Budget Canvas Baker Tent – British Army Scorpion Fox Tent Shelter

By | June 11, 2022

What’s in the bag Part two Guys I love Military surplus I love canvas i love Military surplus canvas I love Old style tents The baker style tent especially right And this 22kg beast Is a baker tent but it’s not a baker Tent guys this is the british army Scorpion fox zv rv fighting vehicle Shelter Okay I only just got it Let’s throw it up let’s see how it looks I haven’t even taken it out of the bag Let’s let’s put it together Together This is what i think could be A brilliant budget baker tent option Guys Let’s have a look So guys this is the bag quite a Substantial bag this is the same Material that the tent itself is made of I’m going to assume uh everything here Is wet i don’t really mind but I’ll put a ground sheet down in the tent When it’s up Uh this is apparently designed

Not to be free standing but it can be Freestanding and if this tent is Designed to go along the side of our Fighting vehicle your scorpion tent or Your scorpion tank whatever that is i Don’t even know if if the british army Use scorpion tanks anymore But i’m hoping That this will Possibly be Out get out get out An absolutely kick-ass Retro style Hot tent Yes i’m thinking of putting the stove With it okay Rubber bag that’s for pegs and pose Wonderful The tent itself A ton of pegs and A load of poles Gay lanes Hey bruno You’re not barking at something in the River Okay As i said I have never put it up before So this is my little side And it stands approximately 20 inches at The back And i should have three poles for it to Lift it up 20 inches at the back And then it should be 448 at the front

And i have enough holes that will stand This up at the front so it’ll come to About here at the front And then i’ll take it down so Even Oh do you know what it smells like It smells like an icelantic tent Anybody who has been a scout Uh or has spent any time in an icelandic Tent will know exactly what i mean I got a foot I’ve got a middle bit I’m assuming i got a top these poles are In very very good condition Look at that though Now all i need to do Is find a hole for it And that’s it right there So the way this would would work in real Life is that there would be There would be uh A tank here that it would sit against The tank Jacob he’s locked Okay That went up really quickly right Uh And this this is the space it gives you Now there is an option sorry You can you can’t put a third pole in Here right But you can also Right this is now nothing’s pegged out Guys but this ruins up or

Or and this is what i think is really Good Or You peg this out like this okay But uh Let’s get it all nice Check that out Uh that is it Boxed off Me How cool is that What do you think we’re gonna do you Stay under every year did you Now let’s open it up and let’s have a Look So I got zips here Zips here and the same on the other side And the way this would actually work Guys is that your your your your your Land rover or your vehicle or something Would be here And these would obviously clip in or tie In there but uh this front whole front Zips up Right i have two more poles right One pole Goes in there in the middle like that Okay now the thing being is that i’m on Uneven ground at the minute so this is Why everything’s a little bit i had to Put this pulled on a piece of wood Because it’s actually The the bottom of the po the feet of the

Pose or the bottom of the pose are quite Narrow and they’re actually sinking into The ground okay so look probably should Be up about there but if i Use my two poses and i have a couple of Spare parts as well if i unzip this Bit of wd-40 sort that out Right When that’s unzipped there’s a couple of Different things you can do here right One out like this get your pawns in to Create a roof I’m gonna do that real quick Okay so we got these little holes here For the ropes And that will go like that Peg that out I’m going to peg that out unprepared as Always look guys as per usual guys love It absolutely love it So You have a tree stomping just the wrong Place i’m not moving this just for that Tree stump i’ll have to figure this out Check That out Now How good would that be in really heavy Rain i don’t really know but that Is fantastic That is unbelievable [Laughter] What do you think of this Guys this is my bed for tonight

This is fantastic this is on rails this Is dead curl This is basically a baker tent you know I don’t there’s not a lot of difference Now Guys i bought this second hand off Somebody on facebook right Cheers neil Brilliant deal okay But you can get these in anchor Supplies 250 quid maybe Right this is this is this is a canvas Tent Military canvas tent Bomb proof You know This is this is unbelievable And i’m probably thinking you know why I’m thinking But you can cut a hole here and put a Stove jack in it Guys i don’t know how waterproof it is i Don’t know if it was ever treated or i Don’t know when the last time it was Treated but you know if it is but it Would attempt like this if it is an Issue you just absolve the hell out of It you know and and it will be fine what Do you think bruno Guys This let me let me do the specs So it is 22 Kg in weight okay It is uh

7.4 foot by seven feet so it’s probably Seven feet that way and seven and a half No sorry seven and a half this way and Seven foot that way it is 448 here Right here 448 okay and it is 20 inches At the back And it is absolutely fantastic that is Class Guys that is class One room Guys first look at my new baker tent Otherwise known as the scorpion Fighting vehicle shelter Yes Okay For a size guide guys i’ll get into it [Music] How cool is that How cool is that Guys thanks for watching Still frosty