Bear Independent at Self Reliance Expo (PG-13)

By | July 7, 2022

What you’re about to see is the talk That i gave at the self-reliance At the soe Special operations equipment Headquarters with john willis On 12 june 22. John pulled me aside before this talk And said bear go hard these people need It I think that i did As such this is a pg-13 Video so you’ve been warned there’s a Bit of spicy language in here but a lot Of good information as well I just want you to think about when you When you were growing up if you had a Mom and a dad you go to mom for some Things often she was a bit gentler than Dad not in all cases So on day one i gave you a talk about Community I’m mom and dad is coming on next don’t Worry that’s not an actual relationship There he has a lovely wife But when i first became aware of bear Independent it was because tornadoes had Ripped through tennessee And kentucky And for those of you who follow my Podcast you know that every time we’ve Had hurricanes that are obliterating Things we would put together teams of People through citizens assisting

Citizens and get them there as fast as Possible with basic necessities like Feminine products Baby formula diapers water we we had a Situation in harvey where we found a Senior center that had run out of water And they were about to drink from a Polluted fountain and we came up with Cases of water and we probably saved Some lives that day because old people Don’t do dehydration well nobody does Dehydration well but if you’re frail It’s even worse and when i saw what bear Was doing To just go out feed people see what they Need and take care of it and he was Getting so much mileage I was like yeah that cat’s cool That cat’s cool so then i go to his Youtube channel he’s a prepper i’m like Oh no We know how preppers are So i watched his intro video and he’s Very clear this is what we are going to Talk about and this is what we’re not Going to talk about i’m like this cat’s Really cool And i’ve gotten to know His youtube channel since i first Discovered you and I admire the fact that he is who he is First of all on his youtube channel that He’s not afraid to take action and call It like he sees it which i hope he will

Do today And That he understands there are times When you just gotta take it in hand And get [ __ ] done so i’m gonna call bear Up to talk to us about building Community [Applause] How about now there we go the beard Interferes All right so they gave me the awesome Time slot immediately after lunch on the Hottest day of the week so Are you awake Okay cool My name’s bear i’m from the internet um [Laughter] So i’m a prepper but i hate that word Because i think most preppers buy [ __ ] Put on put it on the shelf Never learn how to use it they don’t Actually develop skills they don’t Develop relationships they don’t develop Intel they don’t develop networks and so They have the stuff And they conflate Ownership of the stuff with expertise in The using of the stuff and i hate that Because good people are going to die if You do that stuff and i don’t want good People to die I’m supposed to talk to you today about Community and we’re probably going to do That i’ve actually been hearing the word

Community over and over and over again Over there in the in the garage burn Thing whatever it is Underneath this tent which is awesome Thank you for putting this together Super cool Well wherever she went bless her that’s Awesome Um Who am i i’m bear from the internet i Own four businesses and two ministries I have been preparing since Hurricane katrina i was a fema Contractor and i saw how terrible fema Is at their job and i was like yeah i’m Not doing this man and i was a group of One at that time which is super easy to Prep for And at the time my idea was like rifle Rucksack good pair of boots good to go Then i met my wife and it turns out okay This complicates things significantly When it comes to logistics and also She has a vote so And then kids and so forth and so on and Um i actually i get this question all The time how do i get my wife on board I want to prep she doesn’t want prep how Do i get my wife on board How do i get my husband on board thank You and we’re going to do q a So we’re going to touch on that because I don’t want to get up here and Pontificate for 45 minutes i want to

Talk for a little bit and then do some q A right and so my wife came to me one Day and she said hey um i don’t want to Eat beans and rice forever when the World ends I said yeah me either But you’re in charge of that cool idea And so then my wife started with the Food storage and now praise the most High we have awesome food storage Like so you give somebody a purview and Allow them to operate within it right i Also told my wife with prepping I’m going to take zero dollars out of Our our annual budget our monthly budget Our weekly budget So you are used to an existence which Requires x amount of money i’m taking no Money away from that but i am going to Work more hours i am going to sell [ __ ] That i don’t need i am going to murder Our debts that we have more revenue to Work with i’m not taking a dime out of Your pocket i’m not taking a dime out of The household but We still have to do this stuff over here And When we were first getting started she Thought this prepper [ __ ] was crazy we Had a closet in the hallway in a three Bedroom two bath in north texas that was You couldn’t open the door it would kill You all the stuff would fall out right And that was the prepper closet

And then as my understanding grew it’s Like this closet is nothing It’s cool guys stuff it’s a few mres It’s a little bit of water this is not Enough right And so My wife gradually got on board because i Was unapologetic i just kept doing it She’s like i don’t understand why you do This because i love you and i don’t want You to die so i’m going to do this you Don’t i don’t require your approval for Me to do it i’m going to do it i would Love it if you would do it with me comma I’m going to do it and that became a Living witness a testimony to her that i Actually took this [ __ ] seriously i Wasn’t just playing so after a while she Got on board she’s like all right What do we need to do oh we it’s we now Cool we need to figure out how we’re not Going to starve to death in this Suburban neighborhood in north dallas Long story short we moved to eastern Oklahoma about four years ago and we’ve Been living in community for the last Four years which is why i’m able to Speak on this subject with some Authority The community that we live in is not a Kumbaya sit around the fireplace hold Hands from the guitar kind of thing Most of us are like super tactical which Is cool

We actually outnumber our sheriff’s Department significantly And they know that And they like us because It’s really a bad idea for them to not Like us right And so there’s two reasons why one would Need to be with a group of people Pastor joe fox viking preparedness talks About this One is people behaving badly okay and The other is labor I call this the militant farmer concept Everybody should know how to work a Rifle everybody should know how to work A shovel Everybody i’m 82 years old and i have a Bad back cool you can shell beans i’m 33 I was in the g watt and my back is all Messed up and my legs don’t work awesome Can you hold these binos in this radio And if somebody comes down this road key The mic Cool and so we have this concept in a Prepper group we’re all going to get Together a mutual assistance group Everybody has to be 2-1 operators with Super slick kit we’re going to kick this Door in we’re going to go in here shoot Bad guys in the face Negative bro that’s a really bad idea Even if you’re the best operator that Ever operationally operated rate of Attrition

Rate of attrition you go do 10 ops with 10 guys you still have 10 guys after 10 Ops Nope Half of your guys are betting for what Grandpa’s moldy graham crackers bad idea Right bad idea So But we still need to be able to maintain Security security is our primary Consideration in everything that we do Once the balloon goes up because i have A wife i have kids you probably have a Family right you have a family you have A family we all have families that’s why We’re coming together because we have to Be able to affect security if the Balloon goes up right now it’s me and John we’re here by ourselves We can’t hold this place He’s got to sleep i’ve got to sleep There’s access there’s egress there’s Fence line we we can’t hold this place So you need more people okay The second reason you need more people Is for labor Anybody here we’re playing in the garden Yeah do you ever wish there was like 14 More people helping you plant that damn Garden or weeding it after it’s planted Right we’re going to get along i like You um So Labor right this division of labor

Within that we can talk about Specialization because some people are You know just to break down my camp we Call them camps by the way there’s tents Which is individual households then There’s camps which are groups of tents In the geographic area and then there’s Tribe which is a network of camps okay Which gets into hierarchy which gets Into networking ultimately for me that Would be my goal for you that you have So many people that you have to start Breaking them down into a hierarchy and That’s super important not only for Security but for labor but for Intelligence And combo Logistics moves at the speed of Communication So if there’s something bad going on Over here and i don’t know about it Because you didn’t tell me because i Don’t know you It’s just getting closer and closer and Closer to me and that’s forcing me to React to that at my mailbox rather than Five miles over there which is why i’d Much rather have a fight over there Because everybody i love this right here Right so it’s super important and again Not from a kumbaya standpoint If you look at the history of humanity We tend to coalesce into groups Tribes are a thing and they’re a thing

For a reason labor and security That’s part of why what you’re doing Here today is super important if you are Not talking to people And exchanging information and i live Here and i live here you’re doing this Wrong You have to make contact with people While you’re here sniff each other’s Asses date each other fall in love for Real do stuff together right because In a community Or in a mutual assistance group or an Shtf prepper team Which by the way If you have an shtf prepper team and our Goal is when the balloon goes up we’re All coming to john and amanda’s place Guess what We’re now an intentional community We’re operating with intentionality in a Community does that make sense So these kumbaya principles apply Okay So in a community you want as much as You can the highest level of ideological Alignment possible Why If i think This set of morals and ethics represents The way i want to live my life and you Think this set of morals and ethics Represent the way you want to live your Wife your life

And we’re trying to do stuff together Well that was fun you all right Okay Chew on that it’s gonna feel great So if we have Different morals and ethics That precludes us from being able to Work together deeply Because For example i think the ten commandments Are a thing right thou shalt not commit Adultery If you don’t you’re like hey adultery is Totally on the table i don’t want you Around my wife now right Like We can’t do [ __ ] together because i i do This and you do this so high ideological Alignment Ideological alignment supports the Mission statement You should have a mission statement for Your group whatever it is okay what are You trying to do Honest question to the audience what are You trying to do Survive How Okay So a mission statement should be one to Two sentences that you can easily Articulate So that when somebody comes to your Group even if your group is you and

Grandma and your best friend like what Are y’all trying to do man we’re trying To survive can you flesh that out for me What does that look like well you know Man we’re just the world’s gone to hell In a handbasket we’re trying to survive How with who where Okay So for us we define preparedness as Perpetuating normalcy for the people That we love That’s what i’m trying to do Right i got kids i got a grandma i’ve Got a wife i’ve got neighbors and Friends and brothers and relatives that I want life to be as normal for them as Possible the way i’m going to do that is By taking as much personal Responsibility and action now as i can Key word earlier was decentralized Taking responsibility out of the hands Of those who are supposed to protect us Provide for us but don’t and on boarding That onto myself so that i can operate From a position of strength to another Thing groups do Tribes do communities do is exert Influence and operate with authority Okay nature abhors a vacuum let’s and i Nicole was talking about our disaster Relief efforts We go into actual shtf scenarios all the Time There’s no common there’s no electricity

There’s no wi-fi there’s no fuel there’s No water there’s no ems no fire no Police officers There’s no shelter there’s no food There’s no refrigeration there’s no Water there’s nothing It is actual shtf and so as an anecdote I would encourage you if you think your Bug out bag is super squared away come On mission Live out of it for a couple of weeks you Will find everything that’s wrong with Your system with a safety net because We’re not going to let you die right But in those scenarios there’s a void In the power system there’s no authority What happens robin gang’s actual When uh in louisiana with the flooding Down there there were people getting Shot and murdered over five gallon cans Of gasoline Right But if you have a group of people like We did and when we go into these things We roll heavy we take over an area it Becomes our fob this is ours now we have 24 7 security we set up our own comma we Bring our own fuel we bring our own Equipment we bring our own water we Bring our own food we bring our own People we get in there and we do good [ __ ] to put a smile on the father’s face Right but we are operating from a Position of strength because we have

People Now peopling is super messy By the way it’s not easy you have this Concept of like we’re all going to get Together man and jack’s going to grow The goats and i hate guinea hens so John’s gonna do that but i got sheep and Chicken covered and amanda you’re on Cows and all right all this 40 acres We’re gonna plant corn That never happens It doesn’t work that way because jack’s Like you know i was gonna do the goat Stuff but you said that thing the other Day and it really pissed me off and i Don’t know if we can be friends anymore Like son of a [ __ ] all right well let’s Fix this relationship With because it’s peopling it’s Relationships getting back to that high Ideological alignment what morals and Ethics have we established for ourselves In our group that we can hold each other Accountable with to where maybe Jack doesn’t like this thing that i said But i said it in truth with love and He’s like you know what that’s More you know the fact that you did that Is more important than the fact that i Don’t like it so yeah i’ma move forward With the goats right so peopling is Super messy Uh there’s an awesome book written by an Absolute hippie

Called uh Creating a life together by diana leif Christensen Get the book read it You do not have to be ideologically Aligned with her the information that is In it is super important because it Deals with how to set up intentional Communities and again i would submit you Need community whether you call it your Shtf prepper group or my mutual Assistance group or whatever it is You’re going to be intentionally Operating with people so it makes sense Okay So get the book read it learn how to set Up Uh a management system if you will or a Governance system if you will so that You can manage the expectations of Everybody that’s in the group Have a mission statement to hold people Accountable Um and mission statements ease your Ability to make decisions Okay if Again To perpetuate normalcy for the people That we love That’s our mission statement and jack’s Like hey man i think that we should take Some group funds and get a hot air Balloon And i’m like

Wtf bro and he’s like think about the Recon that we could do And we could get up there with the Thermal and we could see all this stuff And i’m like you’re a floating bomb We’re not gonna do that one tracer Around and he’s like no man it’s gonna Be awesome and i’m like well yeah how Much is a hot air balloon he’s like i Found one on ebay it was only twelve Thousand i’m like hell no We’re not doing that but when it comes To decision making if you have a good Mission statement you take all your Decisions and you hold them up against The mission statement and if it supports The mission statement then we can do a Cost-benefit analysis on whether or not We’re going to do this thing If it doesn’t support the mission Statement there’s no point in even Talking about it no because it is not Normal for us to do recon out of hot air Balloons Doesn’t support the mission statement We’re not going to do that does that Make sense Right that’s exactly right having good Systems in place to manage that and Manage expectations as well You also need a way for people to be Heard in a way that allows them to get Stuff off their chest without holding it Against each other and that requires a

Massive amount of honesty and truth and Love with the people that you’re dealing With so getting back to ideological Alignment you better be able to love the People you’re going to spend the rest of The apocalypse with If you have for real if you have Reservations about them now they Probably don’t need to be in your shtf Team right like We uh we tell people we are preparing For tuesday not doomsday like the people That i do life with i want to hang out With on my back porch any given tuesday Not just when the balloon goes up They’re my best friends That we watch each other’s kids we do Business together we fellowship together We worship together They’re my people you hurt them i will End you You hurt me they will end you right it’s That it’s that level of appreciation and So if you have people that you’re like I don’t know about sally she’s kind of a Pain in the ass and she talks a lot like You think that’s gonna get better or Worse You know what i mean like sally’s gotta Get that’s exactly right and this thing I don’t even know what this thing’s Doing over here there we go Beautiful don’t care You’ll have the data

It’s whatever So Things are going to get worse not better I think we can all look at the writing On the wall right now there’s a reason There’s like what 600 people here this Weekend It’s not because we have the strongest Economy ever Right Yeah it’s not because gas is two bucks a Gallon for whatever reason yeah yeah i Don’t want to delve into that rabbit Hole But We can all to a greater lesser extent Read the writing on the wall and Understand we need a certain amount of Personal responsibility that if there’s No food at the grocery store at least There’s food in my backyard Right if the police aren’t running at Least i’ve got two or three brothers That if i have a problem they’ll be There That fast Anecdotally had a guy Racing down the farm road out in front Of my house and my three kids were Walking down the road With my dog my dog is huge he’s a 120 Pound Anatolian pyrenees mix He kills things for a living he’s

Awesome And this dodge dooley the thump over the Top of my dog With my three kids Walking down the road with them and so a Brother of mine yankee comes running Down the driveway and he goes d Somebody hit sam and i’m like what and i Grab a rifle out of my truck he goes He’s in a black dodge We’re in a pickup truck and this High-speed rural oklahoma pursuit Starts taking place And We’re flying 60 70 80 miles an hour down These dirt roads in backwoods of Oklahoma this is during the height of Copenhagen by the way and so everybody’s A little keyed up you know the first 90 Days of cobit where we all thought maybe The world is going to end like maybe It’s not a bunch of horse [ __ ] like You know like is it the plague i don’t Know we didn’t know So We’re flying down the back roads and Long story short the dude loses us at One point we end up in this podunk Little town and we come flying through An intersection and a cop pulls out Behind us and pulls us over And he comes up to the window i roll the Window down and he looks at the two of Us we’re both sitting there with ars

Across her lap like this And he goes what in the hell are you Doing I said that guy in the dodge ran over my Dog and we’re fixing to kill him And his response was Y’all do that [ __ ] out in the country Get out of my town Yes sir and we took off and There’s more to that story which i can Share later but uh Getting back to intelligence networks i Know what he drive where he lives i know What his you know criminal history is i Know his name the social security number All of that And i have no ill will towards this Gentleman now he’s actually my neighbor We’ve mended fences but Is your dog Dog is fine dog is an animal Yeah that that dog limped for a week and Then was killing coyotes eight days Later so yeah Yeah for real that dog is an animal he’s A beast but my point is when something Like that and i use that little anecdote To illustrate i had a brother that Instantly Was like hey this thing happened we’re Running a react to contact drill right Now Right now Everybody talks about you know the

Zombies right all these prepper channels You know 15 reasons why the zombies are Going to rape your dog and eat your kids You know those kinds of videos Am i right Yes we’re talking about canadian prepper [Applause] [Laughter] I’m just saying truth is truth right Hey we invited you he heard bear was Gonna be here [Applause] I don’t hate the guy i just want to talk To him That’s all So The zombies are all the people around You that are unprepared How many of those people around you Could you bring on board By going and doing the most difficult Thing that humans do these days talk to Another effing human being Go talk to them hey what do you need What are you into especially if you see Somebody’s got solar panels In their backyard or they’re growing a Garden or their sheep running around or Like That pickup truck looks like the kind of Pickup truck that somebody like me would Drive i’m gonna go talk to that person Get outside of your comfort zone know What your mission statement is this is

What we’re trying to do go talk to him There’s an old man who lives around the Corner from me who’s his family has been In the community for like 200 years Talk about intel right he knows Everything about everybody this softball Team gave him a lifetime achievement Award for attending all the damn games Not kidding right i was there So That guy i went and had coffee with him And i said hey man you live over here i Live over here the world’s kind of Stupid maybe we could start liaising we Could just start hanging out start Talking And it’s you don’t get that’s not a five Minute conversation i was at his house For 90 minutes it was hot we sat on the Porch and i sweated my ass off listening To this guy talk and the end result was I got to pass him a radio pre-programmed With my frequency that if he has an Issue he can key the radio and talk to Me And he has my phone number and now he’s At the softball games guess where i’m at At the softball games and he knows Everybody and so now that one person is A node in the network that i’ve now Plugged into that allows me to develop Intelligence and to mutually assist and Work with all these other people in the Community

By the way i know a lot of y’all are Considering relocating right i live in x I want to move to y right i live in this Mcmansion here the population density Sucks i want to move out to a place like This in the middle of nowhere When we did that in eastern oklahoma I had an old man farmer rancher told me And he was being a dick he said hey uh You will never Be from here Your children Will never be from here your Grandchildren might be from here And if you have great grandkids They’ll be from here Challenge accepted homeboy He’s my friend now But you have to prove yourself to these People if you move out into the country They don’t know you and if you’re from a City or a suburb they probably think You’re bringing terrible politics with You that’s going to infect their area You have to prove yourself through works To these people show them over and over And over again that you are a good Person when you say yes you mean it when You say no you mean it I’ve helped you know pull neighbors out Of ditches one guy doesn’t know how to Run a bulldozer i grew up on a bulldozer He buried a dozer there was this much of It sticking out of the dirt

It was saturday evening and i was like Son of a [ __ ] all right let’s get this Dozer unstuck and it took four more Hours to get the dozer and stuff but we Got it unstuck guess who has access to a Dozer now Guess what anytime i need something from That guy hey buddy you mind if i of Course Right his cattle got out we spent half a Day chasing his cattle around this Stupid county road over and over again Because that’s what neighbors do That’s mutual assistance right there in A nutshell but now i’ve begun the Process of winning that guy over that if I need something from him we’re at least Not enemies And that’s a really big deal does that Make sense Okay Uh i got 15 more minutes i want to do Some q a Hit me Ma’am so how do you get some of your Family to kind of wake up My brother [Music] So to restate the question how do i get Family members on board who aren’t quite Taking this thing too seriously Okay there’s Anybody here ever heard the phrase i’m Coming to your house

Negative I will throw a refugee bucket at your Car as you speed on by Okay And and so That illustrates one side of that coin I had this conversation with my mom Whom i love I am not taking a spoonful of rice out Of my daughter’s mouth to feed it to you Because you refuse to get prepared I’m not doing it okay you’re not under My covering anymore these kids and my Wife are you’re a grown-ass adult you Need to take care of yourself i will Show you how to do that i will help you Do it i will donate my time and maybe Even some of my cash flow to help you Get ready but i’m not doing it for you I’m not assuming responsibility for you I had that conversation with my mom you Know what she did she started putting Food in buckets She did she started texting me and she’s Like how long does this canned chicken Keep on a shelf Cool mom’s coming around mom’s prepping Now Right that’s cool you know my mom is a Little tiny lady who’s like i don’t know If she’s ever killed an insect let alone A human being right and she’s like what Kind of gun do you think i should get Like

Zero we won’t handle that mom So but that that’s the one side of the Equation Is have that difficult talk with people So that again you’re managing that Expectation i love you i’m not doing This for you You went on vacation you bought a bass Boat you have a house you can’t afford You have a truck you don’t need blah Blah blah blah blah i’ve put in all the Work suffered all the economic hardship To stack through the rafters and take Care of as many as my people as possible And i’m not extending that to you Because you refuse you don’t even see The value in it so i’m not going to do That for you The flip side or perhaps a different Tactic And i’m more of a strategist rather than A tactician But a different tactic would be All right he acknowledges he could at Least hunt Okay You should get really good at hunting Also and it’s called hunting not Catching right anybody here hunt Yeah You kill something every time you go in The woods No not even close And we have an unfair advantage man 300

Win mag versus a deer Like you mount a 50 cal on the back of The deer now it’s you know Right So At least he’s interested in hunting There’s an acknowledgment there so the Other tactic you could take is begin the Process of disabusing him of all of his Fantasies Did you know within 12 months of the Great depression first hitting that Wildlife in the united states of america Was basically hunted to the brink of Extinction Do you think that’s going to happen now Because look the dollar is doing this And the fed says this and world economic Forum says this and begin the process of Introducing him to that information so That sooner or later your idea becomes His light bulb that comes that goes off He’s like son of a [ __ ] I think we need to prepare and you’re Like no [ __ ] i’ve been telling you that But here’s how we do it Okay And also you made the point he was in The military Lots of people have been in the military Very thankful for that depending on what Branch and one mos that does not Preclude you to a preparedness mindset Think about you know everybody wants to

Be the pointy end of the spear we’re Gonna put on our play carries we’re Gonna kick doors we’re gonna go in here And shoot bad guys in the forehead There’s 11 to 15 people that are the Handle of the spear for every one that’s The pointy end that’s logistics Right And so There is no resupply for us the black Blackhawk is not coming and kicking a Pallet of mres out the side door for us That’s not happening And for all those people and they’re i Don’t know how many are here but i’ve Met a lot of them the people that In a nutshell we need to go fight the Government First of all best of luck Second of all and i’m no supporter of The government I’ve done a lot of work for the Government and i’ve seen the internal Operations of the government whole Different conversation You cannot affect resistance without Resilience There is no resistance without Resilience because there are no pallets Of mres for you there are no water Buffaloes coming you’re not going to be Able to go and requisition 9 000 rounds To go run this up so if you don’t have Resilience if you have a back stock to

Work from you cannot affect resistance And so to the extent that people are Starting to get pissed off politically Right now people ask me all the time When are people going to rise up you Can’t It is not actually feasible for you to Rise up because you haven’t built the Resilience first to be able to affect The resistance does that make sense So preparedness is actually a super Patriotic thing to do and it’s super Common sense as well Because continuity of government is just That it’s not continuity of you i don’t Give a [ __ ] about you you are not in the Binders on the shelf in cheyenne Mountain when the nukes go off they’re Not like what are we going to do about This guy No we’re not in there it’s not Continuity of community it’s continuity Of government but you can take those Same thought processes and think about Your community And think about how do i develop a Continuity of community plan Whether it’s in a binder on the shelf or It’s in your head i would recommend at Least writing it down because if you get Hit by a bus tomorrow there’s somebody Else within your group that knows what It is does that make sense Cool questions

Sir following along with your with the Earlier thing the person that’s not Willing to prefer themselves But i have some people come to me that i Want them to be part of my group even if They’re not going to truly press like One in particular His wife’s the nurse practitioner oh Yeah come on to the house i need you There okay Um how much prepping do you do for them They’re not willing to do much for Themselves maybe But by all means at that moment I want the medical professional to show Up so i totally agree with that i think That the the question there Is What responsibility do you have versus What interest do you have You’re not responsible for that person But you do essentially want to recruit Them that’s what you’re talking about Right And so if you have the ability and First and foremost ability something’s There’s missiles launching or something Over here It’s russia [Music] There’s like 14 guinea hens over there And i saw a girl so we’re good to go Um Do you have the capacity to prep for

These people in the first place If you have the excess revenue the Mortgage is paid the car payments are Made i’ve got all the food i’m ever Going to need i don’t ever need to buy Another 30 round magazine i don’t even Care about life straws because i got an Industrial sized berkey blah blah blah I mean i’d buy it if they made like a Like a tanker trailer berkey i’d buy That thing that’d be awesome Point being if you have the bandwidth in Your revenue stream to do it Then you get to make the decision about Whether or not you’re going to do it if You don’t have the bandwidth in your Revenue to prep for people that aren’t Necessarily interested Be absolved you can’t do it Right You don’t have the ability if you have The ability to do it if you don’t have The ability Don’t worry about it then the question Is how deep are you willing to go for These people Is it three months worth of food and a Roof over their head and maybe a little Bit of kit is it a year’s worth and also With your mag what are your bare Minimums ma’am i see you i got you next What are your bare minimum standards on Everything food water shelter firearms How many people own a firearm that can’t

Run the damn thing Right they’re more dangerous than if They didn’t have a firearm at all right And so part of having a group is setting Minimum standards minimum standards that Everybody needs to meet if you exceed Those standards sweet If you say to be in our group you have To have three months worth of shelf Stable food put up and then you show up You’re like how’s seven years you’re Like Hired you’re in Right one less thing to worry about let Me get her first and then you sir If you got a doctor but there should be Having a good income but they don’t have The knowledge or ability but if they got The money that they can Help you Plan and prep Correct well that that goes back to this Young lady’s question here is how do i Help co-op their mindset to get them More ideologically aligned with us and Maybe it’s a combination of Teachers for the both Stayed in each of the houses for three Months and the family supported her Her way of living at the same time That’s a good way of looking at that Um and another thing if we say we’re Dealing with the doctor i’m not a doctor I don’t know what we need for a doctor

Does he need number ten scalpels or Number four scalpels does he like six Ply two by two gauze or two ply does he Like neomycin or blah blah blah blah Blah what does he need what’s he gonna Be doing and what kind of doctor is he Is he an anesthesiologist that’s useful But that’s different than a surgeon Right and so having those conversations With the doctor allows you to prep Better for if you’re going to extend Because that’s what it is is a covering You’re extending the covering of your Home over these people so if you’re Going to extend that covering over them Wouldn’t it be good to know the Intricacies of what they need before you Do that right if you’re like hey man i Prepped a bunch of blue gatorade for you So you don’t die and they’re like i’m Allergic to that [ __ ] You know So I don’t i don’t know if blue gatorade’s Allergic i’m shooting from the hip here What else we got sir Great question So Community We own several people pieces of property Not people don’t do that Uh We own several pieces of property where People see i got that conflated where

People are essentially next door to one Another our properties that join each Other But we got convicted about three years Ago i don’t know where my wife is but She’s somewhere around here being badass You’re not it sorry um You’re not my wife either Anyway All right cool we got convicted three Years ago because uh our pastor pastor Joe fox’s viking preparedness talks a Lot about kuhem come out of her my People move from the built up areas to The rural areas so you have a higher Rate of survivability i was just saying Telling these people you’re badass yeah Um so And she is she is the the mayor’s wife Of bear camp and she runs [ __ ] Um But the hardest part with coming out of Her my people relocating from built up Areas to rural areas is i sold all my [ __ ] in the suburbs I sold my house and i loaded the u-haul And now where am i going I don’t know where i’m going So we came up with the launch pad Concept and we have launched padded um As a camp about a dozen families thus Far and so what it is is it’s a landing Pad you come here and you’re now living On property with us so you don’t have

Utilities you don’t have a grocery bill You don’t have a house payment you don’t Have any of that you’re just here with The expectation that you’re going to Stack your income while you’re here You’re going to go and work six days ye Shall labor go and get after it and by The way you’re going to help us in the Garden and with the sheep and with the Cattle as well You go get after it so that you can Launch off of this launch pad out into The community it’s kind of similar to What the amish do but i have a mustache And uh i don’t have a horse-drawn wagon So But it’s the same concept of launch Padding people into the community and we Live Near each other but then each one of Those properties that’s near each other Has generally speaking at least two Families on it with the intent that one Of those families owns the land the Other one is going to launch pad off of That land and while they’re there They’re getting hands-on kinesthetic Training from the people that own the Land This is how you trim sheep hooves this Is how you weed a garden that’s not a Weed put that back in the dirt yada yada Right So that kind of stuff and it

And that gets back to community ties Because we’ve done hard [ __ ] together For sure absolutely and If you’re developing a group if you Think about what’s our ao or area of Operations Our immediate ao is right here where i Live this is where i’m gonna do stuff we Own a big piece of land i set foot on About three acres of it every day the Rest of it is just kind of like nice to Have but the garden’s here the row crops Are here the sheep are here the cattle Are here the chickens are here the well House is here the outhouse is there it’s It’s all right here right zone one right Zone two zone three And so But my ao is right here where i live It’s my land Next out from that are the people that i Love that are inside of this next circle Out from there next out from there is The community at large I want to have as many contacts in my Network within all of these circles as Possible going as far out as i can for Information sharing for coordination for Resource sharing for efficacy And if something bad’s happening right i Don’t want to again i don’t want to deal With it here it shouldn’t get into zone One by the time i deal with it If it’s in zone 17 and phil picks up the

Phone and he’s like hey bro there’s like Two pickup trucks full of hooligans over Here shooting people and raping kids i’m Like load up boys we’re going to go Handle this problem right Problem solved And it sucks for those people over there But i don’t have to deal with it here And so it starts with strong communities There’s a principle attack versus defend We want to attack three to one we want To defend one to three and so there’s Something about having a zone one that’s Fortified here with all of our people Because we can defend better than we can Attack right we need far fewer people to Defend than to attack the problem again Is all the people i love are here Right and so if somebody’s throwing Molotov cocktails and one hits my house And my kids are in it i’ve got bigger Problems right but you should be strong In your neighborhood for sure you should Be strong in your neighborhood questions So that’s the last question this will be The last one whatever I don’t need them I’m just messing with you I do thanks for bringing that up um So i’m there from the internet Bear Fair independent Which it’s incredible how many people Can’t spell the word independent so

Man i went to your website there’s Nothing there so it’s b e a r i n d e p E n d e n t Dot com I’m also the founder and ceo of we make the best Effing first aid kits on the face of the Planet 42 live save the date made in America guaranteed forever if you can Find a better kit if you can find a Better kid i’ll buy it from you they Don’t exist in fact one of our sellers John tried to hire So we make our own pouches as well so That you that tells you the other ones Yeah and uh Linked to his website on our website and We’ll add any links we hear right now i i don’t I don’t care if you come to bear i don’t care if you Don’t go to the youtube channel i don’t Care if you don’t buy a first aid kit From us We do Disaster relief And construction And we are building caleb house Which is a restoration facility for Juvenile human trafficking survivors And we need help So

The I’ll be quick 30 seconds Yes ma’am The um The critical need in human trafficking Is not rescue Rescue is cool we need to rescue as many Kids as we can but it takes a few weeks To work up and up a few hours to execute The op and then we have children We right now we have six kids the Youngest of which is six the oldest of Which is 12. Okay I have 12 years with this six-year-old That i it’s going to take to put them Back together again So the focus is on the rescue side There’s very little focus on the Rehabilitation side so we’re on both but We need as much help as we can get on The rehabilitation side and i want to be The mcdonald’s of restoration facilities I want one everywhere we need them until We’ve worked ourselves out of a job so Bless y’all Okay let’s hear it for a bear one more Time thank you so much All right so those of you who are in the Zone where the cord came down on your Head Just don’t move we’re working on that it Was ministries plural right for your

Website bear Yes okay just want to make sure i had That right we’ll get that on the website Too so if you uh forget get a Self-reliance festival look up his bio We’ll have those there by tuesday Because