SOLO CAMP CATCH & COOK! Huge Native Brook Trout Fishing, Cooking it over the Fire and Tarp Camping

By | June 3, 2022

Hey folks how are you well i’ve traveled All day to get here i drove a few hours In my car Down some highways down some logging Roads Down some trails even Then i put in my canoe and i paddled And i portaged i saw some pretty cool Things some interesting things along the Way It’s a really nice day the purpose of This trip purpose of this the purpose of This trip is to see if the fish are even Active yet it’s early may i’m at the Spot where john and i smashed trout last Year um i went out yesterday to a spot Where i’ve caught him before no bites at All so i’m thinking it might still be A little touch to a tad too early There’s ice on the water in spots still I actually had to bust through my way Pretty hard to get here but this is a Good central location i still have to Travel another two lakes over to get to The fishing spot tonight is just my like Overnighting Until i get to my actual trip part right So today’s been a full day don’t get me Wrong but we’ll leave everything here And then tomorrow we’ll go out two or Three lakes past we’ll spend the full Day we’ll bring stuff for lunch Hopefully catch a fish into a shore Lunch uh and then at the end of the day

We’ll come back to this campsite and Camp out again i’ve got my normal canoe Stuff Pretty lightweight pack though Just for two nights so i’ve been looking Around I gotta set up a tarp and sleep under a Tarp because that’s what i brought for Shelter there’s no bugs yet and this is One of the flatter spots when they come Over here and like oh yeah Oh what’s this oh massive wolf dung Massive wolf scat look at this Yuck That on over there And good as new this will be my my bomb My home and my bed all at the same time Ugh Nice and covered Cool Relatively flat And that’s what matters most Just trying to clean up All the pokies And all the poopies All right pretty mossy pretty damp But it’ll be good Yeah this will be good you stare out Check out my view Not too shabby huh Monster brookie Oh yeah he’s jason there you go bud Wow Monster brookie right off the hop as

Soon as i got into this lake i just went For a little paddle after my campsite or Whatever same lake um just maybe like a Freaking 10-minute paddle and i threw my Lure in and trolled for five minutes and I got that probably personal best Brookie ever i thought it was a lake Trout it fought so hard if it was Smaller i would have kept it and ate it But they would have been a waste Tomorrow i’ll keep one if i catch one But i’m uh i’m on the board with the Brookies first out of the year Yes Yes that was a tank that was a tank that Was more than a football i was a Tank man We creamed all over me too [Applause] Absolutely golden morning Right on cue Thank you Well we’ve made it We’re at our fishing lake All the trout are waiting for me Come to joey trolls All right first cast here we go [Applause] Beautiful brookie Beautiful Oh man Beautiful brookie Beautiful brookie on my first cast In my amazing

Secret Rainbow trout lake I let him go Clean release That was the first class cast it’s like Not even eight in the morning Um and it was pretty big regardless i Will keep one i won’t i won’t tempt it Too much but i just i felt like that was Too big and it was too early and it was The first cast i’ll just let him go just Let him go you know what i mean create Karma for the rest of the day that was The first cast First cast and i caught my rainbow nope That was the first cast and i got myself A speck I’m gonna fish some more I don’t give a heck Took a long time To get in here I’ll take my time Getting a full of fish i feel like an Island boy now Another one i’ll probably keep this guy For lunch looks like a decent size Nice Speck We’re going to keep this guy to eat Beautiful colors on them And not too big i don’t have any kind of Frying pan or anything like that so it’s Going to be bushcraft style over a fire Which is awesome i have the whole day to

Do it i’m going to continue fishing for A little bit then i’ll go find a spot Collect a bunch of firewood i have my Saw with me and we’ll cut this guy up And put him over a stick on a fire Over a fire on a stick rather Probably the biggest one on the trip Most colorful for sure nice clean catch On the mouth clean release I assume Nice This is hot man That was That was special that was a nice big big Colorful one This is exactly what i wanted fishing For trout good fishing for trout in Shallow water before the bugs Exactly what i wanted i’m so glad i came I could leave now and be happy but i Gotta eat my uh i gotta eat my trout my Full day trout it’ll be lunch and supper I’m sure for me Well that was pretty neat That float plane was uh Flying by like Across so If i’m here The float plane was like flying across In the air like this like a t And then it saw me and it banked right Towards me so i grabbed the camera as Quick as i could And you saw it and he freaking flew

Right over top of me and i waved to him When he banged his wing at me to say hi I imagine they’re out checking out Conditions And he was probably very surprised to See someone out here and came to see if I was okay or just to see what the Situation was but when i waved and Pointed the camera at him i think he got The picture that everything was Copacetic So uh Yeah that’s pretty cool Is that the right word copacetic second Guessing myself Everything is cool yeah i think that’s Right I think that’s right Google All right well I’m not having too much luck over here I’m probably gonna go head back to where I left the fish at it’s a cool spot By a little rapidly thing where we can Cook up lunch Oh here i’m coming back Where i can cook up lunch and uh hang Out and enjoy the scenery and stuff So That’s what we shall do No way no way [Laughter] Oh that was priceless That was i was literally just about to

Shut off the freaking Uh Camera This is the smallest one it feels like a Lake trout I can see him under the water he’s He’s vicious He’s vicious He is just going to town All right Pretty little laker Oh there he goes nice and spotty he’s Buddy like a leopard all right well That’s cool i got a laker and four Brookies now Okay i’m gonna shut up the camera and Paddle back There’s where i catch the fish we’re Just gonna grab it and then head to this Really cool spot i found Uh by a waterfall to hook it up We’re gonna Get the gills off this guy And probably got them out too They’ll put them on a stringer and Put them in the water but uh I don’t plan on eating this for quite a Few hours so I don’t want his gills in there Heartbreak This is where i cash to the fish And i’m sure you can guess what i’m Going to say next I had the fish cash there with that

In between its gills and those rocks Holding it in place There’s pieces there’s tiny pieces of The fish underneath Underneath the water i saw no signs of Animals except for one crow Crows are smart i threw i threw all Those other fish back i’m gonna go try And catch another fish Epic fail man like Heart heartbreaking all right thank god We got another one decent size good Eater not as big as the last one but we Don’t need it to be that big Learn my lesson there i should have Brought it with me but i didn’t have a Rope with me and i figured uh it’ll be All right i’m only going down to the Lake and i’ve done it before i’ve done It before But Hungry crows i guess in the springtime Okay let’s go cook this up before Anything else happens Mr turkey vulture was it you that took My fish Making me blame the crow Hey hey He’s literally circling me You’re not getting this one but F off bud The f is for fly away Pretty convenient these rocks are all Just sitting here

There’s a little fire pit really quick Nothing Crazy Just to contain the Flames I want to clean the fish and get it set Up before i start the fire because i Need it to cook on the flames and i want To get every bit of the flames Not have to wait And fix up the fish after the fire is Going Okay we’re making progress i’ll show you The full scoop in a second here i’m just Gonna put the third Skewer in As soon as i find Skewer hole There it is So i’m basically using This middle stick As a prop support To kind of butterfly Excuse me kind of butterfly this trout Open I’m just getting so Covered in trout In the process okay Here we go See Pretty steady on there pretty sturdy You flip it around i don’t want to test It too much but let’s clean this guy off Put them make the fire put them over top

Of it Oh i’m sticking it joe Stick joe Somebody put the comments where do you Come from where do you go where do you Come from hunchback joe and i said oh That hurts i know i have it i see it it Sucks i can’t do anything about it my Back bends at a weird angle i try to be Conscious of it and it’s Hideous and it doesn’t feel good either Okay Enough of that We got our trout on This is the culmination of the trip for Me Yes it’d be [Applause] That’s a real nice low flame with a lot Of cedar smoke coming off of it That’s going to cook for about an hour It’s going to taste phenomenal [Applause] Oh all right like normal we had to do Some finagling With this uh trout And We got everything except for the head we Uh The snakes came out and stuff but that’s Fine Let’s sit down and eat this thing i’m so Hungry it’s ridiculous Shadow cast by the camera

All right let’s see how she goes See what it looks like Come on give me a good piece here Oh yeah oh yeah Oh So very hot I might have to go on again for a couple Minutes Oh my god Oh Oh The fillets are done for sure Buddy Well worth it you know it’s a lot of Work to get into here like a lot It took me all day A lot of work and driving too for like a Few hours But I’ve never come to a place So awesome where i’ve never seen anybody There’s readily available trout And i can catch them Which is uh a bonus Some of this has to go back on I’ll rig it up on a rock here Oh man let me be sure i’m gonna eat all This That’s got to go back on that piece I’ve still got a nice big fillet here And Most of one here Well It’s almost three now

And i got out here I started the day At six before seven for sure so i put in A full day This was awesome this is exactly what i Wanted to do A little mishap with the other fish but Other than that it’s been perfect The wind has kicked up it’s gusting And Of course it’s in the direction that i Have to go [Applause] So I’m gonna pack up and get out of here Head back to my camp See what time i get to my camp at And how i feel And if i feel good and have time i’m Going to start heading back towards the Truck and then camp along the way Potentially even get back to the truck And bail tonight it is mother’s day on Sunday and i have only one day That i’m home before mother’s day If i get home tomorrow if i get home Today i have two days So i can plan things and do things Better she she let me like originally i Wasn’t supposed to be here like i said i Was supposed to be tosh for until like Way past mother’s day and she’s like oh Yeah i know don’t she’s so awesome no Don’t worry just go it’s no big deal oh

Man like anyway so i want to go home and And and make something special for her Have something special for her from Mother’s day but that doesn’t Necessarily mean i have to go today just Give me an extra day All that said Fish is done So i got one or two pieces here left But I’m going to uh Pack up And head back to camp Would be a push to get out today Well it took us about an hour and a half But we’re back To where we camped last night It’s too early for me to just stop here And relax especially knowing i have a Big day of travel tomorrow so i will Just chill here for a little bit let me Get a move on Let’s see where i get to tonight I’m gonna have a little snack A little drink And uh tear down my camp Oh yeah Nice and aired out my stuff was soaked From sweat Condensation last night I was way too warm But the swim bag was literally soaking Wet so i hung it up to dry And obviously

All is well Well this feels heavenly i’ll tell you That much Oh man i thought this tarp was black Certainly looks blue in the sun Better than black For heat and black flies but it’s still Very dark Anyways Oh man What a day What a day This breeze is nice in here with this Shade Oh man Well i really put the pedal in the metal And i am on my access lake now i single Carried all the portages out i double Carried most of them on the way in So i’m on this access lake and it seems Like the wind Is in my favor I took a corner And normally the wind blows the other Way but it’s blowing this way today i Believe as soon as i get out here i’ll Be able to tell if that’s the case it’s Going to send me To my truck pretty quick and Effortlessly so you can be sure That’s what i’m going to do And it’s no worries because i’ll be back In the bush in two more days three more Days i’ll be back in on monday for

Another few nights For another trip Never a dull moment Always happy to get out And always happy to go home No matter the duration of the trip I could have stayed another night out Here But what’s the use when all it’s in my Head is thinking I gotta bust my butt tomorrow and get Home and Drive and Then Figure everything out for mother’s day So This is the best of both worlds for me i Got to get in and get my trip in A little solo time I got all the trout i could ever ask for No bugs beautiful weather Fighting the wind a little bit today on Those other lakes but other than that Like what big deal that’s that’s par for The course on the trip so Real happy Really happy about this one This tailwind is absolutely amazing It keeps gusting Nice and strong but it’s a constant Breeze I’m coasting man I’m telling you every single other time I’ve been here the wind has well the

Wind normally blows the other way Well that’s all she wrote i just worked It out i made it out from the trout spot In four hours 10 minutes and i made it That means i made it out from my camp in About three hours And it made me it took me about four and A half hours yesterday to get into the Camp so the wind was with my back again Like i said today anyways Amazing trip very very very happy i did This hope you guys enjoyed it stay tuned We’ll be back real soon Bye Such a good decision to move up here This is the life for us I can be home tonight I’m at home so much more now It’s perfect Almost out to the highway