Prepper Cache 101 – EP 160

By | July 7, 2022

[Applause] The threat of disaster is never pleasant Welcome to the casual preppers podcast These safety measures are essential the Only place for prepping survival and Entertainment this will be your source Of survival instructions and information Every member of the family must be Coached in the business of survival here Are your hosts cam and kobe All right let’s get stuff going here Yeah we’re in a bit of a hurry today so We got our schedule got a little messed Up so it’s gonna be two minute episode Here we go yeah bloody noses are making Things oh my gosh i mean these people Yeah So there’s like Certain things that i’ve always hated in Medicine Bloody noses bloodiness dizziness uh-huh And female problems yeah luckily the Female problems don’t exist but bloody Noses and dizziness they don’t exist Not in ent oh okay i get you yeah yeah That is pretty common but i’m like oh my Gosh unfortunately this one took forever So well what are we going to talk about Today then we’re going to talk about Prepper catchies and we’re going to Catch you up on Right catches we’ve talked about prepper Cash before but it was super basic and We had no idea what we were doing at the

Time Five years ago probably yeah and have You made a cash yourself um no i haven’t Made cash nor have i made a cash Since then so same but this like got me Thinking more seriously about like how You can use them to augment your preps And all that stuff so i like that we’re Gonna get into it all right before we do That i gotta tell you about battle box Guys it is the monthly subscription box For men full of solid gear for adventure Seekers survivalist outdoor enthusiasts And casual preppers each month battlebox Sends you the coolest selection of Hand-picked outdoor survival and Everyday carry gear all valued at far More than what you normally pay you Never know what’s in the next box but Here is a sampling of what users Received this month we don’t have this Yet but the dead fish co Wenge alpine foldable chef knife i Cannot wait that sounds sweet for that Those dead fish knives we got earlier oh They’re my favorite i have two that i Use every day i my wife is like these Are my favorite everything Poop oh everything cutting everything Hoop knife celery Everything involved Same day same day yeah and then the Nikron h35 1000 lumen headlight yeah if We’re gonna go through like a train

Tunnel with that sucker all this badass And starts just 34.99 they’ve shipped Almost a million boxes and won best Men’s subscription box of 2017. our Listeners get a free knife when you sign Up at Casual preppers get your first battle Box plus a free knife when you use our Code casual preppers listener reviews Uh this one’s from april Ace on facebook she’s an ace yeah on Facebook yeah i didn’t even know i Wanted to be a prepper until i found Their podcast these guys are funny Informative and make you feel happy About a subject that people get too Serious or too crazy about it’s Practical and entertaining all at once The advice is solid and reasonable and Their delivery is awesome where i just About butchered there because it makes Me laugh while i’m taking notes or just Listening in the car that that actually Makes me laugh people taking notes Listening to us i’m really sorry Wait scratching [ __ ] out just go back Again This is horrible oh my gosh uh they’re Down to earth and fun but really smart There’s another one And know a lot of stuff yeah we sure do Yeah i used to be prepared 80s movies i Got a lot of knowledge there Uh-huh yeah

I used to be prepared for hurricanes Because i live in florida then i started Doing a little more when coveted hit Because all the people went crazy buying Chicken and toilet paper chicken i love That But now after listening to these guys And taking their advice i’m pretty sure We’re good for a month if we get hit by Some massive storms or a russian power Grid failure thanks for the fun and Great info from april in orlando ah Thank you april that’s awesome that’s it Right there that’s the whole thing you Were prepared for a month yeah way far Way further ahead than anybody else yeah That’s probably all around you and if You guys want to be a part of this Portion of the podcast go to itunes go To facebook leave us a five star review And make it awesome It’s the mad mad world so this one man i Am so sad about this and most people are Kind of happy about it which is weird to Me like i get it but um Investigation underway after the georgia Guidestones bombed They bombed them but here’s the worst Part Did they find any motive or why they Freaking burn well they think it’s like Um Because people think they’re satanic Right and so they think it’s like it’s

Like a christian bombing thing Really they really do So the gbi is searching christ’s life For a suspect And georgia is down one roadside oddity After someone bombed the georgia Guidestones sometimes known as american Stonehenge we did an entire episode on The georgia guidestones they were built In elberton in 1980 and have since Become a subject of a range of Conspiracy theories Former republican gubernatorial Candidate candice taylor called the Stone satanic evil and pledged to issue An executive order to destroy them if Elected so she was happy she praised This whole thing on social media so Basically there was a bomb went off and One of the wings appeared destroyed um And basically they brought in um stuff And demolished the rest of it They did First they’re gone they’re just gone Like they just pushed them over and they Cracked and crumbled everywhere Like what the hell Like i get it people don’t like what was Put on there but it was just a cool Like you know Thing i don’t know there doesn’t need to Be any guidance in america yeah I’m just like i get like you don’t like You know some of the things that said

But it’s just a cool monument like yeah Whatever wow yeah that’s crazy so They’re taken out they’re going who Knows It was like the same day as the large Hadron collider They they took the yeah so people think We’re actually in another dimension now Or something because of all that and This is just guide stones are proof yeah We don’t follow the same rules Yeah um i didn’t have much for the Madman world other than kind of a big Shake up in the uk oh yeah prime Minister boris johnson resigns And uh yeah it took the resignation of Nearly 60 members of his government Almost half the payroll for johnson to Finally abandon his attempts to clean Wow so that’s quite the shake that just Happened today right yeah i’m just like It’s crazy you know these countries and Uh just big powers big Big big big big big big Shake-ups in politics and everything in The united states no more guide stones No more forest johnsons Looks like we’re cruising into some good Times yeah put on your sunglasses people Have everything Grab a lighter Yeah it’s about to get weird anyways That was kind of that was big news to me I was like holy crap that’s crazy

Uh so let’s let’s talk about survival Caches yeah cameron not pepper caches Caches pepper cash pepper yeah i know i Would probably feel just a whole casual Pepper yeah that’d be the worst thing in The world to run out of well for me it’s More like salt like i’d use salt more Than pepper but pepper is a great Condiment seasoning yeah but let’s talk About prepper caches what are they what Do you do with them yeah so a lot of People are wondering What’s the purpose of even building a Cash you got all your stores down in Your basement or at your bug out Location things like that what why would You bury a lot of people bury it yeah Why would you have these individual Little cashies you know for what purpose Do they serve yes um Things you need to consider of why you Would even build one and and why you Want one uh what would your life be like Without the resources you have Accumulated in your home like your homes Wiped out or you your mid You’re between your bug out location and Your home and there’s issues like you Got to think about along the way you Might need to have a spot to restock or Depending on how far you got to go too Right um if you had to leave right at This moment Knowing you have like your gear and

Stuff that we’ve talked about you don’t Know how long you don’t know how far and Having kind of that safety fallback is a Huge It’s an effective survival strategy of Redundancy of Building more Areas for of prepping storage and stuff Like that Uh the more you know the less you carry They say you know carry less and have Access to life-saving supplies you can’t Carry all that like that’s the biggest Difficulty that i run into is like what Uh what are these different things do i Need with me all the time yeah and i Want to take more like even when we went Camping i took some different devices to To test to charge like my phone and Things like that and the water lily’s Great but it’s freaking huge yeah and It’s heavy it’s heavy bulky like it Would take up so much space But i also would love to have it with me So it’s like that’s a perfect thing to Like maybe store away in some little Cache somewhere that you’re like if i Bug out to this Location Um i have ways to recharge devices yeah That’s a great idea Um it’s a good way to split up your Supplies you have extra supplies you Have you know your bags are full you’re

Prepared in every way you have these Extra things it’s a good place to kind Of keep them safe for You never know you know yep maybe the Top of the earth gets peeled off and Probably nothing it’s got nothing on top Yep um And it also helps you to not put Everything in one place either in the Bug out location you got you know two Locations that could be compromised you Don’t have it all there like everybody’s Seen that episode probably on The walking dead where they like go into What are the crossroads and they bury Their guns that’s right their guns in a Bag outside of the facility and they go In and luckily they were there yep they Had a weapons cap that’s kind of cool um And it obviously would be a very good Support for a bug out plan and we’ll Talk about why like yeah the different Strategies you can use with a cache Um And there’s just those scenarios you Just don’t know like when all of your Plans can fall apart you’re on plan d at That point yeah and luckily Something that’s stored hidden away Is Very You know less likely to ever be Disturbed so that’s just kind of that That super insurance plan of having a

Cash Um And and for me like i work over In another town if i couldn’t get back There’s no way i’m going to go that Whole way with one bag probably yeah i Could but it’s like it’d be nice to have Like along the way some little perfect For you to have something between here Yeah and i thought about that too i’m Like i’d probably put it on like well I’m not gonna tell you guys yeah let me Tell you where exactly off the main road Yeah that would be somewhere hidden away That’s like i have more water here i Don’t need to carry that much water yeah Anyways but that that’s kind of like the Scenarios and the reasons you should Consider developing or making your own Cash yeah you know and a lot of people Think well what do i have to put in These most people think cash yeah Firearms enamel that’s the biggest thing When people think of it it makes a lot Of sense because you’re just like Yeah you’re going to lose those you Don’t want to carry them with you all The time and that’s a great thing but There’s a bunch of other things you can Think about putting in these and like Cam said cash is one of them Money you know some extra money you’re Going from one place to another Maybe you got robbed or whatever it

Might be there’s so many scenarios where Some extra cash would come in hand in Your cash it’s a cash cash i don’t Usually discover card yeah exactly Um medical supplies is another big one To put in these because Again when you think about what to put In them it’s the basics it’s the things That you need to survive if you don’t Have anything with you right so we talk About metal medical supplies firearms And ammo food and water that’s that’s a Big one you know um Maps and navigation tools yeah who knows It where you might need to navigate or Where you might need to go you might Have somebody end up with you didn’t Expect like yes your friend’s kid yeah You’re just like i don’t have all or Enough for this yeah like good thing you Have Along the way that you can give them Some supplies a clothing of any type you Know warm weather clothing whatever it Might be in the winter you got to get This and you got to keep warm right Tools and knives whatever those tools Are like a million different things Multi-tools and Knives and and all that kind of stuff Communication tools could be very vital Two-way radios Um And having like like little ones yeah

Maybe you’ve had the simple one stored Away somewhere exactly Fire starting tools again that’s just a Life-saving item that you could have Water purification items that one’s huge Pretty much i think any cash you make You should have something like that in There batteries and power yeah batteries You’re gonna need those uh all of them Yep d c A marvel triple a yeah um Hygiene items You gotta you gotta stay i didn’t see it I think you did see dc yeah um hygiene Items so keeping yourself clean and Healthy a huge deal shelter building Items like a tarp Or a cordage Maybe a little tent whatever it might be A shelter and then Entertainment items especially when There’s kids involved whether whether Whether it be Where’s my phone where’s my buried It’s somewhere on youtube to have it you Haven’t used it for a while exactly So those are just some ideas that’s it’s Not limited to those things but when You’re thinking about a cache those are The types of things we’re talking about And i’m going to go through cache types There’s when you go on the internet There’s a million types of of caches That you can look at and they all have

Like these different names some of them Are very very similar so all the ones i Found so many like yeah holy crap so i Put all these in here so we could just Discuss them all so If you’re online looking You understand what they’re talking About right so let’s talk about those Different types the first one is the Primary equipment cache so this is Basically a cache just in case your House is either like destroyed or you Can’t get to it um in the same with your Bug out location this contains like a Basic full loadout that you would need To get through any sort of shgf Situation so this is like A pretty big damn cache this isn’t just A little like you know things this has Food this has tools this has weapons Buried walmart yeah yeah it’s it’s like A freaking bunker that you’ve buried so That’s the primary equipment cache The next one i want to talk about is a Travel cache So this is kind of what what cam’s Talking about i think with his In-between work and home but it’s great For like a bug out route cache or Something or if you’re try if you know You’re traveling somewhere so it Contains food fuel meds ammo anything Else you need to sustain a journey and The biggest one we talk about is your

Bug out route right maybe you’ve left Home Sorry man i still got this tickle in my Throat Maybe you’ve left home And uh you you weren’t able to get your Bug out bag you weren’t able to get the Gear you wanted so you know that you can Stop halfway and you can get into this Travel cache and you’ve got some stuff To get you to where you’re going and Just a little bit of extra gear to to Make things better The next is the waypoint cache this is Kind of similar to a travel cache It’s basically a series of caches along Your most likely escape route from Either your bug out um Location or your home or things like That so this could be put anywhere along A journey so a travel cache and a Waypoint cache are kind of the same Thing so i just put those both together So you kind of knew when someone says i Got a waypoint cash or you mean a travel Cash and you guys can argue over it Because it doesn’t matter in british we Call it a travel cap yeah exactly And then we have the car waypoint cash This one if you’re driving some sort of Vehicle this is a repair kit or spare Parts for that vehicle that you might Need I don’t know yeah i mean that’s that’s a

Big I don’t know what do you what are you Determining my glove box out and bury it Yeah i mean what are you gonna need i Know like maybe if there’s something That is regularly wrong 351 yeah if There’s something Like you you need spark plugs all the Time or if you need some sort of belt All the time like that’s kind of a thing I guess that you would put in there but I think consider switching vehicles yeah You’re like yeah i’m just gonna bury you Somewhere Instead i’m gonna put new tires down There cause these are wearing out you’re At autism buying a new belt well let’s Get a couple more of those i’m going to Bury them around town just in case you Know sing them on stuff As a bell right there yeah that won’t Work good i ain’t going to throw time And chain off this nah now my starter Keeps going out just give me three of Them Barry one of them Coming back on these yeah so that’s the Car waypoint cash then you have the exit Then you have the primary equipment Travel waypoint car waypoint this is so Crazy i kept reading all these and i’m Like holy crap man people get really Specific on their types of caches well Before you get going any further what

Cast you talking about yeah we got a Whole bunch to pick from we need to Argue over it i swear people open as a Cash store i know we got your eggs out Cash got your operations cash transition Cash yeah where do i find my exile cash Well that’s on road g right next to the Car See it up there yeah car waypoint cash Is right next to it just look right There there’s cash along the way if you Want snacks We got snack cashes all along For you welcome to the welcome to the Cash cash It’d be the cash cash cash cash i call My register to cash cash the cash Register cash cash the cash cash Register cash Cash I’m gonna go to the bathroom and do some Some So are you paying matter cash you’re Playing with cat you’re paying with cash Or credit cause we only take cash at the Cash cash that is only cash here cash Only at the cash it’s a credit cash over There every cash cash Oh man oh hell But they do there’s a lot of those my Name’s cash i run a cash cash you’re Paying with cash or credit cause yeah We’re playing johnny cash right now [Laughter]

Oh well man it’s a great store that’s Amazing this place is crazy they put a Lot of time on to this hell that’s Awesome this is a time cast catch me Down at the catch catcher We play johnny cash yeah any cash you’re Looking for cash only yes So we got the exile cash this like Imagines kind of the worst case scenario In which you have been forced to flee Wherever you were When the crisis or emergency kind of First hit right in this case you fled The scene with nothing other than the Clothes you’re standing in like that’s All you got right and so um once you get To this exile cache now you got stuff Right this is where you like you have Everything you need to meet your Immediate survival needs in some sort of Emergency or disaster because you Couldn’t get back to your stuff so this Could be kind of anywhere right it’s Just a hand grenade and a bible that’s All you need buddy some triscuits Yeah yeah gotta have triscuits too Fire starter and a good substance yeah But i guess you gotta have water too Because you can’t eat one triscuit Without a gallon of water 16 gallons of water after water yeah it Like just sucks up everything in your Body it kind of sucks it kind of sucks And then we got the operations cache

So this one is like a I now for all you operators out there Mission specific type gear for like a Pre-planned operation or scenario Probably most of us don’t need to worry About it because this is going to be Like firearms and ammo you need some Like specific ammo or a specific Gear for some sort of an operation right Yeah so like you’re saying we’re going To be out on a river because these guys Are coming in here so we’re going to and So we’re going to bury this cache so we Have more gear when we get out there so That’s like an operations cache okay Then we have a transition cast not like A Box full of like A bunch of knives and scalp No no this is this is something Different than that Then we have the transition cache uh This is for You know like maybe you’re you’re bugged Out into the mountains or you’re in some Sort of a rural um place um but you’re Gonna be moving into the city once in a While to do some scavenging or whatever It might be so you have a cache that’s Kind of along the way that has some gear Maybe for scavenging or for blending in Or some some actual cash to go into the City so that’s something um scavenging Tools all those kind of things so that’s

The transition cache between it’s got Women’s clothes that you can wear yeah It’s got voice closures Transition yeah dreams apocalypse yep Then we have a temporary cache this One’s not forever It’s temporary so this dissolves over Time it does yeah it’s like those Stitches They just fall right out and buried for Five years i’ve got one more year and It’s gonna dissolve better go use it So this is great when you think like an Shtf situation is headed your way and You might have to leave your home base For a bit or maybe Even if you’re about to head out Into an area that you think might be Hostile or like a city or something like That and so you want to cash some stuff To keep it safe in case you get mugged Or jumped or whatever it might be so That’s kind of a temporary cash Basically bury a bunch of stuff And then you go do your thing and you Come back and get it right It happens like that’s like the episode The walking dead episode yeah exactly Temporary cash it’s funny because you Know um trevor lives across the street From me i heard the story his wife was Telling my wife where they went to Something at one of the arenas in salt Lake and he’s like oh crap i got my

Knife with me and he parked like a mile Away so he just walked around the corner By some bushes and buried his knife Yeah and then he came back and got it on His way out okay this is a temporary Cash right I thought that was awesome There’s been times when i’ve carried Stuff though yeah I know like you stick it somewhere that You’re like Like homie homie did the same thing my Brother-in-law he was going on a flight And he’s like crap i’ve got my knife With me he stashed it in the air no he Well he saw somebody coming out and he Gave it to him oh instead he’s like They’re gonna take this from me you want It no kidding that’s i don’t know like It’s a weird thing to accept a knife From some dude in the airport I guess i can’t carry handguns on the Plane they told me hand grenades were no Good on on jetblue please take this Right now hurry I’m running yeah i don’t want anybody to Take it that’s a weird thing but yeah so That’s kind of a temporary cache and Then the last one is the field expedient Cache This is like a kind of another temporary Style cache if you’re looking to lighten Your load for a bit for one reason or Another so you can just stash it

Keep it you know keep some gear with you Keep some in the stash run around to Your thing come back and get it yeah you Know that’s the field expedia fanny pack Like uh or a buck you know those butt Packs that’s clip on sure yeah and they Bought them on and off yeah take it off Yep so that morning Those are all the types of caches that You could look at it doesn’t really Matter you can call whatever you want That was all just a bunch of bs anyways But um you can call me you take my notes Bought it up throwing the dress roaming My truck i thought this was going Somewhere put them in my trash And i’m gonna throw it away yeah but Yeah um You know i want to talk about the world Right now And now things are super crazy Uh cyber crime has just become a huge Problem a lot of people are doing stuff From home everybody’s going online Shopping they are covet has pushed Everybody into this Corner That you got to watch out for so there’s A way you can protect yourself when you Go online it is by using surf shark for Vpn that is super affordable and Probably the easiest one i’ve ever used The nice thing about a vpn is it shields You

From unwanted Website Ads Even like unsafe emails and things like That they have even an antivirus now if You sign up you’ll get an antivirus Software with it for the same price Um If you’ve if you’ve not ever used a vpn I’m i’m telling you this is like the Easiest one you just turn on the app you Click it it Finds a server for you And then there you are surfing from France i don’t know how that works it’s Pretty rad it’s super crazy and you can Even stream Uh channels and stuff from that country Because it puts you put you in that Country puts your ip as if you’re in That country crazy stuff i don’t know How it all works but it keeps you safe Because they can’t trace it back to your House or to your device One subscription will give you Access on all of your devices that’ll Connect to the internet yeah i don’t Know about the sega or the lynx or the Handheld Gameboy i don’t know about those but Most of them it will uh for 2.21 cents a month with our code that’s Less than 60 bucks for a full 24 plus three months so 27 total months

Of Uh Vpn and antivirus software You just go to casual Peppers Put in that code it’ll just Put it in automatic for you but you can Type it into casual preppers 30 days you Can try it out if you don’t like it get Your money back but i’m telling you for 60 bucks you will not find anything Better to protect the online hell no no Way Um so locations so now you got your Cashies yeah your temporary full Operational Uh gun cash or whatever you call it Ready to be exiled gun ammo cash Cowboy Southern utah north east west yeah 0.25 It’s all ready to go now you got to pick A location and how to be careful about Storing it and protecting it and making Sure nobody gets to it Um a couple of items before you choose a Location You need to find a place that you can Guarantee access yeah you’re not gonna Bury it in the great salt lake and then Come back to find it’s underwater you Can do some swimming or scuba gear oh Yeah or on some river bend that ends up Being like washed out so exactly you’ve Got to make sure and it’s also like a

Location that you can still get on maybe It’s going to be private land at some Point or they’re building on or they Build a mall over the top of it you Never know that sounds like the Beginning of a like a horror movie yeah 20 years ago they built a mall they Didn’t know they built it over a prepper Cash It’s usually like an indian burial Ground but it’s a prepper burial ground Now It comes now an ancient evil awakes Carrying it carrying a multi-tool five Five six and a fire starter And a bandana and a triangle bandage Yeah so um make sure that the place that You’re gonna store is easily accessible It’s gonna continue to be accessible It’s not gonna be a development Built underneath uh good luck Port-a-potty or something like that so It’s good you gotta don’t do it under a Porta potty you know that’s a good place And then we’re gonna dig it And we’re gonna go after that um And then urban environments they get a Little bit trickier you know you’ve got To figure out how to hide it in a highly Populated area Um Abandoned buildings can be good but they Also can be torn down at any moment like Yeah we have a couple around town that

I’m always like are they gonna get rid Of that or is it just gonna stay for Like the coca-cola place i always think About that too i’m like that’s a good Place you gotta take pictures there it’s Pitcher pilots or whatever He’s smiling in the back it’s like a big Old like f word yeah we did a video There once we did it So but you know they could be good Depending on how long it’s been there And if you think it’s going to last for A long time it could be a good location Yeah um But yeah uh urban environments can be Tricky so you have to we’ll talk a Little bit about some of those places And then areas that flood that have a Really high water level yeah you might Dig down and find your boxes all soiled And gross cash soup ten years from now Right i got my food cash soup cash Just build it as a big old filter just All the water it seems like it’s filled Through you guys i’ve got pure water Inside hell yeah there’s a water cast What’s those ones that we have are you Throwing in the water and oh yeah they Puff up the osmotic ones yeah the ground Just like just bury a bunch of bubble Under the ground you must have a bunch Of those But um you gotta be cautious of like Digging down to an area that you know

Yeah say you’re in louisiana louisiana Uh new orleans new orleans yeah both of Those Places you gotta watch out yeah they are New orleans is in louisiana that’s true That’s true i’m just thinking real quick And it’s not working out norms You know maybe utah maybe salt lake Baton rouge i don’t know Down they can’t go clear over the Wyoming or clear across the state Clear across the country to shine maybe Gold or siberia i don’t know maybe in Russia think about that yeah yeah Something like that but um Yeah so you got to put some planning Into the uh location because it could Change over time geography yeah Volcanoes and stuff yeah watch out for That um when you’re going to actually Store your device somewhere you gotta You gotta do a little recon see i stored Mine in the georgia guidestones well ah Crap Somebody’s got a bunch of nice filters Now mostly backpacks and knives in there Look at what we found there’s got stones Guided just right to it Um So you need to have some protection from Discovery obviously you don’t want to Stash it somewhere that somebody’s gonna Be like so we Look at all this stuff i just found

Um The ability to like Find it easily yourself so you don’t get You know i’m gonna hide it out in the Middle of the woods that you don’t know Yeah and you can never find it again I’ve done that a million times on easter Oh yeah hot eggs where i think i know And then they’re all yeah Um Another thing People often bury these and There’s a lot of searchers with metal Detectors old men so you got to be Careful yeah so Consider like storing it in pvc or Something like that or if you do have a Metal box or something you’re planning To bury you’ve got to set up a little Decoy yeah like a license plate so when They get the beep beeping dig down and They’re like oh a little bit nice now And then they’re done they don’t go any Deeper Um just little things like that and if You’re uh If you’re you gotta pro practice some op Sec yeah you are going out in the middle Of the day Digging a hole Out in the woods yeah carrying something In and then come back with nothing in Your hands something’s gonna be Suspicious also it’s suspicious in the

Evening as well right it’s nighttime Yeah yeah Um but you know you’ve got to be very Careful of how you go about taking your Cash and storing it because i’m telling You people are as snoopy as freaking Kids oh yeah like kobe and i always try And go film somewhere Secluded so it’s quiet and there’s no Trucks and something come driving up Rolling down their windows looking Around they don’t even say anything yeah Like just watch snoop around yeah It drives us nuts but that’s what i Usually take off my shirt and start Dancing they’re like oh hell let’s get Out of here you know weirdos that Weirdos out in the woods but they will Like you’d be surprised people watching All the time yeah um my mom’s a good Neighborhood watch lady she probably Knows where all the cash is stored 100 So Um but going out in the woods you know With a large thing coming back with the Shovel and nothing else in your hand Somebody’s probably gonna go try and Find her mom doesn’t even have a Neighborhood does she there ain’t that Many people oh she can’t see down real Quick okay she said there’s not a lot of Houses right there no they’re spread out But But she knows she knows she knows what’s

Going on she sees it um Obviously it’s a little better hiding Your cache at night but Unless you Plan on doing it without headlights and Stuff or a headlamp or something like That you probably look more suspicious So creepy you just got to go into Planning this uh As best as possible to avoid suspicion Yeah um maybe take your dead cat out With you too so i’m just burying my cat Everybody Yeah we got that big backpack what no no No It’s about to shut up It sounds like you had an indian accent What what what are you talking about Do not follow me This is very very important Go away it’s very deep do not follow me Do not follow sun jeep under the wood I didn’t bury my curtain rice cash Um That was not good number That wasn’t Yeah So uh try to find other reasons to dig a Hole out there maybe you’re like you Said that was a good thing maybe you’re Going out to bury your dead cat yeah um There’s always a dead cat around you Right and some people are carrying by The tail out there it’s pretty obvious

Just whipping them around i just gotta Bury my cat look at me bearing this cat I’m gonna put it in my backpack Don’t put it in your backpack that’s Gross Um and then Maybe cover up your tracks like don’t Leave a big indentation in the ground Mound that’s like six feet high Didn’t even bury it deep just like yeah Threw a backpack on the ground and just Threw dirt And branches over i hope that works That’ll work let’s throw a bunch of Leaves on top of it i don’t know where It’s at yeah um some people are like Maybe when you get done um Burying it you can plant a little bush Or a flower right sure but obviously you Want to pick something that grows Naturally out there Yeah you don’t want to grow throw an Apricot tree out there or something In the middle of the forest put in a Like a Cactus What about like a little headstone you Know Like there’s something nobody wants to Go digging that’s dirty i would put one Of those there And then the dream catcher that dream Catcher would be like that’s freaky heck No i’m not messing with that grave i

Don’t need that spirit following me Around Yeah that’s a good idea so what i mean And we just came up with that right on The spot we didn’t even try that hard You can’t find something better in your Brain You just came up with a headstone with a Dreamcatcher on it yeah yeah so um or Maybe just some like I’ll tell you one thing i wouldn’t mess With it’s just like some dirty whitey Tighties like nobody’s gonna dig around That spot oh and like a used condom or Something You know Yeah that work i think that’ll do the Trick yeah do the trick Um Toxic goo Of some sort yeah talking some slime That’s true just like have a half buried Like sign that shows minds or something Yeah Come on into it like a real slow push in On your camera You know some smoke coming out of it you Can watch many of those movies too many Movies too many 80s movies yeah um areas To consider uh You could hide it in plain sight you Know maybe there’s a pile of old pieces Of wood Cash

Let’s just start digging and hitting Cash well i’ll put it right inside this Cash i found a pile of old cashes on the Road i’ll put mine in with them ain’t Nobody gonna know bury cash here yeah That’s just a sign nobody ever guess [Laughter] Well i went to barry and there’s a sign Said bear your cash here so i did Um like old wood piles things that yeah One creepy place but a good place that People aren’t gonna probably dig up as a Cemetery yeah You do look weird digging in the center Go to grandma grandma’s grave and then Right next to the headstone put your Cash right there maybe when grandma dies Do some pre-planning and get a headstone That has like a little thing that pops Out you put your cash in there and it Goes back down that’s good yeah Um or when you’re doing the viewing yeah Just like kiss your forehead push it Down by your feet All day yeah and just drop it in there That’s my phone I’ll drop my phone in there oh anyway Yeah That was a good one why does grandma Have a water filter in her blouse Who did this Where’s her triangle bandage tight Around her neck I don’t know

I just know i just wanted to tell you Before grandma died she asked me to be Buried with a triangle band she’s a Nurse in the world water filter Uh 257 right here on this list yeah Dinner will 100 rounds of five five six She wanted it by her side all the time i Love you grandma Ak-47 she’s like dumping out ammo onto Her lap She loves her stuff yeah this is her Favorite emerald she believes in Valhalla whatever she has with Winchester was her favorite brand Wrestling p’s grandma Oh that’d be awesome anyways okay yeah Do that do that that is what we would Recommend um obviously burying it Somewhere in the forest or around the Farm or something like that yeah uh in Old furniture Okay this is more like in in your house Or something like you could do a cash in Your house or uh If you’re a redneck you have it out Front but that’s true Yeah um honey why is there some stuff in A recliner what is it this isn’t as Cushy as it remembers like there’s a box In here there’s an ammo box in here What’s happening um At your friend’s place quit looking Kobe’s house could be my cash location For sure it already is he doesn’t know

It but it is yeah at your mom’s house Yeah you can store it at your mom’s House um that’s your mom’s house yeah Uh storage units are talked about a lot On these websites for cash storage Because they could they could they could Be awesome for Uh like a bug out location Like a little spot that you could stop And sleep and have power to They’re also probably gonna be one of The first things hit when things go okay People started you know they’re gonna be Like garage wars yeah apocalyptic Version i need some old furniture so Some they’re like saying maybe do it on The mid floor maybe do it in one that’s Pretty highly secured that you have Access to but you could easily make it a Really good cash location it could be a Cache itself or also have a bed in there I mean it could be a good bug out Location they have those like nice new Ones that are like all enclosed yeah They’re like air conditioning yeah those Are the best ones not here but at in Places i’ve heard in town in town yes Civilizations right Um you could go for a cave yeah because I’ve thought about it i’ve thought about That too yeah it’d be a good spot like If you can find a dirt pile inside one Yeah um or just make it look like a rock It’s my cash right here right you just

Tip over uh wait nope i just destroyed That stalagmite Whoops so lag might um you could store It in a power box Like those little uh Phone line ones nobody wants to mess With them because they don’t want to get In trouble yeah you could just stash a Little stash in there until they tell They have to go work on cash dash yeah Yeah that’s true Um Uh walls or false walls You can hide stuff in there sure i’ve I’ve worked on Jobs when i was helping my uncle as an Electrician and found the weirdest crap In walls like restorations i’m like what The hell hey corey found this yeah corey Yep One of One of them was like a totally like Crafting set of underwear oh gosh Something like that in the wall i’m Gonna hide this one my mom doesn’t know What i don’t want mom they were like Adult-sized Like a crab a painting that’s my wife’s Seat punch a hole in the sheet rock and Tuck it down in there my wife sees this Is in the line for our marriage isn’t Going in the wall What do i do Um

Ductwork’s a good place yeah ron swanson Yeah he had a bug out he did Um Underwater so this is one i’ve thought About too because like if you had a good Location The river’s been there forever you know Use a couple of the cobblestones how Long have we ever been here i’m gonna Look in the books hey dad was this here When you were little yeah this river but It’s not gonna change yeah in the tree God you could probably store something For eternity in dry fork like that river Barely has water going through it ever There’s a bunch of big stones you can Hide a good amount in there Um Some of some of the locations that are Also on the list are also On the list of a lot of people said Don’t store in these locations yeah Abandoned buildings obviously like i Said during a disaster they get burned They could get removed easily people Could like occupy them during an Apocalypse yeah that’d be awkward it Sure would uh can i use your bathroom Yeah i’d like to use your do you have a Bathroom Do you have all the boards ripped up Sorry about that i really had to go Commercial storage could be overrun um May not have access if it’s a power like

If it’s like security locks are all Digital and stuff like that Apartment building basement storage Never thought about that but yeah there Was a lot of those like abandoned Places in uh like our in our uh in where My parents lived there’s an old church And like i’ve thought about down Underneath there like i’d be it’s like a Bunker down there yeah but those places Uh you never know what your access is Gonna be to them so don’t don’t hide Them in a place that’s gonna be too hard For you to get to yeah that you’re gonna Have to go through or go through the Middle of town to get or something like That um Ways to find your cash obviously you’re Gonna want to come up with some like Encrypted Uh version of a map maybe some signal Like A little graffiti above it or something That you recognize only you or whoever’s In your group Geocaching could be useful but it has to You have to use an app that could you Know could be hacked or anything like That i randomly found a geocache one Time see just out just Hiking that’s so you see it so Um Nice but you may lose power you may also Have it uh

Unintentionally accessed yep Markers uh you can just put little like Trail markers in certain places that People aren’t gonna normally look at or Even recognize what to do with there’s Like oh there’s a Reflector up in that tree yeah oh well i Know you see those all the time like What is that there for yeah a shoe Hanging from a branch there’s probably Some cash around here it must be Kids started digging yeah i saw the Reebok these are a body or cash one of The two we’re hitting gold Um And then again you can hide it in plain Sight you can put it in a a pile of wood Some stones maybe a stone wall maybe Castle whatever That one got to you huh that one really Choked me out castle My grandparents living again when we Talk about Caches uh a lot of times we talk about The containers that they go in right There’s a lot of different options here The things you need to think about Though mostly are is it waterproof Because if your cash gets all wet it Ain’t worth dick anymore it’s all wet But then there’s also you want to make Sure it’s animal proof like a rodents And insects and things like that Whatever it might be so you want to make

Sure they can’t get into it and the last One is corrosion proof because over time It could corrode and all those types of Things so let’s talk about some of the The most popular cash container styles And types number one is pvc This one is used a lot it’s really Inexpensive it’s available like all Hardware stores There are performance for pvc it stands For pvc Polyvatricular Carbonate they’re designed to be buried Underground yeah so that’s why they’re They’re so great that’s what they’re for And they’re not metal like cam said so You can’t they’re not like a the metal Detectors aren’t gonna set them off Unless you have something metal in them Right it’s an excellent diy project that Really doesn’t require that much and Just make sure it’s 100 waterproof by Sealing it up really good because you Can’t just put it in a pipe and put some Duct tape on the ends and say yeah i got A cash you got to be careful yeah the Second one is garbage cans a lot of People use like a huge garbage can or a Barrel for their survival cash it’s it’s An obvious choice but it can present a Lot of challenges too because you have To figure out how to seal that thing up To be a hundred percent water metal ones Or any other metal or plastic whatever

It might be And Those things are humongous try burying One of those dig a hole that big is not Easy yeah our hamster died and i had to Bury it and i felt like that was the Hardest thing ever yeah it’s like not Easy is it no Seriously so um you might want to go for Like one of those medium-sized garbage Cans they can be tightly sealed but a Garbage can is a way you can go those Protective containers things like the Pelican cases like we have a lot of These at work we use them for our Cameras and you can actually get those Relatively inexpensive like at um harbor Freight yeah Um they’re nice because they um most of Them are waterproof And um they’re they can withstand the Elements because they’re made from Probably what i would use Something like that Yeah so and they’re relatively Inexpensive so that’s not a bad way to Go Some people will use plastic buckets you Can put a bunch of stuff in there put a Waterproof lid on it you’re pretty much Ready to go right You can look into the food grade plastic Buckets that have the screw on lids i Think those work out really really well

But again that’s a pretty big hole so Yeah you’ve got to dig to if you’re Going to bury it right yeah if you live Where we are you’re going to hit a Freaking massive oh yeah gigantic rock Yep Um ammunition boxes and a lot of people Use those if you have a waterproof seal Those are great but the rs is still Susceptible to corrosion and rust so you Have to and right about this and Rednecks yeah they’re looking for those They can just like they got a radar for Those suckers You know nobody just buried an ammo can Yeah let’s give the busch light and head Over there figure it out I’m going to dig it up with me Side by side yeah Turn on kid rock we’re going You know Um Some other things Where that cash um some other things to Think about like i’ve seen where people Bury like an entire rifle like just like In a garbage bag surrounded by some foam You can do it It’s doable yeah especially after a Murder of some type people do that But you could do it as a weapons cache You know Um You could use just even a small thermos

Yeah thermas thermos they’re moss yeah Um you know they um they um They seal up well so you can put some Stuff in those oil drums again that’s They’re big though some people use Suitcases they aren’t air or watertight But in some situations if you’re hiding It in plain sight it could be okay i Gotta go to work yeah just hitting off On my trip if i become ceo i already Know where to get my exactly yeah um Mylar bags these are great but you Usually use those in conjunction with Other types of cases but that just Ensures like if you have food or Something like that that the eve they Stay fresh and they stay you know no Bugs and air and all that crap so sealed Number 10 cans Those are great Bury them yeah all right i want to bury The ones we have exactly get them out of The way they’re freaking huge um even Like ziploc bags people use pistols and Ammo in there you could bury it in a Pinch for a short-term situation you Know if you put a pistol and some ammo In a ziploc bag bury it towels carry Mine all day long oh yeah for sure yeah She’s working Couldn’t afford the you know gun uh Cabinet yep so i just have ziploc cap And crunch and 22. Is it crunch berries or regular captain

Crunch oh no it’s captain carringer yeah I don’t like the crunch berries i like The yellow stuff yeah they’re too i like To mix i like the mix see i don’t i Don’t like all the berries man too many Berries your poop comes out like Technicolor i ain’t worried about my Poop so much just the taste oh it does There’s too much berry it tastes like Red 40. oh yeah it’s got that weird like Chemical taste yeah yeah so no it’s Regular people are like throwing stuff At their phone right now you idiots Crushed berries yeah everybody have the Berries Communists Um So also just remember that your cash Doesn’t necessarily have to be buried Right you can just stash a bag or a kit Somewhere and it’s a cash you know maybe Put it at work that’s your work cash Stack you know what i mean you don’t Have to bury it it’s not like a Necessity yeah it’s obviously that ain’t Qualified until it’s very nice Ain’t no cash Hell You see my cash well that ain’t a cash Something until it’s in the ground Believe me i know caches I know caches um so Like you could just have a cache in your Vehicle in your workplace

At a friend’s house a family’s house so You don’t have to bury it but that’s Just kind of typically what people do Right that’s it man that’s like that’s Caches it’s super simple yes get your Cash ready yeah and again just look it Up figure out what’s best for you and Then do it yeah okay but before we move On i got to tell you today’s podcast is Brought to you by tacpak it is the only Monthly tactical subscription box with Useful professional grade stuff inside Use our code casual preppers you’re Going to get a free bag of edc gear Along with your first month’s tack pack Head to And use our code if you like free stuff Yeah that’s a good way to go easiest way To get free stuff yeah you probably just Bury that thing and be your cash Seriously you know what i mean Yeah We we got a crate club yeah did you know That cam i didn’t know we didn’t so here It is the first one is the arcane Concerted arc band these things are Actually pretty cool they are pretty Cool they’re great little uh things for Packs and gear arcing Arcane concerted arc back Then we have the grail 16.9 ounce ultra Press purifier those things are freaking Badass i love them they are then we have The utility faraday bags for tablets and

Multiple devices and these are from Silent pocket right oh yeah those are Awesome they make some great stuff they Do good quality good quality then we Have the light band active 520 Oh boy Boy boy see everything sing it feel Nothing Then we have the bushnell backtrack mini Gps you want to put a a cash out you Could probably use this to find it That’s cool yep and then we have the Kali loha big kahuna compression sack Yeah Sacks gotta have a sack in there and Then the last item is the fox edge Anunnaki folder Planet x or whatever you know oh that’s That big dog he has a big old dog That’s the latest crate club so that’s Pretty cool there’s a big knife yeah Guys that’s all we have for you today Thank you so much for listening make Sure you’re subscribed make sure you’re Following us on all the platforms uh and Stay survived