Mora Kansbol Bushcraft Knife – First Look

By | June 15, 2022

Wow Woolly here and bruno’s here as well as Always and he is excited because it’s a Knife review guys and well not a review Bruno you were in the river you’re Soaking not a review a first look and he Just knocked it on the ground Guys this is the mora kambasal i am Probably mispronouncing that Uh In stainless steel An interesting blade to say the least uh Let’s Let’s have a look at it let’s go over Some specs Let’s cut stuff with it let’s Just generally put it to the test and See how it gets on Stay tuned There you have it Okay so What have we got We have Uh this one is 12c 27 stainless steel In the blade okay the length of the Blade is 10.9 centimeters the thickness Is 0.25 centimeters It’s quite a thin profile there uh Overall length is 22.6 and it weighs 134 Grams guys It has a rubberized handle Which Feels quite nice in the hand Uh it has one of these plasticky type of

More Sheets that would that we’re used to but This one comes with with it with it with A little belt loop there as well okay And it has very Solid absolute solid retention case it’s There’s there’s no issue with that okay Now let us talk about the blade itself Okay let’s talk about the profile okay Now i’m going to read you the blurb i’m Going to read you what what uh what more Are saying okay so they say the canvas All brings you in the the best from two Worlds it has the flexibility of a Lightweight knife and the strength of a More robust model this combination makes It a real all-round knife and a reliable Partner in the forest or when hiking Hunting or on the lake the blade has Been profile ground for increased Precision and the spine grinding means The blade can be used with a fire Starter Well what does that mean What does that mean So we have a scandinavian grind here That comes into a sort of like a Nearly like a flat grind with a Secondary bevel on it guys okay so Basically i think the idea behind it is That you do your woodworking and stuff With this half of the blade and then for Your final work you’re carving your Skinning or anything like that you use

The second part of the blade because it Is quite a fine tip on it okay So This is where they’re calling it an All-round type knife and guys this is Stainless steel i don’t have a lot of Stainless steel knives okay and that’s Why they’re saying that you can use it For uh Fishing or on the boat and stuff like That guys i’m not sure what sir what the Tang is on this but i will do a wee bit More research and and have a look into It And see how it gets on guys it does say That it has a spine on it that will true Spark from a ferro rod and i will test That out for you right now Standard feral rod guys watch out bruno We’re away Jesus Well it definitely true sparks Definitely definitely definitely that is A very aggressive Uh Spine or not for for For trolling sparks okay so The sort of you know you know my my Normal routine could talk for he’s very Excited because there’s sticks involved Now go away no no that’s a knife not a Stick guys my standard routine for a Knife like this is to do a little bit of Battening a little bit of carving and a

Little bit of uh And a little bit of fire lighting with It guys and that’s what i’m gonna do Bruno is behind the camera throwing the Stick up in the air and catching it You’re a good dog but i have a knife Away away So i have a couple of pieces Everything a you know two two and a half Inches thick it should be There should be no issues for this okay And i have my my beading stick of course This is a piece of sycamore i think Not very naughty Hey guys in In honesty i am never going to be Battening anything bigger than this okay Really i’m not you know if i’m Processing wood to make a fire It’s going to be around this size okay Can you see him he’s just there look He’s like oh give me all those sticks Wally i want those these are my sticks There is a forest full of sticks for you To have Now this is straight into a knot so Just got a little bit of feathers going I pick the worst piece of wood in the Forest wally It does make nice feathers That carves nice it really really does So Sorry sorry completely Completely

Uh Getting sidetracked making making that Making feather start guys that that cuts Really nice and it’s not the no back Operator it’s it’s not the greatest Piece of wood for feathering you know Wee bit more aggressive on it Digs in nice Carves well You know and it is a true scandy grind I don’t know if there’s a secondary Bevel on that there is it’s very very Small Sorry That’s where that that’s where that Sharpened spine really comes into play Guys you know with me with fluffing Stuff up This might be a little bit harder for it This is a little bit of pine here could Could be spruce actually I i might back this one out a bit if It’s not going right Because it is it is quite a thin profile Guys and i i i don’t want to just you Know Destroy it for the sake of a video Look Okay look at how twisty that is there That is good enough for me bruno you can Have that bear That is that is good guys that’s that’s That’s pretty good Let’s get away fire going

Look at that piece of wood guys look you Know what i mean that’s what you’re up Against and no problem dude You want to run out of me there Hope we get rid of that okay so Let’s get a little piece of this uh Sycamore Let’s bother it up Let’s get it we one stick fire go So Like From She I would say i could even just throw Sparks straight into that That is a monster at throwing sparks an Absolute monster Oh i was lit i just put it Guys i don’t i’m i’m not doing this Justice you’re not seeing enough of this Let me see if i can zoom you right in I have never seen a knife through sparks Like that it is unbelievable Now i’m just going to go a bit mad here So Make sure you guys can see You see that [Applause] So I wasn’t really trying to start on fire I was just sort of trying to make make Big sparks guys this thing throws Incredible sparks So

Unreal So On rail Guys that is a very capable knife a very Very capable knife and i think pro Retail at around 29.99 Uh But i will will of course drop all the Information below and there’s and you Can get this everywhere you can get it On amazon you can get it on you know all The bushcraft stores carry this Uh guys that is i have never seen a Spine That throws such sparks this is just Unreal Like i From every part of it No i keep i’m i’m just sort of doing Sparks i keep them getting sidetracked i Know That’s a nice knife guys that’s a nice Knife uh i’m not the world’s biggest Mower fan but that’s a nice knife uh Guys the more campbell Campus all campers Check it out What do you just manage to record a 20-minute knife review how the hell do You do that Because at least 10 minutes of it are Going to be me Making sparks i can easily because it’s So much fun guys that’s cool that that

Works That works okay And it feels nice in the hand Thanks for watching Stay frosty no one more thing guys i do Like the colors and i do like the color Options you know so maybe for you guys Who are thinking about maybe getting a Knife or a child you know uh you know For one of your kids or something you Know because it comes in different Color options and this is actually the Color of my local county so you see There’s the arma knife Thanks for watching guys stay frosty