Extended EDC Kits – EP 158

By | June 9, 2022

[Applause] The threat of disaster is never pleasant Welcome to the casual preppers podcast These safety measures are essential the Only place for prepping survival and Entertainment this will be your source Of survival instructions and information Every member of the family must be Coached in the business of survival here Are your hosts cam and kobe I feel like we just got done with the Podcast before the podcast Went have all the stuff we were going on We’ve been talking a lot of smack we Have never ends Cameron You look great today thank you i wanted To tell you that I appreciate it i think you feel better Before we get going love your shirt Thank you oh yeah speaking of this shirt We still have a few of these left that Is so you have a chance it’s still been My favorite one yeah i do like the long Sleeve one a lot i do too yeah that One’s Not accessible You can’t get it anymore yeah that one We did sell out of this one we have a Few more so you have like 24 hours how Would you not want that shirt hamster Farmer of the year yeah of the yeas Casual peppers on the bottom yeah go Check it out but um today kim we’re

Pretty excited yeah we are we’re gonna Talk about something that’s near and Dear to my heart um Probably really close to your heart Actually in your pocket Uh we’re talking about edc but Specifically Extended carry kit yeah so it’s your edc But a little bit bigger Beyond your body yeah i like to call it Yeah and As you all know like i Have said multiple times like i don’t Carry all of it in my pocket at work i Carry it in my bag and we’ll talk about That yeah we will we’re gonna talk about A lot of cool stuff yeah but before we Talk about that cool stuff we’re gonna Talk about some other cool stuff kind of Like battle box The monthly subscription box for men Full of solid gear for adventure seekers Survivalists outdoor enthusiasts and Casual preppers Each month battlebox sent you the Coolest selection of hand-picked outdoor Survival than everyday carry gear all Valued at far more than what you Normally pay you never know what’s in The next box but here’s a sampling of What users received this month we Haven’t got this yet i was gonna say but It’s a great box the grail Ultra press purifier is that the same

One we did a long time oh it’s a new one Same kind it’s like a poppy press but it Squishes water through a filter yep no Really drink i love it and then the Mimetic super bivvy it’s like you have a Bivvy then you have a super bivvy what’s The super busy oh it’s just bigger tangy Inside yeah it’s really tanning bed so You got to go check that out all this Badassness starts at just 30 bucks a Month they’ve shipped almost a million Boxes and One best men’s subscription of 2017 Our listeners get a free knife when you Sign up at trybattlebox.com Casual preppers So Go get a freaking battle box Okay can you do that cameron okay Listener reviews starts now Started listening to learn about public Relations Prepping preparing I am not their target audience mid 50s Female living in the suburb suburb Suburb of america i’m already kicking it Off yeah yeah yeah poor pronunciation Major metropolitan city i was initially Drawn to the podcast because i was new To prepping and other sources of Information were too intense and focused On extreme measures cam and kobe are Knowledgeable and realistic and never Pretend to be perfect

My wife knows that Their information and suggestions make The ongoing prepping process seem Attainable nice however it’s their sense Of humor silly character voices and Ability to laugh at themselves that make Me look forward to their next episode Yeah Uh thanks for all you do that’s very Nice that was nice j s dash t i’m glad We fit in as we’re you know yeah you Didn’t fit in normal in your life but You let us in And now we can’t get out We’re stuck in there we’re in there Forever Good luck If you guys want to be a part of this Portion of the podcast go to itunes go To facebook leave us a five star review Make it awesome It’s a mad mad world so cameron man this 2022 is a crazy crazy year weird year Listen to this headline apocalyptic dust Storm that killed four and hospitalized Thousands in the middle east could Strike europe for real Yes what the pictures of this thing it Looks like It is a big skull with a mouth that just Yeah you can kind of you just have to Like unfocus your eyes and you see it It’s like one of those 3d pictures magic Eye i’ve spent hours on end and never

Seen one of those haven’t you no no i Can get my eyeball oh That bum eye don’t stupid that old tick Wound Acting up but listen to this an Apocalyptic dust storm that killed four And hospitalized thousands could hit Europe as early as next week a number of Countries in the middle east have been Suffering from extreme weather caused by Climate change leading to orange-colored Dust-laden skies wow yeah you know I know it kills people and stuff but It’s cool-looking you know that’s cool Agent orange dust yeah yeah which is Really really cool according to unilad In mid-may a sandstorm blanketed areas In iraq syria and iran and now hospitals Are overrun with patients experiencing Breathing difficulties yeah the iraqi Ministries of health and electricity Health and electricity they just put Those together That’s weird well we can make Defibrillators and Ekgs might as well just health and Electricity give you power to your house It just kind of seems like a random Thing that’s a way randomly put together You know yeah health electricity and gas Stations I don’t know Like what else could you put in there Yeah

Water Food and sewage treatment food institute We work together yeah um so they Announced a state of emergency due to These things but like airports have been Shut down all these crazy things but it Has led to something called blood rain Wow full real that sounds like well and It sounds horrible but it’s really just When it rains there’s so much dust that The rain looks like blood blood right It’s like because it’s that red dust you Know so um Blood ring wow i’d watch that movie full Show Blood rain i would too yeah super Interesting yeah so anyways Good luck middle east so there’s just One big huge just cloud that’s just Moving yeah hit us in may it’s gonna hit You guys mid-june probably yeah watch Out this is like a video game where you See the storm like moving yeah things You know It’s just like the jupiter’s big red Storm that’s just moving across the Earth That’s crazy pretty nuts huh sounds About right for the time it does so um Recently you probably all heard that North korea has kind of kicked up its Missile testing oh yeah yeah they’re Like why not there’s a war going on Well late recently they’ve discovered

That they’re preparing to con to connect To conduct its seventh nuclear weapon Test oh that’s nice the u.s state Department special representative sung Kim lucky number seven Told reporters he had no specific Information about the exact timing of The test it’s common But i don’t know when South korean media have speculated it Could happen by the end of the week some Analysts point to june 12th as the Potential Date i got three days yeah Yeah Right this gucci’s gonna be big for us They better get it done before that Freaking dust storm gets them It’s up there I have no idea where it went satellites Came catching all that dust storm We sent it over wave of dust and I’ll be honest i don’t know where i went Can’t find it i’m gonna have to send People out once these storms gone Wasn’t our fault to hit the united States dust storm You gonna play must blame mother nature Hell yeah i moved here to korea from South a couple of years ago I’m working for them now i’ve been in Alabama most of my life Now i’m working on the nuclear Uh program over there in north korea

There’s things i learned in the bayou That you never learn Over here Anyway So yeah why not huh All kinds of crap going on over there Why not test out some nukes during heck Yeah Why not shoot shoot Why not Um That’s fun yeah that’s cool so cam today We’re talking about edc and specifically We’re going to talk about extended carry And like what that is What it could look like why have it Should you have it what you know all the All the things about it but we kind of Need to start with edc because there Could be there could be some newcomers That maybe don’t know what edc means And so uh let’s kind of get into that First so everyday carry that’s what edc Stands for every day carry so this is The stuff you carry with you every day If you didn’t figure that out I mean it’s in the world it’s in the Words that we’re saying so this is gear You keep on you every single day and you Most likely use it every single day it’s Super important gear most people think Of this gear as the stuff that you keep On you when you talk edc right so in Your pockets yeah maybe you’re wearing

It um maybe it’s You know i don’t there’s so many Different ways people do edc but way Many ways anyways you’re right So like if you go it’s it’s just funny What edc has become if you go on to like Instagram and you click Edc pocket dump or everyday carry you Get these insane like fancy photos of These edc loadouts yeah they’re so Pretty yeah oh my god these are pretty They’re all like it’s geometrical like Yeah so good prepper porn it’s like You’ve got you’re a watch and you’ve got A knife and you’ve got a wallet and They’re all like the exact same color And Freak they look sexy and you’re like i Want to do edc but You know what it doesn’t have to be that Way no so don’t be intimidated by those Photos some are crazy yeah like six Clips for their you know glock and just Like wow okay yeah yeah It doesn’t need to get that crazy you Just need to think about those things That could be used every day that are Gonna be functional you don’t have to Carry stuff you’re not going to be using Right So It should be serve a purpose that you Rely on daily and it should do it well You know if it matches if it looks

Pretty cool but it doesn’t need to be Like that yeah um This should keep you safe it should do Small tasks it should carry important Things maybe even it’s a and i said Clips because i know guns you do know Guns um backup survival items those Types of things so generally when people Talk about that edc that they carry on Their body they’re talking about There’s there’s kind of a list that Almost always is included in this one of Those is a pocket knife usually um your Wallet And and some of this is just so question I care about Yeah uh a phone Your watch and i don’t carry i don’t Wear a watch all the time but a watch Your keys Um sometimes this can include your belt Depending on how you know it usually Does mine yes um a pen or a tactical pen And then even some people that goes on To a concealed carry firearm yeah um so Those are kind of your most basic ed Stuff edc stuff and obviously there’s Eight trillion billion different edc Items but those are usually like the Core Um And many people they’re they carry this Stuff they don’t think of it as edc like My wife carries her wallet in her phone

Exactly yeah but um she should be but That doesn’t mean she’s like oh look at My edc kit and she takes out her wallet Exactly like A lot of people are already carrying you See they are yeah they are but they’re Not doing it in an intentional way but As preppers sometimes we build this kit More intentionally because We think about those things that are Happening every day And when you build a kit intentionally It’s something that you think about it Continues to evolve you get better and More functional gear exactly as you’re Going right which is always good so And when you’re doing it more Intentionally you’re gonna Make more of an effort to carry it every Single day right So It’s weird you feel naked oh my god like Without it you’re like dude oh my gosh Yeah like i can’t believe i don’t have That on me and like you learn to you can Barely function without it it’s so true Like yeah like now if i don’t have my Knife if i don’t have my phone i feel Like weird yeah Really weird i don’t like it okay got my Adc but no shirt on Yeah It’s almost rather forget that rather Forget my shirt than my knife and my

Phone So that’s your basic edc let’s move on To what we’re talking about today which Is extended carry or you can even just Say edc bag because that’s kind of yeah There are so many different ways right Um who cares about the name it doesn’t Matter what it’s made up of we love it As preppers we love all these little Names and all these letters that mean Things so so Extended carry We see this cam and i and a lot of Different people is usually A a kit that’s maybe in a backpack it Could be in a messenger bag one of those Man purse looking things you know um That’s i mean i carry mine in a backpack But again we’re gonna talk about all the Different ways that you can carry this You can even use small edc pouches which I have one right here if you’re watching Um this is like a vein quest edc pouch Yeah built to make little edc kits and Most of the time again you’re not gonna Carry this on you right i mean you can And i’ve seen people do it your belt Through that top i’m not joking i’ve Seen people like do that or they put it In that you know your cargo short Pocket it’s like one of these kits yeah No there’s extremes yes carrying But i don’t think they consider it Extended i think they’re just like this

Is my that’s their edc yeah so these These patches are great for little small Extended edc kits you can put little Flashlights and lighters and knives and Paracord and things like that in these And these can be easily stashed in a Vehicle Or a purse or a backpack that’s what’s Nice it doesn’t yeah like it’s organized And it doesn’t have to be Like you can go in just like a bag with One single pocket like a passenger bag Yes that’s why i really like these and They’re super mobile like i can have it In a backpack one day i can have it in My truck the next day i can if i’m going Somewhere with my wife i can throw it in Her purse if i need to and you know i Have a little kit that comes with me Everywhere i go which is really really Nice that’s why i like these little Extended eec pouches and they’re just Fun they’re way nice they’re fun and if You transition like you go home grab Your bug out bag yeah it’s hardly ready You just drop that in there you can drop It in there right um so or this could Just live in a In your desk at work or whatever it is There’s so many different things you can Do with these extended carry pouches They’re kind of cool so What what is this extended carry kit This is gear beyond that on your person

Edc here that we talked about earlier Right your knife and things like that it Can include some of those same items but This is gear that’s kind of beyond that Because you’re not carrying it on your Body Um and this gear serves several purposes It may not it may be gear that you don’t Need every single day I’ve got a lot of stuff in my edc that i Just don’t use every day yeah but highly Useful highly useful game you’re Probably going to come into play during The week yes that’s kind of how i looked At it yeah for sure but it’s not yeah You’re not using it every day like You’re skeletool exactly or you know it Could be gear like like can’t how cam Uses his It’s sort of a a work Bag slash extended yeah mine’s all in There if i lost that backpack it’d be Bad You wouldn’t be done yeah but this gear It could be things you need for work you Know it could be your laptop it could be Notepads and chargers and maybe it’s Even food and some water purifiers first Aid kits cache and all the okay we’re Going to talk about all the things that Could be in there but Um That’s that’s so it could be used like a Work bag that’s why i like that this

Extended carry kit because i think it Fits people like more people better For like all scenarios 100 their work They’re if they work at school if they Work in a business like they don’t have To carry all this stuff exactly in their Pockets and you know these kids because I always thought you did yeah i’m not Very good prepper i don’t care in my Pocket all the stuff in my pockets yeah And i do like i said i do Think that everybody should do their Best to keep some edc on you at all Times sure because you just don’t know Um but this extended carry kit doesn’t Need to be like that it could be kept in In your vehicle it could be kept at your Workplace it could even be kept at home Pretty much anywhere where it’s gonna Seem convenient for you that’s where you Can keep it And like i said these are great for Everyday work bags just like cam Uses his and he’s a smart guy so you can Do what most people carry yeah they Carry a bag so just Customize it yeah it’s just built this i Look at it as a supplement to your Everyday life it’s stuff you’re not Gonna use every day but if it comes up Boy you’re gonna be super glad that you Have it And it could also be This is the way i really like to look at

It too it’s an extra insurance policy it Totally is um in case there’s an Emergency yeah you know i have this Extra pack Mine is i use it probably different than Some people do i use mine all of the Time as an overnight bag if i’m going to Salt lake uh for the for this always Comes with me yeah if i’m going to salt Or even if i’m going for the day but Like we went out like two weeks ago or Something like that i used my extended Edc kit bag i took out a few little Things and then i put my clothes in There i put my toiletries in there and I’m ready to go right and yep mine was The same bag and i feel so much better Because i have all these other clothes In my mind I stopped by later that that’s right Mostly underwear and socks But We did actually okay if i take some of Their stuff but then yeah my wife was Weirded out about it but You guys are getting real close and i Don’t like it I carry his undies he carries my undies Then we know we can’t separate I take a part of him with me and he Takes part of me with him This is how it goes Um but i just i really like this as an Overnight bag because i just i love

Having that extra gear when i’m out of Town even if it’s just for a night it’s Like a comfort to me to have that kind Of gear well i think you’re like me we Like over prepare for like road trips It’s like you’re stuffing all the stuff In there and like yeah it’s clear full And it’s not even the actual like yeah Bags for your kids and the overnight Bags for your wife except you’re like no It’s all my stuff We just never know this is just for Emergencies but that like In those time you know you’re going up The mountain or something like this is Already like ready to go yep so you Already exactly have to really prepare a Lot that was the next thing i was going To say like there’s all there’s so many Times on a weekend or an evening or Something my dad will call me hey you Want to run up the mountain and do this Or you know hey let’s go do this and i’m Like okay but i just grabbed my extended Edc bag anytime i do that because i just Don’t know what’s going to happen what If we get stuck out there what if we go On a longer hike than i think i’ve got Some gear that can kind of keep me going Just in case right like i said it’s that Insurance policy that i always keep in My vehicle what if i get stranded Overnight or if i come into some sort of Emergency situation and i don’t have my

Full bug out bag with me this gear is Fantastic for that and so let’s move on To is this a plug out bag is this a get Home bag and the answer is no Not necessarily right i don’t think this Should be confused with a bug out bag Or a get home bag usually it doesn’t go As far as a bug out bag does where it Can keep you sustained for 72 hours it Usually doesn’t go as far as a get home Bag that has all of that gear if you Have to do an extended trek home On foot Not to say that here’s crossover yeah Not to say that you can’t build a hybrid Kit if it works for you if it suits you Actually i’ve been thinking about Making a kit Kind of similar to my extended edc but Kind of making it a hybrid get home bag Yeah as well because That’s what i would probably honestly Because i don’t have right now i used to Have a get home bag in my truck right Now i only have this yeah i would Probably so if i if like when i’m when i Work in roosevelt yeah like that’s what 20 30 miles 30 miles or so something Like that that’s made me concerned a Little bit more i’m like i probably need To restructure some of the items in here In case yeah break down halfway like Exactly i can go a little further and i Have some you know socks and different

Things like that yeah and so like we Said this isn’t a bag It’s not a bug out bag it’s not a get Home bag but it’s not to say it couldn’t Be used that way depending on what your Needs are right and so talking about That do you need one of these kits do You ha should you have an extended edc Kit I don’t know i you know i think everyone Who is a prepper anyways should Implement an edc plan because i think It’s one of the most important aspects Or one of the most important things we Talk about is preppers because It’s right in the name it’s every day Yeah that’s that’s what preparedness is About it’s not about that one little Thing that happens you know every five Or ten years to people which is some Sort of like natural disaster emergency This is being prepared every single day And being ready for those little things That happen all the time and that’s why I think edc is so important but Do you need to have this extended kit Not necessarily but you can look at what Your everyday looks like what are your Everyday processes what is your travel You know do you have a long commute like Cam was talking about he now has a long Com a longer commute twice a week and so Now he’s kind of considering this Extended edc kit should it be a get home

Um that’s something to look at are you In one of those areas that’s prone to Natural disasters all the time then i Think yeah you should probably look at An extended edc kit and have some extra Gear with you sure um you know what is Your what is your job what does your Occupation look like are you always Using like tons of different gear you Always have a laptop do you always have All these little you know gadgets that You need to use why not build a kit that Kind of helps you include all that stuff Plus a few other little things yeah you Know i think that’s That’s a great way to look at an Extended edc um Do you take last minute trips hikes Excursions these are nice to have for That or are you just one of those people That are a little more nervous yeah you Like to have more gear just in case who Knows what might happen And you know this kind of that way for Me a little bit i just like to have it As my little insurance policy in the Truck Just in case i need it you know Um and then also the other aspect of it For me is Doing what we do with this podcast we Get so much gear we do A crap ton of gear and so i’ve always Got new stuff coming in i’ve always got

Like a surplus of edc years i’m like why It doesn’t make any sense for me not to Have to make it this extra kit yeah this Hap because there’s we just have so much I was just gonna say like part of my kit Developed over time of just being Obsessed with Having certain parts of gear but i’m Like i can’t carry like i can’t have That in my pocket but i don’t want to Not have it with me so i’m like i’m just Gonna have it in my backpack and yeah That just ended up turning into my you Know extended edc kit so yeah exactly so That’s kind of an overview of that Extended edc kit um It’s great to like break it down like Yeah there’s like you said there’s Crossover you know it’s not like you Like i got my adc bag but i don’t have My get home kit yeah you should work on That or you customize and tweak it a Little bit yeah we get really like Sometimes as preppers we get like well This is the get home bag this is the bug Out bag like it doesn’t need to be that Way like you don’t have to be some some People are such sticklers on yeah like What’s it called what is not what you Think it is yeah it’s like well hell It’s gear yeah right and most of the Gear has crossover there’s like these Little tiny portions of each kit that Need to be adjusted right yeah so yeah

You don’t don’t look at it as black and White there’s a lot of gray area right And extended falls very much into that For sure yeah So um when it comes to the bag itself Like deciding what kind of bag and There’s a lot of different things to Consider when you’re doing that with This Maybe it’s a backpack which is probably The most common one to to have as your Extended edc Sling bags are great they’re really good For this because they’re not super bulky Big you can get most of the edc gear That you like and can use into that kit Yeah and i used to that’s how i used to Have mine was a sling i did too i did Too actually i i ended up I don’t know sling bags for some reason I don’t like the way they fit on me like I always feel awkward there’s things With them i hate when they’re like Clicked on yeah like they feel great Yeah but like if you get it in your Truck and just throw it over your Shoulders it’s like what the which way Is this supposed to go it won’t stay on Your shoulder that way yeah that drives Me nuts and and um yeah just the fact Like you can’t You’re not supporting the weight very Well so that’s why like sling plat sling Plaques

You have you ever had sling plaque They’re great they just like hang on Your wall i got some on my teeth Well you got to get a root canal you Want to get rid of that nasty sling Plaque you got a lot of sling plaque Across your teeth But the sling bag is um It’s a cool like Kit that you know you should try and see If you like it but i wasn’t i wasn’t a Super fan i have like two or three And i have one like packed full stuff Just because i can yeah but i don’t take It with me so my my get home bag used to Be a sling pack yeah a bigger that’s the One that was bigger Yeah i think it still is you oh yeah we Had the same thing yeah It was a 3v which one what was it called The Outlaw outlaw outlaw yeah lot two i Think so it you know those aren’t bad Bags but I don’t know yeah something about it and There’s some issues i’ll talk with like Some of the things to consider there um A fanny pack yeah you know those are Going to a park or something Hey your fanny pack could be your edc Pack they’re coming back man they are Coming back they’re coming back on your Fenney oh show yeah but most people wear Them on their belly they do doesn’t make

Any sense i don’t get it that’s so true I don’t know why Um a messenger bag that’s just like the Single sleeve you slide a laptop and Some documents and stuff in yeah those Are nice um like i i use one of those in School a lot but um Again that you’ve got one single strap If you’re putting much weight in there Yeah it like depends on your job and Then i always think with those ones Those ones that have a single strap at Least with a backpack if one strap Breaks i haven’t that’s true Otherwise you’re carrying it with a Briefcase yeah i don’t know what you’re Gonna do it’s gonna suck i always feel Like at least i have two straps i can Sling it over one side if i need to the Only pro with those is like you can Swing it around and get your stuff out Easily and not have to like adjust your Back you’re right yeah that’s about it Um a briefcase that’s old school you Know you carry your samsonite around That’s right if you’re ceo maybe that’s Your You know maybe you’re a big deal and so You can handcuff it to you yeah you know You could look legit with that actually The seinfeld where kramer gets a fake Job at an office and he’s carrying a Briefcase like i don’t think so And jerry’s like what do you got in your

Briefcase crackers He’s got it there’s a track it looks Like yeah he fits the part and it shows Him at launch opening his briefcase and His ritz crackers Every time i think about briefcase That’s what i think about is that Episode oh man it’s the best so yeah um Briefcase but they are i mean there’s a Lot of awesome things about a briefcase Sure super durable And Like yeah they’re locked their security Is probably the best with a briefcase Um and then maybe you just have the edc Pouch like you were talking about you Know you just throw it into different Types of bags or Um put it in your cargo pants and they Make a lot of different sizes of these Too like this is one of the smaller ones But they make bigger pouches that are Like this and there’s a couple of brands I don’t know if you’re going to talk About those but There’s a couple of brands that do you Know Really well specifically on that Vanquist is the one that cam and i have Used pretty frequently but maxpedition Does the same thing and i don’t know if Like 511 makes them as well but They’re just what i have in my bag to Organize my gear like the pouch my one

Front pocket is yeah yeah the vincus one So um but yeah you gotta like those are There’s a lot of other types but those Are some of the more common types of Bags to use and you gotta break those Down into what’s your purpose How does it fit into your work Environment sometimes backpacks look too Childish and millennial yeah but they Are probably the more common thing and Also like kobe said you got an extra Strap if one breaks plus supporting Weight running with it the backpack is Going to be they’re the most in my Opinion superior they’re the most Comfortable i think and so i do i carry Um mine’s a 3v gear backpack and um and I’ll talk a little bit more about Backpack type and selection and things Like that so But And some of the features to consider When you’re looking at a bag whether it Be one of those types that we talked About work and location appropriate i Mean You know Mine’s a little weird like carrying into The clinic it’s all like kind of uh Tactical looking it’s got molly webbing On the back and everything like that but I don’t care you know i’m in a rural Town i can do what i want you got to use One of those um

The faraday ones that we’ve they’re like Very very like Modern looking yeah that would work Great i’ve tried all kinds of different Backpacks and this one’s just been nice For the compartments the three your Backpack um And it’s and it’s affordable and pretty Durable yeah comfort obviously like Those straps you got to think about if You’re going to be it it may become the Only bag you have to get home like yeah You have your get home bag And and things like that but can’t get Your car or it’s unsafe to go back to The parking lot or anything so you’re Going to be glad you have that and You’re going to want to have something That’s comfortable to travel all the way Home and carry even more maybe you’re Gonna throw some water in from work or Something like that Um Organization like that’s a big thing for Me is like having different pockets and Little you know rubber What is it the little elastic band Organizers that are in there they just Make it nice for flashlights and pins And knives Um And if you don’t have that it’s not Crucial because you can use like the Vanquish things yeah i just i love

Organization too especially with edc Because it feels like you have so many Different little things little things Yeah so it’s like you want to know where They’re at and how to get to them you Know um bag security so that’s another Thing is you know like backpacks the Only problem is they’re on your back Can’t see them and somebody could easily Just zip open a back pocket if you don’t Have anything to say you could do like Back like zip locks Yeah so zipper locks Yeah or You know like money you can have one Little sprayers open it up for sure yeah Paint things i wish you could like get Those easily it’d be pretty fun but yeah A lot of people do like when they’re Traveling they have zipper locks that They use so those zipper locks is if There’s a zip lock i know i i said zip Lock but i think they’re thinking There’s a brand called zip lock or Something yeah that’s like if you’re Traveling you should do that yeah anyway So you can you can lock your people all The time just like yeah can get through There Um other things to consider are like Rfid protection sleeves and pockets like They have a whole backpack that’s Protected that way so people can’t come Right up and just scan the back earring

If you have a wallet back there which i From time to time will carry my wallet In my backpack yeah they could just Luckily i have a wallet that does Protect me from that but Um faraday Something that’s going to protect from Possibly an emp strike like you have it In your backpack it’s going to protect Batteries and phones and things like That so those are a lot of different Features to look into when you’re Building your extended carry kit Um So for me like i work in a clinic and i From time to time i’ve i have like a Pocket pin that i’ll use looking in People’s mouths and stuff like that And There’s been times when i’ve like pulled That out and it’s actually a knife i’m Like now it’s awkward So i don’t always carry uh A knife on me which is kind of awkward Because i do every day outside of work But I carry a backpack that has all that Stuff in there i have a flip knife and i Have attacked tactical pin and all that Stuff stuff that i can’t carry in my Slacks yeah and so that’s where like Certain environments in certain places Aren’t going to let you or have you Carry those things you know maybe you

Work in a lab and scrubs and white coat You can’t you can’t carry your edc gear So you’re going to want to build a kit Like this that kobe kind of talked about Earlier Um And then the other thing is like size Size size matters it sure does yeah Building a big backpack full of a ton of Edc gear can be easy because it’s like The coolest gear for preparation really Like edc is like my favorite yeah um and You may Just like i’ve done before with a bug Out bag you kind of start to breach into Like the inch bag whereas like in edc You’re starting to like Move into more of a bug out or get home So it gets tricky you got to you got to Learn how to like find something that’s Small enough and convenient enough to Kind of carry just like really you’ve Got to use that gear and understand what Is most valuable to you That you use Once or twice a week or every day I’ve i’ve found like my All kinds of different little Screwdriver kits come in so handy yeah Carry that on me yeah some of them have Belt clips but i’m not going to be Carrying a screwdriver kit So um the other thing to consider is Uh like

Depending on again the profession and Stuff is is what you can and can’t carry Into like maybe you work in the city in A high-rise tower and you have to go Through security and all that stuff What stuff’s gonna fly that way and if It isn’t like where is it gonna be most Conveniently located at your comfortable Leaving it and having the ability to get To it If you work out in the field like an oil Field or something like that you’re Obviously probably going to have a Bigger Kit not just to get home but i bet You’re using tons more tools out there In the field So those are some like Features to consider when you’re looking At both the bag and where you work what You’re able to carry and how discreet You want to be about it like gray man Comes into play if you’re working in the City and you’re having to always have That backpack on backpack on if it looks All tactical yeah They’re you know they’re gonna know that There’s some probably i think that’s Where like you know a messenger bag Might Look more Natural yeah it fits in with an Environment you’re not going to stand Out as much

Um Speaking of cities and crime cyber Crime’s a horrible thing i hate it i Hate all the cyber crime in the whole World it’s becoming more and more Problematic super common i mean Governments and places are being taken Down by cyber crime You yourself individually can protect All of your stuff online if you use surf Shark it’s a vpn That takes you to a server in a Different location so they can’t track It and trace it back to your computer so You’re going online total gray man You can go and click on all the links You want yeah everything’s not going to Trace back to me yeah You could still get viruses but um i Like it because it’s like extremely easy To use one subscription allows any of Your computer in your house like your Laptop your pc your your tower your Fridge your fridge yeah seriously like All those things i just was reading Something about vtech getting hacked oh Really so If you get something like surf shark you Can put it into your server or your Sorry your router and basically Everything that connects is just going To go through surf sharks protection Anyway that’s cool and It’s the most affordable and simplest to

Use in my opinion you can get 24 months Plus an extra three with our code casual Preppers that’s less than 60 bucks for 27 full months of cyber protection Beautiful you ain’t gonna beat it if you Don’t even know what it’s all about you Can try it for 30 days and get your Money back I love them they’re great i wish they Were part of my family absolutely but You can seriously i Highly encourage all of you to try it Out because people’s information gets Stolen on the Minute yes all the time right now and so Stolen if you’re if you’re a traveler Especially airports Public wi-fi definitely you’re going to Want to use v for sure so check them out Use our code casual preppers get you a Huge surf shark dot deals slash casual Preppers we should have a link actually In the show notes if you want to check That out yeah we should so cam let’s Talk about the the thing that everybody Wants to talk about and that is content What is the content of these kits what Do you put in in into an extended what Can you put in yeah you know so i kind Of just mixed in the common edc gear Along with like some of the more Specific i think they aren’t easy to Carry along with you every day yeah Obviously your phone

Communication is super important uh Finances you’re connected to them with Your phone podcasts podcasts Subscription to our podcast specifically Is a must and go do it right now I’m sure you already have to listen to This um but like uh you’ve got games you Got entertainment you got ways to video Record you got a flashlight like your Phone is huge for your compass Compass leveler yeah yeah man it’s Awesome it’s awesome so um When i think about my phone i think About ways to keep my phone operating Okay like Uh One i have a little phone sleeve that’s An e or a faraday one yeah like i’m not Gonna drop it in there right when the Emp hits because that’ll be too late It’s coming but if i’m traveling through Like and you can’t have your phone like You’re going through security i always Slide it in that sleeve yeah and so And the other thing is charge like i Carry with me a survival frog uh battery Pack because it can it’s solar powered It can charge other devices and it’s Wireless charging such as that’s in mine Too such a nice and it has two little Carabiner clips that you can just you Know if you’re if you’re walking down The street There’s a song isn’t it i’m pretty sure

Part of something down on the corner you Just clip it to your backpack and let it Hang in the solar panels let it all hang Out look at him Not just your solar panels yeah let it All hang it all hanging let it breathe Survival fraud let it all hang out That’s what they should do no it really Should man that’s catchy so anyway yeah Your phone and then everything to kind Of keep it working properly um the other Thing that i carry with me is uh an Interchangeable usb charger yeah like it Has all kinds of different little Extensions on it so If you have an apple exclusive to Freaking lightning then you have uh Micro usb which was the worst design Ever and then um usbc it’s nice you just Got this one little short stick that Will go into any usb port you got a Little short stick that’ll go i do for It it fits you know i keep it right Close to my short stick yeah so yeah um Another thing is earbuds You know You can blend in with them just wear Them and walk around be completely Discreet yeah um but i like them too Because it can free up your hands if You’re working on your car or you’re Out and about or it’s in the middle of The night and you’re using a flashlight You’re fighting somebody yeah you gotta

Have those hands not not just like music Except but like communicating with Somebody while your hands are free Exactly um sunglasses keep those eyes Protected yeah i look grey man i always Have my sunglasses man gotta you gotta Yeah so uh the other thing is a wallet Um if you don’t carry it on you and you Stick it in your bag you probably want To have it in a good case that’s rfid Protected i love that is it django what Are we using dango tango is that the Movie de jingle django um or yeah or What was it it’s also a name yeah i Don’t remember Um i like there’s a lot i actually have Two One yeah i do in my backpack that has Some like uh Store cards like lowes and stuff like That yeah that one’s in my backpack and Then i carry the other one on me but all Of them are rfid yeah that dangle wallet Is the best wallet it is i love it yeah Yep it’s good um key chains i have a Little keychain um it’s actually a bunch Of little teeny like s-shaped carabiner Type things so it keeps all of my keys Organized in my backpack And like those are super nice i even Have usb drives connected to it yeah Important information i used to have a Nice little rugged it was like the Rugged something and it broke on me so i

Haven’t got back to it but i still keep Um like a little tool like at work i’m Always always taking on and off um Tripod plates and so on my keychain here I’ve got this little like flathead Screwdriver that i use like seriously Almost every single day but again that’s Like the epitome of my other keys the Epitome of edc is something that you Have on you that you’re using every Single day it’s like this little tiny Tool has saved my bacon so many times Because if you’re out there and you Can’t find a flathead and you can’t get Uh oh my gosh you can’t get the the Thing off what do you do but i always Have my keys on me and so this is this Has been like one of my favorite little Edc items yeah i had another one too That was kind of similar that would open It was in the shape of a key but then it Had a little serrated knife edge and it Had a fit like a flat blade sog makes One that’s just like it might have been A sog one yeah but yeah so i have this This little keychain organizer has all These little s shape it’s made by Is it night eyes oh night ice yeah i Really like that one yeah probably lose Those keys because i didn’t hook them Back up yeah probably so yeah um then You’ve got a knife obviously i carry my Little flip blade edc knife in there When i can’t carry it in my pants but

Carry it in your pants Um you gotta carry your pants but i also Have like a a stronger fixed blade knife Yeah in the bottom of my backpack i i The same with me too actually because Then you never know like if you’re Traveling through having to cut cordage Like it’s hard with those little edc Knives they work but if you’re gonna Yeah if you want you can do a Certification yeah that’s more survival You’re gonna want to fix it since i Already have this kit yeah i’m gonna Throw in a more durable larger blade Tools leatherman multi-tool obviously And i actually i have a little Screwdriver kit that i’ve carried Forever that we got from somewhere it’s An edc one yeah it’s the one that like Fits on your belt if you want to it Slides that looks like a buckle yeah oh Yeah yeah i remember that that one’s Cool because you can really torque on The different like bolts and stuff Because it it’s like there’s one that’s A t-blade shape too like you just slide The two together anyway um a screwdriver Kit is essential like like you i’m Always working on computers or fixing a Chair or some garbage stupid thing yeah So if i don’t have my multi-tool on me I usually have it in my backpack and a Screwdriver kit Fire starting you never know so yeah

Lighter is easy to carry big lighter is Not you know i have like And this might be overkill but i have Like three or four ways to start a fire In my extended edc kit i mean it just Doesn’t take up that much space yeah I’ve got a little plasma lighter i’ve Got a regular bic lighter i’ve got um I’ve got the what is it the uh the one That’s in the little tin thing that you Can push back and forth oh yeah it has The uh The hell’s that um Yeah and then i have another little Bushcraft small yeah they’re so small They take up no room whatsoever so you Got the item to start the fire and a Little bit of a fire starter exactly Yeah and those there’s so many different Ones even like the smiths make the Little Um That you can just cut up a bunch of Yeah tinder looks like a little cheese Girder yep all these different ways it’s Easy to throw that in your extended Character yeah a light obviously i have An obsession with this like i have like Five flashlights in my backpack only Because i’m like i’m just one smaller Like this one yeah this one’s brighter Has a straight beam this one’s more of a Flood Like yeah you can go over kill with

These but it’s like i have a little tiny O light in this little pouch yeah you Know what i mean there’s so many like i Love flashlights and yeah like i have a Bigger one that has a bigger like i Think it’s like 5000 no it’s 4 000 Lumen that i don’t use very often but Then i have a bunch of little small pen Lights yeah and the big thing with those Is uh you’re going to want one that can Charge from the device itself yeah like You can plug in a usbc you don’t have to Be looking for batteries or the battery Has that on there too yeah some of them Do that’s a big thing for me is having One that has a usb c charging port on The side or on the light so you can just Keep charging it with your battery pack Pen writing utensils paper stuff like That is always useful for All kinds of different reasons Um Usb charger like i said is is a big must For me it’s having different ways to Charge devices or access Drives and things like that yep I’m always accessing drives you are Trying to get into your drive accessor That’s for sure Um a handkerchief yeah or i i carry a Gator Just to protect my face from people so They don’t know who i am

And ask me just wear it everywhere Medical questions yeah Oh he’s cautious about covet has nothing To do with that i don’t Want you to know who i am i know you by Your eyes boy I wear contact just solid white What’s going on there that guy’s creepy Yeah gator Eyeballs Um but like a handkerchief has a lot More uses medically but anything to kind Of give you a little bit toilet paper Yeah Right yep duct tape the sides i always Thought it was such a dumb thing with The handkerchief they blow their nose And put it right back in their pockets Yeah it’s disgusting it’s like come on You wipe your butt and put it back in Your pocket You know what i mean I don’t want my nose running but Everybody else can get this this is my Handkerchief The way you looked at me when you did That Because now you’re burping on the Podcast it snuck up on me did it oh man I get excited talking about hank you do Man Anchor jeez Um but yeah like something to cover your Mouth from dust debris you never know

That storm that big orange blood blood Rain rains It’s coming yeah you’re going to want Something to cover your face Um blood raining out there be careful We got blood rain coming from the south Temperatures are going to drop after the Middle east we got some blood rain Storms Tornadoes and blood rain oh man Everybody stay safe out there stay Inside um food Gotta have a little snack in there what About meds do you want to talk about That at all did i skip them yeah i would Have come back there yeah it’s the most Important part it sure is um yeah okay I’ll talk about it okay Uh Maybe you’re dependent on maybe you Gotta take that nitroglycerin for your Yeah you know narrow heart Arteries Um or blood pressure medicine or anxiety Medicine whatever i have a pill thing in There just for all my diarrhea issues No or constipation Or just for my kids to put them to sleep Well that’s funny because like i have a Hard time sleeping when i’m not at home So i always have a couple of of my Little right night night pills in there Just in case i have ibuprofen tylenol Yes allergy medicines usually a stomach

Medicine and i just get one of those Pill organizers throw it in my bag and So that’s obviously not easy to carry on You all the time But i can keep one of my pocket like tic Tacs sounds like i got dick jacks in There But it’s ambien and i never know when i Need to go please What time is it one o’clock ahead it’s Time for a nap Get out my tic tac That’s awesome I’m gonna pre i’m gonna get ready for Bed at about four yeah it’d take a while To kick in yeah you never know um So but yeah over-the-counter meds for For treatment and then maybe you have Some dependent medication issues yeah The thing is you just don’t know what’s Gonna happen during the day yeah where Are you gonna be what if you get stuck Somewhere overnight you need your meds Yeah fudge you don’t have i would say Like honestly it’s probably the best For like an edc or extended carry if you Have medicines you take regularly and You have a week’s worth in your that’s Probably a good idea at least at least At least have a day’s work no kidding at Least and that’s easy like you can throw It in a little ziploc bag yeah even if You don’t like i’m not gonna use this It’s in there though yeah exactly

You’re gonna be one short yeah during The month exactly you’re not gonna die Um maybe you could you could do certain Medicines yeah it depends on yeah Um maybe not and the other big thing is Is to go along with medications and Stuff is hygiene yeah i have toothbrush I have toothpaste and dental floss Nothing nothing worse Than going out there and having a piece Of corn stuck in your tooth horrible Eating a piece of jerky and it’s wedged In your tooth you might as well just Shoot me in the head i’m done yep didn’t Prep for try and sneak around when You’re Sucking at your teeth all night long People hate that Laying in your tent trying to listen for Stuff and you’re like Yeah you don’t want that dental floss There’s a lot of other uses too um and Then i have just a tiny little like Kit full of some bandages Sometimes the rolls are like really big Like the Gauze or tape and stuff like that so I’ll just take it off like coban’s nice Because you can take it off and just Fold it in half and then you just got Like a thin piece Of coban or wrap in your backpack that Isn’t gonna take up any space Um

The other thing is food obviously you’re Gonna want either mre or a snack 24 hours you may not be able to get to a Bag or a location or whatever so i Usually have something to kind of hold Me over yeah you can fast for 24 hours You’ll be fine but why not have some Snack in there yeah you need some Calories yeah something maybe you’ve got Temps that’ll be good enough um and i Have a water filter yeah sawyer minis Are tiny one of those down in the bottom Sometimes an inline certain backpack so You just have it already ready to go yep So gotta have a water filter or water Like a little bottle full of water Filtration water purification tabs Paracord And you can see like all this you can’t Carry all the stuff on you and this Sounds like a lot but really my backpack Does not weigh that much mine doesn’t Either like mine’s half empty maybe Mine’s half empty for a reason that way I can throw my clothes in there and Still use it right the two main pockets Completely empty yeah because i’ll stick My backpack in there and some documents From work but all the front small Pockets are full of this stuff it’s not That as much stuff as you yeah i’m sure Posting on tick tock people think you Need are you carrying around a fly Radio flyer all day

[Laughter] I know it’s like you go to small Business alone to buy all this stuff Because they make all these comments and I guarantee they’re not doing any of it Oh yeah yeah thanks for the comment yeah You know i’m gonna try appreciate the Input buddy We may have to have a little episode on These i know geniuses Um and then the weapon yeah i have the Fixed blade um if i go camping or i’m Going up in the mountains i will throw My nine millimeter in there but i don’t Carry it regularly in town i don’t Church things like that a lot of people Find that odd that we don’t but a lot of People do and i understand like if you Feel comfortable and you want to carry Your weapon with you all the time that’s Fine i have i do carry pepper spray i do Have a gun a truck gun what’s that Like No i have a nine millimeter keeping my Truck all the time yeah yeah that’s true I have i have one in so that’s i just Tell it yes But you’ll never find but i don’t have It on me all the time right but yeah That’s a really good place to put it in One of these kids so um that i mean that Pretty much summed up all the things That i have carried in that i have in my Extended carry here’s another like just

Some online you know they have wallet Portable a knife keys business card pen Uh pen i don’t know why the business Card Package of wet napkins or wet wipes Earbuds chapstick notebook magazine Water type plastic bag that’s probably a Good idea i don’t have like a ziploc bag Or something to keep stuff you never Know a good cross-couple river to get Home Or every Monsoon rain never cross the streams Never cross streams and um to pick you Know smith and wesson pistol so Those are those like it’s just an uh a Way to carry A little more but not like overdo it you Don’t need to build a bug-out bag to Take to and from work every day no you Definitely don’t you can carry just more Of the survival gear for like a 24-hour Period that’s going to give you A heads you know it’s going to give you A head start on that survival scenario Exactly and i i just wrote down a few Others oh and then cash i didn’t put Cash yes but i usually carry cash Somewhere in my backpack you’ll never Find it no way So i can’t get it you can’t even get to It i wrote down just a couple of no it’s Good extra things that i keep in my kit I kind of went through it and just wrote

A few things down so Obviously i keep a multi-tool in there Cam already talked about that i also Keep some like hydration drink mixes or Some energy booster type stuff just to Mix in some water mix in some water and I’ve got some some energy or some Vitamin c or caffeine or whatever it is You know i do have a little tiny Survival guide in here they’re actually Called tiny survival guys i do right in This and it takes literally no space Whatsoever and it’s like 10 or 15 pages Of survival info Um i keep a [ __ ] kid in here like the The literal [ __ ] kits that come with Toilet paper hand sanitizer And i have a couple of those in the car Yeah i need to just throw it in the bag They’re nice to have you know i have a Little uh small Strap yeah full show use my belt I got felt on one time Felt belt For going about a felt belt For all your ibs issues and you just Take off that layer throw it away has Like 30 layers of felt That’s not a bad idea it has like a Plastic runner yeah You just scrape it all off that’s not a Bad idea Um a small knife sharpener i keep in There enamel is tiny oh really yeah so

It’s a little tiny knife sharpener that Also has like some knife sharper you Know how to use your knife yeah if you Need a sharpener so dumb Um duct tape i keep i keep a little Thing of duct tape in there not the roll But it comes in like a it’s like an edc Folded it’s flat yeah i think that came From uh wazoo gear could be yeah but Those are nice nice to have i keep like Some epic wipes or some dude wipes in There as well which just always come in Handy i do have some uh double a Batteries these are the usb recharge I’ve carried those for a long time They’re nice to have i probably need to Put them you just never know hand Warmers Super Super nice to have come winter time One of those zipper ones we just got Yeah That’s that that’s a great idea i keep Chillula packets that makes a lot Because again it has to be stuff that You’re using and i use those all the Time actually mine just expired i need To get some more does it expire it does Yeah it does i don’t think so well it Says it does it’s liquid liquid scares Me with uh expiration so um Uh Ketchup packets are pure sugars yeah and They don’t expire

Um i have some rip back stuff so this is The uh no water oh yeah powders those So basically it’s these little um Pouches of this powder that you just Dump in your mouth and swish around do You carry toothbrush at all no i don’t Use those not in my edc oh yeah i don’t I have a little tiny one so it’s not a Bad idea just to keep a toothbrush that But that’s cool i forgot about that but We got those and i’m like i’m just gonna I’m glad you made that list because that This is different from stuff like here Um i also have two nutrient survival On-the-go pouches in my edc bag again if You’re gonna need some food one day why Not have something that’s like nice it’s Good so i’ve got like some eggs and i’ve Got i think a home style scramble or Something again how are you cooking that I don’t know want to figure it out Really all you need is water you do when It comes down to warm water even though It’s cold even if it’s cold i can still Eat it dehydrated yeah yep so um that’s Something i got some zip ties in there That’s true you need to warm it up never Know When you’re gonna need a zip tie uh i Have a usb drive Again that’s just um just in case in my Dangle wall and my first aid kit i have A first aid kit that i keep in there as Well yeah yeah mine’s all kind of like

Packed into a little Pockets well it’s in actually that Vanquish one it has like a few band-aids That the coban and some ointments cam’s All curable Yeah that’s great well that’s sweet um Yeah but some unique items that you Could consider putting into an extended Carry is they have bulletproof inserts For the back pack for the backpack or Even one that fits like the shape of Like a messenger bag yeah i mean if you Could protect your heart and your face Just hold it right there take a few Bullets maybe crotch yeah Put slipcock in there the slipcock That’s right no [ __ ] that’s what it was That’s what it was um no the Silk [ __ ] To isn’t it still cocky yeah the one to Open uh valves and stuff on buildings That’s pretty small to throw in i’ve had That at times i think it’s in my vehicle Kit now but it’s not a bad one to throw In there and then gloves i don’t always Carry gloves with me but they’re usually In my vehicle or something like that but That’s something you could put in there We got a set of tactical gloves from Something so i keep them in like really Light ones lightweight is that the ones You got i think so because they have Some that aren’t like big strap-on You know no one wants no one needs to be

Carrying that around i want to keep that In your edc Yeah but anyways um so those are just Some unique things you could add and There’s a ton of ton of things you could Put in there but oh yeah that’s never Ending if you’re addicted to edc making One of these kits is the easiest thing In the world and it’s fun yeah again Prepping should be fun and you’ll see Through the week you’re like you’ll use Something you’re like yeah i like that Other thing better or i need this i need The screwdriver all the time so that Just becomes part of your kit so and i’m Not lying there’s a bunch of stuff in Here i’ve never used same here but i Feel good having it there me too do you Know what i mean Like there’s just there’s a bunch of Stuff i haven’t used And cam i don’t know did you end up Saying what bag you’re using so i do i Have the eberly stock f5 switchblade so If you’re watching you can see this pack I couldn’t recommend eberly stock more And yours is yeah yours is could duel as A bug out it could yeah the comfort and The support it might be a little small If it’s more of like a day pack than it Is like a three-day pack but um it’s Yeah mine’s great mine’s just a 3v gear I can’t remember the The actual it’s like their own name they

Only have They have two different types they have One that’s like black And this one it doesn’t have any molly Webb on it and this one does but it’s Actually been really good i’ve had some Issues with the straps Like the outer parts of the molle Webbing coming unstitched which is which Is really annoying i just burn the edges So that they don’t fray yeah um and i’ve Had a few issues with zippers but i Didn’t make mention of like quality is Kind of a big deal with these edc Backpacks because they’re like you’re Every day you’re you’re picking them up You’re putting them on you’re throwing Them in and out of cars Setting them down like they’re gonna Wear out super fast faster than any of Your bags really you use it more than Any year so you probably do want to Splurge a little bit more because you Want it to be functional last long and Also you know get you home it might be Your get home bag or something exactly So there you go that’s it man that’s uh Extended Edc Edc Prime yeah We like that Guys today’s podcast is brought to you By tacpak it is the only monthly

Tactical subscription box with useful Professional grade stuff inside use our Code casual preppers and get a free Separate bag of edc gear along with your First month’s tack pack head to Tacpak.com Use our code casual preppers it’s time For the quick and dirty medical tip now We don’t have any reviews dude no Reviews today all right so um a lot of People are vacationing fishing getting Into the waters okay i thought i’d Mention some of the things that are Going to make your life a living hell Okay um uh a lot of people go to the Ocean that don’t normally go to the Ocean yeah and so here’s some tips on Like taking care of some really trip Ruining events that can happen Sea urchin spines Pretty cool they need to be removed so Step on one or brush up against one hurt Like the dickens the dye kind of makes Them look a little more intense like Looks black in your skin bruising and Stuff like that Um to help relieve the pain you’re Actually going to use hot water not Scalding burn your skin like 110 to 113 Hot tub type water for 20 minutes you Soak it in there Vinegar and acetic acid soaps Soaks like something that’s more acidic Vinegar is like the perfect thing for

That Pour that on there those are ways you Can kind of treat those sea urchin spine Injuries that sounds fun jellyfish Stings i don’t know if you’ve ever been Stung by jellyfish i have not had once i Remember across my calf yeah and it was Not funny wow um there’s some nasty ones And people can react to these i mean They can be life threatening but for the Most part like Most the time you’re gonna get it on Your Limbs get the tentacle off with some Gloves on you don’t want to grab it and Just peel it off which most people do And then their hand has problems yeah so The the Pneumatocyte activity Is activated more with like warm water So like when people like pee on it pour The hot water like you if you’re falling The other directions because the hot Water thing comes into play with a lot Of others but with jellyfish it’s gonna Activate more Pneumatocytes so you shouldn’t pee on it Shouldn’t shouldn’t do any warm water on It if you can This is kind of different too Number one the jellyfish what will Number two help That part Kills me every time

The number one one Um So After you’ve You know you got stung you remove the Tentacle um dust the air if you have Like flour or baking powder go grab the Flour out of the beach kids super weird So this came straight out of prepper’s Medical hand Flower the prepper’s medical handbook so These are things crazy that are totally Smart people have come out so if you’re Going to the beach bring a bag of flour That’s what’s going to talk at the end Um really all of these come down to Having some vinegar some surgical scrub Alcohol antibiotic ointment and Hydrocortisone cream okay because that’s Going to cover most everything yeah but Yeah so when you get stung by jellyfish Remove the tentacle put a little flour Or baking powder some kind of powder Even baby powder or something on there And then you’re gonna use cocaine Something not super sharp but you’re Gonna kind of like clean off the like The powder with like a blade so you kind Of scrape it off not your skin okay You’re just gonna get that kind of helps Pull out some of the pneumatocyte okay Stuff so Um Then after you’ve kind of cleaned the

Leg and all that you’re gonna put Topical hydrocortisone on four times a Day for several days to get the sting to Calm down coral stings are the same okay So Uh coral and barnacle cuts like scrapes They can get infected pretty easily so You want to try and clean those as best You can hydrogen peroxide is great Because it just bubbles and pulls some Of that debris out of there i guess i Didn’t mention having hydrogen products Hydrogen peroxide should have that too If you’re going to the beach Vinegar surgical scrub or some kind of Cleaning Um alcohol ointment and um like Antibiotic ointment hydrocortisone Ointment well i got to bring a trailer Just for my ointments Is that what you’re saying but i will i Will bring a trailer bring all of it um Stingray these barbs this sounds like a Horrible kill people yeah get you right In the chest yeah 90 minutes of pain and six to 48 hours Until it improves sometimes geez so you Don’t want to get a stingray barb in you Heck no um rinse the wound with sea Water because that’s all you got right There yeah and then remove the barb and Rinse with hot water again okay so you Gotta boil water all the time Um

Basically Make sure and clean the wound as best You can before you cover it up After you get the barb out catfish play Hot water just like for the stingray and The um me and the yeah Catfish and urchin spines and stuff like That Um Strangely enough like the hot water kind Of deactivates Um This the sting and kind of clear some of The Toxins um And then uh scorpion fish people step on These a lot and they have little fine Barbs you gotta pull those out Uh sponge rash That sounds rough i got sponge Yeah oh my gosh grandpa’s got sponge Rash Um The little spicules in the sponge can Cause people have a reaction so you Don’t really know if it’s reaction Because there’s like little specules in Their skin or just interaction with the Sponge Caused them to have a allergic reaction Most of these you’ve got to be Like ready for some respiratory Treatment like he might be really doing Respiratory like

Supportive breathing for them well that Sounds kind of scary but most of the Stuff i’m talking about it’s just the Topical rash and Um pain and burn and stuff like that Again with the sponge rash you’re gonna Do vinegar Do like a cloth of vinegar and kind of Hold it over it And then you’re gonna take that off and Use like a piece of tape to try and get That like almost like fiberglass you Know you use a piece of tape to pull out Any of the little fine spicules Vinegar again or alcohol and then start Doing the hydrocortisone ointment that’s A lot of stuff to remember yeah it is a Lot basically what i’d say is for most Cases except jellyfish the like warm to Hot water is going to be the best thing To do wow cleaning it and then um Basically deactivating with uh acidic Fluid Pee is not Not going to be solution there Number two is up to you But vinegar some kind of a cleaning Scrub alcohol antibiotic ointment Hydrocortisone cream and maybe have some Uh Hydrogen peroxide Cool you go to the beach don’t dink Don’t bring food bring all this stuff it Ain’t no date it’ll be way funner but

Anyways this came from the Handbook i thought it was pretty cool Information that’s good stuff so just Get the book get the book it’s much Easier it’s way easier Thanks guys appreciate you guys Listening uh make sure you’re subscribed To make sure you’re following us on all The socials make sure you go and get This shirt because you got about 24 Hours to do so once this comes out so Get going anything else cameron no That’s it alright stay survived