Violence Inbound – Bear Brief 13JUN22

By | June 13, 2022

Good Morning Bear nation I’m bear with if You’re new here go ahead and subscribe Ring the little bell icon You’re probably going to enjoy this Bear independent brief 13 june 22. A recent department of homeland security Bulletin has warned of violence In the months ahead Saying quote the united states remains In a heightened threat environment as Noted in the previous bulletin and Several recent attacks have highlighted The dynamic and complex nature of the Threat environment in the coming months We expect the threat environment to Become more Dynamic As several high-profile events could be Exploited to justify acts of violence Against the range of possible targets End quote The targets the bulletin listed included Quote public gatherings Faith-based institutions Schools Racial and religious minorities Government facilities and personnel Us critical infrastructure The mis the media and perceived Ideological opponents

So basically everybody and everything The threat actors include extremist Individuals however you define that These days Small groups And foreign adversaries Some of the motivation to violence is Expected to be tied to the 2022 midterm Elections The abortion debate Border security And some may simply be copycat attacks After the recent rise in shootings And the motivation is only expected to Be further exploited by foreign actors Seeking to show discord within the us Namely iran russia and china However at the center of all this is a Common thread Freedom of speech on the internet where Extremist ideology foments extremist Action Somebody call ms cleo and she’ll let us Know who when and where i like that That’s a good idea Except for the fact that it’s not we Shall not suffer a witch to live so Sorry miss cleo you get to apologize on The way to the rock pile So dhs uh has Heightened and broadened the threat Level To include a whole bunch of people Behaving badly shalom liberty

Which should be no surprise to us uh This is something that we’ve been Talking about for months if not years The specificity with the midterm Elections coming up that’s something That shouldn’t surprise us at all What’s up the patriot anthem shalom So We know with midterm elections uh Violent actors are likely to act out Politically this is essentially Domestic terrorism because terrorism is Violence for political gain That’s the definition of terrorism right Well we’ve been seeing violence in the Streets for political gain for several Years now however depending on which end Of the political spectrum you’re on it’s Either welcomed and encouraged And or if you have a stroll through Certain buildings On certain days In the capital of the country that is a Violent insurrection so Yeah something to be aware of Other potential threats include Those like the following mentioned by a Bear national so intel again intel at Com Intel at bear independent dot com If you go to bear independent dot com And Probably barrier to entry here is being Able to spell independent

I’m not gonna spell it for you here There’s a contact us form and an intel Form so you can contact us there or use Your email intel independent dot com And drop some intel now intel is not Bear you need to read this article or Watch this video That’s not that intel as i saw it with My own eyes i heard it with my own ears Send those intel reports to the dance Monkeys until their independent dot com So from a bear national quote i work for A multi-state energy company we had Drones flying over one of our Northeastern colorado power plants for a Week In may 22. Our in-house security operations center Or sock and state police tried Unsuccessfully to track the pilot over Five consecutive nights After a week the drones disappeared Sock dropped the investigation after the Drone stopped flying over the plant They did increase video surveillance State police said it was most likely Just someone curious about what was Inside the gate i however think that a Week of drone activity could have a more Sinister motive End quote So with that we’ve seen power plants and Substations have already been attacked

Or have been there have been attempted Attacks with drones And It’s really quite easy because these are Electrical circuits all you have to do Is short out the electrical circuit and You start popping things things start Breaking So there have been drones that have been Recovered In other potential attacks where they Had Lengths of Copper wire you know four out copper Wire hanging from the bottom of the Drone Flying into the power lines shorting out The uh The circuits Quite effective very low-tech way to Take uh off a power production facility Or power distribution facility this Comes back to what we talk about all the Time here the grid is fragile and we’re Going to see some more of that here we Have some words from ercot In texas as well The grid’s fragile And i really think that every one of us Should be prepping in a way That allows us to operate independently Of the grid Because it has there’s a high Potentiality for it to go away and if it

Goes away much like the system Air quote you don’t want to be so Intimately tied to it that you also go Away and so this might be small-scale Solar generation small-scale wind Large-scale solar generation a back-up Generator If you live in a place where you can Make your own hydroelectric go for it But something some way to make electrons Flow and for Key critical components That the prime consumers of electrons in Your house Are going to be your Hvac uh you know so heating ventilation Air conditioning your refrigeration Fridges and freezers and your hot water Heater There are ways to mitigate all of that In your home and this is not that video And there are ways to provide backup Power generation for that in your home I would start with what’s most critical If you’re on insulin you need Refrigeration to keep your meds cool Right That’s pretty critical What if you can’t afford a solar system To Run A whole refrigerator Get a small 12-volt fridge And run the small 12-volt fridge off of

A small solar panel and put your meds in There right so there’s ways to work Around this you approach the problem Um Asymmetrically and take bite-sized Pieces out of the problem until it’s not An issue anymore until you’ve mitigated All that concern So Drones flying over power plants Yet I think this is recon this is a really Good way to test what the response is By the sock the security operations team The state police to determine how are They going to respond to this potential Threat and if they can respond in an Effective way then we’ll we the Attackers in this case We are not the attackers but i’m Speaking from the attacker’s vantage Point We would Have to adjust our plan But if it turns out they’re essentially Helpless to do anything about it good Plan we should go with that So I see this as a way to test the response Of the security operations team the State police to determine whether or not The drone is a good course of action To perpetuate any potential tax on the Property

So to the Man or woman who sent that to us that Bit of information that intel there Please keep us updated if you continue To have problems there please let us Know what’s up This of course is only icing on the cake Of the known and expected that is this Summer’s rolling blackouts Remember remember boys and girls we have The strongest economy ever things have Never been better okay This summer’s rolling blackouts across The midwest due to a grid stranged by a Wild mother nature more than 70 million People have received heat warnings and Advisories over the weekend as a massive Heat wave that the national weather Service called potentially deadly Continues to sweep from west to east Minimal overnight recovery is what makes The situation particularly dangerous The temperatures are abnormally Unrelenting For example on friday phoenix hit a Record high of 113 degrees fahrenheit And as the sun rose over the city on Saturday morning it was still trapped in A sweltering 100 degrees It is expected that texans will use a Massive amount of power keeping Power keeping cool In the record heat wave sweeping Eastward across the nation the electric

Reliability council of texas or ercot Operates the same grid that failed in The infamous deadly winter storm of 2021 That left millions without power ercot Has said it has enough power to meet Demand though just weeks before it Requested that consumers consider Setting their thermostats to 78 degrees And avoid running large appliances this Of course harkens back to a time when President jimmy carter asked federal Buildings to maintain 78 degrees in the Summer and 55 degrees in winter to Conserve Incredibly strained quote unquote Resources The fragility of the system boys and Girls it’s here and it’s not going to Get any Better before it gets worse i think Unfortunately Independence man as much as you can be Independent from the broken fragile System It requires a large amount of personal Responsibility from us to live our lives In such a way That they can no longer affect us I was uh Just at the self-reliance festival With john from soe tactical and jack Spearkohl and nicole sauce and billy Bond and Several other presenters this weekend

And that was a huge recurring theme Can’t get food at the grocery store Okay i can get out of my backyard Right can’t get power from the grid okay I’ve got solar back up You know The the water treatment plant doesn’t Work cool we’ve got wells and rainwater Catchment Uh law enforcement and ems aren’t Running because of civil unrest okay Well i’ve got some medical training i Understand that an ounce of prevention Is worth a pound of cure and i can Affect my own security right all this is Independence from that system that Broken fragile system It requires more of us You know and i guess Related to that concept is There are many people who are talking About you know well we need to take our Country back we need to rebuild this Country we need to make it what it was Again Time and resources are limited there There are serious constraints on Anything that you’re going to do Operationally So the only way you’re going to make the Country strong again make america great Again is if you yourself are already Strong if you yourself are already great Because if you’re not great

The system that you’re trying to Repair or replace Is not going to be able to take care of You so that you can therefore repair the System the system doesn’t have the Bandwidth to support you Especially you know it it’s really Difficult to remodel a house while You’re living in it i’ve done it Right it’s much easier to move out of The house for a period of time while you Do some serious work on the house and Then to move back into it it’s the same Kind of thing And Essentially what you’re talking about is Resistance We have to resist the tyranny you know You see all these uh Gun bills That are being passed in the house right Now right we got we must resist the Tyranny and we illegitimate elections And blah blah blah blah blah Many of y’all and it’s encouraging i’ve Been seeing this on instagram many of You all actually bought the book Resistance operating concept that i’ve Been talking about have been reading it Which is cool And in that book resistance operating Concept it discusses at length the Difference between resilience and Resistance and the fact that one must

First have resilience in order to affect Resistance So One could make an argument that Preparedness is actually super patriotic You have to have the resilience first in Order to be able to resist Because You don’t get to requisition A whole bunch of mres and ammunition to Go do an op Because they don’t support you Right There is no supply officer you have what You have your food your water your Shelter your security your common your Intel And if you’re not doing that there’s no Way in the world you can resist you Can’t do it because you can’t take care Of yourself If you can’t take care of yourself you Can’t take care of anybody else let Alone fix the country and therefore the World So you need to get your own house in Order first if you have those type of Thoughts On your mind now If you’re on patreon You have uh links to everything we just Discussed on the brief if you’re not on Patreon You don’t if you’d like to be there’s a

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