Making a Viking Stew together with my “Thrall”

By | July 2, 2022

[Music] So [Music] Let’s find some firewood Yeah Wow Oh Uh Foreign Um Um Uh Foreign [Music] Yeah hello and welcome to kimber Today i’m in this viking shelter i used Many times before and today i have Tristan with me It’s been a long time since i have made A movie or a video where tristan is in So you can See if you look back he’s grown quite a Bit And he’s a young man now And The same about cornelius It’s been a while since i had him On my videos and now he’s grown to be a Bigger dog he’s still a puppy Only seven months but Yeah We’re going to make some Food out here first we’ll start with the Sausages it’s lunchtime now and

Later in the evening i’ll make a viking Stew That i made before but there’s some Extra ingredients in today so I hope you enjoy and hope you follow us On this little adventure Canelos tristan and me Delicious yes Hmm [Music] Like [Applause] [Music] I Yeah it’s cooking Look Please Uh Hmm Oh yeah [Music] Yeah then I’ll start by making some dough for Flatbreads Some wheat Flour Some honey Some oil Some Salt Then add a little water at the time Yeps And then it just has to be mixed Together this

I have to make two flat breads so I’m making a big portion here Perhaps a little bit more flour Yeah then i can begin Using my hands Like this Still a little bit wet so a little bit More flour And then I let it rest For a little while And then i make the flatbreads I don’t have any baking powder or Anything in this So it won’t be much bigger than this Yeah Then i let it rest For about 10 minutes and then i’ll make The flat breaks So So And this is cabbage that the tristan is Cutting After the Carrots Now we’re gonna peel this on the Onion for the stew So So And then some bacon here I have to slice in Big pieces I think we’ll We’ll take three pieces here

And then into These cuts And this smoked bacon will Add some Flavor to the stew A lot of favor flavor So now we have all the ingredients for The stew And i’m going to finish the flatbreads A little bit of flour here And then i take Half Of the dough And then i have this stick That i use to Make it flat Like this And then the other one Yeah This will do Just put it over here And then i just show you The ingredients in this Meal Okay so here we go So here we’ve got all the ingredients For the meal that we’re making we’ve got The flat bread we’ve got the cabbage We’ve got the carrot we’ve got the bacon And we’ve got the onion yeah And then we put it in the cauldron and With some oil and Salt And then we are good to go

But first we’ll make the flatbreads Yeah looking good Some people are saying to me i have to Put oil on the pan and Bake them that way but That’s not the The right way to make a viking flatbread It has to be a Dry pan so like if it’s in an oven If you come oil on it More like cake Because the the dough will absorb the Moisture from the From the oil and that’s not What we are going to use here We want we want a hard surface And Yeah So Make it on a On a dry pan So now i think this is finished Just take it off and put the The other one on Yeah Now the two flatbreads are Finished just put them over here And Take this one And then Tristan will come with the With the Oil first Thank you

Throw some oil in And then the bacon Thank you So Yeah and then the onions When you take them [Applause] Not too much salt because the salt in The bacon Sorry canadians [Music] Then in a short while we have to put the Cabbage and carrots in Yeah now for the cabbage and the carrots [Applause] Yeah Are you gonna So Some flatbread yeah Do you like it yeah Nice Well i like the vegetable part Um I’m not the biggest fan of the bacon Though okay you can save that for Canadians I think you’ll be happy for that You put on here donation for cornelius My good taste because of the bacon Makes good Strong taste The vegetable [Music] [Music]

So [Music] [Music] Yeah Well folks this is all for now Thank you for watching kimber bushcrafts And tristan is actually making a Youtube Channel called Tmo Bushcraft and I’ll put a link to that He’s going to make his first video soon But Perhaps first in a couple of weeks you Can see a video from this Trip to To the black forest here yeah Cornelius has been a bit Anxious today because there was some Horses here And we just parked the box and we had to Put in our lease again And then now we’re going home So we can relax in the car yeah Thank you for watching us On our little adventure here it was Mostly uh cooking uh i hope you enjoyed That You have enjoyed it right tristan yes Yeah so yeah especially eating it yeah It tasted good yeah Hope to see you again on the next one Bye bye and take care

[Music] Oh [Music] You