t get in debt don’t do all that Stuff Um Stack it stack that revenue and right Now and see You got to play the hand you’re dope The fiat currency that you’re earning Right now is going to be worth less when It’s time for you to spend it Probably than right now while you’re Earning it but you need to achieve a Critical mass of fiat currency to be Able to make moves you still have to

Stack it up So Earn And live in a place where you can earn But that is not in the heart of babylon That’s what i would recommend Liv accept the our commute into tulsa Proper to go to work ill gases nine Dollars a gallon i know what’s up Iridium group what’s up snowbird girls At the bar will be silly suitably Impressed because you have a job yeah Are there even girls at the bar anymore Is the bar open i mean kovid and the Economy and twelve dollar gasoline Drinks are eleven bucks and drinks are Eleven bucks yeah i think you kids now Have an app for that or something i Don’t know Yeah do you like how do you roofie a Girl through the app like how does that Work did you take take pictures i don’t I don’t know keep looking at me bro and That’s like naughty You are way closer and bigger than this Than i am So Retired from bars a while ago yeah just Ordered the mini stop and can’t wait to Get it thank you jensen yeah they’re Great it’s awesome My pig learned a new trick i can’t eat Her now yep Couldn’t eat her to begin with

I’m glad you know that though The borrower 20. five dollar fifth can Cost you 300 bucks exactly Pick up girls at target don’t do that Hey lisa i inherited a nine millimeter Rifle what’s your thoughts on it i need More info than that lisa um If it’s a marlin camp model nine Millimeter those are super cool there’s Like the original pistol caliber Carbines super cool Um I have an entire video on pistol caliber Carbines Uh for shtf on patreon Um Yeah thank you tavare7 yes i’m not Condoning the roofing of anybody Unless Unless we’re doing a snatch and grab In which case it wouldn’t be a roofie It’d be a vile ketamine to the neck yeah That’s it Bro No roofing comma met tc Um Nine millimeter rifles well you tell Them about your nine millimeter rifle Oh me yeah no the wall i thought you Were talking now Uh Sub k 2 000 right Now kel tec There you go i don’t know the things i

Just point and click But i love my gun It’s collapsible like it folds on top of Itself it’s very easy to shoot i like The sights on it It’s easy for me to line up Um What else It doesn’t get too hot it’s Lightweight enough for me to like Sustainably hold Uh what else It’s cheap it’s cheap it takes glasses Though so i wouldn’t know Costs less than the glock does oh Takes glock mags You should get two one for like each of The back seats There you go She’s like i’ll do another one so and And so here’s the deal somebody said Nine millimeter rifle bob Uh we had a baby it’s a boy bob we had a Baby it’s a boy that’s a great last name Right there Better off getting karate lessons uh Comma Yeah I don’t love nine i think pistol caliber Carbines are stupid af me personally Because they weigh as much it now Especially in the ar9 platform they Weigh as much as an ar-15 they’re direct Blowback and so you don’t have any less

Recoil and you have an underpowered Round when compared to a Five five six round okay thousand foot Pounds of energy minimum out of 55 grain Five five six Minimum right So Why would i want to do that with 9mm a Lot of guys say well i got it for my Wife because this lighter and it’s Softer shooting no it’s not they weigh The same amount and it’s not a locked Breech it’s a direct blowback so there’s As much or more recoil than the locking Breech on an ar-15 And they’re expensive So I don’t love them for that comma i love The fact that my wife loves hers because I know where hers is and i know that she Can shoot it and she knows where it is And i would rather her have that so that She can shoot bad guys in the face with It if needed than to not have it So sure And All pistol rounds Are underpowered All of them are underpowered Including these Which i get from And this is their 147 grain Jacketed hollow point nine millimeter And i buy these they don’t give these to

Me Nobody needs anybody anybody to pimp Ammo for them right now yeah like good Snot no so i i spend money on these And they work really well on soft Targets Out of a four inch barrel they’re gonna Work even better out of a 16 inch barrel But none of them will work as good as Full metal jacket 55 grain out of a 16 Inch pro That being said the marlin 9 millimeter Camp rifle Cool rifle So i also got a bolt action 12 gauge Yeah those are some older guns lisa i Bet you they are i bet you it’s a marlin You should check it out Hello from hot ass texas ronnie you keep Your hot ass to yourself all right Um We need to buy boots what’s your Recommendation for men’s and women’s Snake resistance i run the rocky brand Snake proof boots And i love them so much i have a pair on The porch right now my son has a pair And i have two more pairs unopened in a Box for when the world ends and i have No prayers because apparently he wants Me to get big advice don’t even start That [ __ ] All the time i’m like you need to you Need to plus up on that

I was just telling you shoes we got to Get more shoes I just can’t do that okay i should say Boots Yeah because i don’t do shoes i have one Pair of shoes and a dozen pairs of boots I don’t do shoes 308 beats 5 5 6 said Danny green it does but can you shoot The damn 308 rifle and also how about We’re gonna go Rehearse actions on the objective 12 Times then we’re going to do a 12-mile Rush into that with a linear danger area Crossing which happens to be a river Right now river iron crossing and now We’re going to get your big ass soaking Wet in the river going across that and By the way all of your ammo sucks Because it’s not military grade now your Epping primers won’t fire and we get There and you and your m14 14-pound Battle rifle that you can’t mount an Optic on gets up on the objective and We’re all lined up and we’re ready to go And you’re a useless sack of [ __ ] with Your 308 and you can’t hit and maybe the Last time you shot it was from the prone Or from the bench where you were able to Get a good group at 100 yards with it But now we’re at 300 yards and the grass Is two foot tall and you can’t lay down Prone and there’s no concrete table for You to sit at Ufta

Met tc Met tlc if you don’t know what met tc is Do the research met tc Okay they it you can’t make generic Statements like that on the internet Three ways better than five five six oh Yeah tell it to the us army Right the marine corps and all the Thousands tens of thousands of little Brown people have been killed with five Five six all over the globe and all of The non-brown people that have killed The 762. yeah check that out yeah Interesting if we’re going to compare Rounds it’d probably be those two versus 308 [Music] There is no better than there’s what Matters What works i don’t if you have honestly You have a 308 battle rifle or a 308 Whatever 308 sniper rifle 308 uh ar10 um You know set up with a one day i don’t Care i don’t care what it is that’s Exactly right brandon sweeney brandon Knows he was at north dakota with us Your 308 battle rifle of choice And my 556 battle rifle of choice and We’re sitting 300 yards out shooting at Each other i don’t care how powerful Your round is if you can’t hit me And you shouldn’t care how underpowered Air quote my round is as i’m shooting You in the face with it repeatedly over

And over and over again i can handle 308 All day awesome danny green’s gonna Start a channel Uh where he’s loaded down with 10 20 Round 308 magazines and a minimum of a Gallon of water and a med kit and a Pistol and a couple of reloads and a Compass and a knife and a fire kit and a Mess kit and three days worth of rations And some fresh socks and a poncho and a Poncho liner And he’s going to go on a 20-mile foot Movement and then he’s going to engage Targets from 100 meters to 500 meters They’re all gonna be hits Danny green uh you email that video to When you do that and i’ll be sure to Leave a comment on it all right it was On oh i thought you sneezed What’s up palmetto Just started talks on a place in Northeastern oklahoma less than three Miles from brotherhood send up that Email for me to help it happen roger That brother got you Yeah don’t get me wrong i have 308 Rifles Several i like them But i’m not emotionally attached to them My Told y’all it’s going to be one of those Nights My reproductive organ is going to be the

Same size regardless of what rifle i’m Carrying okay Everybody tracking So compensation right The best weapon is the loaded one in Your hand when you need it nunchucks are Better than throwing stars Somebody’s uh getting on my level here Sicko mcnasty I don’t guys how about the 50 cal 128 Pounds on a tripod my dudes let’s just Carry a 50 cal It’s got a better effective range higher Ballistic coefficient there we go better Sectional density it’s killed lots and Lots of lots of people it’s military Grade okay Let’s get an antique I don’t know about y’all but i think i Can get through it with my 22 rifle oh Perfect where we are that makes a lot of Sense [Laughter] You could hit with it all day long all Day all day every day From now on My daily driver is an a10 So 30 millimeter depleted uranium rounds so No biggie right The whole thing is is it’s just a dick Measuring contest I don’t care what you use as long as you Can hit with it thank you castrol

I don’t care what you use as long as you Can hit with it Ask your wife Does she care what you use as long as You can hit with it Right Yeah yep Just finished another p80 what’s up i Simply for guns What’s your technique for keeping grub Worms out of your potato garden joke’s On you we didn’t plant one no potato Grubs to worry about Angela purvis I saw that name in there Right there my daughter’s boyfriend has Been an avid bowhunter his whole life Excited to learn something new i know Zero about Don’t stick the pointy thing in you our Tree’s fine yeah Our tree’s a lot of fun What’s up andrew barnes it’s like more Of a challenge It does What other questions you got Hello heather 300 win mag is better [Laughter] Yeah i saw that My wife’s getting tired of me hitting is That what he’s got 96 kids is a lot that Is a lot you wouldn’t know anything About that right

Dan oh Feed the flock shepherd i have 80 total Feed the flock all glory to him Melchizedek yeshua messiah the Foundation the lamb his blood thank you Dana appreciate that very much Thank you Bob what What’s up Reading How do you feel about 5728 for home Defense versus nine millimeter i I think five seven by twenty eight is Highly overrated because you as a Civilian can’t buy the good rounds that Make that round effective does that look Like this for me so that familiar You basically 22 magnum five the Civilian ammunition you can get from Five seven by 28 is basically 22 magnum So i would nine millimeter cost less And frankly has if we’re going with Context here of killing bad guys has Killed a lot more bad guys than five Seven by 28. So Hey man If Asking is receiving i’ll take an m61 Vulcan for my premier defense i like That that’s a good idea Can we get more pal live streams you Just hang in there buddy That’s right glock 16 shalom

All right We could do your brief over like with a Slow-mo of like a plant growing or like Sped up Like a speaker grief I’d watch that i would Talk straight for two weeks hold on Hendrickson homestead my tqs are not Approved apparently recon medical should I throw them away Or okay as secondaries all right so we Gotta have a conversation here No tourniquets are approved okay Tourniquets are recommended we know Where this is going yes Hold on let me adjust this that’s my Wife Myself She doesn’t want to hear the drama So this this is important to understand No tourniquets are approved They’re only recommended the committee On tactical combat casualty care makes Recommendations they do not approve Okay so there’s approved tourniquets and Unapproved tourniquets We use in our kits Approved Kotzee committee on triple c certified Tourniquets That being said i personally own A metric f ton of recon tourniquets the Reason you can’t get recon medical Tourniquets anymore well i have to be

Careful how much i can say on camera But I don’t know if you’ve noticed Turn your ears on and listen for Metaphors now okay all right bear The reason you can’t get them is very Similar to the reason why Right now you see a lot of gen 3 glock Clones on the market like the psa dagger And the stoger m9 or whatever horse [ __ ] They named it okay Why did that happen Because about 22 years ago The patents on the gen 3 glocks expired Well the two years ago the 20-year Patent expired So when the patent was up people started Making Gen 3 glocks Glock’s not super happy about that Because for every palmetto dagger Somebody buys it’s a glock that glock Doesn’t get to sell And so glock will point to their history Of service and their track record and Their quality and their quality control Tracking is everybody tracking here Okay So Recon medical tourniquets here’s one From bob One of his Bob’s director of operations at our Company

We sell cats yeah we can get cat Tourniquets whether anybody else in the World can or not And this is what you’re carrying around Yep this also went through uh the Essential responder class in waco with You And you see right there it says recon on It Right there These things work There and i’m on record as saying even Before i owned a medical company They’re the only tourniquet other than The cat Of this style The legitimate gen 7 cat tourniquet that I would recommend Now since then Soft special operations force tourniquet The soft t Has they made it way better and it is Also committee on t triple c recommended But these things work this is a recon The issue With these so that everybody’s tracking The real issue with these Is that right here where this velcro is To secure the time tab The adhesive That holds this velcro to this plastic Isn’t great it’s not terrible but it Isn’t great So this is a recon tourniquet it says

Recon on the back plate right there Like so And they work the problem is this Company due to How shall i say this unforeseen market Forces [Laughter] No longer exists That is hilarious So That sucks [ __ ] for people like us Because [Applause] These Gen seven cat tourniquet Are becoming Prohibitive to source Now This is yeah The the recon is extinct This one’s almost extinct because of Supply chain issues yep This is the best tourniquet there is for Selfie Period the end bar none the gen 7 cat Tourniquet It doesn’t it doesn’t matter what kind Of uh toilet paper you like if there’s None in the store to buy yeah Doesn’t matter how much the toilet paper Costs if there’s none in the store to Buy Yeah if you save a life you should be Like can you not cut that yeah like i’m

Gonna Wash it with bleach and give it back to Me please yeah seriously but But for real like It’s it’s part of why i tell you all When i when i tell you and i always tell The patrons first you know we do stock Alerts on stuff on patreon not because I’m trying to sham wow people into Buying first aid kits but because they Paid their five dollars a month they Should have first dibs when stuff comes Back in stock Right so i always tell the patrons first When stuff comes back in stock Um He just gave us a super chat is he out Of line now He used the f word like three times in That oh no f words bro yeah no f words Um So If i tell you guys something’s in stock Go get it That’s it What do we use if they are gone well you Get them now before they’re gone and Then you understand how to take a Triangle bandage and a stick and Turn it into a tourniquet and see that Was back in the day Operators legit operators were issued Two cravats two triangle bandages And the teaching was i mean i’m talking

Like the beginning of the g watt the Global war on terror Two cravats hey bad [ __ ] happens Wrap this around the Tie it around the wound once with an Overhand knot find a stick double knot It And then turn the stick I don’t know if you’ve been To the middle east Not always a bunch of sticks laying Around Kind of a problem Where are we going to get a stick from You know like it’s a [ __ ] desert There’s no trees for the stick so that’s Why Windless tourniquets have the stick Built in What a concept This is basically just a take on the old Cravat trick So if you Plan it to have a small stick with you And a couple of triangle bandages Can you make a windlass tourniquet yes You can The thing is Um You can’t make a winless tourniquet out Of a kravatna stick nearly as fast as You can apply a cat tourniquet And That’s on somebody else where you’re

Rendering it onto somebody else doing it On yourself forget it Proper rule number one don’t be in a Desert yeah that’s a good word that Actually is i don’t know why everybody’s Talking about killing bears with 10 Millimeter this bear doesn’t take very Kindly to that So don’t do that he doesn’t do that And a makeshift is actually going to Stay on until you get second care help Yeah It’s not there’s a reason these things Exist One of our lives My mother-in-law is texting my wife Wanting to know why we’re not on the Porch because it’s 102 degrees outside That’s why So [Music] So there are ways i mean wilderness Medicine is a thing like if all we have Is a t-shirt yeah i can slow and or stop The blood From pretty much any injury that i could Use a tourniquet or a pressure bandage On with a t-shirt It’s not nearly as effective as having Pressure bandages wound packing gauze And tourniquets uh also i want to keep My we all want me to keep my shirt on Okay So

What other questions we got So i know there’s a lot of other Tourniquets That are still You know Quote unquote recommended by the Committee on triple c And They work You have to train with them we’ve tested A lot of them Oh yeah we tested [ __ ] you This week sat and pulled on one for i Think 40 minutes yeah during the Executive meeting Um what was that one called that is a Tmt tmt yeah that’s what i thought which We gave to one of our medics and he Broke in 12 seconds yep And then um and then during the Executive meeting i basically took it And was just stretching it Constantly the whole time taking the Buckle apart and What i don’t like about that one was i Got it on tight the first time i put it On and i still had a pulse yep so the Radial pulse was like I don’t know and so and that’s we put on Tourniquets all the time and so If you don’t put a tourniquet on all the Time You’re probably not going to do it right With that tourniquet because it i had it

Freaking tight i don’t think there’s a Tourniquet on the market that everyone On our team couldn’t put on I agree with that yeah like Realistically like you couldn’t even if They hadn’t seen it they understand the Idea of tourniquets so well that they Could be like okay and tighten and There’s going to be some way to actually Tighten and cut off blood flow yep But you should train i don’t think it’s The lizard men grey mouse that the dutch Farmers are fighting i don’t know if They’re actually lizards They may not look like this i mean maybe How many bibles in your community Survival kit well we mentioned we buy Things by the palette Yeah it depends where we’re at yep I have enough bibles for everybody in Camp at my house right now i think i am The same that’s not an exaggeration Yeah yeah Let’s say you put us all together and It’s a palette and it’s easy a palette Of unread ones it’s a palette of red Yeah not including the ones still in Celery Yeah and you’re gonna probably get close To almost every translation obviously That would be a shabbat everybody bring All your translations i well we’d blow The tires out of our trucks How much training do you need before

Taking the first responder course so It’s responder one and no no training That’s up to you You don’t need any prerequisites to come Take responder one Drink of choice tonight is iced coffee Dudley has 10 bibles in this van Uh I believe it Let’s see there are some other questions I saw here more water pallet talks Please you got it tomorrow’s friday We’ll do a bridge tomorrow morning you Guys can look at the palette of water Again How do you transition that’s what i was Talking about md i was just getting There Um you live your damn life and you tell Them the truth that’s how you do it and They’re like how come we’re doing it This thing this way when western because We didn’t know and we were wrong and now We’re going to do our best to be right The end what a testimony for the kids Yeah Like if mom and dad can be wrong Like and then can admit that they’re and Get their poop in a group and get their Poop in a group like what You’ll be teaching your children so much About turning towards what is right Regardless of what you’ve done and Repenting

Right like what a lesson on repentance That could be to show your children like Hey we mess up like repent let’s do the Right things and let’s Let’s chase after him you know and we Talked about this at the end of last Live stream If you train your kids up and the way They shall go they will never know the Trauma of living in babylon And never know the complete burden Of just Covering yourself in that sin um which Is a huge thing a lot of you have to Unlearn a lot of things You might not have to do that to your Kid that’s a huge deal agreed Love from the uk what’s up eric i’m all About the truth thank you diane us too And that’s the thing Not no one has a monopoly on the truth Except yeshua and he has not come back Yet Um so when he does I feel like there’s going to be like A sit rep Like all right boys here’s what’s up You know you got a plus for zeal Uh d-minus for execution Love you anyway So for proof and instructions yeah Somebody had a good question about the Store what is the average turnaround i’m Supplying when we show kids out of stock

That’s so that sounds like something you Should answer well no All right not my job anymore department Hold on What was the question what’s the average Turnaround time on resupplying kits when They’re out of stock um it fluctuates Based on supply chain but usually every Week to other week uh every other week We’ll get kids back in stock fairfax are On probably like a two and a half three Week rotation right now which is our Main kit Um a lot so here’s the thing We did this thing where we were able to Position ourselves as a company in a Mindset of strength Versus a mindset of servitude um We have really good relationships and we Have a big inventory so a lot of times We’re waiting on bags because we have Handmade hand-sewn bags that are not Sewn by chinese slaves but are Shown by a coat of slaves Cody slaves um And like that’s a reality so it’s It’s not that we don’t have tourniquets And so we need a really good bag to put The tourniquets in because we don’t want Your [ __ ] to fall apart somebody did say That earlier they said that another Channel said that they can’t sell kits Right now because they don’t have Tourniquets because there’s none left on

The market it was like because we bought Them all yeah because yeah we bought Them all and like we’re like oh man There’s not a lot of cats left on the Market better now find whatever our next Pivot is um and already have those Relationships established because Accidents aren’t going to stop happening People aren’t going to stop getting hurt And lives aren’t going to stop needing Saved by these tools and so we’re We’re not buying for q3 which we just Started we’re buying for q4 right which Is a very different mindset than a lot Of companies have so praise y’all were Able to be in that um but these just Went in Gosh what was it two days ago yep the Arks Yesterday morning the only yeah Yesterday morning we announced that we Had this and this is the only red that’s Like left right now on earth and it’s His It’s not yours But the reality is is like these things Fly like we had i think 40 or 50 of These yesterday morning And they’re gone So if you’re thinking hmm maybe i should Buy one of those like there’s an email Button on there Hit it and then when it emails you take 30 seconds and pivot

Buy what you need to buy because the Market is depleting like you should feel Pressure this doesn’t mean pressure Selling you but it’s the whole supply Chain if everything was fine i wouldn’t Be saying this it’d be like buy it when You can bro um but It might not be when you can well we’re We’re doing the same thing on our end Like oh yeah oh you have a pallet of Cats i want it now right where do i Where do i where does the duffel bag of Cash go i want it now yeah i’m calling Not like a guy who sells chest seals i’m Calling the guy who makes the chest Seals and i’m like where are the pallet Of chest seals at yeah he’s like they’re On a ship i’m like that won’t work they Need to be on a truck in my front Parking lot And he’s like i’m sorry bob No rick’s a great dude So you should point out that the red is Out of stock but all the other colors Are in stock on yeah so you’ve got your Ranger you’ve got coyote you’ve got Black and then you’ve got od and you got Multicam that are in stock right now um And This is a super rad kit like this is Going to cover All your drama that thing rocks should i Should i do the thing since last time They had to look at a palette of water

Yeah they had well i think it played Into their imagination I told somebody to visualize i was like Just just imagine And not that Gay ass beatles song All right Why do you wait until you why don’t you Wait until you have 100 units to sell Rather than 40 or 50 at a time we’re Talking about 40 or 50 in each color Yeah I said besides that what difference Would it make if i had 100 they’re still Going to sell 99 of them i’m like no can’t put it on We can’t open it up to the market Where’s short one what’s the lead time On that one it’s gonna be five weeks Okay i guess i’ll tie up all of this Money on this inventory during a huge Time of scarcity to all the dollars Being devalued to wait five weeks to get One kit so that we can then no that’s Not how when something hits the door Like receiving is like hey the sam Splints came in britney is putting it in The computer and you guys are getting Emailed before the box is open yeah so Like it’s insane The tools that you’re wanting to delay So that you have a better chance of Buying due to your inadequacy to be able To buy something

Could potentially cause someone to lose Their life This isn’t a sharpie This isn’t a freaking doll This is a tool that’s going to be used To save somebody’s life and i’m not We’re not going to delay something Because you’re not great at buying stuff Online So that someone could potentially die That’s just the reality of that Situation right i put i put them in at One like oh we have one available we’ve Done that Like right now We did it today You know That one person you got a hundred people Got that email Uh somebody said uh does bob ever ask The suppliers do you know who you’re Dealing with what’s up tommy no They know Shalom shalom rex Hey So listen word It’s a noodle thing right it’s like Adjust your Your perspective because we’re not a Giant massive company but we’re not a Little company anymore either and so We’re known Like especially on the supply side People like oh you all are with refuge

Yeah with refuge somebody asked earlier Hey what are your margins on your kits First of all business 101 none of your f In business But second of all Not very high Not very high By the time 20 Zero twenty families Have eaten off of this kit Twenty Uh there’s not a whole lot left And i’ve said it before and i mean it i Think we’ve already established that in This livestream if i said i mean it i Don’t get a salary from this company Okay I don’t get a salary from this company Let’s get a couple witnesses here you See the payroll each week do i draw a Salary from refuge so i no not not You may think like because he’s the ceo Of refuge medical that he’s getting like 50 grand a month and like that is a joke Like that that’s like a running joke When you offered me the position i said What do you want for refuge medical you Said and i quote i’d really love to get Paid And i was like damn that [ __ ] checks out Um so yeah no as the dude who literally Looks at the payroll that’s not a thing Yeah

So And also We and everybody else in the world has Gone from Just in time inventory to just in case Inventory We have What we have an inventory Is what probably a lot of smaller Medical first aid kit companies Our current inventory valuation is Probably probably exceeds the yearly Sales Of a lot of smaller costs 100 percent um And that’s and we turn that inventory Over every seven to ten days yep uh Because y’all’s badass and and we just Do our best to uh To serve him to the best of our ability So and As a result there’s 49 people still Alive because we showed up today So Super cool This is the ark you guys know where to Get it uh there’s the red’s not in stock But everything else is in stock Uh when are there more classes in Georgia there’s a website for that And this is the bck or the bleeding Control kit and this one was riding Around on a four wheeler But it was vacuum sealed now it’s not

But i just want to show you what’s in it Real quick We have a handful of these left for 57 Doll hairs And it starts with a gen seven cat Tourniquet A six inch north american rescue Emergency trauma dressing a lot of People were like yeah those are good Kids but they should really have israeli Bandages in them You don’t know This is like Remember when dad had the um the radio Phone in the car before cell phones The radio remember the radio phone And then like the first flip phone came Out like the israeli wound dressing is The radio phone And these are the new iphone 13 okay Same concept Same thing pressure advantage A set of shears are in here as well Two pairs of gloves because what’s the Rule bearing nation if it’s wet and not Yours don’t touch it okay No i’m talking about before the brick Jimmy carr but that’s a good word right There You got a sharpie The primary reason we have the sharpie There’s there’s two one is to write the Time on the tourniquet although we don’t Necessarily need

To write the time on the tourniquet but It’s a good tour at the time of the turn In a kit the primary reason we have the Tourniquet is for when If we apply The space blanket to the casualty for The h in march again which is Hypothermia Protect the sharpie and we put a t On their forehead because now they’re Covered up And During Running through our march algorithm when We get back to circulation where we have An onus to recheck the casualty if People don’t know that there’s a Tourniquet on there that tourniquet Could be loosening or come off Completely and the casualty could bleed Out and die because we didn’t recheck The tourniquet so we put a t on their Forehead with the sharpie so that we Know hey there’s a tourniquet on this Person even though they’re covered up With the burrito blanket and you get two Packages of wound packing gauze and it’s 57 And they’ll be gone in an hour now since I just told you that so if you want one Like i would literally go get it right Now There was 42 in stock yeah there were Several hundred yesterday yeah yeah

We’ve got 200 and yesterday there was 42 When i left and they’ll be gone By the end of this live stream Promise you so and that’s like We don’t make this [ __ ] up um and we’ve All we’re all blessed in that we’ve all Done A lot of businessing In other industries And now we get to bring that business Acumen to this in a way that literally Saves people’s lives While doing our best to serve the father And create a good living witness And running a righteous company so There you go there’s your shamwow Portion of the show Already ordered on today thank you cb I bought three of them kevin milton Appreciate that Turning point check out Ordering now this will be my fourth kit What’s up jason in virginia what’s going On three have just sold in the past Minute and a half realistically Is this the rambo wannabe channel i Don’t know your name is donut [ __ ] Oh now i’m thinking about apple fries [Laughter] [Music] This this ogre is like an onion bro There are layers Yeah The text that flows

I was like why is there a trunk he’s Like that’s a chest [Laughter] Bro there you go nick right i like that Good morning from australia awesome good Morning Oh man This is the ram grill channel it is James i answered your question at the Okay What do i need for the responder a Notebook and a pen yup Um we give you the training uh Kit when you come to class and you keep It at yours you take it home with you And I’ll tell you this If you do the essential responder which Is responder one responder two responder Three over the course of three of two Days Um your kit it’ll still be serviceable Your tourniquet will still work but you Will have destroyed everything else in That kit thanks but you will know how to Use an epping kit when bad stuff happens Isn’t that right sweetheart so right Yep save lives so that james reyes guy i Think has asked three times during this Live stream The same question so he just got banned Pretty straight yeah go back and watch The beginning yeah How many tq’s is enough vehicle kits and

All person so that’s a great question That doesn’t have a perfect answer uh Other than to say it depends met tc What are you doing So here’s the deal i’ll tell you what i Do and then you can maybe scale up or Scale down from there i probably Wouldn’t suggest skilling up from where I’m at but maybe meet it or scale down From there okay So on my person i have a minimum Of One winless tourniquet on me At a minimum always right So It’s either a soft tee tourniquet in the Back pocket or a cat tourniquet in the Cammy pocket of my pants If i’m wearing my camis which means i Have the potential to do some hood rat [ __ ] i have a pocket kit In uh my left pocket and two cats in my Right pocket because you don’t get to Wear the medic pouch if you don’t have Enough [ __ ] to take care of yourself let Alone anybody else okay So i carry that And if we’re doing hood rat stuff i have A kit on my war belt and i have a kit on My plate carrier and i have a kit in my Pocket and then i also have my brain And my hands which believe it or not Your brain and your hands Followed closely by your mouth with the

Three most important things you can use When rendering it okay everything else Is like tools in a tool kit that’s all It is but you can buy every Bad ass nypex and Klein tools electrical tool and the best Set of bags to hang them on and it the First time you open that panel you don’t Know what you’re looking at you’re going To get yourself killed all right so It’s your brain and your hands and your Mouth is where it starts because other Than that you’re just carrying dead Weight Um So But generally speaking if i’m wearing Blue jeans and my nice boots go down i Have a soft tee in my back pocket a gun On my hip and at least one reload okay In my truck on my sun visors i have an Orange tourniquet on either visor Two reasons for that learned that from a Law enforcement brother of ours The first reason is if i need that Tourniquet And i’m outside the vehicle And there’s a standard buy i can say go To my truck and get the orange thing off Of the visor Not the cat gen 7 windlass tourniquet They don’t know what that is they don’t Know But i say go get the orange thing off

The visor they can get that okay The next is if i need it for myself In a wreck It’s above The dashboard height A lot of times in car wrecks if there’s An intrusion of the vehicle where the Firewall and engine compartment gets Pushed in or the side panel the door Gets pushed in That’s at or below The dash level of the vehicle and so if Your first aid kits are mounted lower Than that you may not be able to access Them and so by having tourniquets above That whether it’s on the back of your Headrest of your vehicle like this thing The arc you know comes with the straps On the back of it to mount it to your Headrest Or the sob kit bear facts people mount The bare minimums to the oh [ __ ] handles Inside their trucks like However whatever right Um and then orange tourniquets on the Visors if it’s above the dashboard level If you’re in a bad wreck your medical Gear is still where you can get at it And it’s not Impinged below you And then i have depending on where i’m Going what i’m doing i have a I would call it a comprehensive booboo Kit it’s the size of it it’s a kit that

I built a comprehensive booboo kit it’s The size of an adventure bag that’s Basically gauze tape gloves disinfecting Otc mints I have a level 2 emt bag in the front of The vehicle and then i have either a Mini stomp or a full-blown stomp if we Go on deployments i take a stomp bag Driving around doing what we usually do I’ve got a mini stomp with me And the mini stomp is half of a hospital On your back the stomp bag is a hospital On your back So that’s what i carry And i own a medical kit company If you’re carrying more than that you Are super cool Um but probably not necessary but i Would say at a minimum in a vehicle you Need a purpose-built kit in the vehicle And a couple of extra tourniquets and Then on your person at least one And if you’re doing um Combat simulated combat Militia type stuff um training in the Woods whatever that is you need a Primary and a secondary tourniquet i Tell people all the time if you’re using Our kits for a military type application You need a standalone tourniquet that You can get to with either hand i Usually run one right here on the strap Of my plate carrier or my chest rig Because i can get to it with either hand

It’s right here Because you may not have A hand Several of the lies have been saved from Refuge medical the person was missing This hand in fact um Three Of the most recent ones they’re missing One or both hands So you need to be able to get to it with Either hand and so if you’re doing Combat type stuff you need one mounted a Lot of guys will run just straight Center line on their plate carrier right Here where you can get to it doesn’t Matter just either hand And then one A secondary turn to get inside of your Kit like the bare fact has it inside of The kit You ever worry about making yourself a Target carrying all that expensive gear I would say bring it [ __ ] Target because You’re you it’s impossible for me to not Be a target yeah i just I just I mean I i scream you gotta be dumb to even Think about it yeah Um skin that smoke wagon right let’s go And also and it’s not out of paranoia It’s just the way that we roll we very

Rarely go places by ourselves Like Very rarely yeshua told us to go out too Much Everywhere amen That’s the thing Yeah take backup especially Walmart and people are like who are you People why you all matter That was not planned We just don’t buy the same pants and T-shirts The same three companies why do they Wanna wear a bar pad [Laughter] But as far as am i worried about making A target out of myself No and here’s the thing at some point Y’all’s gonna say hey it’s time for you To come home Okay cool Roger that i don’t get to pick that day I’m also not inviting that day But When that day comes that day comes i Fear nothing but yeah Not worried about it Um and if somebody Wants to Wants to be that dumb Cool How did you get your company off the Ground great question kevin I said you know back and forth and all

This oh no i got momma names Me no my mom and my sister oh why are They puffy no i tried to say purdy but It autocorrected to puffy and then i Almost peed myself because i was Laughing so hard And Yeah well she’s doing her own thing over There yeah Party’s not really a word it is okay From the sound tell it to the iphone Um She just did so And the outro Fair enough Um how do i get the company off the Ground two and a half years ago i Maybe three now i started Building ifax out for myself because all The artifacts were on on the market i Was unhappy with Individual first aid kit being ifx For a military context And um Or as i affectionately like to call it Hood rat [ __ ] And gorilla type warfare okay Um Hood rat [ __ ] they’re we’re not good Kids out there So I had an idea of what i wanted i Contacted cody at sojourn gear and i Said i would like to pay you to make

These bags for me So that i can set them up the way that i Want them and he was like okay well That’s going to cost money to prototype And this and that i was like i totally Understand and i know it’s custom work And Just give me a number and so he gave me A number And he made me Six Six of the original barefact gen zeros And I started showing them to some people Hey i made a kit and they’re like that’s A badass kick how do i get one and i was Like You can’t They’re like that’s [ __ ] we want These and i was like oh Hey cody can you make more I think the first run we did was what 50 Yeah 50 bear facts The gen 1 barefact was 50. and that was Released on patreon And Brother don has one of those Uh First life was ever saved with a refuge Medical kit Was A gen one Fairfax what are you doing over there

Get in the comments these louise will You plug that thing up here give me this She always says So anyway uh but all this to say so i Came out of pocket my money like no bank Loan no investors No nothing um To prototype the first pair of fact and Then i sent some To an army ranger a green beret and an Air force pj And the pjs specifically were like these Things are badass how do we get more of These It’s like oh i think we’re onto Something here and there were some Tweaks that were made in the whole nine Um Like something i hadn’t thought about my Context was getting the inner pouch out Of the outer pouch when it’s wet I don’t tend to get absolutely soft and Wet all day every day well they jump out Of helicopters into the ocean so they Get wet and so they had some Recommendations on like change this Um Do this do that And So we did gen 1 gen 2 gen 3 we’re on the Gen 3 bear fact now And We just kept growing it and growing it And adding new products and the thing is

As the company grows your ability to Manage it uh dwindles right so you got To add somebody and then add another Person another person you don’t start a Company and hire 20 people overnight and Go take out a million dollar loan from The bank and then pray that you make it It’s called bootstrapping we don’t own a Dime owe a dime to Anyone no wonder We have zero debt in our business and Our personal lives we have zero debt Um What is going on with dano He just gave us the super chat now he’s Getting timed out what’s happening No Dude there’s a lot of comments Did israel ever use full moon to count As a new moon yeah israel did a lot of Things they weren’t supposed to do Um Bear do you build or assemble pews not Something you’ve spoken on much I have an armorer’s wrench Uh i got my first gen from nwa prepper Exactly Yeah because it was there was no refuge Medical there was no bear independence Or bear independent yeah yeah They didn’t exist so we started with uh So Rhetorical question could you be friends

With an atheist yeah i’ve been friends With atheists one of my best friends From my former life is an about atheist We’re friends You don’t get to sit at my dining room Table though So define friend because there’s lines Um you also don’t get to hang around my Kids So but if you want to go have a beer or Something watch a ball game at the Chili’s sure And i can respect you and your life Decisions but i also have an obligation To My creator and to my family to not let Your unrighteousness affect their Righteousness And frankly i think you’re [ __ ] blind If you don’t believe in god But hey you do you boo Because he’s everywhere Uh Old jewish proverb king goes to an Eight-year-old boy at a yeshiva a Tourist school And he says i will give you a gold coin If you can tell me where your god is And the young boy replies i will give You two gold coins if you can tell me Where he is not So shalom overall living there’s my Brother right there That’s the difference between a brother

And a friend you jump bullets for Brothers friends you might catch a beer With occasionally at the chili’s Heck yeah so Little group said what do you do when Your chickens get old and stop laying Whether it was chickens good to eat at That age so they’re good to pressure Pressure cooked thank you for bringing This back around i appreciate you I just yelled that upward of the Internet it’s been a long day i’ve been Quiet so Time for me to speak proposed george She’s good to go great Um So yeah they they are going to be Tougher because they are older but Typically if you pressure can pressure Cook that meat And put it in like a stew casserole Not as noticeable the chewiness of it But that’s why some are called stew Chickens farm chickens tend to be Chewier anyways because they get a lot More exercise than Your Cornish cross Nasty Half dead looking chicken Tyson uses they also Taste like chicken Yeah they actually taste like chicken Instead of you needing herbs and spices

To make it taste like something yeah Because people are like yeah chicken Tastes like however your flavor it does When you get it from the store and Listen we’re we’re egregious offenders Of that as well It’s easier to go to walmart and trade Trade imaginary money for chicken for Imaginary chicken right That’s easy But when you eat You know roosters and hens that come off Of your property They actually taste like something like Chicken does have a flavor it’s not just A blank canvas yeah swedish cross are an Abomination like we raised them one time Never again and Seeing the growth and [Music] Uh it was just it was heartbreaking and There’s like literally nothing you can Do because it’s been spread genetically Into them but i told him like we’re no We’re never gonna Do these like i don’t even wanna eat Them Um And that’s part of the disconnect of People that Don’t understand where their food comes From And They’re if they saw the conditions and

Those birds chances are they would not Want to pick up that family pack of Chicken breasts hey i got a machine gun A couple answers real quick So first of all Is it bad to raise and sell unclean Animals as long as you don’t consume Them yes you should not perpetuate sin For other people and also Touch not the unclean thing So yeah Why we just saw that in mark chapter Five earlier why was there a herd of two Thousand pigs to cast demons into in the First place Um now come on like if you’re gonna Raise rabbits to feed your dogs Okay you’re gonna raise a hog to feed Your dog okay but if you’re gonna sell It to other people as food knowing that You know that it’s not food Nah no i don’t like that Um mitch hamill said I bought an eight pack of tourniquets on Amazon for 55 bucks they seem to work Should i trust these absolutely not Can you take the windlass and break it So I regularly um Break fake chinese tourniquets it’s a Passion So here’s what you need to know This is a genuine cat tourniquet from North american rescue

I’m going to show you how you know that Here in a moment The retail on these is a minimum of Thirty dollars Okay they come from one place there is One manufacturer and one supplier world Wide Okay So you’re not you can’t get eight for Fifty five dollars That doesn’t happen not a genuine one So three ways to tell this is a genuine Cat tourniquet the first is right here On the buckle It says cat I guarantee you on yours it doesn’t say Cat okay Then next it also says it on the Windlass right there Cat It also is printed on the back of the Tourniquet Right there with the nsn number the Actual nsn number not the fake chinese Nsn number and then it’s also on the Back plate right here Stamped into the back plate Right there Okay That’s a genuine cat tourniquet Um On a fake tourniquet The place that they tend to break is Right here on the windlass when you

Tighten it down also worth pointing out The inner band the constricting band on A cat this part right here this is Kevlar not nylon It’s kevlar okay Um It won’t break On a fake one it’s nylon and they will Break So Yeah they’re garbage you need to throw Them in the trash because When you try to use that because you Got Eight tourniquets for the price of two Actual tourniquets Um and they break The person that whose life you’re trying To save Is now probably gonna die Like i don’t I don’t understand why people cheap out On life-saving gear This has been used 19 000 times in the Global war on tour That’s why it’s on gen 7 now okay Because they started at gen 1 and they Continuously made improvements to get it To this point now Um don’t buy cheap [ __ ] that’s designed To save your life Okay What’s up you all good over there oh Yeah yeah many of us know how to donate

To kayla house Admin admin or visit And there’s an online giving portal For donating to Caleb Time is 8 30. They’re independent we are stoked for The microresponder course on tuesday hey What’s up autumn’s armory Hey kiddo i hope you had your earmuffs On barry’s been saying all the bad words On this show tonight Your dad and your mom are going to be Mad at me they’d be like forget that Collab we’re doing he’s yelling At the camera her mom works Yeah Triple g farms just need to know what Vehicle medical kit you recommend for Coming up in a traffic accident thank You sir thank you for the super chat uh The adventure kit or the crash or the Smash kits is what i would recommend but At a minimum a barefact would be really Good Bear facts have saved a lot of lives in Motor vehicle accidents So but the crash and the smash are Designed specifically for vehicles They were prototyped and developed by a Baja racing team in southern california

And if it’s good enough going a thousand Miles over land at up to 140 000 i’m Sorry 140 miles per hour It’s probably good enough for the Minivan So or the jeep or like the weekend rock Crawling truck or whatever right So Bear owns more than one business yeah he Does somebody said if you don’t take a Salary how do you make money and i said He knows more than one business Besides that none yet Like If i want to dance tuesday night at the Cockpit second stage i’ll do that Love your butt The red thong on the farm and helmet Beckons it’s only farms now it’s only Forms We just showed pictures and videos of Farmers Oh my gosh Kerry berry but didn’t jesus lift the Covenant so foods were open wouldn’t That include pigs no he did not do that Acts chapter 10 is about people It’s not about food and matthew chapter 15 is about the ritual washing of hands Not about food So and it’s on i feel like that was an Honest question carrie berry so Uh there’s i see super chats and all of That but i also have a bible right here

And God doesn’t care about your super chats So Okay that’s awesome then we’re gonna get We’re gonna get there but first Matthew chapter 15 Matthew chapter 15. Then there came to yeshua who you all Called jesus but he’s not the son of Zeus he’s the son of elohim then there Came to yeshua scribes and pharisees From jerusalem saying why do your taught Ones transgress the tradition of the Elders for they do not wash their hands When they eat bread Hey yeshua answering them said to them Why do you also transgress the commands Of elohim because of your tradition That’s what happened verbally Yeshua did that to them for elohim has Commanded saying respect your father and Your mother and he who curses father Mother let him be put to death But you say whoever says to his father Mother whatever prophet you might have Received from me has been dedicated is Certainly released from respecting his Father or mother so you have nullified The commands of elohim by your Traditions Hypocrites Isaiah rightly prophesied about you Saying this people’s draws near to me With their mouth and respect me with

Their lips but their heart is far from Me but in vain they do worship me Teaching as teachings the commands of Men And then it goes on from there Where in Verse 17 where everybody takes this out Of context verse 17 Do you not understand that whatever Enters into the mouth goes into the Stomach and is cast out into the sewer But what comes out of the mouth comes From the heart these defile the man for Out of the heart comes forth wicked Reasonings murders adulteries whorings Thefts false witnessing slanderers these Defile a man But to eat with unwashed hands does not Defile a man Oops We should read [ __ ] in context right Yeah oh okay just just checking yeah so That’s that’s the one argument in Matthew chapter 15. and i’m sorry kerry Berry i don’t mean to be worked up but You’re here i’m here and i am so too bad Um And then in acts chapter 10 Bye dude i love you so much bro Your passion for you is so dope Appreciate you exactly where i came Today yeah All right Acts chapter 10 which is where people

Say but because of peter’s vision Loftus defense systems thank you Thank you vcks are gone okay we’re out Of bc case yeah that’s why we told you To go had to use your wound care bucket A couple of weeks ago at our facility oh Dude give me an after action report Thank you so much praise y’all Okay Awesome and then how’s caleb house Uh do you know oh you are yep i’m super Familiar with our Um We are building caleb house to our Specifications So thank you for the super chat we’ll Talk about caleb house in a minute acts Chapter 10 where everybody says about Peter’s vision we can eat with peter Taking slay and eat we can eat whatever We want to now Non-jews Acts chapter 10. now there was a certain Man in caesarea called cornelius A captain of what was called the italian Regiment dedicated And fearing elohim Fearing who And fearing elohim with all of his Household oh his house was in order too With all of his household doing many Kind deeds to the people Loving his neighbor as himself and Praying to elohim always loving you with

Everything that he has the two prime Directives And he clearly saw in a vision about the Ninth hour of the day a messenger of Elohim coming to him saying to him Cornelius and looking intently at him And becoming afraid he said what is it Master he said to him your prayers And your kind deeds have come up for Remembrance before elohim your prayers And Your kind deeds man that sounds like a Workspace theology right there in the New testament after the death burial and Resurrection of messiah Wow Okay tracking And now send men to yafo and send to Simeon who’s called peter kepha he’s Staying with simeon a leather tanner Whose house is by the sea So cornelius sends three dudes Three gentiles to peter kifa Who’s a jew a yahudine who had a jewish Tradition of men not the torah jewish Tradition of men that they were not Supposed to associate With non-jews So cornelius this righteous man Righteous gentile Sends three people from his house to Peter So cornelius has a vision over here from Yah now

Peter Verse 10 and he peter became hungry and Wished to eat but while they were Preparing he fell into a trance and he Saw the heaven open in a certain vessel Like a great sheet bound at the four Corners descending to him and let down To the earth in which were all kinds of Four-footed beasts of the earth and wild Beasts and creeping creatures in the Birds of the heaven And the voice came to him and said rise Up peter slay and eat But peter said not at all Master Because i have never eaten whatever is Common or unclean So a year after you she was dead Beer is still eating clean if he did Away if you sure did away with it with The call golden his love wouldn’t there Be ham sandwiches that’s a really good Point And a voice came to him again the second Time and said what elohim has cleansed You do not consider common And this took place three times and the Vessel was taken back to heaven And while peter was doubting within Himself about what the vision might mean Look The men who had been sent from cornelius Having asked for the house of simeon Stood at the gate

Okay So The Doctrine of inerrancy 1977 let the bible Interpret the bible You can take that one line what elohim Is cleansed you do not consider common Right there out of context and say i can Eat whatever the hell i want Peter didn’t know what his own vision Meant Okay he had it He was there but while peter was Doubting within himself About what the vision might mean Look the men who had been sent from Cornelius having asked for the house of Simeon stood at the gate and calling out They inquired whether simeon also known As peter was staying there and as peter Was thinking about the vision the spirit Said to him see Three men seek you But rise up go down and go with them not Doubting at all for i have sent them And while peter was doubting within Himself about what the vision might mean Not doubting at all for i have sent them Are you seeing a connection here So peter went down with the men who had Been sent to him from cornelius and said Look i’m the one you seek why have you Come And they said cornelius the captain

A righteous man luke 1 verse 6 Blamelessly walking in the commands of Yah a righteous man and one who fears Elohim And well spoken of by the entire nation Of the yakudim the jews was instructed By a set apart messenger and angel to Send you to this house and to hear the Words from you Okay Verse 28 he said to them you know that a Yahudi man a jewish man is not allowed To associate with or go with one of Another race That’s not torah that’s jewish doctrinal [ __ ] But But Elohim has shown me that i should not Call any man common or unclean Should not call any what common or Unclean any man From the guy who had the vision in Context and because yah understand he Wrote the torah it’s perfect and the Mouths of two or three let a thing be Established Acts chapter 10 tells the story and then Acts chapter 11 is the re-telling of the Story so that you have two witnesses That make it perfectly clear this [ __ ] Has nothing to do with what food is and Isn’t okay malachi 3 verse 6. i’m the Lord yahuwah sabayatha change

Not We have a definition of food in Leviticus chapter 11. we don’t need a New definition of food We already have one acts chapter 10 and 11 is not about what food is or isn’t It’s about the gospel The good news of yeshua hamashiach the Reign the coming of the messiah going Out to all nations which is not a new Testament construct that goes all the Way back to the book of genesis with Abraham Okay It’s the fulfillment of the covenant With abraham that peter is now sending Out to the nations right and you see Shall of tarsus the apostle paul comes On the stage as well after the stoning Of Stefanos and then blah blah blah we Could read the whole book of acts Together except i’ve already done that With you on camera before The point here is that People want to take maybe the greatest Chapter in the entire new testament Where deliverance is not simply for the House of judah but for the entire world And turn it into some [ __ ] reason Why you can now eat bacon because jesus Said so It is complete and utter scriptural Biblical spiritual laziness

You should be ashamed of yourself if That’s the cornerstone with which you Make your arguments Horseshit Now i’ll turn the comments back on The tickling of ears Hey tactically dorador oh hey everybody Whom we love sorry about that i get a Little worked up had a guy made a Comment earlier today on the The video that i did at uh Camden tennessee He said something to the effect of you Know i know you’re a brother but i Really have a hard time listening to What you have to say because you can’t Bridle your tongue To which i thought you sure would have Whipped your ass [ __ ] Hey sauce just joined what’s up that’s The brother right there He was not a sovereign weapon that’s a Good brother right there So Yeshua himself he says to the pharisees When you went to see yochanan the Immerser john the baptist who did you Think you were going to see He’s a man A man of rough speech who lives in the Wilderness He came in the spirit of elijah elijah Lopped 400 heads off at the wadi kidron I don’t like the way he’s talking like

At least i don’t have an axe in my hand Right today [Laughter] And it’s just it’s people are just They’re in their little bubbles and they Want everything to be nice and palatable Right And really what you need is is that what It works No they don’t want to work why Because they’ve been spoon spoon-fed This horseshit doctrine You know i come to bring life and life Abundantly this is abundant life oh The the comfort of babylon is not Abundant life we just read about that in The torah portion this past week did you Bring us out here to die in the Wilderness When we were in we were in egypt we were In mitsuram the land flowing with milk And honey no [ __ ] you just re Rejected the land flowing Because you didn’t want to go into it Because there’s giants in there and They’re scary And y’all’s like yeah and you could kill Those giants you could slay those giants If you just would listen to me and do What i tell you to do they’re like yeah But that’s hard so we’re not gonna Instead we’re gonna stay outside of the Promised land and [ __ ] about it And y’all goes to moshe and he’s like

I’m going to kill all of these people Start over with you emotionally it was Credit falls on his face is like please Yeah no because he literally is like What are the egyptians going to think You told them You said that you were going to bring These whiny ass hebrews into the Promised land and what are the egyptians Going to think and you can almost hear Yah just like Son of a all right Okay right And so Those guys not making it their children They can go in if you ever read the Bible do you think it’s easy To get into heaven Do you think it’s gonna be easy at all a Remnant is not two billion people it’s Just not they they’re eight people made It onto the ark Eight And one of them was compromised yeah Right So dude That’s so real oh my gosh Yeah Oh Goodness i feel like i’ve done a lot of Yelling at the camera in the last few Minutes does anybody else have anything They want to say to the people To patch up 100 man who got his arms

Stripped off in a skid loader accident Oh i’ve so that’s been reported already Oh so that’s what he was saying he was The same guy and yesterday Somebody Looks like he’s got a story but he like Got it crazy All your eight rendering stories praise Y’all send them to uh admin at refuge Medical or admin at bear independent Katie lynn’s going to get all of them Anyway so just admin at any one of our 19 domains Uh tag other people in them after i read Them well We got we got one from intel at bear Independent earlier today live 49 which Came to the intel yeah that’s where you Come from So Thanks jimmy carr Barry thank you for the gut check and The encouragement you’re welcome bradley What’s up drew verify save one life i’d Be on cloud eight how awesome do you Feel after almost 50. Dude i feel this big Daily Like Every day We have such a cool job And it’s A job is something you do like During set hours of the day

And are usually like looking at the Clock while you’re doing it like when The hell can i get out of here That’s that’s not us that’s not why we Do and how we do what we do we had a Super chat from loft defense systems That we have defense systems her friends Up in canada so they had to break open Their wound care bucket oh yeah i saw That that’s awesome So what about yeshua having a brother Named james jay wasn’t used back then Dude you’re totally correct his name was Yak Uh you’re totally correct because his Name jesus and james were not they both Have jay names it was yeshua and yakho Or yah ahob right So James or james yeah james basically Uh it all got anglicized man um Go go knife hand henry viii So Start with constantine and just knife Hand everybody after that um Got a taste of what you guys do and it’s Epic awesome drew crazy ah No bacon and don’t complain about rough Speech yeah there you go fluster club um She’s got it and also so let’s go let’s Go another direction yay merrick all Right You do whatever the hell you want to do Right

Actions have consequences Our pastor says that he’s correct Actions have consequences And we believe firmly in a high level of Ideological alignment and in case you Haven’t noticed i’m really not good at Not wearing my heart on my sleeve You’re always going to know what i think And You don’t have to believe exactly the Way that we believe here In order to hang out here Comma We don’t tolerate any worship from People that don’t like the way that we Believe the way that we believe So you have the God-given mr atheist you have the God-given constitutionally protected Right To worship however you see fit that’s Fine Um And if man you look do you need a chair Brother no good okay If you look deep enough into that Um I mean Our founding fathers talk about Nature is god And the law is set forth by nature’s god Right Cool So america and it’s a

Overdone talking point founded on Judeo-christian values Yeah you know what else was founded on Judeo values christianity Go far enough back in the book And it it all starts lining up Point being You can think and feel however you see Fit to do so Um That’s your right that’s your Prerogative To be frank I’m not shedding any blood for your your Right To be scripturally wrong But i will shed blood for Our right to be scripturally correct That’s where my line is now you have Your rights you go you exercise i’m Homeboy you do you But my circle got a lot smaller in the Last few years So you have every right to think and Feel the way that you see fit As do i But i’m not going to defend your right To be wrong anymore You can The sifting is occurring And the goats don’t give a [ __ ] about The sheep right and vice versa and the Chap doesn’t care about the wheat And vice versa

And frankly we got too much other [ __ ] Going on in order for me like though Some chaff was blown away by the wind Yeah it’s a wheat harvest That’s what happens it’s a wheat harvest It’s gonna do that Hi sweetheart hi I just want to hear well done good and Faithful servant that’s right rainchat Bear thoughts on jonathan cahn and Harbingers i think that dude has sold a Lot of f in books that’s what i think I’ve read a couple of them How do i want to say this If you haven’t read the old testament But you read jonathan khan your shit’s Out of whack So let’s start with that Because Most of the prophecy that he talked and Even if you’re like no it’s new Testament prophecy hopefully you’re Working through the revelation study That we’re doing on youtube here Together Revelation is old testament prophecy It’s just an amalgam john’s vision in Revelation is an amalgamation Of Ezekiel Isaiah Daniel a lot of daniel Joel Uh what’s that

Hosea yup And Ezekiel and Gosh what’s the other guy Oh it’s on the tip of my tongue man yeah Is that isaiah jeremiah that guy Jeremiah Daniel Ezekiel yeah so who’s the other guy i Was talking about My point here being Um New testament prophecy is old testament Prophecy so if you’re into biblical Prophecy but you haven’t read the bible Don’t read jonathan khan and take his Word for what it says That’s horse [ __ ] Next i think that that every generation Since yeshua walked the face of the Earth Has thought this is it This is zechariah thank you Uh Everybody’s thought he’s coming back Today he’s coming back today It begs the question almost cynically Like I can see people gonna go yeah but is he It’s been 2 000 years but is he Yeah but a day is like a thousand years Unto the lord So there’s prophecy for that as well Thank you for just naming books

Malachi oh you mentioned Jude it’s in third june everybody read Third jude second deuteronomy Um So my question is if you’re reading if You’re reading Interpretations without actually having Digestion the first part of the support What are you doing Yeah Why Why are you investing your time in what Somebody else is saying about the second Quarter but you know Yeah it’s the other inner link I couldn’t make it through the entire Book I should have returned it The harbinger i tried i ordered two of Them i didn’t make it through the first One i probably should have returned them To amazon because And it’s i’m hard pressed to not finish A book i love to read all the time but i I couldn’t do it It was just not my Not my thing a little too i don’t know Too prophetic if that’s a word So there’s a tour for that thank you Honey Be not afraid of those people Yeah Just wasting my time right well i mean i Think the thing is like for the for the

Audience On here Talking about yeah well what do we think About his book meaning like is there any Credence to his book Well The biblical Interpretation of the word fear like Through the lord your god yahweh your Elohim Is deep respect So are you going to deeply respect Jonathan khan’s book right you’re going To give any credence to it I wouldn’t Because All these how many books full of Prophecy Do you have to come out with before You’re like yeah that guy’s not Like what he said isn’t true And just i found this thing Uh i took a screenshot of this years ago This Old testament genesis new testament Revelation Biblical timeline 66 books right there Each one of those lines represents A tie-in from the old testament to the New testament Okay There are 663 707 Known cross references

From the old testament to the new Testament Additionally what does it look like It’s a rainbow What’s the rainbow It’s a sign of the covenant Imagine that Pushing 64 000 Cross references from the old testament To the new testament So When you say well that old stuff was Done away with It certainly doesn’t look like it was And if you read the old stuff How much more understanding the new Stuff Do you think you would have can you post That picture on patreon I can watch this Whoa knock it off If you just google cross references from Old testament new testament you can find It no foe Listen they pay five bucks a month they Get what they want bear can google it For them [Laughter] We’re just we’re just following bear Says Oh my oh and there’s another picture of A rainbow awesome except this natural Rainbow Old

Testament Cross References Mentioned in tonight’s live stream Boom published Forget about it forget about it Uh So Jonathan khan dude sold a lot of books Any uh coincidences last names khan i Don’t know Just throwing that out there The Hello sweetheart The challenge here sorry john I like her i like her more than yours I mean you’re all right but you know What’s up Yeah Anybody who prophesies in the name of Yah and their prophecy doesn’t come true Do not fear that person Fear again being deep respect what’s That Rockpile that’s right All right what other questions we got We’re pushing nine o’clock and somebody Has to get up at 5am and rock tomorrow And somebody’s been up since 3 30. yeah It was like fun The best the most fun Yeah wow please tell jake join us and Mad shalom I think people are scared to death of

The law they don’t know [ __ ] though you Live in the united states of america You’re under 4 million laws right now How oppressed do you feel not enough to Revolt clearly Uh so Let’s pick a burden of the law here My burden is light yep you’re scared of The law because you wanna you you think For some reason that you can be in the World and of the world and then try to Do the law it doesn’t work that’s when It gets really really hard it becomes Really really easy and intuitive Because it’s written on your heart Written on your mind right When you give up the world and live for Him you start to wonder and wake up Every day and go man Why was i doing it any other way Like how stupid was i because it’s Natural it’s natural the same thing with Like raising your kids up in it it’s They’ll be better than you yeah It’s not a burden dude it’s a blessing Oh man the law is a blessing it’s Literally an instruction manual how many Times do people joke wish i had an Instruction manual for this thing called Life you do yeah you literally do torah Means instruction Said part means set apart you can’t be Set apart and not set apart at the same Time yeah so you either choose to be set

Apart where you choose not yeah You can’t call yourself set apart and Eat the sandwiches You have to go camping and eat cheap With your friends there can’t look like Everybody else in the world Yeah you should stand out yeah Yeah my people are peculiar people And the remnant is small Yes it is And that’s like We’ll end with this i appreciate y’all We’ll end with this We’re unapologetic us in case you Haven’t noticed there’s not Well our faith is it’s deeply personal And we [Laughter] How do you Have you heard about y’all We were where the hell were we Somewhere we were driving somewhere Across the country Where were we going we were going to Savannah georgia And it was me and alex and dudley and Uh and then the training guys had the Ninja turtles van yeah and so we’re Driving halfway across the country and We’re somewhere in like the middle of Nowhere and we’re like we gotta eat food It’s 10 30 at night we got to eat food And there’s like there’s a walmart and So they’re like all right we’re going to

Go to walmart everybody meet back at the Truck for 15 minutes we’re going to plow Calories get back on the road and so at One point we lose dudley somehow in a Walmart it happens more than you think We’re Walking around Yeah so we’re walking around like where Did dublin go and from across the Walmart you hear and then yeshua said Mark chapter four like there is And he’s got the fried chicken lady on The other side of the counter she’s like We were the zoot sheets so that we Remember to do all of the commands I love this guy yeah we’ll take an eight Piece right you know And so like that’s just How we are and That’s okay and the and the challenge There ideological challenge For all of our good you know american Spirited patriotic souls out there Is if i have a god-given right to Worship the way that i see fit Why you got such a problem with me doing That even if it doesn’t fit Oh second amendment yeah what about the First America yeah but you don’t like what i Have to say Well i believe in jesus cool me too i Just know that he’s not the son of zeus Because i did my homework and you didn’t

And what people don’t like is when Somebody shines light on their Shortcomings and the thing that you have To understand is the reason i’m doing That Is the same reason we do everything else That we do Because i don’t want you to die That’s why Because at the end of an age otherwise You will die Everybody’s gonna die Not everybody’s gonna live And the fact of the matter is you were Blameless If you didn’t know before this live Stream That you should be doing things Differently But you know Now So watching this channel is dangerous For your status quo Because we will destroy your horseshit Paradigms every chance we get So that you can live righteously So that the end of an age you’re not Bird food Okay That’s what we’re about And if you don’t like that All the love in my heart Kiss my hairy white ass and watch a Different prepper channel

But that’s what we’re about Unapologetically about and so spiritual Practice Dude to save lives well in service to The father’s kingdom And experiencing the abundance of his Provision and blessing That’s it That’s how we do what we do and the Father blesses that And you either like it or you don’t and I guarantee you the farther we go down This effed up timeline that we’re on the More people are not going to like it and That’s cool Because i don’t care I don’t require your approval I require his approval And that’s why we’re doing what we do So with that 9 p.m central ish Bless y’all there’s a rock with my name On it for tomorrow morning and uh I’m gonna hang out with my friends for a Hot minute and then we’re gonna go to Bed tactically twitter’s awesome for That You all tomorrow In the morning for the brief shalom