“HOLD ME CLOSER TINY CAMPER” 4×6 Homemade Tiny Trailer Camper Purchase, Walkaround and Campout!

By | June 24, 2022

I was sitting at home browsing facebook Marketplace and i found something that Might be cool for some videos and for me To camp a little homemade tiny trailer The guy’s not asking too much for it it Looks like it’s built pretty well and it Looks like it’ll fit the bill so i’m Gonna go drive about an hour to go check It out if it works out i’m gonna buy it And then we’re gonna go camping tonight Out of it well success we got it here it Is it’s 7 15. i’m in the walmart parking Lot we’re going to go get some food We’re going to camp over this bad boy I’ll show you all about it but i gotta Hurry up because i’m losing light She’s small She’s small All right it’s five minutes to nine We’re pulling in a spot i’m just gonna Go see if it’s acceptable for me to camp Here i think it will be fine We’re losing light Losing light slow Not too shabby got a lake there I think this will do [Applause] I’m really excited to show you guys the Inside of it but i got to get it Uh Off here and square it away first what Am i doing wrong what am i doing wrong There we go Off here so that it’s flat

And Get it all squared away and then i’ll Show you So the guy i bought it from built it Himself i’ve been wanting something like This for a while but i really just don’t Have the know-how or the time or Patience or Any resources to do it so Um i saw this one for a steal I thought yes That’s what we shall do So i gotta get it flat Bring it down some Oh mosquitoes are out It’s okay that looks relatively flat Sweet i’m pumped let’s go check it out I parked it so that We’ll have a view of the lake Behind us I’d like to go for a little swim Oh sorry a little paddle but we’ll see How much time i have Some geese out there So this thing’s pretty slick It’s got a rubberized roof All glued and tacked on and everything So it’s not going to leak There’s a canoe rack on the top Which is super cool i’m still going to Get my plate on there But i got the ownership and everything So here we go i can lock it It’s insulated

So you can see Oh it went for a ride man Everything kind of bounced around a Little bit we’ll get it all fixed up and Make it our own but this is just the Original checking it out camping out Type of thing so So you can see it’s pretty small You know what i mean But like I can sit up On the bed Uh if i remove this pad which is like Three inches thick i even have a little Bit more room There’s enough room to Lay down obviously Completely I’ve gotta Lower the front end a little bit too Still but Oh there’s so much so many mosquitoes in Here let’s see if i can get you in here And still film with the door shut So many dern mosquitos The door’s about Through two and a half three inches Thick Wow Hey We are in here can you see me Barely We’ll fix that up I got this thing’s wired up for

Electricity Or propane And we’ll get some lights going on in Here but Check this out Got a screen window I’ve got Cupboards With Preloaded the guy was really cool i got This from left me all sorts of dishes And stuff Pre-loaded with dishes butt wipe Batteries There’s this for storage Trees and Silverware That this is bolted to the ground which It is yeah Can’t shut the drawer for some reason on The top but we’ll figure that out oh There’s blinds here that Fell off But that’s all right put those back on There we go A little bit of privacy A little bit of breeze I’ll just have to deal with the Mosquitoes because Oh You can’t see very well Look at that man How cool is that thing It’s like four by six

Single axle Just small Just real small Canoe can go right up there like i said So we can do this [Applause] And just like that i’ve got my table up I got my complimentary Poster I am gonna make this all mine like i Said you know just We’ll uh it’ll take some time What do you think beauty Hey girl Good dog There’s a a set up for a buddy heater For propane You put the tank out here And Run it through Okay that comes off i swear Run it through then there’s a co2 Detector there so everything’s fine Uh what else we got Got a big power bar there i’m gonna go Grab my portable energy station from Anchor and throw that in here and we’ll Get uh My phone charge my camera charge we’ll Get some lights on in here and Some fun stuff So you can sleep two in here as well you Made this bunk high enough up where you Can sleep underneath one person one

Person can sleep on top So we’ve got A generator in here already Maybe i can put over here There’s room enough for beauty Okay Cool cool cool I ran into walmart hoping to get Something to cook Out here but I knew it was going to be too late so i Just Grabbed some fast food and Ate that on the way i got i got a burger For beauty here i’ll still give to her But when i was in walmart i Picked up this fan For when it’s humid in here Like i said in the cold i can run a Buddy heater or i can run a electric Heat I can also run this fan When it’s muggy it’s not too bad right Now Like i said it’s that past nine o’clock I’m in a t-shirt so it’s Pretty warm Let’s see Nice Sweet Okay so we got power We’ve got a fan you put it by the window Get some fresh air in here I’m just gonna turn it right down

Because Not really necessary right now This is select man And this my my anchor has a ton of Power outlets on it but if for some Reason i need more i can plug my The power bar into that And then run everything off my power bar Too for some reason if i would need more But i highly doubt that i would Yeah it works sweet I’m pretty stoked on this Pretty stoked on this guys I’m gonna set this up now for Night time There’s carpet all in it There’s tie out points four tile points What else there is there Like i said Tons of hooks Oh a spice can Thing up here that’s magnetic They didn’t fall down in the on the Drive Which was nice Good dog We just left last minute so Okay so you’re not gonna get you’re not gonna get the onions you Can get the cheese The lettuce and the burger you want that Chew that up And i’ll give you one of the buns Anyways

On the move on the move Instead of a sleeping bag i brought my Old quilt my grandma knit for me uh back In the day it’s got dogs and camo on it She asked me what i wanted and i said Camo it’s like has to have more than Oh she put dogs on it too Which was nice super So we got a nice Blanket to sleep with we don’t have to Have a sleeping bag this can be nice and Comfortable i got myself a real pillow As well moving on up in the world folks Look at that it’s so big it doesn’t even Fit up there but man up ham pillow Hello And possibly the most important thing of All Autumn gave me this as i walked out the Door So we’re gonna put that there Well i am Well before i lose too much light i’m Going to get the boat out into the water I can hear fish jump in right there see These splashes So Get out even if i only paddle for 20 minutes or so It’ll be worth it and then plus i can Put the canoe on my Roof racks on my trailer For the way home tomorrow Just to test it out

Because that’s what this is all about Using it for the first time All right let’s get out there What a nice night Some mosquitoes but No black flies around that’s a bonus So this is what the fish are feeding on The Mayfly larva has hatched That’s a Favorite food of fish Well No such luck but that’s okay Very nice paddle anyways Some crazy noises over there This lake has a couple cottages on it So i’m not surprised but man i look Rough Look you need a haircut Okay let’s go head back to the trail the Trailer the camper i’m gonna have to Think of a name for it Oh I don’t think so I don’t think it’s it oh Oh you know what it is It’s one of them they’re weeds We’re in our lily pads all right It’s nothing beauty door It’s lily pig We got fish we got a fish on Nice I don’t know what it is What is it

Freaking walleye back up back up beauty Catfish What are you catfish Catfish Oh that’s different Beauty bath That fish Catfish on a little cleo That’s so weird now with the catfish They got Some barbs right you can’t just grab Them like normal You gotta grab them from underneath Okay we got them Okay That’s cool Little uh bullhead i think Let’s put them back in See the spines on top and here they’re So strong Whenever i used to um I used to work through for the University of windsor catching fish Whenever we would gill net them because We were allowed to gill net They would get so caught in the in the Gill nets that we have to clip off their Barbs we were keeping the fish anyways They were being destroyed anyways but We’d have to clip off their bars because They would get so caught in the gill net There was no getting them out Another thing that was really bad for The gill net was um gar pike long nose

Gar one big beauty back one million of Them On the top and bottom and they get all Wrapped up in the gill net too Mmm catfishy Beauty oh Out Oh sh Good girl We’re going to get in and shut the door Because mosquitoes are out Full force I’m gonna push this generator right back That way beauty has Plenty of room And Oh as well Got a couple goodies All right beautiful Good girl yes Good dog There is just so very many mosquitoes in Here i’m on a mission to smush them all And uh Get rid of their incessant buzzing Anyways um it’s pretty light in Bastard gotcha But when i shut my headlamp off That’s the only light that’s in here so For filming it’s not oh it’s not too bad Actually actually it’s not that bad Except for the lines But Get that on

It’s a little bit better but the anchor It has a light on it as well so let’s Get that up here we’ll sit that up here And use that light along with the other Lights And Check out the little kitty cat So we got it up here let’s see We got that light too That light And that light together how is it It’s not so bad actually that light Cancels out the The lines Oh snakies Okay okay look at that Much better okay that’s good vibes in Here okay Let’s get this on because i’m a little Toasty Just a Couple different Options i’ll put it on The lowest And i gotta turn this on Right There we go Oh yes Oh yes That is heavenly that right by the Window Oh my goodness where have you been all My life Good girl

Good girl There’s plenty of room down there man Plenty of room for you This might be a little on the heavy side For this table because i just think it’s Put into this pine so i’m not going to Test it but Very cool You can make my carpet all greasy and Stinky with that if you want to You did a good job today There you go Girl marrow bone that should make you Feel a little bit better Dog There you go Just lay down you know cup a squat take A load off All right no joke my phone died Like straight dead But even with the ac outlet in use i can Still use the usb Outlets i think these are usb c’s One-handed one-handed action oh bam now Watch this Oh snap all right so that’s gonna have To charge for a while i downloaded Downloaded a couple netflix shows And uh i’ll watch those tonight before i Go to bed but This is so cool I really like all these check out these Space jars I didn’t even really look at it before

When i was buying it from i was so Intrigued by everything but there’s no Spices in them you could just put Whatever you want in them but they Didn’t fall on the on the drive when a Lot of other things did so Super magnetic i Guess oh it doesn’t seem like here we go Anyways lots of cool options put things In there There’s a toilet paper sorry a paper Towel roll attached I can put i can make this my own i can Put my own Posters up my kids drawings they give me Stuff all the time put some hats up here A lot more stuff than just uh Cutlery i can i can really really cut Down the cutlery probably to just even Maybe in there and put a bunch of like Useful stuff in there I like it i’m really really happy Beauty is too right now Well we’re getting there One percent Yes Well I haven’t even really looked through This whole trailer i know he left me a Lot of stuff We should look together This is my co2 Detector Alarm

Power Test One beep Perfect Okay cool Lots of cups I got Shot glasses Batteries for this guys on battery Extra mosquitoes oh look at that God i’m right on the paper towel Got him anyway Got shot glasses Lots of paper towels which always is Handy Even there’s a little mosquito blowing On so this socket Is for the spare tire it comes with a Spare brand new spare tire on the on the Outside So you got a socket wrench for that Which is handy A little basket notebook Zip ties can we have too many zip ties Toilet paper And batteries Cups they can all go in this actually in This bin Try and keep him a little bit more neat In there Make a little bit more room And then oh my goodness with the cups But He’s gonna watch this video too

All right All right with the cups oh baby wipes It’s like he knew It’s like he freaking knew already hulk He smokes but Some bowls for my honey nut cheerios 50 Plates Lots of plates anyways there’s still Plenty of room and i can i can minimize That quite a bit i only need like a Quarter of that stuff so that’s all safe In there or sorry that’s all good in There uh space not safe space Oh Hello Bonus [Music] Good snips And Just silverware in here Cool oh and can’t forget the Corn on the cob holders yes yes yes Well that is uh That’s the thing you know what i mean i Can bring Like a propane stove or an electric Stove or whatever i want With this We can cook we can boil corn on the cob We can go take this in the middle of Nowhere and use this with the four Wheeler or something like that to stay Out for extended amount of time instead

Of using a tent Pretty excited can you tell i’m very Excited with this All right let’s get out from underneath This Frickin Table here Look i can’t do it i could take him Do it i’m gonna do it all right oh [Music] My god So old What’s the phone it’s only been a few Minutes eleven percent let me turn that Baby on now i got A speaker a portable speaker here too All right So If we go I’m on too shabby okay So i want to lay here watch this for a Little bit and uh we’ll get back to you Well that’s it for me folks I still way past my bedtime it’s about One in the morning now It’s uh This is awesome super happy to have this I’m really loving it I just stayed up watching my show had a Couple beers real comfortable i’m gonna Pass out now I imagine i’m gonna go pretty early in Bail again this was just a last-minute Thing i don’t have any breakfast or

Anything like that so i’m just gonna get Up and go home not too far from home Maybe another hour or so the other way So yeah anyways Lots more to come for this we got to Make it our own we got to take it on Some cool epic adventures This was just picking it up and camping In it the first night to test it out as Is you know i brought like a Couple things of my own but Um super excited about this i hope you Guys are Excited about it as well i hope you guys Think it’s pretty cool cause i sure do But yeah thanks for watching this video Um Something a little bit different again i Try to switch it up every now and then If i can’t i got some canoe trips in the Works uh i just had a belt of salmonella Man i had to like freaking Cancel a couple things and put a couple Things off that’s why i look a little Rough i believe but i can see that i do Look rough But anyways Been out of commission for a couple Weeks after the canoe course so that was Really cool learned a lot and i have a Whitewater triple kyle still planned for July so all that stuff is coming up so Uh until then maybe we’ll get a couple Of these videos in this trailer

Uh maybe a couple Around the house i’m getting a freeze Dryer freeze dry Machine we’re gonna do some food so i Want to make some videos about that And yeah just um Just keep it going you know i mean lots Of exciting stuff so I’m excited to show emerald this trailer And camp out with her in it and autumn Potentially too but emerald for sure Because i think she’ll think it’s a Blast But anyways thanks a lot for watching This video guys i’m gonna pass out like I said i’m going to uh Make more videos about this like i said We’ll see you we’ll see you on the next One all right goodbye