Logistics Crisis Imminent – Bear Brief 15JUN22

By | June 15, 2022

So Did a reset on my phone hopefully it Fixed the microphone issue if it didn’t We will resolve to do better next time Quick poll of the audience can you hear Me Signal quality goal In the chat Morning deal hemingway By the way for all the noobs i’m bear With bear independent dot com if you’re New here go ahead and subscribe ring the Bell icon you’re gonna need this Information as the world continues to Fall apart Four by four oh well five by five is Good four by four is fun though all Right good Lois and clear i think you meant loud Ryan but roger that thank you everybody Good morning Bear independent brief 15 june 22 let’s Do some quick recap Bear independent intel this is intel That was sent in by y’all shalom kyle And what’s up brother No puking while on mission kyle no Puking wall on mission Intel Bearingdependent.com Is where you send your intel what is Intel it’s not watch this video Or read this article It’s stuff you’ve seen with your own

Eyes stuff you’ve heard with your own Ears that’s what i want to know okay Shalom the greek homestead that’s intel Intel at bearingdependent.com feed the Dance monkeys with your delicious Delicious intel nuggets that’s how they Stay alive and we don’t want them to die They die no brief it’s very rough Bear independent intel june 10th five Days ago quote Union pacific has informed pilot flying J huge truck stops That they are required To cut fuel shipments by rail 26 percent to pilot flying j They went on to ask in subsequent Conversations if pilot flying j Could cut their orders By 50 percent Or face embargoes Diesel is about to climb through the Roof End quote Bear independent intel june 14th Yesterday quote There’s a major diesel shortage now i’m Not talking about high gas prices here I’m talking about logistical issues so Hang with me here if this seems like old News to you because we’re going to talk About this Quote there’s a major diesel shortage There have been trucks sitting on the Side of the road for two to three days

Waiting for diesel delivery Apparently it’s so bad that i’ve been Waiting a week for a trainer because There’s not enough diesel end quote Now Many of y’all are aware that i have been Involved in disaster relief we’re going To get back to the brief in a moment but I’ve been involved in disaster relief Since hurricane katrina As a private citizen as a fema Contractor and with our ministry Grindstone ministries I have personally seen on many an Occasion Semi trucks full of perishable food that Have sat for so long waiting to be Inspected That the contents rotted During the spin-up for the relief on Hurricane katrina in daytona florida There was one truck stop That had 1 000 semi trucks That each were being paid a thousand Dollars per day so that’s a thousand Times a thousand is a million So a million dollars a day of your Taxpayer money for these trucks to sit While fema waited To Distribute those trucks full of Perishable foods to the victims of the Storm Those trucks sat there for 30 days

So that’s 30 million dollars in taxpayer Money paid for them to sit to say Nothing of the fact that all of the Produce and all of the food that was on Those trucks cost Millions and millions and millions of Dollars And by the time that food was Distributed to where it was supposed to Go air quote for fema to save the poor People that were hit by the storm it was A bunch of rotten garbage literally So i said this at the self-reliance expo This past weekend and i’ll say it again They the big they they’re not coming to Save you They’re not coming to enslave you They’re not coming And if you’re dependent upon them For your logistical resupply it ain’t Gonna happen they’re very very bad at Their job That’s why i don’t work for fema anymore Plus it’s an absolute pain in the Neck To work for Fema We’ve found that we can be much more Effective as private citizens working Through our own ministry than to Work alongside fema they’re not very Good But you see the point here So

How many of these trucks are sitting There waiting for diesel that are loaded Full of perishable food that’s going to Exacerbate the existing food supply Issues Back to the brief Diesel and gasoline have just hit All-time highs This is affecting the entire system From louisiana shrimpers to pennsylvania Farmers everyone is having a hard time Sustaining their businesses Truckers have warned that the price of Diesel is a serious threat to the u.s Supply chain With some taking loads at a loss Anecdotally i was doing a thing last Week Not was in tennessee before i was in Tennessee And there was a trucking company that Was doing a An orientation for new drivers They were laid up at a hotel waiting to Receive their semis and myself and Another brother engaged in myriad Conversations with these people And a recurring theme Amongst these drivers who were hiring Onto this new trucking company Was that many of them had been owner Operators And they stopped driving their own rigs Because they can’t afford the diesel

One driver In one week Paid over four thousand five hundred Dollars for diesel In a week it’s 18 000 in a month For diesel just to run his own rig If you don’t think that that cost is not Going to trickle down it does it’s part Of why Combined with the weakening of the us Dollar This controlled crash landing of the u.s Economy you will own nothing and like it Says our favorite supervillain klaus Schwab It’s part of why everything is costing So much right now but unfortunately i Think much like The beginning stages of the charlie Victor one niner Where it didn’t matter how much money You had you couldn’t buy certain things I think we’re going to get to that point Where scarcity is going to turn into Flat out unavailability on certain items And my biggest fear for you Not i’m not afraid of it because we’ve Been doing the things for years and Years and years Well my biggest fear for you is that There’s things that you need That you don’t have right now that You’re not going to be able to get We’re going to talk about some of those

Things a little bit later on in the Brief some of those things that um Are constitutionally protected as a God-given right For the perpetuation of freedom and Security Of a free state Back to the brief In one viral post the owner of iron River express austin smith wrote quote If something drastic doesn’t change in The next few weeks or months i promise You you’ll see empty shelves everywhere You look You’ll see chaos as people fight for the Basic necessities of everyday life and Quote yeah remember when people were Punching each other over sherman a Couple years ago now imagine that’s Bread That could never happen in america it’s Happening adjust your ooda loop and many Of you all have asked what is oodaloop Why do you keep saying that ooda oscar Oscar delta alpha observe orient decide Act It’s a an ongoing constant decision Making process that you should be Running the first thing you do is you Observe something you see it I see that this door is open Now i need to orient on the fact that It’s open i need to acknowledge that It’s open okay yep there it is the truth

Is this door is open now i need to Decide what i’m gonna do about it I’m gonna close the door actually i’m Not because there’s a broody hen who’s Laid eggs in there and we want her to Hatch those babies out i know oklahoma’s Finest outhouse And then i need to act i need to do Something based upon the observations The orientation the decision the course Of action that i’ve decided on then i Need to act then i actually need to Execute on the problem and go over there And close the door And the issue for many of y’all many Americans many people around the world Right now is they’re observing what is Happening But they haven’t truly oriented on the Fact that it’s real this is happening People keep saying when the balloon goes Up homeboy it’s in the air it’s been up For a long time it’s been up for years February 2019 anybody The balloon is up how much more up do You want it to get before blindsides you So you observe it you see it now you Need to orient on the fact that it’s Real it’s happening Then you need to decide what you’re Going to do about it What courses of action are you going to Take to mitigate the effects of the fact That this thing has happened

And then you need to act and then you Need to do it you need to execute on Those courses of action so adjust your Ooda loop stop simply observing Start orienting on the problems that you Can address that you can decide what You’re going to do and you can act on it You see somebody gave us a Super chat Let’s see who was that Snorelord A lot of owner operators are going out Or cashing out just like other small Businesses yes incredibly unfortunate But you are correct So back to the brief Quote if something drastic doesn’t Change in the next few weeks or months i Promise you you’ll see empty shelves Everywhere you look you’ll see chaos as People fight for the basic necessities Of everyday life End quote Increased diesel prices directly impact The likelihood of the lifeblood of America Trucking If trucking becomes more expensive Everything becomes more expensive What else is the cost of gas doing to The system Multiple people within the bear nation Have noted that companies have either Lost workers or are failing to gain

Badly needed workers because the Enormous price of gas is making the Commute untenable Ultimately it’s taking tolls on lives And livelihoods alike Hospitals have noted more ill people are Missing important appointments for the Same reason Neurosurgeon dr randolph bishop said in An interview on fox news quote I’d heard a lot of stories from patients That were really unable to make it to Their appointments just because they Can’t afford the cost of a round trip of Gas So for instance patients that are coming For cardiac care neurosurgery or cancer Care usually require multiple trips back And forth to see the doctor end quote So What is this an indicator of Roma’s burning the decline of the American empire Again orient on the fact i don’t like it I’m not a fan of it i like life liberty And the pursuit of happiness i like Freedom in the way of americans I’m all for all of that stuff We’re not there anymore we haven’t been There for some time And we can pine over what used to be we Can pontificate on what should be or we Can orient on the fact of what is How we gonna fix it

Man if you’re not strong in your home And your community don’t say a word to Me about fixing the country Okay If your poop is not in a group where you Live Right now if you can’t lead the people You already have how are you gonna fix The country So we we heard for years we’re gonna Make america great again No you need to make your household Great again it’s not a top-down approach It’s a bottom-up Approach we’ve talked about this ad Nauseam on this channel Strong men Make strong households Strong households make strong Communities strong communities make Strong cities and towns Strong cities and towns make strong Counties strong counties make strong States strong states make strong regions And strong regions make a strong country But it begins with you and your home With headship leadership stewardship If you’re not executing on those three Things every day because it’s the reason The father made you read genesis chapter Two the job of man is to rule and subdue Work the garden and guard it if you’re Not working this thing and garden this Thing if you’re not ruling and subduing

In partnership with him you are shirking Your responsibility as a man So shut the hell up about fixing the Country when you can’t fix yourself Another medical impact of the price of Fuel could have life or death Consequences for some According to this piece of intel sent to Bear independent again intel Bearindependent.com Quote i worked for a fire department in The cincinnati tri-state area Thursday 10 june 22 our department Received an email from our ems chief Informing us that we can no longer get Verse said This is like a major medicine Administered in pre-hospital care during A medivac situation We can no longer get versed From the local hospitals for an unknown Amount of time An additional note was added to the Email saying and versed is used Um If you have people with uncontrollable Uncontrollable shaking if you have People who are experiencing seizures it Can also be used for pain management it Has a lot of applications it can be used For pediatric patients for elderly Patients It’s I wouldn’t call it a wonder drug but

It’s absolutely a backbone of Pre-hospital care An additional note was added to the Email saying quote airway and diesel may Soon be the only medicine Meaning that fast transportation time Management may be the extent of our Field capabilities given the current Trend of supplies This comes after more than a year of Local departments struggling to acquire Supplies in adequate amounts if at all Now not trying to be the shamwow guy but I’ve been telling you guys since February 24th 22 when russia felt froggy And uh took their battalion tactical Groups 175 000 men across their border Into ukraine Hey Things are going to get more difficult To get including medical gear I’ve been encouraging you if not Absconding you For the last you know four months or so If you don’t have medical equipment get It it’s going to get hard to get Our company refuge medical is in direct Competition with the defense logistics Agency which is a sub-branch of the Department of defense for medical Equipment That’s an indicator i’ve discussed that Over and over and over again that’s an Indicator hey that if you don’t have the

Stuff you should get this stuff or if You need more stuff get more stuff B We the united states big we Is building towards a potential war for Certain in eastern europe And possibly in the indo-pacific region Dla defense logistics agency is buying Up everything that it can buy this is Insider information from me that i’m Sharing to you because we live it every Day and now here’s an ambulance corps in The cincinnati area that’s also working As a second witness for that because in The mouths of two or three little things Be established right They’ve been unable to get supplies Reliably for the last year you think That’s going to get better or worse As time drags on They can’t get basic medications used to Perform pre-hospital care Decline of an empire what does this mean For you you need to be as Self-sufficient self-reliant take as Much personal responsibility as possible Because they the system are incapable Forget whether or not they want to they Are Incapable of saving you They’re not coming to save you they’re Not coming to enslave you and this is Taking nothing away from the good men And women who wear the uniform every day

Whether it’s fire law enforcement ems Etc who show up they support the Constitution they’re there to serve Their constituency and do a good job for The people in the community where they Live and work That’s awesome But they are limited by the same Constraints that we are they can’t get The stuff they need to do their job And what does an ambulance run on Diesel We’ve just been talking about Diesel it’s kind of a thing right now This continues to be reported on here Because the problem is rapidly growing Worse and is currently at a very fragile Point this is not a maybe someday in the Future this might be a problem deal This nation appears to be teetering on The brink of true scarcity and even more Extreme inflation at this point Among others continue to swell out of Control Yeah inflation Uh fed chair jerome powell Gonna have to Looking like he’s going to have to raise The interest rates and if he does And if they they the big they do that in Such a way That is anything more than the gentlest The smallest amount possible Incrementally

It has the actual potential to crash the U.s stock market and therefore the Economy Indicator huge economic indicator Now If you’re on patreon you have the links To this if you’re not on patreon you Don’t Huge shout out to the patrons it’s five Bucks a month it’s the best five bucks You can spend on the internet the video That posted this morning on patreon and Patreon only There’s a video titled what if we’re Wrong What if we’re wrong about all this prep And stuff and i don’t think we are But what if we are and i delve deeply Into that topic on this morning’s video On patreon so go check it out there’s a Link in the description As always I wanted to talk briefly Before we get into how to support the Show About a concept that i’ve been Bringing to light more and more and more Lately resistance versus resilience There’s a lot of people On both sides of the aisle right now That are working diligently to strip you Of your god-given constitutionally Protected rights This is not a surprise

They’ve been doing this for years Decades But they’re getting closer and closer And closer to being able to Perform their ultimate goal Of Diminishing your second amendment rights To the point where they no longer matter If you remember back for the last two Years two and a half years All of the tyranny that took place and Is in some places still taking place in Places like china australia Germany Other parts of europe Canada How many citizens did we hear from how Many people in the bear nation Wrote into us globally saying americans No matter what you do no matter what you Do Never Give up Your firearms never Give them up How many people have lamented That they allowed themselves to be Disarmed and now their tyrannical Governments can do whatever they want to To them As for me and my house Not happening Now we have we are blessed with an Excellent sheriff in an excellent

Sheriff’s department So one might have to ask oneself if Door-to-door confiscation was going to Take place who would enforce that the Sheriff’s department We are blessed with a good sheriff and a Good sheriff’s department they’re great Guys great girls we know those people we Appreciate them What about where you live Will they ever go door-to-door not Around here they won’t The cost-benefit analysis is too great And not enough people There’s not enough law enforcement Officers Logistically it’s a nightmare And One or two or three of those confiscate Confiscations go bad all of a sudden Again those good men and women in Uniform Lose the ambition if they ever had it in The first place To enact and enforce that Unconstitutional order But elsewhere we’ve already seen it in Boston In katrina or in louisiana after katrina So One might want to consider where do you Live What implications does that have for you Additionally

For years Years Millions of people including tens of Thousands of people at this channel Have pontificated back on back and forth Back and forth about republicans versus Democrats And i have always told you the same Thing a i hate politics b They are two wings of the same shitty Bird They are the same And how many Republicans right now Are working in league with the democrats To diminish your god-given Constitutionally protected rights So if you’re one of those people that Just votes down the party line I would uh politely suggest you pull Your head out of your ass And readjust your ooda loop and start Actually orienting on what’s happening Just observe Orient on what’s happening All this to say Resistance many people talking about Resistance These days resistance to tyranny is Obedience to god amen You can’t affect resistance without Resilience And resilience is your ability to be as Independent from the system as possible

Your own food your own water your own Security your own shelter your own Communications your own Electrical grid electrons Your own intelligence networks your own Logistics your own agriculture your own Yours You and your people That’s resilience See here’s the thing door-to-door Confiscation i don’t think they’re gonna Go door-to-door to confiscate anything I think food is gonna get so hard to get That many many millions of people will Happily happily Trade in their firearms At the collection point At every walmart in north america Or kroger or Shoprite or heb or whatever A and p i think they’re out of business You will happily Trade in those guns For a loaf of bread and a dozen eggs Because you can’t get it any other way When the Wpa And the Triple c or whatever it was comes back These party affiliated work programs to Support people that don’t have a job Don’t have income during the next Economic depression that is coming And you’re you need to sign up

Oh well mr smith we show right here that You’re a concealed carry holder And that you’ve bought 14 firearms in The last decade Uh we’re going to need you to go ahead And turn those in so we can get you on The on the rolls here so that we can get You your work program status updated so That you can get your bucket of rule See because now cost benefit analysis Thinking the way my head works It’s way more difficult for them to come To you it’s so much easier for you to Come to them And then what happens some type of Legislative mandate that says anybody After xyz date found in possession of Xyz hardware Will be considered a criminal Now with the stroke of a pen You’re the lawless one Possible For sure Probable Maybe The way things are headed I’m gonna go with a hard maybe 50 50 chance So One cannot resist without resilience if You’re not building your resilience now Don’t even talk about resistance Shut the hell up about resistance i had Some guy email me trying to rebuke me

For some of the things that i said about The common american militiamen that he Didn’t like I don’t care Because my experience with the militia Has been it’s a bunch of dudes playing Dress up that have very poor tactics and No resilience And maybe your militia is super squared Away cool in which case be the light Shine that on everybody else they’re Trying to do the things But the vast majority of the people that I run into who are into that just want To play gi joe in the woods they have no Resilience they have no resilience at All no resilience no resistance remember That Resistance operating concept auto fiala Resistance operating concept auto fiala Read the book on board the information Now if you’re one of those chubs that Jumps off when it’s time to talk about How to support the show Beat feet have a blessed day shalom get Out of here The rest of y’all who understand that There’s some value that we’re bringing Here for free for you on youtube If you’d like to support the show Patreon.com there’s a link down below Additionally refugemedical.com Refuge is my company i’m the founder and Ceo i also draw 0.00 salary from

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You know why because every tourniquet i Can get right now is going in a kit Because as i mentioned earlier i am in Direct competition with the defense Logistics agency I don’t have spare tourniquets to sell Onesies twosies so the ones that i do Have are going in kits Somebody said hey can i get some quick Clot sure can buy a bear fact No i just want a quick lot me too i just Want a quick cloth Best of luck By a bear fact That’s the situation we’re in light Right now and don’t say i haven’t warned You because we’ve been talking about it For years Refuge medical.com if it’s on the store It’s in stock Shipping fast we’re not selling anything We don’t have under our roof that we Can’t lay our hands on Next Refugetraining.com you need to know how To use this stuff New classes have just been added to the Store at refugetraining.com as always There’s links in the description Uh there’s a new class uh classes up in Indiana So if you’re uh an indie go check that Out Indiana class is up or if you’re near

Indy hey bear when are you coming to go To the nearest class Refugetraining.com find the nearest Class so new class is up in indiana we Love indiana we’ve always done well in Indiana always great people come to Class in indie so New classes up in indiana New classes up in waco at the same Facility where we did our essential Responder class responder one two and Three the last time we were in waco Tiger valley awesome facility a great Place to train and learn and get smoked So If you saw the responder 3 video that i Posted That was shot at tiger valley in waco Texas and that’s the same facility that We’re going back to so if you’re In houston or san antonio or austin or Hell dallas Just Yeah hop in the car and drive a couple Hours and go to waco There’s also classes in dallas there’s Also a few slots left in philly so if You’re in the northeast The farthest north and the farthest east That i’m going Is philadelphia Because my business my decision So if you’re in new york come to philly If you’re in jersey come to philly if

You’re in connecticut come to philly If you’re in boston boston Come to philly Well that’s a seven-hour drive You know how long it took us to get to Philly two days homie all right so Meet us not even halfway need us 90 of The way okay So there’s new classes up Refugetraining.com Your promo code there is bear nation for Five percent off all classes you need to Learn how to use this stuff There is no resistance without Resilience and your opportunity to build Resilience that window is closing due to Supply chains the weakening of the us Dollar the unavailability of fuel the Unavailability of product if you’re not Doing the things right now and i’m not Encouraging you to go buy a bunch of [ __ ] and not know how to use it Food Fuel Backup generation water purification Standard capacity magazines Ammunition Nods Plants Greenhouses Livestock Seeds Building materials None of that’s going to get any cheaper

Or any more available Anytime in the near future I appreciate you all y’all have a Blessed day So