Wild Camping in Trucks – A rainy night in a Forest

By | June 8, 2022

[Applause] [Applause] So So Uh So So Look at that Uh Oh [Applause] So Hello everyone welcome back As you can see i’m in the woods and I’m with simon again We’ve for us it’s um the next day from Our last hike and camp on the coast And uh we’re still feeling it About eight hours of walking but yeah a Bit of an easier one today we’ve driven Into this um This giant woodland estate uh with Permission Um very lucky to be here so we’ve had a Drive around we’ve found a nice spot And yeah we’ve parked up as you’ve seen Simon’s land rover over there if he’s Awning out move my awning and roof tent So many awnings no rain [Laughter] Better We could keep our fingers crossed But yeah potential set up um just get The sleeping bag up here and um

Yeah we’re pretty much set up and we i Think so Yeah yeah looking good time to enjoy a Camp So This is simon’s land rover let me show You he’s kind of set up Mirroring mine over there awnings um Direct 4×4 same as mine but a two meter Isn’t it two and a half two and a half Meter yeah by two meters out yeah which Is nice And Nice little shelf here for your bits and Bobs Just uh strapped onto the side which is Great botched together out of some Bearing bits and pieces let’s have a Look inside as well Well as you can see we’re kitted out Here we’ve got Tons of storage chairs The storage in the side here and the Kitchen area just to the left of the Camera over there as well which simon’s All done himself and i know that there’s Some good storage under here for the Paddles in there for the canoe trips But yeah simon’s done uh Full kind of build videos on this Haven’t you yeah yeah yeah video Two-part video on my channel if you’re Wondering where he sleeps Hammocks is diagonally isn’t that not

Diagonally straight straight down the Middle there’s a couple of eyes one up Here somewhere there oh yeah yeah one Just above the windscreen brilliant and It just fits Swinging in the land rover that’s it i Don’t have to level it because yeah Levels itself You So People Uh So So [Laughter] Ah This is a bit more relaxing than Yesterday just a bit in it It’s lovely we did it right the right Way around didn’t we yes My feet are thankful yeah Donut Yes please Don’t mind if i do You dunk a donut All right See why not I should take a bite first so it fits Yes you can Jam in my teeth Because the man who just made them a Waffle burger Nothing wrong with that So

That’s fire time so i’m just going to Use this birch bark off the birch we cut Down And i’m just going to use a lighter Pork shoulder here in the dutch oven Nice and simple And rather than doing it all here I must have known to be knackered today From yesterday i’ve Blitzed up some dried chilies some Garlic um and some spices some stock All in here And i’m just going to dump that oh god That looks good already I could eat that raw let’s just have it How it is All that in there I’ll add in a bit of extra water as well Because a lot that’s gonna steam off Flavor That’s nice kind of mexican style Pulled pork Here So Oh Someone put a sorby on there Yeah that was me No no no don’t get up Last i looked he was sipping on one Sit here Cheers You’re forgetting you’re there So So

Ah There you go buddy thank you sir oh You’ve opened it as well yeah yeah Cheers we’ll fix 80 shilling ale it’s Chilling out Let’s give it a go Oh That’s strong elm tree beers that almost Tastes like a wine It’s not strong alcohol wise no no Flavor is almost wine like it’s got a Full norfolk flavor Let’s have a look at our pork The owl in the background Oh yeah that’s breaking up nice Oh look at that Splurged Yeah let’s get that Pulled pork Pork Something like that With the dried chilies This chili’s not too spicy but they got So much flavor Ancho and Uh chipotle and stuff And also get off our rice Okay let’s be having your plate Look at that nice little tortilla bowl So it’ll give you some Pork oh well there’s some nice chunks Lovely And might as well use the same spoon We’ll give you some

Rice And Our favorite herb our favorite herb with Garnish for you Coriander or cilantro before you comment Boom that’s you sir fantastic thank you And then myself Oh some big old chunks Royce And some of that Coriander Beautiful Oh yes Oh Oh yeah there was a little brown sugar In with the pork as well Oh yes Flavor town Well done That is good Left the white Andy that is delicious I reckon my um Chopping of uh coriander could do of Improvement Our breakfast today and now this course Is good Okay Is Got these uh hot chocolate spoons just a Block of chocolate with some Marshmallows on i’m just going to add in Some boiled milk It’s almost boiled i think it’s probably

Hot enough That’s pretty good yeah okay thank you Here it goes It’s pretty sweet isn’t it Just very pal Brown but Very chocolatey Oh so we need before bed Definitely Only time i drink hot chocolate is Camping yeah Only time Oh yeah Ugh [Music] So [Applause] So Uh Good morning And a bit of a wet and rainy night Um It wasn’t too bad though i did leave the Dutch oven out when i heard the rain Coming down i was thinking to myself No i’m not getting up Not in the wet and then getting back up Here Never mind uh clean that up at home But yeah So spitting a little bit now still But uh we got both our awnings up so We’re happy And uh yeah simon’s turn for breakfast

Yes so he’s on fire duty breakfast duty And i’m on sitting here relaxing duty It’s always good when it’s not your meal Yeah All right let’s give this a go Yep And i’m gonna stick a little Twizzler on there as well So So Heavier Someone’s got breakfast on and it’s a Full english today This is half of it What sort of sausages we got we’ve got Some Butchers Pork sausages i can’t remember they look Good yeah just uh like traditional pork Sausages Lovely Have a nice rest while simon’s cooking My breakfast And the rain’s Stopped for now which is quite nice Hopefully that’ll stay off the loose Till we’ve packed away Have to get this stuff out at some point Tomorrow or something to dry it out Properly And possibly down the woods as i’ll be Uh shelter building though you’ll Probably see this video after that Everything’s out of sync

How long i’m hungry Quarter of an hour Or half an hour if you keep moaning About it That’s why i opted not to have beans but It’s just you know that’s just asking For trouble with that So [Music] [Music] It’s very level You can already [Music] Oh no we got a correct one [Music] Okay then andy it’s like a little Canteen yeah Some of that Yeah I struggled to fit All of this on my little plate Inside of english breakfast i’ve fit on Small plates before yeah Going to go just two sausages for now But there’ll be there’ll be a second Yeah Black pudding Yeah i’m happy with a crispy bottom That one Need a better one [Music] Thank you very much you are very welcome I need this I don’t know what time it is but

Yeah i haven’t got a clue actually No idea Breakfast time You’ve got the Sensible approach knife and fork i’m Going to attempt to eat this with a Spoon As you do as i do The whole of that setup you’ve not got a Knife and fork in it I don’t do knives of books I’ll take you anywhere i do at home So it’s got to be a bit of black pudding In the yolk Yeah A bit of ketchup in the ketchup So So So Oh Wow [Applause] Right guys the heavens are opening it’s Getting heavier and heavier here um We’re all packed away now so we’re ready To shoot a little off-road out of here And uh yeah just like say thanks to Simon coming along Has this been a pleasure as usual Absolutely thank you Thank you it’s been good yeah a good Couple of days Uh check out simon’s turn of events on His videos as well

Link below as always And i think we’re gonna make tracks yeah Nice one thanks andy do it See you Soon ugh Foreign