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By | June 24, 2022

Hopefully this helps with your signal Quality if it doesn’t i’m never going to Do it again and i don’t want to ever Hear anybody ever bitching again About the audio quality Bear it’s so quiet i can’t hear you get An amplifier like for real get like a Like a really nice like qsc You know something like that I know i’m messing that looks pretty Good Yeah i see me hey i’m uh not by myself Tonight Who are you Hey rex here how you guys doing Uh yeah you do you do youtube stuff as Well yeah sure yep and then Also here Perfect So and uh hell are we We’re where are we sentinel butte north Dakota okay Perfect opsec good Cabin number uh Looking right at it Yeah cabin number 21 come at me bro So the way this works this is a q a so You’re going to ask the cues In the Comment section down below put them in All caps and if your cues are good Enough and i want to answer them then i Will a them we will a them that’s how a Q a works i can work with generally

Generally speaking so i usually try to a Things in privacy but Whatever you’re into homie i’m not old Enough for this conversation Uh Let’s see Bug out bob what’s up brother what’s Interesting is a whole bunch of my People hanging out on my porch actual in Oklahoma right now What they sent me a pic they’re like we Miss you and it’s like my porch is Filled with like everybody Well not actually not everybody my Portion won’t fit everybody but it’s Filled with a bunch of people That are just hanging out on my porch Without me right now this is going to Tear a hole in the Party they spacetime they’re like it’s Thirsty thursday and they just went There and they’re like No dean you know no guys we’re in we’re In uh north dakota hey Hey thoughts on the scotus decision Today dudley was just asking me about That you are you aware of the skoda’s Decision i have not been made aware of It yet to be honest with you Uh Dudle You want to speak on the scotus decision Well yes okay If you could spin all the way around to

Me uh The supreme court i forgot the actual Thing it was out of new york because uh New york and a few other uh communist States are may issue states meaning no We’re not going to give it to you unless You’re friends with us and you have a Lot of money that is one of the reasons Why i left the communist republic in new Jersey because they wouldn’t give me a Concealed carry permit with stupid rules Even behind that But uh the supreme court decision saying That that’s unconstitutional all these Places should uh should be uh Um either constitutional carry or May issue states all you got to do is Ask and you get it so now refuge medical Might be going Whoa whoa whoa don’t speak that evil on Me Maybe that’s not what i say I’m saying maybe So talk to your senators make them fight To get concealed carry in all your States i would say talk to your senators And make them fight in an octagon Against each other even better than live Stream it that would be less would be More productive than than them air quote Doing their jobs that would change Voting a little bit wouldn’t it i think It’d be so So i actually think that that should be

A thing yes i think that like we do that In other countries yeah like that’s the Election process at this point like get In the ring and duke it out I i would pay money A lot of money like a hundred bucks To watch a live stream of donald trump And hillary clinton in a ring Oh my gosh that would be like I’d vote for all my favorites dirty what I mean by 30. dirty hillary She’s a crook Nobody likes her Her husband was a wuss you know she’s Like Up against the ropes and then as soon as Hillary is uh almost knocked out she Reaches out for her tag team partner Spartacus Remember uh what was that celebrity Death match oh yeah that was awesome What was that on mtv was it were you a Big celebrity death match i might have Watched it i think that was i’m a little Younger i don’t think i was allowed to Watch it oh okay yeah well i Did it was a little gory it was yeah it Was a little messed up you know that was A good bit of blood yeah so Yeah often you know using the Appearances of like you know teenage pop Stars so you can see that being probably That’s popping out like really deep Brain wrinkles from what

Yeah It took me a few seconds to recollect That Yeah no that was those good times So Go ahead no i was just going to say i i Didn’t hear about the decision because Honestly i don’t have service right now And i’ve just been here doing the Training and i’m just i’m cut off so That’s okay but uh that is a good win You know that’s the way it’s supposed to Be I have no idea but i’m thankful that we Are yeah so uh so you said you’ve been Out here doing training all week and That actually dovetails into jared Peterson’s question Howdy guys from my note that’s not that Far from here why not mine and he didn’t Say minnow so that’s good yeah yeah Uh what’s the best pieces of info you’ve Learned up here this week So we could go around the porch yeah you Want go ahead you go first i did the Medical training i didn’t have a chance To get into the firearms training which Is unfortunate but Hopefully here in the future next time So uh for me i think the biggest thing i Took away from the medical training was That i’m going to start carrying a cat 710 tourniquet and that’s probably the Number one piece of gear i need to focus

On when it comes to my you know ifax and My blowout kits So that’s what i took away from it Anyway cool yeah So The number one thing that i got out of The carbine club Container one with rex and saw that we Did tuesday and wednesday Was that i’m not as good as i think i am Because of a lack of pressure and Accountability in our training protocols I’m Pretty damn good within my context in Oklahoma making shots in my environment That i get to decide how i’m going to Make those shots But When you have the outside pressure and Accountability from learned instructors Uh forcing you encouraging you Motivating you highly through a series Of different shooting positions Um i’m not as good as i thought i was And the way that that was presented was Epic honestly because it’s Self-discovery uh you’re asked on day One what do you believe is your personal Max effective range Right 300 meters with my rifle Yep do it all the time Uh-huh Until you start introducing outside

Factors and you know what happens that 300 meters goes to [ __ ] And so that was a huge takeaway for me And i it was such a good training i’ve Got a half a page of notes of things That we are going to incorporate into Our training when we get back yes Good so brother rex Man i learned a lot at the uh refuge Training a class we just did and uh Actually me and all my buddies up here Took that and all the wives just got Done taking it now And i mean there’s too much to list Honestly but a few ones that jumped out At me is kind of like a big key Are um the good samaritan laws uh-huh Yeah like If i if that wasn’t so clearly Articulated I think that that’s a key component to Changing the equation of survivability You know on the highways and with Emergencies and stuff like that is just Letting people know what you are allowed To do right And then the way with uh you know the Instructor’s personal experience doing Stuff in real life sharing the stories We have a responsibility to be that good Samaritan And uh that was pounded home like really Really well i thought thank you and um i Mean there’s just so much more to it um

But it’s absolutely worth every every uh Possible thing you can do to get up and Do it like if you haven’t done it you You need to do that it’s probably the First thing i would do if you’re going To do any training Is learn how to fill holes before you Start punching them yep you know what i Mean like that’s important if you got People you like Maybe you don’t like anybody you know But like At least love yourself right you learn How to save yourself and say those you Love so that’s like super important yeah Awesome yeah dud what about you uh one Jerry michelek is a wizard That’s the first thing uh two I thought that moving from new jersey to Oklahoma was the middle of nowhere being Out here north dakota completely changes The middle of nowhere uh but when it Comes to uh the retainer one class that Rifle class it was Uh hands down one of the best Educational tools that i That i received and i need like i Thought that i was here This is the bar that i was aiming for Thinking that i’m here and i’m way down Here there’s so much training so much Information and then once i get to hear I need to be Uh telling the world what you need to do

In it let’s take that class anyone with A firearm anyone with a rifle you need To take that arm retainer class because That will put you in check to what you Think that you are i agree completely It’s eye-opening yes Ego is not your amigo Ego is not your amigo Yeah gotta be backing off of uh rex real Quick i was just uh thinking about that Whole Like good samaritan laws like what You’re capable of and the the thing that I took away from that was like the Easiest thing to remember is just you’re Not allowed to put more holes into Somebody Like no it makes sense you know like it Really kind of like laid it out very Clearly what you can and can’t do patch And leak is authorized yeah yeah correct Yeah creating a new one don’t do it no Field expedient tracheotomies with your Sog folder and your pen you’re not Allowed to do that what’s wrong with my Folder A lot It’s big it’s chunky it’s black like me Corbin nelson thank you for the super Chat i appreciate you love you all this Is epic from a 22 year old dad doing the Thing seriously thanks for showing me The things to do praise y’all awesome Thank you corbin let’s see what other

Questions we got i love you ever do this From your phone you know i really don’t But i need to start it i don’t know i Will give you one One uh Bit of information that i think is Totally subpar watch this uh let’s see I’ll find somebody like who’s somebody That i know like they’re pretty good Like glock 316 he’s been around for a Long time so let’s say glock 316 was Acting like a jerk right and i click on Glock 316. Okay Hide user on this channel and add Moderator are right next to each other Do you know how many people i’ve tried I’ve tried to ban that i’ve accidentally Made moderators it’s terrible like they Don’t like you here’s a blue wrench yeah Exactly like oh [ __ ] they’re wreaking Havoc how oh you made him a moderator So like they need to fix that they need To be on opposite ends of the screen i Agree Bear can you please tell magic prepper To articulate less when speaking on your Channel No i’m not gonna tell him anything he Articulates just fine I’ll take the criticism well though i Get it no everything Everything you said was good to go Somo2ss being a dick apparently

Uh hey what’s up dustin Will rex and saw offer training for Beginnings beginners and newbies eugene Wanted to know you want to take that So uh the armed retainer one class and The partisan hunter class which we’re Doing here After a couple days Are both open to beginners They do have prerequisites but they are Open to beginners so they’re designed to Pick up i mean if you’re An extremely well-seasoned guy that’s Been doing this for a long time you’re Gonna learn something but it’s also Geared for people who are like brand new So If you can follow instructions and Listen and just kind of i think that It’s not going to be a problem so yep It’s it’s geared for be kind of Helpful to everybody at any level can i Add something to that yes sir cool So i’ve been shooting rifles since i was Seven years old so i’ve got multi it’s Been a multi-decadal process of me Shooting rifles i learned a bunch From this class and so if don’t think That oh it’s a newbie class it ain’t a Newbie class it is taught by Professionals in their field and we Learned a ton I would say And this came up on the line yesterday

Uh saul was saying I’d rather have somebody that has good Weapons handling skills and doesn’t know Anything about shooting than somebody Who thinks they can shoot but doesn’t Have weapons handling skills absolutely We did a lot of dry fire A lot of dry fire and manipulating the Charging handle locking the bolt to the Rear inserting a chamber flag gently Letting the bolt back down stowing the Charging handle working your safety Trigger trigger presses the whole a lot Of weapons manipulation weapons handling And so if you don’t have those skills i Would get really good at that with a Clear unloaded weapon before you come to This or any other class because you you Have to Not just for yourself but for everybody Else on the line like i need to not i Need to know that you’re not going to Accidentally shoot me like that’s like Super important Um i really don’t want to get shot Period but especially at a firearms Class just beyond that too it’s Interesting like uh you’re a man that Does construction in a whole Like a huge plethora of different things That we were talking the other day about All the different stuff that you’ve done In various categories like If for example just

If you’re like a logger or something Right right if if a guy’s been logging For 50 years he can tell In one second yep if a dude with a Chainsaw knows what’s going on Just by the way he’s handling the Chainsaw before he cuts trees Um i think there’s a misnomer or a Misunderstanding in the shooting Community a lot of people Equate like your proficiency with where Exactly the bullets are landing on the Target but from my experience with Professionals especially with My teacher saw who’s actually my mentor As well He can tell in one second The experience level of a shooter by the Way he handles the weapon doesn’t have Anything to do with like how far the Target was people always ask well how Far did you shoot in this class it’s Like um That’s indicative of maybe some Inexperience in some ways in all in all Honesty and i like to shoot as far as Possible because it’s fun But what’s the core foundation Everything is built upon it has to be Built upon Handling that tool right Like you can tell if someone’s like You know like i remember uh grandma one Time we had this hammer and she’s like

Trying to pound in trim and she’s got Like you know i hold it like way up by The thing and you’re just like missing Like you can tell in one second she’s Not a professional carpenter right right Whereas like It’s the same exact deal weapons Handling is a big big deal yep and and The hammer is probably not going to kill You right or the guy standing next to You and i’m not shy to outsource like um My brother saw My mentor like The best guy in the world that i can Think of To to actually have the the foundation To really hammer home the fountain Everyone wants to look at what color the House is you know what kind of trims on The door What’s but nobody wants to look at the Basement What’s the what’s the soil this is built On is this built on quicksand Like where was the site selection how’s The gradient you know you got to build The foundation first yep and if you Don’t got a shaky foundation the rest of The house doesn’t mean nothing yep yep So that’s that’s what he i mean it’s a Huge part of this deal So i thought i’d expound on that all Right i appreciate that that’s a major Point one of the things in his uh in the

Classroom setting that pointed something Out major to me was Who are your who do you look up to who Is your inspiration I Remember all the people that were Inspirations to me over time who were my Mentors and i just put that up here i Never put it down on paper i never had Pictures Showing uh what they were to me that was Something major another thing is Every firearm that i purchased it came With the lock it came with uh the Documentation it came with the chamber Flag and where did all that stuff go Right off the window in the garbage and Now i have so much more respect for Having a chamber flag after taking this Class and uh you train with your teams Like all right is everybody clear you Show you’re clear and all that other Stuff but the um Using a chamber flag to show that you’re Clear that puts another level of respect And safety When you’re doing training uh any type Of training or anything like that Absolutely yeah So while the camera’s on you taylor said Thoughts on the springfield saint victor In 308 oh really and then we’ll flip the Wreck And get his professional opinion

And then uh magic and i will pontificate Out of our [ __ ] Do you own a springfield saint i don’t Know all right me either so we oh Me right here j dudley i am a Springfield fan boy i have an xd45 I have a saint victor in 308 it ker Chunks like the best of them i haven’t Had a failure to feed i haven’t had a Jam no issues like that and that’s Before i got real adamant of cleaning it After every use i it just runs i can run Steel case through it i can run high Quality ammunition through it it just Runs it’s accurate i haven’t had a Problem with it now go Oh dear Uh-oh don’t be shy brother send it so From my position Um and even in in the courses Where equipment is more highly weighted Like in elr or in um where equipment Actually has more You know what i mean yeah it matters It’s a bigger part of the equation in Some degrees um As A teacher or an instructor of long-range Shooting I don’t notice equipment because that’s Not what matters you know i i’m watching The shooter And it’s the shooter every time that That

Determines what’s going to happen And a guy might have a thousand dollar Rifle i mean i’ve done a lot of Different courses and saw has done Infinity with Extremely high professionals for a long Time And um it’s like the the equipment I mean i i like cool gear and i like Cool equipment or whatever i got uh good Rifles i got a 375 shy tack with the Schmidt mender pm2 and whatever you know Anvil Model whatever you know sniper matic 5000 turbo trigger with the laser design All that stuff right doesn’t matter Doesn’t matter it’s It’s the operator it really is and um Like um It’s like you when you see all these Course like and i remember the best Shooters in courses In terms of weapons handling but you Know the guys that shoot the best and do The best it’s like I don’t have any idea i don’t even Remember What gun they use or caliber Doesn’t matter to me in my it’s not even In my calculus in all honesty it’s so Small on the list of things to worry About in terms of being effective at Hunting tactical stuff or whatever You’re doing as long as it works if it

Works right that’s good yes and of Course there’s advantages and Disadvantages but on a pie chart of Stuff that’s important that stuff is way Overrated Um it’s Like 99 of it is how you’re going to Manage whatever you got Semo hoy ha yeah right 505 confirmed kills in 90 days It was nicely made i think there was a Sacko made you know mohsen nagan variant You know They consider that a junk rifle you know It’s like garbage that you could buy for 35 dollars a few years ago but i mean What kind of scope was he using right Don’t need scopes buddy did he have a Carbon fiber barrel Exactly That’s the point right so it’s it’s it’s The uh the old saying is it’s the indian Not the arrow no yeah Yeah so i’m going to echo everything rex Just said um Because it proves like we proved over The last two days and we have time and Time again with the other trainings that We’ve done like It’s really not the gun It’s the you know right or saw talks About this um 99.9 of the time the nut that needs to Be tightened is the nut behind the rifle

And that’s like totally true my gun the Gun that i brought with me I’ve shot to 700 yards repeatably From a rest And made hits Man i was having a hard time after Everything we did yesterday connecting At a hundred and i’m not too proud to Tell you that the gun will do it can i Do it so Is the saint worth your money yeah and The is it well made and reliable and you Get a good service life out of it Probably yeah Can you shoot better than the gun Probably not I guess what i’ll say on top of that is Um i i was just at a carbine course uh Four days ago and ran a sig 716i which Is a 308 right and i wanted to see if i Could run with that in the same Parameters as you would usually like a Like a smaller gun like a 556 or Something you know like closer shots and Um you know more dynamic aiming angles And stuff like that and um I came out of that basically feeling Like i might not be good enough to Handle this rifle the way it’s set up Like i need to be a better shooter Before i can actually Fully you know expound on how good this Ripple is the rifle’s better than me you Know i need to own that too let me

Explain it like this like uh My go-to rifle currently is my whatever I am for i don’t even remember which Brand i got a pile of them And Like oh how accurate is it Doesn’t matter you know why because i’m Not as accurate as it is i guarantee you Yeah I got 100 yards From with the same methodology of Testing accuracy what’s your maximum Personal effective range Me doing the actual like different Shooting tests from 100 yards yes i’m Not gonna get the accuracy that that oh It only shoots two minutes of angle That’s terrible yeah yeah but i shoot Like like how many how many minutes of Angle does the shooter shoot yeah Because then if like the rifle’s not Smaller than that then it doesn’t matter Right i’ve never i’ve all right so not Never i’ve only met hollande Maybe three guys in my whole life That doing the tests that we’re doing Could even match What a out-of-the-box normal rifle would Do With their ability You know what i mean yep so that’s uh Highly important yep So i’ll own it i mean it’s not like oh I’m the grand pub this i’m the grand

Puba of knowing that it’s hard You know what it’s it’s hardy it takes a Lot of practice so You got something to say dante yeah yeah So dante here uh I was gonna approach this from uh add to It from kind of a different perspective Different angle yeah so Equipment and skills okay so Uh i’m doing hvac work now And so My equipment for my job or whatever you Know i got channel locks i got speed Wrenches i got screwdrivers My boss he’s been doing this a long time And his skills I mean he could take a Five dollar screwdriver and someone Could go out and buy like a 40 Screwdriver And You know they you know a person might Not know what to do with their really Fancy screwdriver but my boss could get In there and he could get the job done Like real fast it’s just a tool in the Toolbox right you know yeah no like good Tools definitely do have their value but If you don’t have the skills You can hand the carpenter Job done yeah it doesn’t matter how Yeah To that point So i’ve been

Purchasing rifles pretty much since i Was 18 and a day old you know like I gotta stack them like you were saying Another real takeaway from this course Out here is like I don’t need to buy another Thing I don’t need to buy Another thing Related to the functionality Functionality of a rifle let alone Another rifle Until i can run that rifle From all shooting positions in all Conditions beautiful the way that i Decide i need to be able to ride it i Need to be able to hit A torso At 300 meters that’s me that’s what i Want right and don’t complete meters and Yards i’m talking 300 meters for me with That rifle rain sleet snow hail sunshine Standing sitting prone Moving Kneeling gosh i hate kneeling i did Terrible Kneeling right and so I don’t give a [ __ ] which rifle is on Sale this week from palmetto i don’t Care right like it really because i’ve Already been feeling kind of that Direction especially amidst all these Crises that are continually happening They’re trying to take our way all right

We got to buy more guns it’s like son I’m out of room Right and But that the feeling i already had on Top of this experience is like Stop trying to throw dollar bills to fix The problem unless they’re training Dollars Don’t buy another damn piece of extruded Aluminum or carbon fiber or chinese Something off of a boat Or sure fire or this or that Learn to use your rifle And just because you think you can use It it doesn’t mean you can Use it those those two things are world Apart i’m actually interested in hearing More about your experience with the sig 716 doing what you were doing yeah yeah Um well so we were just doing multiple Drills and it’s with a group out here in North dakota called garrison readiness Group um so they’ve been putting Together an outfit over in the more Eastern part of the state and trying to Deliver firearms training medical Training and Basically put together you know a Community that was kind of lacking out In that area so um it’s going really Well but you got this training grounds It was a lot of close-up drills you know There was um Some dynamic stuff where you know you’re

Running 100 meters and you’re opening a Door and then your room clearing and Doing that with a full-size 308 with an Lpvo on it right with a bipod hanging Off the front after running 100 meters And then the first target when i open The door is laying on the ground It was like I was just a mess and then trying to Transition from that rifle to the left Side you know to clear the door properly And i’ve got this huge heavy rifle now In my you know non-dominant arm uh-huh It was just bad news but what bullets Were you using yeah i know i know that It should matter right bullets were easy What setting was your illuminated Reticle on oh man r5 all day But you know that it’s funny that what You just said was exactly how i felt Leaving that class i was like i need to Get down to one rifle and literally live With that one rifle for like the rest of My life yeah that’s how it felt anyway Yeah it gets so familiar that i sleep With it under a pillow you know and uh And it’s interesting when you get Quality training like that’s almost a Feeling i feel like you should leave With is that i’m not as good as i Thought i want to be better and the only Way to do that is to be honest with Myself and say i you know i i enjoy guns I’m passionate about firearms you know i

Really enjoy it as like a hobby but when It comes to self-defense and Preparedness i need to consolidate and Really just know what i what i need to Know and then after that maybe i can Branch out a little bit but i’m not Strong enough of a shooter and i don’t Have the foundational fundamentals that I need to just be like the every gun guy Right you know Yeah i’m not like clint smith you know Where he’s like you know you can shoot An ak or or you know 1301 whatever it is Be be the best you can with it i’m not At that level yet so you know what’s It’s interesting you say that because Like I felt like i was definitely approaching That i have aks i have shotguns i have Bolt guns i have ars i’ve got you know Revolvers i’ve got semi-automatic Pistols that you know you basically pick A category i can check a box in one of Those categories right i have all that Stuff i like my aks i like my bolt guns I like my shotguns right But it but again getting back to that Like yo clint smith talks a lot about You should be a student of weapons craft And i agree with that because of the Fight comes the panamanian paratroopers Land in that field over there and They’re all running ak-74s Right and we somehow managed to make

Shots 500 yards from here with our Glocks and put them all down and then we Sent dante to run over there because he Looks like the most capable runner that We’ve got currently and we’re like bring Back as many aka 74s as you can like i Know how to run an ak-74 yeah right I can make hits with an ak-74 Comma i can also make hits with the Rifle that i spent the last two days Shooting that i failed the rifle the Rifle didn’t fail me I failed the rifle who cares about how Reliable the rifle is rifle is i was Unreliable I was the issue Right and so there’s like a balance There between that that student of Weapons craft theory which you should be And also the like the fear one man you Know if you’re the man that only knows One gun for he surely knows it well Right right like And so it’s there’s a push pull there There’s a dichotomy if you will jocko Word Um but then there’s also you get into What nut and fancy calls second cool i Just like it Right i just like a case I like them i know i think they’re Totally like eh like why I don’t i feel you itching i can feel The comment what do you got no i was

Literally itching oh okay Literally but i can conjure something up No there’s a lot to be said like i mean I grew up in the same way with a variety Of different firearms it’s good to Understand how different stuff functions And works So that you can have different because Each different platform is a different Manual of arms right and if you’re Familiar with everything I mean the more the merrier and in all Honesty you should be able to pick up Whatever it is and figure it out in Relatively short order even stuff that’s Not set up exactly oh you know i don’t Like the way this feels I mean even like if it’s a different fit Or if someone has a different stock you Should be able to make it work for you And if you’re just a student of That deal in general And have experience there it’ll be Easier to Make do with whatever you got hey a Bunch of people have asked or one guy Has asked a bunch of times i don’t know I’ve seen it a thousand times What are the pre-qualifications for Attendance i’ve responded to him Multiple times with rex’s website oh Yeah Check out the website all right so we Need to talk about that

Bear nation And or stragglers Uh you homeless people on the internet Who have found bear independent this Evening If somebody with the blue ranch answers Your question it has been answered they Have blue wrenches because i trust them So don’t piss me in them off by asking The same question over and over again if It’s been answered so Okay it’s been answered Right uh also interesting There’s a huge Multinational information cartel Corporation Called google If you go to their website it’s I’m glad you spelled that and then you Put your question in there And you hit the button It’ll spit out Literally millions of answers And it actually the way they ended up Making a bunch of money was by Prioritizing the best answers first And so You might consider that as well as an Option when you’re looking for Mundane information Kentucky freedom i am glad you asked

That question What is the round count for the week oh Yeah that is irrelevant our first Training Was okay Load your magazine Uh with what it was Six rounds all right Standing you said that you get hit uh Well in my case You said that you could hit 200 yards All right standing Go ahead 25 yards hit the target Bam all right you said that you could Hit 200 yards neil take that shot Load make ready bam Dry fire dry fire dry fire dry fire dry Fire oh you said you could make that 200 Yard shot Sit down Take that shot Bam dry fight and then that goes on For those six This many Six rounds Now let’s go look at your target Okay good let’s go inside and talk about It So you don’t need a whole bunch of Rounds going down range to figure out Where you’re at you said that your rifle Was zeroed out 100 yards you said that You can reach out and touch something at 200 500 000 yards you said that you

Could do that you’re at 25 yards you Don’t need a lot of bullets to figure Out if you could hit a target or not Excellent Also The first day We spent Most of the day in the classroom And that’s not to take away from the Range time because it was like what a 12-hour day Day one and it was probably eight hours Of classroom day one and not Boring classroom [ __ ] like priceless Jewels and gems and gold bars that you Will not get anywhere else and then we Went to the range for another three and A half or four hours As the sun was going down and that was Intentional because it’s a pre Prerequisite you must have a weapons Light And it needs to be charged and you need To have spare batteries for it And in that call it three and a half Hours on the range We fired a total Of six Rounds Six Not 60 not 600 not 176 Six rounds and three and a half hours on The range And they were eye-opening

Rounds because like dudley was saying oh You say and here’s the thing I say because i think Out of the abundance of the heart the Mouth speaks i said that because i Thought that was true Well what armed retainer does is show You Where you’ve deluded yourself And breaks you down to the actuality of The situation that you’re in so that you Can then build up from there Six Rounds and they were eye-opening and Another important thing to point out What you’re The target that you’re using is super Important as well Because if i’m using a 12 by 18 steel Silhouette target That’s way easy to make hits on Super easy to make hits on for me anyway It’s easy to make hits on that like From all the positions that we were Going through i could make hits on that Size target at pretty much any range but When it comes down to here’s a target Of a squirrel A squirrel and there’s six different Places you’re going to shoot him in the Eyeball In the neck In the belly in the foot on his ass and In his tail

And you’re and what we shot that at what 36 yards yes 36 yards i showed my actual target on The video i put up right And and the Area you’re looking to impact Is maybe 3 8 of an inch Maybe a half an inch between 3 8 and a Half of an inch And that’s where the bullet needs to Land And you’re at 36 yards and you’re Standing And you’re kneeling and you’re sitting And you’re proned out prone for me Anyway being the easiest because Magazine monopod stability feet down the Whole the whole nine But you’re at 36 yards and you have to Hit a target we’ll be generous and say It’s a half of an inch in diameter And your rifle is zeroed for a hundred Cool guy Where’s your hold over At 36 yards for a 100 yard zero with an Acs reticle to take a 22 caliber Projectile and punch it through a half Inch circle at 36 yards That’s not shooting a steel silhouette It’s absolute accuracy And your arms are smoked because you’ve Done more You know dry fire up drills in the last Hour than you have in the last year

And there’s that accountability and There’s that pressure Six rounds we fired day one and they Were probably the six most important Rounds in my training experience i’ve Done to date and so it’s super important To understand like these classes are not Uh i used to jump out of airplanes and If you pay me a bunch of money you can Come to my class and watch me shoot fast Because i used to jump out of airplanes Classes it’s not that at all it’s Systematically designed to expose the Weaknesses in you so that you can Operate your system and that’s why it’s Priceless it’s Whatever it costs it’s worth two to Three times that That cost just for that experience so It’s not about how many rounds we shot And especially in today’s day and age uh Getting every dollar out of your Ammunition expenditure highly valuable Oh tj How did you feel When you put the target up there on the Board And then it was like oh well let’s head Back and shoot this target right here in The center wait Oh yeah let’s put this other target Halfway there and write somebody Important’s name on there Now i want you to hit that target that

Was the first round we fired was the Hostage target A eight inch uh circle target at 25 Yards no big deal right Okay now one inch below the bullseye Was it one or two inches I think it might have been an inch i Think it was an inch one inch it was Either one or two inches but i think it Was an inch one inch below the bullseye Tape up a picture of a hostage To woman And write the name of your loved one on It so i wrote my wife’s name on it Now Make that 25 yard shot from the standing After a metric [ __ ] ton of dry fire Because you just said you’re good out to 300 meters homie show me And again We’re at 25 rifle zeroed for a hundred So i have a height over bore axis issue Here right And so we give the command to execute we Execute we fire and i’m happy to say i Didn’t kill my wife however she did get A haircut And so quite angry The first thing i did when i got on the Phone with her i was like babe i love You i accidentally almost killed you at The range today But it was super impactful because If you had to do that for real right

Like We were talking about uh or we there There was no we in this so i was talking About Uh you are the boss of the bullet you’re Not the bullets [ __ ] You get to tell the bullet where to go Not the other way around and you need to Have that level of confidence with your Weapons system that you can predictably Reliably under all circumstances in all Shooting positions be the bullet’s boss And tell it where to go not hoping that You’re going to tell it where to go so All right let’s see what other questions We got in the chis at People somebody gave us 762. it was an M60 gunner the pig i would hit the Thousand meter target with one round That was with open sights that was in The 1990s Video or you didn’t do it blue cord Devil Just kidding i probably owe you a case Of beer now Buy your own super chat That’s a new feature you ever seen that Wow okay why would i buy my own super Chat so because i want to give youtube 30 Yeah pretty much yeah okay I love it Is uh chris at city prepping in here Yeah he was up uh up higher up oh what’s

Up chris what’s up city prep and we were Just We were just saying nice things about You earlier man yeah like for real yeah That actually happened you know yeah Chris was a good hey if i say it i mean It yeah yeah yeah definitely true like Chris is a good guy yep good advice Is an ar-15 a weapon of war That’s just a dumb question what do you What do you think My fist is a weapon of war [Laughter] Yes I believe you yeah That was a really funny story at the Hotel Um yes ar-15s are weapons of war and Politicians would do well to remember That And all you 2a guntuber wannabe Instagram man hoes Should remember that as well They’re not toys They’re not barbie dolls for you to Dress up however you want they are part Of a martial system for conducting Warfare And if you piss enough people off in This country nobody will have to ask That question ever again And the fact that people keep dancing Around that question as if there’s some Kind of wrong answer to it is the reason

Why they keep infringing on your rights In the first place so earmuffs kids and All you people who are easily offended But quit being a [ __ ] and pretending They’re not weapons of war they’re 100 Weapons of war and everybody should Remember that Yeah they’re not sporting rifles No the msr yeah the sporting tag is what Needs to be dropped yeah Yeah it’s just bad marketing from Companies who Figured somebody would buy into it but Here we are Here we are hey we got a question on Zeroing an ar-15 i know the guy to ask 36-yard or 100-yard depends on your Context so you have to identify what Your purpose is what your 90 context is And then you have to identify uh the Size of your target And what kind of ammunition you need to Do that And um then you have to decide what your Max personal effective range is thanks Chris So you can balance out your point blank Range zero to intersect with that at in The most efficient way to where you do The least amount of math um For your 90 So I could just tell you the answer for me But that would be robbing you of going

Through the experience Of determining What you need for you it’s all about Your context I can’t be dogmatic in an answer like That That would that would be silly you mean To do um you have to determine what your Context is if you’re curious on how that Works Um You have a badass patreon page that Everybody should go to Yeah i’m on it saw has one too now yeah Okay i just heard about that so yeah There’s there’s methods Um to to determining that but um Everyone wants the easy answer but you Can’t really Um There’s no one answer now the military In their context has determined what Their you know 90 is for their job like For the army for example they have a 25 300 like when i did the m16a2 that it You know we’d zero 25 meters With the with the a2 you know handle on The 20 inch a2 rifles That’s because they scientifically Determined what their 90 was now can you Superimpose that into your world Well if you’re a young 19 year old in Shape guy carrying that rifle in a war With against russia or wherever the hell

Like what that was what they’re you know Training guys to do well sure but like Is that your exact context because yeah They it’s not like they just picked that Because that was the answer that was the Answer for that situation for that group Of guys for that mission Great point yeah i mean it’s it depends Is the two word answer it depends met tc What do you got doug uh to jackie pierce Did you re-zero at 30 yards no because We didn’t have an opportunity to you Said that your rifle was zeroed uh to Whoever is asking earlier in the chat What is a prerequisite of coming to Class have your rifle zeroed at a Hundred yards and then we’ll check and See this whole class was to check and See If the rifle was zeroed and if you were Zeroed and the majority of us were not Zeroed so there is no changing anything There is no uh dialing up or adjusting It wasn’t enough uh each and every shot That we took was just more data for us To go look at later on not to touch Anything on our scopes To figure out what we were doing wrong You’re here You see me moving All of that stuff was big we had to Learn how to mitigate all of that that Moving and swing the earth is moving You’re moving your blood pressure i mean

Your heart rate is moving everything is Moving how do you mitigate that at a Distance so that you Come across boom hit your shot Boom hit your shot Boom hit your shot but make it tighter Tighter tighter tighter That’s another thing we learned so to That to that question about re-zeroing At 36 No what i learned from shooting with a Rifle zeroed at 100 because that’s what The one to eight primary arms acs Reticle Tells you in the manual to do Is to zero it at a hundred yards so that Your holds work Was because the bullet intersects your Line of sight once on its way up out of The barrel and a second time on its way Down out of the back What i learned is where my holds were at 36 with a 100 yard zero so that if i Have to make a shot at 25 or 36 with That rifle to mitigate both the path of The bullet and the mechanical height Over bore issue that i have where i need To hold to get it basically a dead on Hold At that close in range with that hundred Yard zero with that reticle that’s what I learned i didn’t i didn’t touch a dial On my rifle at all because when we went Back to 100 i was on i was within one

Inch of my my point of aim and my point Of impact were within one inch of Themselves which i will easily chalk up To the shooter not the optic but at 36 i Had to hold up Because the bullet was still on its path Up at that point with that zero i gotta Go to the truck for a minute magic say Something nice to these people is there A good question we got from magic Well i can say uh you know at least in Regards to the training and stuff you Know i wasn’t involved with the arm Retainer but just from my own personal Experience in some ways that i’ve tried To improve a huge thing you can do if You want to see what you’re doing wrong Is video yourself While you’re shooting and go back and Watch that film because you literally Will watch yourself do the worst things When it comes to fundamentals and you’ll Be really mad about it and then if You’re me you’ll put it on the internet For everyone else to tell you how bad You are so it but it but it’s true i Mean i’ve learned so much from just Watching my own video that i’m like wow Like that is bad form or why did i you Know have my own most serious critic Right right absolutely true yeah and i Think there’s you know there’s More opportunity there for a lot of People especially the keyboard warriors

Who you know are marksmen out to a Thousand yards you know with a 22 long Rifle Yeah i’m just saying you know videotape Yourself and see what you’re doing and Actually try to improve rather than just Assuming you’re the best there ever was You know and uh you know i Every time i put out a video where i Shoot people let me know what i’m doing Wrong but i actually Use that as a way to improve you know Because sometimes i’m doing stuff wrong It’s just it’s just how it is stop sells Me a beer Uh-oh Gustavo how can i three stud oh so he Got Deleted 360 No scope drop shot Right That’s what it pray You’ll then you’ll hit that shot or play Call of duty because that’s probably Yeah you know i was better off to just Play call of duty anyway because like if Things get bad you can just pull the Barrette m82 off your back hit select Yeah right Let’s just carry an arms room on my back I’ve i’ve I found a spent casing in the back Pocket of these pants And it’s not mine which means it’s

Phelpses And so he was running that ar pistol That little overgassed fireball machine And uh so it’s like get online get Online and i discreetly took like half Like half of a foot back Just from him because otherwise the Whole time was just brass Brass brass Brass brass yeah you had a lot of brows Hidden in your clothes i saw training Training with distractions oh yeah i was Super distracted and also because he was A little gaseous yesterday as well and The wind was just coming from the right Direction it’s like i i love my brother I love my brother for once no one Complained about my saint because my Saint has some serious blow back yeah I one of the ladies that was training With us she was catching all that she Said absolutely nothing and cody i Didn’t punch him in the face and stab Him at the same time so you know he’s Going to be nice and smiling and not Complain well i mean i was going to say Either those two people to complain to You while you’re holding a 308 battle Rifle Probably Here’s a funny story i Cody and i are um rooming together in The cabin behind us and he i i snore When i sleep and he said oh dud

It’s gonna be okay i’m i’ll just go to Sleep everything will be fine don’t have To worry about uh about you snoring or Anything i said okay he would go to Sleep then i would be on the other side Of room sleep One two o’clock in the morning i get up I see him with a mattress going outside Like is everything okay what’s going on He’s like oh dud i couldn’t take the Snoring anymore i’m just gonna go sleep Outside He was just laying out out there then This morning oh he see here he comes Come on over come on come here go and Say hi to the people there brother hey Guys how are we doing I was just telling the story of you and Your mattress going to sleep on the Porch because of my snoring did you get Any sleep well It comes it comes in waves and i snore Too okay i’m going to be honest um but It was just like kind of hot and i was Kind of irritated and done was just Sawing logs It was a cool night hey man And uh so i just put the mattress right Out on the porch was looking at the Stars and then i could just barely hear Him from the outside and it just kind of Rocked me to sleep you should Barely hear from the outside of the Cabin

Oh my gosh so it was just great so that Means my wife is a saint Fairly That was awesome What happened i hit some Some buttons over here uh-oh i hit the Button Let’s see would laser dry fire be a good Idea All right No because i don’t know what that means Like a mantis system i guess well i Think a mantis system’s way different Than like putting a laser board bore Cider in your rifle and yeah yeah i was Hoping that’s what they’re alluding to i Guess you know because otherwise yeah Bore sight isn’t going to do a lot for Dry fire right I guess it could technically I’m not going down that route yeah How many people showed up with bayonets On their rifles zero here what about you Any bayonets where you were at no no but I’ve been considering it because i’m not Good at shooting so at least i could Stab somebody you know That’s what i want to do is Drop another pound and a half of metal On the very end of my rifle that’s a Really good idea just get a one-time use Bayonet like one of the plastic ones oh That’s a good yeah like a prison shank Like a sharpened plastic spoon yeah yeah

Duct tape but i’m going to camo it so You don’t keep the weight down though You like that yeah cause it’s dual use Like so you get the mre spoon you eat The mre with it and then you sharpen it On a rock And then You can duct tape it to your rifle louis What do you think louis what do you Think about an improvised bayonet out of A sharpened mre spoon Duct taped the end of a rifle and that’s Not lewis Talking That He was walking up that’s an actual horse Back there I don’t think he wants to be on camera What are you talking about yeah he Doesn’t want to be on camera what do you Think about an mre spoon no Yes a little bit We’ll edit that out uh mre spoon for a Bayonet Duct tape yeah with duct tape I mean if it cuts it cuts By the tactical spork on one end knife On the other Oh when you know [Laughter] We went down kind of a rabbit hole there Hey ask him ask him if they need another Okay Uh when i was in the marine corps

Uh I got a question for you if you want to Tell the people your thoughts you know Okay um What do you think of north dakota Nodak yeah It’s cause it’s a particular place it is It’s interesting and i i feel like it Got dressed up just for me because uh Everybody’s told me that it’s not Usually this green this time it is Really green right now So Other than the acute lack of trees Um what do you mean I mean there’s there’s a tree that one’s Almost 10 feet tall so Um but other than the acute lack of Trees I think it’s really awesome beautiful Topography It’s super cool looking the people have Just been wonderful and maybe you know Sample size of one All i you know all i know is this area Right here But the people have just been wonderful Um i like the at least oli the guy that Runs this place i love his mindset I i mean if i didn’t love oklahoma It’s interesting too because i said the Same thing about tennessee when we were Out there I was like man if i didn’t love oklahoma

I might consider getting a piece of Property out here because the people Were great a lot of similarities between Here in oklahoma actually yeah well yeah So this actually looks a lot like Western oklahoma Um and then just the the mindset and the People very similar just good down to Earth people I love how Wide open everything is yeah because Where i’m at in oklahoma that that Doesn’t happen where i’m at you know When my wife told me hey I found us a piece of land in oklahoma That has a mountain And creeks and trees i was like honey You’re high on drugs that doesn’t exist In oklahoma do you need more witnesses Okay Bless you brother So it sounds like uh he’s about to be a Dead man walking crazy yeah That’s awesome And so Yeah i love oklahoma i love uh north Dakota from what i’ve seen i love Tennessee camden area Soe tactical And um We’re gonna call this a good live stream Because i’m gonna go witness a dead man Coming alive again yeah so heard that Thanks for uh joining us there’s things

That are more important than hanging out On the internet We enjoy you And appreciate you very much Magic prepper of the channel magic Prepper everybody if you’re unaware uh Don’t be unaware anymore magic prepper Good dude rex of the taborasaurus rex Channel shalom guys and uh i’m that bear Guy from the internet bless y’all have a Wonderful evening we’re out