Solo Camping in a Thunderstorm – Woodland Shelter

By | June 15, 2022

So Hello welcome back The observant among you’ll notice it is Pouring Was kind of uh showers and Spitting and heavier showers on the way In but uh yeah it’s coming down now Quite a lot Which is good because i’ve just got here Um Yeah so first time i’ve talked in the Shelter really um the build videos have Been All sorts of silent because they’ve been Filmed over weeks and you don’t know What you’re doing and i’ve been Quite busy so Yeah i thought i’d do them as a silent Build But you seem to have enjoyed them i’m Happy with the shelter I’ll talk about that in a bit but i’m Out i think two nights Uh we’ll see how things go really um the Weather is sketchy You know predictions here forecasts it’s Um Yeah gonna be some rain that’s for sure Tomorrow might be a thunderstorm we Shall see Um Lots of food to cook and uh Yeah i’ve got a list of jobs to do for Carrying on with the shelter here bits

And bobs Um Furniture and stuff So hopefully we’ll be able to do some of That maybe tomorrow i don’t know if i’ll Get to today we shall see And yeah be the first time Sleeping in here as you can see It is uh waterproof Got a membrane above the boards in the Roof Um for the uh The live roof on top which is really Starting to fill out now Um yeah so Get yourself a little settled in And get back I was up here just the other day had Some bacon signings doing a few bits and Bobs and i brought up some lanterns and Some water on that just so i didn’t have To bring it in today There’s still quite a lot of clutter Around here i’ve got some boards and off Cuts over here and some bulbs and Offcuts over here And over here are the offcuts of the Full logs Which is obviously going to be good Firewood so i’m going to get it out of The rain Put it under the side of the shelter And i can process this later and to the Side here

We’ve got my birch twig Broom Now i was filming a video on making These but um there just wasn’t enough Content And the video didn’t look very good so Yeah i’ve just had it At home Now i’ve got somewhere to bring it i Might even cut down the handle for Brushing out the inside of the shelter But i thought this is a good place to Have it now that i’ve made it It’s pretty humid in here i mean it’s Humid at the best of times in here but With the rain as well it’s just such a Thick canopy i took a couple of um Pieces of the horn beam down behind the Shelter there um from stalls They’ll grow back um Just to let in a little bit of light but I think i need to take one down here That kind of goes over the shelter i Won’t be doing that today though i need Some rope or something Um Yeah so some firewood processed i might Do some more if there’s a gap in the Rain it’s calming down a little bit at The moment Quite wet I found a nice bit of oak as well so I’ve brought that up put that on hold Probably

But yeah um i was going to talk to you About the shelter a little bit So where do i start um the main Structure the Logs is chestnut it’s not from this Woodland it’s from one about half hour Away quite nearby and it’s coppiced Chestnut Um so it’s coming down anyway and will Be regrown and then cut 15 years time or So And um yeah so sustainable you always Get them comments from people oh you’re Using wood like they’ve never used wood For anything in their lives But yeah it’s coppiced chestnut um Started off with 25 logs i think and Being chestnut not something like pine Is not the straightest so i had to kind Of get to grips with that i wasted a log Um Because it was just too bent But um i think i did a a pretty good job Considering they were a bit wavy Obviously took the um bark off them And some of the sapwood just to uh give Them a chance chestnut is really good um It’ll take their last ages my wood store Is still looking like new basically and That’s two years old now Um yeah so i had to get a few more logs Which are a bit more greener for the top Bits because i just kind of run out of Full length i thought where i cut the

Diagonal cut for the um Roof that i would have be able to use Them off cuts but they just weren’t long Enough Um Yeah so The boards for the floor and for the Roof um they were popular Um a forestry friend of mine had a load Of poplar so uh went down and Used the chainsaw mill and um Bigger chainsaw than my one to get some Boards out of that And um Yeah i cheated I did a log i did on camera it’s harder Work than it looks And um there was quite a lot to do so The rest went on the full-size meal Um But yeah i got a taste for it and I tried something new so yeah that was The boards um I had to use a couple of straight poles On the Ridges on the roof Just the chestnut and even hornbeam from Here was just too bendy and I needed a really flat surface for the Boards to go on too so i used three uh Poles and another big chestnut log for The the top ridge there What else is there It’s all stood on granite rocks um so

Far so good Um Yeah the live roof the live roof a Couple of people said that’s some pretty Terrible looking turf it’s not standard Turf Um it’s shaded wild flower uh it’s been The woodland here and as you’ve seen It’s rather dark um i thought i’d try That some shaded wildflower i was going To try sedum because it holds the Moisture and stuff so it doesn’t need Watering but um I was really lucky it was really warm Sunny leading up um to putting the turf On Um rolled it on i left some water up Here And It rained for a solid week So I didn’t have to keep coming back i Could take a little break so i’ve been Up here for the last or three weeks Doing the shelter and yeah it got a good Watering and it’s been sort of on and Off since So Other than that first day i’ve not Watered this roof and it’s really taken It’s really starting to spread i’ve even Got a couple of little flowers i don’t Know what the selection of wild flowers Is so we’ll find out hopefully i’ll get

Some more this year Um just a couple of yellow ones so far No they’re not dandelions Um Yeah i’m i’m very happy with the shelter Um Maybe i’ll do a q a on it or a live Stream and you can ask me some questions Um it’s uh An adirondack a lean to This style of shelter has many many Names whereas kind of Saddle jointed With a tilted roof with a small porch Area and fire out the front to warm you Inside I think scandinavian original kind of Design and then probably taken over to Um the americas and used there by Trappers and things and then got its own Name from the adirondack mountains so Yeah like a body shelter a hunting Shelter it’s not supposed to be Permanent or anything it’s um a little Base camp um for hunting and things like That Um mine obviously more for camping and Things and doing bushcraft at I was going to do the saddle joints uh Just with a saw But I needed a video out every week and That was going to take a long time i’d Like to try that one day um

And there’s something else i’ll move on To in a minute but yeah i used the Chainsaw just had to really Um but yeah the other thing the Fireplace um big pile of rocks at the Moment really i want to redo that one Day Uh not too distant future and maybe have A raised fire pit so i’m not always on The floor and not so much sort of Bending over Yeah just raise that up a bit And that’s where i might do some Hands-on Saddle joints and just do a little frame Fill it up with clay from the ground Here And Yeah just um Use the rocks slightly differently But quite looking forward to doing that Um obviously i made a bench as well Got a nice overhang all round for um Hanging things on the side for storing Firewood put up a load of hanging points For all these kind of Lanterns and things Um yeah i’ll spend a couple of days here And see what’s what things i want to add On this trip i want to do A couple of tables a really short table For inside here for next to where i’m Sleeping just putting bits and bobs on Maybe candles that sort of thing and i

Want a little table out the front here As well to the side just so where i’m Sat here just easy to put your your cup On and things like that but yeah i’ve um Mossed the gaps um just to stop wind Kind of going through there wasn’t that Many gaps to be honest but they’ve been Mossed And I might before winter um dig up clay and Clay them as well sort of clay that Chinking in Usually when you put moss in there it’s More of an insulation layer to trap the Air between the two layers of clay Obviously that doesn’t matter as much Here But yeah um that’s going to dry out that Moss and pretty fall out with the wind And things so i think the clouds make it A bit more sturdy so I’ll probably do that at some point Because it’s so wet out here i’m not Gonna go looking for twigs I’m just gonna process down some of this So So Uh So Oh i found a fewish dryish sticks Because i’ve let the fire go out now so That’d be for when i re-light it Keep that dry under here though the rain Has stopped for a minute

So [Music] So [Music] [Music] So I was chilling and kind of lost track of Time So starting to get quite dark actually So i think i’m going to get the fire Going because it’s starting to chill Down a little bit too So You So Well to be honest i’ve not got that much Done today I was just chilling um tidying here and There doing little bits doing the Firewood off-camera But um got a long day tomorrow to Fit some jobs in definitely doing the Table the other thing i wanted to do i Didn’t think i mentioned was um like a Back rest Something for when i’m sat on the front Of the shelter Um just to lean back on i’m not sure Exactly how i’m gonna do i’ve had a Couple of ideas because the boards go You know from front to back There’s nothing to really grab onto for The um Tripod or whatever it is so you may have

To go from the back or something i’m not Sure yet we’ll see we’ll find out Tomorrow and the tables definitely Um yeah so Sun’s starting to go down fire’s going Nicely For that oak to put on for some nice Coals And uh tonight is chicken kebabs because The chicken needs to be eaten Uh it’s still falling a little bit by The fire And um Yeah get some food down me i need it So I’ve just noticed pretty coincidentally That there’s a face on these two Mirrored boards Just a happy accident Just put some new wood on and it’s Smoking Very rarely blows this way so maybe Something to do with the way the setup Is oh there we go Well i’m using the sides of the returns Here Oops as a bit of a back rest for now Until i can build something to Just sit here tripod or something i can Drape a sheepskin over when i’m here Something like that Yeah It’s good to be out it’s a Couple of weeks since i’ve camped last

Camps were the two nights with simon Hope you enjoyed them videos i’m Actually going to be out here while The truck one’s published so Be fun to see The comments when i get back Yeah i’m just waiting for this chicken To defrost really I’ve got some flour and yeast and salt Here And uh a little warm water I’m just gonna mix up for some pittas Well it’s starting to come together now When i’ve needed it a bit i’ll uh Leave it to rest All i do with the chicken I’ve got some coriander here I’ve got a red chili And some garlic And Just gonna chop these Quite fine And with some spices a little oil and Yogurt Just make the marinade for The chicken I should have put some of that yogurt in The naan bread so Not strictly a non-bread let’s just call It a flatbread So a bit of a dollop of Yogurt and some spice turmeric paprika Cumin Usual suspects

Give that a bit of a mix And a touch of oil I’ll get that chicken in there There’s that chicken Let’s give that a good mix Still a little frozen in places Soon far out next to the fire And then we thread these Onto a skewer I’ll put a tiny bit of oil On the chopping board here And I’m just going to press this out Into a bit of a Non-bread shape a flatbread shape as We’re calling it now And we’re gonna do two of them And just put them in the pan Got a pan heating up here And Pulled over some coals Just to start that chicken cooking i’m Gonna do it quite gently because some of That was a little bit frozen So keep a good eye on that Okay in with our first none Right so first things first A bit of hot sauce Tear off some of our Naan Or flat bread as we’re calling it Get a bit of chicken a little bit of Yogurt Wow that’s some juicy chicken

Oh i love it Chicken Or that hot sauce as well This is one great meal to start off this Trip Juiciest chicken Nuns have just come out perfect Even though they haven’t got the yogurt In I was worried this wouldn’t be enough Food but there’s actually quite a lot Two skewers and two naans I’ve got one of my favorite beers pogo By wild beer company Cheers everyone to the new shelter Oh time for a little chill cheers Oh that’s a good beer it’s got a guava In it Fruit parallel Passion fruit orange guava It’s really nice Love it right I think i’ll uh chill by the fire here For a little bit It’s actually quite warm with that fire And this obviously catches a lot of that Heat as well No sign of any more rain at the moment But uh there was a thunderstorm Predicted tomorrow we will see So So Good morning as you can pray here it’s Raining still

It rained From about half hour after i went to bed All night constantly which was actually Quite nice because That first half hour it was deadly Silent and I don’t like that much Just that utter silence so um yeah Started raining it was very relaxing and Yeah i slept quite well Um The sun has just poked through starting To see some sun on the ground So Hopefully when i get up the rain will Stop for a while let me get on with Breakfast and stuff That’ll be nice So It’s time to get this Fire going for some breakfast I’ll be having some huevos rancheros Today Which i’ve not done at camp in a while Then on with the jobs around camp [Music] Foreign Got here quite a nice selection of Avocado onion garlic some tomatoes Coriander lime And the chili as well So i’m just going to process them down For a bit of a salsa stroke guac might Just keep the avocado separate

So i’m just gonna start cutting these Down And i’ll probably leave the avocado till Just before serving Either that Or squeeze some of the lime on it stop It going brown I’m just taking the seeds out by just Taking out the insides like so Just we don’t have a watery salsa I’ve got some black beans in here in a Little oil and i’m gonna use some of Them onions In with them [Music] Then the rest of this only used a bit of Chili for breakfast Uh And take the avocado Put it in here And put some lime on it just to make Sure it doesn’t go brown I made some corn tortillas at home I was quite happy with them actually i Didn’t want to bring the cast iron press Here So i’m gonna rejuvenate them In the pan before i do my eggs [Applause] [Applause] Well first up is our eggs [Music] Oh yeah Some black beans here

[Music] Of course Some salsa Some Guacamole or avocado should i say Oh that’s looking good Extra little bit of coriander because It’s the law An extra squeeze of lime because i love It i’ve got a little hot sauce over There as well Now if i do say so that’s a breakfast Oh yeah The table’s a little uneven So i get a little bit of my corn Tortilla My first batch of corn tortillas i’ve Only ever done Normal flour ones some beans some of This some of that Oh There’s not an awful lot of that chili But It’s got a little bit of a kick What a breakfast So So Got these wooden discs They’re not perfectly flat that one’s Not bad Um i want it bigger but maybe another Day for the chainsaw i’ll get some Bigger i’ll make a little table This is the august set i reviewed a

While ago And you’ve got the one handle And the bits Slot in and tighten up Handy All right so just going to do three Holes in Here and We’ll call this the top It’s going to go through an angle like This Just to spread the legs Um There we go all the holes done At a slight angle I just need to find some poles I just thought these horn beam that i Took down recently to let a little light In They’re probably going to be ideal So No bark scraper with me today so It will have to be with the knife Just take the bark off these and then Shave down the ends to fit through the Holes I’ve used the saw to make a A stop mark and just use the knife to Whittle this down and i’ve got the angle And this is my final test fit i’m hoping You have to be quite careful that you Don’t split this But you don’t want it too loose either And i think we’re all right

And i can flush that With the saw One As you can probably hear the heavens Have opened Hopefully you can hear me It is really coming down it just the Wind picked up it went dark There was thunder and then Downpour A proper rain forest in here like Yesterday it was getting through the Canopy enough to get you wet but this is Drenching everything Wow Got my thunderstorm And The shelter is holding up As expected I did bring my Table legs in with me So i can carry on with that I think i’ve brought everything else in The shelter Hopefully When a repeat of that last truck camp Where the cast iron was out in the rain All night Had to give that good rub down and Reseason in the Oven at home But uh we’re getting there with that one Hardest thing is the angle really Quite nice this

Beats being stuck in a foxy little Shelter Being crouched down not being able to do Anything Wow that’s a long one So Do [Music] So Well that’s one job done anyway it’s a Bit smaller than i was expecting but I’ll i’ll wait till i’ve got a bigger Slice of a log to make a bigger one that One might actually be the one for inside Um Yeah i’ll have to look for a nice big Slide uh bring down the chainsaw Or look about if i’ve actually done one Somewhere else but yeah that’s uh Gonna do for a cup of tea It’s uh Just spitting a bit now well through the Canopy anyway probably a bit harder Above it It’s good to have a little thunderstorm A bit of excitement It just got really dark again so i’m Having to put the lanterns on in here A couple of Sort of showers here and there as well Here we go again Gonna say i’m loving it Been a while since i’ve had this much Rain camping

To be in this shelter in it brilliant It’s even spraying in a little bit here Wow Certainly good for the roof anyway [Applause] Would you look at that The rain’s kind of stopping still a Little bit coming through but uh The sun’s out Maybe i had to turn off my lanterns for Now Okay i’m saying nothing From a distance of what was a morel but I’m pretty sure it’s not Maybe a stink horn or something like That i didn’t think they were that big I thought for a little bit of a change I’ll do a little log cabin file To get this going Seems like a good time to get the fire Going while it’s not raining Definitely raining It’s been thundering again but i keep Missing it with the camera It’s a bit intermittent One two three And it doesn’t know its cues The rain shells haven’t really been Helping the fire Right again nice fat piece of beef here I’m just gonna Oil it up a bit Yeah And got a pot of salt and pepper some of

It did Leak out in the bag But i think we’re going to be all right One side Two sides Yeah plenty And how are we cooking this lovely piece Of beef today We’re in this wax canvas bag For this new mini spit from tj and Metalworks Um if you don’t know them this Who does the things like the fire anchor And stuff that i use and i’ve actually Bought something new from him as well he Sent me this but look at this It’s all a hand forged A nice twist on there as well help grip Onto the mate So let’s give this a whirl Oh yes Perfect so i just need to put the stakes In the ground Proper distance and stick this in you Can see it’s square bar so it’ll hold You know all four sides pretty modern Four sides really because this is just Like a v cup But yeah i’ll link it below do love his Stuff Good Maker as they say now Oh and i almost forgot not leaving it to Chance today not that that

Usually is a problem but if you have any Worries of cooking meat These things are amazing This is a battery a bluetooth in it a Thermometer with two thermometers it Tells you the external and the internal Temperature Pretty pretty Clever stuff so i’m going to shove that In Through here i think and you’ve got a Line Oh Stab myself Where it needs to go up to And it’ll even give you how long at that Temperature it takes to cook just Connects to your phone Yes it’s cheating but You know You want a nice Nice medium Rare cut of beef didn’t you You want it roughly Where you can keep your hand for 10 Seconds before it becomes uncomfortable But you can adjust that as you go And yeah Brown turn brown turn brown turn In case you’re wondering this is what The app looks like And we need to set up a cook Beef A roast joint

We’ve got silver side And then we want medium rare And Start cook Put all your temperatures there and it Takes a little while to Estimate how long it will take It’ll give you alerts and stuff as well I’ve just peeled some potatoes Just a roast Well i say roast i’m not actually really Roasting them I’m going to use the skillet because I’ve got no dutch oven today But i’ll give them a parboil they should Be Fine And some water in my little pan [Music] So Slightly missed All right here we go I think what i’m going to do is go Straight down the middle here First Then i can do kind of proper slices Lovely Should have had more of a rest really But Oh well Oh yeah I’m so hungry I’ve made a slightly lumpy gravy But it’s gonna do me fine

God i need this without that lunch I had a chocolate bar Okay let’s try a little bit of meat Divine Oh the potatoes are soft inside Oh yes Yes thank you Here we go Spit roast beef lovely I’ll try one of the rarer bits Um It’s time to get dark now and i am full I might um Walk this Beef off And Go down to the edge of the woodland see If there is The sunset the sky is quite clear at the Moment so i don’t know if we’re getting Rain tonight or not We shall see Ah cheers again Oh that’s nice Well i’m pretty spent to be honest even Though all i really did is make a table And a lot of Food but I have this hot chocolate And get myself off to bed So i’ll see you guys in the morning for Some breakfast So So

So So So So So [Applause] Good morning Go get the ketchups out [Laughter] I’ve been looking forward to this whole Trip really As good as wherever rancheros is Nothing beats a full english Got up pretty early today because i had An early night Slip well though It’s nice Being guaranteed a flat surface to sleep On knowing to find it and having things Under your mat and All the rest of it And not having to pack a tent or a tarp Or anything Still pretty dark in here i can see the Sun kind of coming up i mean it’s been Dark in here most of the Trip really hasn’t it So Right that’s me all done Hope you’ve enjoyed that’s been a good First couple of nights in the shelter Good try out and Maybe i didn’t get that much work done But i forgot some nows as well for

Hanging points and other things but next Time next time until then see you later Here