The Hidden Benefits of Prepping – EP 157

By | May 26, 2022

[Applause] The threat of disaster is never pleasant Welcome to the casual preppers podcast These safety measures are essential the Only place for prepping survival and Entertainment this will be your source Of survival instructions and information Every member of the family must be Coached in the business of survival here Are your hosts cam and kobe What’s up buddy we’re here Yeah monkey pox pox-free Uh i haven’t been tested yet So i can’t say sure is vaccine There is a vaccine that’s true i’m sure It’s being mixed in with all the other Oh yeah they’re just going to give you a Coven fox just a black serum what is This got them all in there just drink it And then inject the last ounce Oh my gosh what a world we live in Seriously man have you seen the pictures Of the monkey pox stuff i haven’t seen Pictures it don’t look good let me tell You it just looks like it’s like a Baboon leopard or something forms like Forms all over it looks like leprosy Basically nice it’s gross that is gross So it’s a pox let’s look forward to that Kind of like smallpox but it’s 10 Million times worse yeah Exciting right yeah yeah good times Cameron welcome to the studio um and What are we talking about today buddy

Well There it goes without saying Yeah no the um There’s a lot of benefits to prepping And we want to talk about some of those Hidden benefits that it’s like yeah you Got your food you get your water but Like there’s some advantages to being a Prepper and some perks and benefits and Benefits Yeah like hidden benefits or these like Kind of side benefits that come from Doing the things that preppers do right So that’s what we’re going to talk about Today we’re really excited about it Super freaking excited about it but Before i do that i want to tell you About battle box it is the monthly Subscription box for men full of solid Gear for adventure seekers survivalist Outdoor enthusiasts and casual preppers Each month battlebox sends you the Coolest selection of hand-picked outdoor Survival in everyday carry gear all Valued at far more than what you’d Normally pay you never know what’s in The next box but here’s a sampling of What users received this month the fox Edge arrowhead set not many people have One of those no we do the raptor razor Filet mano kit yeah bring on a fish i’m Gonna fillet it up with that sucker yeah All this badassness starts at just 30 Bucks a month they’ve shipped almost a

Million boxes and one best men’s Subscription box of 2017. our listeners Get a free knife when you sign up at that is try use our code casual Preppers and get yourself a free knife And before we move on to listener Reviews cameron i want to drop a little Bit of um News on the folks we have a brand new Shirt that we’re gonna drop another Limited edition shirt um i’m wearing it Right now if you’re watching you can see It but um cam has one over there he’s Not wearing it um but it says What does it say cameron what is it He’s got to read it hamster farmer of The year hamster farmer of the year Casual prepper certified yeah We’re so stoked about it we think it’s Fun we think it’s sexy it’s a good color It is a good color yeah good color and The emblem stands out yeah they’re gonna Be like well i am from do you wanna hang Out with me for farmer of the year That’s that’s something to set my sights Towards 2018 2017 yeah 2016. so this is Going to drop on june 7th the same way We have previously just watch all the Socials on june 7th and um we’re going To have a limited number so you got to Get in quick yeah this is a good one Yeah we’re going to want this you’re Definitely going to want it so we’ll

We’ll throw out the talk of the village Yeah we’ll throw out some more photos And whatnot but um so we’re excited cool Listener reviews starts now From behind enemy lines Five star yeah keeps me laughing and Focused on what i need to get done Prepping wise Helps me avoid proper burnout and Becoming overwhelmed when i feel like I’m falling behind yeah simple right to The point it is you know mr xxxl But he makes the ladies happy don’t you Think yeah Yeah guaranteed guaranteed if you guys Want to be a part of this portion of the Podcast go to itunes go to facebook Leave us a five star review make it Awesome It’s the mad mad world so i already Spoiled it monkey pox i’m going to talk About monkey pop real quick okay cdc Issues travel warning amid spread of Monkey pox virus what to Know so north america does have several Cases utah two cases awesome oh yeah That’s it probably in fort duchesne Where is it gay i don’t know It’s salt lake that’s a turd hole yeah That turtle of salt lake but um so Monkey pox is a rare virus that can Spread through contact with skin lesions Or bodily fluids ill including Respiratory droplets and through contact

With contaminated materials but we Better start wearing masks yeah again Again and again two masks you got one For monkey pox and one for corona you Gotta have both certified those yeah Certified come on government give us More There’s a monkey on it It looks like you have a monkey face Like all puffed out cheeks Those infected with the virus can Experience symptoms of fever headache Muscle aches swollen lymph nodes Followed by rash all over the course for The course of about two to four weeks Awesome sounds great so um yeah so not Only are we dealing with some remnants Of corona yeah and it’s building a Little bit too i don’t know if you’ve Paid attention now i haven’t blocked it Out yeah so um we got another one Creeping up great and it it’s awesome i Mean yeah Like how many How many times have been like multiple Viruses in this like past three year Period just weird stuff it’s like i know Ebola was a scare and then also boom Corona it’s like the world hates us Yes the earth we’ve done something wrong Yeah uh trying to purge us yep or Somebody somebody something is trying to Get rid of us yeah so that’s just man Why aliens aren’t busy they’re like

Screw that place yeah they’re so Disgusting Like monkey virus Pig farming It’s just gross disease yeah so watch Out for monkey pox it’s making its way Back warthog rash ooh yeah yeah those Will get you yeah yeah well i want to Talk about something a little less um Gross But uh Nonetheless still kind of scary i read An article and it said the chinese Military researchers are reportedly Constructing ideas for how to destroy The starlink satellite system in the Event that beijing decides that it is a Threat to the country’s national Security nice Why won’t people leave elon alone i know He’s only trying to get us to mars That’s all he’s doing all right it’s Just funny how there’s like elon haters Out there they just hate him they do so Bad you know yeah i don’t get it but Anyways a combination of soft and hard Kill methods should be adopted to make Some starlink satellites lose their Functions and destroy the constellations Operating system in the paper said Published in the domestic peer-reviewed Journal modern defense technology According to the daily mail musk spacex Good mag i’d read that sugar for sure

Has signed a contract with the u.s Department of defense to use starlink Platform for military purposes i didn’t Know that including the development of Sensitive instruments capable of Detecting and tracking hypersonic Weapons traveling at five times the Speed of sound in the earth’s atmosphere Technology beijing is known to be Developing awesome so that’s why they’re A little pissed off at a little star Like it’s not just we were just making This rocket and now we got something That can track it yeah it’s really Ridiculous that’s what they sound like Too yeah exactly we have to say that you Have to say that So anyways that’s awesome fun fun things Happening around the world Some real fun stuff yeah i mean not to Mention i just don’t even want to Mention them anymore but the the mass Shooting down south i i just i mean that One’s like Disgusting yeah I don’t know what to do but we have some Mental health issues In the country and we need to figure it Out but i don’t everybody’s talking About it so we’re not going to talk About it i don’t know what else to say About it but we are going to talk about Mad men world is sucky but i don’t like That depressing

Um The hidden Or side benefits of prepping this is Something we’ve been talking about for a While like you know when you do this When you go in even if you go in casual Things The things that you do kind of they give You these benefits that a lot of people Maybe don’t talk about or you don’t Think about while you’re prepping yeah Right you’re so focused on like getting You dude skills and like so you don’t Realize that you’re developing these Other like Like key attributes sure it’s good stuff Yeah really really good things that are Kind of outside of prepping that really Help you in your daily life so we Thought we’d make a list of those Think about them yeah think about them We’re going to talk about them today so The very first one and this one some Spouses may argue with this Okay um but yeah just hear us out here For a second uh it can save you money And that is it’s tough to Make that case sometimes to the wife You’re building up the supplies Sometimes but think about this so Um right now we’re facing inflation and It’s not great it’s horrible it’s stupid And i don’t like any of it um but If you’re a prepper a lot of times

You’re hedged against that inflation Yeah because you’re stockpiling goods Usually when they are um at a reasonable Price right um so basically this is a Hedge against inflation even just things Like i bought a thing of n95 masks years Ago on amazon for like 15 bucks And then you know the uh pandemic hits And boom that’s like a hundred bucks now You know just things like that let alone Normal everyday inflation yeah you know Those things are gonna get wiped out Yeah you’re like you said you’re kind of Hedged against that kind of thing yeah And so um There’s a lot of different things that With with prepping when you’re Stockpiling stuff that you’re hedging Your your bets against this inflation so That that right there can save you money In the long run Uh another thing we talk about all the Time cam and i really big sticklers on It is emergency funds Right so um being a good prepper in our Minds means you have a fund set aside For emergencies and this isn’t always Just Prepping emergencies we’re not saying Set it aside from when the tornado hit Your house I mean that’s great and all but um this Is a huge benefit to anybody to have Having an emergency fund i mean any

Emergency yes and they’re not going to Start burning money right away like no No yeah but even if it’s a personal Emergency you the car breaks down Or uh you lose your job or whatever it Is Yeah Kid goes to the er which is gonna happen Yeah it did happen frequently right and So that emergency fund is there to help You so in the end that kind of helps you Save money maybe you don’t have to use Your credit card which is going to be High interest right and so there you’re Saving money so think about that as as Part of this uh buying bulk usually as a Prepper food is a big deal right we’re Always talking about food i love food Get that i eat it every day Every time i would eat it every day if i Had it if i had it i would eat it every Day But we’re filling up our our pantry We’re filling up our freezer we’re you Know we’re filling up all that kind of Stuff and usually when we do that we’re Buying in bulk a lot of times yeah Because that’s what we do and i do that All the time not even just with food i Do that with pencils Paper absolutely razor blades Yeah everything but i mean even Toiletries and stuff i buy that way you Soap and yeah you know

Shampoo i’m always buying the big one Because you get a better deal plus you Have a whole bunch You know what i mean in case you don’t Have to go back and shop for it exactly But you’re getting a better deal when You do that you know And you don’t have to go out and buy When prices are high because you have More of it and you’re like yeah i’m okay I’m gonna wait till maybe that price Comes down so that that’s another way That it can help you save money i’m not So sure i believe that with you though What do you mean don’t touch that i am That way go to the store and buy the Expensive stuff no we don’t get into This i you know it would have to come Down no but i know what you mean yeah a Situation where it really made sense Yeah right i mean i did Dip into the uh tp yeah stocks you know During covid oh i gotcha I’m not dipping into my own Or you mean i thought you’re like stock Market i’m like oh no no no no no Awesome no no t charming put a good Grand in there well i dropped i dropped Some some money there yeah about 10k Yeah In angel style it really would have been A great I don’t we should look and see what Those stocks

Yeah i’ve never looked at the history So uh the next aspect that can save you Money is as a prepper a lot of times we Grow gardens And growing food And canning is just another benefit that And i say this With an asterisk it can save you money Because sometimes it feels like when i When i do it i’m losing money somehow i Don’t know um it’s like easier to go Down just like with my chickens i’m like Hell am i saving money yeah or am i Losing money because it feels like i Might be losing money you know but it Can in the long run you’re eating food That you’ve grown instead of buying Every single week from the store so in The long run that that can save you cash Money for sure yeah For cash money for cash money Um how about insurance candy you’ve Thought about that as well yeah i hate It yeah it’s gross i don’t like it Doesn’t taste good um but you can Usually get a a home insurance discount Um When you bundle you save your money yeah Use our code cash whatever it’s a geico Commercial or something um But you know a lot of times if you have An alarm system or security upgrades you Get that discount on your home insurance Yeah so it can’t save you money true

Just saying think about it cam nah i Will don’t just pooh-pooh it it’s Actually a thing okay all right Yeah Many preppers get really good at fixing Things themselves Right because they understand that They’re probably going to have to do That come shtf you can’t call The uh jiffy lube or you can’t call um The maytag man To come fix stuff when there’s a volcano Erupting or something like that you’re Gonna have to do it yourself so you get Good volcano the lava blocks off the Roadway yeah Honey with that microwave Yeah dishwasher ain’t working buddy We weren’t getting any microwaves in This house yeah Uh but you start to as a prepper and i’m Not great at this because i just hate Doing this stuff but fixing those little Odd jobs around the house They get good at it maybe mechanical you Know You know tinkering on the old four like Canvas a little more yeah and you know Maybe you’re mending clothes yeah yeah Yeah i i don’t know i got stuff on this Later yeah we’ll talk but i’m saying Those things can help you save money in The long run for sure right they can’t And so that that’s another way how about

Budgeting Boom camera super fun yeah great great Thing to do budget it is a great thing Uh you become really good at this if You’re a prepper because you want as Much money as possible to spend on Preparedness items and so you do this And you budget and um That again can save you money in the Long run so And then just coming down to Self-reliance that’s huge To save you money um so anyways That’s how i say you can save money as a Prepper yeah you can spend a lot of Money too so just you can go either way Right but you know i think overall most Pretty Like die-hard preppers are pretty smart With money yeah i think so too um The biggest thing for me and we’ve Talked about this multiple times too Like to being a prepper brings a lot of Like relief and like less stress in your Life sure because you’re just like You see the news articles you see the Gas is you know maybe unavailable gas Plant got bombed or something like that See that all the time All day yeah but then you’re just like You do you get a little worry but you’re Like we’re gonna be fine because we have Food we have stored away some fuel we Store away

Um all these different items so you’re Not as dependent on the system and that That man that brings so much stress Relief from oh it totally does you’re Just like i’m not as worried about all The garbage that’s happening right Although sometimes i feel like if i was Just super like one of those people that Just watched the bachelor and didn’t Think about anything else and yeah just Went day to day yeah sometimes that Would be easier yeah and just not Thought about any of it right right you Know it would be way Just hard to be that way so some people Are probably less stressed because they Don’t care about it they don’t care they Don’t think about a nightmare exactly Their life’s going to be at night yeah But um The big thing too is like you don’t want To go into a scenario That’s that you’re going to be stressed Out about because mental health issues Are going to build Like over time massively when like right Now i mean look at look what the Pandemic has done For people like long term like i hate The pandemic oh man i don’t like it some Like massive Amounts of mental health issues anxiety Um depression and things like that They’re not going to get better at the

Start of an sht it’s only going to get It’s going to go the opposite direction So it’s like if you can do anything now To control and bring that anxiety down And not have to worry about taking care Of all the aspects of your family yeah The worry kind of drives you to do good Things but you’re not going to be Stressed and making terrible decisions When the time comes because yeah you’ve Prepared and that’s a that’s a huge Thing um Your family too is going to not feel so Stressed you’re not gonna be barking out Orders like let’s get down the ground Like they sense your stress you don’t Even have to say anything like your Family’s gonna feel that yeah and that Just like snowballs like all of you are Stressed out and hate each other and It’s just not good well then coming into A any sort of shtf or emergency Situation As a prepper you’ve already talked about It you’ve already thought about it you Probably have a plan right you know and The stress just goes way down yeah way Down and that that Falls into like interacting with other People too during during an event like If they need some help or if you need Some help like you’re not going to be All stressed out and high strung like Freaking just

Super mad about everything yeah more so I should say yeah It’s kind of a normal everyday thing for Me i know me too don’t ask me for Anything i know i’m not helping no You’re moving i don’t care You can haul that stuff out yourself but Um Like really that’s to me one of the Biggest things about becoming a prepper Is relieving and anxiety That’s It’s it’s something that’s like one of Those back of your mind like how to get This stuff ready i’ve gotta like what Happens or what if like it takes a lot Of those out of the equation so you’re Just like now i just have to worry about Long-term retirement and that’s going to Suck But you don’t have to worry about like These events because you’re just like we Have Stuff in place we have a plan and so Yeah it’s relief for you it’s relief for Your family and it’s going to be better For everybody that lives around you too I don’t know how anybody who has a Family isn’t a prepper i don’t either Just don’t get it that’s what changed me To becoming one too like we had like Little things i think me and my wife Would have lasted two days sure yeah Maybe yeah when we were married because

You know but um yeah once you have kids And you have dependents and more Dependents and it’s like you you Like really i don’t know how anybody Does either if you don’t then you’re Probably Yeah a bit irresponsible yeah Something’s not right there because it’s Just that’s the one thing that Continues if you don’t stress about that Keep me prepping maybe you don’t love Your family yeah you love them or not Okay so be a prepper that’s the big Thing like it does bring a ton of stress Relief yeah and that’s i mean who isn’t Looking for stress relief in their life Oh my gosh i know but again that’s the Biggest anxiety and stress in my life is My family like do i have enough money do I have enough food do i have enough all This Are you safe like there’s what else is More stressful there’s nothing more Stressful for sure like work yeah that Gets stressful but whatever yeah you Know what i mean you can get a job yeah You can get a new job yeah i mean i Guess you I guess if you have to but it’s not the Same thing right you want to stay with The family you got yeah it does it Brings a ton of stress yeah and prepping And being prepared having a plan for Your family is going to give you a ton

Of relief for sure that’s a great side Benefit it’s great And honestly it’s like Probably the main benefit for me it Doesn’t even feel like a hidden or a Side benefit it’s like that i think so Prep anything to get rid of stress yeah For sure yeah for sure all right how About better health yeah cameron and so This one is tough too and this is like a Hopefully thing like hopefully you have Better health has a problem right Because we know that that’s not in Theory it should be the case um it’s not Always because Health again is there struggles and There’s yeah and yeah But yeah and so there’s so we understand That being healthy it’s a huge asset for Survival it’s it’s an asset in any Emergency situation And um we talk about this all the time You know relying on daily meds every Single day um is tough and it’s a Gigantic benefit if you don’t have to do That especially In an shf scenario so if if you are a Prepper that’s probably something That is on your list to do if you Haven’t done it yet is to get healthy Right yeah at least it’s something that You it’s like everybody everybody wants To be more healthy but for some reason Like me doing the prepping and

Understanding like if i have to bug out I have to carry my family we have to Travel through the woods like it Motivates me way more than most things It’s definitely extra incentive yeah Right um It’s just so hard but um yeah like cam Said you may have to bug out you may Have to take a hike with a pack and you Have to be physically ready for that When that comes you can’t just say well Half hour before i’ll stretch out and I’ll be good you know what i mean like That that’s just not i’ll take some Ibuprofen yeah and it’s so funny it’s Like those guys that are you know They’ve never trained fighting or Anything i got two cliff bars yeah those Guys that have never trained in any sort Of uh martial arts or fighting they’re Just like i ain’t afraid no street fight You don’t know my mentality yeah yeah i Get out there i see red i’m like oh Great i know guys that They are they Do think that too huh they’re not gonna See red they’re gonna see your punch Coming they’re gonna block it and then You’re gonna be choked out like that’s What’s gonna happen i’ll be grabbing Throats you know biting fingers here’s Like no man it’s not how it works it’s Not gonna work if both of you are dumb i Can’t say i didn’t think somewhat that

Way yeah until i rolled until you feel Like yeah i’m gonna die really f this Noise this doesn’t absorb away from all Humans yeah and so it i think it’s the Same thing with like bugging out it’s Like i’ll be fine When the time comes my mentality i’ll be Ready now you’re not you’re going to be Tired you’re going to be sore and you’re Going to be out of breath super Uncomfortable yeah and so That’s the thing as a prepper we know Those things and so hopefully that’s Part of what we’re doing as a prepper is We’re getting ready for that um you know I talked about the self-defense maybe You’ve been training in self-defense and That is a great way to keep yourself Healthy i mean hell that’s the only Reason i started uh jiu jitsu the only Thing that keeps me in any sort of shape Whatsoever that’s the only thing And that’s been a great side benefit for Me from the prepping right um And there’s a lot of people that are That way you know hopefully we have Healthy food stored away we have like Some vitamins we’re thinking about those Types of things As a prepper hopefully you’re thinking About first aid you know how to do that Kind of stuff and In the long run that probably keeps you Healthier right you don’t lose a finger

From I don’t know how to put a band-aid on Get cut yeah exactly But again that’s that’s just another Thing and then we talked about gardening Before if you’re raising your own food You’re probably eating more of that food You’re eating less processed junk yeah Right um again that’s another way that That keeps you healthier I think i never thought much about Nutrition until i was thinking long term Too because like you’re gonna need all This nutritional value exactly so how do You do it that’s why that’s the whole Thing about nutrient survival for us That’s why we went with them you’re Getting food and like all the essential Vitamins minerals you need you’re not Just filling up your belly with salt and With ramen and stuff you’re actually Getting stuff for your body that you Need and cam talked about this in the Last thing on um you know stress relief But your mental health In my opinion tends to be better as a Prepper oh yeah um and again this is Debatable especially when you’re healthy Your mental health is way better oh 100 Yeah you know people on the outside of The preparedness community actually Might look in at what we do and think That the mental health is off yeah That’s exactly right do you know what i

Mean that’s probably the way they’re Annoying schizophrenics yeah Out of control but we know i mean we Understand how we feel and i know that For me it helps me i have less anxiety i Have less stress i have these plans for These emergencies i have plan b’s just In case those plans don’t work right It’s just a huge stress reliever it Keeps my head clear if i’m if i’m you Know feeling all stressed out or Something i can go like Mess around with my bug out bag i feel Better afterwards like all right cool go Throw a bean bag like big hecks of beans Let’s just go reese stack them hell yeah All right go dance in a flower factory Count calories Yeah exactly i feel calm spreadsheets That’s oh yeah So all these things should lead to Better health um and that what is a Better side benefit yeah is there a Better one I don’t know yeah i really agree though Like the health Most preppers that have really looked And invested time into it tend to be Healthier than the general population For sure Um and kobe had mentioned this too of of How As preppers you tend to be a little bit More of a jack of all trades

Because you’re learning all these Different little skills you’re trying to Like practice those skills to be Comfortable with them And that’s a drive for me you know i Don’t i’m not doing scouts as an adult So i don’t learn skills kind of ours Sometimes yeah that’s true Um But like my dad My dad like can barely spell He can’t send a letter in the mail yeah He there’s no chance he can pay a bill Like my mom does all that stuff yeah Yeah but that guy like he can build fix And make anything he wants dude like He’s learned so many skills so far Through his life if like he could do Anything out in the like He just knows how to do it i’m so Jealous of that my dad is the exact same Way like He can’t spell like his own name hardly Not that he’s not smart no no that’s What i mean My dad’s Just not like a book smart classroom Type person which is what most of us are Now yeah but if he looks at something And i’m like dad what the hell do i do Here he’s like all right oh here’s five Different ways you can do it i’m like What the hell i know my dad’s the same Way he’s like strategically smart it

Pisses me off so bad too i’m like i Don’t know where they learned that but Yeah i think preppers develop those Skills of like analyzing a situation and Like learning how to like work through Obstacles and problems that’s a huge Thing oh for sure and so you know There’s all kinds of different aspects That we learn like learning about boots Butchcraft bootcrat That’s a new series on the history Channel Making Making moonshine and boots craft Craft Yeah The bush crafting like in comms How to cook better like Gardening all those little skills like You just learn more and more the more You do them the more you talk to Different preppers and community and Like I mean just post some videos i try and Figure things out more Oh man um Everybody tells you what you did wrong Real quick yeah that’s for sure you sure Tell your yeah it’s crazy how many Experts it’s awesome yeah um but Repairing items like yeah You don’t just go and replace it at the Store you learn how to fix it and reuse It and make it better

Um shooting hunting there’s all these Different little skills that you just Get better at but then like you were Saying like Mechanic skills like yeah those Are tough and if you’re not a mechanic You learn how to like fix little parts And things and and makeshift i mean like Duct tape and and bailing twine i mean You can do all kinds of stuff with that Stuff And that goes along to you with like Medical knowledge i’m not saying you Need to be a surgeon and you don’t need To diagnose Uh heart failure and stuff like that but You learn to manage things that your Family and you are most likely to face So yeah you kind of just become all Around Decent at certain skills and you get Better and better and you’re not really Pushing yourself when you’re not like Thinking about scenarios that are going To put you into yeah the situation where You’re going to need to know how because Most people are like sheltered yeah most People are like i don’t need to Understand this medical stuff i can just Always go to Urgent care urgent care everything’s Going to be fine you know you don’t need To worry about like you got a fever and They immediately bring it down it’s like

You haven’t really thought about like What’s going on with like how do you Make the assessment Like i get called all the time or text About what do i do and it’s like that’s Fine you know and yeah i went to school For that but at the same time i’m like Are you learning anything are you just Immediately jumping into like asking Somebody that like don’t always do that Like right try and learn to do some Things yourself Youtube’s amazing for that sure like I’ve learned all kinds of stuff The you know fixing my truck or you know Fixing Hvac systems and repairing pipes like You can learn a ton there and those Skills are going to be huge You know maybe when you don’t you can’t Depend on yeah for sure the stores and Other people skills so jack of all Trades i think definitely preparation Kind of that yeah for sure how about um Self-confidence And and to me this can mean several Things um several different things as a Prepper but um I think one of the biggest things is That possible or real disasters don’t Scare you or shake you like they do kind Of most people because you understand What they are yeah one thing you Understand how to approach them and you

Understand how to mitigate the issues That come from them because you always Have a plan yeah right i think this is a Huge thing having this self-confidence And that and it’s not just In that area because that Self-confidence bleeds over into other Places right um you understand that and You know that you can take care of your Family because you prepare every single Day day in and day out um there’s no There’s not that like what if oh man Could we what would happen if the power Went out for two weeks what would we do And again not through it you’ve already Thought through it you already have a Plan to get through that it’s just Another Um Building block for your self-confidence Because Self-confidence is a huge thing it’s Gonna benefit you In so many different ways you you’ve met Those people that just have like no Self-confidence yeah it’s you know what I mean you can’t it’s a little bit scary Yeah and if you have that great Self-confidence it usually means in your Life you’re gonna have more money Because because just the things that you Do you’re going to be better at your job You’re going to be better performance And all that yes

Your relationships are going to be Better your Your health is going to be better again With that self-confidence And i think preppers are probably This might seem counterintuitive but i Think actually preppers are more willing To take risks because You kind of understand risk a little bit Better because You always you’re thinking in risks all The time that’s what you do right and so I feel like uh self-confidence is a Great kind of side benefit from prepping And you get that again in a whole bunch Of different ways but i think You know if you learn self-defense There’s great self-confidence if you Learn medical skills again great Self-confidence there that those are all Things that help any type of skill booch Craft you know that’s a great Self-confidence builder as well there’s Bootcraft 101 somewhere on it somebody’s Got it yeah so i just think Self-confidence comes from a lot of Different things that you do in prepping And yeah again it’s a great side benefit Because it bleeds into all aspects of Your life not just your prepping and It’s not we’re not saying overconfidence Like the firearm experts no tick tock That’s not what we’re saying no we’re Just like

Like you said recently that you’d kind Of taken a break from news you can do That yeah because you’re like i’ve gone Through you know a lot of scenarios you Keep a little bit of a tab on it but It’s like you don’t have to be Obsessively not following all that stuff Because you know that you’re going to be Fine well and i just I don’t know again this is the mental Health aspect i don’t think it’s great To be So freaking ingrained and just immersed In Daily news cycle all the time i feel Like it’s actually not ours and i see it So much with older people they are my Parents oh my god my mom gets up six to Watch the news yeah yeah west valley Shooting again it’s like well that Doesn’t affect your life let’s stop Worrying about it Let’s worry about the things that are in Front of you and like maybe you know in The grand scheme of things obviously There’s things that affect your life but Like Most of the time just like move on to Something that’s better for you you know Good gracious i agree Speaking of things that can affect your Life yeah cyber crime i hate it can Destroy your life i hate all the cyber Crime in the whole world me too

But you can get your information stolen Online like that it don’t take much you Go online click on the wrong link yeah Boom your kids are gone i don’t know how That happens it does but it’s scary yeah Black markets yeah russians cyber crime Is a big deal and your information like More and more we rely upon doing Everything online banking online we shop Online we do stuff we shouldn’t work Online yeah but you can protect yourself Your computer all your devices Everything with surfshark yeah it’s a Virtual private network that protects You online by cloaking your ip or Putting it in a server in a different Country they can’t trace back to you Pretty dang cool that sounds cool and It’s as simple as just turning on an app Finding the server clicking and you’re Done that’s easy it’s really easy yeah And it doesn’t only protect you you can Use it for your own entertainment for Real if you got streaming in uk on Netflix something that we don’t have Like a certain channel or certain Program yeah guess what you can put Yourself in liverpool and watch Something I don’t know i don’t know what’s over There soccer probably willy wonka shows Tea kettle Swap or something like that who knows Yeah yeah top gear top like that yeah so

Biscuits but you can you can use that to Watch a program in a different country Because it makes it seem as though your Computer is stationed in that area Really cool magic um the app works Really well if you don’t even like Understand how vpns work surf shark’s a Great one because it walks you through It and you can try it for a full 30 days And if you’re like i’m not going to use This then you can get your money back There’s no risk i don’t think anybody Does that no there’s no risk 30 days That’s huge yeah it’s a month um and it Only cost you for 27 months that’s a Little over two years if you break it Down That’s four three two that’s three extra Months you get it three extra months for Just a little less than 60 bucks so use Our code casual preppers at Get 30 days for free And only pay 60 bucks for a long time of Protection that’s pretty cool it’s way Good i love it i use it all the time Especially like airports and when you go To Public uh subways subway yeah the the Food place yeah yeah that’s something People freaking steal everything yeah They got great turkey and ham they do They do cyber crime is rampant so One other big thing that people don’t um

Get the opportunity to do or really Practice is leadership skills yeah and The reason like as preppers you kind of Develop is you’re working through these Things these scenarios with your family And it kind of gives you the opportunity To one lead your family like yeah you’re Gonna have to be the one to take charge And you know organize your family to do This and that and i’ll put lucy in Charge yeah Don’t let her do it i mean my wife’s Probably going to be much more in charge Than i am But um yeah But yeah you you have to develop a Leadership skill as a pro as a prepper Because It may just be you and your family are a Small group and you may be the most Prepared person and that’s going to give You Like Basically you should be the one taking Care yeah you need to be the leader in That situation because like again most People aren’t ready right and you may Not feel like you have those skills to Be a leader and and you kind of hang Back but when you get into these Scenarios do you want to be led by Somebody that has like no pro Like they haven’t prep They haven’t prepared at all they don’t

Have any plan in place They’re just like a really good public Speaker you know yeah and and most People tend to follow those but at the Same time like you’re gonna know what’s Right and wrong and it’s gonna help you To kind of lead your family to a better Place like It may not be a big group it may just be Your family but you’re going to have to Take on that role as a leader yeah and So That’s that’s one skill that i think That gets overlooked as a prepper is You’re you’re taking control of your Family you’re taking control of their Future And it may just be you leading them up Into the promised land for sure across The desert yeah So um but in addition in addition to Like boosting your self-esteem It gives you Uh It could lead you to increase pay and Responsibility at your workplace because You’re huge you’re calm you’re you’re More like you’re less stressed because You’re not worrying about all the family Things and what-ifs And you’ve kind of like developed those Skills to like i’ve got all these Different Uh jack of all trade skills like it just

Gives you a little bit more confidence In yourself and kind of boosts you into Better roles in in your workplace i Really think that’s honestly true with Prepping i do too i mean i think Leadership some people are kind of born With that innate ability To be a leader but most people have to Develop it in some way shape or form and I think as a prepper you’re you’re Thinking about it especially with your Family or your group if you’re if you’re The guy or you’re the girl that’s that’s Taken charge of this prepping you have To lead the way yeah like it has to be Something that you take control of and You move forward and you do it okay if i Didn’t do it at home There wouldn’t be much prepping going on Right there just wouldn’t be exactly so You have to take the reins and and push It forward and that like cam says it Just bleeds over into other aspects of Your life all the time and that’s great And now we mentioned like with the Family like It’s your responsibility to like lead And protect and help your family And and that can kind of drift into Other aspects of your life like i was Saying in your workplace in your Community and things like that you don’t Need to be you know a Construction manager like just barking

Out orders right forming like it just Gives you more confidence because you’re More comfortable you you’ve gone through Things you know how to work through Problems you’ve thought about problems Ahead of time so you definitely fit the Role more in a leadership position yeah Then then a lot of people during those Crises like they’re just like chaotic Running the grocery store yeah they’re Probably going to be asking you advice For sure Anyway even just like Things that coming up on a car wreck or Something like that you know yeah you’re You’ve thought about it you’ve probably Have stuff in your vehicle ready for it And yeah so you can you feel pretty good About taking that leadership roller and That’s that’s that’s a huge huge thing Uh this one it’s kind of hard to explain But i think it’s gigantic especially This day and age a higher level of Appreciation Um This one’s like frustrating it is big Time nowadays it’s very fresh for your Own kids you’re like come on like Stop being so like Selfish that is one of the things like As a parent for me is humongous i don’t Want kids that take things for granted i Don’t want kids that expect Everything given to them right because i

Know What those type of people are when they Get older and i don’t like them Okay so that for me that’s huge and i Think as a prepper this breeds this into A person this higher level of Appreciation um You start to appreciate little things Because you’ve thought about crazy Scenarios so much you start to Appreciate clean water most people don’t Think twice about cleaning no right they Just don’t you start to appreciate a Healthy body you start to appreciate a Little bit of money in the bank and uh i Love a healthy hell yeah i love every Day it’s great uh you start to Appreciate a safe home how about just a Sharp knife in your pocket that i Appreciate that every day i really do Because i flip it out somebody’s like i Can’t open this look at me i got this This is this is great you got you know a Safe family a simple plan all those Types of things not that bad but like Actually a simple plan like a An emergency plan I just i feel like appreciation is Sorely underrated and it’s commonly Missed in in the society that we live in If you don’t have 10 vacations a year and you don’t have a Side by side and You’re pissed off at the world it

Happened so much it happens Our state’s terrible all the time But as a prepper man you give me a new Pocket knife and a barrel of water and I’m like hell yeah life is good yeah you Know what i mean um i you just Gratefulness is a huge side benefit in Your life and i think Prepping Helps you see that It can all be taken away in two seconds Because you’re thinking about those shtf Situations and you know if you’ve got Running water if you have electricity And you hit you can go to the doctor What else is there to be happy about or Be grateful for that’s all you need yeah You know what i mean and so um this to Me is a huge side benefit of prepping it Leads to better physical and mental Health we’ve talked about this which Also leads to a happier life better Relationships and all those types of Things um You know under i talked about this kind Of already but understanding how bad Things can get is a huge asset Covid is one of the things like it Sucked kovid was the worst i mean but it Wasn’t the worst right because we Understand that it was pretty damn mild It wasn’t the spanish flu it wasn’t Um a deadly pathogen that we’ve had like A 50 percent kill rate or something very

Half our family we did yeah well and so It sucked but again Most people haven’t thought about a Pandemic and so this is the worst thing That could ever happen ever in a million Years but we’re like yeah it’s bad this Is not fun but boy we were lucky yeah We’re lucky that it wasn’t one of these Other things that we’ve read about and We’ve prepared for right So anyways i just feel like it’s a great Side benefit as you start to have a Higher level of appreciation for little Things and for how things are and how Much worse things could get yeah i Totally agree like going out testing Gear spending the night camping you’re Like man i’m so glad i have a home yeah Shower and air conditioning yes like you Do you become Like it makes you think twice about Having to be thrown into that scenario You learn about like what things can Help you be more comfortable that’s why Like it’s funny when people are like You know oh you’re you’re not using Flint and steel you’re not a man and You’re like I have better technology like we have More convenient things but you learn to Appreciate those things way more you’re Just like yeah i have these things like You said about going out that’s so funny Like i don’t think i

I think people need to go do that more And i think that’s the great thing about Being a prepper is because you do go do Those things right you do i i went I went hunting for like a week and a Half at one point and it was it was Obviously fun but it was i was Never been so tired i had never been so Uncomfortable I had never just gone through and just Been like oh my gosh Getting home and taking that shower when I first got home i was like oh my god Gosh this is Heaven this is i can’t believe i used to Do this every day getting a shower and It was warm so i think as a prepper you Go out and you do those hard things you Go bugging out you know you test that Stuff out and you come back you’re like Oh this is actually real good yeah this Is nice i got a good life even if i’m Not you know at disneyland every two Weeks right it’s super hard to teach Kids that stuff yes and this gives you Way better opportunities You’re just like why are we storing this Because we might lose all this stuff Yeah be happy to have netflix all the Time exactly yep so no it’s a great one And i obviously overlooked people don’t Appreciate it oh my gosh it’s so bad um So self-reliance what is self-reliance To one’s power uh

One’s own powers and resources rather Than those of others yeah so Like This is another huge thing that goes Along with like appreciation yeah people Don’t realize how much they rely on Everybody i was just complaining to kobe The other day because i went to arby’s And in the lobbies closed i had to wait In this big old line because i’m like There’s not there’s nobody working yeah Like how nice is it that we can just Pull up and have food prepared made Ready to go that tastes great yeah like You’re not we’re not going to be able to Rely on that system you know yeah when In certain Shtf like an emp terrifies me because of That But anything i mean we can lose a lot of Convenient things so Learning to be more self-reliant you’re You’re better for your community you’re Better for the government like they’re Not going to take care of you they can’t Take care of every single one of us yeah Um unless joel biden stays in oh hell Yeah he’s gonna get us all fixed up he’s He’s cashing checks and Yeah it’s crazy but yeah like uh Self-reliance is always a big thing that Like my family’s always taught it’s like You don’t You

When i move or when i do things like i Tend to always try and just i don’t want To bother somebody i want to do it Myself yeah But then you are much more uh like Grateful for people that are willing to Help you or do things for you So being self-reliant just helps you Like realize the small things that are Important it also helps you to teach Your kids to not like Be reliant upon the system that we have Like it’s to be born into that and to Not really understand How Like convenient we have things If you work and practice the Self-reliance of like what if we can’t Go to the store what if you know talking To kids about these scenarios or where We’ve gotta come up with ways to feed Ourselves we’ve gotta like we plant this Garden so that if we can’t go to the Grocery store we’re making this on our Own um we gotta learn how to build Things and repair things because Can’t always call somebody to do it it Builds like these massive amount this Massive amount of respect and it helps Us to like develop skills ourselves so Being self-reliant is what prepping’s Like all about yeah for sure that’s like The definition basically This is like why we do it is to be able

To Not have to rely on everything that We’ve been given and have like and Learning how to rely on other people and Things like that When you have to but Most of the time you want to be prepared Well enough that you can help people First before you’re like i need i need Help And i think it’s it um it’s like this it It’s a mentality self-reliance is to me And as a prepper obviously you build That up you get that mentality and you Can tell Me of having i’ve had um lots of Different people working under me you Know as a supervisor you can see the People that have that mentality and the People that don’t yeah there’s a huge Difference in in their um success in the Workplace true because they’re like well [ __ ] somebody ought to do that for me Yeah i mean i i i you know i i shouldn’t Have to do that and then there’s the People that are just self-reliant like Oh i’m just gonna do it i’m gonna get it Done um i’m just gonna do it myself even If i’m not 100 sure i’m going to figure It out that right there is like the Biggest asset in the workforce that is Humongously missing from a lot of people Oh my gosh it’s just like they can’t do Anything unless you like grab their hand

Their strokes okay we’re gonna get this Done so much hand-holding oh my gosh Yeah with everything with everything so I think that being a prepper it breeds That mentality into you like you do it Yourself yeah you take care of you you Take care of the things you have to get Done instead of relying on everybody Else right you know and most preppers Like honestly are that way they may not Have noticed they’re more that Self-reliant type My biggest thing like getting married And getting a job is like i wanted to Not depend on my parents at all i didn’t Want any help from my mic it’s time for Me to like just like cut all ties i’m Grateful for all the things they did but And they were probably overly willing to Help when i didn’t need it for sure and I was like no like i can do this but Seeing like some of my siblings Unfortunately still to this day yeah Like asking for help i’m like come on i See it in friends so you are not going To make it in life like if anything Happens to your parents you’re screwed Yeah what are you gonna do like it blows My mind how do you make it through so Teaching that to your kids too like Showing like we’re self-reliant we can Make our own food we can prepare this we Can build things like we don’t have to Have people in our lives we you know we

Want people we want to interact Sometimes sure but Like being able to do those things on Your own is huge and it just isn’t Taught enough anymore And as a prepper like it gives you way More opportunity to become self-reliant It it is self-reliant it is Self-reliance yeah another big aspect That you start to learn as a prepper is Being resourceful Right You start to look at things like a lot Differently it’s funny because this last Week My dad had built my um middle daughter This huge like bunk bed it was like all Out of wood it was like gigantic and She’s like it’s time for me to get a new Bed dad i don’t want this anymore she’s Just getting old right yeah so i took The whole thing down i had to It took forever right but there’s all This wood i’m like i’m not throwing this Away oh my god you know what i mean You get a little hordish yeah you do That’s true but you also like man i Could use this for this i could use this For this Um and i think it’s kind of just that Mentality of Learning that don’t just throw stuff Away And use what you can

And just be more resourceful that’s what We’re talking about right do more with What you have on hand and that is an Asset outside of prepping and not you’re Not just prepping right um You know maybe i want to build a water Catchment system why not you know what i Mean the water’s already there yeah Let’s be resourceful with this Uh my dad just was talking to me like Our cabin that he has doesn’t have any Running water he has to keep getting it From the well down there oh okay he’s Like that’s that’s good like but i want To use less of it for for things like Washing some you know clothes while i’m Up there or washing off some tools so He’s like building a ring catchment That’s awesome yeah it’s like that’s Just that mentality and he grew up that Time of you know yeah he was born To be more like that yeah i i just feel Like it’s a great thing to learn um you Know obviously there’s so many different Things so many different ways that that Translates into everyday life being Resourceful you know Even just like you don’t have anything For dinner figure it out let’s be Resourceful we got all that you know we Got this and this and this and we’ll Make it happen instead of like oh i just Gotta go to arby’s and not i’m not Saying hey come on

But you know what i mean so anyways i Feel like resourcefulness there’s not Much else to say about that but it’s Something that does translate into Everyday life and as preppers it’s Something we think about all the time so Yeah i agree Um and then last is you just develop new Hobbies yeah prepping for sure you pick Up on things that you didn’t think you Were ever interested in or enjoyed and Just like man this is freaking fun and You get like totally into it like Restoring vehicles done it a little bit But like Building it in a way that i i want it to Last longer like i want this truck to go Through a lot like it’s fun and it like Looks cool and so you get kind of sucked Into these things and develop these Hobbies that are actually Like a little more useful types of Hobbies dude i think this is something i Think a lot of people are missing in Their life i feel like One of the most important things this is A little bit off topic but not um you Can do Is get a hobby that you go like deep Into yeah or get several of them Like it is there’s like nothing more Enjoyable than picking up on some new Random hobby and just going it really is Deep as hell and getting like into the

The community of it and getting into all Aspects of it that’s like that’s where You meet people sorry me people doing Things and that’s where you Learn new things it’s where Like a lot of the enjoyment in your life Comes from yeah and like i think Prepping is great to introduce you to Different things that you can do that Are like that i just think everybody has To do it i feel like Women sometimes have a harder time with This i don’t know why that’s i’m not Trying to be sexist but i feel like guys I agree with guys more easily and i Don’t mean that in a bad way yeah they Just Yeah i feel like guys more easily um Find these hobbies that that They can get passionate about because i Think like it’s it’s all about passion When it comes down to it but um i don’t Know i just feel like so important Because the girls don’t like you to get Those hugs maybe that’s just distract From them yeah like but it’s funny yeah It’s true though they they don’t seem to Like i don’t know if they feel a greater Need at home i think that might be part Of stuff i think that’s a big part and We’re like yeah we’re gonna go do this Well i just think we have we think Differently and i think that’s and this Is just a natural thing

Yeah yeah um but like yeah shooting uh Working on guns just cleaning guns can Be pretty fun because you’re just like Man this is gonna last a long time you Think about things different and like You were kind of mentioning i think it’s Particularly good for like older people Like You look at those like extreme preppers And the ones on tv and they’ve isolated Themselves like that’s not good for them Like they’re just gonna get crazier and Crazier because they are not like Using The prepping um lifestyle to like Enrich their lives yes like they’re Using it as like they’re like they’ve Got a psychosis it’s like they’re They’re out of control But um but older people like we talked When we talked to um curran on with Battle box like he started doing Ham radio and he says it’s awesome Because you talk with all these Different people you meet new people Like that’s that’s the big thing driving Me to do it one yeah i want to be able To do the ham radio but i am interested To just kind of come across people like Maybe i’ll come across my former self Like Way back yeah exactly and i’m going to Predict like getting stock and stuff Like that you never know

That’s going to happen but um Like you you do you just you kind of We’ve met so many great people like Through like instagram and like comments And emails like amazing people like i Never would have ever had had those Experiences had i not like gotten into Some of this well the thing is like in Hobbies and things like that like This hobby Of prepping is what got us where cam and I are right now it’s true like obviously We’re talking about prepping itself and Then it’s bringing in the general thing But you but guess what it brought in Podcasting is a hobby jiu jitsu came Jiu-jitsu a huge part of like yeah Prepping and now i’m there three days a Week you know what i mean it’s like you Get you can get deep into these things And you right you meet new people and You you learn new things and that just Like like cam said 100 it enriches your Life yeah yeah and i’ve been like Restoring and building the bug out Vehicle like i i bought more guns during This because i’ve been more interested In like learning how to use them Properly and understanding them nice oh My gosh and nice oh my gosh yeah Backpack don’t even bring it up oh gosh But yes I’m hugely addicted to knives now yeah i Want them even going to the store i’m

Like why am i looking at these i know i Still do i’m like i like the different Styles so that that’s a skill i got into Fishing a little bit more like um i grew Up fishing and then you know with school And life and I didn’t do it much but teaching my kids I’m like man this is awesome i see why People do this and wilderness survival And like you just get You you dig deeper into some of these Hobbies yeah it just makes your life Better and i think that Like prepping can seem like a task or Like a job that you need to take care of Yeah if you look at it that way but Really you’re just like developing all These skills to be More self-reliant And there’s tons of hobbies that can Come from it tons of cool people it’s Endless it’s endless but yeah i i think Prepping you overlook a lot of these Great things so yeah there’s so many Benefits that come it’s not these are Like the bulk of like some of the common Yeah for sure that we thought so that Was it man that’s that’s all the hidden And hidden and side benefits of prepping You may have knew you know our new all This stuff for sure like it’s good to be Reminded of like why you even prep why Do we even prep because i mean these are The key things that

Drive the whole system so i love it uh Guys today’s podcast is brought to you By tack pack the only monthly tactical Subscription box with useful Professional grade stuff inside use our Code casual preppers get a free separate Bag set of edc gear along with your First month’s tack pack head to use our code casual preppers And Cool we got the latest tack pack pretty Excited about it the first item in the Box is the sog field knife It’s a beast of a knife oh cut stuff up Yeah you know what i mean got a Sharpener on it or what is that i don’t Know Don’t little slit no Groove for cutting cord never mind oh That’s kind of cool that is nice and Then we have the techmat gun cleaning Mat these things are always yeah i Always like these two you can roll them Out on the table huge mouse pad yeah Yeah that’s what i use it for and then We got the azum snap caps those are for Practicing uh your uh With your gun so that’s pretty cool then We have the dino shirt this thing’s Freaking sweet Yeah It’s a large it looks like jurassic park Yep and it says tack back on there might Have to give that one away because it’s

Too big for us yeah this is that’s cool Yeah very cool then we have the other Plumber sticker That’s luigi luigi So anyways he’s holding a Ar something looks like a honey badger Nice so that’s the latest tack pack use Our code casual preppers You’re gonna forget Coupon quick and dirty medical tip so um Time the I don’t know when we talked about Lightning getting hit by lightning i Don’t know if we’ve talked about it i Mean i love it it’s cool to watch heck Dude like what’s better it’s one of the Most fascinating things that happened if I can on earth like you could say okay We can go to the movies or we can sit Home and watch lightning i’m picking Lightning every time i would do every Single time i love the clouds i love the Feel Like and just the man we get some pretty Intense ones here i wish we got more oh I do too i wish we had more like it Comes around so rare i’m like yeah at The dinner i’ll just like push my plate Aside and like run out there when i hear Thunder look they made me some popcorn Yeah it’s like like when you’re a Helicopter or something you’re like Where is it yeah now it’s like my Favorite thing to go out and watch a

Lightning storm yeah it’s so it’s worse When you’re in a camping situation yeah When you don’t have shelter and you have Tall things it’s not fun or you’re the Only tall thing out there that is scary And i think i’ve mentioned on here that Time camping with my fans yeah fishing Out in the plains and man it was a nasty Storm my dad was like i break it down i Kiss my pants it was great time that’s Right you pissed your pants leg it was Like pouring and then hailing and i’m Like i’m just going i just peed my pants Anyway So lightning i peed my pants they’re all Little league game ones So i was on second base i don’t know why That you just made me remind me of that Thought about this in like 30 years i Was on second base and i was like i Gotta piss and i’m like i’ll do it During the next thing and for some Reason like i went right up to bat and Everybody got out i forgot to go i Forgot to go and i’m out there like what Am i gonna do what am i gonna do and i’m Like oh it’s coming and so it started Coming and i’m like i didn’t know what To do so i started like grabbing dirt And just rubbing it all over my pants so I looked like i was in the mud it was What it’s so crazy dude it’s so dumb I’m standing i’m like i’m sure everybody Doesn’t watch him

He’s like he pissed his pants Clearly yeah pull him out all that damn Game all that dirt sticking to his pants Yeah i’m like this will this will hide It it’s just his mud down the middle of My pants just in the perfect path I think he pissed his pants but yeah um So lightning super cool and super deadly Oh yeah for sure so uh there’s a couple Of types of injuries that you that you Can sustain from lightning strikes turns Your hair white Yep Um brings things back to life Frankenstein yeah um there’s the direct Strike obviously get you right in the Top of the head boom damn and that one’s Bad um it can’t be good no So typically it takes place open area You’re the taller point that’s i mean You can get hit even with buildings Around right right in the head but That’s one of the nastier versions Things that they teach here like the Cone the safety The cone of safety so it’s like 45 Degrees from the top of the highest Point like you want to be out from that Ah so you don’t want to be standing next To a tree um Splash injury possibly the most common Injury sounds like some like perk on Like a game i got a splash effect yes Drive the hammer 10 splash effect yeah

Exactly But um it’s the most common injury Usually because it’s what that means Strikes another object and then you get Like splash electricity like you get You basically become well you are more Typically more conductive than whatever It hits so it just jumps to you And you get zapped electricity so that’s Scary yeah Then there’s step current or stride Current that’s when it strikes the Ground and you’ve got a wave of Electricity that can hit you So that’s why they tell you you know Feet together like Basic things of when like a power line Falls and you’ve got a live wire just Hitting the ground you want to hop on One foot so you’re not making a Conduction through you with two feet Down that’s uh so they recommend with a Lightning storm storm to keep your feet Together All right and squat down Um i’m gonna look dumb aren’t i oh You’re gonna look even dumber after this One okay the second one’s blunt trauma Or sledgehammer effect sounds so sweet That’s like four ten sledgehammer effect Two splash effect yeah Step current one so the shock wave from It can blow your like a lot of like 40 To 50 percent of people that get hit or

Injured by lightning have their eardrums Blown out ah So to avoid that you keep your mouth Open so you got your feet together Crouch down keep your mouth open but how Do you know like you’re just supposed to Be like hold on i got a ball is it still Lightning okay that would cause your Mind Your feelings are but i’ve read this in A couple of days Fox effect kids flashback so you just Basically look like uh um flamingo out There yeah got your legs together Crouched down into a ball your mouth Open Looking around But anyway i’m safe so the big thing i Was gonna talk to you about lightning is Like any of these effects the most Common thing that happens is cardiac Arrest So In most like massive casualty events you Know you’re like looking like that Person’s dead you don’t know it could be Crush injury they could have been shot And things like that but with lightning It’s different they look and they Probably are pretty much dead because Their hearts just quivering Cpr is extremely important so get on Them get on them as quick as you Possibly can to start

Cpr okay like 70 percent can recover Like it’s something it’s way it’s way Different than the normal cpr yeah like It’s like less than 30. you just got to Get the heart pumping again because the Heart’s like quivering and it needs to Get the the automatic function back like This The heart muscle will fire on its own But that’s what happens when you Cardiovert somebody that has afib you Shock the heart it’s stunned and then They shock them again and it gets them Back into sledgehammer This is the coolest game lightning it’s 2.0 like Survived lightning but yeah so the big Thing that like there’s burn injuries Yes They’re typically flash injuries are not Super bad they can be but most of the Time they’re not so the most the Quickest thing you need to do is Somebody’s out unconscious is just start Some cpr you know do the do the basic Life support check for breathing all That stuff Check a pulse but most of the time That’s what’s happened is as it put them Into like Their their heart muscles just kind of Stunned and quivering you get cpr going Way more effective than any other Scenario do they always develop a

Stutter afterwards the king They can well 66 times Yeah yeah they do every time every 99.9 That’s what i figured but like i mean There’s other little little things like That Obviously the high electrical current Through your brain can cause some Neurologic damage but it might make it Better for the most part for most Scenarios if somebody gets hit by Lightning expect and plan to do cpr it’s Way more effective and it usually saves Most like are they going to shock you The first time you hit them i hope so Like just like ah you know Splash effects [Laughter] [Music] Man lightning creeps me out though but It’s so amazing it’s the best Seriously there’s nothing like i said When you’re in a tent you’re like pissed Oh my god gonna strike a tree It’s gonna fall on me yeah but anyway Lightning so cpr remember lighting cpu Who knew yeah who knew it’s out there Who knew well cool thanks guys Appreciate you um make sure to subscribe If you haven’t follow us on all the Platforms that were on the socials um Remember june 7th brand new t-shirt Limited edition hamster farmer of the

Year you’re going to wear this around Town and people are going to be like How do i raise hamsters like you do i Love hamstrings hamstrings are the best So anyways thank you guys um and stay Survived