Testing – The Bushcraft Store Quick Fire Tinder

By | June 29, 2022

I have a little tin Guys this is the bushcraft store or tbs Quick fire tinder okay Comes in this pretty cool little thing No you nearly kissed me on camera there Come on away with you guys Quick fire tinder let us i just got this Let’s crack it open let’s have a look at It and let’s give it a little bit of a Test and see how it gets on Stay tuned Yes guys quick fire tinder let us have a Look at it uh as i said guys comes in This little handy little tin Uh basically Basically what we have is we have little Little rolls of some sort of cotton that Is impregnated with something else do You know what these Do you know what these would remind you Of guys you know the little things that The dentist puts down the side of your Mouth when when he’s given you he or she Has given you a felon or something like That that’s what they would remind you Of uh and they’ve obviously been being Soaked in some sort of thing now the Bushcraft store reckons two to three Minutes of burn time Well Let’s see how we get on with that okay I’ll give you a close-up guys Quite a small neat little package guys Little screw top tin

Stick that in your bag stick that in Your fire kit wherever you want to put It uh closes up nice and secure and you Have an emergency fire starter and that Is that is pretty cool guys and Relatively cheap i’m going to say as Well 4.95 4.95 I don’t know it’s on the That that’s basically a fiver you know So Is it worth a fiver so what they are Saying is that it’s uh it’s small Lightweight easy to light with a spark And a must for your fire lighting kit Each sticks provides two to three Minutes of burn time which is usually Plenty of time to get your fire going Okay and it says it will even light in Wet conditions right so Let’s test it let’s get it wet let’s see If it lights Let’s see how long it burns for Radio though okay sorry funny old day For the light today Uh it’s it’s uh it’s sunshine and Lollipops and i know it’s not our usual Let’s my favorite okay look it’s like I’m advertising the bushcraft store guys Sorry Not not intended to do that right let’s Get one of these out The old trusty cup of water What are you racking answers below will

It burn will it not you’re a good dog Bruno but i don’t need that huge stick I don’t need that huge stick okay way You go with that Let’s get it out Shake off the water Probably not supposed to do that guys Let’s fluff it up a little bit If we can find out how to fluff it up a Little bit I wonder is that just Boiled in wax parvum wax Guys i never checked to see if there was Any ingredients or anything on it There we go what do you think we chance That see how we get on Hmm There we go I’m not really sure if you’re supposed To unroll it or not Well let’s see how we get on It is windy enough guys It went out let’s try it again Let’s open it right up That’s a bit better isn’t it So So So Hmm Watch out bruno get down Sit Sit Careful here So

Guys i i i because because it didn’t Light straight away i sort of lost count But we are definitely on about three Minutes now that that has been burning On the lower end of it as well and it’s Still burning even though it didn’t get Off to a very very good start that’s Probably just a little bit of Inexperience of me and how to use it You’re probably supposed to tear it open To get it to burn correctly guys that is Burning really well really really well Like if you think I don’t even know how many is in the Packet One Two Three Four Five Six Seven Eight Nine Ten Eleven And 1 is 12. 12 in the packet guys look It’s actually burning the log it’s Actually burning the logs just right Here It’s been burning for so long and i bet You if i lift it a little bit See there it’s burning the log That’s good that’s really good guys i

Really uh I really didn’t think it would be that Good I think we might be about to lose it Though Guys i will set a timer for this and i Will let a timer run on the screen or i Will time it and then and and fast Forward it on You know depending on what i think the Video is And i’m going to call that done And it’s gone it’s blown off Of course it does now it’s setting the Bars to fire No it’s setting the forest on fire guys That was pretty cool that was pretty Pretty cool i i need to actually put This out Because No it’s gone it’s it’s burnt away to Nothing Guys it’s just burnt away to nothing uh That was that that was quite impressive Um Not the best of starts but probably as i Said that’s probably my fault but you Know you get you get 12 of those little Fire lighters for about a fiver Ish i think maybe I don’t know some of you guys might brag Into the fiber is a wee bit expensive For something like that it’s sort of I don’t know if it is or not but uh guys

There you go the bushcraft store fire Sticks Uh They work Thanks for watching stay frosty