Knife With Secrets… #Shorts

By | June 29, 2022

Hey guys I wanted to take a second and Show you guys the Lord and field from Tiersman survival knife So right off the bat as you see there is A leather sheath included there’s also a Striker and Ferro Rod uh connected to The sheath So the blade has a modified scandi grind And it’s 1095 carbon steel But the absolute coolest thing about This knife is what you don’t actually See as you can see right here there’s a Little tool hidden right inside and we Can open up this handle so as you can See when you pull off this handle you Have some goodies inside you have some Cotton Tinder underneath this you have Some fish hooks then on this side the Really cool part is you have some arrow Heads that you can fashion some arrows Or something in a survival situation Really cool knife from Lord and field go Check it out at