Gun Control – Bear Brief 1JUN22

By | June 1, 2022

One june 22 Very independent brief President biden asterisk good morning Kyle m Made some revealing comments recently as He recalled doctors in new york showing Him x-rays of gunshot wounds yeah i’m Sure this happened by the way Saying quote they said the 22 caliber Bullet will lodge in the lung and we can Probably get it out We may be able to save the life a nine Millimeter bullet blows the lung out of The body so the idea of these high Caliber weapons Is uh there’s simply no rational basis In terms of self-protection Hunting Remember The constitution was never absolute You couldn’t buy a cannon when the Second amendment was passed You couldn’t go out and purchase a lot Of weaponry why should we allow people To have military style weapons including Pistols with nine millimeter bullets And can hold ten or more rounds And quote If you’ve been at this channel for any Time you know That uh I’m gonna have a thing or two to say About this today That’s why you’re here

Let’s start with the second amendment Community because everybody’s gonna want To say well biden said all these Terrible things and yeah he’s right and Blah blah blah how about we quit making Idols out of our weapons And you use them what they’re for see The vast majority of americans those That support the second amendment with Their mouth remind me very much so of Those people that messiah was talking About when the father says these people Are near to me with their lips but their Hearts are far from me Check this out if you’re not willing To use The weapons for what they’re for You might as well not have them so You’ve already been neutered Because you’re worried about getting Renditions disappeared Uh Can’t can’t stat slash won’t Stand up to your governing authorities See this is why january 6th was so Important Not that anything actually happened There but because You Generally speaking Allowed them To dictate the op tempo now Oh some people walk through the capitol Building we’re going to label it as

Domestic terrorism yes and i know one Person lost their life Yay capital police To say nothing of the rash of suicides Of police officers that happen after That but that’s a whole nother rabbit Hole But you see the average american Gun toten god fearing second amendment Supporting american Would never dare pick up arms To defend Their nation Against all enemies Foreign and domestic So you can talk all you want about Second amendment absolutism but the fact Of the matter remains until you are Willing to actually Absolutely support the second amendment You’re full of hot air sweetheart And you do a disservice to those of us That have absolutely no problem using The second amendment for what it’s for You’ve been Neutered you’re a eunuch You might have the equipment but it’s Useless So yeah biden said a bunch of dumb stuff But there’s an entire gun culture Influencer youtuber guntuber culture of People That are completely worthless Not all of them

But most of them that are completely Worthless when it comes to upholding the Second amendment And citizenry from coast to coast that Are completely useless when it comes to Upholding the second amendment had a Conversation with one of the top people At goa gun owners of america recently Down in houston Yeah we support the second amendment Well what’s the second amendment for Well i mean it’s the our god-given right Uh-huh to do what to keep and bear arms Why To resist tyranny Uh-huh What does that look like Hmm Yeah They’re weapons And to a certain extent you hear all the Time the media says well these are Weapons of war you bet your ass they are And you better remember it See That sentiment doesn’t exist Because people are too concerned about The sheriff’s department and the local Pd Okay yes good morning to you too i’ll Tone it down Sorry People don’t have the balls to stand up And say no i hear all the time from

People bear when are people gonna stand Up they’re not They’re not gonna Do you want something do i need to make A point on camera today Semi-automatic rifles and handguns alike Are in the crosshairs of legislature Legislators jared guns and gadgets Excellent channel excellent human being Had some excellent reporting on this Yesterday about a 27 Minute long live stream Democrats are working on a series of Eight bills collectively called the Protecting our kids act How about instead you go inside of the Damn building and do your jobs if we’re Gonna protect our kids I love this political Theater Oh wait No i don’t Democrats are working on a series of Eight bills collectively called the Protecting our kids act and the house Judiciary committee is set to hold A bipartisan meeting this coming Thursday to begin an extensive gun Control package The house is expected to vote on some Related legislation next Week cue the panic buying So they’re coming after bump stocks and Frts

Even though bump stocks thanks to Everybody’s favorite messiah donald j Trump are already Have been Rendered essentially illegal with the Stroke of a pen They’re strengthening the nfa National firearms act rather than Repealing it They’ve got a thing with high capacity Magazines which are standard capacity Magazines Um The safe storage of weapons is a huge Deal that they’re going to push 500 fine and compensate confiscation of The weapon If you’re found to not have stored this Is on a federal law found to have not Stored your weapons Reasonably Um At a bunch of other legislation Most of which is absolute horse crap uh Ghost guns non-serialized lowers Manufactured weapons 3d printed weapons Air quote ghost guns they’ve got a huge Hard on for that making that go away They um Are also going to make it even illegal To traffic firearms because it’s already Illegal Um So

I’ll feed you when i feel like it shut Up The house is expected to vote on some Related legislation next week Semi I’m sorry this isn’t happening just in The u.s in canada a new law has been Introduced that would make it illegal to Buy short barreled firearms the bill Would make it illegal to buy sell Transfer or import handguns throughout The nation Prime minister justin trudeau has said That canada should totally ban buying And selling all handguns telling Reporters other than Using firearms for sport shooting and Hunting there is no reason anyone in Canada should need guns in their Everyday lives Oh so we’re supposed to farm out our Safety and well-being to the government That’s going to stand outside of a Building That kids are getting shot in for 86 Minutes And then detain the parents while that’s Happening Yeah I don’t think so I’ve been telling you all for years you Need to know where your lines in the Sand are And you need to exercise your no muscle

The federal government which is Illegitimate we’ve all seen the most Recent federal election the illegitimate Federal government can say whatever they Want to say I will not comply Period the end just so we’re all on the Same page here I will not comply I also live in a state where it is a State felony To for any federal officer to enact any Type of Federal firearms restrictions in the State of oklahoma And it’s also a state felony if um Any state employee i.e law enforcement Enacts any federal State gun control measures in the state Of oklahoma Governor stitt Nate perfect but he’s doing a pretty Damn good job i like the guy in fact at One point peta the people for the eating Of tasty animals Uh Had a problem with stit because You know he’s uh a large supporter of The cattle rancher uh lobby here in Oklahoma it’s oklahoma there’s nothing To do here except drill holes in the Earth for natural gas And have cattle right like those are And redneckery like those are the three

Prime directives of oklahoma you know Fuel Energy Cattle redneckery And so they had an issue with the Governor you know governor stitt harms Animals and he’s like I they were putting up billboards Talking trash about the governor And so the governor’s response was he Got one of these gigantic tow behind Grills you know big smokers And he set up underneath a pita Billboard on the side of the road and Was just grilling cheeseburgers for People and giving them away for free Come get a cheeseburger from the Governor I like that That is such a beautiful subtle middle Finger I like that and the governor’s done a Good job giving a beautiful subtle and Sometimes not so subtle middle finger to The federal government Now why does this matter for you because It’s an indication it’s an early warning It’s a canary in the coal mine regarding Probable balkanization as the federal Government continues to lose legitimacy Now i was talking with the dance monkeys Who put together this report Intel by the way if You have actual intel to share if you’re

Going to send me some link and say barry You got to watch this video no that’s Not that’s not intel if you know Something Intel at Please and thank you Firsthand accounts are greatly welcomed Now i was talking to the dance monkeys And one of them was saying hey um Remember even a couple years ago with This whole covert thing how people Around the world were saying america Whatever you do Never give up your rights to your Weapons Because of how bad things are elsewhere They can make us do whatever they want In australia in china in europe in Canada because we don’t have our weapons America never give up your weapons Now here we are a couple short years Later And this is on the table Almost as if there’s an agenda Almost as if When these people are shouting how many Children Need to die they’re not asking How many more mass shootings is it going To take before we enact gun control They’re saying how many more mass Shootings do we need to enact to force You to concede to gun control And there’s a major difference between

Those two statements Almost as if Almost as if there’s all types of back End shenanigans going on that it’s just A coincidence that when somebody with a D after their name is in charge of the Executive branch of our federal Government all of a sudden we start Having these issues all of a sudden they Become problems again all of a sudden Bad things start happening it’s almost As if there’s a rogue National Law enforcement agency called the Federal bureau of investigation that has Been caught i don’t know trying to do Some shenanigans michigan And in the capitol building and Elsewhere all over the country With direct ties back to the clinton State department the same clinton state Department that was messing around in Ukraine which were now in war Proxy war but soon to be hot war with All of nato the entire world in ukraine It’s almost as if there’s a whole System over here that has an agenda that Doesn’t give a about you And they don’t want you to be able to Protect and defend yourself from them So they engage in the hegelian dialectic Thesis antithesis Synthesis And they control both the thesis and the

Antithesis so they get the synthesis They get the outcome that they want And then they just everybody else just Sounds like that that one sheep Over there Did you see one bite madden said about Gun control yeah it’s been guys this has Been coming forever and a day And if you haven’t seriously considered How many skulls can i split with my axe You’re just playing You’re just playing and i have This much patience 0.0 Patience For all these Second amendment supporter gun bunny Instagram flexing i look good on camera But i can’t shoot with the and i Don’t actually know what the second Amendment is I’m telling you The next time somebody says to you well These are weapons of war Yeah Yeah they are Remember that If that’s not your stance on the second Amendment you’re just playing you’re Part of the problem You’ve Allowed the violent liberals to control The narrative you’ve ceded to their Rhetoric

Yet again Yes they are weapons of war Push my buttons and find out sweetheart Firearms are not protected by the Constitution in canada and after a Gunman posing as a police officer killed 22 people in nova scotia in 2020 There was an immediate ban on 1500 types Of military Grade and assault style weapons air Quote Even though canada has tighter Restrictions on firearms trudeau said Quote we recognize that the vast Majority of gun owners in this country Are responsible and follow all necessary Laws we are however facing a level of Gun violence in our communities that is Unacceptable Unfortunately the reality is in our Country gun violence is getting worse And has been getting worse over the past Years we only need to look south of the Border that’d be us to know that if we Do not take action firmly and rapidly it Gets worse and worse and more difficult To counter Well justin trudeau is a giant pile of Horse Oh the sheep said amen did you hear that Um i think he’s like kissing cousins With biden hell they probably kiss each Other i mean they’re probably into that That’s probably the new thing like full

On mouth on mouth tongue You know that’s probably just the new Greeting in this 87 gender world we live In today Um Resistance to tyranny is obedience to God Resistance to tyranny is obedience to God let me talk briefly about that and I’m a gtfo i’m gonna get off of here Because all you’re gonna hear again all You’re going to hear from all the other Outlets Is what a violation of our Constitutional rights this is Yeah why does the constitution exist Rights that you don’t exercise might as Well not exist Rights that you don’t exercise might As well not exist What is the second amendment for What is the second amendment for anybody Anybody in the chat Let’s go back to the chat [Music] A well-regulated militia being necessary To the security of a free state The right of the people to keep and bear Arms shall not be infringed A free state being necessary to the Security of a free state Okay Infringe upon my freedoms F-a-f-o homeboy

F around and find out And if You don’t know that And if your Governing authorities Local State regional and federal Don’t know that You’re just playing You’re just playing You got the big tribal tattoos on your Arms and the you know This we will defend shirt and the three Percenter patch and the the big truck And the gucci daniel defense rifle and It’s like yeah You are a Soft and wet p word is what you are Yup No love got no love for people that are All about it with their lips But their hearts are far from it You will not find other outlets i Promise you When they talk about gun control talking About that Now Resistance and resilience Book recommendation pastor joe fox and Viking preparedness was talking about on His patreon channel which by today by The way today is the first It’s the best day of the month to join Patreon mine his

Rex’s rex uh has a great patreon channel Who else do i follow nothing fancy She’ll bear of faith Um hop Uh asymmetric preparedness angry American like there’s a whole another World over there on patreon and i’m on It not just like i make content But that’s where i consume the Predominance of my Content is over on patreon because it’s Way better it’s unrestricted people can Say what the hell i want to say Uh but anyway it’s the first of the Month join freaking patreon it’s five Bucks for my channel and if you don’t Have five doll hairs you need to get Busy you need to get quit watching this Right now and go earn more money Uh there’s a link in the description What that what an i can’t Believe he said that you are not gonna Make it in the future that’s coming if That is your attitude you should also Get the hell off this channel as well All right So yeah that’s you over there in the Field Man That’s you That’s you Now Um Resistance operating concept

Buy the book and read it resistance Operating concept Pastor joe fox recommended this book on His channel i don’t know a month ago Uh and it was brief he briefly held it Up he’s like reading this book good Stuff in here Resistance operating concept for the one Percent of you that are actually going To buy that book and read it bless you For the other 99 of you quit messing Around and take what i have to say Seriously Resistance operating concept Predominant Storyline theme Pillar of this book Is that a resistance cannot exist Without resilience first Resistance cannot exist without Resilience first now this book was Written it was published by special Operations forces publishing division And it was written by A handful a smattering of special Operations badasses Uh from most of america and you know Most of american descent but a few Internationals as well shut up i’m Talking to the people i’ll see you Shortly [Music] Shalom tony john Um

So these people know what they’re Talking about and the book is written Two governments good morning the Tribesmen The book is written to governments By the special operations forces Community So that they can develop internal Resistance to external threats And a Prime component Of developing internal resistance to External threats is resiliency Yeah seeing everybody you all seen Hyperline ammo it’s uh armor it’s Impressive dude who gives a about Body armor right now pay attention Okay Pay attention If body armor is something you Absolutely have to have you live in the Wrong place and or your tactics suck Okay Auto see fiola yep there you go Good job Resistance operating concept it’s a Black book there’s like three dudes on The cover uh in kit The point here is you have to have Resilience First Resilience first in order to be able to Effect a resistance you need to have Resilience and so much of this is

Backwards again in the 2a community Oh yeah this we will defend homie you Have less than three days of food water Inside of your shelter Right you’re screwed when the power goes Out you have no resilience You have no resilience at all None And yet you’re gonna put up a resistance It doesn’t work that way it’s resilience First To support the resistance And the authors do a good job they touch A lot on What a lot of people like to talk about Is guerrilla tactics man when this all Goes down it’s guerrilla tactics okay What about the underground in the Auxiliary what about the political wing Of your organization who’s going to Organize all of this what are your main Objectives what’s the mission what are Your strategic Initiatives I don’t know this we will defend yeah Shut the hell up you don’t know So if you want to know some Read that book resistance operating Concept It’s a much bigger picture than anybody Thinks you know people used to give Trump way too much credit when they’d Say he’s playing four-dimensional chess No

But he is at least playing chess Y’all If you’re not playing chess with your Daily life as to how you’re positioning Yourself in this world that is to come You’re gonna get rolled over And you need to not get rolled over I’m trying to hit the Marcus aurelius thank you for this Excellent channel i moved from radical Liberal seattle a year ago to a nice Town in north dakota surrounded by Endless farmland been prepping hard for A year now and loading up a nine Millimeter and five five six Well thank you for the twenty dollar Bill Resistance Must have resilience first Resilience first Then resistance And resistance to tyranny is obedience To god Therefore One must be resilient First to ergo be obedient to God Damn it bear i don’t like it when you Say things that make me uncomfortable Well that’s my job i’m not here to blow Smoke up your ass i don’t care about Popularity i want you to Not die Okay

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