Isaiah 41 & 42 – The Prophets Bible Study

By | July 8, 2022

Isaiah Yes yahoo 41 Roughly page 445 in the scriptures Be silent before me you coast lands And let peoples renew their power Let them come near then let them speak Let us come together for right ruling Who raised up the righteous one from the East Called him to his foot gave the nations Before him and made kings submit to him He gave them as the dust to his sword as Driven stubble to his bow He pursued them passed over in safety by A path that he had not gone up with his Feet who has performed and done it Calling the generation from the Beginning I yahuwah in the first and with the last I am he I am he Moshe says to the father what shall i Call you And he responds i am That i am Yeshua in the garden of gethsemane Who are you here for We’re here for yeshua of nazareth i am He The great i am I am yahuwah I yahuwah am the first and with the last I am he

Coastlands see it and fear the ends of The earth are afraid They draw near and come everyone helps His neighbor and his brother saying be Strong And the craftsman strengthens the Goldsmith he who smooths with the hammer Inspires him who strikes the anvil Saying of the joining it is good He strengthens it with nails so it does Not totter Joining imagery Here But you Israel are my servant Genesis 32 talk about this all the time Israel is not a nation state on a map It’s a heart condition It’s do you belong to the father or not Genesis 32 Those who are struggling or striving With elohim Those who have overcome With elohim By the blood of his son and those who Are ruling with elohim father yah But you israel are my servant jacob Whom i have chosen jacob was renamed Israel The descendant of abraham Who loved me James in james chapter 2 says that Abraham was a friend of yah It’s a beautiful saying

A friend of yah Are you a friend of yah Am i a friend of you isn’t that Something to aspire towards You’re a friend Of the creator You spend time with him You speak together you take counsel You share meals You experience joy and sorrow and Hardship And fulfillment together But you israel are my servant jacob whom I have chosen the descendants of abraham Who loved me whom i have strengthened From the ends of the earth and called From its farthest parts and said to you You are my servant i have chosen you and Have not rejected you Oh kind of puts a nail in the coffin of Replacement theology here You Israel are my servant i have chosen you And have not rejected you do not fear For i am with you do not look around for I am your elohim i shall fortify you i Shall also help you i shall also uphold You with the right hand of my Righteousness Luke 1 verse 6 blamelessly walking in The commands of yah righteousness See all those who raged against you are Ashamed and blush they are as Non-existent and the men who strive with

You perish You seek them but do not find them those Who struggle with you because yah has Removed them from the battlefield Those who fight you are as non-existent As not as nothing for i yahuwah your Elohim i’m strengthening your right hand Saying to you do not fear I shall help you We’re not supposed to be afraid of Anything But our creator And the concept of fearing elohim here Means a deep respect Not the type of fear one has with an Abusive father That means deep respect Fear his words because you know if you Transgress them bad stuff is gonna Happen Not because he’s going to torture you But because you’ve chosen a path that Has poor consequences See he loves us he gave us the rule book The user manual for people so that we Would make the right decisions so that We would act accordingly according to The family rules Of which he is the father Do not fear You worm jacob you men of israel i shall Help you declares yahuwah end your Redeemer the set apart one of israel Meshiach messiah and we’re going to see

If we make it into 42 this morning see If we cause we make it into isaiah 42 We’re going to go to isaiah 61 and luke 4 because there’s a there’s a A can of worms there if you will that Will be opening Do not fear you worm of jacob you men of Israel i shall help you declares yahuwah And your redeemer the set apart one of Israel yeshua hamashiach See i shall make you into a new Threshing sledge with sharp teeth The harvest is great but the workers are Few Let you thresh mountains and beat them Small and make hills like chaff also Notice here the imagery is that all Nations Returning to yah all nations in israel Being equated here this is clearly Messiah type imagery And this is prophecy this is isaiah Speaking isaiah being The most quoted prophet by messiah Isaiah said a lot about yeshua And yeshua knew that because yeshua knew The torah because he embodied it matthew 5 17. Winnow them And the wind lifts them up messiah says I will separate the wheat from the chaff Winnow them And the wind lifts them up and the Whirlwind scatters them

But you You rejoice in yahuwah and boast in the Set of part one of israel mashiach When the poor and needy seek water and There is none and their tongues have Failed for thirst I yahuwah do answer them come to me all You who thirst i will give you living Waters yeshua says I the elohim of israel do not forsake Them i open rivers on bare hills and Fountains in the midst of valleys i make The wilderness become a pool of water in A land and a dry land springs of water I’m yahuwah i’ve made all this stuff I can move the lego pieces on the board And make water appear like that if i Want to I set in the wilderness cedar acacia and Murder and murder no mertol a freudian Slippier excuse my fleshy heart I sat in the wilderness cedar acacia and Mertol an oil tree i place in the desert Cypress pine and box tree together So that they see and know and are cons And consider and understand together That the hand of yahuwah has done this And the set of part one of israel has Created it The set of part one of israel mashiach Messiah Has created it How interesting Flip to john real quick john chapter one

Some of you know exactly where this is Going some of you are going to be like What John chapter one Verse one In the beginning was the capital w word We could spend an hour Just on this The word capital w word what is the word Of god Now christianity will say the bible Especially the new testament because all That old testament stuff was done away With Well john wrote a significant portion of The new testament the gospel of john 1st John 2nd john 3 john and revelation 5 books That’s not insignificant You know what wasn’t written when john Was writing any of that The new testament The word of god The scriptures That all New testament writings refer to Was what we call The torah The first five books of the bible And the prophets The greater and lesser prophets The nibayim and the ketu beam and so Forth and so on Aka the old testament

That was their book of spiritual worship By the way for the first 200 years Of its existence early christianity pure Unadulterated early christianity was a Sect of Judaism Messianic judaism and because of Persecutions that the jews were Experiencing by the hand of the romans Who had a problem with these messianists These people who followed messiah The non-messianic jews or the Traditional jews that didn’t believe in Yeshua started to create a schism Intentionally in between The unbelievers and the believers So that the romans would persecute the Believers and not the unbelievers And as the early church separated from You know 200 a.d ish ish super ish rough But 200 a.d ish is the early messianic Church separated from its roots Of the tree of life of israel That separation Allowed paganism Greco-roman paganism to infect it It’s how you get the day of worship Changed from saturday sundown friday Through sundown saturday To sunday the day of the worship of the Sun It’s where you get helios christos Jesus with a halo behind him the halo is The sun by the way

Worship of the sun and All these pagan traditions like ishtar Easter Fertility worship if you ever wondered What do rabbits and eggs have to do With the death burial and resurrection Of messiah the answer is nothing not a Damn thing it’s a pagan ritual that Predates Yeshua Uh and christmas the worship of the Evergreen tree tree this is babylonian Because the tree never dies it has Eternal life Yada yada yada All these unbiblical extra biblical Concepts come in and by The 300s and then as you fast forward to The council of nicaea there’s a clear Separation between what the early church Was And then what it had become 300 years After the time of yeshua Then constantine gets in Council of nicaea So forth and so on And all this time these little Interjections of paganism are thrown in There to the point that Believers today Frankly many of them don’t even know What they believe in So in the beginning was the word the Word of god was the old testament

When john wrote this and the word Capital w word was matthew matthew 5 17 Yah made flesh the torah made flesh Yeshua Matthew 5 17 i come not to destroy the Torah or the prophets but to complete it And that english word Or translation from Greek to english has jammed up so many People it’s completed it’s been nailed To the cross colossians 2 14. bad Doctrine Bad doctrine Colossians 2 14 actually says if you Just go read it in your bible it says What was nailed to the cross was the Doctrines and dogmas of men Not the father’s perfect law See if you read the renewed covenant in Hebrews chapter 8 It’s so new that it comes out of the old Testament jeremiah 31 It says for finding fault with them Is us because this is yah speaking for Finding fault with them see i will make A renewed covenant with who the house of Israel And the house of judah Yeah because israel had fallen away but Judah was still even though they were Doing it wrong by the time Messiah rolls around they were still Trying to keep the torah and follow the Father’s commands

And that’s an entirely different Teaching for a different time but the Beat the point is in the beginning was The word And the word Was the torah spoken to moshe on the Mountain passed down orally before the Time of moshe to that point and the word Is yeshua and the word was with elohim And the word was elohim He was the be he was in the beginning he The word yeshua was in the beginning With elohim And all came to be through him The word and without him not even one Came to be that came to be All came to be through him Now if we go back hopefully you held a Finger at isaiah 41 Verse 20 so that they see and know and Consider and understand together that The hand of yahuwah has done this and The set of part one of israel has Created it The messiah the anointed one Because that’s what messiah means it Means anointed Set apart means holy The setup part one of israel has created It In isaiah chapter 41 With An inch of bible in between these two Spots

We see a glimpse of mashiach here and Not an ins Insubstantial unsubstantial glimpse of Mashiach This is huge Yeshua Was a creative force How’s this stuff created with the spoken Word The breath The pronunciation Life and death is in the power of the Tongue And this all this was spoken into being Like that Used to joke and this is completely a Joke but i had a friend in church We used to joke that the big bang was ya And yeshua fist bumpin After they came up with a plan on how They were gonna make all this stuff And they’re like yeah bro sounds good Boom and [Laughter] It’s just a joke it’s not what the bible Says So back to isaiah 41 So that they see and know and consider And understand together that the hand of Yahuwah has done this and the set of Part one of israel has created it Present your case says yahuwah let’s let Your strong ones come near says the king Of jacob

Let them draw near and declare to us What is going to take place let them Declare the former events what they were And we consider them and know the latter End of them or announce to us what is Coming There’s a lot of prophecy in torah by The way genesis exodus leviticus numbers Deuteronomy And then there’s a lot of prophecy after That with the major and the minor Prophets Declare the events that are going to Come here after oh you mean like john Whom we just read the beginning of his Gospel john the revelator Yeah Declare the events that are going to Come hereafter What comes next father yah And we know that you are mighty ones yes Do good or do evil and let us be amazed And see it together We know that you are mighty ones The plurality of the singularity Um Deep We don’t have time for that today One word echad Is One See you are of not And your work is a breath now talking About people

He who chooses you is an abomination i Have stirred up one from the north and He comes from the rising of the sun he Calls on my name and he comes against Princes as though mortar as the potter Treads clay Who has declared from the beginning and We know in former times when we say he Is righteous no no one is declaring no No one is proclaiming no no one is Hearing your words He who is first said to zion See them and jerusalem i give one who Brings good news To jerusalem The holiest place In all the world where yah put his name Twice with the temple The capital Of the tribe of judah The jews the yakhodin I give one Who brings good news You mean yeshua the good news What has been co-opted now to be called The gospel go spread the gospel message Yeshua said go bring the good news of The kingdom of elohim That’s what he sent apostles out to do The reign of elohim Is the good news Yeah see when he says fulfilled He is doing he was doing all of this Stuff and see that there’s no man and of

These there’s no counselor who when i Ask of them answers a word Think about the pharisees the sadducees The scribes the high priests attempting To rebuke yeshua how many times did he Shut him up They attempted to rebuke him but they Were unable to And see there is no man and of these There is no counselor who when i ask of Them answers a word See all of them are useless their works Are not their molded images are wind and Confusion Pretty hateful towards engraving and Molded images Something you might want to consider Minutes shall we do 42 Yes I know it looks like a short chapter but There’s some compare contrast here See my servant Chapter 42 See my servant whom i uphold my chosen One the mashiach the anointed The messiah My chosen one my being has delighted in Remember When the spirit descends like a dove After yochanan the immerser john the Baptist puts yeshua in the jordan And the clouds part and the Dove comes down The spirit that lands on yeshua and from

The sky the father speaks I said this is my son my beloved in whom I delight My being has delighted in i have put my Spirit upon him wait a minute i thought The holy spirit was an acts chapter 2 New testament construct No See people only think that because they Don’t read the old testament the spirit Of yahuwah has been around for as long As yahoo has been around He brings forth right ruling to the who To the nations Imagine that He does not cry out nor lift up his Voice nor cause his voice to be heard in The street A crushed reed he does not break in his And smoking flax he does not quench he Brings forth right ruling in accordance With truth We are told to worship in spirit and in Truth He does not become weak or crushed until He has established right ruling in the Earth He yeshua does not become weak or Crushed until he’s established right Ruling in the earth I come not to destroy the torah or the Prophets but to complete it for truly Truly i say unto you until heaven and Earth pass away not one yod not one

Tittle shall fall from the torah till All be done And all has not be done yet And remember this is messiah my chosen One yahuwah is speaking about here Because look at verse four He does not become weak or crushed until He has established right ruling in the Earth and the coastlands wait For his torah You cannot be The messiah The biblically prophesied messiah Because we’re reading the prophet isaiah Right now about the messiah you cannot Be the biblically prophesied messiah and Do away with the torah You can have a biblical Messiah that reestablishes His established right ruling in the Earth and the coastline waits for his Torah You can have a biblical messiah that Keeps the torah and teaches the torah You can have a non-biblical messiah that Doesn’t And unfortunately for many people it’s a Very painful process of waking up to This you realize that what you were Taught in church about jesus was a bunch Of fairy tales Now Again if we compare that with colossians 2 14 what was nailed to the cross was

Not the law The law was perfect But imperfect people were incapable of Keeping it they would have been capable Of keeping it if they had not Kept turning away from yah And yet they did So yeshua came unto the house of judah In the house of israel i come first but For the lost sheep of the house of Israel said yeshua to return them back To yah So that they would walk in his ways First peter 2 21 for this you were Called messiah having suffered for your Sins that you might walk in his ways What would jesus do he would keep the Torah For isaiah 41 Because otherwise that’s not the Biblical messiah Second witness on this is second Thessalonians chapter 2 where shall of Tarsus the apostle paul For those who are more into pauline Doctrine Makes it absolutely clear Absolutely clear We start second thessalonians chapter One shaol and silas and timothios to the Assembly at thessalonians in elohim our Father and the master yeshua messiah so By the hand of paul Now ii thessalonians chapter 2

As to the this is in the new testament By the way written by the apostle paul For everybody who says paul says the Torah was done away with No you misunderstand paul Many Many believers trying to read paul are Like kindergarteners trying to read Doctorate level theses Paul was a pharisee the torah was his Job He understood it better than maybe Anybody in the new testament and so if You don’t read the old testament and you Don’t keep the torah but you read paul The likelihood of you being able to Actually understand what paul is saying Is close to zero If I’m trying to explain to you the Technical specifications of how to stand Up a ge 1.5 xl wind turbine And you haven’t read the manual Let alone ever put one up What makes you think you’re going to Have any comprehension when i start Talking to you about programmable logic Controllers and torque specifications For the bolts and [Music] Blah blah blah blah blah You’re going to be lost in the weeds You’re going to have no comprehension And yet and still

New testament christians today hang Their hat on pauline doctrine without Reading the entirety of the polling Doctrine in the new testament and Understanding the context with which Paul was speaking in the new testament And therefore they get it wrong And then there are those teachers that James has a major issue with as do i Who will be held to a higher level of Accountability There are those teachers that know and Perpetuate the lies anyway So 2nd thessalonians chapter 2 by the Hand of paul As to the coming of our master yeshua Messiah The chosen one of israel And are gathering together to him We ask you brothers not to become easily Unsettled in mind or troubled Stay the course homeboy don’t let every Little word or whim Push you off course Either by spirit or by word or by letter Now notice that this is a lowercase s in This spirit this is not the ruach Aquadesh there are many spirits besides The holy spirit don’t let any of these Other spirits pull you off course or by Word or by letter as if it was from us As if the day of yahuwah has come Let no one deceive you in any way Because the falling away is to become

First And the man of lawlessness Is to be revealed the son of destruction Lawlessness tourlessness Iniquity many bibles would say they Changed the word lawlessness to iniquity So that you wouldn’t understand it Because you you don’t have the key to The map you don’t understand what you’re Looking at And the man of lawlessness touristness Is to be revealed the son of destruction Who opposes and exalts himself above all That is called elohim or that is Worshipped so that he sits as elohim and The dwelling place of elohim showing Himself that he is elohim Paul’s speaking do you not remember that I told you this while i was still with You and now you know it restrains for Him to be revealed in his time for the Secret of lawlessness is already at work Yeah it is right now lawlessness is 100 At work within the christian church that Claims to be covered by the blood of Messiah today Right now For the secret of lawlessness is already At work only until he who now restrains Comes out of the midst And the lawless one shall be revealed Whom the master yeshua the chosen one of Israel Isaiah 41 42 that we’re reading right

Now shall consume with the spirit of his Mouth and bring to nothing to naught With the manifestation of his coming and Here’s why we are here The coming of the lawless one Nailed to the crosser done away with That was all we don’t have to do the law Anymore we’re not under the burden of The law the coming of the lawless one is According to the working of satan With all power and signs and wonders of Falsehood and with all deceit of Unrighteousness in those perishing Because they did not receive the love of The truth In order for them to be saved and for This reason elohim sends them a working Delusion for them to believe the Falsehood What’s the falsehood that the lawless One is messiah In order that they should be judged Who did not believe in the truth but Have delighted In unrighteousness I hope That that stuck and i hope that you’ve Read that with your own eyeballs second Thessalonians chapter two and if you Didn’t go back and read it with your own Eyeballs go see it with your own Eyeballs It’s a game changer Messiah is not the lawless one

The antichrist is And that’s why in revelation when we see The four horsemen the first one that Goes out the white horse that’s the Antichrist And many will believe because they will Think that this lawless Antichrist Is the christ Because it’s the pattern for christ that They’ve been taught thus far And they will be deceived because of This delusion And they will be judged therefore I don’t want that for you which is why i Take the time to do these things with You I grew up in the christian church Spent a lot of time in a lot of Different denominations I played drums and satanic metal bands For a decade i’ve been all over the Spectrum when it comes to my Relationship with yah And my relationship with yeshua And i gave up trying to conform two Man’s doctrines one day and i knew that The father was real the son was real and That this word was true and that’s all i Had Turns out that’s more than enough Because i just started reading this word And doing what it said And the father has revealed to me over

And over and over with the reading of This word more and more and more depth Of understanding and meaning And so that’s what i want for you Once you Know you can’t un know You cannot be held accountable for Things you don’t know Once you know you can now be held Accountable for that meaning you can be Judged and judged righteously for that At the coming of meshiach So back to Isaiah 42 See my servant whom i uphold my chosen One my being has delighted in i have put My spirit upon him he brings forth right Ruling to the nations he does not cry Out nor lifts up his voice Nor causes his voice to be heard in the Streets a crushed reed he does not break And smoking flacks he does not quench he Brings forth right ruling in accordance With truth He does not become weak or crushed until He has established right ruling in the Earth and the coastlands wait for his Torah Thus said the el yahuwah who created the Heavens and stretched them out who Spread forth the earth and that which Comes from it who gives breath to the People on it and whose spirit to those Who walk on it i yahuwah have called you

In righteousness And i strengthen your hand and guard you And give you for a covenant To a people This is messiah And i give you for a covenant to a People For a light to the nations to open blind Eyes how many blind eyes this was one of The signs that the jews missed Completely missed yeshua was opening the Eyes of the blind and he was healing Lepers these are things that they should Have completely understood they were Prophesied signs of mashiach And yet their ego and hubris Got in the way and they would not accept Him I yahuwah have called you in Righteousness and strengthened your hand In righteousness blamelessly walking the Commands of yah We say there’s no sin in messiah sin is Lawlessness that means he didn’t break The law he didn’t break the torah And i strengthen your hand And guard you and give you Messiah for a covenant to a people For a light to the nations to open blind Eyes to bring out prisoners from the Prison and those who sit in darkness From the prison house I am yahuwah that is my name And my esteem i do not give to another

Nor my praise to idols Oh be careful with that See the former predictions have come and New ones i am declaring like revelation Before they spring forth i let you hear Them amos 3 6 surely yahuwah or elohim Does nothing without first informing his Prophets Newsflash It’s coming Sing to yahuwah a new song his praise From the ends of the earth You who go down to the sea and all that Is in it you coast lands and you Inhabitants of them let the wilderness And its cities lift up their voice the Villages where khadar dwells let the Inhabitants of salah sing let them shout From the top of the mountains let them Give esteem to yahuwah and declare his Praise in the coastlands yahuwah goes Forth like a mighty man exodus 15 verse 3 yahuwah is a warrior Yahuwah is his name Yahuwah goes forth like a mighty man he Stirs up ardor like a fighter he cries Out yes shout aloud over his enemies he Shows himself mighty I have kept silent from old i have been Still and held myself back like a woman In labor now i cry out i pant and gasp At once i lay waste Mountains and hills i dry up all of Their plants and i shall make rivers

Become coastlands and i dry up pools and I shall lead the blind by a way they Have not known And paths they have not known i lead Them This is what he’s doing right now this Great awakening the prophesied awakening Of ephraim the diaspora the dispersed Tribes the fullness of understanding Revelation 14 verse 12 here’s the Endurance of the saints the set apart Ones those that have a testimony of Yeshua hamashiach and Keep the commands And i shall lead the blind that was us By a way they have not known that’s this The way the truth the life The fullness of understanding and past They have not known i lead them i make Darkness light before them and crooked Places straight Straight and narrow These matters i shall do for them and i Shall not forsake them Those who trust in idols who say to the Molded images you are our mighty one Shall be turned back and utterly ashamed Turned back and utterly ashamed There’s a verse for that revelation 21 Verse 27 since we’re dealing with Messiah and prophecy here 21 27 And there shall by no means end to enter

Into it what the city the new heaven the New earth the new jerusalem the new Temple which is yah on earth And there shall no beings enter into it Whatever is unclean neither anyone doing Abomination and falsehood But only those who were written in the Lamb’s book of life And then you go 22 14 Blessed are those doing His yahuwah’s commands so that the Authority shall be theirs unto the tree Of life this is the book of revelation The last chapter of the last book the Last chapter in the new testament Blessed are those doing yah’s commands So that the authority shall be theirs Unto the tree of life and to enter Through the gates into the city but Outside are the dogs and those who Enchant with tr with drugs and those who and the murderers and the Idolaters and all who love to do Falsehood Those who trust in idols who say to Molded images you are our mighty ones Shall be turned back and utterly ashamed Isaiah 42 verse 18 Hear you deaf and look you blind and see Who is blind but my servant or deaf as My messenger whom i send who is blind is He who is at peace blind as a servant of Yahuwah you see much but do not guard Ears are open but do not hear

It has delighted yahuwah for the sake of His righteousness to make the torah Great and esteemed It has delighted Yahuwah For the sake of his Righteousness To make the torah great and esteemed I’m the lord yahuwah sabayath I change not Malachi 3 verse 6. Yeshua i and my father am one echad It has delighted yahuwah for the sake of His righteousness to make the torah Great and esteemed you think messiah did Away with the torah And so what do we have going on here in Verse 19 who is blind but my servant or Death is my messenger whom i send who is Blind is he who is at peace and is blind As a servant of yahuwah this is the Rebuke to those who claim to be in the Family to claim to be walking in the Ways but are not walking in the Let’s ways Matthew uh 15 let’s go matthew 15 Verses 5 through 9. Yeshua’s speaking But you say speaking to the pharisees Well we’ll start at 15 1 Then there came to yeshua scribes and Pharisees from jerusalem saying why do Your taunt ones transgress the tradition

Of the elders That’s what was nailed to the cross by The way For they do not wash their hands when They eat bread by the way this matthew 15 Is one of those verses one of those Chapters That people say it’s not what goes into A man’s mouth that defiles them it’s What comes out therefore i can eat Whatever i want to eat because jesus Said it’s what comes out of your mouth That makes you unclean not what goes in No matthew 15 is not about what food is And what food isn’t matthew 15 You can tell from 15 verse 2 And from 15 verse 20 which bookends the Conversation in matthew 15 Is about eating with unwashed hands it’s Not about whether or not you can eat Swine now that you gave your life to Jesus That’s not what it’s about At all and if you want to cherry pick And pick and choose and take things out Of context at the end of an age when the Father smacks you For your disobedience you’re going to be Very very surprised Matthew 15 1 Then there came to yeshua scribes and Pharisees from jerusalem Saying why do your taunt ones transgress

The tradition of the elders not the law Of yahuwah the tradition of the elders For they do not wash their hands when They eat bread but he yeshua answering Said to them why do you also transgress The command of elohim Because of your tradition What would jesus do He would not care about the traditions Of your elders He would care about the commands of Elohim Well my family’s been doing christmas For generations i’m just not sure we Could give it up why do you also Transgress the command of elohim because Of your tradition For elohim is commanded saying respect Your father and your mother and he who Curses father mother let him be put to Death but you you pharisees say whoever Says to his father or mother whatever Prophet you might have received from me Has been dedicated is certainly released From respecting his father or mother so You have nullified the command of elohim By your tradition You Have nullified the command of elohim By your tradition which is what was Nailed to the stake staros it wasn’t a Cross it was a pole staros greek word Look it up that’s what was nailed to the Stake

In colossians 2 verse 14. Not the law Yeshua continues verse 7 hypocrites Isaiah yeshua who we’re reading right Now rightly prophesied about you saying This people draw near to me with their Mouth and respect me with their lips but Their heart is far from me but in vain They do worship me teaching as teachings The commands of men Now again getting back to the renewed Covenant in hebrews chapter 8 What is the condition of the renewed Covenant for you to be part of the Family that the father’s laws go read it Hebrews chapter 8 verses 6 through 13 That the father’s laws would be in your Mind and written on your heart and then He will be your elohim and you will be His people and he will remember your Sins and literally the word lawlessness No more This people draw near to me with their Mouth and respect me with their lips but Their heart is heart heart is far from Me But in vain they do worship me teaching His teachings the commands Of men Flip back to isaiah 42 Who is blind but my servant or death is My messenger whom i send who is blind is He who is at peace and blind as the Servant of yahuwah you see much but you

Do not guard your ears are open but you Do not hear Compare contrast 21 it has delighted Yahuwah for the sake of his Righteousness to make the torah great And esteemed But this is a people robbed and Plundered all of them are snared in Holes and they are hidden in prison Houses they have become a prey with no One to deliver for plunder and no one Who says restore who among you gives ear To this pays attention and hears for the Time to come Who gave jacob jacob israel for plunder And israel to the robbers was it not Yahuwah He against whom we sinned for they would Not walk in his ways and they did not Obey his torah so how did they sin They would not walk in his ways and they Did not obey his torah Biblically speaking If you are not walking in his ways And not obeying his torah You are sinning First john 3 verse 4 sin is lawlessness And all who do sin do lawlessness that’s Your new testament proof text which Dovetails beautifully here into isaiah 42 24 Was it not yahuwah he against whom we Sinned for they would not walk in his Ways and they did not obey his torah

So he has poured out on him his burning Displeasure and the strength of battle And it set him on fire all around yet he Did not understand and it burned against Him and he did not take it to heart Yeshiyahu 41 And 42. A lot Of meat In this little study Go read it with your own eyeballs don’t Take my word for it Bless y’all Shalom