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By | June 24, 2022

Good morning everybody I’m barry with And we’re going to do the brief And intel from the bear nation today If you’re new here Go ahead and subscribe you are going to Need this information to navigate what Comes next In this crazy stupid world If you’re not new here go ahead and Share this with people you think need to See it Bear independent brief 24 june 22. Congress may be about to pass quote the Most significant piece of anti-gun Violence legislation in 30 years end Quote in the words of senator chris Murphy The federal gun bill in question does Not contain assault weapons restrictions Or universal background checks However it would put over a quarter Billion dollars into mental health Services Suicide prevention and community Violence intervention and it does aim to Close the air quote boyfriend loophole Which is Horse pucky Jared from guns Gadgets by the way excellent guy met him In person a couple of times good dude Has done an excellent job as usual Reporting on all of this and so if you

Want to stay truly up to date on all This you should go check out guns and Gadgets like On the regular The reason i bring that up is the Boyfriend loophole he’s got a very good Video on why that’s nonsense And it incentivizes states to enact red Flag laws it would also expand federal Background checks and the waiting period For gun purchases for those under 21 Years of age tuesday evening’s Procedural senate vote rapidly passed 64-34 The head negotiators for the bill both Republican and democrat both republican And democrat and so i’ve been telling Y’all for a long time if you’re one of Those people that votes republican Because conservatism They’re not conservatives bro they are Both they’re two different wings of the Same shitty bird So There’s no real difference between Political parties at this point in my Opinion The head negotiators for the bill both Republican and democrat released a joint Statement quote today we finalized Bipartisan common sense legislation to Protect america’s children keep our Schools safe and reduce the threat of Violence across our country our

Legislation will save lives and will not Infringe on any law Law-abiding americans second amendment Rights we look forward to earning broad Bipartisan support and passing our Common sense legislation into law end Quote Yeah Asterisk caveat You see the most recent supreme court Ruling Tremendous Tremendous We’ll just leave it at that for now Tremendous we’ll probably be talking More about that next week It is believed the house will oppose the Bill and the time and at the time of This writing reports are just emerging That the house has begun tearing the Legislation apart steve scalise said Quote we’re pushing to reform We’re pushing reform In the mental health system we shouldn’t Be taking away or infringing upon the Rights of law-abiding citizens to own a Gun end quote representative thomas Massey said quote we did not anticipate That we will be playing defense against The republican senators on preserving The second amendment end quote They don’t care about you They are in league with them They look out for them

How do you make 160 000 a year’s salary And have Tens of millions of dollars if not Hundreds of millions of dollars And personal wealth It’s a game of power they’re not there For you representative republic no more Says me Don’t want to jump on that rabbit hole This morning either we have a lot of Ground to cover with intel so The federal government isn’t the only One starting to dip its toe into the gun Control kiddie pool states have begun Acting after the shootings in buffalo And uvalde new york has raised the age For buying semi-automatic rifles to 21 Intensified its red red flag law and Banned body armor for most Interestingly the red flag law that was Already in place did absolutely nothing To stop the buffalo shooter Who the fbi was well aware of Also i don’t know where i set my coffee Tragedy Tragedy Delaware is set to ban assault style Semi-automatic rifles assault style I can assault you with a 30 30 lever Action if i feel like it Delaware is set to ban assault style Semi-automatic rifles and limit magazine Capacities and washington has already Passed washington state has already

Passed a law to limit magazine Capacities at 10 rounds And there’s a bunch of links on patreon For this brief this morning if you’re on Patreon you’ll find those as well as the Full write-up of the intel And pics Of intelligence that has been set in From around the nation the bear nation There’s a link in the description of Every video that helps us do what we do Youtube doesn’t like us we don’t really Like them back very much and so patreon Is an excellent way to support the show And it’s not an i love me you should Love me too page There’s uh 2500 exclusive pieces of content there There’s more content on patreon than There is on youtube at our channel Now Intel For bear independent If you have intel you want to share with Us with our research team Who we affectionately refer to as the Dance monkeys you send your intel to Intel bear independent dot com If you can’t spell bear independent dot Com you have magically self selected Yourself out of the ability to provide Intel so there’s a bar it’s a low one But there’s a bar you need to be able to Jump over in order to be able to provide

Intel Additionally Intel is not read this article click This link watch this video And tell us something you have seen with Your own eyes or heard with your own Ears okay That’s what we’re looking for at intel Bear independent dot com huge shout out To the dance monkeys Because without them We wouldn’t be able to do this and a Huge shout out to y’all because without Y’all we wouldn’t be able to do this Either From bear nation for bear nation that’s Y’all Here’s some valuable intel That didn’t make it into the briefs for Over the past week for the sake of time Medical I’m a pa physician’s assistant in one of The busiest emergency departments in Arizona about two weeks ago we got an Email from our director stating iv Contrast for ct scans was available and To use it per usual protocols two days Ago we received we received another Email stating scheduled delivery of Contrast was delayed and we no longer Have an adequate supply Lidocaine is so short that it is being Hoarded in the inpatient pharmacy I’m lucky if i’m lucky i can have it in

My hand about an hour after ordering it In the computer and then calling the Pharmacy I’m starting to see a trend of newly Homeless patients Not junkies still clean but living in Their cars or sleeping in shelters Their desperation is easy to see Additionally these people are still Working They are being exposed to parasites and Illnesses associated with the Chronically homeless and potentially Bringing it into their workplace End quote Thank you for the super chat by the way Next And these are all quotes i’m not going To say quote a thousand times because There’s a lot here Next as a veterinarian i’ve been waiting Over six months on basic penicillin On backorder i can get most of the more Expensive antibiotics I’m not suggesting this but because of The way fda bases expiration dates per When i worked for a pharmaceutical Company in fort dodge you might as a Non-medical professional you don’t have The liability suggest that Pharmaceutical products may or may not Be good for 10 years after the Expiration date So i can’t legally suggest keeping them

But i’m not throwing out mine And i will unequivocally encourage Stocking up on anything deemed necessary To you and your animals Also rumors from colleagues in fda that More classes of pharmaceuticals will be Restricted soon stock up and make Friends with like-minded veterinarians And physicians Yeah That’s a good word right there Next my wife received an email today From her nursing manager here in California that there is a critical Shortage of the drugs used to compound Epidurals used in labor and delivery They were literally down to only five in Stock and don’t expect an improvement Until late 2023 They have asked the pharmacists to Change the compound using a different Compound that will not be as strong to Stretch out the current supply Next i’m a nurse practitioner in an Emergency department in a medium-sized Hospital in southern illinois we have Been overwhelmed very sick people not Much coveted But a very sick population Our numbers are through the roof i have Been in the ed for over a decade and i Am taken aback by the sheer volume My intel is not Only that the volume is up but most

Importantly the pediatric volume is up Since the pre-vaccine stats In 2020 pediatric volume was 144 in may And this year the pediatric volume was 338 In may 250 increase My colleagues and i basically got a Cease and desist letter from our Governing bodies the state board of Nursing and my physician counterparts From the state boards and national Boards or ed physicians to not speak out Against any charlie victor 1 9 related Issues Or we would lose our license to practice Medicine Also received letters telling us that We’re at risk of losing the same if we Used ivermectin or hydroxychloroquine Instead of the approved cb19 treatments That don’t work Moreover the big pharmacy chains refused To fill the valid prescriptions for Ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine When those of us with the balls to write For them To write them do write for them Syntax bearnation love you all but Syntax We have to call the small mom-and-pop Type pharmacies and they will typically Fill them for the patients Next i work for fire department in

Virginia we have taken delivery of Several new emergency vehicles that we Cannot put in service for their intended Use For the past three months that we’ve had These vehicles we’ve been unable to Install necessary equipment such as Emergency lighting sirens and radios These items were ordered months before We took delivery of the trucks and we Are still waiting hence we are unable to Get these vehicles licensed by the state Office of emergency medical services Which is the pre-hospital medical Regulatory body so that we can go to Work as these with these required items Supply chain it affects everybody by the Way if you are into preparedness Uh medical preparedness super important Refuge medical is my company We make the best first aid kits on the Planet If you don’t have one you should get one If you have one you should maybe get Another one Police officers aren’t driving their Cruisers And responding to calls because they Don’t have the budget for fuel And Let’s be frank A lot of the best officers have already Walked off the job because they are not Ideologically aligned with their

Departments because of the shenanigans That have been happening for the last Two and a half or three years Ambulances they’re out of versed And other basic medical uh equipment And uh medicines Their staffing is down their budgets are Down their operating costs are up They can’t keep the bus stocked All this to say they’re not coming for You Get that out of your head you are the First responder Personal responsibility right Personal responsibility Well if you’re into preparedness why are You still farming out that portion of Your life To the government all you Anti-government people out there Stock up While you can Your promo code is bear nation for free Shipping on everything in the store Next i’m a case management nurse for low Income disabled medicaid recipients we Pay caregivers to provide home care to People to keep them out of hospitals or Nursing homes because we are in a rural Area these caregivers often have to Drive long distance distances to provide That care due to the cost of fuel when Measured against the pay we give them

Many are deciding to end their Employment which means the people Dependent on them for basic things like Bathing medication administration and Meal preparation are now going without It is a life and death outcome for some Nursing homes are critically Understaffed skilled nursing agencies Can’t find help the two large healthcare Systems in this area are working with Skeleton crews in their laundry Housekeeping and dietary departments Because the wages they receive do not Keep pace with the cost to put gas in Their cars to go to work People are just deciding to stay home It is not a great time to require Medical care in the badger state and i Assume nationwide Rome is burning My brothers and sisters Rome is burning if you have not adjusted Your ooda loop yet There let it be adjusted Next i’m a paramedic the most dangerous County in california i just wanted to Give everyone a heads up when you call Just know that we are out of a lot of The most basic stuff for pre-hospital Life-saving care We are having to macgyver things in Order to keep people alive because of a Supply shortage By the way if it says it’s in stock at

Refuge medical it’s in stock it’s under Our roof and it will ship to you And we so that we’re all clear here are Also to the best of our ability any Ambulance corps Pre-hospital care company anything like That that reaches out to us we try and Keep them stocked as well It’s a battle It is a battle bro i have two And a half people working full time Just to keep stuff in stock Just to keep things under the roof so we Can ship them back out to you again It started about a year ago and we have Quote no estimated date end quote for a Supply return we are out of basic iv Supplies preloads of epinephrine Preloads of antiarrhythmic medications Quick clot chest seals dextrose etc we Are a small community as first Responders and we all talk i can tell You this is not just my city our Supplies are being bought up by the Military before we can get our orders in That is a hundred percent true defense Logistics agency buying up everything They can get germany just approved at 100 billion euro expansion of its ground Forces That’s going to be a lot more shoulder Soldiers for the bundeswehr A lot more And guess what every one of them is

Going to be buying facts With chest seals and quick clot and Pressure bandages and tourniquets Dla defense logistics agency is buying That stuff up literally by the pallet Load by the semi load by the container Cargo ship load Militaries and agencies and Organizations around the world are Bracing for war What should you be doing Food i live in ohio my neighbor has been A camper salesman in minnesota or i’m Sorry michigan ohio and indiana Tri-state area for many years i asked Him how business was and he said it has Hit a brick wall ever since interest Rates and fuel have increased we’ve seen A 40 percent decrease in sales Another neighbor is a farmer and has Been and has been his entire 65 years i Live in farm country by the way he told Me the last time he checked anhydrous Ammonium was fourteen hundred dollars a Ton it used to be six hundred dollars a Ton Plenty of crops being planted here in Ohio and everyone seems to be Fertilizing as they normally would not Much winter wheat is i’m used to seeing Though i’m hearing many reports from People saying they’re seeing cornfields That aren’t even until they’re planted Most likely they have been planted

And they just not conceit they just Cannot see the beans emerging they can Be hard to see at the early stages yadda Yadda Around here watershed the lake erie is a Big deal I’m an over-the-road truck driver this Is next in the past week or two i’ve Been from kansas city to albany most Crops are in coming up nicely the Problem is that some of the fields in Northern ohio and indiana are flooded Due to the amount of rain they received This is also true in parts of wisconsin And illinois I’ve also seen troop movements convoys Here and there it’s summertime so i Figure it’s normal it is they’re Training we’ve seen them too If when they have coaxials mounted to Their vehicles then you can be concerned They don’t so I hate to disabuse you of all your Prepper fantasies but when things get Stupid they’re not gonna drive around in Convoys in broad daylight for you to see Them out on the highway so that they can Come and oppress you That’s like the worst tactics ever okay So Keep it in your pants homeboy Security For the past four to five weeks now my Military unit plus others have been

Doing operations and training that we Normally haven’t done in almost 10 years And some operations that our command Hasn’t done since vietnam like going up And down rivers river on operations and Finding and shooting targets and Practicing landing helos on makeshift Rafts Interesting Do we know any littoral regions Where there’s potential conflict what do You think twitch You ever heard of a place called Southeast east asia once or twice yeah i Think we’ve been there once or twice or Since 1953 Interesting Let’s see in in an all hands call they Have straight up said that we are Sending some of our older military boats And weapons over to romania to be staged Before possible military operations as Well there and we’re sending some random Islands at the military controls into The into the south china sea And we’re sending some two random Islands at the military controls on the South china sea Syntax bear nation So Intel i live outside albuquerque new Mexico an area where road rage and Violence are more frequent than in most Places but have become less of an issue

After 2011. since the focus has Increased on violence and road rage i Have not experienced anything more than Self-absorbed or jerk drivers however in The last six months i’ve personally Experienced two road rage incidents in The last incident the other driver tried To cause an accident multiple times and Came to a complete stop on a freeway Twice he nearly got out of his car Before peeling off and then trying on Additional surprise lane changes then to Spit something at my car from his police Are investigating but the renewed Increase in road rage incidents is Certainly an indicator for me that angry People in the city are feeling Of the anger that people in the city are Feeling Is beginning to reach a boiling point Our ooda loop has adjusted to this new Level of violence and we were starting Protocols for in-town errands that i Never really believed we would have to Enact it’s an adjustment all right Something to think about i think Depending on where you live your Population density and what the Situation is around you by the way do an Area study and then update it and then Update it again and then update it again Thank you for the super chat by the way Maybe you don’t go to town by yourself Anymore

That might be something to think about Next gas prices in the area are Fluctuating between five dollars 10 Cents and 539 as of 622. i’ve also been Seeing people post on facebook about a Gas strike they’re calling for people to Not purchase gas july 2nd through the 5th not sure what will come of this Several groups of people have been down At the main intersection in our town Protesting various causes the last one a Couple of weeks ago was a pro-abortion Protest about 30 people with signs Making a ruckus Next i live about a mile directly in the Landing path Of naval air station jrb in fort worth There has been an enormous amount of Activity here in the last week we’ve Gone from a few landings a week of Various sizes and types of planes to an Almost constant barrage of overhead Traffic that in of itself is not Surprising or the actual issue it’s just Outside of the normal behavior pattern What is the difference between the two Weeks ago and today is the types Frequency engine noise and heights where They are running we’ve had b-52s going Over and maneuvers so low i could Literally stand in my front yard and Photograph the tail numbers they are all Carrying full complements of equipment Under their wings in the past they were

Just flying high and not loaded fighter Jets are in constant scramble and Conducting maneuvers rivaling the blue Angels that said we also now have Helicopters of various types both Military military medical and private Care flight medical chapters Choppers landing and taking off in rapid Succession very low overhead touch and Goes are being run heavily with all Equipment types do All equipment types during both night And day This has only happened about once every Three months and only in day time during All the 20 years that we lived here if Your car breaks down near the preventer It no longer is a matter of calling aaa You can expect immediate mp response This has rarely happened unless Suspicious activity is reported by local Pd this may not be of any consequence But our neighborhoods are scared due to The increase in low-flying activity Get out Get out of that damn neighborhood The opportunity for that Is shrinking Your dollar is worth less and less every Day more and more people are fleeing From the built up areas The time that it’s going to take for you To procure the things that you need to Be able to set yourself up in a lower

Population density area that’s going Away as well because of the lack of Ability to procure necessary items so For all of y’all who have been sitting On the fence Go now Like today Is throw your in a u-haul and leave Or You’re gonna have to deal with a whole Bunch of stuff Because i think it’s going to become Prohibitive Damn near impossible for you to get out And be effective when you land out in The rural areas Like this In socal on the outskirts of the la Toilet bowl there have been multiple Signs going up on overpasses that read Something to the effective we need a Revolution kill the rich Oh that’s nice Roam burning Quote i work for a nuclear power company Here in illinois during one of the all Hands call sites leadership cited the Coming black and brownouts and we now Have to remain online to help mitigate The risk they stated that they expect we Will need to send power from our grid to Help the rest of the grid if the Non-nuke grid went down Shortly after that we had a grid red

Announcement due to high heat i’ve been At my site for over 10 years and this Was the first time that i’ve seen this Next i work at one of the largest steel And metal distributors in the eastern U.s i work in the steel cutting Department normally for years we would Have 100 to 150 orders when i walk in at 6 a.m the last month we have had no more Than 42 with the average being around 20. the steel industry is slowing Quickly Next Left richmond virginia on wednesday to Go to a family funeral in west virginia Near somerville normally i might see Maybe one 18-wheeler on the side of the Road this trip at least six or so on the Side of the road with mechanical issues Both coming and going as a bonus that Trip cost me two hundred dollars in fuel Next i work under the railroad Commission as a utility locator and we Need and the need for more employees are Desperately needed along with new Equipment and paint and flags are in Very short supply So much essential communication lines Such as fiber optics and copper lines Including electric lines and gas lines Are being damaged due to not being able To keep up with contractors as soon as They get their supplies Supply chain

My husband Not my husband the person who wrote in Because i don’t have a husband because That’d be an abomination Uh Yeah Read the book do what it says This person’s husband Works for the major east coast Distribution center hub He used to work second shift and had to Switch to first because by the time he Got there they had hardly any work left They completely stopped all over time Months ago when last year they had Mandatory overtime on weekends they were Regularly short by 15 to 20 000 tons of Product per shift Mind you he worked in the food Department They usually have around 90 000 tons of Food to move today they only had 72. He says the shelves of the distribution Center are near bare in a lot of places Next i work in the glass industry and Our glass supplier just announced a 30 To 50 increase in raw materials I’m not entirely sure how strategic Glass is Well as an example Thanks d.o.t if you have a clock a Cracked windshield that trucks not going To run Because d.o.t stuff

If you can’t replace it that semi is Going to sit there and not run which is Going to further exacerbate the supply Chain issues i was talking with the Gentleman in the bear nation about that In tennessee when we were out there at Soe tactical So major implications actually for the Glass industry I work in the glass industry and our Glass supplier just announced the 30 to 50 increase in raw materials costs I’m not entirely sure how strategic Glass is necessary because it may be yet Another indicator price increases across A broader economy This comes after two to three increases At 10 to 20 percent each over the last 18 months i think this price hike is Largely tied to the transportation cost Relating to the price of diesel Next I’ve been running a la carte department In the grocery store in northern maine For the last eight years i deal with Fresh and froze chicken sandwiches wings Etc when i order my product i either Can’t get it for two to four weeks or When it does come it is substituted with A different brand or it is 50 less than What i ordered and we have to cut back Massively my prices have jumped 100 to 300 percent Depending on what it is and about half

The product i get in the goodbye date Has been shortened by four to seven days The product used to be good for two to Three weeks and now it lasts only one to Two weeks it is only getting worse every Week i talk to vendors i go in at four Am every day so i get to chat with them Quite frequently and with gas going Managers are worried about losing young Workers because they cannot afford to Drive We also were told that corporate is Holding off on raising prices as long as Possible because they don’t want to Scare customers but Eventually the dam will break and it’s Coming soon please buy what you need now And don’t Wait That’s a good word from this person Next i’m in the automotive repair Industry we are seeing delays in almost All parts needed to repair vehicles Tires seem to be one of the biggest Things we cannot get a hold of bear Nation check your tires and if they need Replacing look at getting them now Next I work for a salt water hauling company In louisiana we used to haul the salt Water or we haul the salt water off Natural gas production wells i run the Maintenance shop i have had 20 new Trucks volvos on orders since june of

Last year I have received three Due to not being able to get chips I’m also having issues getting tires From our supplier southern tire mart i Cannot get retreads because their Facility was cyber attacked So now i am buying cheap chinese trash Tires just to stay running Brake drums are also really hard to get And it has skyrocketed in price No brakes or tires and my trucks can’t Run Freon from freon for ac went from one Hundred dollars for 30 pound can a year Ago to 400 dollars We also run the disposal for the salt Water we filter the water and pump it Back into the ground the state has just Put a restriction on how fast we can Pump in the ground which has slowed us Down if we can unload the water if we if We can unload the water we can’t pull Any more off the wells i think you meant Can’t sir If the well gets full of water they shut It in and stop producing natural gas I work for a fire department in Northeast florida we haven’t had any Supply shortages praise jah however we Have had to alter our protocol for Glucose administration due to concerns About shortages however we have are Having problems getting parts in our

Various trucks our engines our tankers Our ladders our rescue trucks once said Parts break The decline of the american empire pay Attention bear nation adjust your ooda Loop this is real Oh yeah the fire department will come Get it no they can’t run their trucks Bro The trucks aren’t moving I’m an officer in charge of a rescue and Our ac went down the other day with an Unknown downtime domestically just like Everyone else we’re seeing shortages of Various goods and produce and prices are Steadily creeping upwards i do the Majority of the shopping for the family And along with the shortages it seems Like whenever deliveries come in they go Straight onto the shelving meaning there Is zero stock being held in the back in The stores I work at a cement terminal and we deal With nothing but dry portland cement 82 of which is produced in china The last time i checked i know a thing Or two i put over a million yards of Concrete into the ground doing wind Turbines So uh supply chain anybody I work at a cement terminal and we deal With nothing but dry portland cement we Have been rationing cement now to our Customers for about two months they say

That it is nationwide not just this Company and i personally have heard that As well We had a finished mill go down for a While not allowing us to produce cement At full capacity which did not help they Had to repair the old one because the New mills are made in china and the lead Time on one is ridiculous our tanker Drivers informed us that the local power Plant they had to get fly ass from just Short Shot fly ash by the way is a byproduct Of burning coal And it’s used as an additive Uh for mobility in the mix fluidity it’s I don’t want to get into the rabbit Holes there but fluidized thermal Backfill Um Flow fill all of that’s made with a high Amount of uh fly ash Our tanker drivers informed us that the Local power plant that they get flash From just shut its doors for good Because of emissions laws and many People lost their job Next i work for a large trucking company We’re having major issues with our oil Pan gaskets in our 2019-2020 Freightliner cascadia trucks we went Through several dealerships to acquire a Few of the bolts needed i personally Went to a dealership in jackson

Tennessee to pick up an order they only Had 26 to spare and that’s what i picked Up once i arrived back the terminal There were three other bags of similar Size this will be about enough bolts to Fix maybe five trucks Five out of our 40 at the terminal We have about 150 to 200 trucks total This will be a long dragged out process And if we can’t find the bolts we need We may be forced to shut down the trucks To prevent catastrophic damage We’re just one company out of thousands Who operate the same make and model Trucks if we’re in this predicament you Know they are too Next i work for a relatively small Company with four branches in three States we manufacture and supply lifting And rigging equipment to everyone from Farmers and industrial contractors to The military we have countless items That have been on order since the end of Last year one of the things we’re having Major issues getting is lift grade chain For making overhead lifting Grade 100 grade 120 big black chain it’s Awesome i own a bunch of it Because i guess in my head i still think At some point i might need to lift a Wind turbine or something Because you buy something like that and It’s like you can’t just like give this Away you don’t throw it away you just

Keep it because it’s badass Right code right right One of the things we’re having a major Issue with getting is lift grade chain For making overhead lifting rated chain Slings we deal with quite a few Manufacturers and all of them are giving The same story on certain sizes they Don’t have any to give nor do they have Any idea when they’ll be able to fill Any more orders they claim they can Order new raw materials two to three Months later their order will arrive and It’ll be the wrong size They they don’t turn it down though Because they are struggling to get Anything and that’s really interesting That’s an occupational safety hazard Issue because chain slings Any type of rigging there’s a high Amount of specificity required with that Because otherwise it’ll break and people Buy And so the fact so let’s say you order We’ll use something small you order a 3 8 10 700 pound rated overhead lifting Sling And they don’t have any three eighths so They send you five sixteenths With a workload of 5700 pounds That’s not the same thing That’s dangerous af Next i’m an architect that manages about 1.5 billion in construction in the

Shortages of hvac equipment and Electrical equipment are becoming such An issue that they have daily meetings To decide how to get the products they Need we are often having to buy premium Products just to meet lead time demands I’m telling you if you need to get stuff The window of opportunity to get stuff Is closing and if you’ve already gotten Plenty of stuff you need to transition From consumer From i buy things to survive to producer I produce things to survive Okay my food storage talks to me when i Walk out on the porch That’s pretty cool You you have to start making that Transition even if it’s a tiny little Garden And again i’m telling you Get it while you can Everything get it while you can Let’s see It’s getting worse by the week and soon Construction sites will start shutting Down the ford plant near me randomly Shuts down for weeks at a time due to Shortages and every time this happens They lay off hundreds of line workers The latest shutdown was due to a lack of Tires for the vehicles this is Noticeably affecting local businesses as Well my wife is in logistics for a hitch And ramp supplier in michigan the supply

Chain issues have been so sporadic and Volatile this past year that they have Decided to cut their monthly purchases Of product from 20 million per month to Just 10 million per month the company is Starting to hurt bad due to supply chain Issues and are also trying to cut back Spending sales are also plummeting Next I would recommend everyone get their Heating systems checked and expect Inspected this summer and get what they Need asap the supplies in the inventory Will probably not make it past october i Still have customers waiting on heating Parts from last winter and ac supplies And equipment are going fast International I work for a major canadian trucking Insurance company We do business across canada and the usa Our rate changes for this year have just Been announced and they’re going up by 15 to 25 percent Compare this to a five percent increase For all types last year At our annual employee status meeting The cfo chief financial officer Who tried to be light-hearted Nevertheless said that due to a variety Of factors including inflationary Pressures our long-haul trucking Business is shrinking and they expect to Barely do better than in 2020 which was

Our worst year in almost a decade Looking at the graphs which were Included But he did not directly address Their projections are that the long-haul Business will shrink from 17 million to Less than 7 million So that’s 40 A 60 reduction And possibly possibly as low as 5 Million that’s a thirty percent Reduction Well a seventy percent reduction leaving At thirty percent of the whole On one of the slides that was meant to Show more details regarding the business Finances actually excluded information From the trucking slide showing only the Historical data and not this year’s Projections which were included on all Our other business lines in previous Years they would always go into details And reassure people that things are Going well This year they skimmed the presentation Changed the slides quickly and tried to Enact a comedy show instead of Presenting actual information And lastly i live in southwest scotland Under the air spaces used by the royal Air force for flight training school Flying out of raf valley i have seen More sorties over the last three months Than i have seen in the last three years

Mostly in the hawk but we do see ac-130s In the a400 and the euro fighters on Occasion as well And that is your intel For today Bear nation If you’re new here subscribe and bring The little bell icon if you’re not new Here share this out with somebody that Needs to see it You know how to support the show there’s a link in the Description of every video it’s five Bucks a month it’s the best five bucks You can spend on the internet And it’s not an i love me you should Love me two page it is chock full of Value there’s over 2500 exclusive pieces Of content there New stuff added every day Refuge medical dot com is our company Best first aid kits on the planet if you Can find a better one i’ll buy it from You But i am worried about it because they Don’t exist Handmade made in america guaranteed Forever 43 lives saved to date on all Continents i’m sorry on four continents With all branches of the us armed forces There is stuff in stock there are red Bare minimums in stock there are sobs in Black multi cam and ranger green in Stock if you want an sob kit a small the

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You of your joy Fear nothing but the lord your god Yahuwah your elohim Read the book do what it says we win in The end It’s just gonna get a little stupid out There in between now and then Bless y’all