Night Vision Options: Prepper School Vol. 29

By | June 21, 2022

It What’s going on guys sensible prepper Live We live baby we made it we are live We’ve got an interesting interesting Thing to talk about today and It’s going to be There’s a lot to this and i think Hopefully you can get some things out of It we really appreciate robbie wheaton For being here uh from wheaton arms uh Also check out robbie’s youtube channel Yes sir been at gunsmith for over 20 Years uh he does custom gun works you Can go to wheaton arms website And uh but his youtube channel has a Very unique Perspective on guns from a gunsmith Extraordinaire so Uh and we really appreciate robbie for Being here and he’s really going to add A lot to this um also sarah mack she’s Going to be over uh monitoring the Comments and questions And uh if you guys have some questions You want to throw out there you know you Can do it at any time and she’s just Picking those up and we also appreciate Sportsman’s guide They are sponsoring today’s episode and They give a 20 off every 100 or more Purchase using such no zero zero just Sooch Yep and check out the buyers club as

Well the buyers club you get additional Savings as well as free shipping on any Order over forty nine dollars We’ve got that down we do we got that Nailed it down and we appreciate one Sportsman’s got one take today i’ll tell You i got a i’ve got a a video coming up Um and it’s going to be on military Backpacks from around the world they’ve Got all these surplus backpacks from all Over we’re doing that but what really Impressed me the most was their Three-day assault pack for the u.s Military right they got there so that’s That’s a review coming up that’s cool That is gonna be cool okay uh we have a Lot of stuff one thing we didn’t talk About this is prepper school volume 29 Wow 29 29 isn’t that amazing okay let’s get Into it And today we’re going to be talking About Night vision seeing in the dark baby Oh lord We’re starting out on the right foot Here Okay guys night vision is something that A lot of people you know see the need For and one of the big things about Night vision is it can be extremely Expensive And if you’re really wanting to get some High quality night vision whether it’s

Standard you know regular like pvs14s or Even scopes or you want thermals i mean There’s a lot of different Options in between and applications for Both yes yes and we’re going to get into A lot of the details later on but we’re Going to start out first just talking About The basics because guys some of you guys Are going man i can’t spend 20 grand 10 grand Five grand you know on on night vision Or i’m not ready to but i really see a Need So one thing that i always say when i do Any kind of light reviews and this Really is is what this is is is bringing In light Is Light is your number one security tool It’s number one um you know that’s the First defense your flashlight And having light is important it Illuminates the dark and so really just Standard having a flashlight really i Mean and there’s a bazillion types of Flashlights And you know you can you can check those Out i mean and everybody has their Favorite brands one’s o light obviously Uh but you know light just having Flashlights on you having flashlights at Your door or like when we take the dogs Out uh we’ve always got our warrior x i

Mean this thing is awesome and uh you Know it just illuminates everything and It allows you to see but it also is part Of security it keeps people away One thing we have when you drive into Our driveway we have a driveway alarm it It’s infrared so that’s part of the Night vision community and it’ll come on And then we have a spotlight that also Comes on And so it brightens up the area I saw something on my ring today it was Like they had a break in car break ends About three miles from here and so you Know that is part of you know having Security and so just having light in General having light for your pistol You know that’s a big one and there’s a Lot of different type lights there’s Lights and lasers those are great lights And lasers lights lights for your rifle All kind of different ones i mean There’s just a ton of different lights And again it just brightens up the area It identifies the target and that’s or Or it identifies your son walking Through the house right here a bump in The night that’s the thing you know you You don’t want to shoot something you Can’t see so you want to be able to see What you’re shooting at And having a good light gives you that Instant ability to identify your target Or your threat

Whichever it is that’s right because in The dark you can make mistakes Uh so but one of the things about that Kind of light is it does illuminate but It reveals you And it reveals where you are but it’s Still the first line of defense is just Basic flashlight and it’s the lowest Cost option for for night defense right That’s right it’s the lowest cost you Know obviously you know for a weapons Light i mean i’ve to me having a weapons Light on your home defense gun is just Critical A lot of guys carry weapons lights on Their concealed carry For me i typically don’t just because it Just adds more bulk but it’s still a Great option still smart to do if you Can get you can do it and of course like This little ball door mini uh it’s a Light laser combination it’s just Excellent and so that that’s a that’s a Great option and that guys you know most Of us kind of have that mentality of of Getting the light and you know one thing A lot of people don’t think about is When you hang a light off the bottom of Your of your handgun is you’re adding Static weight to the front end portion Of the handgun which helps to reduce Recoil and muzzle flip as well which Allows for faster follow-up shots so and That’s one reason why i always recommend

Adding a flashlight that uses a couple Of batteries to add some static weight To the front of your handgun to help Reduce recoil and muzzle flip when You’re shooting that’s true and those Those little cr123s are pretty they are That’s right so you know it gives you it Does give you that on the front and two When you’re concealed carrying really Honestly that’s not the part that Typically prints that’s right it’s the Grip and there’s so many different Holster options so you know lights Lasers definitely are a vital part i Mean we have some you know there’s Surefires which these are excellent Lights and then we go all the way down You know to your uh olight lights that Are more inexpensive but you can’t Really put out a lot of lumens So that’s important okay so now also one Thing you don’t really think about is Magnified optics just your standard Magnified optics this is a pair of Leupolds these are nice they’re nice Optics and they actually enhance light So when i’m looking even in low light Situations I can see better with just a good pair Of binoculars and the one thing you want To look for with binoculars or any type Of You know normal magnified optic like This

If you’re looking for light gathering You want to look at the f factor on Those binoculars or that optic the Higher the f factor the more light Gathering capability that optic has That’s a good point that’s a great point And and two you know yes on your on your Regular rifles One thing that’s pretty cool though About your rifle sights and really it Kind of started out with the trijicon Acog now this one has the fiber optic on The front but my original acog which i Still have It has a small little tritium just a Little tritium speck in there yeah and When you’re looking through it it allows You to aim you’re not necessarily going To be able to see your reticles so Having that that capability here’s a Trijicon one to six and it has that same Capability it has a window here where You can shut that down if you want to That was one of the big things with the With the acog with the fiber optic is in A bright sunny day it would draw in so Much light that the circle or triangle Or whatever reticle you had in it would Be so bright that it would almost be Overwhelming and a lot of guys myself Included would take black electrical Tape and cover up some of the fiber Optic to reduce how bright the uh how Bright your reticle was in it right and

And really that’s where it started Coming in um i mean night vision has Been around since before well around World war ii in fact the u.s military uh When they were invading okinawa one of The top Uh kill shots was with an m1 carbine With the night vision set up And they shot more they they took more Kills that way you know we were we went To the cody firearm museum a few weeks Ago and that was one of the things that I was looking at was the the m1 carbines With the old starlight scope and the you Know it’s got a huge Like a 12-volt battery for a car that You carry on your back and this big Infrared illuminator about six or eight Inches in diameter that’s mounted on top Of this starlight scope and the scar the Starlight scope itself was still like Four inches in diameter on the front Lens i mean it had to weigh like 25 or 30 pounds but it needed to be big to Gather that lighting yeah because it was Really doing it but you know technology And actually the germans really had some Pretty cool setups for night vision and That was like Pre-first-gen Night vision stuff so it was very It was effective but it was very crude And you know it did allow you to see in The dark but still

Compared to even the first and second Gen stuff that’s available today it was Very antiquated technology now i’m going To a night fighting class coming up i Believe this in the end of august and It’s a night fighting 101 by tnvc They’re putting it together so i’ve Really been setting up my night vision Setup but here’s the thing guys and if You talk to the experts They’re going to say oh no don’t do that Don’t do that go for this go for the you Know the the white phosphorus go for the Banana you know the binoculars go for The quad go for whatever and that’s Great but it is extremely expensive so We’re going to kind of we want to kind Of follow this in on more of a prepper Mindset So then you have your illuminated Reticle scopes i mean they bring in Light and you know you can see i mean it Brings it in it illuminates your reticle And so that is also a great option for Low light for low light for sure Absolutely all of my rifles have Illuminated reticles on them if they Don’t have night vision they have Illuminated reticles for early morning Late evening or even when it’s really Bright with a moon outside being able to See that reticle is very important if You can’t see your reticle you can’t Take the shot right and in low light

Conditions A lot of times you still may be able to See what you want to shoot at but if you Don’t have an illuminated reticle you Can’t see your crosshairs to be able to Make that shot so having that Illuminated reticle where you can turn It on really dim you don’t have to crank It up bright because it blows out the Inside of the site and all you can see Is a big bright glowing red orb in there You just turn it on like one click maybe Two clicks just enough to light that Reticle to where you can make a shot Right and so that that’s pretty much Just your basic Night seeing kind of stuff that just It’s just basic and this is really Honestly these are things that pretty Much anybody can afford you know if they Put some money toward it It’s not really expensive one thing that I will recommend is getting a headlamp Headlamps are vital It gives you hands-free and if only had Really one light especially in a Survival type situation it would be a Headlamp because you can use it as a Regular light and it works well so lots Of options and guys one thing we’re Going to do here is we’re not going to Get on specifics we’re going to kind of Move around a little bit we’re not going To say this is what you need to get

You need to do your research but we’re Just going to kind of give you a lot of Ideas but a lot of that too will be Based on the individual’s budget with What they can what they can’t afford Right whether it’s the flashlight with An eliminated reticle on their on their Rifle scope or even into some of the Different night vision options we’re Going to talk about today right okay so We’re going to come up on some questions Coming up in just a minute so sarah matt Can get ready now one thing i’ve got Here and this one actually is broken but You know there are little lights that You can get uh that are motion sensing Lights that are solar powered you can Put them about anywhere and these are Really great for security one thing that Robbie and i both are big about are big On The ring system And you know the thing about these Security cameras is they have infrared Technology built in with them absolutely And with the ring you can get them a Couple of different ways you can get it With the infrared that’s built in with The camera or you can get it that has White light that’s built in with it’s Got led strip all the way around that’s Really bright and illuminates things Well right and for We’ve got both we’ve got the lights as

Well as the uh as well as the night Vision one but i tell you i prefer The lighted one just because when it Comes on it is a flood i mean it’s right It is incredibly bright and really Lights things up the camera does a great Job with uh with detail with being able To see everything at night especially With the white light right right but Even the infrared and you know it picks Up really well so most of your cameras Out there we have security cameras here At the compound And you know it does it picks up light Really well So um if we have some questions we’ll go Ahead and move to them and then we’re Going to get into some more of the Standard night vision what most people Consider night vision Uh winging a prayer asks so is it better To illuminate your property with a power Pole light or get night vision and have Your weaponry lighting and edc lighting Well to me the more light the more Uninviting it is the better yep now we Like i said we just had a car break in It was actually 2 48 this morning about Three miles from here came up on my ring App because they do that with the rings And what’s crazy is is this house was Pretty lit up uh there was a pole power Pole there with the light on it that There was lighting around the house but

The guy of course it was at 248 so he Didn’t really think anything about it But um you know so light does deter any Light and the more light you have the Better If i was if i put myself in their shoes I wouldn’t want to go up to a house that Had a lot of lighting i would be more Out to go to a house that had dim Lighting so Yeah power pole can work well uh the Only thing is is to consider is that if You’re taking a defensive action you’re Going to move into that light yourself And so you’re going to be identified as Well So i kind of like directional light and That way it kind of points toward Whatever set it off and then i can get Behind that light one thing we did just Recently we went up to jaeger’s tactical Response and we were doing the way of The pistol and one of the things and it Really it really kind of clicked with me Is there were two people standing one to One and they both had lights one of them Was a really bright light and one of Them was a decent light but it wasn’t Near as bright and they shined them on Each other and it washed out the guy With the weaker light So having a really strong light has a Lot of advantages sometimes people go oh You’ll wash things out in your house

Blah blah i want the most light i can Get if i’m going to turn this light on And another thing about light is is Keeping it momentary don’t just keep it On all the time hit it and then move Around until you can get where you need To get to okay uh fb drivers training Network asks would setting up perimeter Cameras with aim stakes be overkill or a Start for suitable option for defense Like a range card and tne system Uh yeah i mean that would be nice to Know that To have the distance down especially if You have longer distances yep i mean for Us we probably have about a hundred Hundred feet to the to the road from our Driveway so it’s a decent driveway but It’s not long but if you have a really Long driveway yep or we’re a larger Property area yeah it’s a good idea to Set up yeah even ir reflective uh Markers at different yardages so you Know what your yardages are at uh Around your property and set them up you Know where you’ve got a single for 100 a Double for 200 a triple for 300 and Things like that that’s a good point you Just need to put on your trees because If you put it in the grass you cut it Right well you put it on a stake you Just put stakes up on your property Stakes or a fence or anything like that That way you’ve got a readily

Identifiable marker that shows you what Your yardage is where you’ve got that Movement i like that Uh randa picard says if possible can you Discuss people like myself who have Glasses my vision prevents me from Seeing in low light settings where Normal people could operate and have Issues with light bending and another Guy charles reigns also says what Bothers me so much is all my life i had Better than 20 20 vision and now as i Age 50 now my eyesight is worsening tell me About it i understand completely I understand completely i have my Glasses but um Yeah that’s i mean that is definitely One of the problems especially when You’re dealing with small red dots There are some sites that actually you Can look through and the red dot will Appear fine but most of the time i have A problem with a bloom you get a Starburst with it and the problem is is Finding exactly where it is now what i Like about it or what i like to do is Getting a sight or a scope that has a Adjustable ocular yeah it has that that Diopter on the end and you can focus That in that helps me probably as much As anything and primary arms has their Uh cyclops it’s a one power it’s about This a little bit smaller than an acog

But it has the diopter and it’s a small Site for you know comparatively and so That is one option that i would look for Is having that diopter And all your binoculars are the same way They’re adjustable as well so you can so You can basically focus it for whatever Your uh your corrected your correction Is for that particular eye right but Sometimes on these small little pistol Sites there are some that i see better With For whatever reason and you know a lot Of guys like people that have Astigmatism Or some other issues with their eyes With the the red dot Rifle sites for handgun sites look at Using a green one instead of the red for Some reason the green color doesn’t it Doesn’t starburst like the like the red Does so a lot of guys that have issues With like astigmatism or aging eyes Where they’re getting a starburst or or A flare inside their lens will switch Over and start using a green a green Reticle instead of the red that’s a good Point now one last thing about eyesight These are felix gray they’re blue tint They take out when i because i’m on the Computer a lot and i started having a Lot of issues with our eye strain and i Bought these with the blue ultraviolet Tint to it and this has made a huge

Difference for me so if you’re on your Computer light And you’re watching this right now it’s Great to have those blue tint and it Doesn’t really tint the what you’re Seeing right it’s just an uh a slight Little film that helps protect your eyes And one of the nice things with those Two you can get them with or without Magnification so even if you have great Eyesight and you want to limit your eye Strain you can get those that don’t have Any magnification as well Uh john g asks hi sm don and robbie Where does thermal imaging figure in Compared to night vision well that’s Something we’re getting ready to get Into but um the one i will say this Right up front and we’re going to get More into this Night vision gives you more detail Typically typically And it allows you to really To get that and identify your target With thermals especially early thermals I’ve got an option on thermal right now That i think is very comparable to night Vision yeah but your thermals typically Uh are they kind of in fact we had our Corgis out one time when i did the Little flear Thermal imager and they look like little Pigs So it comes up with a with a blob and

There is detail to it but the one thing About thermals is that somebody can hide And you can see them with thermals where You can’t necessarily see them with Night vision so there is a balance and To me having both really is kind of like The ideal but you know having both may Not be an option well and i’ll give you A perfect example of that we were out Pig hunting one night and um Some of us had thermal some of us had Night vision this little critter goes Scooting across the field and My buddy picks it up on his thermal and He’s looking at it through his thermal And He thought it was a possum the way that It was walking the way it was moving i Pulled the night vision up and looked at It and we’re walking toward it all right We’re and we’re only probably 25 30 feet away i pulled my night vision Up and looked at it with a night vision And it was a skunk But they look like you were saying they Look identical to one another the way They move all you could see with the Thermal was a little bony tail But with the night vision you can see All the fluff and everything with it so It is a good idea to have both for Identification for sure Uh texas gold will ask would you bug out For a hurricane and leave all your gear

Or do you bunk bunker down for a Hurricane Well you know that’s that’s an option That’s up to the individualness According to you know what kind of Structure you’re in et cetera et cetera How far from the coast you are yeah how Where you are in proximity to flooding How much time you have to be able to Pack and bug out um so yeah i mean that Would be very situation specific if it’s A category one or category two no i’m Probably not going anywhere right if It’s a category three or four and i’m in A flood zone or flood prone area Then yeah i would consider bugging out But i would also if you are going to bug Out get your high value items like your Night vision and some of your firearms And take those with you so as much as You can Marcos ball asks when should i use night Vision instead of a flashlight you Always say that flashlight is the number One security tool but when should i use It will flashlight give my position Flashlight will give your position away But flashlight typically deters people From continuing what they’re doing so if Somebody comes into my driveway and it’s One of the things i do uh we have that Driveway alarm it’s really good it Doesn’t just go off all the time but Sometimes i have had night vision i mean

Things happen and i would shine my light And shine it through a window so it Reflected back but i can look up through There and see what’s going on and Typically if someone was out there and I’m shining a light at them typically They’re going to leave And then i have to think is it a threat Situation You know if a car pulls in and three or Four guys jump out and start running Down my driveway you know night vision Is going to be a better option to see What they’re up to And then you know i have both actually But one thing about thermals you can’t Look through glass with thermals and so I do have my pvs 14 or whatever i can i Can look and see yep but it’s really up To the situation absolutely situation Dependent and you don’t really know but Know this that law enforcement uses Flashlights so you know in military a Lot of times they’ll use flashlights Unless they’re going into a high-risk Situation in most cases for civilians i Would look at you know outside of like a Hunting application i would look at Night vision more as observation and a Flashlight more for confrontation right So the night vision gives you the Ability to be able to see what’s going On without someone seeing you and Knowing where you at or giving away your

Position or the flashlight when you turn The flashlight on they’re going to know Where you’re at and you’re going to know Where they’re at and that’s going to More than likely escalate into some type Of confrontation at that point or where They’re going to take off right Uh mff asks i’m looking for something to Have eyes at night is there anything Under 2 000 that’s decent There are some options out there yeah i Mean there are and we’ve in fact i’ve Got um here’s a um This is a fro of proton uh it’s actually By um i look at that No it’s uh Who is this by shoot i looked at it a Minute ago and i thought oh it’s sight Mark yep a sight mark this is actually a Pretty nice little scope i don’t really Remember the exact price but it i think It was around six or seven hundred seven Hundred dollars night vision you know It’s it’s decent and you know here’s the Thing guys you don’t necessarily need State of the art it’s got to be crystal Clear you know sometimes these things There’s a lot of different monoculars That you can get and binoculars uh i Think i have a set right here there’s a Couple of things about this one that i Really like one is the is the weight of It this one as far as a night vision Optic for rifle is super lightweight uh

It’s got your little infrared eliminator Over here on the side which is Okay it’s decent One thing that i like to do with any Type of optic like this that i use is Add an external infrared illuminator That really gives me a lot more Light from the infrared illuminator and Allows you to pick up and see things Much better so with something like this This is a good base platform to start With it’s really good once you add an External infrared illuminator to really Help you see a lot further and the Illuminator will brighten up through Night vision so you won’t be able to see It by the naked eye But yeah the big thing is is to look at The difference options like that and Look at the reviews go to the reviews And don’t necessarily look at the worst Reviews because a lot of times those are Just people are just angry look at the Threes but there’s also a lot of Different like these little painties These are just some binoculars they’re Fairly inexpensive they’re a couple Hundred bucks and this at least gives You some capability one thing i would Recommend with this and with the sight Mark is if you have alkaline batteries If it uses them Keep them out or change them frequently Because those alkaline batteries can

Start to mess up and mess up your night Vision i don’t know if you sit like that It’s kind of yeah Okay we’re gonna take one more and we’re Going to going back to it joe lewis Asked i have Um a pv i have had a pvs 14 for years i Plan on buying duals but is the juice Worth the squeeze for such an expensive Purchase well there’s a lot of guys that Are going Now let me say this about night vision And i don’t i don’t want to get ahead of Ourselves on our list but this is why We’re here okay so these are pvs-14s They’re white phosphorus i mean this is A really good setup Uh and you know the one thing you have To think about is the mounts are Expensive i mean everything of course This is just a bump helmet but i do have Standard kevlar helmets but um this is Just a nice little setup but one of the Things about having a monocular is that You can see when you walk into light Let’s say you walk under a street light Then you know you’ve walked under a Street lightning when you’re wearing Binoculars or quads which are the four You can’t necessarily tell if you’re Walking into light and that’s and also The eye strain On your eyes this gives you a chance to Be able to switch it if you need to

And then two you can use this obviously For shooting a rifle So But there’s a lot of people that are Going to the binoculars and us military Is one of them they’re pretty expensive But i mean i can see a lot of advantages With having that binocular vision Because it does you know that one eye That you have you know and then two you Got to think about it you’re looking Through that with the illuminator on and Then you then you look away this eye Still can have some night vision whereas This one will not for a few minutes Okay um But yeah that’s an expensive upgrade Okay now there are some different things That um we’ll look at and one this is This is actually the psionics aurora i Did a review on this actually it’s here On the sensible prepper you can you can Look up the review uh with that little Magnifying glass but uh the the psionics Aurora This is a great little optic and when When you look through it it’s not Technically like night vision but it Picks up light in an incredible way and It cut its color i mean it is really Very uh just an excellent little optic For night vision so if you’re if you’re Kind of like i really want some night Vision but i don’t have four thousand

Five thousand dollars to put into it This to me is a great little option and Those are five six hundred dollars i Think this model in particular is 800 Because it has the illuminators it has a Battery packs has a bunch of stuff with It but they do have some sport models That are that are about four or five Hundred five or six hundred dollars And i think they’re white though but These these have been really excellent i Love these little optics in fact It has a little mount here you can Actually mount this To a helmet if you wanted to i mean you Could set it in fact i have a buddy of Mine that has he’s mounted them to Helmets and uh and there’s some Different adapters and things that are Out there for this because this has Become really popular uh and it’s also a Video camera so you can actually take Pictures you can do video i mean it has A lot of cool options but the sonics Aurora In fact opticsplanet is where i got this One and those guys are great So check out the psionics aurora i think It’s it’s a great option to me it’s a Better option than going once you go to Light and everything else some of these Cheaper ones are okay but this really Takes it up a notch but you don’t have a Reticle so this isn’t really it’s more

Like the pbs14 right in a sense uh okay Now another one and this is the one that I pulled out a minute ago the fleer now Fleer used to make rifle scopes and they Quit well they still make them just not For the military yeah police but the Little flear this is the scout this Thing is incredible i mean it it you can Find and that’s the one thing about Thermals that’s a big deal is that you Can somebody can be hiding in behind a Bush or a deer or you know whatever if You’re hunting and you can spot it with This because the body heat So that’s a cool thing now this is Something and i got a little story Behind this this is just a little sony Camcorder it has night vision capability On that’s what they call the night shot And so i in fact sometimes when i’m Doing video i’ll turn the night shot on And it does a green infrared it’s kind Of cool But i have a buddy of mine that was in Special ops in afghanistan and so they Were watching this perimeter in this one Valley and down in the valley because They were all around the top setting up Observation post they saw this little Green You know infrared they could see it with Their night vision they were like what Is that who is that they’re calling Around they’re trying to find out who it

Was who it is you know is this is this So-and-so so-and-so and they said no no We don’t have any guys down there we Don’t have any guys down there and so They finally got a good Beat on him and they pulled in some Scope or something and looked and it was Two afghan rebels and they were down There with one of these and they were Going along the trail because they Couldn’t see They called it a drone strike there Wasn’t much left but they did find this That was pretty crazy um okay so then There are and robbie you’ve in and Really you’re going to really help with A lot of this but this is um The atv atms atn and this is one of Their earlier models they’ve really Stepped it up a lot past this yes this Is the original x-sight hd i think They’ve got the x-sight pro now which Looks more like a rifle scope But these have you know for for a day Night scope and you can use this on Either one in the daytime with a setting Or at night time with a setting with Night vision um it works with the Infrared illuminator it has it has one Mounted but that’s not like you say it’s Not that great right so you know again It’s one of those that i would add Just like with the psionics i would add A different uh infrared illuminator to

Be able to see further with it but this One works really well uh had a few of Them super durable uh clarity is pretty Decent you know guys are like well what Does it look like i i equate any of These night vision scopes to like Looking through Or like watching a tv in the 1980s you Got your rabbit ears you got your Antenna maybe a little bit grainy you Know it’s a little grainy in there and It’s not like a hdtv today where it’s You know almost like first person view Um So these are like 1980s television Compared to today’s tv if you’re looking For like a visual reference for what They look like if you’ve never seen a 1980s television you’re probably a Little bit too young Ask your parents about it they’ll tell You but But they’re they’re good scopes a lot of Them have the ability to be able to Record video be able to record uh photos While you’re shooting this one has an Option to where you can set it up when You shoot it’ll start recording and Record 10 seconds prior to you taking The shot and then you can set it up for 10 seconds up to like 30 seconds or a Minute after you’ve taken the shot you Never have to touch a button you just Pull the trigger and it does everything

Internally for you some of the newer Ones that they have don’t have the Recording capability they just have the Night vision capability uh which has Helped them to reduce the size and the Overall weight of the optic itself which Is one of the downsides to the uh The excite pro the original one here is It’s very heavy yeah it is you put it on It’s probably about three pounds and it Has a battery pack that you put on the Rifle that’s right and you know it’s It’s a little archaic but here’s the Thing guys if it works You know it’s something to think about With the budget and these work they work Well uh you know it’s you can save Different profiles in there for Different rifles you can take it off one Rifle move it over to another and pull Up a different profile and it’ll Automatically be zeroed for that rifle So it’s got a lot of features with it But along with those features come a lot Of added weight so which is one of the Downsides Now um and i just want to mention this Since sportsman’s guide is sponsoring Today’s episode Don’t forget you get a 10 20 off every 100 or more purchase using sooch just Want to say that because We use it all the time all the time now One thing and we’re going to get into

Some more questions here in just a Second because i really want to make Sure that we’re that’s what we’re here For But here again with the thermals Compared to and even though this is an 80s tv kind of grain you’re able to pick Up more detail to a point than you are Even with this little flear And that’s the thing with this one with A good infrared eliminator you can Identify And take shots at five six hundred yards With this one right um it’s got some uh Digital magnification to it so you can You can magnify things bring things in The more you magnify it the more grainy It gets But you know five or six hundred yards With this one you can absolutely take Shots accurate shots with that scope at Five or six hundred yards so that really Allows you to identify whereas the Thermal in this model really just allows You to locate uh one story and this you Know this story actually better than i Do there are some people that were hog Hunting And so they’re down in fact not too far From here and so it was a man his wife And so they’re looking they’re they’re Getting ready to you know kill some hogs And then over to the side They heard some noise and they took

Their thermals because they were using Thermals and they looked over and they Saw something there in the bush and this Is out in the middle of nowhere and so They’re seeing it you know so the the Woman you know she just pulls her rifle Around and shoots it it was a man and Crawling around on the ground yeah of Course he was a homeless guy and he was Just out there whatever and she was Charged charged for that yeah so thermal Thermals do have some limitations um They don’t work real well in fog they Don’t work real well in like you get a Heavy dew on the grass they don’t work Real well in being able to penetrate That heavy dew on the grass so there are Some limitations to thermal as far as Their their identification capability Being able to see what you’re what You’re shooting at But you can’t it’s hard to hide from it Yeah that is one of the big advantages Okay ceramic what we got Um fb drivers train network ask would Monitor sensor ir floodlights be good to Extend night vision cameras range Yeah any light any light will will help To identify it it really brightens Things up and i’ll tell you i was at Lowe’s i think it was and i picked up Just uh It has two solar panels no it has three Lights and it has a solar panel and i

Can move it and i have it right on a Fence And i mean i’ve had it now for probably Six months and it just it just runs i Mean it’s great so i’m a big fan and the One thing i like about the solar panel Options especially if you have a place Where you can get sun on it Is you don’t have to worry about the Batteries going in i mean running power To it right you have no power so even in A grid down situation you’re still going To have light yep and one thing too is Guys we have these little um in the Right coming up our walkway we have These little solar little lights And you know we have them all the way up It just puts an ambient light it’s not Too bright you can walk you can actually Use those in a power outage inside yep So don’t don’t discount that and they’re Really cheap so it’s it’s really a good Option for security and for just having Having some kind of light Uh john doe ask patriot food supply is It good uh yes actually it is we’ve We’ve got some and um we’ve ordered Actually quite a bit and I have a buddy of mine that really did a Lot of research on them so Yeah it’s a good option Would you recommend warm night vision For people who use laser targeting for Weapons

Now what kind i’m sorry i missed that Oh Used Yeah Anything that it advances your night Vision capability and i want to make i’m Hoping i’m i mean you can ask that again But and the good thing about Buying used night vision is especially If you’re buying like a used pvs 14 if You wear it out where it doesn’t work Anymore or you leave it on and it gets You know a image burned into it you can Have those rebuilt there’s companies out There that will rebuild your pvs 14 and Put new tubes and everything in it and Refresh it to where it’s like a brand New site and using that along with a Laser like you’ve got over here in your Hand A laser gives you the ability to be able To to shoot the rifle or handgun both Eyes open and still be able to identify The laser and see the laser especially If you’re using an ir laser it’s a great Option at night yeah this is a uh a Steiner and it’s one of the d-balled um I think this is the Anyway it’s a deep yeah go into that but Uh speaking of glasses but um this is an Illuminator and a laser um Identifier or indicator so it gives you That laser point and it gives you the Light and this mounts right onto your

Rifle and so then it goes with my night Vision scope so or it goes with the pvs 14s because really you know and one Thing too guys if you’re using the pvs14 Especially in a helmet mount you got to Raise that sight up on the rifle it’s Not like you’re doing the traditional Rest your cheek here you’re actually Looking up over it so when you’re firing It you’re looking up to get that light One thing too is with your pbs 14s if You have tritium sights on your on your Handgun which is something i meant to Mention back in the beginning having Tritium sights if you’re not using night Vision to me is now robbie he likes he Likes his fiber optics but but for night Vision for me I like to have those tritium sights if I’m not using a light but with pvs-14s You pull up those tritium sights and it Goes So you know it’s one thing to consider If you’re going with night vision and You know i’m not a big fan of uh Any type of illuminated sights be it Fiber optic or tritium if i’m running a Red dot if i’m running a red dot i just Want plain black on black sights for Backup irons yeah yeah just because at Night if you’re running tritium and your Red dot now all of a sudden you’ve got Four floating orbs out here in front of Your face that you’re trying to identify

With so it can be a little bit Distracting i think it’s a ufo You’re right you’re right all right My add just can’t take that i just need One thing to focus on at one time [Laughter] 33 asks i bought solar driveway lights i Live in an apartment i have the mountain Mounted around the place they work great Powered by the sun any other ideas on Solar panel items i could use in an Apartment Um the one thing i Do right there with my solar light is a Motion sensor that alarms inside so In fact the dogs know it when the light Goes when this when this sound goes off The dogs go straight to the window to Look out at least felix does the other Dogs are in our gun room but um yeah That is a great option there are a Number of different things but this is Just a little sensor and when you go buy It it’ll make this chime and you can Pick out like 20 different times or Whatever and then You know in fact in the middle of the Night i’m sitting there in my asleep and I’ll hear that thing go off i have it in My laundry room but i have a door Cracked and i’ll hear it and i wake up And i always go check And then usually the light is on and Then i can identify what’s out there

Before i didn’t have a light i was Trying to get my pvs 14 out there and I’m taking flashlights and doing all That and that and that’s where that Solar The solar led light to help light Everything up you know really helps You’ve got the alarm to wake you up and You’ve got the the solar led light to Really light up the entire yard where it Makes it easy to see right right Uh miss randy cook asked what is the Best rifle Night vision scope Well there’s some trijicon Eight ten thousand dollar sites yeah i Mean it really just depends on what your Budget is there You know if If budget’s not an issue personally i Prefer thermal overnight vision for a Rifle site um i like the night vision For identifying but you know for for a Rifle site i really prefer the thermal Well and speaking of thermal now this it Almost feels like this case is empty Yeah but this is a burris and it’s their Bts 50 And this is a thermal scope That to me rivals any night vision i’ve Seen out there and burris is also a Sister company to steiner and steiner Really i feel like because a lot of the Information that was on this with

Steiner yeah and i’m telling you the Clarity is unbelievable this is one of The coolest sites i did this was part of The father’s day gift guide with which i highly recommend Checking out get zone uh but these guys Um when i used this i was completely Impressed with this scope and i’ve been Planning to do a review the only problem Is is coordinating night and getting out Doing all that but this is Really an incredible option and i think It runs a little less than 4 000 or Around the 4 000 range So you know if you’re really looking for Something excellent uh this is something That And it’s got the mount already attached So uh just an incredible scope system so This to me is one of the best out there Up until just a few years ago thermal Was Out of the price range for most people It was it was incredibly expensive the Good thing is because of technology Today thermal pricing has came way down You can get thermal mounted rifle optics Now in the 1500 range and sometimes a Little bit less than that for some of Your entry level sites that are Available so don’t don’t discount Thermal just just because of budget you Know look at some of the entry-level Stuff that’s available and you know

Compare them to one another but there’s Some entry-level thermals that are Really really good now you know you can Even get phone mounts now for your Iphone yeah which you know are not a lot Less pricey and this little flare i mean It was about 800 dollars i think uh so You know i mean if you want something Just to Have a thermal capability Uh our boyd asks newbie here where do i Find night vision a military surplus Store i would check out optics planet uh They are a great source for all kind of Lights and they have everything i mean You can’t even i mean you can’t imagine How many different lights they have in Night vision setups in fact i got my pbs 14 from them And uh this has the this is a white Phosphorus uh and we’ll talk a little Bit about that in a second but um they Have different items also tnvc Absolutely not ec That’s an abbreviation for the night Vision guys They’ve got a youtube channel that has a Ton of information on there different Reviews on night vision stuff As well as their website where you can Actually purchase it but that’s a great Great option as well yeah i bought a lot Of stuff on the tnbc website with my Mounts and everything else and i could

Tailor those mounts they have a number Of different types in different prices Well the good thing is those guys are Incredibly knowledgeable so if you’ve Got questions about night vision you can Pick up the phone and call them and go Over some different options with them as Well yeah in fact the buddy of mine i Was telling the story about this little Camcorder works at tnbc He was telling me and they do a lot of Police training and they do a lot of Things so yeah tnvc is probably one of The most trusted sources that where These guys really know what they’re Talking about yep Uh alan banks asks what scope is most Durable for night vision Scope most durable uh probably your Trijicons um What have you but trijicon i think they Just do a thermal they don’t do a uh Like a true night vision yeah that’s True for for night vision stuff if You’re looking for like a magnified Night vision scope Honestly the little psionics here Sight mark the sight mark is is a really Really good low cost option um i’ve had One for probably six or seven years now It’s super durable Never broke it and i abused the crap out Of that stuff So you know that would be a great great

Option if you’re wanting to just run a Red dot or run a laser the pvs14 is a Great option All right so Let’s talk about Helmet mounts let’s talk about i got all This hooked in There are a lot of these different Options uh in fact it’s funny my howard Lights actually fit there’s mounts That’ll attach to the helmet and this Will fold in uh we’ve got a rhino mount Here they do typically come with a j arm Mount which is plastic and i wouldn’t Recommend that I’ve got a couple of those but i really Like a good solid mount and you’ll want To find one that really fits to your Head well Um so tnvc would be a great Source to be able to find out what Really is the best mount that you’ve got Out there well this one’s got a lot of Adjustment features with it as well to Be able to set it up for for standoff From your eye You can adjust the height up and down With this one so you can really dial This one in to where it actually fits Your face you know we’ve all got Different size heads some of us have big Heads some of us have little heads you Know so just the ability to be able to Dial it in and adjust it it’s a little

More expensive But sometimes you know it’s The juice is worth the squeeze for Something like that to be able to dial It in to where it really fits you Instead of getting a one-size-fits-none And always always having to move your Head around trying to get it to line up With the sight yeah that is a huge pain In the butt yep uh in fact if you’ve got Them on and you’re set up and then You’re trying you have to move a little Bit to get the right spot you don’t want That you want to be more natural so Finding the right mount is important This again is a bump helmet which means It’s just it’s not a ballistic helmet uh But these work fine really honestly Unless you’re in a war zone right it Doesn’t really matter anyway uh but Having a good kevlar helmet those can be Expensive as well and the thing is with A with your different helmet options you Know these the helmets are heavy And you want something you’re hanging a Lot of weight off the front of the Helmet which tends to make you want to Tip down some So you want a helmet that fits your head Really well it has good support it’s got A good framework and a good structure on The inside so everything fits to help Reduce neck fatigue and head fatigue When you’re wearing one of these for an

Extended period of time yeah and then You put weights on the back and near the Batteries this actually and you can put Like lead weights in here to kind of Help this thing a little bit from going Forward so you know there’s a lot of Setups and i’ll tell you what guys when I was doing a lot of the research For my setup It took me a while i mean it took me a While to do it and i had friends that Were giving me advice on how to set it Up but you know it was like and two Especially at the time i was doing that It was right during the first covered Part you know so a lot of stuff you Couldn’t even find But uh there are a lot of good options Out there you know so but guys a lot of Times people will lead you to go to the Farthest extreme the best of the best of The best and sometimes you know you Don’t need a lamborghini you just need a Ford explorer you know or something That’s right and so you need to balance It out to your budget what you don’t Want to do is to spend 10 grand on a Helmet set up with rifles and your your Laser designator and you know all your Infrared lights which are expensive And then not have food or your water and Have stuff like that secure your medical Stuff because that’s really what you’re Going to need more than you’re going to

Even need a night vision the one thing About night vision is it gives you a Force multiplier And the one big thing is is when our Troops were over in whether it was in Iraq afghanistan wherever they have been Is that night vision capability gave Them a huge advantage huge advantage and So it’ll do the same for you at least Have some kind of setup Again guys basic first lights Excuse me I got to get this out of my throat okay Lights or you know have illuminated Reticles or even you know tritium in Your reticle i mean those kind of setups That is one of your first lines of Defense having a good pair of binoculars You know that you can it picks up light Those are things that give you just some Advantages and then you can start to Move into more things if you see the Need which i think there’s a big need And the big thing is too if your budget Doesn’t allow for it go with a lower Cost option like the psionics Or the uh the sightmark or the uh or Even the atn x sight you know those are A great great low cost entry level Option to get you into some night vision That works very well without busting Your budget right but if you want to go You want to go wild you know This uh bts 50 i mean these things i

Mean are phenomenal and uh they’re four Thousand dollars and then you know or You go with your pbs 14 which starts Around four and then you gotta add all The stuff that goes with it or you get To do do dual tubes you go with a four Quad um you know that you can it’s just Like you know the guy that’s a car guy And he wants a lamborghini and he’s Going to do everything he can to get it And that’s great if you can afford it But uh don’t discount having some just Good quality basic stuff again like the Flear yeah flear is a great little uh And observing and i tell you another Really good option that that a lot of People don’t consider Are the pulsar night vision skills Pulsar for night vision from the entry Level side or their thermals on the more Higher inside you know the the night Vision stuff i think starts around a Thousand dollars maybe a little less and Then the thermals start around 1800 or So and go up from there but the pulsar Stuff is very good and durable right so I’ve had great results with that over The years as well But i’ll be honest with you guys when a Lot of stuff was going on um you know With the riots that were happening Back in you know 2020 And there was a lot of stuff going on And a lot of civil unrest

Uh you know it really made me in fact i Had a dream one night it was funny i had A dream about People coming into the yard and i didn’t Know what they were doing i couldn’t Tell what was going on and i just Remember i woke up from that dream Saying i’ve got to have night vision you Know i bet i have always had night Vision of some sort you know whether it Was monocular you know or different Things you know but it was always Inferior but it was better than nothing Yeah but one thing i definitely want to Also i want to remind you of if you’re Using alkaline double a’s triple a’s in The any of these devices Don’t leave them in there i’ve had one That just completely crapped out because I left the batteries in it and they Reloaded and then it just screwed the Site up and so it’s expensive but uh the Cr123s the the lithium batteries they Are good to go this one has an 18650 and It’s rechargeable and i can pop it in And out yup all right sarah mike we have Any more questions and we’ll Uh john thomas ask hey guys huge fan Good question what do you think is Better choice for nighttime thermal Night vision or a light reflecting sight For mid to long range Well when you get out the long range um I’ll let you take that yeah

You know it could go either way the the Night vision stuff is really good for uh For long range uh the thermals that are Available now you know your your budget Goes way up when you’re looking at long Range stuff for thermals but i would Probably go the thermal route personally If it was me and i was looking for Something that gave me some extended Range capability um and don’t discount Going with a clip-on thermal as well That works with your with your optic That you already have on your rifle uh There’s some really really good clip ons Now they’re expensive they start around Ten thousand dollars and go up from There but the clip owns are exceptional And the ability to still use your optic That you have on your rifle um gives you The ability to move that clip on on and Off the rifle without changing point Impact you know zero or anything for Daytime and nighttime use now one thing Though if you’re really on the budget Side and you’re just kind of looking i Would then lean more toward night vision Your Your budget thermals are going to be Muddy and cloudy they’re not going to They’re not going to you’re going to see Something and you’re going to see a Shape but it’s not really going to give You the clarity you need Going up to something like this burris

That gives you a lot of clarity but it’s Expensive so if you’re leaning toward The budget side i would go with the Night vision standard night visions if i Was going for a more high-end site the Thermals are attractive But the military is still using The they use both yeah they use both They use the thermal and the night Vision a lot of their long-range stuff Now is thermal Just because it gives you such clarity At longer distances right um With a night vision yeah if if i’m if I’m a budget guy on night vision i’m Looking at either the site mark or i’m Looking at the uh the excite pro from Atn Those are really really good Both of those can be used daytime or Night time they’ve got a setting in There that you can swap it from daytime Use or nighttime use so you don’t have To remove that optic from your rifle and Go with a different optic for daytime Use you can use the same optic for both But you know there is long-range Capability with your standard lighting But it does identify you right and that That’s the one part they they know where You are Um adam hoe asks question i would like Night vision one day but i’m 22 and Paying off student loans for now should

I prioritize my debt payments or Prepping Well i think there’s a balance Absolutely um i think at this point Right now We’re looking at a lot of indicators That there’s some things that are on the Horizon that are not going to go well And so i feel like that you know be Great to pay off now i’m saying you Should stick to your obligation and Definitely do that but I would at least have some some supplies Set back uh you know and you can do that Basic you don’t have to go hog wild That’s right in balance balance is the Most important thing just budget for Both you know set aside a small amount That you can spend every week or every Month on your preps and you know like We’ve talked about in some of our other Videos if there’s some bigger items that You won’t just just save incrementally Until you can buy those bigger items but Definitely definitely budget for both And and take care of your preps your Basic preps first your food your water Your shelter clothing take care of that Medical supplies and defense take care Of that first and then you can expand Out from there yeah i mean that goes With all of us that’s right i mean you Know we’ve got to be careful because Sometimes it’s like well just go up

There and grab a bunch of stuff from Costco you know and then you know your Budget’s blown you know so you’ve got to Balance it Gun term 2009 asks speaking on helmets What company do you recommend for Someone with larger than normal heads Just trying not to go through a return Process and reorder Yeah and it’s funny because it’s Difficult um a lot of the helmets You know They’ll say large And then you get them and they’re more Like the medium of a different brand and You know like we had talked about Earlier i would call the guys at tnvc And talk with them They they’ll be able to you give them a Hat size that you wear if you wear eight And three quarters or whatever give them Your hat size that you wear and they Should be able to match your helmet to Fit you yeah and some of the helmets you Can you can pull out the uh the Pads inside and buy thinner pads that Are actually really well done i have a Buddy of mine that did that and so he Bought the helmet and he he couldn’t Find the one he wanted and so he Switched out the pads and it didn’t fit Night very nicely so there’s a lot of Options there too but i think what Robbie said calling tnbc those guys know

What’s going on and i think that would Be a great a great resource Uh 2016 road king asked on i’m late to The party but my question is Suggestion on a handheld night vision or Thermal not rifle mounted Low To high price range Uh well if low yeah Yeah so the the psionics Is a great budget-minded night vision Site um or a handheld This one like we were talking about Earlier this one allows you to see in Color at night You can use a external infrared Illuminator with it as well which really Helps to extend your range with it and It’s got photo and video capability with This one it’s got a lot of great options But for entry level this one the one From sonix is hard hard to beat yeah and They run about 800 or so this one Actually came with a kit and it even has A mount a picatinny mount i can set it On there i mean it has a lot of options But they do have some lower priced ones Even but i really like the psionics for Thermal the flear Little scout grab that one yeah the Skier the flear i mean this is a great Little sight it’s about 800 dollars Actually these run very common they’re Comparable very comparable

Uh but you know there are other options Out there and um You know one thing though is to be Careful of is getting gen 2 or gen 3 or You know sometimes some of the sites you Know are okay i mean this is a little Binocular right here and um It’s okay it’s it’s fine you know but It’s this is better than nothing but This is about 200 I’m not really all that happy with it i Mean it’s okay but um you know but on The on the other end of it if i didn’t Have any other night vision that would Be awesome because it’s better than what I had that’s right uh so that’s one Thing to always consider even some of The just the handheld monoculars you Know and go to the gun show you know They got a bunch but check out um Opticsplanet they have a lot of Different types and go through the Reviews because I’m you know We do a lot with night vision to a point And robbie does a lot with hunting with Night vision and thermals so you know he Has a lot of experience on that side but As far as really getting into what’s Really out there in state of the art i Don’t know i’m not really that big on it Uh t-rex reviews is a good one t-rex Reviews uh or it’s yeah and um those Guys are are really knowledgeable yep

And if you’re looking for something a Little more high-end as far as night Vision the pvs-14 with white phosphorus Tube in it is right now state-of-the-art About as good as you can buy on the Civilian market yeah just for a good yep Okay guys we’re running out of time uh Just really wanted to go through some Basics i know we didn’t give you a lot Of specifics we did have a couple of Things that we kind of recommended but Guys light is your number one security Tool having a good flashlight will get You started having a good light a good Scope with a reticle whether it’s Illuminated or even tritium Having that kind of stuff gets you Started and then from there you can move Up to some of the more higher end And even start budget and move up And then you know there’s a lot of Options out there and there’s going to Be more and more absolutely absolutely Just over the top the technology is Improving every day and the good thing With that is it’s bringing the price Down on a lot of your night vision stuff Uh we’ve seen it dip by thousands of Dollars over the last five or six years Uh from entry-level stuff that used to Be five thousand dollars is now down to You know under a thousand dollars right So the prices are coming way down on it Making it more affordable for more and

More people but it is a force multiplier And if you can see them and they can’t See you that gives you a huge advantage So whatever you do if you don’t have Anything and you want to get kind of Started you know you start in with some Budgets and and you know some budget Items and then you can move up from There because what you don’t want to do Is spend 10 grand and go oh this isn’t Really what i wanted So anyway we really appreciate you guys Coming on great questions thanks and and I really guys Um Wish the best as you’re on your search Because it is a big search We appreciate sarah mack for taking care Of the questions and keeping us in line And robbie wheaton we really appreciate Him for being here and check out robbie Wheaton’s youtube channel you can look Up robbie wheaton or wheaton arms And um And it’s he’s doing a great job of Looking at guns a little a little bit Different from your perspective i love It and gunsmith for every 20 years also Wheaton arms website uh is where he does Custom gun work does some incredible Glock aftermarket parts and accessories The flat face trigger is the bomb and Then last but not least Uh we really appreciate sportsman’s

Guide twenty dollars off every 100 or More purchase using such S-o-o-t-c-h No zero zero and make sure you check out The virus club as well the virus club You get additional savings as well as Free shipping on any order over forty Nine dollars and they got a huge amount Of surplus that’s just awesome so i’ll Just leave it at that all right be Strong be of good courage god bless America long live the republic