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By | June 17, 2022

Isaiah 36 Roughly page 440 in the scriptures We’re looking at Jerusalem And the house of judah being threatened By The assyrian king here And the deliverance from yah Chapter 36 and it came to be in the 14th Year so isaiah is transitioning here With the The prophetic nature of his utterances Thus far Or at least the last few chapters in Isaiah now to like a factual thing that Happened okay So we’re back into the time of isaiah Now that this is what happened during The time of isaiah son of ammots so this Is being reported in chapter 36 and 37. They came to be in the 14th year of the King hezekiah Or hezekiah Hezekiah That san hareb king of ashore the Assyrians Came up against all the walled cities of Judah and took them And the king of ashore Sent The Rab chakkai I don’t know with a great army from

Wakish to king hezekiah at jerusalem So he sent the rabshekei kind of like The top guy To jerusalem with a great army So they’ve already taken All the other walled cities in the In the kingdom of judah Which was the tribal allotment of the Land of judah and the land of benjamin And then within the house of judah you Have Judah benjamin and approximately Two-thirds ish Of the levites So the king of ashore the assyrian king Sends one of his top dudes with this Great army up to jerusalem to speak to King hezekiah the king of judah And he the rab shake Stood by the channel of the upper pool On the highway to the launderer’s field And there came to him eli kim the son of Hili kai hil kiyahu Who was over the household and shivna The scribe and joa the son of asaf the Recorder And so kind of the the head dude of the House the scribe and the recorder for The Tribe of judah The house of judah come out and speak to This guy The rab shikay then said to them and What is the rabbshike let’s look at this

Through the wonders of modern technology What is that actually translated in Translated to in english I mean in the the asv says the rabbshake Or sheikha As a name rather than the What does darby say Sent rav shkay Okay What does the complete jewish bible say The rav shikay All right Sounds like it’s a dude’s name that is Also a title Then we shall go with it The rabshike then said to them please Say to hezekiah the king of judah Thus said the great king the king of Ashore the assyrians what trust is this And which you trust I say you speak of having counsel and Strength for battle but they are vain Words now in whom do you trust that you Have rebelled against me Look You are trusting in the staff of this Broken reed mitzrayim egypt on which if A man leans it shall go into his hand And pierce it so is pharaoh the king of Mitzrayim to all who trust in him But if you say to me We trust in yahuwah or elohim is it not He whose high places and whose slaughter Places hezekiah has taken away no

Negative What was taken away in the high places Were the places of false worship and so There’s a lack of understanding here Amongst the assyrians of the proper Worship of the hebrews Makes total sense There’s still today a lack of Understanding of the proper worship of Elohim amongst the heathens And most many who claim to be his people As well So shomeron anyone show maroon But if you say to me we trust in yahuwah Or our elohim is it not he whose high Places and whose slaughter places Hezekiah has taken away and who has said To judah and the jerusalem bow Yourselves before the slaughter place And now i urge you please give a pledge To my master the king of ashore and i Give you 2 000 horses if you are able on Your part to put riders on them How do you refuse one officer of the Least of my master’s servants and put Your trust in mitzrayim for chariots and Horsemen And now i have come up without yahuwah Against this land to destroy it yahuwah Said to me go up against this land and Destroy it So this dude from Ashore the assyrians Comes to judah

And basically says Who are you trusted in are your friends The egyptians we don’t lean on pharaoh He’s a nobody compared to my king we’ll Swag his pee pee so hard oh you believe In yah isn’t it yah that sent me up here To destroy this place So how about instead of me destroying This place You just pledge allegiance to me i’ll Give you 2 000 horses If you’re even able to put riders on 2 000 horses if you even have 2 000 men Left i’ll give you 2 000 horses we’ll Call everything a hunky dory It also shows a total misunderstanding Of yah now maybe yad did say to the Assyrians hey go destroy all that stuff Because Vengeance is mine still saith the lord But he 100 uses subcontractors Maybe the assyrians are being Sub-contractors in this regard But Maybe they also have a fundamental Misunderstanding Of equating the god of hebrews To one of their false gods that one of Their false gods said hey you go up and Do this thing And they did Believing that they heard a word from God And that that god must be the same god

As the hebrews No Hear o israel the lord is our god the Lord is one Elohim the great i am Yodej There is only one And i doubt that it was the same That he Is the god that the assyrians were Serving Now Elohim verse 11 elokeem shivna and yoha Or joa said to the ravshike Please speak to your servants in aramaic For we understand it and do not speak to Us in the language of judah in the Hearing of all the people who are on the Wall they’re like whoa whoa whoa bro Simmer down let’s speak in Aramaic we understand aramaic but you Keep going on in hebrew everybody up There on the wall is gonna hear you and We don’t want them to hear you But the rap chica said has my master Sent me to your master and to you to Speak these words and not to the men who Sit on the wall it’s like what’s the Problem with the men who sit on the wall To eat their own dung and drink their Own urine with you because they’re going To starve them out Right this massive army there’s going to Be nothing left to eat nothing left to

Drink And the rapture k stood and called with A loud voice in the language of judah And said hear the words of the great King the king of ashore thus said the King do not let hezekiah the king of Judah deceive you for he is unable to Deliver you and do not let hezekiah make You trust in yahuwah saying yahuwah Shall certainly deliver us this city is Not given unto the hand of the king of The shore All right so very clearly the assyrians Are not working for yah Do not listen to hezekiah for thus of The king of ashore Make peace with me by a present and come Out to me and let each of you eat from His own vine and eat from his own fig Tree and each of you drink the waters of His own cistern until i come Then i shall take you away to a land Like your own land a land of grain a new Wine a land of bread and vineyards Sounds a lot like when y’all brought Them into the promised land in the first Place This offer here like a A land You know overflowing with milk and honey And great crops and wonderful harvests And giant grapes and Sounds a lot like what y’all gave them When they first came into the promised

Land But of course these people aren’t Working for y’all Beware lest hezekiah mislead you This being the raptureke speaking on Behalf of the assyrians Saying yahuwah shall deliver us has any One of the mighty ones of the nations Delivered its land from the hand of the King of ashore Where are the mighty ones of hamath and Our pad where the mighty ones of safar Raim And when have they delivered shomeron From my hand he’s like nobody else has Been able to stand against us who are You to think that with your yahuwah that You’re going to be able to stand against Us But the men of the wall they were silent And answered him not a word For the command of the king was do not Answer him And ella kayim the son of hiliaku Said Who was over the household Shivna the scribe and yoah the son of Ace after a quarter came to hezekiah the King of judah with their garments torn And they reported to him the words of The rapture k So they let the king know what was going On here Basically

Submit Or be utterly destroyed choice is yours And oh by the way let me mock your god The creator of the universe while i’m at It Probably a bad idea just a general Policy just a general life policy for All of us a little little takeaway here Maybe don’t mock the creator of the Universe and question his power and Authority because Well we’ll read chapter 37 but Because We’ll start with because dad said so Exodus 20. 10 commands And then we can move on from there with Because dad said so if you do it he will Whip your ass I know i know bear said a bad word in a Bible video or whatever Grow up Chapter 37 and it came to be when king Hezekiah heard it that he tore his Clothes and covered himself with Sackcloth and went into the house of Yahoo of the temple And sent ella kayem who was over the Household in shivan of the scribe and The elders of the priests covering Themselves with sackcloth to yeshiyahu To isaiah the prophet the son of emotes Okay like hey call in the big guns we Need isaiah yes yahoo the son of emotes And they said to him

Thus said hezekiah Now i’ve i understand there’s a lot of Challenging names for which many have Very little context being thrown around Out here which is why i’m continuously Saying thus said hezekiah footnote the King of judah so that you’re you’re Keeping track of who’s talking to who Where when what why how here okay So Hezekiah the king of judah And they said to him thus said hezekiah The king of judah this day is a day of Distress and rebuke and scorn for the Children have come to birth but there is No strength to bring forth It’s like a day that a baby’s about to Be born but the mother doesn’t have the Strength to push It could be that yahuwah your elohim Does hear the words of the rabshuke Whom his master the king of ashore has Sent to reproach the living elohim to Speak against living elohim or bad news And shall rebuke the words which yahuwah Your elohim has heard Hmm Likely Therefore lift up your prayer for the Remnant that is left Hey Why don’t all of y’all Instead i This is not me putting words in isaiah’s

Mouth but i can from a leadership Standpoint i can see this Hey how about uh instead of me talking To y’all for all y’all how about all of Y’all talk to y’all about this together Let’s pray Y’all pray we pray i pray Lift up your prayers the remnant those Who are left go ahead And it’s an it’s interesting because You can almost get the indication of a Subcontracting of faith here to isaiah Right now the king Hezekiah Is In the temple that’s good That’s good But they also went to uh to isaiah to See what isaiah would say hey man maybe Like you could pray for us And he’s like hey maybe y’all could like The whole remnant Therefore lift up your prayer for the Remnant that is left like maybe all Y’all could like pray for yourself too I don’t know again this is not me Putting words in isaiah’s mouth it’s Just from a leadership standpoint given My experience thus far Doing Community and faith i could see where i Say i might be coming from here So the servants of hezekiah came to Isaiah and isaiah said to them say this

To your master Thus said yahuwah do not be afraid of The words which you have heard With which the servants of the king of Ashore have reviled me Like Step one like right out the gate this is What yes like Dude Do not be afraid of this jerk With what you use these scary words that Revive me like Let’s just get that straight The first thing say this to your master Thus said yahuwah do not be afraid Literally the first words do not be Afraid of the words which you have heard From which the servants of the king of Ashore have reviled me and this remember This rap shikai he’s showing up with This massive army he’s surrounding Jerusalem he’s conquered everything else Around him he’s talking trash to the Representatives of the king of judah and He’s like yeah you know you could Surrender or you could be eating your Own dung and drinking your own urine as We slaughter you choice is yours homie And i could give you 2 000 horses if you Even have 2 000 men left to sit on them You know and Straight out the gate yeah i was like Don’t be afraid of this jerk That’s power that’s authority like and

That’s Mini lesson here for us is we have to Remember that like oh you’re surrounded You have no resources to bring to bear You can’t see a way out of this You’re maybe even negotiating with evil And yeah i was like Dude Do not be afraid Why didn’t you let me know sooner like How come we didn’t talk about this Sooner Right out the gate do not be afraid of The words which you have for heard with Which the servants of the king of ashore Have reviled me See i am putting a spirit in him and he Shall hear a report and return to his Own land and i shall cause him to fall By the sword in his own land And the rabshike returned and found the King of ashore fighting against levna For he had heard that he had left lakish And he heard concerning tyr hanak king Of kush he has come out to fight with You and when he heard it he sent Messengers to hezekiah saying so On the back end of this military action That the king of ashore is taking Right He’s a field now it sounds like That uh leibna has left laquish to go Fight against the king of ashore Because he may have left his rear flank

Open Because he’s out in the field doing this Stuff right And he heard concerning tyr hanak king Of kush he has come to fight with you And when he heard it he sent messengers To hezekiah saying speak to hezekiah the King of judah saying do not let your Elohim in whom you trust deceive you Yeah so clearly the assyrians ashore Not fans of elohim elohim does not Deceive he will not let his word return To him void and that’s the first thing Out of the gate here is do not be afraid Of these jerks Like don’t be afraid of their words Well what do they come back with Speak to hezekiah the king of judah Saying do not let your elohim in whom You trust deceive you Saying jerusalem is not given unto the Hand of the king of ashore see you have Heard what the king of ashore has done To all the lands by putting them under The ban And are you going to be delivered Have the mighty ones of the nations Delivered those whose my father whom my Father has destroyed gosan and haran and Ratsef and the sons of eden who were in Tel assar where is the king of hamath And this king of arpad and the king of The city of sir pharaoh’s And hezekiah received the letter from

The hand of the messengers and read it So basically this trash talking threat Like that don’t believe in elohim Believe in our military might with which We’ve wrecked all these other people So hezekiah received the letter and read It and hezekiah went up into the house Of yahuwah and spread it before yahuwah Remember like a scroll right like rolled It out Smushed it flat And hezekiah prayed to yahuwah saying o Yahuwah of hosts elohim of israel the One Shema israel Right The one who dwells Between the caribbean the cherubim you Are elohim you alone of all the reigns Of the earth you have made the heavens And the earth incline your ear o yahuwah And hear open your eyes o yahuwah and See and hear all the words of san hareb Who has sent to reproach the living Elohim I love this Hezekiah is going back to yah and he’s Like hey dad they said even more bad Stuff about You you open your eyes open your ears Look at what they said Truly yahuwah the king of ashore have Laid waste to all the lands And their land and have put mighty ones

Into the fire for they were not mighty Ones but the work of men’s hands Wooden stone And they destroyed them I get the question all the time Is insert Icon here A graven image Is a cross or a stake or a sculpture or Is this a graven image Listen i don’t use any of that stuff I’m not into iconography And Iconoclasm i believe is what it was Referred to it became a reason for papal Schism at one point The argument is do we What is veneration Do we venerate this Water bottle Are we worshiping the water bottle or We’re using the water bottle to by Venerating it to focus on it to bring Our attention to this thing that makes Us think about god and therefore brings Us closer to god And this all of that Is arguments between men Y’all said make no graven images So i think if you and i’m saying this Anecdotally if you find yourself asking These questions about graven images is This a great image is that a graven Image maybe you should just go with the

Fact that the ruach hakodesh the holy Spirit is convicting you concerning Graven images and stop trying to Negotiate I’m gonna get rid of this but i’m gonna Keep this i’m gonna get rid of that but I’m gonna keep this right Idles of wood and stone If it falls into the category of idols And wooden stone I probably wouldn’t have much to do with It Well i wouldn’t i personally wouldn’t Have anything to do with it That’s just where i’m at with that i Don’t need Two overlaid pieces of wood at night at A 90 degree angle to remind me of what Yeshua did for me I know what yeshua did for me every day If i’m if i’m having a truly mindful and Spiritual day it’s something that’s on My mind every hour I don’t need a reminder Maybe the move there is to conduct your Life in such a way that you don’t need Reminders of how awesome elohim is You don’t need reminders of how awesome Yeshua was and yeshua is and yeshua will Be when he returns I think that’s the move there Not trying to justify the reminders that You have So

And have put their mighty ones into the Fire for they were not mighty ones but The work of men’s hands wooden stone and They destroyed them And now o yahuwah our elohim save us From his hands so that all the reigns of The earth know that you are yahoo are You alone Hey dad i need you to show up please and Thank you because all these jerks be Thinking that you are equated to these Wooden and stone false gods who have Been destroyed and if you could just Show up and do that thing where you Smoke check everybody who’s not yours We would really appreciate that so that The whole nation would know That you are Yeah you alone That’s a badass prayer like that’s an Awesome prayer Then isaiah son of a motes Sent to hezekiah saying thus said Yahuwah elohim of israel because you Have prayed to me against sanhereb king Of ashore this is the word which yahuwah Has spoken concerning him Now this is interesting Because the king prayed in the temple to Yah and then yah came to isaiah and Spoke to isaiah and said bring this Message back to the king so there’s Yeah isaiah is the mouthpiece Super cool

This is the word which yahuwah has Spoken concerning him Sanhereb the king of ashore The maiden the daughter of zion has Despised you mocked you the daughter of Jerusalem has shaken her head behind you Whom have you reproached and reviled and Against whom have you raised your voice And lifted up your eyes and pride Against the set of part one of israel By the hand of your servants you have Reproached yahuwah and have said with Many chariots i have come up to the Height of the mountains to the limits of Lebanon and i cut down its tall cedars And its choice cypress trees and i enter Its farthest heights its thickest forest I have dug and drunk water and with the Soles of my feet i have dried up all the Streams of defense Have you not heard long ago how i made It from the days of old that i formed it [Laughter] Oh you cut down some forests i made them You dried up a stream I made that Now i have brought it about that you Should be for crushing walled cities in The heaps of ruins And their inhabitants were powerless They were overthrown and put to shame There were as the grass of the field as The green plant as the grass on the House tops and as the grain

Blighted before it is grown But i know you’re sitting down and You’re going out and you’re coming in And your rage against me So i may have ordained you to destroy All these other cities But i made all this stuff And you’re serving me whether you Acknowledge or not i know you’re sitting Down i know you’re going out you’re Coming in and you rage against me Because your rage against me and your Pride have come up to my ears i shall Put my hook in your nose and my bridle In your lips and i shall turn you back The way which you came And this shall be a sign for you This year you eat such as it grows of Itself in the second year what springs From that in the third year sown reap Plant vineyards and eat the fruit of Them And the remnant who have escaped to the House of judah shall again take root Downward and be fruitful upward I mean Out of context here but the remnant that Escaped from judah Shall again take root downward and be Fruitful upward That’s an awesome like many prophecy Right there For out of jerusalem comes forth the Remnant and those who escape from mount

Zion the order of yahuwah of hosts does This Therefore thus said yahuwah concerning The king of ashore he does not come into This city nor does he shoot an arrow There nor does he come before it with Shield nor does he build a siege mount Against it by the way that he came by The same he turns back and into the city He does not come declares yahuwah and i Shall defend this city to save it for my Own sake for the sake of my servant David And the messenger of yahuwah went out an Angel of yahuwah went out And i just want to pause here for a Moment because there are people who say Even tour teachers will say god is only Love Well It depends on whether or not you are on Team yaw Because he reproves and instructs those That he loves But a lot of the times his love Looks like this So be careful when you say god is only This god is only that We don’t get to label The depths of elohim we don’t know them Deuteronomy 29 29 Deuteronomy 29 verse 29. The secret mole the secret matters Belong to yahuwah or elohim but what is

Revealed belongs to us and our children Forever to do all the words of this Torah The secret matters belong to yahuwah our Elohim but what is revealed belongs to Us and our children forever to do all The words of this torah So Don’t tell me what yah is i will let ya Tell me what ya is especially if what You tell me what yah is goes counter to What ya told me ya is Makes it awful difficult to believe you Going forward And the messenger of yahuwah went out And struck the camp of ashore the Assyrians 185 000 This is an incredible miracle still Venerated still revered still discussed And celebrated in judaism rabbinic Judaism today This angel of death from yah Goes out and kills 185 000 men That night And the messenger went out and struck in The camp of ashore 185 000 and they Arose early in the morning and saw all Of them dead bodies That’s a huge first of all that’s a huge Army Second of all that’s a huge number of Casualties

One hundred and eighty-five thousand That’s massive And san herb the king of ashore broke Camp and went away and turned back and Remained at nineveh And it came to be as he was bowing Himself in the house of nice rock his False god that his sons adramelech and Sharatsar struck him with the sword And they escaped into the land of ararat And his son asar hadan reigned in his Place So Kind of the moral of the story here You come and threaten yaz people and Talk trash about ya to his face Y’alls people are gonna cry out they Should cry out and say hey are you gonna Allow this to stand And y’all’s gonna say uh first of all Don’t be afraid of these jerks second of All i got you boo third of all how does 185k Dead in one night sound and you didn’t Have to lift a finger Because His word will not return to him void I guess lastly If we see this and we know it and we Onboard it in the ot here the old Testament with these prophecies and These things like this It’s really important to understand like This dovetails perfectly into malachi 3

Verse 6. i’m the lord yahuwah sabayath i Changed not he didn’t change what he Said ever And so be careful Of false doctrine yeshua himself messiah Says beware the leaven of the pharisees Right false doctrine Be careful of the the leaven of the big C church the false doctrine that we have Today Saying that was done away with It was fulfilled that one word fulfilled In matthew 5 17 there is so much bad bad Doctrine that hangs on that one word Fulfilled He fulfilled the torah Yeah but anybody with the strongest Concordance and 92 seconds worth of Effort can realize that that word Fulfilled is the greek word play rahu Which means he became it It doesn’t mean complete He became it And so all this back to his word will Not return to him void if if the father Will smoke check 185 000 assyrians Overnight For insulting His people and insulting himself and Questioning his word It might be a good idea a to know what His word is and be to do it because he Is the lord yahuwah sabbath he changes Not

And You don’t want to be on the receiving End Of that So Isaiah 37 and 30 i’m sorry 36 and 37. Bless y’all Shabbat shalom