Revelation 10 – New Testament Bible Study

By | July 3, 2022

Revelation chapter 10 Page 1206 in the scriptures As of the time of this recording it is 6 25 in the morning i’ve only been awake For about three and a half hours thus Far Studying And drinking coffee in a little cabin in North dakota praise y’all Revelation chapter 10. So only 11 verses And yet we’ve got one two Three four five six seven eight Nine ten eleven Cross references So More than One biblical proof text per verse Buckle up So for context now remember and if you Haven’t read revelation chapter 9 or Watched the revelation chapter 9 Video remember now that the seven seals Have been opened by the lamb slain from The foundation of the world yeshua and Now there’s seven trumpets going off And in revelation chapter nine the sixth Trumpet with the sixth messenger has Blown And um We have a number uh a huge army of 200 Million and a third of mankind was Killed by these three plagues and smoke

And fire and bad stuff is going on the Wheat is being separated from the chaff At this point Now there’s a Pause in between the sixth trumpet Of revelation chapter nine And the seventh trumpet And during this pause Right here We have revelation chapter 10. And so john is in the midst of this Vision that he’s having And he’s trying to understand everything That’s going on And i’ve said repeatedly If you do not understand the old Testament You will not understand the new Testament let alone revelation Revelation is chock-full of this Prophetic imagery that came before john John is Almost having An amalgamation of experience of all the Major and minor prophets and all the Teachings of the torah and prophecy of Yeshua and instruction of yeshua which By the way was torah Torah and proverbs and psalms So the old testament The scriptures as it’s referred to the Old testament because think about when Yeshua was walking the earth with his Apostles

When they said the scriptures were holy What were they talking about there were No epistles Right there were no gospels hadn’t been Written yet So But i digress So what we see in revelation chapter 10 Is this massive amalgamation of Prophetic imagery So starting revelation 10 verse 1 and i john yochanan Saw another strong messenger like a Chief angel an archangel And we’re going to see exactly who that Is in a moment Coming down from the heaven you know and I think what i’m going to do is i’m Going to read all of this and then we’re Going to go back because it’s so chock Full That if we stutter step this thing It will make no sense at all so i will Read 11 verses and then we’ll come back And start over again And i yochanan john Saw another strong messenger coming down From the heaven Robed in a cloud and a rainbow on his Head and his face was like the sun and His feet like a column of fire And having in his hand a little book or A scroll opened And he placed his right foot this chief

Messenger placed his right foot on the Sea And his left foot on the land And cried out with a loud voice is when A lion roars And when he cried out seven thunders Spoke their sounds And when the seven thunders spoke their Sounds i was about to write But i heard a voice from the heavens Saying to me seal up the seven thunders Spoke And do not write them And the messenger whom i saw standing on The sea and on the land lifted up his Right hand to the heaven And swore by him who lives forever and Ever yahuwah who created the heaven and What is in it and the earth and what is In it and the sea and what is in it that There shall be no further delay But in the days of the sounding of the Seventh messenger When he is about to sound the secret of Elohim shall also be ended as he Declared to his servants the prophets And the voice which i heard out of the Heavens spoke to me again and said go Take the little book which is open in The hand of the messenger standing on The sea and on the earth and i went to The messenger and said to him give me The little book And he said to me take it

And eat it And it shall make your stomach bitter But it shall be as sweet as honey in Your mouth And i took the little book out of the Messenger’s hand and ate it and it was As sweet as honey in my mouth but when i Had eaten it my stomach was made bitter And he said to me You Have to prophesy again Concerning many peoples and nations and Tongues and kings Pretty simple right [Music] Richly complex Simple i wouldn’t say so So let’s start again in chapter one and I saw a strong messenger Coming down from the heaven robed in a Cloud and a rainbow on his head and his Face was like the sun and his feet were Like columns of fire A strong messenger not just an angel a Strong angel an ark angel if you will Okay so this archangel comes down from Heaven to john and he’s robed in a cloud Clouds equate to judgment all throughout The word Behold i come swiftly coming on the Clouds And a rainbow is on his head this Rainbow is reminiscent of the rainbow Covenant

Genesis 9 Verses 12-17 Noah noah You know everybody knows noah from Vacation bible school and sunday school But this imagery here in revelation the Last book of the bible hearkens all the Way back to genesis chapter nine And so if we start in genesis chapter 9 Verse 12 And elohim said this is the sign of the Covenant which i make between me and you And every living being that is with you For all generations to come i shall set My rainbow in the cloud and it shall be For the sign of the covenant between me And the earth and it shall be when i Bring a cloud over the earth judgment That the rainbow shall be seen in the Cloud and this was important for context At the time of noah because at the time Of noah when the flood came it had not Yet rained on the earth That’s why noah was considered crazy When he said hey we got to build a boat And get in it because it’s going to rain And everybody else was like what do you Mean rain it doesn’t do that here And it’s like yeah but it’s coming Well now Think about the ptsd the trauma of Seeing clouds coming because it had Never rained and then when it did it Destroyed the earth

And so yeah i said hey next time you see A cloud i’m going to put a rainbow in it So that you remember my covenant between You Me and you that i’m not going to destroy You with these clouds And it shall be when i bring a cloud Over the earth that the rainbow shall be Seen in the cloud and i shall remember My covenant which is between me and you And every living being of all flesh and Never again let the waters become a Flood to destroy all the earth And the rainbow shall be in the cloud And i shall see it yahuwah shall see it To remember the everlasting covenant Between elohim and every living being of All flesh that is on the earth an elohim Said to noah this is the sign of the Covenant which i have established Between me and all flesh that is on the Earth So this rainbow is this remembrance of This covenant that harkens all the way Back to noah Oh i thought that stuff was done away With we’re under the new covenant well Covenants stack they do not replace one Another covenants stack on top of one Another There are agreements and addendums to The agreement So This messenger

Coming down Is robed in a cloud of yah’s judgment But he has this rainbow on his head A covenant between Yah and his people And his face was like the sun Remember moshe when he was on the Mountain which is Interesting moshe In hebrew Side note moshe is a An archetype of mashiach Moshe being moses translated as moses Into english but in the hebrew it’s Moshe which is the mem the sheen and the Msh if you will like Coincidence i’m sure He’s an archetype in fact moshe says in Deuteronomy hey there’s one coming like Me hear his words It’s yeshua it’s a moshe is prophesying Of yeshua of the messiah And messiah Rebukes the pharisees and says because You don’t know moshe you don’t know me Mashiach Coincidence i’m sure just a little Coincidence and so remember when moshe Was up on the mountain receiving the law The torah for 40 days When he comes back down off the mountain The children of israel say to him yo Dude Uh you’re glowing

We can’t look at you if you could go Ahead and put a veil on that would be Great because Your face right now is like looking into A spotlight because he had been in the Presence of yah And so so has this strong messenger this Chief angel here has he has been in the Presence of yah he’s radiating his is Like the sun and his feet were like a Column of fire Remember the columns of fire the column Of fire That led the children Of israel out of egypt Yeah Pillar of smoke column of fire So this angel has got it going on Who is this angel Daniel chapter 12. Let’s go to daniel chapter 12 and we’re Going to read A good Goodly portion of daniel chapter 12 Because it greatly informs Revelation chapter 10. So hold the finger or stick a page in Revelation chapter 10 flip to daniel Chapter 12 roughly page 599 in the Scriptures And at that time michael Hmm Michael and gabriel Michael

And Michael In Traditional understanding of The hierarchy of angels Is the warrior angel coincidence i think Not look at everything that’s going on In revelation here now you’ve got Michael the dude with the sword Like the chief dude Chief angel dude with the sword now at That time michael shall stand up at what Time this time that we’re reading about In revelation daniel’s prophecy daniel’s Visions are now dovetailing and they are Intersecting into the timeline that john Is experiencing Because yah is incredible Now at that time michael shall stand up The great head who is standing over the Sons of your people Elohim’s people Israel Michael Stands over the people of israel Praise yah how cool is that And there shall be a time of distress Such as never was since there was a Nation In all the history of israel there’s Never this much distress yeah Tribulation What we’re reading about In

Revelation chapter 10 Since there And there shall be a time of distress Such as never was since there was a Nation until that time and at that time Your people shall be delivered everyone Who is found written in the book Interesting what book is that If we go to Revelation Chapter 21 Verse 27 and there and there shall by no Means enter into it the new jerusalem Whatever is unclean neither anyone doing Abomination and falsehood Ufta But only those who are written in the Lamb’s book of life And that is a direct correlation between Daniel chapter 12 verse 1 which we’re Reading now And at that time your people shall be Delivered everyone who is found written In the book now that means you can’t do Abominations and falsehoods and be Written in the book of life so Fix yourself if you’re out of line walk In yeshua’s ways walk in yah’s ways not Your pastor your priest your rabbi Your bishop what who cares Not men we don’t walk in the doctrines Of men we read the book and do what it Says because at the end of an age you

Want to be in the father’s the lamb’s Book of life And how do you get there Matthew gospel of matthew Chapter 19 verse 17. if you wish to Enter into life guard the commands Revelation 14 verse 12 here is the Endurance of the saints those that have A testimony of yeshua hamashiach and Keep the commands if we look again at Revelation 22 verse 14 blessed are those This is the last book of the bible the Last chapter of the bible seven verses From the last word in the bible blessed Are those doing his yahuwah or elohim’s Commands so that the authority shall be Theirs unto the tree of life and to Enter through the gates into the city Hmm And there shall by no means enter into It the city whatever is unclean neither Anyone doing abomination and halt and Falsehood but only those who are written In the lamb’s book of life Blessed are those doing his commands so That the authority shall be theirs unto The tree of life and to enter through The gates into the city if you wish to Enter into life guard the commands Matthew 19 verse 17. see with your own eyeball Second witness there john 12 50. So back to daniel chapter 12 And at that time your people shall be

Delivered everyone who is found written In the book And many of those who sleep in the dust Of the earth wake up some to everlasting Life and some to reproach is everlasting Abhorrence yeah this is the judgment That comes They and the yahudam the jews believe in A resurrection christians believe in a Resurrection but they don’t quite Understand what they’re believing in See every knee shall bow every tongue Shall confess all of them when yeshua Returns you’ve been dead 9 000 years or However long you think the earth has Been around Cool you are going to come up out of the Dirt and every Every human Body that ever had a soul inhabiting it Will confess Every knee will bow and at that time you Will be judged You’ll be judged And if you’re found fitting you will Enter into the city unto the tree of Life and if not you go to sheol Hell Pick your words which is eternal Separation from yah and again in If you look at revelation 22 verse 12 And see i yeshua hamashiach i’m coming Speedily and my reward is with me to Give to each according to his

Work Yeah well that sounds like workspace Theology it also sounds like a direct Quote from yeshua at the end of the book The last chapter of the book And see i am coming speedily and my Reward is with me what reward is that Eternal life to give to each according To his work What does yeshua say you shall know them By their fruits you shall know them by Their works you shall know them by what They do So this everlasting Life right Daniel 12 2 And many of those who sleep in the dust Of the earth wake up some to everlasting Life and some to reproach his Everlasting abhorrence and those who Have insight shall shine like the Brightness of the expanse of the heavens And those who lead many to righteousness Like the stars forever and ever But you Danielle Daniel hide the words and seal the book Until the time of the end Remember that we’re going to come back To that many shall diligently search and Knowledge shall increase then i daniel Looked and i saw two others standing one On the bank of the river and one on the Other back of the river

I think this is judah And israel these two others Because of the hebrews 8 renewed Covenant But that’s just my opinion And one said to the man dressed in linen Who was above the waters in the river How long until the end of these wonders And i heard the man dressed in linen who Was above the waters of the river and he Held up his right hand And his left hand to the heavens and Swore by him who lives forever by Yahuwah that it would be for an Appointed time appointed times and half A time A time two times in half a time three And a half years Also appointed times if you don’t know What appointed times means Leviticus 23 The moadim the appointed times So will be for one cycle of appointed Times And a point at times two cycles of an Appointed times and half a time It goes all the way back to genesis Chapter one The reason we have the moon and the sun And the stars Is for signs and appointed times what Are the appointed times leviticus 23 why Is that important here daniel chapter Not only is it important to do the

Appointed times for obedience unto yah Because you shall know them by their Works Right if you love me keep my commands Says messiah I and my father are one i wonder whose Commands we’re supposed to keep Almost as if it says again In revelation 22 14 blessed are those Doing his commands so that the authority Shall be theirs unto the tree of life What’s the tree of life it’s israel it’s What you’re grafted into read romans Read galatians And to enter through the gates into the City So these appointed times that daniel’s Talking about if you don’t know what the Appointed times are how are you supposed To have any idea what the timeline is Leviticus chapter 23 the moadim the Appointed times which you are supposed To do James the brother of yeshua admonishes Us be not just hearers of the word but Doers also The torah walking with yeshua is Something you Do It’s not something you think about not Something you talk about not something You feel about It’s something you Do because i behold i come speedily to

Give to each man according to his works To what he did not what he thought not What he felt not what he talked about What he did I know i’m making a lot of hay out of This shut up and read the book t roger That Verse 7 daniel 12 7 and i heard the man Dressed in linen who was above the Waters of the river and he held up his Right hand and his left hand the Blessing and the curse by the way And swore by him who lives forever that It would be for an appointed time Appointed times and half a time and when They have ended scattering the power of The set apart people the saints Revelation 14 verse 12 here’s the Endurance of the saints Those that have a testimony of yeshua Hamashiach and keep the commands Then all these shall be complete and i Heard but i did not understand so i said To my master what is the latter end of These matters and he said go daniel for The words are hidden and sealed to the Time of the end many shall be cleansed And made white and refined you see that In revel we already saw that in rev Earlier in revelation than later in Revelation 19 Clothed and refined and made white Clothed in white robes we’ve seen that In revelation chapter 7 with the ceiling

And none of the wrong shall understand But those who have insight shall Understand and from the time which is Continual is taken away The daily offering and the abomination That lays waste is set up 1290 days Blessed is he who is waiting earnestly And comes to the 1335 days But you go your way to the end and rest And arise to your lot at the end of days Now the Verses 11 and 12 the 1290 days versus 1335 days that’s an entirely different Teaching And we’ll probably touch on that later In revelation So the point here of Daniel chapter 12 at least in this Current context in revelation 10 is that This angel is the angel michael Who is the angel Of the father’s people of israel Okay so back 23 minutes in and we’re on Revelation 10 chapter chapter 10 verse 1. And i saw another strong messenger Coming down from the heaven robed in a Cloud with a rainbow in his head and his Face was like the sun in his feet His feet were a column of fire

This angel is the angel michael And he had in his hand a little book or A little scroll opened and he placed his Right foot on the sea and his left foot On the land because he has authority Over all of it the land to see the earth Over all of it and so his His span of control if you will The area where he is imposing his Authority is on the sea and the land all Of it And he cried out with a loud voice That’s when a lion roars The lion The lion of judah Who’s from judah Lots of people uh but how about king David who is mashiach prophesied to be Who is messiah jesus the christ if you Prefer that terminology Who is he prophesied to be how do we Know that he is the messiah because of The old testament prophecies of mashiach Ben david messiah of david of the Throne the line of david The righteous king In the line of david All that comes from the house of judah The lion Cried with a loud voice is when a lion Roars And when he cried out seven thunders Spoke their sounds boom boom boom boom Boom boom boom this guy is like

You know I don’t know what he’s saying but as he Erupts with this you know this Roar the heavens and the earth start Shaking right And seven thunders spoke their sounds Now Remember the word in allegorical mode Metaphorical mode here because this is a Vision and when the seven sun thunders Spoke their sounds i was about to write But i heard a voice from the heavens Saying to me this is yah speaking seal Up with the seventh underspoken do not Write them so john is the reporter on The scene with his little notebook Spiral bound notebook and his pen Because he is prophesying he’s writing This down For us but yah says to him uh-uh homie This you don’t write down seal this up This what the what these seven thunders Just said and by the way these seven Thunders are the voices of yah we’re Gonna look at that in a moment what i Just said When this angel when michael cried out Remember michael and ya are homeboys Michael is glowing because of the amount Of time that he spends with ya okay So michael cries out And what happens the father reciprocates With these seven thunders and john is Trying to write all this down and yah

Says Negative No seal this part up Why would he do that why would ya do That well for a bit of comfort we can Turn to deuteronomy 29 29 as some proof text there Or maybe the question is is it a deal Breaker that we don’t know What yah said here Yet I believe we will know when we are in The midst of this but as of right now we Don’t know deuteronomy 29 29 the secret Matters belong to yahuwah or elohim but What is revealed john the revelator Revelations but what is revealed Oh this is moses speaking in the old Testament in the last book of the torah Or the pentateuch if you’re more into Greek terminology This is moses speaking the secret Matters belong to yahuwah or elohim but What is revealed revelation belongs to Us and to our children forever to do All the words capital w words of this Torah So while it would be super cool to know Exactly what yah said right here we Don’t currently know because per the Words of moshe We have what we need to do and to be Obedient Yah is not going to create an

Expectation for us not give us enough Information and understanding for us to Live up to that expectation Yeshua himself says come to me all ye Who labor my yoke is easy my burden is Light Right yeshua was the word made flesh What was the word what is the words of These torah in deuteronomy 29 the Written word as we have it right here The bible The torah And the Word made flesh To do all the words of this torah and Words of this torah promotion how Interesting that yeshua the capital w Word because that’s an uppercase w word Is indicative of yeshua yeshua embodied The torah matthew 5 verse 17 i come out To destroy the torah or the prophets but To complete it play rahu and that greek Word complete got a lot of people jammed Up Play ramu play rahu means to embody i Come not to destroy the torah or the Prophets but to embody it next verse Because truly truly i say unto you not One yod not one tittle shall fall from The torah till all be done By the way the yod looks like a y a Little outstretched hand and it’s one of The smallest marks in hebrew Smallest pictograph

Letters in hebrew but it is that Outstretched hand that is always Indicative throughout the entirety of The old testament it’s always been Understood by the scribes and by the Torah scholars and the yeshiva schools That was always indicative of mashiach Of messiah that outstretched hand and so When yeshua is saying not one yod not One tittle shall fall from the torah Till all be done why would you take the Yods out that’s him The tittle are the tiniest little marks The tiniest little details None of that shall fall from the torah Till i’ll be done and i got news for you Not all has been done yet and we’re Reading the end of the book We’re reading revelation the end of the Book where all is going to be done and What happens they’re still keeping the Torah a prerequisite for getting into The city after the entire world is Destroyed is that you have to guard the Commands what are those the torah and if You say well i guard jesus’s commands Love god and love your neighbor cool how Do you do that That’s called torah Those are the two prime directives Master master rabbi rabbi what is the Greatest command in all the torah is the Question and he answers them the first Is you shall love the lord your god

Yahuwah your elohim with all your heart With all your soul with all your might With all your strength with everything You’ve got Deuteronomy 6 verse 5 torah and the Second is like unto it you shall love Your neighbor as yourself leviticus 19 Verse 18 Torah And on this hangs all the torah and the Prophets it does not negate the torah And the prophets he does not say and This negates the torah and the prophets He says on this hangs all the torah and The prophets Because those are the two prime Directives Love yah with everything you have love Your neighbor as yourself how do we do That you go to the 10 commands the 10 Commandments There is no god but god that’s loving God with everything you’ve got make no Graven images that’s loving god with Everything you’ve got remember the Sabbath day and keep it holy that’s Loving god with everything you got Right Do not steal that’s loving your neighbor As yourself do not adulterate that’s Loving your neighbor as yourself do not Murder that’s loving your neighbor as Yourself Okay so two prime directives then the

Ten commands and then the 613 old Testament Torah The commands the laws the right rulings Torah means instruction by the way and See this is the user manual for people If you don’t read the user manual for People you’re probably going to wreck The equipment Right and then when the equipment’s Broken And it’s not working And you’re wondering why you’re crying Out to the manufacturer to god saying How come things aren’t working and he’s Like dummy did you read the user manual I loved you enough to write down the User manual for you if you would read it You would know how to operate the Equipment Without breaking it And so then you have the details of the User manual the 613 commands Those are like click here for more help Two prime directives 10 commands 613 Torah Click here for more Help and the third of them are for the High priest in the temple well yeshua is The high priest and we don’t have a Physical temple so don’t worry about That Many of them a hundred plus are for Women i’m not a woman i don’t gotta

Worry about that when all is said and Done comes down to about 200 or so laws Come to me all ye who labor my yoke is Easy my burden is light If you live in america you are under 4 Million plus different laws right now And yet you want to and complain About 200 Okay 200 of god’s laws Oh that was nailed to the cross Colossians 2 14 Negative Go read dr uh colossians 2 14. what was Nailed to the cross and by the way it’s Staros or steak And don’t get me into babylonian Abominations right now What was nailed to the stake was Doctrines and dogmas of men Not the torah because if you understand The old testament if you have a messiah Who does away with the torah that Messiah is not biblical In 2 thessalonians chapter 2 pauline Doctrine makes it absolutely clear that The man of lawlessness is the antichrist And that lawlessness not doing the torah Is the working of satan So chew on that for a hot minute yes That’s what the bible says out of the Mouth of paul shaol of tarsus 2 Thessalonians chapter 2. go read it with Your own eyeballs

Back to revelation chapter 10 And he cried with a loud voice as when a Lion roars and when he cried out seven Thunders spoke their sounds and when the Seven thunders spoke their sounds i was About to write but i heard a voice from The heavens saying seal up with the Seventh underspoken do not Write them Yes sir What did that sound like because that Had to be awesome Psalms 29 Yes i know also in the old testament You should know where psalms is You should be in your bible so Frequently that you don’t have to guess Where Chapters are You know books are like you just Automaticity familiarity Psalms 29 page 661 Ascribe to yahuwah owe you sons of the Mighty ascribe to yahuwah Esteem and strength ascribe to yahuwah The esteem of his name Bow yourselves to yahuwah in splendor of Set apartness the voice of yahuwah is Over the waters Where’s michael standing right now one Foot on the land one foot on the waters What are we hearing seven thunders the Voice of yahuwah is over The waters the elohim

Of esteem Of glory thunders yahuwah is over many Waters the voice of yahuwah is with Power the voice of yahuwah is with Greatness the voice of yahuwah is Breaking the cedars yahuwah is breaking The cedars of lebanon in pieces he makes Them skip like a calf lebanon and sirion Like a young wild ox the voice of Yahuwah cuts through the flames of fire The voice of yahuwah shakes the Wilderness yahuwah shakes the wilderness Of kadesh the voice of yahuwah makes the Deer give birth he strips the forest Bare and in his hakal his temple Everyone says glory esteem Yahuwah sat enthroned at the flood and Yahuwah sits as sovereign forever Yahuwah gives strength to his people Yahuwah blesses his people With peace I’d just like to point out In psalms chapter 29 [Music] The phrase the voice of yahuwah appears Seven times The voice of yahuwah And then we go to revelation chapter 10 Verse 4 And when the seven Thunders spoke their sound The seven voices of yahuwah destroying The cedars of lebanon and cutting Through fire and over the waters

And the seven thunders making their Sound The voice of yahuwah and so john hears This and he’s not allowed to write it Down and we don’t know what it says Because deuteronomy 29 29 the secret Matters belong to elohim And that’s okay we have what we need to Be obedient Verse five and the messenger whom i saw Standing michael on the scene on the Land lifted up his right hand to the Heaven And he swore by him who lives forever And ever who created the heaven and what Is in it and the earth is what in it What is in it and the sea and what is in It that there shall be no further delay Now remember we’re delayed right now we Are in between the sixth trumpet and the Seventh trumpet and so Michael is lifting his right hand to the Heaven And we’re going to see here that this is Swearing an oath that there will be no Delay no further delay that seventh Trumpet is Coming But in the days of the sounding of the Seventh trumpet when he is about to Sound the secret of elohim shall be Ended As he declared to his servants the Prophets we’re going to look at that too

But first let’s go to lifted up his Right hand what exactly does that mean Bereshit genesis wow we’re in revelation And in order to understand revelation We’ve got to flip all the way back to Genesis almost as if this whole book was Written as one continuous love letter From the father to his people not the Old testament for the jews in the new Testament for the christians almost as If revelation 14 verse 12 here is the Endurance of the saints those that have A testimony of yeshua hamashiach new Testament and keep the commands old Testament Yeah i know i don’t make this stuff up It’s what is the bible said So Bearish sheet genesis 14 That’s all the way in the beginning of The book by the way I know a lot of people don’t spend much Time there 14. Very cool story here in genesis 14. 14 verse 22 But abraham said to the king of sodom i Have lifted my hand to yahuwah the most High l possessor of the heavens and the Earth Not to take a thread or a sandal strap Or whatever is yours lest you should say I have made abraham rich Now

How did he lift his hand here This is after Abraham’s military action in the valley Of sidom Where abraham kicked a bunch of tail Where 318 men trained men of his own House And under the context of hey i know i Just wrecked you But i swear not to take anything that Isn’t mine from you And who’s he’s swearing to i have lifted My hand To yahuwah the most high elohim Possessor of the heavens and the earth Badass What about another witness here How about deuteronomy Chapter 32 [Applause] Moshe speaking So remember abraham lifts his hand to Swear After The valley of sidom where he as a Righteous king Slaughtered a whole bunch of unrighteous Men Oh yeah and y’all loved him he loved him So much that he made him The progenitor Of The father’s chosen people Well my god would never do that you

Really really Really need to read your bible Because what about moshe the most Powerful prophet To have ever walked the face of the Earth until the time of yeshua Now we go to Deuteronomy 32 We could start at verse 39 Moshe speaking See now i i am he and there is no elohim Besides me i put to death And i make alive i have wounded and i Heal and from my hand no one delivers For i lift my hand to the heavens and Shall say as i live forever if i have Sharpened my flashing sword and my hand Takes hold on judgment i shall return Vengeance to my enemies and repay those Who hate me I make my arrows drunk with blood And my sword devours flesh With the blood of the slain and the Captives from the long-haired enemy Chiefs o nations You don’t want to be the nations o Nations acclaim his people for he Avenges the blood of his servants and Returns vengeance to his advertaries Adversaries and shall pardon his land And his people You see in a pattern here of raising Your hand to yah To swear an oath

And the Resultant activities Therein So here you have michael In revelation 10 raising his hand Swearing right before what That seventh trumpet the big right hook And he swears and he swore by and how do We know he’s swearing it says it right Here and he swore by Him Yahuwah who lives forever and ever we Read this in daniel 12 earlier who Created the heaven and what is in it and The earth and what is in it and the sea And what is in it and there shall be no Further delay so this space in between The sixth trumpet and revelation nine And the seventh trumpet yet to come this Delay Is ending This opportunity for people to repent Is over And now we’re going into the hardcore Stuff But in the days of the sounding of the Seventh messenger that seventh trumpet When he is about to sound the secret of Elohim shall be ended As he declared to his servants and the Prophets Now what is the secret of elohim Yahuwah has many secrets For if we could fathom him he wouldn’t

Be worth worshiping would he we would be More powerful than he would than we Would be the elohim in this situation Not him That would be out of order that would be Unbalanced Now he declared to his prophets the Secret of elohim and i was led by the Spirit to isaiah 45 this morning in Context to That statement So if we go to isaiah 45 We can see some characteristics Of yahuwah the lord our god Page 450 in the scriptures Thus said yahuwah to his anointed to Quresh whose right hand i have Strengthened to subdue nations Before him and ungered the loins of Kings to open before him the double Doors so that the gates are not shut i Go before you and make the crooked Places straight i shatter the gates of Bronze and cut down the bars of iron i Shall give you the treasures of darkness And hoarded wealth of the secret places So you know that i yahuwah who are Calling you by your name and the elohim Of israel Pause right there the elohim of israel If you are a gentile believer grafted Into the tree of life that is israel and There is one torah One

For the israelite and the sojourner Within their gates if you wish to enter Into life guard the commands matthew 19 Verse 17. I don’t care if nobody has ever told you This before i’m telling you now now you Know and it does not matter what your Pastor your priest your rabbi your Bishop your grandpa your best friend Your men’s group study the books that You read have said to you thus far this Is what the bible says and at the end of An age your grandpa your priest your Pastor your rabbi your best friend will Not be there judging you Will And the only way you make it out alive Is by the blood of yeshua And once you know Which now you have no excuse now you Know Once you know that you are supposed to Walk in the commands that is accounted To you as righteousness luke 1 verse 6 Blamelessly walking in the commands of Yah which makes you Israel and you want to be israel because If you’re not israel If you’re the nations you get destroyed You want to be israel Yahuwah is the elohim of israel For the sake of jacob my servant and of Israel my chosen I also call you by your name i give you

A title though you have not known me Being grafted in being brought into the Family i am yahuwah there is none else There is no elohim besides me i gird you Though you have not known me so that you Know from the rising of the sun to its Setting that there is none but me i am Yahuwah and there is none else forming Light and creating darkness making peace And creating evil i yahuwah do all of These Rain down o heavens from above and let Clouds pour down righteousness let the Earth open them let them bring forth Deliverance and let righteousness spring Up together i yahuwah have created it Woe to him who strives with his maker A potsherd with the potsherds of the Earth does clay say to him who forms it What are you making or your handiwork Say he has no hands woe to him who says To his father what are you bringing Forth or to the woman what are you Laboring over Thus said yahuwah the set of part one of Israel And his maker Do you ask me about my sons what is to Come And about the work of my hands do you Command me i have made the earth and Created man on it my hands have Stretched out over the heavens and all Their hosts i have commanded i have

Stirred up in righteousness and all the Ways i make straight he builds my city And lets my exiles go this is the set Apart one of israel machiac I have stirred him up in righteousness In all his ways i make straight he Builds my city and lets my exiles go not For price nor reward declares yahuwah of Hosts thus said yahuwah the labor of Mitzrayim of egypt and merchandise of Cush and of the seve its men of size Come over to you and they are not yours They walk behind you they come over in Chains and they bow down to you they Make supplication to you saying indeed Elohim is in you and there is none else No mighty one truly you are elohim who Hide yourself oh elohim of israel savior They shall be put to shame and even be Humiliated humiliated all of them the Makers of idols shall go away together In humiliation israel shall be saved by Yahuwah with an everlasting deliverance You are not to be ashamed nor hurt for Ever and ever for thus said yahuwah Creator of the heavens he is elohim Former of the earth and its maker He established it he did not create it To be empty he formed it to be inhabited I am yahuwah and there is none else i Have not spoken in secret in a dark Place of the earth i have not said to The seed of jacob seek me in vain i am Yahuwah of speaking righteousness

Declaring matters that are straight Gather yourselves and come draw near Together you have who have escaped from The nations No knowledge they No knowledge have they who are lifting Up the wood of their carved image Oof And pray to a mighty one that does not Save Declare and bring near let them even Take counsel together who has announced This from old who has declared it from Time is it not i yahuwah is there no Mighty one besides me a righteous elohim And a savior there is none besides me Turn to me and be saved all you ends of The earth for i am elohim and there is None else i have sworn by myself a word Has gone out of my mouth and Righteousness and shall not return so That to me every knee shall bow so that To me every tongue shall swear One shall say Only in yahuwah do i have righteousness And strength he comes to him And all these displeased with him [Music] Shall be put to shame In yahuwah all the seed of israel shall Be declared right And boast The second witness there Is hebrews

Chapter 8 The renewed covenant Verse 11 and they shall by no means Teach each one his neighbor and each one His brothers saying no yahuwah because They shall all Know me from the least of them to the Greatest of them because i yahuwah shall Forgive their unrighteousness and their Sins and their lawlessness I shall no longer remember So back to revelation 10 Verse 7 but in the days of the sounding Of the seventh messenger when he is About to send the secret of elohim shall Also be ended as he declared to his Servants the prophets everyone will know All knees will bow all tongues shall Confess everyone in the entire world Will know that there is one elohim that It is yahuwah that he is the savior yah Made flesh yeshua hamashiach the set of Part one of israel of israel All of the guesswork all the Pontification Will be gone in an instant How Why These seven thunders spoke And they’re Undeniable I imagine like an atomic bomb going off And the pressure wave just that blast All throughout the earth

Trees being ripped as we saw in psalms 29 the waters being shaken fire is being Blown And everybody will know that he is yah That secret will be removed Verse 8 and the voice which i heard out Of the heaven spoke to me again yahuwah Saying go take the little book Which is opened in the hand of the Messenger standing on the sea of the Earth So john And i went to the messenger and said to Him give me the little book John human john in the midst of this Vision is walking up to michael A strong messenger robed in a cloud with A rainbow on his head his face like the Sun in his feet columns of fire and John’s like give me the little book Ya said so I take some gumption It’s awesome And i went to the messenger and said to Him give me the little book And he said to me take it and eat it And it shall make your stomach bitter But it shall be as sweet as honey in Your mouth Now what is the little book What is it Seal up the seven thunderspoken do not Write them What is the little book

It is the word Of yah Take it and eat it and it shall make Your stomach bitter but it shall be as Sweet as honey in your mouth And i took the little book out of the Messenger’s hand and ate it and it was Sweet as honey in my mouth but when i Had eaten it my stomach was made bitter Now A couple things i want to look at here Oop kicking the tripod again The first is james 1 21. Hebrews Come on fingers don’t fail me now Hebrews jacob james 1 21 Therefore put away all filthiness and Overflow of evil and receive with Meekness the implanted Word Which is able to save your lives The implanted word And become doers of the word not hearers Only deceiving yourselves If anyone is a hearer of the word and Not a doer he is like a man who looks at His natural face in the mirror for he Looks at himself and goes away and Immediately forgets what he was like But he that looked into the perfect Torah that of freedom and continues in It not becoming a hearer that forgets But a doer of work this one shall be

Blessed in his doing of the torah Huh the brother of james i’m sorry the Brother of jesus james The just in the new testament Be not hearers of the word but doers Also The perfect torah of freedom The implanted word The word of Yah This little scroll That john receives and eats The implanted word And now ezekiel Whereas the yachudim like to say Jachezkel Ezekiel 3 3. You should know where ezekiel is too You’ve got isaiah jeremiah And then ezekiel [Applause] Ezekiel 3 verse 3. Well we’ll just read three Page 529 so ezekiel’s having a vision Which also dovetails under the vision That john is having now why we’ve looked At daniel and ezekiel and john because In the mouths of two or three let a Thing be established Where have we heard that before turns Out it’s torah It’s also taught by yeshua in matthew Chapter 18 because yeshua embodied the Torah

Imagine that And he yahuwah the lord our god said to Me son of man eat what you find eat this Scroll and go and speak to the house of Israel and i opened my mouth and he fed Me the scroll and he said to me son of Man feed your stomach and fill your Stomach with this skull that i am giving You and i ate it and it was sweet as Honey in my mouth and he said to me son Of man go to the house of israel and you Shall speak to them with my words For you are not sent to a people of Foreign speech in a difficult language But to the house of israel Now Important to understand two house at This point there’s a house of judah and The house of israel judah being the Uh The tribe of judah the tribe of benjamin And Part of most of the levites The house of israel was everybody else And israel had fallen away False gods So Ezekiel receives the word of yah on this Scroll the implanted word and he’s sent To go prophesy to israel That is whoring against yahweh with Their abominations and their idolatries And Ezekiel is blessed and that the people

That he’s going to talk to understand His language and his ways and his Customs Not to not to many people a foreign Speech or a difficult language whose Words you do not understand right for You are not sent to a people of foreign Speech in a difficult language but to The house of israel But to the house of israel is going to Refuse to listen to you for they refuse To listen to me for all the house of Israel are heart of head and heart of Heart And see i shall make your face as hard As their faces and your forehead as hard As their forward i’m gonna make you as Stubborn as they are bro Do not be afraid of them nor be Discouraged at their looks For their rebellious house And so this word this implanted word of Yah this little book Is given to yah’s prophets To go and speak to prophesy to a Rebellious house And i went to the messenger and said to Him give me the little book we’re back In revelation 10 verse 9 and he said to Me take and eat it and it shall make Your stomach bitter but it shall be as Sweet as honey in your mouth You think about this word When you receive the word of yah

It begins its sweetness and light and Honey it’s wonderful But then the more you understand Bitterness the more you understand the Word it’s it becomes as paul says And what’s the word the word made flesh The torah I do not sin but by the law i do not sin But by the torah This is the second use Of the Law calvin luther others uh early that Not even early but you know Figures in the church there’s three uses Of the torah and you got to be very Careful with basically these seminary Style teachings because it’s men Talking about what men said Not men talking about what the bible Said In many many cases and that’s doctrines And dogma and that’s what was nailed to The cross in colossians 2 14. but calvin Talks about the three uses I’m sorry not calvin luther talks about The three uses of the law The first use of the law is the civic Use of the law thou shalt not murder Well we use that in society right That’s torah The next is As a mirror as paul talks about in Ephesians galatians romans i do not sin But by the law

It’s a mirror to examine oneself against It becomes the standard to check your Actions and your heart condition against And the third use of the law is in your Everyday life in practice Be not just hearers of the word but Doers also do the word do it The perfect torah of freedom says james The brother of jesus Do it those are the three uses of the Law And so as you receive this word into you It can then become bitter because you’re Using this word as a mirror to judge Yourself against to see where you’re Falling short i knew not sin but by the Law the second use of the law And that’s a bitter process Until you fix yourself By the blood of the lamb and the word of Your testimony and the power of yah who Loves his children by the way He loves us enough that he gave us a Book a user manual for people that we Can judge ourselves against so that Because sin cannot exist in the presence Of yah and sin first john 3 verse 4 The guy who wrote revelation here also Said in first john chapter 3 verse 4 That sin is lawlessness So you got to not do the lawless stuff So that you can exist in the presence of Yah And he loves us enough to tell us how to

Do it and he loved us enough To become yah made flesh yeshua Hamashiach to walk that out for us so That we have an example is how to live First peter 2 21 for this you were Called the messiah having suffered for Your sins that you might walk in his Steps Do what he did Now this little book is also bitter here Because for us For israel It’s honey It’s honey man we saw that in isaiah 45. No harm is going to come to us now it Does mean it’s not going to be crazy Right But think about the bitterness of all These people who are going to die And all these people who think they’re Covered by the blood of the lamb but Aren’t matthew 7 21 for truly truly i’ll Say unto you depart from me you who work Lawlessness i never knew you Yeshua jesus says get away from me you Lawless people you tourlessness people i Never knew you yes look that up in your Eye eyeball with your own eyeballs in Your own bible Matthew 7 21-24 And that’s going to be very bitter Messiah himself says there will be Weeping and gnashing of teeth Then finally revelation 10 verse 11 and

He said to me He well it’s not a capital he so the Only other he we’ve got here is michael And michael said to him You have to prophesy again concerning Many peoples and nations and tongues and Kings You need this implanted word why Well why did ezekiel get it to go rebuke The house of israel Why did john get it this implanted word You have to prophesy again concerning Many peoples and nations in tongues and Kings And so What happened to john after patmos now Remember john is exiled to the isle of Patmos currently Tertullian Early church historian Perpetuated a tradition That john Because of his heresies and in the roman Empire was considered heresy to prophesy Uh it was equated to sorcery and magic And so john was thrown into a vat of Boiling oil And when john emerged from the vat of Boiling oil unscathed Everybody kind of looked around and was Like uh Well that’s crazy He was unharmed Put him on the isle of patmos

And so they did Now he’s on patmos and he’s an older man At this time he’s about 60 years old on The isle of patmos Then what happens he has this vision on The isle of patmos From an article online here it says John’s later years traditions say that John ministered in the roman province of Asia modern turkey and its leading city Ephesus His move there may have come as a result Of the outbreak of the jewish war in Ad66 In asia he apparently assumed the Responsibility of an overseer to the Area churches Sometime during the reign of domitian A.d 81-96 john was exiled in the island Of patmos during a time of religious Persecution it’s here that he wrote the Book of revelation the elderly john was Allowed to return to ephesus after Nervous ascension to the throne in 96. One ancient historian tells us that john Had an active ministry among the Christians of ephesus after his exile He probably died in ephesus before the End of the century If john had been about 25 when yeshua Died around 30 a.d he would have been Nearly 60 when he arrived in ephesus if He died shortly after his return from Patmos he would have been more than 90

Years old this would have made him the Last of the original apostles to die The point here being that after his time In patmos in exile he returned to Ephesus And he continued to prophesy and teach He had an active ministry among Christians among the christians in Ephesus after his exile And so The historicity of john the revelator Dovetails into the word of yah Here in revelation chapter 10 and he Said to me you have to prophesy again Concerning many peoples and nations and Tongues and kings And it turns out John did that That is revelation chapter 10. Thank you all for hanging with me 11 verses An hour and six minutes Lots of biblical cross-reference i Hope You don’t just listen to these I hope you are reading your word and Seeing it with your own eyeballs because Do not take my word for it I will not be there with you at the end Of an age it’ll be you and yeshua and Yah You are the priest of your home Yeshua is the mediator in between you And yah not me

You are responsible for your Relationship with yah by the blood of Yeshua I appreciate y’all Shalom