One Man And His Dogs – Over Night Camp In The Canvas Baker Tent – Firebox Freestyle – Cooking Steak

By | June 26, 2022

So here it is This is the location This is the location for My campus I am out camping Nice Just me and the lads me and the lads not Right yeah lad Overnight guys an overnight with myself And bruno and cuda one man honest dogs In this absolutely amazing Picturesque location guys this is what We call the fishing camp and it’s in in Red branch right beside the river but First I need a tent Wait a second a tent i hear you say A tent But not an ordinary tent guys Stay tuned I am of course talking about my new Bigger tent so Let’s get it up The tent that is and uh Let’s get this evening started guys it Should be a crack in the evening it has Everything it has Uh An ex-army tent a bigger tent i am Calling it the bigger ten for now and i Don’t care it has me it has camping with My dogs it has steak it has mountain Views guys campfires What more could you ask for

So So And there we have it home for the night Gate And you are probably thinking to Yourself Wooly What are you doing Guys i have a ground sheet that goes Into this okay So i need to straighten some stuff up I need to straighten some stuff up And i need to uh Tighten guidelines and stuff like that But that’s pretty much it guys and That’s the way it rocks and that is The baker tent Tonight’s Tonight matthew Tonight’s sleeping bag of choice guys is The czech army winter sleeping bag great Piece of gear tinsel it Lined Fetching bright orange on the inside Guys Really good sleeping bag really really Good sleeping by And that’s it all done That’s it all set up now guys And it is time to get down to the Serious business I’m going to join bruno right there and I’m going to go get me fishing see if we Can catch some dinner

If not I’m just going to have to slum up with Some steak Uh [Music] Do [Music] [Music] Stay out of the river you age at you You have to sleep in in the tent with me Tonight Watch out twitter Bruno here’s the lighter so he knows That there is a fire so he knows that if There is a fire there must be sticks Right now go away now come on there’s a Fire here Jesus it’s just a stick I must have faith in the barbecue i’m Just going to put these in Because they’re they’re going to take at Least half an hour not not 40 minutes Okay so i’ll put them in everything will Burn down a little bit and when it’s Really really hot and it’s really really Ashen that’s when i’m gonna get the Steak on All right critter You ready for this Back off bruno away you’re going to get Burnt He’s a goat Most more goat than dog Oh excuse me

I just realized i don’t have a fork So Check that out Oh nearly battling the fire They’re a bit charred But they’re still good potatoes in the Top of them but look at this Look at this It Is dinner time I am really looking forward to this Oh jesus So So There you go [Applause] Now Here Is the great thing About the freestyle Watch out could have watched you put Your nose here’s the great thing about The freestyle first of all i gotta find Someone to pop this so the dogs don’t Burn themselves Is that when i’m finished cooking No it’s my fire No bruno eat your dinner We are losing light fast so it’s time For me to get organized And midges are out as well I was just going to sleep in here with My sleeping bag But i think i’m gonna have to get a

Bivvy bag because bruno Keeps jumping into the river So There is there is a possibility that at Some stage in the night he is going to Get in on top of me and try and get into My sleeping bag as he normally does So i’m going to have to uh i’m gonna i’m Gonna have a figure i’m gonna have to Grab a baby bag or something Uh So this time of the evening guys what i Like to do is i like to get my uh Get my head torches and stuff and and Get it get all all the little all the Little lamps and stuff like that that I’m using Uh Put them somewhere where i can find them Okay because it’ll you know it’s it’s Quarter past it but it is it is going to Be dark probably in Half an hour it’s not it’s not much of a Sun right it’s unsettled But that is the plan that is the plan so I actually actually removed the sleeping Bag because he because he got so wet i Took it away i have some wool blankets And stuff here For the dogs themselves to sleep in Uh and you know so They’ll just lie down beside me and go To sleep and i’ll just throw i’ve one on The ground for them and then what i’ll

Do is uh i’ll i’ll throw the other Sleeping bag or the other wool blanket Over the top of them but i need to run Him first to dry him off he’s soaking my Soaking like it like a big hairy wet age Guys the light is fading fast even Though it doesn’t look like it on the Camera the camera is excellent Look Really Every stick every stick sit sit sit Sit That’s for you good job guys You know the the camera is really good In low light condition so it is it is Actually Quite dark at the moment you’re not Getting any more i just give you one Okay so the bed is all set up i have my Head torch in my pocket Uh i actually found i actually forgot That i had one of my uh swag bags down Here So i have my swag with my mattress and All set up in there so that even if the Dogs do jump in on top me they’re only Going to be laying on top of the swag so And guys i will leave it there and in The morning In the morning I have bacon And coffee And that’s it steak and spuds for dinner Bacon and coffee for dessert

Love it Season the morning guys Hey cooler oh Hey brother This is for me it’s a millipede on it There’s not a lot of speaking happens Around here until the coffee happens So I was just looking there This is just a concrete slab That the That the firebox is sitting on Now There was actually so much heat coming From that firebox last night that the Concrete slab Cracked But uh I must have had that thing morning for Five hours at least I’m just going to heat up some water in The coffee pot this is why i have a Stainless steel coffee pot so it can Heat water up on it Over the fire And we’re not when we get some coffee on The go dogs are great just slap that no Back off you you’re too close you’re too Close he is in egypt he wants these Sticks so he’ll just like brush past the Fire No no he’s going around A big box of sticks here oh look at that One there well that one’s perfect for

Burning oh Oh oh Good dog But it’s beautiful morning sun is Rocking us no away from the fire sun is Split in the trees guys it’s just right In my back it’s it’s half nine so i i Had to lay in Coffee bacon That’s what it’s all about The important stuff in life all together Bruno coffee Smokey bacon So Uh So So I’ll flames on this side for heating the Water but i have a really nice bed of Cones on this side for uh For cooking the bacon and sometimes the Bacon fat is setting them on fire More bacon So What’s up Bruno leave her alone Okay that is it for me I’m gonna sit here In silence And enjoy my bacon sandwich Uh i’m gonna give something to the dogs Of course because the dogs always get Some now back off you know a second if You can just give me a minute

Uh thanks for watching guys i hope it Wasn’t too long Guys i’m going to leave it there my Battery is going to die i had a great Night out with the dogs i’m gonna have My bacon buddy with red sauce And i’m gonna have my cup of coffee and I’m gonna enjoy my rest of the morning Guys thanks for watching stay frosty