How May We Serve You? Thirsty Thursday 2JUN22 Q&A

By | June 3, 2022

Some of her Starting to look like one of our Roosters There’s lit So yeah rooster over there went off and There’s literally a chicken running off The porch now So Hi everybody For the preemptive question of who that Lady this is my wife homie i’m gonna get Asked again yeah I got this rooster here i got this long Gray beard hair right here About half a mile long what’s up lone Star 11 Pilgrim prepa not one more inches here Not one More inch What’s up paladin one Cory suttles Billy hill what’s up billy hill if you Need some high quality redneck wrappery Billy hill is your guy also if you have A brain inside of your dome and you Don’t want billy uh bullets to hit it Billy hill’s got you covered you can Find them on instagram And uh Oh got it i got it that thing’s a mile Long It really is so here’s part of that Well here’s the oh look at this look at It cool

South texas what’s up brandon hey you All stay safe down there in south texas That’s one of the reasons that uvalde Hit me or hit me hard for a lot of Reasons but i’ve done a lot of work in South texas what’s up ghost shalom And uh I know a lot of those little communities And neighborhoods down there i’ve worked In them i’ve driven through them You see all those giant fan things down There i didn’t put all of them up but i Was Instrumental in the installation of a Bunch of them what’s the cigar tonight It’s a diesel rage And i’m doing my best to not rage So In fact let’s get some of grandpa’s Cough medicine here Cheers To the uh bear nation Brian college station roger that Someone said i see the brains of the Output is here Yeah we were talking about this on Patreon a couple weeks ago Somebody asked the question This essentially the question was All right bear you guys seem to have it Going on how smart are you Can the average person do what y’all do And The answer that is yes absolutely and

That’s what we try and do is encourage You all To show you What we’re doing how we’re doing it we Explain a lot on the philosophy of why We’re doing what we’re doing Uh whether that’s the bible videos or The daily intel briefs and then the not The content that’s on patreon regarding The homestead and the gardens and the Livestock and just the life talks and Everything that’s there And The answer to that question is yeah you Don’t have to be The sharpest tool in the tool shed in Order to do what we’re doing and i say All that to say this i said in that Video my wife’s iq is substantially Higher than minus like Like 45 points higher than mine is and I’m not a dummy crazy i’m not a dummy Like i know two plus two is seventeen so You know i’ve got it going on up top Salomon storm chaser what’s up brother Don’t be comparing us with average People we are peculiar people yes sir we Are peculiar People uh 100 peculiarity going on over Here So i’m having a Margarita that has a little bit of Strawberry Susan bates says she really enjoys your

Garden videos on patreon that’s awesome Very much [Music] Although we didn’t get um planted We did uh we planted seven blueberry Bushes and an apple tree today Uh somebody said Ulta prep said your potato towers they Would buy more watering than in the Ground yep that is a trade-off there They’ve also settled significantly They’re about 60 percent as high as they Were when we first installed them So It’s new for us Let’s see how it turns out yeah it’s a New methodology we’re experimenting Which is something we constantly do Because we don’t know everything either You know Um i certainly don’t know everything but And i tell people most of what i do know I i know what works because i’ve tried All the things that don’t work Nino farmstead we love you back and uh Shalom brother dudley billy hill says Y’all put me on the peanut butter Whiskey my thursdays are no longer Thirsty roger that i just had some Screwball for the first time in a long Time the other day And i didn’t realize how much i missed It so well that was all you draped for a Year yeah it was

It was good You know all things in moderation Including moderation occasionally so my Palmetto paratrooper what’s up brother My cousin works for screwball well if He’s in the shipping and receiving Department he might need to lose a Pallet or two Shoot me a text and uh i’ll let you know Where to send it Can you add more layers to the potato Towers now or will that mess it up i Honestly don’t know i’ve had that Thought myself we need to consult uh Lumpf yeah new hope formstead and and Asked her What is moderation moderation is what The people with the blue wrenches do When people get out of line in the chat That’s what moderation is Uh shalom andy barnes what’s up brother You know andy it’s been a long time You get a blue wrench brother Special operations equipment talking About you and debbie the other night and John of soe is here what’s up brother we Will actually be at uh soe headquarters In camden tennessee The weekend of the 11th and the 12th for The self-reliance expo and so if you’re Going to be in that neighborhood or you Want to be in that neighborhood camden Tennessee Kind of uh like one of the meccas in the

Country of tactical badassery you’ve got Uh Tactical responses there you’ve got some Tactical is there There’s gonna be a bunch of speakers There Uh jack spirko i believe is gonna be There And Actually i’ll pull it up on my telephone The self-reliance festival self-alliance Tickets are still available there’s 60 Bucks online or 75 at the gate Let’s see john willis with so sweet Tactical dr ken berry from the proper Human diet jack spirico with the Survival podcast and the coal sauce with Living free in tennessee And uh Nicole sauce is doing underground Networking billy bond is doing chicken Tractors and steroids jack spirit goes Talking about build your empire while There’s crumbles John willis is doing justice and Entrepreneurship in a time of Incompetence these are all talks that Are being given i’ll be giving a talk a 45-minute talk sunday afternoon On community the importance of community How to build it and what roles within Communities look like Dr ken berry on the proper human diet

Uh josh and thomas carpenter confessions Of a homesteader wannabe Financial self-alliance with gabby reed Uh There’s a whole bunch of stuff going on Tactical Training for homestead defense with joey Glover and dana mcclendon So Yeah there’s going to be a butchering Workshop there’s lots lots of stuff Going on so that self-reliance will be there i earn no Money by telling you that i earn no Money by going but it’s going to be a Good time i’m going to get to hang out With some of our people And uh interact with y’all It should be a good time We’re having a mini vacay this is going To be a blast i’m hoping to swing back Through The mayfield uh kentucky area while We’re there so that i can go back and Survey the storm damage It’s now in the recovery phase when Grindstone deployed For that storm that series of storms They were in the relief phase and we did Our relief portion and now i want to go Put eyes back on it and see what’s going On because we stayed in touch with a Bunch of a bunch of people out there And i know there’s a huge crunch for

Contractors right now the average Contractor wait time is 6 to 12 months Currently For rebuilding and i just want to go Scout it and see if there’s Opportunities there for grindstone which Is our construction ministry if there’s Opportunities for us to plug in I’m also and i know this from working Storms previously there’s like not a Single hotel room within 50 miles of That place right now so the logistics Will be a concern but uh the fair Dealing olive fire department may let us Take over again they may not Uh we’ll see what happens Um So It’s all lauren that was awesome So luke got like a little crap total Plants In the ground today That’s awesome I’m still working on my Blueberries What’s going on Uh Yeah and so i think that’s worth talking About you know it’s rome was not built In a day And it didn’t fall on a day either so You know most people point to 476 a.d is The year that rome fell but There was a long slow decline leading up

To that point and basically they ran out Of the ability To Perpetuate their will via military force To export the romanitas Throughout their empire and they got Into a bunch of border skirmishes and They couldn’t control their border areas And yada yada stuff got bad for them but Using the analogy i’m not being built in A day like neither is a homestead Building a day we’ve been here for four Years a little over four years and Uh man we’re still learning and there’s Still a thousand things that we need to Do and a thousand things we need to get Better at and You just don’t let perfect be the enemy Of good enough You know So Between the lines tells me we all fell And sir well um You know that’s the problem with There’s many problems with our current Political system but if you can make 51 of the country into felons or more With the swipe of a pen I don’t think your authority is Legitimate And i’ll just say that I really don’t want to delve too deeply Into that right now typically what we do Is q a

But we do these live streams and the Title is not facetious i’m honestly Curious it’s like how can we serve you This evening what do you want to know How can we help you How can We answer questions that you may have so That you can wherever you are in your Preparedness journey that you can be Better than you are now uh because again We don’t know everything but gosh dang We made a ton of mistakes that we’ve Learned from getting from where we are To where we are now or where we were to Where we are now Super true As bob would say that’s super real yeah And then dudley would go it’s a must So yeah of course So There’s a bug on my leg So we are also getting attacked by bugs Yeah that’s snacks that’s a real deal And there is What’s up chad somebody said what part Of oklahoma has the least tornadoes so Central oklahoma has the most tornadoes To as for my understanding eastern and Western oklahoma not so much Comma i would defer to uh okie storm Chaser’s expertise on this because his Name is literally oaky storm chaser he’s A storm chaser in oklahoma that’s what It does

Um frank trapinka what’s up frankenstein I mean you can look at Like 100 year old tornado maps just like Flood maps like Uh That information is out there because That’s something that concerned me a lot With moving to oklahoma because i knew It was like tornado alley And i did not want to Be destroyed you know have high Probability of being destroyed by a Tornado So that was something i researched A lot Um And Thank you gb it went into like major Consideration for the property that we Got i’m wearing eastern oklahoma yeah so Um these these mats bro this is gonna be A fun evening i know we’re gonna be late I’ve got bug spray i’ve got fan going They’re just like they’re not having it What’s up dr trevor wilkins uh so frank Said What’s the best feed to stockpile for Sheep for winter So In the so in the summer here Stockpiling any type of bagged feed is An issue what’s up danny jackson i Appreciate you Directors to grindstone will do thank

You brother Um In the summer we can’t stack feed for More than four to six weeks Hey what’s up roger rabbit hole shalom Brother i hope you’re doing all right Um In the summer it gets so hot and humid Here that the feed will mold inside of The bag Uh so you can’t really hold more than a Month’s worth of feed which is what i’ve Learned um however In the fall and the winter of the spring It definitely stays cool enough that you Can stack pallets of that stuff if you Want to Uh of course there’s cost associated With that but really Hey hey is what’s up as far as for Stockpiling stuff In fact uh we’ve got another 100 bales Uh dudley just picked up another 100 Bells for the homestead today from our Hey guy and anecdotal beta two years ago Bella hay a decent quality cow hay 60 Pound bale cost me three dollars and Then they went to five dollars and the Last load of hay we got was Uh seven dollars of bail and we just got A text from our hey guy last week who Was like yo i just want to give you guys A heads up this cutting right now is Seven dollars a bail so get as much as

You want now because after that it could Go to ten to twelve dollars failed so Over the last two years that’s a 400 Increase in the cost of hay here Um And then also Our sheep we have katahdin sheep which Is specifically bred for meat And they um and they’re not wooly They’re hair sheep so they lose their Hair you know they get a winter coat Then in the spring their hair falls out They get nice and smelt looking But uh They’re really good browsers and so they Don’t just graze they don’t just eat Grass but they eat weeds they eat small Trees they eat bushes they eat poison Ivy they eat blackberry bushes they eat If they can if it’s green and they can Reach it with their mouth they will eat It Um So Oh that’s a good question for you matt Connor said how big of a game changer Was having a freeze dryer opposed to Just canning and dehydrating So Pretty big like i put up a lot more Freeze-dried food Than I did canning Uh and dehydrating and i think it like

Dehydrating is more similar because it’s Just kind of like that you set it and Forget it And Uh so it’s not as Like hands-on having to watch it Time-consuming as manning is And so yes it’s definitely stepped up The Prepper game Um The hillbilly homesteader said do the tr The sheep try and escape a lot No no they’re not like goats which is Super cool In fact I had a sheep one time jump over the Four foot field fence And it got scared and they were all Running and it just jumped over the Fence and it was outside the fence And it was standing there like i was Snapping outside the fence then i Realized oh snap you’re outside of the Fence and i was like Hey Get back in there and it was like crap And it turned around and rained and Jumped back over the fence and got back Inside of the pen With the rest of his buddies so Unlike goats we’ve had goats in the same Pen That will jump right over the fence or

Figure out how to climb over the fence And then they’ll lay down right on the Outside of the fence Shalom sister dudley ugg goats yes Exactly So the sheep are much more docile um They’re easier to work because for sure They taste better than goats do for sure What we have not done is ever milk our Sheep But that’s because they’ve always got Babies on them when they’re in milk it’s Because they’ve got babies on so Somebody asked if protein wise what’s Freeze drip Freeze dried better raw or cooked And it depends on the protein like I prefer Raw or i prefer cooked chicken To raw chicken But i prefer raw beef To cooked beef I like my chicken medium layer So it very much that like When you freeze dry A good Practice to do is to like save some And Go ahead and like reconstitute it Because reconstituting it immediately is Not going to be any different than Reconstituting it 20 years from now Uh so go ahead and reconstitute just a Little bit and try it

And see like how you want to do it and What tastes better because like Raw eggs generally taste better than Cook tags Um There’s a bunch of good questions going Simply hopes that you have a tick issue How do you treat for that um so to give You an idea yesterday yeah yesterday Dudley and i filmed an eight part series On the march algorithm and tactical Combat casualty care for y’all which Will be coming out in eight episodes for Free here on youtube And in the in one video there was a 15 Minute ish video i pulled four lone star Ticks off of me during the video so how Do you treat for that well you treat Yourself with 100 deep and you have Chickens and maybe guinea hens to eat The ticks and a lot of people say hey Guinea hens do a great job eradicating Ticks i can’t stand guinea hens Personally but i found no appreciable Difference in the tick population impact Between guinea hens and free-range Chickens So Let’s see Do you grow wheat nope i do not Everybody else in oklahoma does though Uh let’s see Uh There are some others in here i wanted

To hit but they go by so fast What’s up sarah Sheep taste much better yes they do chat Iridium group what’s up bro If you’re north of the imaginary line in The snow up there in canada please check Out the iridium group if you need kits And product and training we offer we Sell kits in canada first aid kits But um you may be better served by going To the iridium group because of the cost Of shipping yeah and and also they’re Doing really good work and you know Support a brother that’s doing good work He’s doing good work and in fact we’re Talking on the back end about getting Together for a live stream so we can Just talk about Life in canada and life in america and Stop the bleed triple c Tactical comeback house d care that type Of stuff Um refuge medical confuses everyone Stumbling in medical marijuana yes That’s why we got the sign what does the Sign say Go away we don’t sell weed yeah Uh canine kits maximus prepper a couple Of people have asked about k9 kits i Believe they’re back in stock right now So uh would you pull up and see if the canine Kits are in stock please Do you have ticks all year round no uh

Really in the spring and the summer They’re they’re pretty bad um and then In the fall they start to die off not an Issue in the winter it does get cold Enough here in the winter to make them Go dormant or kill them off Let’s see Yeah okay A lot of stuff is back inside Yes We are Guys i i said it and i mean it man we We have two two and a half people it’s Their full-time job so two full-timers In a part-time are right now just Sourcing components And uh the business model was not built Around having 2.5 full-time positions Uh Today you know that we could Just constantly have to search for Product but that’s what it takes in Today’s industry to be able to do that Maximus prepper bless you i appreciate That I want to order some canine kits with Local ellie also hey use promo code bear Nation get free shipping on that what’s Up qrf funny i say people should come Buy their complete kit from you i’m a Fan of what you all are doing thanks the Iridium group hey i appreciate you bro i Really do i know but i know Um you were doing a pre-order on cats

And it I want to be able to help you because You’re helping other people and that’s That’s really important to us Um I firmly believe that refuge medical Produces the best first aid kits on the Planet And i saw your video on instagram as to Why you sell components rather than kits Because of the legalities in Canada and believe me we’re well aware Of that because we sell and ship to Canada Um and so If you’re in canada Check out the iridium group And if they don’t have what you need or If they can’t source what you need come See us Um And if you need training and you’re in Canada see the iridium group like just Just make contact with good people build Relationships with good people that’s What it’s all about because at the end Of the day It’s really it’s a value exchange if i’m Not helping you solve your problems There’s no good reason for you to spend Money with me right so a business solves Problems first and the more problems you Solve the more help people you help the More revenue you generate but if you

Start a business like 99 of the people Do you start a business That is designed around generating Revenue only Not with the idea of providing value Would probably be bankrupt within 12 Months because it’s unsustainable Pre-vet from ukraine shalom from Oklahoma Uh stephen laucheri said any kits for Pets So we have the canine kits at And then the uh adventure kit makes a Really good homestead Uh kit as well we’ve actually used our Adventure style kits that i i built Before we offer the adventure kit use Them quite a bit for our livestock so True True we have one kid that’s basically Become like the sheep kid So I’ve been buying medical supplies left And right or bless you And by the way your name is always hard To say cluster cluck farms i always want To say the other way around Thoughts on cost-effective water Sanitation What volume You see this chicken up there on there Hey while you’re over there would you Grab me any stick out of that humidor

Please Got my bear fact 3.0 coming soon i Appreciate you I don’t have every kit refuge makes but I’m working on it thanks they survived The adventure kit is awesome i need one Hey you get uh You talk to your hubby about that you Figure that out What percentage of your food will you Produce this year Not as much as i’d like to Um Maybe Let’s ballpark it between The livestock and the garden maybe 20 Percent Um And obviously the goal is to do way Better than that Hey what’s up ken shalom brother Uh obviously the goal is to do way Better than that but that’s just where We’re at right now real talk Tomahawk i have a christian friend who Wants another tattoo but i don’t know How to explain leviticus 19 28 with love And respect i would say think before you Inc and will this glorify god is this a Sin Okay well good question and if you’re Not particularly into What’s up the luxurious bastard i’ve Been rubbing your luxurious bastard

Beard grease into my beard the last few Days and i appreciate you bro Um So sin biblically speaking is defined in The new testament and first john chapter 3 verse 4 sin is lawlessness And so That would mean transgression of the law Of sin okay And so if you go to leviticus 19 which The entire reason leviticus 19 was Written that torah portion is the whole Idea is to be set apart which is Set in leviticus 19 verse 2 be set apart As i am set apart right so Everybody turn with me in your bottle [Music] Let’s see Hold on Where’d you go there you are 1928 Do not make any cuttings in your flesh For the dead Nor put tattoo marks on you i am yahuwah I am the lord your god Now this is in the Midst of the kerosene torah portion And kerosene means to be set apart right So That’s the whole thing it starts with Leviticus 19 verse 1 speak to all the Congregation of the children of israel And said them be set apart for i yah who Are your elohim set apart and so the

Idea here is these instructions are how Do you differentiate yourself from the Nations Okay and so that’s what that whole torah Portion leviticus 19 is about us how do You separate yourself From the nations and The real question would be to your Christian friend What identity does he have In his relationship with the father and How much is he trying to set himself Apart from the heathens And again in love you might approach it With that question of like Okay You’re a believer you believe in god you Believe you’re covered by the blood of The son What are you doing in your daily life to Set yourself apart from all these other Non-believers Um and it Different denominations have different Uh interpretations I’m non-denominational in the best way Possible in my opinion i i read the book And i do what it says is voting a sin Well i think that depends on who you’re Voting for uh But again Leviticus 19 Be set apart as i am set apart So and remember

We’re commanded to fear nothing but Yahuwah our elohim the lord our god And so I don’t cede any authority to man that Is not authority that is righteously Uh executed Okay so The laws of god come first and laws of Men that transgress the laws of god are Not laws to me If that makes sense My identity Is In the father through the son It is not in what political party i Support it’s not in Which old white man wrote what words on A piece of paper It’s None of that um and I think we can all to a greater or Lesser extent acknowledge that the World’s going to hell in a hand basket Anyway and so i want to form with Babylon as little as i can Um I want to starve the beast i don’t want To play in the beast system i don’t want To be a part of that It’s it’s just not worth it even from Just simply a quality of life standpoint I would rather hang out with my wife With a pickaxe and a shovel and dig Holes for blueberries then worry about i

Mean you’ve seen the rash of legislation That’s coming in the last 24-48 hours I’m well aware of it i know that it’s Going on i stay abreast of as much Intelligence as i can I’m not losing my crap about it i’m not Like i’m not all bent out of shape about It because What they’re gonna do is what they’re Gonna do And uh my life will change zero percent Regardless of how many crusty old Billionaire men who got rich serving Their country airport write their names On that piece of paper Um We will continue doing what we do and Praise the most high we live in a free State where it’s a state felony to Enforce federal Gun laws in this country any Infringement on the second amendment the State of oklahoma is a state felony If you enforce it whether you are a State law enforcement officer Or you’re a federal officer operating in The state of oklahoma that’s a state Felony So That’s pretty cool And actually rex did a really good video On this uh two-party the first parts on Youtube the second part’s on patreon Called who is your tyrant

And he was talking about the law of Proximity And the closer something is to you the More it actually affects you and so to That end Your governor Is more important than your president Your mayor’s more important than your Governor and your community is more Important than the mayor and your family Is more important than your community So proximity right super important He did a really good job at that Thanks for the pregnancy bucket got a Kid on the way so it’s a good peace of Mind hey i appreciate that thanks for Buying it see scrolls We’ve got a toddler with a superficial Injury to the right little finger Band-aid is being applied As my oldest throws my books and my Bible on the floor in complete Disrespect now she’s trashing my ranger Handbook What is wrong with your child Now she’s being attacked by a 120 pound Livestock guardian dog Good times So if uh if you’re new here uh Ask questions in all caps please that Will help me see them And That doesn’t guarantee that i’m gonna Answer your questions it just gives it a

Higher likelihood that i’ll actually see Them And i may see them and may not want to Answer them so if you’ve asked the same Question three or four times and i Haven’t answered it i probably don’t Want to answer And please observe the prime directive In the chat here we’ve got two prime Directives from messiah the first is Love the lord your god with everything You’ve got Your heart your mind your soul your Strength all of it the second is love Your neighbor as yourself so don’t be Jerks to each other in the chat please Don’t be a jerk to me i’ll do my best Not to be a jerk to you and uh if we can All observe that to the best of our Broken ability everything should be Hunky Are you all holy spirit phil I believe so John chapter 16 and the ruach the helper The ruach hakodesh the holy spirit shall Come and shall convict you concerning Sin And righteousness and judgment and then Of course paul likes to pine on about The gifts of the spirit so forth and so On shalom big cass what’s going on Brother Uh do you you all have an issue with Pests eating in-ground berry plantings

How do you deal with that if so Um i haven’t had an issue with the Berries we did have squash bugs That like murdered our cucumbers and That was a little rough hey what’s up Trosman shalom brother No i’ve had my chickens eating my berry Plants But no bugs Just chickens Yes Correct I have been picking the blueberries And the cows Over there they were they decided to Climb on top of the brush pile i love You all can see this big brush pile Right here But They climbed they were up on top of this Brush pile eating Something So That was fun Received my arc kit a few days ago What an awesome kit thank you titanium Legs that was developed with massive Input from our brother twitch the shield Bearer of faith he’s also our head Instructor Currently at So we had instructor eric who has been Instrumental in establishing refuge Training and he still works in an

Advisory role with us helps us develop Curriculum so forth and so on but he’s Got a couple of other things going on Right now that are pretty high profile And so twitch has done an excellent job Taking over as head instructor at refuge Training So We’ve been a prepper for about three Years now been a subscriber for about Two years been saving the whole time to Be able to move our land out of the Ozarks R.j brown that’s awesome but i don’t Think that’s a question brother i don’t See the question Either But i will see a question Thanks for all the awesome videos love What you do keep spreading the good word Awareness 808 will do was that awareness Bob no it’s weird to say to right Awesome Thoughts on putting food sealed in mylar Bags cleaned non-food grade buckets so If you’re using mylar you don’t need a Food grade bucket okay you have a bear You have a layer of protection yeah it’s Not touching the bucket so whether or Not the bucket is food grid doesn’t Matter if you’re putting straight into a Bucket rather than using mylar then it Does need to be food grade and if you’re Going to do that still put your oxygen

Absorbers in there and use a good lid With a good o-ring seal in it and hammer The lid on so you can remove as much as Much oxygen as possible so I’m on the bear nation discord server Now how did i not know this existed well It’s really a gift to the patrons So But i palmetto i believe you’re on Patreon as well so thursday i just um i Don’t do a great job at promoting it Badgers should probably rebuke me on That because i just put a lot of work Into the discord so for the patrons There’s a link to the discord and it’s a Private link it’s patrons only and we do That a lot like uh bart charges a cover Charge on friday night to help keep the Riffraff out it’s because unfortunately A lot of times there’s riffraff here on Youtube and we just don’t want drips in There so and it doesn’t mean that there Aren’t occasionally jerks on patreon There’s a case i was a bouncer for a few Years uh there’s occasionally people who Paid the cover charge and still need to Get thrown out of the bar So Roger that badger Uh how many people is needed to schedule A training class with refuge medical Bobby rice so sales at or Either one salesat

It’s a minimum of five but the more the Merrier because the the class cost is The class cost and so if you have 20 People your cost per head is going to be One quarter of what it’s going to be With five people Can confirm the discord is good stuff So bcp just went down to mexico and what Do you know he found no shortage of baby Formula yup I believe he can milk carrie chief of Fighters were your military nope did Some contracting work and subject matter Expertise for the dod and dia Thoughts on networking with folks who Maybe not his belief system is yourself So Here’s the issue with that There’s lots of good people out there You need to determine with your group And with your house your household To what level you want to be involved With people that aren’t uh 100 Ideologically aligned with you now let Me tell you 100 ideological alignment doesn’t exist You can get really close Even with people you’re super tight with You’re still going to disagree on things And that’s okay But the the higher your level of Ideological alignment is the deeper you Can go with somebody And so the question really is how deep

Do you want to go because if you’re Going to be surface level you’re going To coordinate on a few things Occasionally hang out a little bit maybe Do a little bit of cross training they Don’t have to think and feel and believe And be convicted the exact same way that You are But if you’re gonna like put your back Up against them when it’s you and them Against the world and if i die you take Care of my family and if you die i’ll Take care of your family It would be really good to have super High ideological alignment so What do you think Watch that That’s what i think No i agree it’s important like It’s nice to Go ahead thomas jefferson being able to Like get together with a group of people And not necessarily have to worry about Like saying something That might offend someone else like That’s I mean yeah we still occasionally piss Each other off but but we do it in love Right Right And so but it’s not like you know We don’t have to argue about those like Major topics like we all kind of agree About the same principles and morals and

Values and the big stuff that’s a good Point because morals and ethics matter Because if i’m playing from a different Set of rules than you are Then we’re going to have a difference in Agreement about what right and wrong is And especially if we’re talking about Decentralization and a loss of national Legitimacy from our governance where we All have to take more personal Responsibility we should probably be on The same damn page as to what right and Wrong is So There was a question i saw that i wanted To answer And [Music] Oh yeah so i’m gonna i’ll show that book In one minute shine that big black book That’s next to you if you’ll have it on Deck and Let’s see [Music] Where’d it go oh frt yea or nay So i think uh In specific roles That are addressed in this book right Here may i have my book please thank you Resistance operating concept Here’s the book by otto c fiala Right here Published by the joint special Operations university press

Highly recommended reading this was Recommended initially by pastor joe fox At viking preparedness On His patreon channel I got it and i’m me so i’ve been taking Notes i’ve been underlining stuff i’ve Been doing all the things Super important book which informs your Frt question Um An frt In certain roles Is going to give you um Lots of capability For high volumes of uh airsoft bbs That If you have an h3 heavy buffer in your Airsoft training rifle Will allow you to shoot more bbs More quickly In a uh in a 556 bb gun And that can be a real game changer Depending on what you’re doing There’s not really a role for that Unless you’re already part of that a Minimum of squad sized element that’s Already training together I also have heard that those particular Types of devices for Airsoft bb guns Don’t work in the larger Number 10 style airsoft bb guns because Of some interplay in between the package

That drops into the bottom part And the uh Gosh the talk around the bravo charlie Golf Is an issue so it’s an issue of Tolerances But on the number 15 airsofts With the h3 heavy buffer you can shoot a Bunch of extra Two 20.25 grams six millimeter airsoft Bds pretty quickly So But again i would make sure the minimum That when you’re doing your milsim at The airsoft field that at a minimum you Have a squad size element and then you Need to dedicate at least one member of Your milsim airsoft team To essentially be um earplugs everybody Ammo [ __ ] Because It’s a lot of babies so Um Yeah so hopefully that answers your Question somebody asked if uh If we were still rotational grazing And if it was worth it So Yes we are Uh Yes it does take some dedication to do Like It takes time To move the fence every couple of days

Uh But I mean our feed bill has gone down Significantly In doing rotational grazing i agree with That we’re probably feeding forty Percent of the feed now that they were Then worth just green And using far less hay Really the only time i’m throwing hay Bales now is when they really need to be Moved but i don’t really have the time To move them today so i’ll go throw them A hay bale instead Eotech or aimpoint depends on what You’re doing eotech you know the correct Eotech Basically rules the night if you’re Doing nod stuff if you’re doing green Eye boogie man googly eyed stuff Then yeah the eotech on a riser is Probably where you want to be The aim point day and night for me i Prefer an aimpoint during the day over An eotech And do you have astigmatism because if You have astigmatism you don’t want a Neo attack because it’s going to be Blurry fuzzy useless for you Um But even an aimpoint on a riser Um They can work Under nods for green eyed googly boy

Stuff But They’re not as good in my opinion as the Eotech is and the eotech just has a huge Field of view and so if you’re doing up Close Personal you know milsim airsoft green Eye googly boy stuff Then yeah i would recommend the eotech Over the aimpoint and neither one of Them is cheap So Back back to the sheepers and rotational Brazing I love the concept i find myself Occasionally getting kind of annoyed That i got to move sheet fence today So if you have A large pasture that you can fence and Potentially cross fence that may be Better for you Than getting something like the Gallagher smart fence or the premier one Electro net both of which we’ve talked About on patreon Um But it is more labor intensive But you save a bunch on Feed like a considerable amount of feed Now the electric fence isn’t cheap Either no um But i would say it’s probably already Paid for itself Smith said okay so eotech versus

Aimpoint get a hollow sun if you want to But a lot of those hollow suns perform Incredibly poorly they bloom under Green eyed googly boy uh goggles So I love them like we’re talking like Tactical sheep yeah Welcome to our life that’s kind of how It goes right A lot of those hollow suns don’t quite Get dark enough in true no light Settings and so you’re going to have a Massive bloom Some of them do but a lot of them don’t So Do sheep get along with small donkeys it Depends on the donkey yeah some donkeys We don’t have them but i’ve seen reports Of this some donkeys do great with them Some donkeys kill them So And the goal is to Nobody kills my sheep but me because i Want to eat it that’s why we have them In the first place Sorry a tactical sheep about the fact of The chicken yes the best sword is to Carry his word so i agree you should Carry his word and your mind in your Heart and in your hands you should be All about it but i would also refer you Refer you to luke chapter 22 verse 36 if You don’t have a sword sell your cloak And buy one said the words of messiah

And of course peter goes i’ve got two Glock 18s with 33 round stick mags and He goes well bro that’s enough that’s Good So you don’t need a [ __ ] What’s up tamar yes i am saying some Donkeys are houses In fact We almost bought a piece of land before We bought this one that i really wanted To buy because it came with a as my wife And grandma described it a really nice Donkey that grandma really liked it Really like grandma and i wanted to buy The land for no other reason than to be Able to tell people that 83 year old Grandma has a really nice ass We didn’t buy that place no but i Thought it would be great so uh somebody Asked about an essential oil blend for Bug bites um 100 Deep no Uh I actually use joy essential oil for Mosquito bites like i’ve literally like Welt up pretty bad after Getting bit by a mosquito and typically I could put like a little drop of joint On it in it Pretty immediately like within 30 Minutes goes away um So that’s like kind of my go-to early Blend hey nana can you put some ice in

This place That up to where my thumb’s at Thank you [Applause] Comfrey works too those little efforts In the ozarks are no joke they will eat You alive yeah the the ticks for sure Somebody said how do you keep the picks Off the sheep they have a wool coat on The ticks don’t bother i’ve never found A tick on a sheep that i butchered So Like never once yeah You got a bug Right there Now it’s on me nope now it’s on me i Just kind of wanted to grope you on Camera Oh you’re you’re below the Line Can you suggest a good bore sight no i Can’t i’ve owned a couple of them and i Was unimpressed with the two that i Owned one was like a cheap like Instagram ad 39 Foresight and i was like It’s 40 bucks if it works if it gets me On paper okay you apply paper itself With the ammo that i say i’ll try it out It’s been burnt in the dumpster Years ago Uh it’s garbage and then I owned another one that was like a 200 I think it’s 189 dollar boar cider and

Blah blah blah it adapts to all these Different calibers and yada yada And it didn’t work worth the crap um And i’m again i’m i’m not a genius but I’m not a [ __ ] either So I couldn’t get on paper with it at 100 I could at 50 but i can already get on Paper at 50 anyway in fact Give me my damn cup child Don’t start with me Um All right and also don’t don’t stand There creepily [Laughter] Sit or go do something or the dog can Eat you So my zeroing process is really easy I go to 15 yards with a paper target and I fire a three round group Three to five rounds usually about three Rounds because it’s 15 yards from the Rest like come on so that’s going to Give you an idea of where the rounds are Landing then i adjusted 15 Then i go back to 50 because i know i’m On paper then i adjusted 50 3 to 5 shot Group and then i go back to 100 And i adjust i shoot another three to Five yard three to five round group at 100 and now i’ve got an idea i can walk The rounds in and by the way never chase The round don’t shoot one round and then Adjust then shoot another round then

Adjust you want to shoot groups at a Minimum of three Probably five to get an idea of where The rifle is patterning And i’m no professional okay this is Just what i do So i’ll shoot a three to five round Group And uh if the rifle’s good and i’m doing My job i should be looking at a one inch Group at 100 yards and then i’ll dial to Where i want to be and then i’ll confirm That i’m on And then add a hundred like uh a lot of Those shoot and seek targets at the 12 3 6 and 9 positions they have a 1moa Red dot Then i will aim for each of those dots And if i had good trigger presses That round Should be touching that red dot if not In the center of it and if i can do that With the rifle obviously this is with a Magnified optic if i can do that with The rifle then i know i’m zeroed And that’s how i zero weapons and a good Weapon This takes 20 to 25 rounds A bad weapon like the first upper that Bear creek arsenal sent me after 120 Rounds I still couldn’t zero the thing and i Was shooting a 10 inch shot dispersion At 100 yards it’s like this rifle’s junk

So Yeah The only time that chase rounds is in a Fight or in a competition I don’t compete so i’ll go with you in The fight Hi sam What That’s my armpit your weirdo [Applause] An 85 acog where’d you get it what truck Did an 85 acog fall off of Or was it like a chinese Acog Air quote You know Is it better to canned meat in a quart Or a pint jar Uh well how much meat do you eat Because or a quart jar yeah it depends On how big of a serving you watch when You open the jar it’s open yeah so It’s going to fit like a pound of meat So if you have like a family to feed Then a quart jar is going to be Probably way better storage wise than A paint job There’s a 120 pound Anatolian pyrenees mixed murder dog Sitting on my right foot right now It feels really good Yeah tactical cheshire cat or the real Cheshire cat that’s what i was thinking My trijicon acog was a bit more than 85

Bucks I yeah i kind of feel the same way if It’s under 900 it’s probably not an acog Right Show us sam okay Sam is right here Hey bud Yeah hi everybody hey dad Hi i did murders He’s uh like Been like all up in my grill here lately Because um grandma Grandma put the kill order out on all The little bunnies that she used to Think was cute but then started Religiously eating her garden every Morning so she told me she goes i don’t Really care anymore if you just want to Shoot them that’s okay with me and i was Like you got it so i was uh on the four Wheelers feeding the sheep the other Morning And rabbits have the worst Defense mechanism because you see them And they’re running and they stop and Look at you with that one eye like you Don’t see me i’m not moving i’ma sit Right here I’m like Dude i’m colorblind and i can see the Brown rabbit against the green brass So yes i did a bunny drive by tj elton That’s correct did a bunny drive by On the four-wheeler one-handed with a

Glock 19x that was only seven yards i Shot him right through the side And then that kicked up another one that Took off running And he ran into the wood lines just like A one foot into the wood line and sat Perfectly still and i shot him from About 15 yards threw them on the front Of the four-wheeler and then when i got Home or back to the house here I uh gave them to my dog and my dog was Super happy for two fresh rabbits So that’s some precision knitting of Seven yards is not precision knitting 15 On a rabbit with a pistol yeah we’re Getting I think that’s an acceptable level of Marksmanship and to be able to expect That from yourself and to the other People on your team Like if you’re taking the time And you just get your good side picture Good trigger press you should be able to Smoke a rabbit at 15 yards with a Handgun so A little bit more grandpa’s cough Medicine somebody i believe gave me this Bottle This is uh the old woodford reserve Right here 90.4 proof Proprietary batch Kentucky bourbon whiskey So

We’ll get the inevitable comments from People who are new here you call Yourself a man of god and you’re smoking Cigars and drinking whiskey Um Yeah So Hey at least my peculiarities are out Where you can see them I’m not pretending to be pious on sunday Morning and i’m going into work on Monday morning thinking about how i’m Going to murder everybody in this Building or lusting after all the women That are in there or having a covetous Part or Any of that so You know Need some of that backwoods liquor Without a label on the bottle well if You’re on patreon stay tuned for a Three-part series on how to make Homemade ethanol truck fuel So Yeah I can hit a bullseye 20 yards with my 380s so i’m a boot sniper myself nice i Like that Uh thoughts on digital night vision and Shtf for budget nvg setup have ir laser Pointer and a maul Uh to complement i uh digital night Vision device mainly my idea was limited Capability better than none

Yeah so the digital stuff is not good Operationally in my experience it is Good for recon and scouting but the Clarity on it it’s just even the stuff That’s like the really good stuff It’s just not that great and what i’ve Found If you’re using something whether it’s Green tube or white phosphor gen 2 gen 3 Whatever Um that Without an ir illuminator is way more Effective than the digital stuff with an Ir illuminator and then if you’ve got Something Like the uh Like the surefire vampire i’ve got one Of those on one of my rifles my knight Fighting rifle And um You have one of those With a peck or a maul or a steiner d-bow And Even Kind of crappy Even if it’s green tube Uh night vision It’s so good it’s so much better than The digital night vision Uh somebody asked for an update on the Atn scope i haven’t put an illuminator On it yet and the illuminator it comes With is Terrible

It’s So bad and you can’t see anything out of That scope on even a If you’re talking about nighttime Illumination fifty percent alum off of The moon at night with that thing you Can’t see anything out of that scope it Has to have an illuminator and the Illuminator it comes with is garbage And um so psionics ain’t bad i believe It was hop Hoplop file i think is how you say his Name I have no idea he just goes by hop but i Believe it was hot did a video on the Psionics aurora And um it’s it’s okay For Filming at night but i would not Mount it on weapon and i would not mount It on a helmet if you’re going to use a Weapon at night unfortunately Night vision is very much so one of Those things where you get what you pay For So the question is Limited capability versus no capability Based upon budget I can see the argument for a psionics Aurora for recommended scouting or in a Fixed position like an lp op to be able To see something at night but i wouldn’t Put it on a helmet and think that you’re Going to get some stuff done you know

You’re you i don’t think it’s a good Idea to attempt to be the green eyed Googly boys with the psionics aurora is My point And the atn Digital night vision scope Absolutely has to have an illuminator With it it is useless without it and the One they send is useless So i haven’t ponied up the 400 bucks to Put a real illuminator on that thing yet But i do have uh atn pvs 14s and they’re Excellent They’re excellent So They’re not cheap But they’re excellent A great construction quality excellent Clarity no artifacts in the tube which Is saying a lot No artifacts in the tube And i’m i’m colorblind so for me Green tube versus white phosphorus Doesn’t really matter that much for me i Kind of already see and clear at night Um S2 underground just did an excellent Video on nighttime adaptation And the first five to ten minutes of the Video he was talking about the The biology of how the eye works and Cones versus rods and the whole nine and So because i’m colorblind i don’t see Color during the day but at night i’ve

Been told by myriad doctors that i my Night vision is too to tie two to three Times as good as an average mere mortals Human being at night and i like that Doesn’t mean that i don’t require night Vision in certain circumstances but i See really well in the dark like super Well in the dark So this thermo thermal make better night Vision Thermal does different things than night Vision It’s definitely good for identifying pid Positive identification of the target at Night With thermal and good thermal if it has A pulse meaning it’s radiating body heat You can see it and If you have a good thermal night vision Device you can absolutely see trees and Vehicles and roads and houses and lights And buildings and all that if you have a Pretty crappy thermal not so much you Might see a heat signature in an Otherwise black or darkened field So anything you know black hot white hot Yada yada yada but some of those clip-on Thermals and I have some friends that have some i’ve Played with them a little bit i don’t Own one although i’d like to get into That for reasons Um But uh i don’t have a vast body of

Experience with the clip-on thermals you Know the 1913 pick rail mounted turtles So if somebody wanted to send me one so That i could break it on camera i’d be Happy to have it But um They’re not cheap dude like the About the baseline for a decent one Seems to be eleven to twelve hundred Dollars Do you have glasses for your color Blindness does this affect your driving License so it doesn’t affect my driver’s License And uh andy barnes brother andy gave me A pair of glasses to try out for color Blindness and i’m so super color Blindness That it they don’t help me so you have Like red Blue and uh Yellow i believe it is receptors in your Eyes and those can be diminished or they Can be heightened And certain people have they’re on it’s A spectrum right My wife for example is heightened in all Those things she sees in like a Bajillion colors and i see it like zero And so i am so far diminished on the Scale of all of those things that they Just don’t register to me at all i Basically see like a dog yeah Whereas i see every shame yeah every

Week I was a really badass Paint matcher when i worked for loads Because I could like Pick out the Little underlying view How did you get electrical work with Color blindness and so here’s the thing Uh and i said it’s love in my heart i’m Color blind Not stupid do not lie i’m not blind yeah And so um so when you’re running a Triplex or something you know the Neutral is going to have a white line on It that’s pretty easy Um The green ground wire or the bare copper Ground wire looks different than Everything else the white neutral looks Way different than the black hot and the Red hot on a 240 circuit looks different Than the black hot does So You know and that’s basics and then when You get into like large scale when You’re talking utility scale Electrification Bro It’s all just metal wire It’s all just bare wire So we label the wire and this reel is This circuit this reel is that circuit This reel is this phase so forth and so

On and so Um But i i would get people all the time But like they’d come up with like a box Of crayons they’d be like what color is This like that’s blue Like well i thought you said you were Colorblind uh-huh I am But like i don’t know what green looks Like to you but i know what green looks Like to me And there’s green on the tops of these Trees and in the garden over here and in The grass and you know like It so i see a lot in like intensity of Shades And so I have issues with like reds and greens With oranges and greens with yellow and Light greens with blue and black and Purple Purple and brown believe it or not Grays and blues so it’s more about how Intense the uh how intense the color is How bright or dark the color is So colors that have almost the same heat Signature Even though they might be on vastly Different ends of the spectrum of color If they have the same heat signature the Same brightness They appear the same to me that’s the Best i know how to explain it because

Colorblind is something you are from Birth so i’ve seen this way my entire Life And literally crayola crayons is how i Figured life out i was like Pick a crayon and hold it up and Put it over there like okay that’s what Blue looks like got it that’s what red Looks like that’s what yellow looks like And so I’m color blind not stupid So Not blind somebody had Asked how your shoes doing i know and my Shoeshine is great i finally got the Last of like the ceiling panels put in Uh So you see like the predator yes i’ll Test with that And i i’m still gonna get like my art Shelf and my baskets put over there and Then it should be like complete My husband also wants to know how to Sharpen his chainsaw blade So chainsaws don’t have blades they have Bars and chains the common mistake that You make there there’s not a single part On the chainsaw called the blade Uh the chain goes around the bar which Is the flat metal piece that sticks out The front of the saw which is also Called the power head I have videos on that on patreon from Way back um go watch [ __ ] billy ray

On youtube [ __ ] billy ray he has Excellent videos on how to sharpen Chains he’s an excellent human being Go watch any of his videos on how to uh Shove and check what’s your favorite Color Gray Marpat is my favorite color Um Knob and two both wires were black that Stuff sucks yes agreed Um Let’s see How would you fortify and conceal a Stealth campsite on a small island Barbed wire i would use Kevlar trip wire mounted to claymores at The 12 o’clock 4 o’clock and 8 o’clock Positions Have a couple of machine gun nests I would say 240 bravos but given the Fact that we’re now apparently switching To the 250 so depending on what your Stockpile of six eight by 51 is you know 240 250 your pick probably not a mod Deuce because they’re heavy the ammo is Heavy it’s going to be difficult to port For you Get some good camouflage netting going Um and then i would wear nothing but Coconuts like a coconut speedo And a coconut bra And then cover yourself in mud like uh The governator from predator and i think

That would be a good start as far as Fortifying an island position obviously Fighting positions dug in with grenade Sumps would be Highly recommended i don’t know how many Hesco barriers you have available but i Definitely get some hescos going dig a Latrine put in a field kitchen Uh yeah you know basic stuff Somebody asked if we freeze-dried Anything non-prepper related Um Yes All right hold on first i want to say That preparedness should be perpetuating Normalcy for the people that you love Yes and so includes non-like if you’re Operating under that guys everything’s Prep related yeah if you’re operating Under the guise of putin’s gonna put Warheads on your foreheads tomorrow Because he’s in a bad mood then you’re Probably doing it wrong but go ahead So yes uh I’ve done lots of ice cream Um skittles The caramel apple pops The Uh Whoppers No they’re not whoppers they’re uh milk Dubs not that milk Um Actually like

My freeze dryer actually went down Um So i had to get a new computer board and Stuff and I don’t know if he’s drunk or dead I don’t know if he’s drunk or dead but That’s the second one He boy he od He had enough okay I’m talking flies and whiskey so With the New software that i got i could actually Change the drying tip So i’m interested to try like gummy Bears gummy worms kind of thing Uh To do that because my old software i Couldn’t change it I was stuck What is the brand of freeze drawer you All have So i actually think there is another Company right now uh i’ve seen this Ad on facebook or something but uh i Have harvest right and it’s pretty much The only free sharing company out there That is for home use Um There’s other like pharmaceutical ones But you’re going to pay off the lawsuit For those So i have harvest right We do have an affiliate If anybody’s thinking about buying a

Freeze dryer it helps us Uh It helps you in the process and you can Get a discount Um Yeah you get a couple bucks out of the Deal yeah so Uh let’s see tracy jones said how do you Cook outdoors i’m looking into a Wood-burning stove Okay so there’s a few ways we cook Outdoors the obvious answer is propane i Have a propane grill right there and i Do everyday cooking on that like i eat a Lot of protein and i cook a lot of Protein on the grill outside it’s quick It’s easy yup we also have a big green Egg in the front yard and I talked about 10 uh 10 tips for Suburban preppers in that video I talked about the big green egg and so If you haven’t seen that video go watch That 10 tips for suburban preppers And the Bonus for that video was i was thinking About y’all most statistically 80 of the World’s population lives within 50 miles Of the coast Okay and so y’all most of you all live In cities or suburbs and when we lived In the suburbs we had a big green egg in The backyard not the front yard And i love that thing because i could Burn if i had to charcoal forgets

Briquettes in it Hardwood lump charcoal Or sticks and twigs And i did a lot of cooking on that thing And i still do With sticks and twix And so it and it works really well you Can bacon that thing if you need to you Can obviously grill you can roast you Can boil water if you need to it’s They’re dumb expensive Uh you actually found one the guy was Selling used And It was brand new but it was used right He never used it never fired it A whole package deal and so i think it Was This is father’s day or my birthday or Is your birthday it’s my birthday And she was like hey i got you something For your birthday you need to go to this Town So me and dudley went over there with The trailer and loaded this thing up and Uh And so uh so i like the big green egg a Lot for that because if Fuel is an issue You can literally burn sticks and twigs And pine needles in it i do it all the Time and cook over it works great then We have a fire pit down at our gazebo That we do a considerable amount of

Cooking on it Just wood fire and wood fire basically Means cast iron so you’re going to want Cast iron pans maybe a griddle Dutch ovens for sure and all the Long-handled utensils that go with that And then we have a brother that got me a Four by a no a two by four Sheet of steel to use as a griddle on Top of that flat that fire pit which is Super cool And then we also build fires in the fire Pit at the gazebo which we then shovel The coals out of and we have a spit that Was made by a couple of brothers here Okie storm chaser and hunter seeker put This thing together and the spit will Hold a very large sheep or a small cow And we fill the bed uh there’s a A 55 gallon drum cut in half Laid long ways underneath the spit we Shovel the coals in there not the animal On the spit rotate and we’ve roasted Literally more sheep than i can count on That thing Um and then there’s the obvious stuff Like if y’all have been paying attention Here for any length of time you know i Make a lot of coffee over a fire that’s Easy this one is salted oven and the Solar oven yep it’s a great corn as well The solar oven yep solar yeah sun oven Is awesome Um so

There’s lots of ways that you can cook Outside Um The sun oven is a great point because It’s low barrier to entry yeah and it’ll Work if you can get sun on the thing It’ll work Um And then yeah like the big green egg Like i said if you live in the suburbs And you’re like Everybody does the you know the the Three times per year requisite backyard Barbecue right little little johnny’s Birthday the fourth of july and memorial Day right like so You’re going to need a grill you may Already have We also now think about it we have two Of the weber round girls One of the grandmas and one at the Gazebo as well and so you can burn Charcoal briquettes lump charcoal or Firewood or sticks in it as well and Cook on it and so i think that the Methodologies can be as complicated or Simple as you want them to be you just Need to practice cooking over fire Because that’s really what it comes down To because propane ain’t gonna last Forever we have a lot of propane because For us you know you stack stuff for the Inevitabilities of the global empire Circling the drain

But uh sooner or later the propane runs Out then what Well praise the most high i’m so Grounded by trees We have a lot of firewood and sticks and Stuff so Did i ask you to read through the Question oh you said it answer it uh If you could freeze dry a raw steak And then Grill it Uh and the answer is yes you can Um So meat when it’s freeze dried When you go to reconstitute it it will Only absorb As much moisture as it needs to Be absorbed Like It’ll always suck up as much as it right It’s not gonna get like Watery i don’t know what the Term is but freeze-dried raw meat also Looks Vastly different so generally like raw Beef Turns kind of like a gray Color Um so When you go to Cook it you really need to go off of Temperature Of that meat Not not how it looks

Yes um so a lot of people tend to Overcook their raw meat because they’re Going off of the pinkness of it and Freeze-dried meats don’t usually have That pinkness because it’s blood Um And you’re basically like sucking all That out when you freeze dry it So 49 of doug said i need to get your Advice before i speak to the local School boards about their school Security uh email us admin at bear Independent 49er doug Uh we can have a little back and forth There i am all about let’s protect and Save as many kids as possible like 100 All over that got a big push on that Here at the channel we’ve got a big push On that at refuge medical if you’re an Educator and you need equipment you just Send us an email we’ll work with you if You’re a school administrator and you Need to make both purchases 100 willing To work with you and this is not us Standing on the graves of children i Don’t want kids to die And in fact we have a local initiative Going on here where we are uh teaming up With as many local schools and law Enforcement offices As we can law enforcement departments as We can here at no cost to them to train Them So

Um Yeah We’re all about that Like i said i just filmed an eight part Series for youtube that’ll be coming out The next eight tuesdays on the march Algorithm uh stop the bleed t triple c And it’s information it’s not Instruction Don’t please don’t conflate the two like You still need to go to training but if Those videos help one person save a life It’s a win And i’m basically giving you the Classroom portion of our training You still need to come to training Because you have to do it with your Hands and it’s not instruction if you Haven’t done it with your hands with the Qualified professionals standing next to You to make sure you’re doing it right It’s the same thing with you know Learning to shoot a handgun Uh you don’t you don’t watch a bunch of Videos and think you know how to shoot a Handgun like you have to go Take a class with a qualified instructor It’s even more so that with medical Equipment because i don’t want people to Gain a false sense of security thinking That they know But without having developed the Automaticity to be able to do it without Thinking

Because of a good training regiment Than oh Not the lions then the nord y’all lord Knows y’all can use this fire starter Properly it would have probably bought Drugs Well dano i appreciate you hey let’s not Buy any more drugs all right brother Saying is a guy who dropped 1.4 million Dollars on cocaine and bourbon in two Years when i was younger And it’s interesting it’s hard to get The drug dealers to give you receipts But i know it was in the bank account When i started and i know what wasn’t in There when i finished and it was about 1.4 million dollars so i’ve been there Brother uh Don’t do that lean not on your yeah I got fired from a job for an Embezzlement because i was investing Money to combat drugs We are not the people we were no praise Y’all so lean not on your own Understanding even on the father Can you give us an update on caleb house What’s up tommy salter shalom brother Uh yes i can So groundbreaking has begun We are hoping to be funded through a Grant for construction Right around september of this year In the meanwhile Per the parameters of the grant we can’t

Begin construction but we can begin site Prep And so i am uh in the process of doing The site prep we’ve already there are Some existing buildings that didn’t need To be there because of the layout that We’re going to be doing and so we’ve Demolished the buildings And will be generating dirt and doing Road repairs and building pads for where The construction will occur and clearing Land where the construction will occur Between now and september We’re also Diligently working on our sustainment Model because i don’t want to be Beholden to grants and i don’t want to Have to come beg you all for operational Funds when this thing gets up and Running although Truth and advertising we are 100 percent Uh at your mercy when it comes to Funding this thing irene Moran said what’s caleb house caleb House is and it’s with a k y’all caleb With the k Caleb house is our restoration facility For survivors of uh juvenile survivors Of human trafficking So kids that have been sold as product For sex When they get rescued they don’t have a Place to go and so we are super Uh involved and super supportive of the

Rescue side of things rescuing these Kids but they need to have a place to go Afterwards and so the critical need Is restoration what do we do with these Children after they’re rescued and Unfortunately right now in many cases The Foster care system and orphanages state Orphanages are receiving these kids And it’s not that there’s not good Foster parents because there are and It’s not there aren’t good orphanages Because there are but many of these kids Were trafficked from those exact places In the first place and many kids have Been rescued two or three times Because they’re continuously abducted And or sold by the parents foster Parents Back into bondage Where do we donate Bless you foster care is where i got Traffic titus 2 jesus girl exactly i’m Sorry that happened to you sister i Truly am And so caleb house is the restoration Facility that we’re building Already Supporting and engaging in rescue Missions We need to have a restoration facility Where these kids can go so that we can Unbreak them

And that’s what we’re doing we are Commanded to forsake not the widow and The orphan And these kids are orphans they don’t Have a cover and so We’re using the house parents model Meaning that there will be dedicated Parents in each house or four to six Children in each house And you live there until you graduate These are now your parents this is not Your home nobody’s going to bother you Nobody’s going to hurt you we will do Our absolute best to meet your all your Needs physical mental emotional Spiritual educational financial needs To help put you back together so that We’re breaking those generational Persons And restoring these people and like i Said providing a covering to orphans Um We don’t have caleb house built yet But i’m both Happy and really sad to announce that we Already have six children that we’re Currently working with Um And one of the best things we’ve ever Done i told you for a couple of years Now hey grindstone ministries Is a 100 Volunteer operation nobody gets paid Caleb house which is a separate 501c3

But works with our other ministry Grindstone grindstone is the Construction arm of things we build Stuff and we rehabilitate people and we Provide relief efforts after storms and Disasters and again for safety not the Widow and the orphan Grindstone is the construction arm of What we do Caleb house is the restoration facility Well a few months ago we hired a Director of operations For caleb house I’m so happy we did Because had we not done that and started Making actual progress On caleb house we wouldn’t be in a Position to where Friday on memorial day weekend friday i Got a phone call it’s like hey We got six kids it’s like what do we Need to do And so You may have noticed friday morning i Was a little Perturbed I was perturbed for a lot of reasons But i’ve had a lot of stuff and i’ve you Listen you can find sympathy sympathy Between [ __ ] and syphilis and the Dictionary right so this is not me Complaining But we’ve had a lot on our plate Since that friday morning facilitating

For these six children the oldest of Which is 12 years old Who were sexually Assaulted and so We’re working to satisfy the Requirements of the court dhs and county Court for them And provide for their every want and Need And to rehabilitate them and we don’t Even have the facility built yet and so I just wanted to let you all know like We’re doing our bandits to bear fruit With the The love and the blessings and the Provision that y’all have poured into us Like Please know Where do i donate for that And bless you and thank you very much Um if any of the blue wrenches can put That link in the chat i would uh Appreciate it very much it’s And there’s a link in the description of Every video As well Tell those kids that i love them life Can get better i will Yes we are looking for experienced Counselors for caleb house Admin please uh Shoot us an email let’s chat because we Are we are in actively not just building The facility but actively building the Team that is going to operate it Grindstone is building the facility and Then caleb house will operate at the Facility Once it’s constructed so Saint bear of oklahoma Negative man i just got done telling you I i’ve blown over a million dollars On Cocaine and bourbon In two years not recently I am Covered with satanic tattoos from a Previous life I just By the grace of the most high He never quit on me and uh he was able To Redeem me and bring me home again And give me a sense of purpose And i have learned that I have to be obedient to him And it has created tension at times in Our relationship I’m like i have to do this thing And she’s like i know you have to do it I don’t like that you have to do that That you got to do this like But i understand right i get it if You’re being told you listen

Exactly because it’s important and We have to be obedient i have to be Obedient I am The the I am a wretched state of a human being When i’m not I have to uh the only The only thing that’s harder for me Than obedience Is disobedience And that’s a fact And so hey i’m not special Okay i just Listen to y’all and do what he tells me To do to the best of my ability and That’s all he really wants of any of us Is just that relationship with us his Children He didn’t accidentally create us he made The whole world for us to rule and Subdue and to come into it to fill it And to go out and to be a witness to all Nations And to perform many mighty works in his Name and to do all these things and more In the name of the son And It’s scary as [ __ ] sometimes Well somebody commented obedience isn’t Easy No no It’s not like It’s a

Big scary place when you say okay yeah Tell me where to go what to do unless You say it does Because You’ve got you know It never fails it happens when we’re Insanely busy there’s chaos going on And At a moment’s notice it’s like I gotta go And It’s You know on my side i’m like uh what huh Like we we got all this how what do you Think you gotta go he’s like i gotta go Like uh okay Have fun I love you But what a blessing to have a badass Wife Honestly and because we talk about this Regularly By the world’s standards she doesn’t Need me You are super competent super capable You can run this place If you needed to and you do you do run This place when i’m not here And so it’s just from a relationship Standpoint it’s awesome to be wanted Not just needed And so like she wants me here she wants To dig holes with the freaking pickaxe So we can go plant blueberries she wants

To move the sheep fence And so much so i i have brothers who are Like hey we know you’re busy can like Would it help if we came over and did That stuff for you and it’s like It Actually it wouldn’t because the way we Stay connected is by doing stuff Together So it actually doesn’t help me if you Just come do it right oh bless you thank You pogba Um But you hold the fort down When we’re out there doing all this Stuff And that that’s part of the challenge Grindstone we can talk about we talk About grindstone all day like What we do And we’re seeking no glory it’s all the Father’s glory but what we do there’s no Operational security in it it’s like There was a tornado let’s go help people There was a hurricane let’s go help People there was a flood let’s go help People this woman’s a a widow she has no Covering and she’s got three kids and Her house was flooded and a tree fell Through a roof let’s go help her we can Do that there’s no problem and it Doesn’t matter i can shoot videos and i Do about that stuff all day and we talk About it all day and it’s awesome

Caleb house i can’t talk about a whole Lot because there’s legitimate Operational security with it And the fact that Y’all still honor that and you still Pour into us with that and that you Trust me to be a good steward Of Your earthly treasure to go forth and do Good works on behalf of the fathers Really humbling to me and i take it Super seriously like it’s really Important to me But i can’t I can’t tell you where caleb house is You can’t come hang out there You don’t get to meet these kids i will Never shoot a video with any one of them I i can’t because the stakes are too High We’re dealing with criminal Organizations that believe that these Children are their product And we’re taking their product back from Them And so they don’t get to know where we Are and what we’re doing and who we have And how we do it And Oh we just did a rescue and x y z Happening nobody gets to know that stuff We don’t even talk about a lot of these Details I don’t i don’t share those details with

You And so Oh no Why is that button so close to the other Button I’m sure they got that Made of my mind [Laughter] Yeah We’re on youtube Texas t shalom brother got the prego Buckets today what a deal thanks brother For starting refuge medical praise the Father I appreciate your texas team thank you Approximately how many acres do you need For sheep um i mean do you want well and And what’s your grass resource that’s The biggest thing on a poor grass Resource It’s roughly five head per acre on a Good grass resource it’s ten head per Acre and you see that’s just some [ __ ] trying to get us all riled up And i’m not going to do it yeah because And that’s the enemy trying to describe And get you riled up and Don’t let that [ __ ] work Okay So Raptor meat said Uh criminals should respect the fact That you stole their product and not Come looking well raptor meat to that

Point And this is this is all ego and hubris Aside It’s why we train to be really really Good At the hard skills that are associated With security And i’m not too to my own horn And there’s still more training that i Need to do there’s always room to Improve but We as a group and we as an organization Possess damn good hard skills And we train with people whose jobs it Is to do high profile things That you’ll never hear about So that we can have really good hard Skills Because security is paramount and the Flip side of that though is Caleb house can’t be a prison We’re not rescuing these kids to bring Them to a prison There’s not going to be razor wire and Electric fence It can’t be it’s a restoration facility It’s not a prison and so You have to have those hard skills and Iron fist inside of a velvet glove That’s what it is and so and But that’s how we conduct our lives Period I don’t want to have a problem with Anybody i’m not starting fights with

Anybody you start a fight with me i will End it that quick My wife will tell you that But i don’t go picking fights You mess with somebody i love Forget it we were just talking about an Incident last night on the back porch Don’t Messing with my people Is a guaranteed one-way ticket to the Compost pile So That’s trouble But if he takes you there or i do [Laughter] Keep talking i can’t keep the cigar left I think i’m also it’s getting chilly There we go thank you sweetie How do you deal with indirect threats to Loved ones So a lot of people sister are just Talking a bunch of [ __ ] That’s the first thing the second is Train up them up go ahead people like to Get you riled up yep like they like to Get that reaction that’s what they’re There for is the reaction so just don’t React um The next is have good hard skills Be confident Be deadly if you need to be have the Capacity for violence Doesn’t mean you’re a violent person but You should have the capacity for it and

When you go there you should be damn Good at it Really damn good at it Um The next is For every action there’s an equal and Opposite reaction right physics Um You’d be amazed how much ocean to open Source information is out there Who’s making threats I guarantee you they have a presence and You can glean a lot of information That could be [Music] Motivational For people to behave Let’s put it that way Um Have removed two people From my property At gunpoint But he was supposed to he was supposed To be there i just didn’t know it [Laughter] Don’t drive him in the driveway on the Mountain i’ll just say i’ll just say That that’s a bad move Um Do they ask me a question [Music] Mommy any knowledge or picnic eggs no No i don’t because i don’t like people That i

Barely like eggs And we get so many eggs we don’t need to Pick old yeah Somebody has a chicken addiction So Yeah i just like the fact that they bugs I don’t necessarily The eggs are okay every once in a while I’m just not like a big egg person But i see the value and having eggs so I keep chickens Free They’re There you go Praise the most high i don’t know what We’re praising them for but amen Pickled protein baron what combatives do You recommend getting trained in It man it really depends um So mixed martial arts Has kind of proven itself to be the king Of the ring right um There’s an argument to be made that Every fight’s gonna go to the ground Sooner or later But i think you need a good striking Game Um I’ve always been really good at punching People And i didn’t and i’ve had some some Training in things like krav i took uh Taekwondo back in the day Um

Aikido And then i met dudley and who’s had 26 Professional mma Heavyweight fights And uh Dudley helped me work on my striking Quite a bit and i still have a lot more Work to do honestly to go from like Basically Fairly skilled brawler To uh No not from brawler to shock i already Call the shots honey Uh from fairly skilled brawler To Surgical precision Um Dudley has the ability To surgically gently punch you in the Face when you don’t have your hands up Ask me how i know Right and so but striking pick something Right Uh Prov is good um Kickboxing is good And kicks are devastating gosh a good Kick a good kick to the leg Nobody wants any anymore Like a A good kick to the leg nobody wants any No anymore It will ruin your Day

How old is bear old enough to know Better and young enough to not care Bearish younger than pj all yeah well of Course it would make sense the son is Younger than his father right Mark just wanted to know how many dozen Eggs you can freeze dry in a batch of Freeze dryer So it’s typically 18 per tray 18 eggs Per tray and her freeze dryer holds four Trays For a medium on a medium harvest right Yeah so Somebody’s phone just went We just learned about it started Blasting eggs we’ll see in a few months How well it works it works it definitely Works there’s mineral oil Yep so does mineral oil How many ibc toasts would you recommend For two adults So two adults would be a minimum of 10 Gallons per day 10 gallons times 30 days In a month would be 300 gallons and so That’d be one like these are three Thirties right here on camera that’d be One of these at a minimum per month And so i’d probably say two of them Uh so you have some backup and then it’s Much more storage capacity is good Because these are ibc totes are Essentially batteries for water right But you need a way to recharge the Batteries and so that’s rainwater

Collection uh or at least for most of us It’s rainwater collection And so i think a couple of ibc totes You’d be just fine in fact we have a Bunch of brethren That are completely off-grid and they Are water they’re they get their water From rainwater collection and they have One to two ibc totes for their house so Have you frozen potatoes before so how Were they afterwards so raw potatoes Turn black when you freeze dry them Correct that’s one of the things i’ve Learned you have to blanch them uh so Like parboil them you know blanch them And then they’ll be just fine potatoes We were thinking four eventually well Brian i think you’d be just final four For two adults plus that gives you surge Capacity and really like at a minimum About four months worth of storage Because the the Standard nomenclature in the prepper World is that you need one gallon of Water per person per day and i’ve talked About this before but we might have some New people here so i’ll be brief on it Um you aren’t my teacher but you are a Great leader thank you dakota well Listen up i’m gonna teach you something About water too Smashing messing with you Um the problem with one gallon of water Per person per day is that depending on

Your level of activity and your body Mass that might not be enough water During the summer i drink two to two and A half gallons of water a day just Myself And then you need some water for food Prep Because let’s face it most of our Prepper food Is freeze-dried dehydrated or it’s Grains that need to be boiled okay so You need some water for food prep so i Like to say at a minimum a gallon of Water to drink a gallon of water to cook And a gallon of water for sanitation You need to wash your hands you need to Wash your dirty butt you need to get the Funk out of your armpits and get the Lint out of your belly button and wash Your face Every day at a minimum and your feet if You can yes and your my wife said and Your crusty ass Um Because In times of conflict in war The enemy statistically speaking only Accounts for one-third of our casualties The only the other two-thirds of our Casualties Come from disease and infection And poor logistics So that’s not having the fuel you need Or the water you need or the food that

You need and poor sanitation so Two-thirds of the casualties Historically speaking In a conflict are our fault They’re not the bad guys fault they’re Our fault because we didn’t nail our Logistics and we didn’t wash it across The ass So that’s why i recommend a minimum of Three gallons of water per person per Day for storage and five is better So Store water probably ibc tokes or 55 Barrels like depending on what you can Find in your area Wash your butt last yes correct caddy uh I’m well justin how are you um Bear do you know john pounders i don’t Personally know i know twitch is on his Show Right now apparently which is awesome Um but there’s been some conversation About me potentially ending up on his Show as well so we’ll see So ibc totes Can work well they vary greatly in price Depending on where you are in the Country and what size you’re getting uh The big black tanks work well as well We haven’t invested in the big black Tanks yet because they are expensive and I don’t have a good place for a big Black tank But i do have

An 8 400 gallon swimming pool That my wife talked me into with the Understanding that if things ever get Super real that’s water storage that’s 8 400 gallons of a water battery Not a the kids want to go swimming like That’s what we’re going to use it for So Baby wipes do go a long way they sure do Bleach tt Bleach Yeah make sure that they were food grade Or At least stored food Because a lot of them will Store oils or petroleum Or Fertilizer Chemicals bug sprays that sort of thing So make sure that your idc’s or Drum barrels have Sword food Somebody said hourly mosquitoes in your Area Voracious Hellacious No no they don’t do a lot of talking and Not with questions yeah lots of skills We did Previous years we’ve had a lot of Dragonflies Um That kind of really helped keep the

Mosquito population down um In the majority of the areas around our House Unless you stepped off into the woods or You know a shady spot then you got tore Up but Uh but this year there was not a whole Lot of dragonflies so The mosquitoes are kind of horrendous Which is why a fan is glowing because Mosquitoes don’t like wind Generally So Somebody said have you considered using The pool for aquaponics I have i think aquaponics is super cool Yes And if i ever get a giant greenhouse i Will definitely engage in some Aquaphonics I the last time i was going to pull the Trigger on a farmer’s friend’s 16 by 100 Hoop house they didn’t have the end Panels in stock and my wife and i have Been back and forth on getting a Greenhouse that size and the way i see It the way i think about it is I want to have it I want to put it up if we don’t do Anything with it right now It’s not going to be any cheaper Tomorrow or next month or next year than It is right now for the foreseeable Future that price is not going to go

Down and i’d rather have it and not need It but need it and not have it and so i Think aquaponics are super cool there’s An excellent setup at uh the heritage Homestead outside of waco texas they Have a beautiful aquaponics system And that was really inspiring to me to See that And i’ve been interested in and Interested in it ever since But um we do have a pond and there are Some fish in the pond and you actually Were catching fish out of the creek Yesterday I did yeah This is cool and then i transplanted Them to the pond So Because We’ve got some fish in our pond but not A whole lot and it’s not something we Stock like Ever so Uh i rode by the creek the other day on The four-wheeler and i was like what’s That brown stuff down there those sticks Leaves like what is that and I came back from what i was doing and i Stopped and investigated and it was a Whole bunch of fish that were like down In a deep swimming hole uh that had been Cut off because the creek dried up kind Of and so We had one of our buddies been out there

And fished for like 30 minutes and Caught like 20 Little sunfish and crappie that i put in The bucket and then drove the bucket up To the pond and dumped them out in the Pond so oh yeah And i almost flipped the four-wheeler Earlier going up to grandma’s i was Riding through the woods and the woods Had started to grow up and there was Apparently a massive stump amongst the Ferns that i didn’t see And i hit the stump and the four-wheeler Did one of these was kind of teetering And the 30-gallon water tank that’s on The back of the 1-4 wheeler from water Into sheep it fell off and the feed Bucket that was on the front of it that You were hauling fish in yesterday it Got crushed and i was like oh snap So that was fun i had to drain all the Water the tank is fine the hose on it so Everything’s fine crazy it felt just Right Well it was it was strapped on there but The straps weren’t having it with the Angle of the dangle of the four-wheeler And so uh I had to dump the water out pick it up Strap it all back together and We were on the back of grandma’s house She has an old decrepit set of concrete Uh stairs Hollow concrete stairs you know formed

Concrete that are falling apart and it’s Dangerous and so we had a brother up There working on the house and so i took The four-wheeler up there to drag the Steps out of the way He had framed up some new ones and he Was going to slide him up against the House i was like i’ll bring the Four-wheeler up throw it in four-wheel Hook the winch line to it drag it out of The way well in the process it hit a Freaking stump and almost wrecked but [Laughter] No it’s funny yeah we’ve got neighbors That are stumps now and i’ve spent my Whole life as a tree guy demolishing Stumps and so y’all has a sense of humor We didn’t run one of them over Yes Sometimes near death was puts their Perspective Um i saw i apologize i saw a bunch of Good questions go by earlier and they Just There’s 755 of you on the chat it’s kind Of hard to keep track of who said what When oh sanctified there you are what Are you all doing for shovel we’re Getting together with the tribe and uh We’re gonna Eat an animal and fellowship and give Thanks to y’all And the following day i will be on site At caleb house with a 20-ton trackhoe

With a thumb Loading the dump truck that mr dudley’s Going to be driving Uh loading the dump truck with debris That needs to get hold to the dump and Digging a palm to generate dirt that we Will use to base the uh buildings that Are going in And then also clearing land for where Some building paths need to go So I’ll be doing that for three four days After shoveling So And then come home for a day and then we Hit the road and head to camden Tennessee for the self-reliance expo We’re there for a few days and then we Come back and then business business Business life life life homestead do the Things All of that so somebody asks you the Cool water what’s that process look like Hey my doctor says your eye fact what John paul jones my eye fact what you cut Out there buddy Looks like filtration We we don’t drink cool water currently Um because We have our own water supply but If that’s the case Pool water is just chlorinated that’s All it is um It’s chlorination levels are higher than

What you get out of like city water Um but the thing with fluoride and water Is chlorine evaporates dissipates Very quickly in sunlight Uh so awesome john paul jones tell them To email us or hit the store that’s Awesome you can sorry i don’t mean Interrupt but i’m gonna hey my doctor Says your bare facts and buckets are the Best he has ever seen and he wants some That’s awesome Yeah Uh so you could Harvest a five gallon bucket of Chlorinated water Leave it out in the sun for a day and That chlorine is probably going to Dissipate enough to a safe level and Then you can filter it as you Would dump it in the berkey yeah That’s our point parakeet assault hey i Got your package brother thank you very Much man i love it caveman blend it’s What’s up it’s the caveman blood love it Uh Uh shavuot is this sunday which is the Fifth i believe it Is six No fifth fifth sunday Um Somebody said have you considered Growing tobacco again i have i just Haven’t done it yet um but i would uh Totally like to do it again just to give

It a shot just to try it and then Somebody else said what plans do you Have for droughts this summer Um A few plans the first is we are actually Our area is experiencing a higher rate Of rainfall not a lower one with the way The gulf stream is shifting we’re Getting more rain than usual not less So that’s a blessing And then we are in the midst of Installing rainwater catchment on the Building behind me back here i’ve got a 25 by 20 foot roof So 500 square foot of roof right there That’ll be feeding Six ibc totes Six three thirties so essentially 2 000 Gallons of rainwater collection right There And then i’ve got three creeks so Rainwater collection Three creeks Very well Two springs And rural water So i have 10 water sources on property Praise the [ __ ] oh in a pond 11 water sources on property So we have the opposite issue with water We have a lot of water sometimes if it Rains real hard we have too much water So Hey oklahoma appreciate you in ohio

Bless you g richards You’re blessed yes we are first job Well hello susan bryant Okay i’ll do an active shooter kit i’m Thinking a minuteman bag with room for Three mags So the minuteman bag works great as an Active shooter kit unfortunately it’s Out of stock right now because brother Cody at soju gear is so busy producing Kits for us He can’t keep up um 511 makes a bag the nicktool one’s Called the two banger the other is Called a four banger i have a four Banger and i like it a lot it’s a good Bag um Additionally refuge medical We make what’s called the mac which is The mass casualty kit Make a mac 4 and a mac 8 and the mac 4 Is the size of like a pack and it’s Designed to treat four to eight Casualties in a mass casualty incident The mach 8 is designed to treat eight to 16 casualties in a mass casualty Incident and it’s in a 72-hour bag it’s A it’s a big backpack it’s the same size Bag as the stomp bag it’s just a seal Team operation medical pack bag it’s Like a hospital on your back Um so we have both of those we also have The combat lifesaver kit which is the Same

Molle compatible bag that the adventure Kit comes in but it’s Basically chest seals tourniquets Pressure bandages wound packing gauze Hemostatics decompression needles eye Shields gauze tape gloves disinfecting It’s a cls bag and so we have that as Well and that’s actually built to the Exacting specifications of the united States marine corps uh you’ve got Abdominal bandages um The whole nine squinting yeah it’s a cla It’s the exact specification that the Usmc requires for a cls bag is what You’ll find in our bag except that our Actual bag is made in america Not made overseas by some communist so True actually even made here in america We don’t employ communists either so True [Laughter] So we we do from a medical standpoint Have that and then i’m really Encouraging as many of you all as you Can Get the bleeding control kits please They’re like 57 And if you use promo code teacher you Get 10 bucks off and that’s about all The head room i have in that that i can Still sell those and operate the Business it takes all the profit out of That kit and i don’t care Um

But um That has a pressure bandage a cat gen 7 Tourniquet two packages of green packing Gauze two pairs of gloves a set of Sheers Tape Uh and um adjusting time instruction Card and sharpie in it All in a vacuum sealed bag that’ll fit In the top drawer of your desk at work Or at school or in the glove box in your Truck or in your school bus or hanging On the wall next to the fire Extinguisher or On your forklift or on the warehouse Floor or in the wood shop or in the Trailer or the job site trailer like They’ll go anywhere they’re 57 bucks and You get them for 47 bucks with the promo Code teacher And that’s because i want as many Teachers as many educators as possible To have those things That y’all forbid if we continue to have Mass casualty incidents in schools at Least we have the equipment to know how To we have the equipment to solve Problems Um it is a statistical fact that Appropriately timed medical intervention Saves lives we learned this after the Virginia tech shooting a lot of people Died that didn’t need to die Because most people

Have this concept that when the police Get there it’ll be okay Now we know from you valde that’s not The fact because the people in uvalde Didn’t do their job And that was a major mistake but even in Virginia tech where the police officers Went in and they were doing their job The police officer’s job first and Foremost is to eliminate the threat and This is where we get into triple c or Tactical combat casualty care that is a Hot zone grounds are still being fired And until law enforcement takes that hot Zone to a warm zone Ems can’t come in They don’t come in until law enforcement Has secured the scene and then called Them in And so the police Will literally step over a bleeding Casualty to eliminate the threat first They’re not going to stop and render aid That’s because they have to maintain Their own security and deal with the Shooter first And so In that instance where we’re in a hot Zone bullets are still flying And per triple c That phase right there is called care Under fire and at that point we apply Tourniquets Okay then in a warm zone which is

Tactical field care now we’re going to Work the rest of the march algorithm We’re going to apply pressure dressings Use hemostatics and press cause for Wound packing address airways Respiratory issues check for circulation Prep the rest of our medical kit call For kazzavac and medevac start Communicating start prepping casualties To move to casualties then we check for Head injury we insulate against Hypothermia And we recheck the casualty you know Everything else e for everything else we Make sure that our medical interventions Dealing with critical bleeds with Tourniquets and wound cracking that That’s holding that we don’t need to Apply a second tourniquet we don’t need To use more gauze we check for secondary Wounds because we may have we got one Wound but we may have missed another we Do all of that during the tactical field Care phase and then the third phase is Kazavac or medevac and the primary Difference between the two of those Being Chasm vac is a way to move the casualty Off the ex to a higher level of care That doesn’t have a medical professional With it just a minivan a school bus a Pickup truck a four-wheeler Medevac Is a way to move the casualty off the ex

To a higher level of care that does have Medical professionals this would be in The military this is a nine line In civilian setting this is an ambulance Or a care flight or something to that Effect But in those instances When bad stuff happens to good people in A closed setting where we have the Potential for a mass casualty incident i Want as many people as possible to have As many kits as possible to save as many Lives as possible and so that’s why You’re essentially getting that kid at My cost And that’s why i just shot an eight part Series On t triple c stop the bleed and the March algorithm that i’m giving you for Free on youtube so that you’ll at least Have the information And Do Not do not misunderstand that Information for instruction because it’s Not instruction it’s information but at Least get you the information To hopefully be able to render and buy Somebody’s time so they don’t bleed out And die so What’s the difference between bleeding Control kit and r and fat I don’t know what the m fact is So i don’t know

I have a sealed stb kit should i Pre-open it for speed or leave it sealed For sanitation so that’s a good question Um I would pre-open it i would take the Tourniquet out of the plastic and stage The tourniquet at a minimum And when it comes to sanitation what you Have to understand is immediately when We elevate to a higher level of care Immediately they’re going to run broad Spectrum antibiotics because if you have To use that stuff there’s already been a Foreign body inside of that person’s Body there’s already been a bullet There’s already been a piece of rebar That punctured their pleural space that There’s already something has already Happened that’s broken the largest organ That you have the skin there’s already Been an intrusion there and so it’s sop Standard operating practice that we’re Gonna immediately run broad spectrum Antibiotics to deal with that fact and So Yes sanitation is a thing But i would 100 open the package take The tourniquet out of the package and Pre-stage the tourniquet so that it’s Ready to go because if we need a Tourniquet we need it right now And we want to waste as little time as Possible deploying the tourniquet N a rescue

And a Products with a Purpose and fat Loading Mini first aid kit It contains Those contacts and specs A cat a flat responder wound packing Gauze a set of high fins and a pair of Gloves Okay so the difference between the m-fac And the bleeding control kit is the Bleeding control kit comes with a Full-size pressure bandage not a uh four Inch flat pressure bands although i love The four inch flat pressure bandages Don’t get me wrong they’re a great Product Um And the bleeding control kit comes with Two packages of gauze the m factor only Comes with One the bleeding control kit comes with Shears and two pairs of gloves the M-fact does not come with shears it does Come with gloves but the m-fak comes With compact chest seals and the Bleeding control kit does not come with Chest seals although if you add tape to The m-fat or add tape to the bleeding Control kit and you use the packaging That comes with the bleeding control kit You can pretty expediently make a

Non-vented occlusive dressing Vented chest seal and actually in Episode four of the videos that i have Coming out which is airway and Respiratory i show you how to do that With tape in any piece of plastic I actually use the package from the Package of chest seals to show you how To make a non-vented chest seal with Three pieces of tape So Um the difference the main difference Between the m-fak And the bleeding control kit is the M-fat comes in a chinese-made nylon Pouch and includes a pair of compact Hyphen chest seals Um versus the bleeding control kit Comes in a vacuum sealed bag And is uh Forty dollars cheaper And comes with more gauze and more Gloves and a set of shoes There you go Sir And the bleeding control kit is in stock At So that’s something like i don’t know if You’ve talked about it but like We’ve pivoted and like if we have it on The store It’s in stock yeah it’s under our roof Yeah not it’s coming on the truck In the warehouse ready to ship

Um It took a lot To pivot To that Um as opposed to like ordering what We’ve sold we now have the inventory to Sell what you Order i want to talk about that for a Minute because i think the perception so I’m the ceo and founder of refuge Medical I don’t draw a paycheck from refuge Medical Um I i am an influencer for refuge medical And i make a small percentage of sales From that That’s it uh i don’t draw a salary i Don’t extract capital from refuge Medical And so That being said I took the We took because the executive team Leadership team was 100 on board and was Pushing this concept We took the war chest the money that we Had at refuge medical and we spent it All like all of it All day On inventory And so we have Inventory under roof and if it’s under Roof if i can put my hand on it

It’s in stock and so when we show that It’s in stock we physically have it in The store and so that’s helped our Fulfillment times quite a bit and it has Also Relieved a lot of stress That i don’t want to sell you a product That’s supposed to be coming on the Truck And then find out oh it’s been delayed 60 days because of supply chain so we Don’t do that we’re not doing that if it Shows in stock at the store it’s under The roof we have it in stock and we’ll Ship the queue the next day unless that Next day is shabbat in which case we’ll Get you on monday so Um but great point um if it says in the Stock it’s in stock we have it and I don’t Refuse medical doesn’t exist to make me Rich that’s not why we do this The Mission statement for refuge medical is To save lives one service to the Father’s kingdom and experiencing the Abundance of his provision and blessing So That’s what we’re about and praise y’all We’ve saved 42 lives to date Just found about out about life 42 last Night Motorcycle injury with a broken spine Um a gentleman with a crash kit was able

To provide smash kit was able to provide Medical interventions stabilize the Spine call 9-1-1 get in the ems on-site Otherwise this lady would have just been Laying in the bushes with a broken spine Bleeding out That’s not nothing 42 lives and two years ago we were Working out of my barn an hour a week And now we’re under an 8 000 square foot Roof uh serving full confidence And saving people’s lives that’s Absolutely badass Yeah praise john Absolutely badass So That’s what we’re about so i don’t i Don’t and nothing i do I guess shifting gears into business Nothing i do Makes a whole bunch of money Um But if i take a little bit from here a Little bit from youtube and a little bit From patreon and a little bit of you Know sales commission from refuge Medical and a little bit from consulting And a little bit from this a little bit From that and i put it all together like Crazy i would make a living But it’s not my primary motivator if That makes sense it’s not my goal to Build refuge medical into a Multi-million dollar international

Conglomerate and then sell it Um Immersive sound board you like that yeah The audio visual team is doing great Tonight uh but the green screen’s a Little dull tonight but um but the guy On the mixing board is killing it with The sound effects So That’s your leg man yeah i’d much rather Listen to this then police This is music to my ears [Music] Hello from vermont hello from not Vermont I think there are some feral weasels Behind you Sucks sucks to be them Because i am I don’t know if within ever seen a Weasel i’ve seen a wizard you have to They don’t mess with the chickens though Like I’ve seen a weasel here yeah i’ve seen Weasels before i killed a bunch of them In upstate new york So But yeah it would suck to be a fair Weasel i am 0.0 meters From uh A whole bunch of 147 grain jaclyn hollow Points right now and i’m two meters From 55 grain 60 rounds

Weapons light So Feral weasel is a Bad occupation to have on the homestead You’re uh you’re a lead magnet Uh bear why did i get timed out do you Not believe in freedom of speech Uh so i didn’t gk t11 i didn’t see what You said and i didn’t time you out and So it might have been one of the mods so Like Sometimes when you say something it Doesn’t necessarily like come across The right way like Our mods do their best job to like Interpret because there’s a lot of like Side conversations going on Uh There’s just a lot of like hit and miss Comments made so Uh mistakes happen If you were like within the lines it was Probably just somebody didn’t understand What you were saying when they thought It was offensive or something Bless you sober party Bible study request book of daniel hey So we’re in isaiah right now When we finish isaiah we’ll go to Jeremiah when we finish jeremiah we’ll Go to ezekiel i think and We’ll get there Read the book do what it says we’re just Reading an order we started in genesis 1

Chapter 1 and in the beginning elohim Created the heavens and the earth and Matthew chapter one verse one this is The genealogy of yeshua messiah and We’ve just been Working their way forward from there Is there a direct relationship between a Woman’s appearance and the level of Luxury she’s living in nope no I don’t believe so at all Like Um I would nine times out of ten i Literally look like i just woke out of Bed Facts fast like i’m gonna go pee when You pontificate on this All right Pedro you all have seen me like in my House coat they’re all disheveled like 90 of your patreon videos are in your House That’s Me um And but like I can get Dolled up for my man when it’s date Night and You know Be a knockout for him [Applause] And We do not live in any kind of type of Luxury like i think it’s more of what

Your perception of beauty is Than The lifestyle that you’re living um Because i know a ton of Drop dead gorgeous females that Wear no makeup Uh You know wear baggy clothes Um Dirt under their nails Like It’s just the way of life Um and i’ve met a lot of really like Uppity Beautiful females that are absolute [ __ ] and Okay here we go with the language watch Out sweetie Well and so i was gonna say i think on a Lot of levels There’s also posturing and fakery with That yeah where people want to Appear luxurious so they dress and act a Certain way When really they’re living um They’re They’re living way above their means And the people that i’ve met that are Really truly wealthy I have a mentor i Have several mentors by the way just Life advice Find people who are who are smarter than You

And better than you at the things you Want to be good at What’s up stumps You’re just speaking of us Yeah i drove over you with a Four-wheeler earlier sorry about that Um but i have a mentor in north texas Who um This guy Has a real estate portfolio That before covered When with these massive Inflationary rates on land and land Speculation before cobra Was worth hundreds of millions of Dollars Who wears old jeans and old t-shirts and 10 year old sneakers And was driving at the time uh 2006 beat to [ __ ] f-150 And this guy Could probably has more wealth amassed Than all of us on this livestream put Together And you would never know it by talking To them you’d never know it And those are the people That When i’ve met people like that in my Life That are humble And they’re kind And they have Real wealth

Um they don’t need to put on a show for Anybody And they don’t They don’t have to affect they don’t Have to pretend and I think so much of real wealth because Like You know yeshua said i come to give life And life abundantly and that you know You have this health wealth prosperity Gospel right No so much of wealth is like Loving you loving the people that you’re Around loving the situations that you’re In like that’s that’s real wealth that’s Real value And when you find a lot of people that Are chasing that dollar trying to amass Physical wealth and i’m a capitalist i’m An unapologetic capitalist Um But when you’re chasing that dollar Sooner or later you get to the point Once you start figuring it out like when You’re making money and you’re doing Good You realize all of a sudden it’s not About the shiny objects that you were Chasing That’s not the wealth that’s not the joy That’s not there’s no value with that And there’s there’s only so much crap You can buy To try and fill that god-shaped hole and

Sooner or later you realize it it don’t Work Money does not make you happy Absolutely does not like if anything It’s gonna add more Problems more strife to what you already Experienced Um It is not the gateway to happiness I have earned And spent Millions of dollars of my own money in My life i’ve built successful businesses I’ve done awesome things i’ve Accomplished a whole lot by worldly Standards and when i was like really at The top of my game doing really big Business stuff and making a killing i Was miserable i was a miserable angry Pessimistic human being I would fight you at the drop of a hat i Had no love in my heart for myself but For anybody else i didn’t talk to people I didn’t want to know people I was Miserable That fans got to go off i’m like Yeah it got chilly shine’s in a hoodie I’m always on the hood that’s true you Are always in the hoodie that’s not Really nice might get us out by the next If ellie’s wearing pants it’s an Indicator but if you’re anybody not so Much so

President trump says that poverty was Created to punish the unattractive Whatever you say homie i Okay if that’s what you want to believe Go for it Let’s pour So here’s the things Trump is not the messiah but yeshua is And yeshua said the poor will be with You always And it as it turns out there’s a torah For letting none amongst you be poor Make sure that your brothers and sisters The people to the left and the right of You Goats for sure not kids leave leviticus 11. the people to the left and the right Of you Have their worldly needs met Like Take care of your brother take care of Your sister love your neighbor as Yourself And a lot of what the government does Under the guise of federal and state Charities should really be done at the Community level by individuals and Church organizations within the Community How did [Applause] [Music] [Applause] And

We were A few hours away from each other And we Emailed back and forth Several times i had been praying Over [Music] The right person for me And One of the big things that i had asked For was somebody that would communicate With me That enjoyed communicating with me Um And y’all i did not talk at this time no So you need to thank her exactly and Y’all because i didn’t say you know Anybody That’s true But So i wrote in like a little paragraph And Sent it And he emailed me back and it was like [Music] Mylar diatomaceous And i was like wow Okay this guy can actually talk And which if you’ve ever gotten an email From me You know that this is extremely rare I’m a three word to one sentence emailer Well your three words were

But go ahead so yeah so we emailed back And forth a couple of times and then i Figured I you know trusted that he wasn’t a Random internet serial killer And We exchanged phone numbers And we talked for Like two weeks i think two or three Weeks three to four hours a day Yeah like after work because i was doing Construction Um he was doing wind turbines So you know when we got done with our Day We’d you on the phone and we talked for You know Four or five hours like into the wee Hours to where we were like okay i gotta Go to sleep i gotta wake up at five a.m And it’s like three a.m [Music] My mom was having a cookout Big family barbecue And i was like i really want to invite This guy And she said we’ll go ahead and invite Him like we’ll see what kind of guy he Is if he shows up to the family barbecue You know he’s never met you let alone Anybody else so i invited him and he was Like what do you want me to bring and i Was like how about some shiner And he was like

Copy she’s a keeper he came and Like as soon as i saw him i met Everybody yeah i’m met the kids i’m that Grandma i met the uncles i’m that great Grandma Everybody everybody And i I literally remember so it was a total Y’all moment i literally remember the First time i saw my wife i could tell You where she was standing where the sun Was at what direction the wind was Blowing how high the flag was on the Flagpole behind the house Where everybody else was standing what She was wearing every time stopped And i just knew i just knew i was like Yep that’s the one Um And so We hung out until midnight that night And then my mom can’t come out hey mom Came back because she was staying with Her mom at the time the mom came down She said hey uh you seem like a real Nice time a real nice guy but it’s time For you to go Yes ma’am And so We went out front she walked me to my Truck uh we did a little making out and I left And then I left and then i banged eui and i came

Back got back out of the truck we did a Little bit more making out And i drove home And then Nine days later I said hey this might sound crazy But i’m in love with you And She said oh thank god i’m in love with You too And i said copy that You want to do life together and she was Like yeah let’s do life together And 30 days later we were living Together And we’ve barely been a part since So yeah up until We moved here Until like life further got crazy you Know three years ago or well we moved Here like four years ago but life Started getting crazy about three years Ago Um Up until then we had literally been Together For real like that was a real thing and Then Businesses grow consultancies grow Ministries grow and that that was has Been a real challenge for us because Like i said earlier The way we bond and the way we stay in Love is by doing stuff together

And we’re very much so like We need to we need to see each other we Need to be near each other we need to do Stuff together that’s how we maintain Our relationship and so Navigating those challenges where the Demands on my time have gotten the point Where i have to go do these other things Shalom jay jones Um i have to go do these other things That has been a challenge so We have three children nikon cornelius By the way Silver and gold Silver and gold Did you kill that yeti yet what’s going On with that Love uconn cornelius but that’s not Something we’ve had to navigate now like As our lives have like drastically Changed We’ve had to You know We’ve had to Make it more purposeful for us to spend Time together because life has gotten so Crazy and busy and Fun hey i don’t think they’ve seen the Lady dog This is my newest one So That’s how we met Totally a yaw thing yeah Crazy uh i and i i didn’t talk to people

Somebody asked earlier why didn’t you Talk to people Um I mean the the Short answer to that because it’s a long Answer but the best short answer i can Give is I was an angry violent human being That i had a lot of trauma earlier in Life And i was carrying that around and i did Not love myself let alone love anybody Else And i’ve always been a very mission Oriented person And i had a very High stress high value job Doing very important things And i didn’t have time for other people I didn’t care about emotions Whether it was other people’s emotions Or my own i just didn’t care and i To my detriment stuffed all of that down In the hurt locker and wrapped as many Chains and steel cables around it as i Could And uh Praise the father i’ve um I’ve done the work that i need to do to Deal with those things And a big part of that was meeting my Wife and learning how to talk to people Again and just having somebody That i could be honest with

Um and We had to learn how to talk to each Other as well like Um about the really important things i See that’s the thing with With your rib with your better half Right your wise counsel There’s not a person on the face of the Earth That knows how to hurt me better than Her And there’s not a person on the face of The earth that knows how to hurt her Better than i do Because we know all of each other’s Secrets we know Everything and so out of a deep respect For one another You have to be good You have to be good to one another even If You having one of those days where it’s Like i love you but i don’t like you Very much right now you know Like that still doesn’t it doesn’t give You permission to be nasty to one Another It’s 46 years Oh yeah i mean I know where all the buttons to the Nuclear weapons are in our relationship And so does she and if you get to the Point where you’re both hovering over The red button looking at each other you

Probably need to fix the underlying Situation and it’s tough it’s tough But um step outside step back well for Us it’s very much so fighters to your Corners It’s like i need to go get some yonder So that i can think about how we’re Going to talk about this In a way that’s not going to damage our Relationship because we need to talk About it we need to work it out but if i Talk about it right now the only thing I’m going to know how to do is say Things are going to make it worse We had our fighters go to your corners This morning and then we neither one of Us could focus and he was like time to Step outside appraisal outside about two Minutes later we came back in like we’re Good crazy off we’ve done this You gotta still come Yeah you need the guy with the water Bottle and the guy with the sponge Right in the cup man of course that’s And that’s the other thing for me one of The things i’ve learned over the years With all the experiences that i’ve had And the traumas that i i’ve experienced My flight is broken I just have fight I had to learn Flight To create space Because space and time

Are like they’re in mesh right like They’re the same thing distance and time Are the same thing I had to learn to create distance To buy the time To let the fight wear off So that i could have a conversation Um That was really like that was really Important for me and because i will go I have the capacity to go to fight That quick okay y’all seen it That quick like oh you want to mess with My people You hit the red button Cool you have one missile i have 942 of Them and friends you know And so I like it’s really good to not press the Red button So No red button pushing no red button and We gotta walk away from the red button For a little bit yes Step away from the console with all the Buttons on it you know that’s the thing So [Music] I know people are saying all they can Hear is the frogs Are really loud yeah they’re probably in The pool No flying out today Who’s going to eat the frogs

The snakes [Music] Uh So [Music] Business ideas sell frogs They’re unclean Vacuuming out the truck this old man has A bait this weekend good job david Carter good job good job man What’s up revolver on the road [Music] That is thank you good job 15 year old You’re welcome Maybe you sit next to that bible all These years something’s something snuck In there Osmosis or the 556 or 308 for shtf met tc bro Mission enemy time Defense depends on what we’re doing Uh Really who what’s the mission and who’s The enemy That that’s the question but if you only Have one or the other well they both Work Yeah that’s a good point folks you only Have one or the other thing they both Work fine i have both um My go-to is five five six I took them my longest shots are 250 Yards i took them That being said

I really enjoy shooting long range um we Went to that primary arms range day Outside of houston And they had a thousand meter range I had a blast shooting somebody else’s Precision ammo somebody else’s twelve Thousand dollar rifle It was awesome They had um Some beautiful firearms there Absolutely beautiful firearms and uh the On the long range everything on the Short ranges was just standard fare but On the long range they had some really Nice stuff A couple of precision ar-10s chambered In six five creedmoor one chambered in 30 off six which i did not care for uh It was not accurate and there was More recoil than there needed to be Um than a 308 um Oh gosh The arctic warfare rifle belt gun what What is it precision accuracy International Um Beautiful rifle and they had the Freaking hubble telescope bolted to the Top of that thing Shooting uh sierra match king 175 grains That that gun is a sweet gun so was it All pa guns or was it other vendors so They were there were other vendors guns With primary arms optics on them

And the uh the 6’5 creedmoor that Grego’s precision had they had an ar-10 And 6-5 creedmoor With a Primary arms 6 to 30 with the athena Reticle in it That gun was a laser beam I shot 5 rounds in five seconds at 400 Meters and shot a five inch group with It And the guy was like he goes yeah it’s Zeroed at 400 i was like cool like Where’s 400 he goes it’s just to the Right of the windsock i’m like okay So i was like it’s like zero to four it Goes yep zero to four so well let’s Check that zero Boom ding boom ting boom ting boom ting Boom ting and goes Yeah uh it’s on i was like okay cool he Goes yeah you shot like a five inch Group on that plate i’m like great gun It’s awesome i was like let’s go to five Bend to six then the seven then to eight Then to a thousand And he’s like Man you’re doing a good job shooting i’m Like you’re doing a good job spotting Like if the spotter is doing his job the Shooter’s just the monkey on the gun Right like Get a good sight picture get a good Trigger press let’s go Um and so that gun was awesome and the

Accuracy international in 308 was really Good too Um and They had a couple of really good Spotters the dune was like hey at a Thousand you need to hold like 10.6 mils And i’m like well I don’t know because there’s a headwind You know what about like You know oh no he’s like you need to Hold 10.3 and i’m like i don’t know There’s a headwind what about like 10.6 And he’s like yeah let’s try that he’s Like well i got a hash mark at 10.5 so Hold 10.5 Squeeze the trigger 308 of a thousand Boom Ting i mean just beautiful absolutely Beautiful i love that stuff i i really Do enjoy it because there’s an element Of of challenge to it But around here where we are because We’re in the we’re in the foothills of The uh the ozarks the mountains here There’s very rarely a shop that’s more Than three maybe 400 yards And in our immediate area all the Properties around us and the property That we’re on the longest shots 250 Yards And so like a 556 with a one to eight on It handles all of those problems real Well the only thing that uh a one to

Eight a low power variable optic doesn’t Do well is work well with nods green Eyed gooey boy stuff it doesn’t do that Well um but that’s why you have not Sight rifles because they do those Really well or an eotech does that Really well but for daytime ops or night Time with a white light one to eight Just kills it or even a one to six kills So Last try by skin so soft from avon Repels bugs it does work Stuff okay i grew up next to a swamp it Works roger that nils appreciate that The ultimate sniper and advanced Training manual for military stud by John oh so colonel john plaster was Was the ship good dude right there Um West virginia is a great five five six State i agree man i did a big job for Allegheny power in west virginia we ran Power from uh mount storm west virginia There’s a coal plant there and there’s a Thousand 1.5 megawatt wind turbines up There And we did a an overhaul on the coal Plant installed the wind turbines and Then ran 176 176 miles of high line from mount storm West virginia into dc Through west virginia pennsylvania Virginia and into d.c And

And Western west virginia is absolutely Gorgeous it’s beautiful but man those It’s one of those places where i can see Where i want to go on that mountain over There and they’re like yep you can’t get Here from there or you can’t get there From here i’m like what do you mean and Driving through the hollers and over the Creeks and all that and it’ll take you An hour in a vehicle to drive from where You are to over there where you can see It because it’s up down all over the Place that that was the first place that I became intimately aware of mountaintop Removal for coal mining and i hate that Like I am not Mr super environmental protection guy But i hate mountaintop removal for coal Mining it’s it just sucks Um So shalom tony jones What’s up tony Somebody said bear what’s your favorite Precision weapon Um That depends but that i own The gen 2 palmetto 20-inch fn heavy Barrel Ar-10 that i have in 308 that’s got a 6 224 primary arms on top of it The slx 6-24 And i believe it’s the athena reticle

That it has in it it’s a phenomenal Weapon it’s absolutely awesome And that um I’ve got some uh federal gold medal max Sierra uh Match king 175 grain That’s the federal brand and i’ve got Some mark 118 lr The uh Precision rifle or precision ground from 308 And that gun will shoot that sub moa at 100 which is absolutely beautiful but It’ll also shoot 1mla the 168 grain Hollow Boat Hollow point boat tail 168 grain privy Partisan match which is like Forty percent the cost of the precision Ammo of the federal the federal is like Two dollars and fifty cents a squeeze Right now i bought a bunch of that privy 168 grain At a dollar a round and it’ll shoot that 1m away it’ll eat it all day no issues With those at all no i It loves it But Conversely My bolt gun Doesn’t like the privy it shoots the Privy into a three to four inch group From a bench rest

But you put the match ammo in it Back down to one mla jalen mason thank You so much bless you thank you Greek homestead good morning 5 50 a.m Here well good morning to you get some Coffee it’s night time here the frogs Are out Or whatever you do over there in greece But that that m118lr is awesome Yes different twist rates that’s correct But even m80 ball 147 grain fmj The um Both of those rifles do well And uh they do well with the m80 ball But the palmetto shoots that 147 150 Grain load it shoots it Inch and a quarter no problem Um and i like 308 i know 308 at a Thousand is like shooting a rainbow And 6’5 creedmoor is an awesome round i Just really don’t want to get into Another round right now i’m really Not interested If i’m gonna spend two dollars two Dollars and fifty cents a round i wanna Buy more uh federal gold medal match for The rifles i already have Then build another rifle for a couple Three thousand dollars and then have to Spend two to three dollars around for The ammo to feed it i mean you’re Talking If you’re gonna get 500 rounds of ammo

And build a rifle You’re somewhere in the neighborhood of Three to five thousand dollars right There For what 308 at 1000 is practically indirect fire I disagree austin Uh i’ve hit Man size targets reliably and repeatably At a thousand or 308 over and over and Over again i was just talking about Doing that So Uh does the uh Does the six five get to a thousand Better with a flatter trajectory yes it Does Can 308 be shot at a 1000 with the right Loading absolutely you get a heavy Enough bullet it’s not going to go Transonic until 1100 So and once it goes transonic your Accuracy is going to go to ship But before it goes transonic it’s still Getting there and with those 175 gram Bullets 180 grain bullets high bc Bullets it’s doing a good job when it Gets there So Is it the perfect solution absolutely Not But it is a solution Yeah carlos hathcock had many a kill With a standard m1a at 1k thank you

Thomas jefferson i agree by the way i Appreciate all that stuff you did when You founded the country good work It’s transonic but it identifies the Subs That’s funny I mean it’s a lot like 300 blackout People ask all the time bear how come You don’t have 300 blackout what do i Need it for I i don’t i don’t want an effective Range of 225 yards So stay survived seven hundred seven Millimeter rem mag for the win That is probably my favorite magnum Caliber for sure Seven millimeter remington magnum i i Love that round absolutely love that Round Odd six took many a nazi i agree Uh i just if i’m gonna shoot not six i Don’t want to shoot it out of that ar-10 Platform that i shot at the primary arms Event That thing For whatever reason the recoil was Jarring on that it was And it had like a little met it was the Gun was too light And had a little magpul ctr stock on the Back of it And it just beat you up it was not Enjoyable to shoot and it used the Accuracy international magazines you

Know the 30.6 uh pattern Accuracy international magazines which Are like a hundred and ten dollars a Magazine uh hell No i’m good thank you 10 minutes no it is 10. oh it’s 10 O’clock Yeah No it’s not it’s almost time Well i was thinking about ten more Minutes anyway so What’s up trooper uno Oh yeah dude so the remington uh seven Millimeter run mag is a beautiful round I i love that round Um Absolutely love it It’s 10 52 here Says p How do i find a non-registered hole Puncher to buy and no it isn’t stolen i Cannot offer that advice to you Good night folks good night romans 12 18. You’ve seen 2 000 yards from youtube From the southern mag absolutely the sun Mag is an awesome round I love that round barrel life is going To be an issue If you shoot a lot but most people don’t Shoot a lot um especially with the way Ammo is priced right now You can buy surplus 50 cal for the same Price as good with seven mag ammo right

Now That’s and that’s not an exaggeration Um Palmetto has had On several occasions 100 round belts Of uh 50 cal ammo for 300 bucks that’s Three dollars around That’s what seven mag costs So You know you can get a bolt action 50 Cal For not much more than you can get a Seven mag bolt action That being said i’d rather shoot seven Mag than 50 cal out of a bolt action So Damn man 150 000 followers i remember Getting in at 30k it’s been a while now Congrats hey patrick martin i appreciate You bringing it up i haven’t brought it Up i think it’s a cool accomplishment But it’s you know not how i define my Life But um Yeah we hit 150k a couple days ago so i Think that’s pretty cool and i i’m Constantly having having to remind Myself it’s something we talk about a Lot with the leadership at the business It’s like Damn we’re not a little channel anymore Like There’s 150 000 people at this channel That’s like a major city

You know that’s a major city 150 Not it’s not like a tier one level one City it’s not new york or la but new York and la have a lot of damn problems But it’s Little rock arkansas You know that’s not nothing People just want you to leave the camera On all night so they can listen to the Frogs Long live fred bill Chris haynes knows what’s up what’s up Chris Long live fred bill established 2018 2019 no 2019 football was established That was a great video i have to find That video again Um 100k by four day was a good goal you Remember that oklahoma yeah that was a Good one 2019. thank you big cast Sorry but you’re like well apparently i Guess we’re doing something right which By the way let’s talk about that for Just a hot minute Guys this entire channel has been built Upon Conviction Wisdom from life experience and a Sideways iphone and so If you feel like you have something that You need to say to people if the father Has convicted you that you need to be

Out there talking to people and Mentoring people I don’t have any fancy equipment my Lighting is being provided by an led Bulb on the back porch right now I literally just have a sideways iphone On a twenty dollar amazon tripod thank You forest That’s a little Much exciting Listen the crew isn’t always well Trained but we do the best But We’ve always wanted as a badge of honor Here uh best information worst Production quality Awesome i’m not trying to gain followers I’m not trying to gain followers period But i’m definitely not trying to gain Followers because you like my production Quality what’s up survival savage I’m trying to get people’s attention With the quality of the information that We bring and so the barrier to entry for You If you have something to say Is like a 20 tripod because you very Likely already have a cell phone And you just start talking my earliest Videos were terrible They were really bad they were so bad That my wife had to pull me aside and be Like hey ben i love you But these are bad

You need to just be you you want to talk Yeah that’s true i was still learning How to talk So Just If you if you want to start a channel Start a channel start talking talk to The people say your piece and your vibe Attracts your tribe right and so The more you say your peace the more you Get your message out there and the more Value that you can provide the more People will flock to you And the more Influence you’ll be able to bring And the whole point of this channel All right somebody got them before me Good job good job bug out bob man you Got fast thumbs up Yeah homie got you afterwards The whole point of this channel is not To make followers It’s to make leaders You know we hear all the pot all the Time from people If i can just get to bear camp No No no that’s the wrong goal Make bear camp where you are Do bear stuff where you are Lead your community leave your family Study your bible stack your food raise Your animals love on your children do Your stuff do your stuff where you are

Don’t try and be me just trying to be The best version of you that you can be I want Leaders i want 150 000 leaders not 150 000 followers that’s exactly right bob White That’s why it’s called independent Correct So irene the reason this channel is Called bear independent is because my Wife helped me with the branding on that Because we were talking about one day Driving in the car yeah because it used To be called the squid and bear show And my buddy squid stayed in texas when We moved to oklahoma and so it couldn’t Be the squid bear show anymore Um I said what i really want to do Is teach people how to get independent Of this broken fragile system While living to the best of our ability As independently of this broken fragile System as possible and so she said well Why don’t you call it bear independent Because it’s not squid and bear anymore It’s just bare So you’re independent now but you’re Also trying to show people how to be Independent of the system and i was like Yeah that’s beautiful let’s go with that And so again You have uh a lot to thank my wife for In fact this channel wouldn’t exist if

It wasn’t for her she was the one that Told me to start shooting videos and Then she was the one that told me when They were terrible so that i could get Better and then she was the one that Helped me with the rebranding four years Ago And you’re a key feature of a lot of the Stuff that we do on patreon And you’re my badass help me So That’s that’s bear independent bear Independent is you Need to get As independent of this broken fragile System as possible so that when it fails You don’t fail that’s the whole point of What we’re doing And we are doing it to the best of our Ability here and trying to document that For y’all to motivate you to go forth And do the things in your life And i think that’s a great place to end We’ve been going for about three hours i Appreciate y’all greatly i pray you have A blessed evening i’ll see you in the Morning for the brief And then it’s gonna be shabbat time so Bless you all