The Viking Blood Eagle

By | May 21, 2022

[Music] Ah I do Um So So Hello and welcome to kimber bushcraft And welcome to my series vikings from a To o And this time it’s about the letter b And it should be about blood eagle yeah First i will welcome you to kimber camp Again i have canelias with me and the Weather is Nice today it’s Warm about 17 degrees and no wind but The sun is not shining much That doesn’t matter it’s very cozy out Here anyhow and perhaps there will come A little bit of rain later I don’t know I’m sure i’m going to make a nice coffee With my little special thing And yeah i’m excited to tell you about The phenomenon of blood eagle Something they used in the viking age Oh yeah the bloody gruesome way to die Those of you who have seen the serious Vikings Probably remember that the yard pork was They made a blood eagle on him and yeah That film is fiction and i’ll tell you a Little bit later Why that is

Fiction and not The whole truth But because the the blood eagle was so Gruesome and violence Uh scientists For many years Thought of it as it was a legend nothing That had happened in real life There’s no Archaeological finds that prove that the Blood eagle was Performed There are some writings in some sagas And some poems I think it’s nine Accounts that Tell about something that could be the Blood eagle and here on the Picture stone from scotland in sweden You can see something that looks like a Blood eagle was performed on a human Being there so a new study shows that it Actually could have happened The science say that With the weapons or the tools that they Have in the viking age it is possible For people to do a blood eagle on A victim and although it’s very Difficult it is physical possible for do To do that on the Human body If they did that the right way series Vikings jalborg lives a long time into The process but in real time the says

The victim would die very early in the Process and it was only be the body of The corpse that was tortured To the end but how was the blood eagle Performed Yeah The victim was tied in the hands and Then pulled out together and then From behind there was a man with an axe And he separated the ribs from the spine And when they were done then he took Them out and spread them out to the side And they had to be careful that the Lungs wasn’t Affected wasn’t Damaged because afterwards they took the Lungs out And then they look like wings and if you See the victims in front From the front you can see it’s like an Eagle With the wings The lungs and ribs spread out to the Sides yeah it’s very gruesome and very Violent And if you see it with our eyes look Back [Music] You probably think it’s very violent and Very evil and gruesome and yes it is but In many places in europe that did Something like that to the enemies And now to the most important question Why was this performed on enemies

Was a torture was a punishment or Something else Some science says that it was a way that The victim to die with honor so they Could come in in valhalla Like if they died in the war The vaquerians came and took them and Took them to valhalla where they could Feast with oodin and thor and all the Other acer but This could be a way that They could kill a victim and then show Him honor by doing it this way i don’t Know i’m not sure I think there’s another reason why they Did these blood eagles on the anyway was Some kind of humiliation for the victim Because it was mostly kings and yars and And Powerful enemies that was subjected to This treatment yeah and to sum it up i Believe that the blood eagle Had a meaning There was a purpose For doing that to the victims And it was to send a message Back home to the country they came from Telling them that the viking was badass And then was on top of the food chain so Yeah that’s my opinion yeah Uh this was generally a short little Thing about the blood eagle uh i hope You find it interesting what do you Think

Do you think it was possible to make a Blood eagle back in the viking age And what there’s a purpose for that Yeah It’s not something we are particularly Proud of here in scandinavia but Well it’s history and we have to Confront that and say that’s a part of Our heritage So [Music] So So I’ll come Back today Fresh water for you Yeah I think it’s beginning to rain Oh yeah [Music] Oh yeah So Uh Uh Uh Yeah i know this will be a short video Um I’m very busy back home A lot of project but The project with the viking shield Is Coming to an end Here’s a little teaser you can see Something about the shield

And Some details i have made on it So i think my next video will be about That And i made a tutorial a diy Video about How i made this shield and it takes a Long time to to record all those steps But I think it was it I’ve just seen the footage for The things i have done now and yeah i Think it’s cool so i hope you’re looking Forward to that And Yeah It’s been a nice day out here a short Day Cornelius is having a good time he’s Always Uh very happy when he’s out here in Kimber camp As i mentioned before we have a little Fox here in the forest and when we came Up here cornelius could smell the fox so He’s a little bit alert here and uh he Was on his way up to the to the foxhole But i Caught him down because i’m not sure how The fox will react If you see cornelius is just a Little dog yet so i have to be a little Bit careful about that Yeah

Yeah as i said earlier it’s beginning to Rain a little bit and Then it’s double cozy to sit out here And in the dry condition and look out on The forest When it’s raining i don’t think it’s Going to rain much It’s Probably nothing you can see but it’s Dripping and Everything is acquired out here yeah I love my kimber camp I have a small project i have to do now Or i want to do now On my sawhorse I have to repair it So yeah you can follow me there and see How i do that Yeah and as you can see my sawhorse Two of those have Broken off So I want to Put a new one in And This is an outer scottish eye outer It is called For those of you who don’t Know that It’s something that has been used For many many years Perhaps in the viking age And On my website I have links for Most of my gear Including this auger And I have links for Two links sites one for my bushcraft and One for my viking And i think this one is on my bushcraft See if this fits in I think it will i just have to This is dry wood so It won’t shrink I hope it won’t Yeah I have to cut it here But that’s easily we’re going to make Another one over here Yeah i’m going to use my kimber cx I also have a link for that It’s a beast I can recommend you that That’ll do Yeah Another one here Yeah That’ll do [Music] So [Music] Here So [Music] Hmm

So Yeah folks this was all for now Thank you for watching kimber bushcraft I hope you enjoyed this little video and My serious vikings from h2o And the subject Blood eagle this time yeah I’m glad you joined me out here in Kimber camp again and i hope to see you Again on the next one Bye bye and take care Yep Oh [Music] You