Isaiah 34 & 35 – The Prophets Bible Study

By | June 10, 2022

Shalom and good morning We are in isaiah 34. This week roughly page 439 in the Scriptures We see judgments in isaiah 34 and we see The redemption Of yah’s people the ransomed of yah In 35. And come near you nations and hear and Listen you people Let the earth hear and all that is in it The world and all its offspring For the displeasure of yahuwah is Against all the nations And his wrath against all their Divisions he shall put them under the Ban that means destroy all of them He shall give them over to the slaughter And their slain be throw out and their Stench rise from their corpses and Mountains shall be melted with their Blood So this is literally revelation imagery Here this next verse verse 4 Hearkens to revelation 6 14 That we were reading last week and all The hosts of the heavens Shall rot away And the heavens shall be rolled up like A scroll like john’s vision in Revelation 6 And all their hosts fade like a leaf Fading on the vine and like the fading

Of a fig tree Yah speaking for my sword shall be Drenched in the heavens Look It comes down on edom and on the people Of my curse for judgment The sword of yahuwah shall be filled With blood edom being the descendants of Esau Esau Neglecting his birthright Wanting the power and the authority But not the responsibility Which is why Isaac ends up giving the blessing of the Firstborn to jacob who becomes israel The 12 tribes of israel the tree of life To which gentile believers are grafted Into So you don’t want to be the nations you Don’t want to be edom you don’t want to Be esau For my sword shall come for my sword Shall be drenched in the heavens look it Comes down on edom and on the people of My curse for judgment The sword of yahuwah shall be filled With blood it shall be made overflowing With fatness and with the blood of lambs And goats With the fat of the kidneys of rams for Yahuwah has a slaughtering in batsra and A great slaughter in the land of edom And wild oxen shall come down with them

And young bulls with bulls And their land shall be drenched with Blood And their dust made fat with fatness For it is the day of the vengeance of Yahuwah the year of recompense for the Cause of zion The day of vengeance of yahuwah The day of the lord It’s unfortunate but i have heard Constantly In the Modern christian church people saying i Can’t wait for the the coming of the Glory of the lord That day is going to be a scary day Every knee shall bow every tongue shall Confess Even those of us who are sealed who are Washed in the blood of the lamb Our knees will be bent our tongues will Be confessing And its streams shall be turned into tar And its dust into sulfur and its land Shall become burning tar that is not Quenched night or day its smoke going up Forever from generation to generation That lies waste no one passes through it Forever and ever so that the pelican and The porcupine possess it and the owl and The raven dwell in it and he yahuwah Shall stretch out over its line of Formlessness and stones of emptiness Its caves with no one in them is called

A rain a kingdom but of all its rulers Have vanished And thorns shall come up in its palaces Nettles and brambles and its strongholds And it shall be a home for jackals a Courtyard for ostriches And the wild beasts of the desert shall Also meet with the jackals and the Shaggy goat call to its companion The knight creature shall also settle There and shall find for herself a place To rest The arrow snake shall nest there and lay Eggs and hatch and gather them under her Shadow thereto the vultures shall gather Each with its mate Search the book of yahuwah and read Not one of these shall be missing Not one shall be without a mate for he Yahuwah has commanded my mouth and his Spirit shall gather them and he shall Cast the lot for them and his hands Shall divide it among them with a Measuring line they possess it forever Esau edom The nations Shall possess this inheritance forever From generation to generation they dwell On it Chapter 35 Let the wilderness and the dry place be Glad for them and let the desert rejoice And blossom as the rose it blossoms much And rejoices even with joy and singing

The esteem of lebanon shall be given to It the excellence of carmel and sharon They shall see the esteem of yahuwah the Excellency of our elohim Strengthen the weak hands and make firm The weak knees say to those with an Anxious heart be strong do not fear See your elohim comes with vengeance With the recompense of elohim he is Coming to save you Then the eyes of the blind shall be Opened and the ears of the death be open Yeshua And the lame shall leap like a deer Yeshua and the tongue of the dumb sing Because the waters shall burst forth Into the wilderness and streams in the Desert And the parched ground shall become a Pool and the thirsty land springs of Water and the home for jackals where Each lay grass with reeds and rushes and There shall be a highway and a way and It shall be called the way of set Apartness Holiness I am the way and the truth and the life No one comes to the father but through Me The unclean Does not pass over it But it is for those who walk the way And no fools wander on it Quite an indictment there for those who

Claim the name of meshiach But don’t do his things Matthew 7 21 comes to mind master master Have we not prophesied in your name and Cast out demons in your name and done Many mighty works in your name and truly Truly i shall say unto them depart from Me you who work lawlessness I never knew you And there shall be a highway And a way and it shall be called the way Of set apartness The unclean does not pass over it The highway the way of set apartness But it is for those who walk in the way First peter 2 21 for this you were Called that messiah having suffered for Your sins that you might walk in his Steps But it is for those who walk The way and no fools wander on it No lion is there nor any ravenous beast Go up on it it is not found there but The redeemed Shall walk there And the ransomed of yahuwah shall return And enter zion Jerusalem Israel was singing with everlasting joy On their heads they shall obtain joy and Gladness and sorrow and sighing shall Flee away Well that’s pretty cool because that’s Prophecy the father’s word will not

Return to him void Which means We can rest in the knowledge of knowing That there is a way there is a messiah Mashiach And we are to walk in his ways Right back to where to zion to jerusalem Why Because the redeemed shall walk there And who are the redeemed the ransomed of Yahuwah Kind of reminds me of revelation chapter 21. Also obviously prophetic in nature Revelation chapter 21. Well we’ll start at uh 21 27 This being the new heaven and the new Earth And there shall by no means enter into It whatever is unclean Nor anyone doing any abomination and Falsehood but only those who are written In the lamb’s book of Life then revelation 22 12-14 This is yeshua speaking and see i am Coming speedily and my reward is with me To give to each according to his work I’m the aleph and the tav the beginning In the end the first and the last Blessed are those doing his commands Doing elohim’s commands so that the Authority shall be theirs unto the tree Of life and to enter through the gates

Into the city Zion Bless you all Shabbat shalom