My Bushcraft Kit – What I Carry And Why

By | June 1, 2022

Oh yeah Oh i fell over with my bag good dog Renault be careful Guys When do i ever know Well Guys This is a sort of part two Follow-up video to the video i did about The Five essential bushcraft items or it was Called something like that Uh a lot of you guys were wondering What was my kit what kit did i bring With me so i’m out for a little bit of a Walk today I’m going fairly heavy on the kit uh But this is This is the kit that i would carry all The time right Now the reason why it looks like bruno Can you come out the way please could i Do it go on wait wait off with you No get out of the way you’re in the way Of the camera good dog And he’s still in the way of the camera Guys the The reason why it’s it’s so big is Because there’s actually With the nice weather and stuff that We’re having at the minute my jacket is Actually in here my jacket actually Actually pops out the bag quite a bit Guys so what i’ll do is i’ll just run

Through What i have and why i have it okay So On my belt What i carry on my person guys Is i have i have my watch i have a knife And i have a saw okay just a folding saw Back with laplander uh in in my pocket i Have my car keys i have a wee edc torch A lighter And on this side i have a little uh Pocket knife On my phone i’m a phone and in this Because i’m a dog owner I have poo bags So Always put on a coat two bags in the Pocket okay the bag the bag itself guys Is a little alpine dutch army sting Rucksack It is approximately 40 liters But you have two rocket pouches to go on Either side to give 10 liters each so it Goes up to 60 liters as far as i am Aware that could just be completely Wrong guys these are an absolutely class Pack for the price they cost around 40 Quid I think i paid 40 quid 30 or 40 quid for This a couple of years ago and i have Used I have used it a lot okay so Now bruno On the front here guys there’s molly

Straps all over it and on the front here I actually have a first aid kit now what I would say is that Get up there go Go Come here Guys what i would say is that Look Guys i found this this is what he’s After i found this i think skeletor was Up here Guys i would be a firm believer in Better to be looking at it than be Looking for it okay so if i am carrying A knife I carry a first aid kit if i am going up On uneven ground i will carry a first Aid kit uh With you know and Plasters and stuff like that and Bandages for strapping your legs and Stuff like that okay so In my top pouch guys i carry just a Little hat I have a weave i have the the firebox Nano with me today And i have a little My little pouch yes it matches dutch Army washed by a gaze or about a pound Each they’re incredibly handy okay and What i also have in there and just a Little A little fire kit that you get that Comes in the british army 24-hour ration

Packs okay i’ll go through this pouch in A little while When i get into the pack itself guys On my lid I carry a water filter i have never once Used it and i carry a middle bank bag Okay for the same reason and more poo Bags Jesus What i have here is is i have my Waterproof cover so my uh my coat so This is the the hill track smock double Ventile smock guys i can’t remember the The the model uh in the pocket here i Have a feral rod i wear this to work a Lot when i’m when i’m instructing so i Always keep a ferro rod in the pocket And this thing is class Class love it Okay The clean canteen with water I also have a camelbak Here a hydration bladder with two liters Of water in it as well I carry a tarp A fire kit A pot container i suppose you want to Call it And i also have A german bag okay now the german Bag is A worst case scenario right now get Underway get out of the way i’m not Gonna say it again okay and i also carry

In the very bottom of my bag stuffed Away wrapped up in a bag probably never Ever ever be used but this is a true to My mountain rescue days guys is i Basically have A 24-hour ration pack halal Mexican-style tuna with pasta Okay so what Basically what this means is that Everything that is in this bag Means that if i find myself in a Situation If i find myself in a situation where i Have to spend the night Out in the woods sort of unexpectedly It’s not going to be that much of a big Deal i might be a little bit Uncomfortable but i am generally not Going to starve to death or i am not Going to Get into it get out of it I’m generally not going to starve to Death all right and i’m going to have a Bit of cover okay so Carry a tarp or a carry this guys Because This is an insulated waterproof layer Okay so this is Instead of your plastic baby bag that i Used to carry all the time i used to Carry on those big orange plastic Emergency bags rescue bags we always Call them baby bikes guys the german bag Does the same but a hell of a lot more

Okay if i had to use it as a sleeping Bag i am going to be Not going to be super warm but it’s Going to be okay it’s going to be Manageable all right another stuff right There in the bottom okay With my cup with my container my pot i Can boil water i can make coffee i can i Can uh i can put my my things into it my My meal pouches into it and heat them up If needs be guys or i can eat them cold As well it’s not a big deal but it is Just handy if i run out of water i have Two different ways of filtration so i Can boil it and i can use the milbank Bag and or and the the the sawyer mini Filter in there as well okay so Water water this is also a container Guys because this is a single single Wall uh container bruno you be careful On that log now that’s where my camera Is This is a single walled Stainless steel container so what that Means is that you can boil water in that Okay if needs be to filter it or to to To uh To make it safer for drinking guys a Little fire kit here in a dry bag There’s actually two kits in this Uh One is sort of um it’s a good day and Everything is going to according to plan And i just want to sort of light a fire

And maybe mess about and you know ferro Rod flint and steel and Things like that in there guys i have Done a video on that before i’ll link it Up there In the bottom of this case You need a fire right now this is it Matches lighters fire lighters All those different things that you need You know emergency fire starters all in There And some extra stuff just thrown into The bottom of it like birch bark and Stuff which is all in this as well Okay Okay Guys i carry a tarp i carry Depending on what i’m testing at the Moment uh you know at that time so this Is the one i just grabbed when i was Leaving the house and this is a british Army basha British army basher guys and this is set Up with the ropes and guy lanes and Everything for the corners and all that Stuff is all ready to rock all i Literally have to do is pull that out of Its bag and tie up the guidelines and i I’m ready to go ah and guys i like Having it all set up like that so that There’s less flapping and you can just Get on with it and and and just enjoy Yourself okay Right

[Music] Firebox nano guys you know what that is You’ve seen me do lots of videos with This before uh pretty much the only sort Of This that all this moves from bag to bag So if i’m taking my alice pack i’ll put It into malice pack uh if i’m taking This i’ll throw it into this depending On what i’m feeling like guys they also Carry some rope In this possible Pouch i’m going to call it uh there is Another feral rod There is A head torch There is A gps Which i don’t think i’ve ever used on i Have some spare small pieces of rope and A lot of these are actually tied into Process And i have A guitar pick I have some quartz Uh i have A lighter and another feral rod That works and i have spare battery Skates spare batteries for both the gps And my head torch as well okay And that is pretty much it guys and this Is this is the thing right This kit goes with me all the time right If i am going for an overnighter i

Generally have exactly the same kit do But not exactly the only thing that Would be added will be a sleeping bag Okay and that’s the way You know a sleeping bag and a sleeping Pad and that It just means that bruno get off that i Know you can hear a board Come down Guys Bruno you are a donkey if you knock that Camera i’ll kill you Get done guys that means that you You know if you’re all is packing the Same kit You get used to it you know when Something’s missing you know i i have Forgotten stuff of course you know Been out and forgotten stuff like like Generally You forget a head torch or something Like that but i always always always Always uh Make sure of food Guys that is My bushcraft kit that is what i carry Okay The the The video i did before was a top five Right it could have been a top ten it Very very could have you know very very Easily could have but i had to Cut it somewhere okay so that’s why i Picked five you know

Uh this is what i carry and i find that I do use it all the time i use it a lot Okay guys check that out isn’t that Unreal okay i’m going to Have to find a way to carry this down Now so I would definitely recommend If you’re using sharps or going off-road That you carry a first aid kit i would Also recommend that you do a remote First aid course as well like we call Them rack courses here remote emergency Care i don’t know what what they’re Called elsewhere but guys i definitely Would recommend that you do a course Like that it’s a three-day course and It’s well worth it it gives you a lot of Confidence on dealing with injuries in The outdoors Guys that Is it I’m going to put my hat away because now I have to descend the mountain Guys that’s it thank you very much for Watching Hope i wasn’t rambling too much and Bruno you i am actually thinking of just Starting bruno a channel on his own we Call it bruno the wonder dog guys thanks For watching Stay frosty Right i need to get alberto oh My legs are soaring