Making a Viking Shield

By | May 27, 2022

[Music] [Music] So [Music] Hello and welcome to kimber bushcraft Yeah today i’m in my backyard presenting My new diy video where i make this Shield this viking shield I actually plan to go up to wixengard The viking village in the northern part Of denmark and making a video about Viking weapon and armory And including this diy video but Unfortunately the the viking village is Closed this week so i’m only going to Make a video about how i made this Shield And then uh perhaps next week i’ll go up There and make a video about The armory and the battery that the Vikings could have I actually got some new stuff Among that assault from grimfrost I would like to present to you and talk About Different kinds of weapon that the Viking used but Now as you can see i’m finished With my viking shields and i’m very Pleased with it i think it’s cool I wanted a Simple design i couldn’t make all kinds Of ornaments on this but i like these Colors

And as i say in the video These are old colors that are used in The Old days Elmo color And yeah i think it looked nice in this Shield so I hope you enjoyed this little diy video I bought four of these plants boards in Stockless Fur and The length is Three meters and five centimeters And the width of it is nine centimeters And the thickness Uh one point point Eight centimeters So And doing this i have and this uh I cut it up in the in sections and i Have A quarter of a shield And one more Here quarter of a shield And i lay the two together like a Sandwich You’ll see that when i Come to that point but [Applause] This Would i chose For this little project it’s because It’s lightweight and Yeah

It’s not very thick here That means a lot to me when i’m going to Do the rest of the process i’ll show you That As you can see the measurements and the Section i cut up From one plank that is 305 centimeters so cut it up in these Pieces And you’ll have a quarter of a shield The next one will be here and then yeah You can see it in the video Yeah And then i have this working table uh Foldable i can put up here in the living Room And i attach a search one with some Clamps and also over here and i’ll tell You why in a bit Then i’ll take These that i have cut out And place them here You can see i have a Marking where the middle is Right here Yeah this is fine So now you can see it’s layout here and This is the middle so i have to draw a Circle here to make the shield But This one Because i have to Glue it together with some uh Glue glue that is for woods it has to be

Under pressure for about five minutes And this one is to hold it Tight And then take this one I turned it around so i can use it to Press that way instead of that way So then i just have to Do this And Then these boards will be Pressed together When the glue has come on So um yeah This is my idea And i’m going to make two of these of Course Of course i put a lot of glue on so i’m Sure that It will attach both sides but It doesn’t matter if there’s any Glue that’s taken out because i’m going To I’m going to Make it thinner i’ll show you later And then the final one Yeah And then i take this one Press it together Yeah And to be sure I’m going to add a little bit The places that i can see the Glue hasn’t popped up But

I don’t think this is necessary because I’m going to make a sandwich You see that later In the process Yeah i think that’s okay And cornelius is following me on this Project too Here in my living room Isn’t that right cornelius Yeah You were interested in this little Project too I’m going to make A shield I think i’ll put this one over So that I’m sure it’s not going to be an even Surface I’m going to press it down here also Yep And then i just have to let it dry You say 24 hours then it’s completely Uh attached and dry Yeah and now i made two identical uh Pieces here And my idea is that i will Turn them around so you can see here So that They are crossed I think that will Make a very strong shield and Will last for a long time Of course it’s very thick but I’ll

Fix that with a With a planner So that i’ll make the shields uh Round uh with a saw and then a planner i Will uh Make it thinner Thick here and thinner out in the In the edges so that’s my plan I’m going to drill a hole here in the Middle On both Both sides and you’ll see why So i can attach them with some glue and Yeah So in the next step I’ll take this one Put it down here And then i’ll take the other part And put it over here Then i’m sure it’s in the middle on both Sides Uh yeah and it fits nicely i think I’ll of course Put some glue between these two and then A lot of these clamps Hold it together So now Now i think of A nice thick layer of glue I hope that will Make them Glue together Yeah Then put this one over

Like this There you are Yeah Then i have this one Every Weight 15 kilos And then i just have to uh Take the clamps on Yeah and so on now it’s done and you can See I takes a lot of claims all the way Around And in the middle here a heavy 15 kilos iron plate Uh on a little chair a stool Uh so yeah now i have to wait Uh I think i’ll let it be like this For several hours and then hopefully We’ll Can take this one off and it will stay There We’ll see [Music] Yeah so Now we just dried The glue and Hopefully the two parts Have been Dried firmly together So yeah So now the next step is to make my Rounded circle here

For the yeah now i’ll draw two holes in This Little stick one there and one there And I’ll put this one on and then i can take My pencil And just Draw all the outlines of my Shields In an even circle [Applause] Just like this [Music] And then i of course i have to Cut it out Yeah but before i do that i’ll also make A inner circle For this This is I’m not sure what it’s called but it’s a Card for the hands For the shield And i bought it from grimfrost Many months ago There’s even some Very cool Nails to it Hand forged That will look very nice on this use But The shield is the hand guard that I need when i’m Holding my shield so i have to find the Middle

And find how big this part is And then Make a circle again so i can see that The Hole is about 14 centimeters And that means that the radius will be Seven So then i just have to find This one again And make approximately Seven centimeters out From this point [Music] And you can hear can use his Barking because he thinks there’s Something out in the garden But there’s nuts So i said 14 and then at seven I make it a little Approximately there And then i drill a hole there i can put This one down in Yeah and then i just do another circle Here Well Hopefully we’ll be 14 centimeters in diameter Let’s check it Yeah That’s nice So This card can be here and i can hold the Pen inside it’s It’s going to look nice i think

So now i have to cut it out Yeah now i’ll cut it out You can see it’s round now And with this one in the middle That this one will go over yeah for Those of you who doesn’t know the Principle of this Little guard Hand guard Here i have a i will have a stick i can Hold my uh hold the shield And then this will protect my hand if Anyone Hits the shields so it’s a handguard And Yeah On the back side i’ll have a couple of I’ll have one That i can That is going from this direction to There and i can hold my hand and there Will be a flat one here and here To stabilize it I don’t think that’s necessary because The way i’ve done it I crossed it so it’s very strong But it’s also very thick you can see And i have to use a Planner To grind it down To approximately half the size of this This is Approximately four centimeters and i Want it to be about

One and a half to two centimeters so That’ll be the next step and then i have To finish the edges and so on but yeah This is how it looks At the moment And I’m looking very much forward to finish It [Music] Yeah now it’s finished planning It’s about one and a half centimeter so A lot of woods i had to Remove the from these shields and It’s because It’s almost like plywood I have glued it together in a cross so i Think it would be very strong and then Yeah and it’s also Reasonably light so i can carry it Without any trouble And now for the next steps I have to um Have to make something in here so i can Hold my hand And some other things that can stabilize It so that it won’t Wobble or something So that’s the next step I have to find some wood that is Suitable for that This side is the back side i haven’t Grinded it’s mostly at the front The front is going to be paint but this One i think is going to be a burnt

I like the the look of burnt wood So yeah But uh until now i’m very pleased with It i think it’s going to be a Very cool little shield Now i made these three sticks You can see here One that looks like this Yeah and two Like this My plan is To Put it on here Like this And First i’ll glue it on This is the holder yeah you can see that First i’ll glue it on and uh Put some pressure on it and let it Harden up for a day Then i’ll put some nails in some of the Things here and Perhaps some screws and these I’m not sure what i’m going to do but This is the way it’s going to be On the back side Of this shield yeah you can see here Like this Fits in like in this one Like that And Around this so it’s nice to hold on So Now i have to glue it on yeah now glue

It on and put some Some screws in for holding it Secure But you can see here Then i just have to Mount this Yeah and of course uh paint uh the front Side of the Of the shield i’m not quite sure what Paint is going to be And on this side i have to I want to burn it so it looks old And put some some oil on So that would be my next step to burn This and then Put some oil on and then I have to decide How i’m going to decorate this i have a Cross in here that i will make Uh i’m thinking about making it black And then These in different colors Or This in blue and this in red I’m not sure that what i’m going to do But yeah I think it looks good And Have a good grip So i’m very pleased with it [Music] So And before i put the linseed oil on I want to

Sand it a little bit So it’s going to be a little bit Smoother That’s so hard burning I think that looks More old And then i decided not to use Linseed oil Because it makes it Darker so i want to make it I want to use some Mineral oil For stones Granite and so on it makes Uh it’s not so Dark and Makes a A little bit hard surface I use this for a lot of things Um so i can recommend you To buy some oil that is Used for Stones If you have a granite granite table so On you can use this too So yeah but I’ll just have to Apply this And then you’ll see the final result In just a second Now it’s been burned and Put some oil on you can see I think it’s a nice surface don’t do Connections yeah

And so now it’s the There’s prompts i have to paint that’s Starting with the cross here And uh yeah You’ll see how it turns out I’ll finish with the cross Then let’s let it dry and then to the Next step [Applause] [Applause] [Music] Yeah now i’ve painted it i must say in The camera it looks a little bit Different in color than it is in the Real life This red is not as rare as here And the blue is a little bit more blue But i hope when i’m getting out You can see It’s Some nice colors i like them They are not Particularly bright and they are Old school and then what we call It means Old colors Something that they used in the old days It’s earth color But the next step will be to put this on In a special way Hope it will work and you will see how I’m going to do that I must say These colors

You can see here what kind of paint i’ve Used It’s called char colors I don’t know if you can get them in your Country but perhaps something similar So yeah i put these on i think they are Called rivets And These layers were Together with this Handguard but Instead of using them here I decided to put them in here So that they will stabilize the The handguard here that the handle Yeah now i put the Hand guard on and these nails I think they look cool very Rough and I almost finished now i just have to do One last thing and that’s not a Easy task i have never tried that before I bought this You can see here It’s raw height especially i made for For these sheets And it’s from france a company called Black armor And it’s going to be Around the shield And bent and then nailed to it So this is the next project I have to Put them in water first so they’ll be

Soft so i can Mold it around the shield and then put Some small nails in and then hey then I’m finished But uh i’m a little bit excited to make This because i never tried before I have a little plane So yeah and now i have soaked the Rawhide for For over the night and you can see Cornelius is Very interested in this because it’s the Same as in dog bones So dog chewing bones so he’s very Interested In this but now it’s flexible you can See i can bend it And then i just have to Dry so the excess water is off And it’s still soft and then i can apply It to the shield And look at this i made a I made a A marking here on the middle So i can When i put it on i can see it’s Sitting In the middle of the shield so that the Size would be equal in length And this is Something Perhaps i can take it off with Alcohol afterwards And if i can’t it doesn’t matter

It looks okay but now the rawhide is Finished and i can put it on the shields Oh yeah canadians It’s very interesting Probably very delicious for you Yeah so Now it’s fine I can start uh put it on Yeah and i put a little bit of rope on Here on the edges Uh so uh well Um And it’s first time i’m doing this so People behold me I have to find out How exactly i’m going to do this I think i’ll Do this first Punch the row Height and put the nail in And see If we can stand there Like this I guess An inch or so Will be proper Between the nails Yeah and the other sides Me Yeah And then i just have to continue So [Music] Another thing i’ve finished

You can see here On both sides The raw height I put on some some nails two kind of Nails some black and some with brass And i’ll think i’ll Make these bras a little more A little less shiny so i have to treat Them with something perhaps vinegar Is a little bit exciting because I know the rawhide is very powerful when It Shrinks when it puts it itself together So If The nails are not long enough you can Risk that it will Tear it up and i’m not sure that my Nails are long enough so i have to wait A couple of days until this is Dry completely And see how it goes but across my Fingers that This will do it yeah I had to remove the the rope i put in Because Otherwise this uh Rawhide wouldn’t be wide enough Long enough so it could uh go down on The shields So um My plan of Putting a rope in here is good but This row height is not big enough for

That so I um i didn’t do that Yeah i hope you find it interesting My little video about how You can make a viking shield yourself As you saw i tried to make it very Robust By making my own plywoods Crossing Their boards so that it would be more Strong yeah so this is all for now folks I hope you enjoyed this little video and Found it interesting and perhaps Could be Inspired to make your own viking shields So yeah then i hope to see you again my Next one bye bye [Music] Oh [Music] You