Wow ! What A Find – Shed Hunting With Bruno

By | May 29, 2022

It is It’s amazing sometimes what you find When you just Get out Check this out I’m very now I’m going shed hunting I don’t want to buy a new shed But I have an idea where i might find Something so I’ve done this before i have never ever Had any success so Hoping today it’ll be different all Right bruno So first we must get there To get there We must climb But i’m used to that Stitching So here is what has happened one dog Decided to go home So i had to take that dog home and Bruno Of course is in his element so The sun has come out it has gone from Being just a little bit cold to being Absolutely sweltering it’s real humid But uh here’s the plan right so I’m gonna go to this tree line i’m gonna Follow this tree line across This is this is a location where where We i would spot the The deer quite regular especially the

Stags and stuff so I’m not At this time of year they probably Haven’t dropped this year’s antlers but There might be a chance the last years Or the years a year before or lying up There somewhere and believe it or not Even though this is a completely Different scenery We’re quite close to goat camp Right Next stop The tree line via this little rub here Uh Now i brutal bruno is like having the Timbers life Fantastic crack fantastic let me run Don’t let me jump but let me be a dog Now bro Guys Let me address the comments about bruno Yes it is basically his youtube channel Okay i am just sort of I i i set him up for his punchlines and I i operate the camera that’s pretty Much the way it’s going at the minute It’s not right bruno Bruno Yeah Onwards and upwards but now let’s go So So i’ve reached my height 173 meter over climb and what i’m going To do

Is i’m going to follow this line across And Just have a look Now I have no rhyme or reason to this it is Just i am just basing this on pure blind Luck Uh i’m hoping that i will stumble across Something By going to an area where i think there Might be something I’m hoping that i will just stumble Across something that is the woolly way Sometimes it works sometimes it doesn’t Duck We got a path here a trail A good camp is up in there So I’m also looking for somewhere maybe Where i can do a a minimalist kit Camp out Lightweight sleeping bag and Maybe no sleeping bag And uh Maybe some sort of natural shelter Like a cave or a Or an overhang So there Let me know if you’d like to see that Below in the comments And i will keep on trucking on over here Well that’s a possible cave up there It’s warm come on bro What’d you find

I should train him to find these it Would be so much easier So i finally trail here we’re still up Really high Not really high but high Finally trail Let’s see where it takes us Something might have been murdered in Here That’s a lot of wall That’s a sheep It’s marked There we go Oh Check that out Nice find Oh Check that out How freaking cool is that How cool is that And the other one Yes [Laughter] Yes i found something my life was a Success [Music] And there’s the rest of them in there Look Well check that out That is class yay I’m such a nerd I’m such a nerd Right well we’re going to strap it to The pack and head on bruno

Following this little track look so It’s it’s quite an intact skeleton I think foxes would maybe tear it apart A wee bit more but check that out What do you think oh it’s heavy enough Let’s go over here It’s branded One six four I’ll know what that means Let’s find a spot It in here Look it in here Easy Check that out What sort of a goat is that That is not normally what we got here Unless it’s some sort of Fancy sheep All our goats horns Are generally straight straight up What a success no doubt Class let’s drop it to the pack and Let’s move on The pack is off and i’m going for a Little mooch i tell you what’s happening I want to strap that to my patch my pack And it is leaking Probably from the remnants of its brain So Easy easy Guys i think that will do us for this One i think we we uh We got a really good find there like Like my best to ever find

Uh So i’m completely happy with that And i just can’t this is the problem now One success and now i can’t stop looking But yeah it’s just around the corner It’s just around the corner Look this is like Deer heaven here look But they’re lying up around here Somewhere Anywho guys listen That is cool just a nice little Adventure just to shake off the bank all The blues Uh That will do us Then regretting not bringing them a pack Because i have to go to hold it back Down and get it whereas i think i could Have just had it straight off this way And uh I’ve been down check out all these dead Trees but Guys Thanks for watching stay frosty Bombard