Trauma Kits for Kids with @Autumn’s Armory

By | June 7, 2022

Any good one All right so we’ve got a smattering of Offerings here from And uh we’re gonna ascertain that’s a Big word for figuring out uh Which one of these kits is probably Gonna be the best kit for you yeah so Let’s go through a process of Elimination here so you do firearm stuff So we want the ability to treat Potentially firearms related injuries Right so all four of these kits do that This is the Adventure kit and we tell people that’s For bullet holes broken bones and Band-aids it covers like everything And it’s actually in a cls bag or combat Lifesaver bag we make these here in America american-made it’s got all the Stuff in it So you can You could deal with gunshot wounds Punctures to your chest cavity a broken Bone a turned ankle A band-aid Like we actually we had a bunch of People yell at us because they’re like Bear none of your kids have band-aids in Them and so we put band-aids because my Mind doesn’t go there even though i have Kids too but anyway so there’s band-aids In here probably a little big for you to Wear at the range Maybe you think so maybe i think i think

It’s a little Scotch So um the next smallest size down this Is the barefact Because i’m bare and i came up with it In fact is first aid kit so you know Branding marketing the whole month Um This like you can run this on your Rucksack or your ward belt do you have a Rucksack I don’t even know what it is oh my gosh We got to go rucking Can i get a fist bump we’ll go rucking And teach you some patrolling stuff So you rip this open Here pull that red handle yank on it There you go Now see this right here this little red Tab Pull that red tab You are good at this Right You are strong So This has like All your stuff in it for what’s called The march algorithm which is massive Bleeding airway and respiratory Circulation head injury hypothermia and Then everything else And that’s prioritized in what’s called An algorithm meaning that we want to Start with massive bleeding first

Because we need to keep as much blood Inside the body as possible it sounds Like super basic And it is super basic but if we if all The blood runs out of your body you’re No longer with us it’s like a major Problem right and so you got your Tourniquet and your pressure bandage Here gloves and blah blah blah this is Our massive bleeding stuff go ahead and Pull that out Like all of it yeah good that’s called The stack Nice all right so These are shears for arts and crafts You know like glue and pom-poms onto Paper towel rolls and stuff like that Or cutting clothes off of people if you Need to find a wound Big gauze because if we need like big Gauze we need it now i don’t want to go Looking for it it’s right there This is called a nose noodle And usually in class we offer somebody a 20 bill to stick this up their nose and Nobody does it Because it’s uncomfortable we usually Twitch will have to do it to himself But it’s okay we pay him to do that Um i think you’ve got one of your beard Hairs on here No not your beard okay um So anyway this is a nose noodle And then this is a burn dressing

Which is like super important okay Burn dressings are sterile you know what That means So like there’s no germs on here because Burns it’s really important that you Keep them sterile because we don’t want Infections And so this is a sterile burn dressing And then these are chest seals so if you Get a hole in the box Which is in between your neck and your Navel your belly button all the way Around that’s called the pleural space And that’s where your lungs are at Inside of there yeah so take a deep Breath Okay so when you breathe in your Diaphragm which is the muscle right here That sits near your belly button It’s pulling down And when it pulls down your lungs expand And when you blow out it’s pushing back Up and it’s collapsing your lungs it’s Expelling the carbon dioxide out of your Lungs well what happens if you have a Hole in the box when you go Instead of air coming in through your Airway You know your nose and your mouth it Comes in through the hole that’s called A sucking chest wound and that like Really sucks No pun intended So the way we deal with that is these

Things are super sticky And You tell the person if they have a hole In their chest you say you you knife Hand them you go like this you go exhale Exhale exhale okay you yell at them and Then they go Then you take one of these you stick it On the hole and you cover the hole up And then now When the diaphragm pulls down because we Covered the hole up There’s we’ve re-established a vacuum in The pleural space so the lungs will fill Up again so they can continue to breathe Yeah does that make sense yeah cool so Like Super simple we put the sticky stuff on The holes in the box Makes sense cool And then this is our everything else Down here And this has got like we’ve got some Quick cloth in here for like have you Ever packed a wound Oh we’re gonna pack a wound today yeah We’re gonna get twisted pack a wound With you so if you have like a hole in Somebody That we need to get some gauze in there To put pressure on the bleeding vessel That’s inside of there this is called a Hemostatic dressing and we can shove That in the hole and that applies

Pressure to the bleeding vessel and it Pinches it off you’ve taken a garden Hose and folded it in half and you know How like the water stops it’s the same Thing okay you have like garden hoses Running all through your body that moves The blood around and so when we stick The gauze in there it pinches off the Garden hose It applies pressure to it so the blood Stops coming out because we want to keep The blood inside the body right like Super duper important Super basic And then this is everything else so we Got a burrito blanket in here uh yeah It’s Like you ever wrap a tin foil like tacos And tin foil or something You don’t know about tin foil well i do Know about tin foil but i’ve never Rocked a taco why not you don’t like Tacos Well well i do like tacos okay you like Tacos and bullpups like homemade tacos Right like no real meat or veggies just Just cheese okay Um The tortilla And Some queso Nice nut queso uh quinoa Meanwhile for the meat okay Okay

So Tin foil right tin foil keeps stuff warm Helps keep it warm That’s basically what this is it helps Keep the person warm it’s super Important Hypothermia is part of what’s called the Lethal triad Which is not something you probably need To know at nine years old but it’s Coagulopathy acidosis and hypothermia i Don’t even know what any of that is most People don’t either kiddo don’t sweat it But it all comes back to keep the blood Inside the body because none of those Things are problems if we keep the blood Inside the body Right so It’s important ish but super basic keep The blood inside the body and so that’s That’s how the bear fact works but i Think it’s probably too big for you to Run around with as well yeah so we take This slide this out of here Like so And this is the sob or the small of the Back kit it’s like made for war belts And plate carriers and then this is the Arc or the advanced rip-away kit which Will also work on a war belt or a plate Carrier but it’s also a really good Vehicle kit okay and you saw this one In On twitch yeah yeah twitch she actually

Showed us like how it works really you Want to take that one apart Go ahead There you go Once you pull the stuff out like Show us what’s in it Good job All right so these are gloves right Do you know the basic rule of gloves Super simple great rule for human beings You’re a human right If it’s if it’s wet and not yours don’t Touch it okay If it’s wet and not yours don’t touch it So that’s why we have gloves because There are things called bloodborne Illnesses somebody else could have a Sickness in their blood and if they get Their blood on you That could cause you to get sick as well And so that’s why we have gloves if it’s Wet and not yours don’t touch it if it’s Your mom or your dad or your siblings or You know somebody that you know Intimately that you know really well and We have to render aid like if if dudley Our camera guy had an issue i love him I’m gonna stick my fingers all in him And over him and i’m gonna deal with it But if it’s a random person i just met Out there in the world I’m definitely gonna put gloves on first Because i don’t know if that person has Any sicknesses

That i don’t know about yeah so Super simple rule if it’s wet and not Yours don’t touch it Cool yep What’s that Open it up Open the bag yeah Wreck it Feels silly It does stretch it Kind of hurt my finger yesterday though There you go that’s stretchy yeah I like that that’s called an s mark Bandage or a compression wrap And this is basically just like an Exercise band From the 80s before you existed like People would wear really tight clothing And leg warmers and like dance around With big hair with stuff like this But this Can work Like a tourniquet like So and um Just like that and it’ll cut the blood Flow off to your arm Or any extremity your arms your legs but It also works really well As a compression bandage and so if we Had a wound on our arm or something Where we had to stick some gauze in There and then we needed to hold it in Place you would wrap that around you can Yeah

There we go get it started Pull tight like so And then uh You just tuck the end Underneath Like so And now i’ve got compression on that Wound to like hold everything together Yeah so It’s a cool little piece of kit right Yeah So that’s Compression which we use use for like Dressing wounds yeah i already see quick Cloth yeah that’s quick clot Don’t eat this stuff Okay So it reacts to moisture Not just blood but moisture so if you Throw it in a puddle it’s going to suck Up moisture if you stick it in your Eyeball it’s going to suck up moisture If you eat it it’s going to suck up Moisture So it’s not just blood but it’s moisture That it reacts to and there’s it’s Called a hemostatic impregnated gauze And hemostatic just means that like it Sucks up blood And there’s little tiny itty-bitty bits Of clay that are impregnated that are Shoved into the gauze So that if i had like If twitch over there stabbed me in the

Arm and i had Right and i had this hole in my arm First of all you knife hand twitch and You said why are you stabbing people in The arm go stand in the corner and think About what you did okay then we pull the Knife out And then you would stick this In there okay okay So that’s that’s wound packing which We’re going to show you in a hot minute What’s this I don’t know That is a mini compression bandage Have you ever seen Like uh like an ace bandage like for Wrapping up an ankle or a wrist It’s like stretchy i mean i’ve seen them On movies but never really in real life Okay we’ll get you one of those too Before you leave okay But it’s it’s basically just a stretchy Bandage with a big piece of gauze it’s Like a giant band-aid That’s basically what it is okay yeah You want to you want to open it up sure See how it has that little notch right There yeah just grab it and rip right There Good job if a nine-year-old can do this Stuff like Grown-ups don’t have excuses Pull it apart Okay see it’s a giant band-aid yeah

Right Is it velcro yeah it’s got velcro on it Cool here wrap that around my arm so Let’s pretend twitch stab me in the arm Right here And uh here i’ll inflect my own injury So here’s the injury right there okay Okay So you’re gonna put the gauze down right Use that first bit of velcro right here Just to get it started now pull tight Okay Pull it tight Good come around Okay pull it tight again Good Wrap it around Pull it tight again Okay And then see those clips right there Exactly Look at this intuitive You’re going places kid Yep And now you come back to the knife hands Or you go suck it up buttercup don’t die Right So you go you go ahead do the knife hand Ah my arm hurts so much Suck it up buttercup don’t die So that’s how that works okay okay so That’s what’s in this pouch and up here This is a decompression needle which is Used for decompressing attention

Pneumothorax Which is something that you probably Don’t need to know because you’re nine Years old but it’s uh if there’s too Much pressure in the empty space where Your lungs are at that’s a an invasive Medical intervention that allows that Extra pressure to bleed off This is a sharpie so that you can draw Unicorns and stars on me while i’m Screaming It’s also for writing the time That a tourniquet was applied and Usually you can write that on the Person’s hand or on the tourniquet or Oftentimes they’ll write it on the Person’s forehead So that way you can’t miss it when the Ambulance shows up yeah and there’s Numbers on the person’s forehead like Hey what time does this tourniquet go on That’s when it went on So That’s why there’s strawbeats in there We talked about the shears for arts and Crafts and stuff right And then in this bottom pouch right here You want to pull that stuff out You can pull it out one at a time too if You need to I might need to because my chair likes To run away there you go I already see two cheese packets cheese Packets

So So in here in this kit we’ve got two Packages of hyphen chest seals remember What do we do if there’s a hole in the Box Stick that put the sticky stuff on it Right and we tell them before we put the Sticky stuff what do we tell them to do And exhale And Exhale yeah i forgot oh you’re cool it’s All good This is the nose noodle yeah remember That’s for maintaining a patent airway So that gets oxygen from our face to our Lungs so Super important And then that’s gauze okay yeah have you Ever seen one of those open no you want To open one Okay so same thing see the red tab Tear it the red tab Pull it out And then when you get it in your hands Get it like this and kind of smoosh it Back and forth like this like this like That do that wiggle it back and forth Okay flip it over wiggle it back and Forth Oh i just got as before okay so now Somewhere in here There’s the start of it Yep Have you ever seen this like fully

Unrolled no Here you hold that end And pull And keep pulling And keep pulling keep pulling And keep pulling Keep pulling oh it’s a lot I finally this That’s a lot of gauze So this is uh 12 feet 12 feet gauze okay approximately two and A half times as tall as you are Of gauze and so this stuff is like super Useful see how like Spongy it is yeah it’s spongy it kind of Soft Have you ever seen um like when you put A paper towel on a wet spot it just Sucks it all up yeah that’s called Capillary action And the way that works is because of the Surface area of the paper towel And so see how it’s like all interwoven In there it’s got all those little tiny Strings and fibers looks like a sweater Yes exactly and so that creates a high Amount of surface area that allows that Capillary action To happen yeah and so we use this stuff For wound packing We shove this into holes in people’s Bodies when they’re screaming Suck it up buttercup and you stick this In the hole

We can also use this for wrapping up Injuries if we have them you can make a Sling out of this not a rifle sling Although you probably could but you Could sling somebody’s arm with this So it’s got a lot of uses And there’s two packages of this gauze In here So you’ve got the gauze you’ve got the Hyphen chest seals you’ve got the Pressure bandage you’ve got the quick Clot you’ve got the s mark bandage and So you can do a lot of wound packing With this kit you can apply a lot of Chest seals with this kit uh and then The heart of any good trauma kit is We’ve got a soft t tourniquet right here Yeah and uh that’s the same one i carry One every day In my back pocket This is it right here you ever seen one Of these um I think twitch showed us one of those Yeah so yeah yep and so this is Different than a cat tourniquet But uh this is the soft tee It works the same way as the cat does It’s called the windlass tourniquet so This stick right here is the windlass Okay yeah twitch did show us one of Those And when you spin it when you twist this Up it constricts this band in here which Tightens it down and makes the blood

Flow stop yeah so you just you put these On high and tight right this one you Have to ratchet down So get it up there like that And then you need to turn that And don’t be afraid to hurt me keep Going One more Okay and then that stick goes in there Oh yeah Yep you can get it There you go There you go Boom look already see the See the veins standing out the back of My hand that means you’ve constricted The flow of blood to my hand so good job Fist bump And so This tourniquet this soft t tourniquet Comes with the ark as well and then We’ve got a cat tourniquet on the sob Which is kind of the same thing the sob Has Very similar contents in it but this has An internal pouch that comes out And then this little envelope has all Your stuff inside of it right yeah So that way this can stay mounted to Your belt and you can pull this out and Grab it if you need it the red handle is Kind of our thing That way visually You can see oh the red handle yank it

Out and uh but this one It has this mounting platform on the Back So you can like molly this onto your gun Belt or your plate carrier or your Headrest in your car And then when you need it see that red Handle again pull that red handle Oh there you go So this can stay on your headrest or on Your gun belt or on your plate carrier Or whatever yeah and then you have all Your medical stuff in here exactly and What’s cool is depending on where you’re Wearing this if you’re doing medic stuff Like you’re working on somebody else you Can leave this stuck to your plate Carrier pull your stuff out and work on Somebody or you can rip it off and throw It on the ground next to the casualty And then start working on them yeah so That’s the arc So which one do you think you want to Build Like which one you want to take home And how much glitter are you gonna put On it Because i noticed you got a little Glitter thing going on Yeah i did my makeup earlier like 10 Glitter 140 glitter 92 percent glitter A thousand percent glitter okay i like Glitter okay copy that so lots of

Glitter cool So This is the one you want to build yeah Cool yeah i like this one awesome well Let’s do that Hey thanks for beating me up appreciate It