World Food Supply Worsening – Bear Brief 3JUN22

By | June 3, 2022

Five people waiting jeez barrett nation Appreciate y’all thank you for being Here you guys know me or most of y’all Doing bear with bear independent dot com If uh who with the who what yeah bear B-e-a-r like You know we’re like oh he’s such a Little teddy bear with bear How do you spell that B-e-a-r-i-n-d-e-h-p-u elemental p star Asterisk rainbow unicorn poop emoji dot C-a-h-m It’s uh bear independent dot com If you’re new here and you like Shenanigan re and global intel you Should probably subscribe uh If you’re old here and you’ve had enough You should probably unsubscribe Bear independent brief 3 june 22 global Food supply is what we’re talking about Today Upstate new york he says finger lakes Region Up in the uh the catskill mountains the Adirondacks where are you at what are You doing homie morning benjamin In the u.s drought and rising production Costs will likely cause ranchers to Continue to shrink the size of their Herds praise the father we’re growing Ours but we’re not ranchers we’re Homesteaders Leading to further escalating beef

Prices The effect won’t be immediate the impact Will slowly unfurl to become more Pronounced between the end of 2022 That’s this year for those paying Attention Going into 2023 Cattle prices are projected to be at Record highs in 2023 Ground beef and chicken prices have Already hit record highs for u.s Consumers The issues facing american farmers are Abundant The drought took a toll and now the Heavy spring rains have prevented Farmers from planting as much wheat as Usual Aside from pointing out that farmers Operate on borrowed funds yeah That’s a huge issue it’s a huge Issue Food production In a very large part Is dependent upon Loans from banks Think about that good morning sam good Morning So The Velocity of money Is directly tied to the production of Food in the united states of america And that’s in large part because of the

Centralization of the production of food In the united states of america because Most people want to or need to air quote Need to Live in the cities or the suburbs Because of my job or my dad or my wife Won’t leave or my whatever or the kids Are in school or Pick your excuse So most people roughly 80 of the Population lives in places where they Can’t produce resources So that means that the 20 of the people That live in rural areas Uh Have to produce the resources that’s Consumed where the 80 of the people are And you get into chemical chemical Fertilizers like what was developed During the world war ii era still being Used today and monoculture mono cropping Large-scale factory agriculture Whether that’s Acre upon acre of uh chemically Fertilized corn Or cafos concentrated animal feeding Operations so forth and so on All of that Has been developed Justly or unjustly To feed a growing population the Majority of which don’t produce any Resources So

Decentralization if you can and you can If you will You could come out to a place like where I am right here Even if it’s just a handful of acres Put in a garden Get some sheep get some goats get a milk Cow Figure it out Get chickens In the suburbs um In our north texas One-third of an acre suburban home We had uh In our backyard we had 11 raised beds Meat rabbits A chicken tractor with uh meat birds in It A little chicken coop with laying hens In it by the way get rid of the roosters The neighbors don’t like the roosters And that’s the tip off the fuzz No good No good Uh Uh we had ducks meat ducks rowing meat Ducks at one point we had mature Nut trees we had berry bushes we had row Crops we put in i had 14 foot tall Sunflowers in my backyard I had nine foot tall corn in my backyard Fruit trees Rainwater catchment 55-gallon drums full Of water all in my backyard in north

Texas Six foot privacy fence which doesn’t do Much to Uh Provide some operational security to Your backyard agriculture when your Sunflowers are 14 feet tall Um Yeah but my point is you can grow food And we were growing 40 of our food In our backyard in north texas It can be done And so What we need very much so as we continue To deal with a worsening global food Supply is decentralization Anybody that can produce food should Produce food Very much so if you remember during World war ii if you remember if you were Around during world war ii you’ll Remember otherwise hopefully you’ve Studied The concept of victory gardens You all need victory gardens We are Very likely in world war three right now It’s just beginning to go hot Victory gardens are a thing and so i Would encourage you strongly Decentralize take the power out of the Hands of they Out of the bankers out of the major

Conglomerates and corporations around The world that are producing your food Which by the way the more food they Produce the lower the quality that food Is Okay Mass-produced anything we all know this Mass-produced anything is not very high Quality Right There’s a huge difference between the Produce you produce in your backyard and The produce you get the grocery store There’s a huge difference between your Eggs that come out of your chickens and Buying eggs at the grocery store huge Difference in the quality of meat We realized a couple of years ago that Without trying we are raising all the Buzzwords Free range antibiotic free cruelty free Cage free Yup that’s just You mean letting animals be animals Because yeah Just let the animals be animals and in Exchange for letting them do what they Do They will give you meat and eggs And milk It’s pretty cool So decentralization All right So

Aside from pointing out that farmers Operate on borrowed funds With today’s higher interest rates Devouring the bottom line Texas agriculture commissioner sid Miller stressed quote filling a tractor Daily now costs farmers 1 000 Twice what it was a year ago it’s Through the roof but it’s not just Diesel It’s fertilizer prices It’s parts We can’t get new tractors new combines We can’t get new tillage equipment so we Have to keep running our older equipment Which we can’t get parts for And so it’s just the whole comedy of Errors and it just multiplies on top of Itself Here in the south we’ve had a drought We’ve got record wheat prices but if you Don’t have any wheat to sell it doesn’t Really matter what the price is End quote I met sid miller a time or two And uh seems like an okay human being I don’t know terribly well but i do Agree with that statement and i think it It shows the Kind of a snapshot of reality of what Exactly is going on here Now i want to point out uh record wheat Prices yes wheat is up and i would Wheat wheat

Wheat w-h-e-a-t wheat Not weed For those of y’all of the uh green Persuasion that’s not what we’re talking About today i have no idea about the Global weed supply [Laughter] Not a metric i’m tracking But uh wheat Is up Now what does up mean It’s still available And here in oklahoma It’s gone from about 7.80 a bushel to About fourteen dollars a bushel so Almost a two hundred percent increase It’s still only fourteen dollars a Bushel though Go get you some wheat Homie And people say well i don’t know where To get wheat I didn’t know where to get wheat either Until i started doing some research and I found grain mills And grain bins in my area and then i Called them up and i said hey do you Have wheat they’re like no No No Yeah we got wheat Cool Is it inoculated wheat for planting or Is it wheat berries no it’s wheat

Berries Cool Can i get some how much you want do you Want it in bags Uh a lot and yes in bags All right well it costs 50 it costs a Dollar more per 50 pounds for To have it bagged up okay Sounds good How much you want How much is a palette oh that’s 2500 Pounds let’s do the math right now 200 Bucks A few hundred bucks for 2 500 pounds a Week Sign me up i’m coming And you get there And they pick the pallet up with the Forklift and they put it on your trailer Or in the back of your truck and you Drive away with a grid on your face and You and your friends have a wheat Bucketing party It’s literally that simple but you got To do the homework and so you all ask me All the time well bear where can i find Wheat Make phone calls i don’t live where you Live i don’t know the people that you Should know in your community but you You can make contact with other people And you should that’s how we found wheat That’s how we continue to get wheat and Yes it’s up

It’s twice what it was But it wasn’t terribly expensive before It doubled in price And it’s still available and so don’t Let that window of opportunity close on You because you’re like oh my gosh wheat Is up It’s still affordable Get it Because at some point It’s gonna be much like uh charmin was Two years ago where it didn’t matter how Much money you had you couldn’t buy Toilet paper A million dollars for a roll of sherman Can’t do it well i could have i’d be a Billionaire at this point because we Stack stuff deep you know i should have Been i should have been putting rolls of Sherman on ebay for a million dollars All i need to do is sell one right Anywho i digress But my point is you know Three years ago when the ammo crisis Started Had you known Yeah five five six is gonna go from 199 Dollars For a thousand rounds To six hundred dollars for a thousand Rounds You probably would have bought a bunch Of five five six right you should have Two years ago

When you couldn’t get toilet piper Right or you could read the writing on The wall and you bought a bunch of Toilet paper right you did what you were Supposed to do well i’m telling you now Wheat is still available But if it follows the same pattern that These other commodities have which by The way you need wheat to live Most people do some of you all your Gluten allergies it’ll kill you but That’s a different conversation My point is brett give us this day our Daily bread you need your daily bread to Live Right so it’s much more of an important Commodity than the or even five Five six If it follows the same pattern In a year or two it’s going to be so Exorbitantly priced that you can’t get It Maybe sooner and so i’m telling you Get wheat And if you can’t take the initiative to Source wheat in your area and to figure It out Well you reap what you sow so put the Effort in The u.s is the fourth largest exporter Of wheat W-h-e-a-t globally And has reported previously there is a Looming global food crisis because of

The current lack of exports from ukraine And russia But it’s not just those countries The international food policy research Institute wrote quote as the war Continues there is a growing likelihood That food shortages particularly of Grains and vegetable oils will become Acute Leading more countries to restrictions On trade So far at least 14 countries countries Have banned food exports Which include grains fertilizers plant Oils meat Produce And many of those bans are in place Until at least the end of 2022 according To a chart produced by the international Food policy research institute Due to the export restrictions further Squeezing the worldwide supply prices Have risen even higher So we have a supplied supply issue and a Demand issue which means we’re going to See exponential increases in prices here The supply is dwindling And the demand is going up Especially as we head into what will Likely become a hot war I’ve been talking lately About resilience and resistance you Can’t have a resistance without Resilience

And whether this is on a International geopolitical stage or this Is your community Resistance doesn’t happen without Resilience and so Countries nation states are stockpiling Grains and fuels and weapons Because they’re gonna need it They and they wouldn’t be Believe me the bureaucratic machine Would not be spinning into action to Make that stuff happen And it 100 percent is uh we are We meaning us at refuge medical we’re Intimately aware of the efforts that are Being made by the defense logistics Agency right now which is a sub Agency of the department of defense The dla defense logistics agency is Buying up everything they can right now Which means they expect a hot war Which means what i’ve been telling you For the last two years unfortunately Could come true They wouldn’t be doing it if they didn’t Expect it and so they’re buying up that Stuff they’re stockpiling that stuff Because stockpiling that stuff Food water Medical commo Etc Sanitation Stockpiling that stuff Creates resiliency it gives you depth it

Gives you room to maneuver your It insulates you to some degree from Production issues supply chain issues Embargoes you know trade restrictions Etc That’s resilience you can continue to Operate with Less and less outside input that’s Resilience So nation states are doing that right Now My question is How much do you trust your nation state I’ve seen continuity of government plans Cog Homie they’re not interested in Continuity of you they’re interested in Continuity of them And uh If you read between the lines what’s Been going on politically here Domestically i think that we have an Issue We have a lot of issues but i think we Have an issue where there is uh An illegitimate and i’m saying this Using technical terms Okay Technical terms That come from All of our modern military doctrine On Guerrilla tactics And you know gorilla

Gorillas auxiliary underground political Wings etc These are technical terms I believe that there’s A shadow government employees operating Behind the scenes That is developing its resiliency Because it believes that it will be Dealing with an occupying force on its Territory And i believe that element the occupying Force I’m sorry that element the shadow Government Believes that Good god-fearing gun-toting americans Are the enemy Resistance operating concept buy it read It underline stuff take notes There’s a lot in there there’s a huge Portion on shadow government and it’s a Real thing and i’m not talking about Um i’m not talking about all the Boogeyman conspiracy theories here i’m Talking about actual us military Doctrine we know what shadow governments Are we know what they’re supposed to Accomplish and the control of the Narrative and the orchestration of the Guerrilla forces and the auxiliary and The underground and the messaging you Know and if you If you start plugging in all the pieces There taking notes if you write george

Soros in this place and klaus schwab in This place and The clintons here and blm and antifa Here and you start putting all that Together And you also understand that terrorism As defined Is the use of violence for political Gain And you look at what’s happening in our Country Today All of a sudden it all starts clicking Into place That there are very bad actors That consider normal everyday americans To be the enemy That’s a huge problem It explains why we have a rogue fbi it Explains why we have elements within dhs That are not playing by the rules Explains why custom and border patrol Isn’t being allowed to do their job It explains why there’s been so many Issues with secret service details it Explains the Incredible incumbency rate of Politicians at the federal level It explains our actions in ukraine Currently and a rogue state department It explains a whole bunch of stuff And this is a much bigger concept And maybe I’ll map it out for y’all at some point

Probably It will definitely require a whiteboard So that could be an interesting piece of Content to produce that will instantly Get banned from youtube generate Multiple community strikes and Force all of you all to come over to Patreon [Laughter] But i digress the point here is that you Nation states are actively building Resiliency currently And if the nation states are doing that That should be an indicator for us to be Doing the same thing And you need to ask yourself is the Nation state going to take care of me Well as somebody who’s done a lot of Disaster relief and done a lot of work With the federal government The answer to that’s no they’re not Going to and even if they attempt to They’re going to be far less effective At taking care of you than you are going To be at taking care of you and so i Encourage you strongly to make the moves That you can make right now while the Opportunities exist for you to make them Right now The global food supply is already Stressed and as it stands currently Indicators only point to the situation Worsening this is coming right on the Heels of a situation in which inflation

Has hit record highs in europe And government officials and economists In the united states are warning of a Major global recession let’s touch on That for a moment Um I believe it was uh estonia and Lithuania Their most recent polling Or most recent data rather Had them at an actualized inflation rate Of between 18 and 20 percent And uh The euro poll there was good reporting On this yesterday with dustin and max Over at uh forward observer we’re Talking about this yesterday so shout Out to them if you’re not watching Forward observer you should be the Situational awareness show i watch it Every day and i try and catch out front With mike shelby every afternoon when i Can i’m kind of a busy guy but they do Really good work over there so go check Those guys out as well Um But they were talking about europol Yesterday They had concerns that uh all these Weapons that are being funneled into Ukraine After the conflict in ukraine is over That those weapons will find their hands Into find their way into the hands of

Criminals which then amid this worsening Geopolitical climate and scarcity of Resources and gross inflation will allow Um criminal elements to operate with American produced weapons given as war Aid To exert authority and control in areas To Collect all these resources And that this gross inflation In eastern europe these two countries 18 To 20 inflation in estonia and lithuania Could cause civil unrest there Okay Yeah i agree completely the actualized Inflation rate in the united states is 17.1 percent currently So what does that say about us Read the writing on the wall okay 17.1 percent actual Inflation rate currently in the united States of america So if we’re worried about civil unrest And riots in the street and having to Enforce martial law In eastern europe because of 18 to 20 Inflation we’re sitting at 17.1 in the United states The system is fragile it’s broken it’s Breaking And You need to In my humble opinion be as independent Of that broken fragile system as

Possible you need to not participate you Need to starve the beast You need to take personal responsibility For the well-being of you and your loved Ones and your community to operate from A position of strength Because their continuity of government Plans Don’t include you And based upon a lot of the reading Between the lines that i’ve done they Might think you’re the enemy And based upon a lot of the legislation That’s being rubber-stamped through the Senate right now They do think you’re the enemy And then what Huge problem Huge problem So inflation as well the Fed is talking about raising interest Rates To uh Slow the demand on The money markets their concerns are Going to collapse the stock market if They do it too quickly So that’s interesting But the fed is basically admitting hey We’re out of moves we got to do Something So amid and their target percentage rate For inflation is two percent It’s going to take some drastic moves on

Behalf of the fed In order to take actual inflation from 17.1 percent to 2 percent Hardship economic hardship the velocity Of money is going to be incredibly low What does that mean domestically there’s A lot of businesses that have been Started in the last decade or so Uh especially since the 2008 financial Crisis That have known nothing other than a Good economy and free-flowing money That’s going away That means there’s the high potentiality For a lot of businesses that are Operating off of a debt load or a Revolving line of credit to go out of Business That’s going to further exacerbate Not only supply chain But civil unrest and economic crisis Because now we have even more people out Of work It’s not a stretch to say hey there Could be bread lines look at the uh Great depression there were absolutely Bread lines there were soup kitchens People had to have them the Uh oh gosh The work parties and work camps that Were put together To keep people busy i think debtors Prisons will come back again i think Because

You owe the bank Well you can’t get blood from a stone Bear i don’t have any money yup you do Have breath in your lungs you pick or Camp or prison Where you want to go So All of these indicators and that this is Not the the zombies are going to rape Your dog and eat your kids channel But these indicators are here and They’re real And i think we do a disservice if we Ignore them Around the world food food products and The supplies to grow food continue to Become scarcer as the value of Currencies continue to shrink And so far weather events and inflation Have done absolutely nothing to Help and there’s one article if you’re On patreon you’ve got the full brief and The links but there’s one article that The Dance monkeys included And The dance monkeys being our research Team So intel if you got Something like to share But this this article is uh It’s interesting from U.s agriculture poses security threat in China’s interest federal report warns

It’s written in chinese then translated To english and so it’s very much so Pleased to you for make to have nice Article for news for info about food for China make us go bad boom Like it’s kind of written like that Which is You know you got all the giggles when You’re talking about stuff like that But the subject matter isn’t exactly Funny Beijing’s crosshairs a federal report Warned this week that china’s Determination to become self-sufficient And resolve its food security challenges Could put the u.s on the brink The report was released by the u.s china Economic and security review commission China’s efforts to bolster its Agriculture sector u.s security is not The only threat again the syntax is Terrible but listen to the point of the Article China’s failure to secure enough Domestic production to feed its mammoth Population means that the u.s will Acquire farmland livestock equipment and Intellectual property in some cases China’s president xi jinping speaks at The eighth round of u.s china’s Strategic and economic dialogues in the Seventh round of u.s china high-level Consultation on people-to-people Exchange beijing

Quote the united states is a global Leader in all these fields making it a Prime trading partner and often a target Of china’s efforts to strengthen its Agriculture sector and food security Sometimes through illicit means The report stated China is looking to dominate the Genetically modified seed industry which Has the potential for massive economic Windfalls Advancing beijing’s seed stockpiles Would not only reduce its dependence on The u.s it could also make a major Competitor in the global Market the uscc report found that the U.s exported 1.62 billion dollars worth of seeds Mostly vegetables corn soybeans and Grasses in 2020. Chinese president xi jinping Commemorates the 111th blah blah blah in 2021 173.9 million of exported seeds were Sold to china alone which accounted for Roughly 15 percent of total exports Chinese president xi jinping directed The agricultural industry china’s Reliance on foreign resources rather Than directing its resources for Development and research domestic seed Innovations have become a major tool in Its agriculture industry Acquiring u.s trade secrets through

Agricultural espionage to become an easy Way to china Yes i know terrible chinese syntax but Let’s do that again Acquiring u.s trade secrets through Agricultural espionage to become an easy Way to china quote agricultural ip theft Could enable chinese agribusinesses to Undercut u.s competitors on the International seed market Beyond the economic woes of u.s food Production on an even more ominous Threat The unpredictable unpredictable reality Of genetically engineered seeds can help Mitigate the risks of agriculture is Industry every season by drought pest And disease behind the technology is a Genetically modifying crop that can save A farming season which can also be used To target engineered crops One vulnerability to genetically Modified seeds is their limited genetic Variation consequently a virus or fungus Engineered to kill a genetically Modified plant could wipe out an entire Crop To mitigate the losses And it goes on and on and on from here But the point here is china is trying to Become Independent of the united states while Engaging in agricultural espionage in The united states to become

Agriculturally independent of the united States and Form the world’s largest Conglomerate of genetically modified Seeds China’s make moves And it’s interesting because they’re Trying to separate themselves from the United states while also acknowledging That they are prime trading trade Partners with one another china and the United states and they get a whole bunch Of food from the united states and so Before they can Strategically separate from one another They have to be able to take care of Their own food supply how do you boil That down for you before you can Separate yourself from this beast system You have to be able to take care of your Own food supply let’s look at that as a War indicator between china and the United states If china is dependent upon u.s Agriculture to feed its people going to War with the united states is a bad idea Something that’s been brought up over And over again as we talk about china Taiwan u.s What about india India’s saying hey they’re not going to Export any of their grain I think they’re saying that publicly but Very privately they’re going to because

India talked about increasing their Grain exports by up to 30 times Just a month ago So we’ll see what happens with that Point here being China is going to try and corner the Market on the world seed The world seed market and produce their Own food Enough of their own food that they can Separate themselves in the united states That’s a threat indicator hey because we Know that chinese made you know camp Chairs and microwaves and spatulas are All gonna break Yeah now they’re gonna produce all of Our seeds Bad idea So That’s the brief for today um Hey stack it to the rafters do the Things i appreciate you all very much if You’re one of those people that jumps Off when it’s time to talk about how to Support the show this is your cue beat Feet goodbye skedaddle get out of here Have a blessed day Now very briefly Handmade made in america guaranteed Forever refuge The best first aid kits on planet earth This is made in the united states of America 42 lives saved to date the most recent

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