U.S. Army MOLLE II 3 Day Assault Pack Surplus Review

By | July 1, 2022

The usgi molly 2 3-day assault pack Let’s check it out [Music] [Music] [Music] So [Music] [Music] Today we’re going to take a look at the Usgi mali 2 3-day assault pack These were issued to the u.s military For a number of years actually they’re Still in service This is in the acu camo pattern and it’s A fairly light pack for a lot of the Different military packs but it has a Lot of capacity and honestly when it Comes to us military gear i mean it’s Good quality stuff but yet you can get It at a reasonable price i mean these Have been combat tested they’ve been Field tested and the design of these is In line with u.s military doctrine so You’re going to get a good durable pack Again for a very reasonable price now we Got these at sportsman’s guide and they Carry a lot of different military Surplus from around the world And they do carry a number of different Usgi surplus packs as well And you get twenty dollars off every Hundred dollar or more purchase using Such no zero zero in the coupon code and We really appreciate sportsman’s guide

For sending this pack well guys we spent Quite a bit of time down in the woods uh Just getting a feel for the pack an Initial feel we didn’t go on a really Long hike with it One of the things though that to me is Really appealing is that it’s so Lightweight and handy There’s not a lot going on it’s very Simple While these shoulder straps are not Really that thick they just seem to fit Well on your back I think on a long-term situation if You’re really going for a number of days You know this could wear somewhat But overall it was very comfortable to Carry of course it is in the acu camo Pattern which is a little bit outdated And then it does have pals webbing or Molle attachments All the way around i mean all the way Down the sides you can put different Bottles things packs And this of course is one of the early Versions we also have here all along the Side and then also right here on the Shoulder straps it has molle pals Webbing all the way down The strapping itself is very durable it Does have compression straps as well Both high and low And then you can cinch it down at the Front

These buckles are really excellent They’re fast tech style but these are Military grade And they really close up and handle well Now you can get some repair kits for These which i highly recommend just Having some extra kits And you can tuck those away in the pack Itself And we do have us right here marked on The back on the back you have an Identification little patch and you can Slip in some kind of credentials inside Here The bottom has grommets And so that way if you get any kind of Moisture or water in your pack and you Have these little web Little areas to be able to attach things Uh in fact this was made to attach a Small pouch on the bottom that you could Put your poncho in and there are fast Text buckles down here as well Shoulder straps are padded but they’re Not super thick To be honest with you i like that Because it just makes it more handy it’s Not really large I like how streamlined this pack is And of course it has that reinforced Webbing all the way down the center so You’re going to have it good and tight And then it’s sewn in here at the top It does give you a little bit of the

Yoke but not a whole lot but honestly Carrying this it was not that bad And then quilted padding on the back now This doesn’t have the mesh and so you Know wearing this for a long extended Period of time you know you could get Some perspiration on here and of course This is just a surface this that nylon Ballistic material We do have a pouch in the back it’s just A sleeve you can slip down a standard Camelback down the back you know your Water bladder but there is an interior Pack where you have ports and we’ll take A look at that right here just velcroed Over You’ve got ports for really designed for An antenna but you can run your Hydration tube through there and it’s Also on the other side fastex buckles Here at the top This will allow you to attach this to One of the frames this pack is made to Be able to attach to a us military Issued frame and so while you see Different attachments on here they’re All purposeful now one thing we have is An elastic band and this is a keeper for All your loose Webbing when it comes down and your Loose straps One thing i’ve noticed even on some of This current military issued packs is That these are not very tight

One thing i would recommend is when you Fold this up It’ll go in But typically it’ll fall out for me i Think taking some velcro and putting it On here or some hundred mile an hour Tape when you finally find your Adjustments Also we have a grab handle and of course It’s sewn over and so it’s great to be Able to have that on your pack we have a Large pouch at the front and then we Have a main compartment now the pack is 2280 cubic inches of space which is About 37 and a half liters The main pack itself is 1525 cubic Inches it’s 19 inches high it’s 15 Inches wide and it’s eight inches deep And again guys i haven’t weighed it but It is really lightweight for a good Solid sturdy pack And once you cinch down these Compression straps i mean you can really Get this tight on your back adjust your Straps the way you want to and it’ll fit Just really snug Now the front pouch we have again those Fastex buckles and they pop open And then we have a cover for the zipper And these are ykk zippers and man they Are heavy duty i mean it gives you a lot Of strength in these zippers and they’re Really going to hold up well And they’re large but they also have

These keepers on here as well to be able To grab these tabs and to pull this one Thing about ykk is that they are Self-lubricating so over time it really Makes it nice Uh i have heard some reports saying that Sometimes in the field these can get a Little bound up but they last and so Just a great option to have you don’t Have to worry about your zippers going Out and then again you just cover that Up and then it helps protect it from Rain just goes right off the edge also One important feature on your strap and Almost missed this this is a little Keeper pull you just pull it there’s a Snap And then you just lift up And then you can open this up you can Drop the pack really easily and so this Is made for quick deploy and then again Pop it in close it down And then make your snap and so it’s Super secure so you have to worry about This just coming loose while you’re in The field also the sternum strap is Adjustable up and down and so that way You can set it to your body style and These quick release little buttons one Thing about this in particular and this Is just one of the features is that you Can actually slip these back into your Pack and so that way you can tuck this Away

And you can get them out of the way and The reason why you want to get these out Of your way is you can attach this again To an actual frame and so and again you Can get the frames for these in fact i Think they’re available on sportsman’s Guide and the waistband is also tuckable Inside here So i mean this is part of a system now Inside this front pouch This is a very large pouch you have a Lot of room in here And there’s not really anything except This one velcro cover sleeve in the back So it’s got just a lot of room which Makes it really versatile but this Velcro is small you can slip maps or Different things back here and then you Close it up One thing about this is it’s made for Claymores so you actually put your Claymores down in here And there are also some snaps on either Side and this is made to put a bandolier For ar15 magazines so it’s an attachment You can snap in and then you’ve got all Your ar mags back here also here at the Front we have a velcro sleeve as well Right here and it goes down in and Actually there’s pretty decent amount of Room in here as well now the main Compartment again we have two ykk Zippers all the way down to the edges it Doesn’t open up all the way but it gives

You a really large area and you can see I mean there’s a large area here and Also we have this little piece of nylon That fits in the back this gives it some Strength it gives it some shape for the Bag One thing i heard that was pretty Interesting is some guys in the field Will take this and use it to cut things On You can clean it you can use it as a Cutting board and then there’s a piece Of foam behind it so that gives you some Padding and then in the back there is a Small bladder area right here this is Really where i would put a bladder Personally because your port comes all The way through Up here but also in this sleeve in the Back and this was pretty interesting and We have some really heavy duty webbing i Mean this is almost like A seat belt material on steroids and it Comes all the way out it’s just loose And then we have another piece here That’s just a good solid loop and this Is going to be able to attach this all The way down to the back Now this is made for airborne units and This attaches somehow to you know for Parachutes and things like that so That’s what this is for i’ve seen some Guys take fast text buckles and adapt This and use it for different purposes

But anyway this is in the back and if You don’t want it obviously you can cut It out but i think it’s a pretty cool Option It doesn’t take up a lot of room then we Have a small tag here and this just Identifies the pack and all the Government numbers and there are some Instructions on here in fact guys There’s a manual on this pack itself now This is the three-day assault pack here And you can see it compared to some of The larger big packs that the us Military carries this has a frame in the Back and so this one really is for heavy Use I’ll tell you the hardest thing about Doing this is i try to pack them full And finding enough gear to put in here Was a chore But man it’ll hold a lot of gear both of These packs this one uh the three-day Pack it still holds quite a bit of gear And to me really if you’re you know in a Get home bag situation this to me is Really optimal and they have a lot of Other different u.s military packs there On the sportsman’s guide website now you Can see it gets really flat i mean once You take everything out of it and of Course we had it stuffed so you could See how it looks with it full There are a couple of things about this Pack that i love there’s a couple of

Things about this pack that are so-so so We’re going to talk about it one of the Things that’s combat proven i mean this Is u.s military gear Some of the best in the world for the Money and then we have these straps at The back now they’re thin so you know That is somewhat of a con and yet it’s a Plus because it is thin and it makes This pack really light these thin straps Are actually made to go over plate Carriers in different gear so there’s a Good reason for this to be so thin Also the back itself there’s no mesh and So this is going to build up some Perspiration there’s no lumbar support Or anything like that and so that is Also a little bit of a con but again This is made to fit directly onto a Frame and so this is part of a system But it can be used just like it is and It is used just like it is now this pack I’m just really been impressed with i Like a lot of the features for a light Day pack You know to be able to attach this if i Want to upgrade it there’s a lot of Different options out there even on Sportsman’s guide website you can get Different things for this pack so Overall i would say that this is just a Good solid pack it may not be something That’s going to be a over the country Travel for you know 100 miles but yet

The us military uses these on an Everyday basis uh it’s very modular There’s a lot of things you can do to it And you can upgrade it and so really for Just a simple pack and for the money i Mean it’s going to be hard to beat now Being military surplus you know the Price is usually very good and yet You’re getting that good solid quality On the sportsman’s guide website these Are running 43.95 If you’re part of their buyers club it’s 39.95 with free shipping and you get 20 Off every 100 or more purchase using Such no zero zero and we really Appreciate sportsman’s guide for sending This pack and to be honest i had some Comparison packs that i was just going To include this in but once i got a hold Of it this is a really solid pack and For the money i don’t think you’re going To be able to beat it be strong be of Good courage god bless america long live The republic [Music] And then too if you’re part of their Buyers club you get a better price and You get free shipping What the Heck It’s like somebody’s killing a dog over There Then got the hawk

Going nuts [Music] Now i got this from sportsman’s guide And one of the great things about these Packs is the price Even though they’ve moved to more of a Different type camo Here comes the copters the choppers are Coming guys again it’s a very Lightweight pack it’s part of a system i Mean you can upgrade this however you Want to and yet you can use it just as It is i mean it makes it i’ve already Said all that [Music]