Finland, NATO & Economic SITREP – Intel Brief 20MAY22

By | May 20, 2022

Well good morning bear nation i’m bear With yes we’re inside the Pickup truck why because i felt like Going for a drive at 4 30 this morning Sometimes you got to do that Why is the brief back on youtube because Um you know Recon by fire how’s that for an answer Bear independent brief 20 may 22 shalom White fox we’re talking about uh Finlandia I think that’s their name Oh right no finland And nato and inflation today In world news finland and sveden Both are purveyors of fine melodic death Metal and black metal although they’re Basically total absolute heathens And uh they’re gonna be bird food when We get around to revelation 19 sucks to Be them but also talented musicians Finland and sweden Have both started the official process Of applying to become part of nato the North atlantic treaty organization Through Though a traditionally neutral country Yeah traditionally for the last seven Years neutral actually sided with Germany during world war ii there was a Little thing called the winter war and Then the continuation war and then there Was a third conflict after world war Ii shortly after i think 1946 in which

I forget what they call it but basically Finland expelled all the nazis from Their country Although Traditionally in neutral country for the Last 70 years finnish leaders urged Officials to immediately start the Application process Saying it was vital for security Russia responded to the reports good Morning sergeant o’reilly Russia responded to the reports quote Finland’s entry into natto will become a Threat to russia The next expansion of natto Does not make our continent more stable And more secure end quote I’m going to read the entirety of this First paragraph of the brief and then I’m going to come back and give my Thoughts on it so that it’s uh slightly More cohesive In a statement on monday the russian Foreign ministry said that the country Will be forced to take retaliatory steps Both of a military technical and other Nature in order to stop the threats to Its national security arising in this Regard President ice cream grandpa Has said that both sweden and finland Quote have the full backing of the Status unidos when asked if biden was Preparing in case putin or vodka grandpa

Escalated the war because of this The new white house press secretary Karine jean-pierre Said quote i’m not going to get into Hypotheticals by the way she’s terrible You thought saki was bad she’s terrible At least saki’s a fun drink to enjoy With your eyes tuna sashimi right this New lady horrendous my opinion the Opinions only Good morning brian barnes So the new terrible lady corrine pierre Said quote i’m not going to get into Hypotheticals we’re going to focus on What’s happening here and now end quote Director of the russia studies program At the think tank cna said quote just Because you haven’t seen russian cyber Attacks or another form of retaliation Against united states in the war so far Doesn’t mean it won’t happen And that is the end of the first Paragraph good morning michael martinez Let’s talk about what the he double Hockey sticks is going on with finland So We’ve been saying katielyn stomp good Morning fairfax will be a couple of Weeks other new exciting kit coming out Next week that’s correct launching Monday on patreon tuesday via the Newsletter On wednesday if there’s any left i’ll Let you know here on youtube so it pays

To be a part of the patreon family You’re up early james i’m up early every Day homeboy i’m just up talking to you Early So here’s what’s going on with finlandia Is that the type of vodka am i like Flashbacking 30 years ago to my heathen Days I think fenlandi is a type of vodka Right anyway Here’s the deal Finland and russia share an incredibly Long border if finland Joins nato The amount of border border that russia Shares with nato will essentially Double Injure static roger that thank you Combat coffee care Appreciate you shalom jeremiah So Finland would double Russia’s effective border with nato So think about hispanic control issues For russia right they have twice as much Border to police now Additionally The Peninsula whose name escapes me right Now the har haro i think it’s the haro Peninsula Far northern Russia north Western russia which butts up against

Finland There’s some interesting things going on Up there Basically the entirety of russia’s Nuclear arsenal and almost the entirety Of their ability to deliver that nuclear Payload aka their strategic bombers Is all positioned up there On that peninsula Right next door to finland And Unconventional warfare anybody That peninsula is supplied by a single Road railway and power line that’s 700 Kilometers long That runs through the piney woods It is the perfect territory To Do unconventional warfare stuff To Siege and sabotage and just make a mess Of the logistics It’s I mean a couple of hood rats with some Some rucksacks could take out the roads The bridges the railroad tracks and the Power lines in a morning and isolate Russia’s uh strategic bomber and nuclear Capabilities About that fast gray says chokepoint Heaven that’s exactly right And so I think that Or shall i say possibilities here bear

Nation possibilities If uh finlandia vodka Joins The big hoa Natto Like i said that effectively doubles the Amount of border that russia shares with Nato Hispanic control that’s a problem And it also creates an excellent Opportunity To isolate russia’s strategic bomber and Nuclear Capabilities Oh and Finlandia has i believe it’s 64 f-18s And they’re getting another 64 f-35s Right And let’s just fly sorties over this 700 Kilometer long corridor of isolation Yeah And so what does that do Oh and finland has a there’s like 5.4 Million people in finland They have a standing they can produce a Standing army of somewhere between 250 And 280 000 individuals and they also Have mandatory military service so what That means Is that they can call up an additional 900 000 reservists about That fast Yeah winter war anyone exactly james That’s exactly right

And so finland is not a nothing burger When it comes to joining nato they Represent a significant problem For the russians A significant problem for the russians And so there’s Actually a stroke of of strategic Brilliance in this Uh what who gives russia any right to Tell other nations what groups they can Join uh might makes right That’s what does What really what it is is the ultimate The penultimate threat of do you want to Be radioactive bro That’s basically what it comes down to Do you want your people to be able to Eat do you want to be able to engage in Commerce do you want fuel oil do you Want heat do you want energy or do you Want to be radioactive By the way the united states essentially Does the same thing china is kind of Doing the same thing with its belt and Road initiative It’s Sooner or later you become a big enough Kid on the block that you get to tell People we’re either going to be friends Or enemies and it’s in your best Interest that we’re friends The problem is you have to be able to Back those words up with actions And uh russia’s not looking so hot in

Ukraine right now I mean there’s lots of reports on fake Reactive armor on their tanks Non-existent or or faux um You know knock off body armor that their Soldiers are wearing i mean they’re Running Ak-74s with iron sights on them in Ukraine these conscripts that russia has Sent in and they’re you know not even Ak-12s no optics nope that just You’re talking a 40 Well 74 a 50 year old rifle Oh the ak’s the ultimate combat rifle Okay whatever homeboy thank you michael Martinez point here being Russia’s ability to exert influence Might actually be less Than what they say it is in other words Their mouth might be writing checks that Their ass can’t cash And strategically getting finland Involved in the big hoa Ties up russia or could very much so tie Up russia Why Because Our generals our admirals our top dogs In the dod have basically said look we Don’t have the capacity the capability To prosecute a two-front war currently And we all know china’s coming china’s Coming like a freight train the wheels Might be about to fall off the freight

Train they’re running out of coal There’s very little steam coming out of The boiler and half the people on board The train are sick And one-fifth of the rail cars haven’t Shown up to port yet But they’re still coming the train’s Still coming and so if we lock up We Nato and When i say we i typically mean the People that i love here in eastern Oklahoma i know really no longer really Identify as a hardcore american i love What america was what we are now Absolutely not if you think it’s a good Idea uh to do all these things that the Radical leftists now associate with Being an american i want to stomp your Face into a curb But you know this is just me Pontificating hypothetically i would Never actually do that that would be a Terrible thing to do to somebody Point here being big we the natos The americas if finlandia joins the big Hoa That ties up russia or that has the Capability to significantly tie up Russia in eastern europe So That if we tie up russia and eastern Europe that gives us a greater capacity In the indo-pacific region

All that you always get up this earlier Pete claudius it depends i barely two Nights ago i barely slept i was Basically up just all night But this is not you know it’s the bear Show but we’re not here to talk about Bear we’re here to talk about what’s Happening in the world so that you guys Can get off your asses and make moves That actually matter so that you don’t Become irradiated okay So All that to say i think there’s a Potential stroke of strategic brilliance With bringing finland into the big hoa To say nothing of sweden sweden’s no Slacker either and they are right next Door to finland and so if you think About re you have to constitute a Reserve right and so if you’re going to Make open up a Thousand kilometer long front with Russia with finland you’ve got the Speeds over here that can constitute a Reserve for finlandia and now all of a Sudden You know we’ve got some actual potential To raise some havoc in mayhem up there In the Peninsula where uh And Apologies i’m fairly well researched on This but not 100 researched on it but to Raise some hell on that peninsula of

Where Russia has their strategic bombers and The nuclear weapons tracking tracking Like a tank bear all right let’s move Along we’re 13 minutes into this damn Brief already Because all 30 nato member countries Must approve an application To the organization there may be a snag President erdogan of turkey Was turkey even in nato but anyway has Said that he would not approve the Applications of finland and sweden Due to their support for kurdish Organizations that are considered Threats to the country the uh is it ppk Or pkk Can basically considered a domestic Terrorist group by turkey that is funded Overtly and covertly through tax dollars From sweden and finland The thing is there’s not much of a Political ramification for finland and Sweden to just quit funding those people So it would be quite easy for the powers To be in finland and sweden to say hey No more um kopecks or whatever the Freaking currency from uh From sweden is no more co-packs no more Snowballs for y’all go away then erdogan Gets that concession that he doesn’t Have you know homegrown domestic Terrorism being funded by outside Nations in his country

Win win then sweden gets on board so You’ll probably see some uh Some concessions regarding that no Monkey pox is not on my radar i live in Eastern oklahoma bro There’s no monkeys here There’s barely people here crazy there’s Barely people here if you live in a Place where monkey pox is a Significant concern for you you need to Go to the nearest u-haul you need to Take your wallet and throw it at the guy Behind the counter and start screaming Give me everything i need to leave And then throw all your in the U-haul and drive as far as you can Towards the center of the country and Where the wheels fall off of the u-haul That’s where you live now okay you roll Up the back door of the u-haul you take The stuff out of the back of the u-haul You put your bed and your refrigerator And your couch in the u-haul you put a Tarp over everything else then you plant A garden then you build a barn then you Build a house And then boom homestead Let’s see [Music] In the last few weeks reports have Continually emphasized that jobless Claims are rising and productivity is Falling at the fastest pace in 74 years That’s awesome let’s read that again

Here’s another thread indicator for Y’all in the last few weeks reports have Continually emphasized that jobless Claims are rising and productivity is Falling at the fastest pace in 74 years Awesome Also encourage that there’s 600 of you All on at 6 o’clock in the morning Bless y’all In the first quarter compensation for Workers in the u.s had its biggest Increase in over three decades But wages are still being devoured by Inflation People making minimum wage are depending On food stamps to survive Oh and if you don’t think that that’s Not going to keep going Um When when it comes to actual breadlines And rationing And you want to uh you want to make sure That your people stay fed because you Didn’t do your due diligence now you Didn’t put up food like me and every Other frigging prepper channel’s been Telling you for years to do you didn’t Do any of this stuff now you’re standing In the breadline and say hey man you Gotta do these two things in this other Thing Ah i don’t really wanna do that but i’m Gonna do okay oh also selective service You know that oh yeah i signed up for

That when i was 18. yeah cool we Extended that it’s no longer 35 it’s 65. And give us one of your sons for the Cause Wait a minute do you want to starve No i’ve got a wife to feed all right Here’s your bucket of gruel Give me your oldest son Or your daughter 2 p.m in qatar nice Ryan Get your boots off the desk An empty the damn waste paper basket Let’s see People making minimum wage are depending On food stamps to survive Recently first-time jobless claims have Spiked to their highest level since Earlier this year 218 000 to be exact The stock market Has tumbled dramatically In the words of fed chair jerome powell Quote The labor market is extremely tight and Inflation is much too high No homie Earlier this month sarah house senior Economist at wells fargo said there is No getting around the fact that the Tight state of the labor market has Pushed real labor costs for employers Well above levels consistent with the Fed’s two percent inflation goal as

Somebody who owns businesses that has Laborers let me tell you something i saw Our labor numbers last month and This part of my head almost blew off the Off of this part of my head there were Some conversations make no mistake i Love our people but i was like how what The what happened here Yeah you know what happened here we Wanted to make american-made handmade Guaranteed forever kids for y’all so That you wouldn’t die like not when the Panamanian paratroopers invade with Their ak-12s and they’re drugging all This tvs sniper rifles No when you wreck your freaking minivan Because statistically you’re gonna be Involved in a wreck once every five Years in america You know like real real Yeah that’s why that’s why we have Laborers Yeah so there is no getting around the Fact that the tight state of the labor Market has pushed real labor costs for Employers well above levels Consistent with the fed’s two percent Inflation goal aha Yeah yeah two percent inflation that’s Cute how about we multiply that by a Factor of ten and we might be getting Close to where we actually are wife hit A deer this morning dallas flowers i Hope she’s okay

It’s again like if you wear a plate Carrier for a living you better Understand that you need a blowout kit The problem is that most people don’t Understand that if you have blood in Your body And you are currently breathing you have Respirations That is indicative of the fact that you Are in fact alive and therefore need a Trauma kit so that you can stay alive if Somehow the blood starts leaking out of Your body And or your respirations stop or or are Hindered like it’s it’s basic Human stuff keep the blood and diet Inside the body make sure we keep Oxygenating and circulating the blood It’s super simple but you’re like i’m Not a law enforcement officer i’m not a Marine space recon delta force space Ranger i don’t need one of those things Um yeah if you have blood in your body You need a trauma kit Great the human body is far more fragile Than people choose to recognize amen bro Amen And Once you’ve seen The twisted Disemboweled wreckage of what used to be A human body You realize pretty quick

I should probably have some tools in my Toolkit to be able to deal with stuff Like this But i digress the fed’s Inflation goal of two percent is a joke Labor costs are homegrown and the signal That the fed still has significant work To do in bringing down inflation Said uh wells fargo sarah house the Senior economist at wells fargo According to current data Factory output in the mid-atlantic Region of the u.s has decelerated much More than anticipated Yay [Music] According to a regional federal reserve Survey business outlook for the next Half a year are the weakest they have Been in over 13 years World stocks have seen the worst start To any year on record What else average u.s gas prices just Hit another new record high Largely driven by sky-high crude oil Prices While all this feels like old news this Is a worsening of what has already been Taking place Now if you’re on patreon you have the Links to the brief if you’re not on Patreon you don’t um this is this brief Today like i said is recon by fire we Are going to see what happens how many

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Bless y’all