HalleluYAH! SCOTUS Decisions – Bear Brief 27JUN22

By | June 27, 2022

Nation I’m bear with bear independent dot com If you’re new here go ahead and Subscribe you’re gonna need this Information for what’s coming If you’re not new here go ahead and Share this out to people who need to see It Because we need to get as many people in The family as we can as many people Prepared as we can Because the world is getting dumber and Dumber every day However The supreme court of the united states Of america I will not say has restored my hope and Humanity Because they happen But i’m Pleased With their actions here lately And uh that’s what we’re gonna talk About today i wanna i wanna issue an Asterisk or a caveat I do not expect every one of you to Think or feel or believe The same way that i do But you will respect me For my beliefs especially at my channel And today is going to be one of those Days that is more Spiritual if you will than political Given the nature of what we’re going to

Discuss And if that’s a deal breaker for you Then this is probably not the live Stream for you to watch We are going to be talking about real vs Wade this morning And the fallout from that And i think that’s super important Good morning to everybody in the My chat posited the question this past Week while i was in north dakota Training and he said what if the only People You ever dealt with the only people you Ever trained Were brothers and sisters How different would your life look i’ve Been thinking a lot about that since Then It struck a chord hit a nerve That’s a big part of what i’m trying to Do here is empower you My brothers and sisters out there To be able to withstand What is coming And if we’re gonna do that if we’re Gonna deal with one another as a brother And a sister we’ve got to observe the Two prime directives right Love the lord our god with everything We’ve got and love our neighbor As ourself on this hangs all the torah And the Prophets says mashiach

Matthew chapter 18. So with that in mind let’s go ahead and Talk about Roe v white Roe versus white has officially been Overturned by the supreme court in a Five to four decision As forewarned here at bear independent Social unrest has begun blooming across The country In the wake of the announcement Hours after the supreme court decision a Fire broke out at a pregnancy pregnancy Center in longmont colorado and Threatening messages in graffiti were Found on the building during an ongoing Arsenal investigation including a Message that said quote if abortions Aren’t safe neither are you End quote Vandal spray painted a very similar Quote if abortions aren’t safe you’re Not either and quote on the vermont State house after the decision on the Vermont state house After the decision and broke seven Windows So far jane’s revenge a militant Extremist pro-abortion rights group has Claimed responsibility for over 12 Incidents of vandalism and violence at Pro-life crisis pregnancy centers and Churches nationwide the most recent of Which was when a pro-life pregnancy

Resource center in gresham oregon was Set aflame on friday The same organization has posted flyers Online and in washington d.c attempting To instigate rioting in a quote night of Rage At the arizona capitol lawmakers huddled In the basement as swat members fired Tear gas to disperse the hundreds of Protesters Gathered around the building Some of whom were beginning to strike The windows Now On the one hand And on the other hand let’s talk about This Operationally What are we looking at here So jane’s revenge militant leftists Bad guys Per my world view i don’t know who you Are but for me bad guys Clearly intent on doing harm um Their intent they are breaking windows With people inside of buildings they’re Lighting things on fire one could say They’ve established a pattern of Behavior at this point that if you were Inside of that building and they set it On fire that’s now not just arson that’s Murder Because they’re upset at this roe v wade Decision which by the way does not make

Abortions illegal it simply states that There is no constitutional precedent for A woman to have access to abortions Which means that now per the 10th Amendment that decision is made at the State level Not the federal level Which i believe abortions are not good Anyway we shouldn’t be condoning that Type of behavior but the federal Government is saying they don’t have a Purview over that type of behavior And so that’s a states rights issue and I agree with that i also want to point Out i know and love people who have had Abortions It doesn’t make you a terrible human Being It means you made a mistake And like all of us myself included who Have made mistakes That does not mean that you are Incapable of being redeemed by the blood Of the son And coming back into the family and Finding your way back to the most high Back to the father So you need to repent of that you need To teshuva you need to turn From your wicked ways you need to Confess To the creator of the universe your Mistake and then you need to make an Agreement a covenant with him that you

Will not do that again That’s teshuva that’s biblical Repentance It’s not just saying it with your mouth It’s meeting it with your heart and then Doing it with your hands or not doing it With your hands whatever that might be And so i have No love for the Action Of abortion i have no love for abortion Doctors as somebody who has lost as many Children during pregnancy as i currently Have Um i am Passionate About protecting our young people And uh The whole issue Hits me right in the fields And so i don’t Condone abortion But i also love people who have had Abortions Because They didn’t know better They didn’t perceive that they had any Options right Now if you start to begin If you begin to use abortion as birth Control post-conception birth control That to me is unacceptable now you know Better But for those that didn’t

It’s not our jobs To make them feel like such pieces of That they run away from the creator of The universe It’s our job to love them and to have Compassion for them and to explain to Them Where they went wrong so that they don’t Do it again Like any other sin like any other Transgression of the law what is sin First john 3 verse 4 sin is Transgression of the law Like any other transgression You would pull that person aside and Have a conversation with them And if that conversation didn’t work You would go with two or three witnesses Per the book of matthew and the teaching Of messiah and the torah imagine that And have a conversation and now if they Don’t receive you you take it to the Whole assembly and have a conversation Master master how many times shall i Forgive my brother as he sins against me Seven times No Truly i say to you 70 times seven times If there’s true repentance there if There’s true teshuva there We’re to forgive those people while not Condoning the actions And so i think there’s a lot of

Push pull there Morally So i don’t support A woman’s right to abortion i think it Violates the first command in the bible Be fruitful and multiply And i’m not a fan of violating the Father’s commands I also want to point out um For all the people that Like to tell me that i’m Anti-militia i think that’s a lack of Understanding For me i’m anti-untrained unorganized Uh coffee talk and woodland camo and We’re gonna fight the government but we Don’t have zero rifles militias I think what we’re seeing right now with Jane’s revenge is a beautiful Opportunity for people that have a Modicum of coordination and logistics to Protect These pregnancy centers and these Churches Find the local church in your area Find the local pregnancy center in your Area and reach out to them and offer Your services for security and now this Means now you need to do this You need at a minimum a network of People with communications and logistics And a qrf or a reserve And you need to put people On these buildings 24 7 365

To be the eyes and ears Because the police officers don’t show Up in time the firefighters don’t show Up in time to prevent it they show up After the fact So you need proactive security not Reactive security and i think this is a Great opportunity For communities To support their local churches And their Pregnancy centers And to Build rapport in the community and to Network i think it’s a great opportunity And so i would strongly recommend that If there’s potential jane’s revenge Targets in your area Why don’t you go harden those targets up Yeah It’s about all i can say on that on open Channels on the internet but why don’t You go harden those targets up The cost benefit analysis it’s a huge Benefit at very little cost And it’s good training for you and your Guys or girls or whoever Go harden those targets up make it a Little bit more difficult for jane’s Revenge to do what they’re doing And your first line of defense doesn’t Need to be This A spotlight

Let’s start with a spotlight Light them up Because evil Prefers darkness and the light Shines into the darkness the darkness Comprehendeth it not How will this Affect the political landscape of the u S Naturally this is This is expected to affect the midterm Elections due to a predicted surge And concerned democrat and independent Voters In president biden’s or more likely one Of his speech writers words quote We must elect more senators and Representatives who will codify a Woman’s right to choose and federal law Once again Elect more state leaders to protect this Right at the local level end quote Now i don’t think that’s going to happen Um I think that the Agenda of the radical left has Disenfranchised a lot of the Good democrats out there Um I’ve had a lot of conversation with People who are not like me and not from Here because i go to a lot of places and What i found whether it’s the ghettos of Dallas or

Seattle or Pick your poison tulsa even tulsa Oklahoma We may Disagree on a lot of things What we agree on is that something needs To be done generally speaking What we tend to disagree on is how to Get it done Our more liberal friends generally think That it’s the government’s job to do That And our more conservative friends Generally think that no it’s the Individual’s job to do that And then the the conversation the Arguments ensue back and forth and back And forth But even those That i know are democrats that i know Are liberals and by the way Conservatives get off your high horse Our conservative representation sucks they’re terrible So don’t Don’t brag They’re not very good our guys I say our guys i’m an independent I digress The Far left agenda of the democrats is Alienating A lot of the Center-left democrats

I don’t think you’re going to see a Bunch of radicals elected in the Midterms I’m not entirely sure how many people Air quote are going to be elected air Quote In the midterms anyway the idea that we Have free and fair elections i think Went away with our last presidential Election so it’s interesting to me how Many people now are super stoked about The midterm elections as if they Couldn’t be compromised and or corrupted So And you heard it here first Yeah bear said i’ve been saying this for Years I’m uh I have no hope of free and fair Elections in this country anymore which Is a roma’s burning indicator But i don’t think that biden is correct I don’t think we’re going to see a Resurgence of Far left Uh Political Uh operatives In this country I think we’re trending more in the Conservative direction because of the Actions of the far left That being said Conservatives again get off your high

Horse and if you have somebody Much like somebody who’s had an abortion Per se if you’ve had somebody who was Far left and is now moving center left Maybe then descender and then maybe the Center right Screaming i told you so And you’re such an because you Voted for this person and that person And that person Isn’t going to help them It’s not going to help you either You need to look more for Points of alignment More for points of critical agreement Than for points of contention Because what’s the second prime Directive love your neighbor as yourself And if you’re not actively trying to do That you’re not actively actively Following your messiah Now if your neighbors james revenge and They’re trying to break your windows and Throw molotov cocktails in your place You can love them at 3 200 foot per Second with 77 grain otm Well 77 grain goes a little bit slower Than that but 55 grain 62 grain get the Job done You catch my point here There’s biblical precedent for this as Well who is my neighbor Those who are walking with you in this Faith

And if you are a person of faith Your political ideology should be less Important to you Than your theology and your spirituality It should be less important to you how You serve man Than how you serve the creator of the Universe How you come back into his presence by The blood of his son How you perform his daily tasks while Upholding the two prime directives love The lord your god with everything you’ve Got deuteronomy 6 5 and love your Neighbor as yourself leviticus 19 verse 18. That’s what you should be concerned About Somebody’s not being neighborly The inverse of thou shalt not murder is If you’re trying to murder me Thou shalt not murder and as a dear Friend of mine likes to say everybody’s Sorry on their way to the rock pile Sometimes you just gotta walk somebody To the rock pile So this is called wisdom and discernment And it’s a gift of the spirit And i would implore you To beg the father to deliver his spirit Unto you for wisdom and discernment Back to the brief additionally the trend Started in 2020 of quote voting with One’s feet end quote

It’s still happening People are moving purely based off of Political policies some are fleeing California because of the liberal Liberal policies and some are fleeing Texas because of the conservative Policies and so forth Man if you’re leaving texas because of Politics you’re going to hate oklahoma Do not come here Texas looks like when you’re in oklahoma Texas looks like california [Laughter] But i understand If you’ve been trapped in new york and You moved to texas Texas is the greatest place on the face Of the earth I get it everything’s relative right Senator josh hawley Told conserva told reporters quote i Would predict that the effect is going To be that more and more red states are Going to become more red purple states Are going to become red and blue states Are going to get a lot bluer Ultimately end quote ultimately this all Means that the invisible divide between Countrymen is deepening more and more And it’s slowly becoming not just Ideological but somewhat geographical as Well this is a balkanization indicator We’ll talk about that in a moment The bbc wrote quote a nation sharply

Split over the morality and legality of Abortion where citizens are divided by Geography culture and political ideology Is a recipe for political acrimony the Kind of which the u.s hasn’t seen since The days before the civil war End quote And of course if you’re on patreon You’ve got the written brief and the Relevant links to do your own homework And if you’re not on patreon you don’t Five bucks a month there’s a link in the Description On every video Come find us there And uh there’s 24 2500 exclusive pieces of content that Live there that’ll never see the light Of day on youtube That’s where the real stuff is the real Stuff the real deep good stuff is on Patreon So Political acrimony balkanization Geography geo Geographical separation Mimicking ideological separation We’ve talked about this at Great lengths we’ve talked about Balkanization this have many other People Bear do you think it’s possible i don’t Think it’s possible just possible i Think it’s likely i think that’s likely

To happen Especially as the federal government Continues to lose legitimacy which means It’s striving more and more Uh to maintain its authority i aka Becoming more authoritarian Um People will look to their states as they Should First and foremost As the source of political authority and Legitimacy in their area than the Federal government And so More and more states are that nature Abhors a vacuum As the federal government pulls back The state governments are going to step In And state governments are more Representative of their constituency Than the federal government is Which means Hopefully State governments being more Representative of their constituency Than the federal government That you’re going to see more and more Of the Ideological separation between states Occurring Because the By and large speaking in gross Generalities the people of texas and

Oklahoma and louisiana are far different Than the people of new york new jersey Connecticut Okay Ideologically politically far different Not as far apart as you would think Though because you also have Um micro regions right because like Upstate new york is way different than Downstate new york northern california Is way different than southern California etc right You know i tell people i grew up in Upstate new york and they look at me Funny because you know we had cows and We had a pig named elvis and we had Chickens and we had horses and Uh woods and hay fields and Four-wheelers and four-wheel drive Pickup trucks and shotguns in our trucks And you know drink beer on dirt roads And they’re like In new york Yes the whole state is not made of Concrete Yeah highly agricultural upstate new York is highly agricultural Aka there be rednecks there And i was one So There’s these micro regions even amongst States right and uh As always where you see high population Density areas is where you tend to see

More liberal theology Liberal ideology And i think it’s because when there’s Fewer people my expectation out here is Not that the government’s going to take Care of me i don’t expect a fire truck To show up here if my barn cats is on Fire It would be a miracle if it did I do not expect at all that the Sheriff’s department because we live in The county there’s no town near us The sheriff’s department is never going To arrive in time for me to solve a Problem They i will have solved it 10 times over by the time they get here It’s just a fact And it’s not the sheriff’s department’s Fault it’s a math problem it’s geography There’s only so many of them and it’s a Big old county And there’s lots of miles in between Them and wherever the problems are it’s A math problem it’s not their fault it’s A math problem So i don’t have an expectation of the Government taking care of me out here There’s no public transportation Hell they barely fix the roads And i’m cool with that because my taxes Are low Versus a more populated area where People live roof upon roof house upon

House where they have to have Buses and trains to get around because They can’t own cars because there’s no Place to park the cars and there’s no Place to buy gas and blah blah blah Right They have to have law enforcement Officers Because they’ve disarmed themselves Right there’s a you know multiple fire Stations in every district Because the the population density is so High and so Ideologically people become More liberal with generally speaking With more of a bent towards the Government will take care of us Therefore it needs more authority in Populated areas Versus people being more conservative Out in the country more rural areas Because we know it’s not possible for Them to take care of us When the tax collector can’t the tax Assessor can’t find your house You live in the right place And you’re not trying to dodge him it’s Just that Rural you know what i mean That’s cool And so there’s a difference in ideology There that’s going to That’s a contributing factor that leads To balkanization and i think

Balkanization is likely to occur Not now Not tomorrow not next week Um There’s gonna In my mind a lot of accelerators will be Required In between now and balkanization the The federal government is going to have To truly lose its legitimacy in order For the states to do the cost benefit Analysis to pull back to quit Participating in the federal system and Create their own regional system aka Balkanization and we’re not there yet However we’re certainly headed in that Direction So all that being said hallelujah Praised the most high what this roe Versus wade Decision Um I’m just thankful And as you know i’m sure all every Single one of you is also tracking on uh Our buddy clarence thomas in the 6-3 Decision on Concealed carry And your right to carry a firearm Outside of your home Good to go Digging it And again i guess lastly i would Reiterate if you live in an area

Where you’re concerned about these james Revenge people Do something about it And what i mean by that is contact the Potential targets in your area and take Your prepper group your mag your team Your tribe your Community watch your whatever And go pull security for that place Great training opportunity If you’re wondering about the legalities There Get in an email from those people Because that’s essentially written Permission Get in an email from whoever it is You’re protecting Their approval for you to be there Have your ccw or if you live in a you Know constitutional carry state you’re Good to go Cool And don’t start no stuff Some stuff starts And you’re in fear for your life you can End it legally but don’t start no stuff But a couple of big flashlights Is a great way to Deter people The light shines into the darkness and The darkness comprehended that not Incidentally coincidentally now that’s The brief if you’re one of those people That jumps off when it’s time to talk

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