Office Update 16MAY22

By | May 16, 2022

Everybody How are we are we fabulous Rocking redneck what’s a good name What’s going on This is not my chair This is somebody else’s chair this is Not my desk So I don’t know what oseki things are back Anything Yeah maybe Oh my god right right So good morning tracy jones john cole Shaloha everybody just kind of hanging Out at the office this morning having my First jocko of the day Just put back 50 pounds of rolled oats Yesterday awesome Oklahoma homesteading So i figured we’d do um A little bit of a conversation About what’s going on in the world Uh of course you know Using uh parables Morning dudley garen clackley shalom Brother Using parables You guys know the deal if you’re looking For plane speed it’s on patreon i just Did nobody fun patreon this morning the Link’s always in the description Bear you shouldn’t have to do that i Know i shouldn’t have to do that but the Ministry of truth is the thing right so

Improvise adapt overcome mike yoder dang It yoder get back in that barn and milk Those cows are not going to milk Themselves mastitis is a real thing and If i catch you out in the phone booth Again we’re going to have a major issue In fact yoder why are you even on here You people eschew technology what what’s What’s going on Soggy hey what’s up tommy salter shalom Brother So Um kind of the big news Today fill in my freezer as we speak What’s up double tap and hillability Um remember the swedish meatball family The family in the neighborhood Uh that neighborhood that’s on the other Side of the pond That uh that hoa Over there the big hoa it’s on either Side of the pond Well the family that’s on the other side Of the pond in the development Over the one that really likes swedish Meatballs They’ve decided they are going to join The big hoa And that has made ice cream grandpa Super happy It’s uh Made jenny stoltenborg who’s the Director of the hoa super happy But it did not make vodka grandpa very

Happy at all vodka grandpa’s pretty Pissed About this now it’s also Rumored that vodka grandpa is not in the Best of health In fact We know that ice cream grandpa Vodka grandpa And um Red hot chili pepper grandpa over there In the indo-pak region Um None of them are in the best of health And so when you think about in the big Picture Here What does that mean for us morning What does that mean i want to hear some More potato tower stories again oh well You know we’ll do that from the garden Um What does that mean for us I think possibly regime change In the uh The big h always around the world And that could be interesting especially During a time Where there’s fewer and fewer potatoes To go around And there’s more and more gardeners Picking up shovels Um You know the Ability to garden if you will

Is uh i’m almost disappointed in myself For being able to follow this well west Eli hey do the best you can with what You got where you’re at right And so The uh The proliferation of gardeners and Gartering tool gardening tools is going To become more and more of a thing in Fact we were just talking about on Patreon this morning A lack of gardening in the estados Unidos There’s uh there’s some major issues Going on the As far as the amount of Grain that has been morning jay morris Tactical takeover of baz desk yep you Know the deal Um I i gotta be Here because well i don’t have to be Anywhere but i’m at this desk because Uh i got two brothers over here who are Uh You know We were doing some business this morning And it’s easier than yelling across the Room so Corn Right Corn planting’s down by half and then Germination is down by two-thirds Wheat is down by half germination’s down

By half on wheat soy is down by half Which germination is down by half Um Hey anyone heard of the who trying to Strip sovereignty it’s funny i talked About that on patreon on friday Sounds like you need to cough up five Bucks a month homie Link’s in the description Yeah i had an entire brief about that on Friday on patreon And so Yeah the proliferation of gardening Tools uh big deal because Large-scale gardening is a game of Resources right and then when you factor In the fact that uh vodka grandpa is not Letting a lot of his manure Out of his hoa it’s it’s an issue So As always uh the encouragement for you All to continue To do the things right militant farmer Concept do the things But uh yeah the big news on the block is That the swedish meatball family Has decided to join the hoa And that could further exacerbate things With potato grandpa or vodka grandpa’s Neighbors Um Lots of stuff going on there a bump on My finger i think i oh it was a blood Blister that’s cool how did i do that

Hopefully it’s like a black widow bite And i’m gonna die or something Um Hey tread on this bless you brother Anyone else heard of how amazing tj and Crew are thanks for the resupply brother No thank you tread on this has saved Three of the 39 lives 1 13th of the life Saved with refuge medical gear tread had His hands on which is absolutely Incredible Um So We are what’s up tiago gum key Tread we’re proud to know you bro good Job Good job i’m telling you you do another One we’re gonna hand deliver them at This point hey what’s up liberty Liberty um go back to fellow shipping Sarah go back to fellow shipping All you like go back to fellowshipping Um Yeah so uh [Laughter] Listen if you’re easily offended don’t Look at the screen right now but this is The desk that i’m sitting at okay Yeah there you go Ah shipwreck i feel you bear my tiller Wouldn’t work this year at all so till By hand because my starter pots wow Good for you All right hoa keeps spreading cow

Patties via community boards yeah i feel You on that Um the hoa is gonna start getting a Little bit desperate because as i’ve Understood it the coffers For the maintenance crew that’s out There spreading uh the love in the hoa You know by sea air and land Some of the head maintenance technicians Have at the most recent board meeting For the hoa Have said hey um We don’t have enough tools We don’t have enough gardeners we don’t Have enough stuff that if we’re gonna Have to be taking care of all these Other communities around here Um It could be an issue and that of course Has Vodka grandpa pretty happy and red hot Chili pepper grandpa pretty happy as Well So No probably not i don’t know if uh katie Lynn can get a wrench So Hey what’s up mcmaster shaloha So just uh just a quick update from the Office um we are all ready for our wives To come back from The ladies retreat women’s retreat Although we’re not rushing you we’re Happy that you’re there having a good

Time and fellowshipping and reading the Word together and spending time with yah That’s totally badass We will also hug you profusely and Praise you when you return I’ll leave it at that So That’s the that’s the global hoa update I would encourage y’all tomorrow We have uh i have A video that’s gonna drop tomorrow Evening on here on youtube With a bit of a global sit rep and where I see things going And from a strategic standpoint over the Next few years hey slum cameron Um so i would encourage you to watch That for sure because i’ve been getting That question over and over and over Again okay bear roger that i’m tracking On all these parables where do you think This is headed and i’ve gotten that Question so many times that i went ahead And shot a video on that and uh that’ll Drop tomorrow evening tomorrow afternoon Tomorrow evening depends on what time Zone you’re in Um if you’re in the eastern or the Western time zone you probably live in The wrong place probably but you Probably live in the wrong place So um also as an update for y’all I’ve been telling the patrons for about A week because they get first crack at

Everything but we are back in stock at Refuge medical on pretty much everything And so i’m not gonna sham wow you guys i Know a bunch of y’all have like more Tourniquets than you have limbs which i Think is awesome shalom andrew barnes I think it’s absolutely awesome And so if you if you want more kits we Have more kits for you if you don’t Have a kit We have kits for you If you don’t want more kits Bless you Thank you we still have kits So Right right there they’re here whether You want them or need them or not you’ll Bear your ship to canada yeah we shipped To canada super duper to quote bob’s Super duper ship to canada i just wanted To be a little canadian yeah well it Depends on what part of canada you’re From because there’s the french canadian Part too you know right yeah up there Past the imaginary line in the snow i Mean you’re gonna pay for it but yeah Well the canadians pay for everybody Pays for everything getting back to the Lack of potatoes going around and the Potatoes aren’t as big as they used to Be It’s a thing it’s a real thing i would Encourage you to divest your potato Towers

On the asap um that’s one of the things I’ll be talking about in the video that Drops tomorrow evening but we’ve got Bear facts in stock we’ve got red and Marpat and gray if you don’t know what Pat is you don’t need to know other than To say it’s the best camel on the face Of the earth do you have corporate Discounts on volume absolutely big Timber please email sales at refuge Medical i can see fo daddy from where I’m sitting he will take care of you all Right you’ll take care of him absolutely He said two thumbs up and absolutely Enthusiastically like this This is my faux daddy impression Actually he has glasses on right now so It’s like this Cool So although he doesn’t have shades on No ipro No Luckily i mean the need for ipro is Pretty low inside of the office Uh but red red marpat and grey barefoot Fairfax are in stock smash kits which Are vehicle kits which are in Uh pelican cases are in stock we’ve got Adventure kits back in stock i know a Bunch y’all been like dude when does the Adventure kick come back check me that Red one right there if you would please Bobo Thanks bob you know you’re the best

Look at this i love this this is like a Great car kit kayak kit first responder Kit community emergency response team Kit disaster relief kit like it’s Homestead kit uh it’s the best this is The adventure kit it’s awesome it’s made In america It says bear independent on it on the Tag right there So i watched pastor joe’s video on that I need me one thanks madman mike Inbound Uh let’s see the bare minimum is in Stock multi-cam red and marpat again if You don’t know what marpat is then yeah You guys think you’re cool with the Multi-cam i don’t even know what the Mark don’t even know I’m saying i’m saying like if you are Wearing marpat You actually can’t be seen anymore it’s Like better than like black ninja suit With the smoke grenade it’s like the Meme of the kid that like deuces out and Disappears yeah it’s just like that Yankee was wearing marpat the other day And the only thing i could see was his Head that’s it i was like Where did you go bro Bleeding control kits are in stock all The buckets are in stock and so wound Care buckets birthing buckets postpartum Buckets which if you’re not tracking on The birthing bucket in the postpartum

Bucket do you even prep bro Um stomp bags mini stumps mass casualty Kits are in stock pretty much everything Other than the sob is in stock because The patrons bought the last of the sobs Yesterday So um yeah that brief update Brief update on What’s in stock at the office you guys Know your promo code is bear nation for Free shipping on everything in the store Um yeah like word on the playground my Daughter wants to be an arborist My doctor kit is good for chainsaws oh My daughter wants to be an arborist what Kit is good for chainsaws and so Uh back in the day when i used to climb Trees and cut timber for a living The first business i ever started was Cutting trees so I don’t know if i’m imminently qualified To speak on this yeah we would know Nothing You wanna you wanna come over here and Like say hi to the peeps uh how about Baby formula i have no baby formula Uh my wife does have boobs though praise Y’all because yeah right Multi-function Um So What’s that from the tap straight from The tap that’s right hey what’s up it’s Bug outbob

So it’s been a time it’s bug out bear Bug bomb Bob independent and bug out bear oh my God Do you have a video on long on salt Long-term storage put it in a food grade Bucket slap a lid with an o-ring on it And it will last literally millennia Yeah literally millennia that’s all you Got to do to it that’s it and keep it Dry that’s it bugs don’t grow in it mold Doesn’t grow on it it’s the reason we Use salt to preserve food It lasts forever and it doesn’t bother Like you can’t bother it and it doesn’t Bother anything else just keep it dry Salt lasts in the ground for literally Longer than generations So yeah yeah it’s uh we actually get it Out of the ground i don’t know if you Knew that yeah i did you know what i’ve Heard that it’s um you know you you hear The whole Spicy rocks thing yeah salt is the Original spicy rock like if we crush That rock up and sprinkle it on meat That meat’s gonna taste awesome you’re Like barely in frame we’re also like There’s less than three feet in between The camera like right here this thing Right here Um arborist kit arborist kit So i climbed i ran a tree business he’s Climbed he’s ran a timber business which

Are slightly different Um i did tree removal and tree trimming Too yeah i did more arbor stuff so Diagnosing and trimming and stuff i was Isa certified were you yeah oh yeah bro That’s dope that was hard yeah man i was Cheap and wasn’t I did the cost benefit analysis the Reason i got the certification was for Branding yeah oh yeah the sticker on the Side of the truck uh-huh immediately Well and if you want like municipal Contracts and stuff like that they you Know yeah you need the isa international Society of arboriculture yeah so um so i Personally recommend like uh orange sob For any any climber any actual arborist Who’s doing work up in the tree and i Recommend the tourniquet on the outside Now the sob is gonna allow you to have Like all the trauma capability that you Would receive from getting tapped by a Saw That being said ppe for any arborist is Huge like I personally was a ppe nut job personal Protective equipment yeah right and so Having chat pants or chainsaw pants Right and they make really cool ones now They’re expensive but like so are limbs And that’s like you think uh 500 pair of Chainsaw pants is expensive try like a 50 000 hospital yeah or missing a Month’s worth of work because you cut

Yourself with chainsaw yeah you can get Laid up really quick um but you can also Add in Like on the side i would get a couple of Burn dressings like maybe small ones Fold them up throw them in the sob Because rope burn is a thing And Sometimes you don’t always have gloves And you might get a hot rope from Rigging something out as you know an Arborist and you might have a bird on Your hand and having some cream or Having A dressing that you can put on there and Then throw a glove over it because the Job still has to get done yep Realistically it doesn’t matter if you Have a burned hand or not that’s funny You say that i so This finger right here i don’t know if You guys can see but there’s a scar that Wraps around this knuckle right there And i was going to fell some big pines In upstate new york smallwood new york Which is next to tallwood new york i Don’t know i didn’t name the damn place And i had just sharpened i had uh I think it was an 0-39 with a 25-inch Bar dude And uh i just sharpened it and it was in The extended cab of my truck i stopped To get fuel and for some reason i was Reaching into the extended cab and i

Reached right past and hit a sawtooth With my finger And just i was like and i felt the tug It’s like oh man i hope i didn’t cut Myself and i looked down and this flap Of skin was laid over and i was looking At my knuckle i was like well crap and i Didn’t have Shame on me i didn’t have a like a real First aid kit in the truck yeah so i Went inside to the gas station i bought A popsicle I ate the popsicle and i took the stick And electrical tape and i taped it up And i went and i ran that whole job Um no no wonder i can’t see it it’s on This finger See right there see that scar that goes Around the knuckle like that Uh and i didn’t have my trigger finger So i had this thing stuck all the way Out and i ran the whole job with this is My trigger finger I dropped 1300 plus foot pines Limbed them out bucked them out and then Went to the hospital and got it all Stitched back together again uh so it’s You need to have a good kit in your Truck as well um like something Comprehensive that if you have an injury Have you ever been bit by a saw uh i Haven’t but i’ve been bit by a forestry Mulcher so check this out so you guys Can see

All that on the knuckle laid that whole Thing open We were doing a Four or five acre uh clearing right so It was a huge forest with a bunch of old Growth red oaks right there select cut Or just taken all of it no it’s like cut So we’re leaving all the old growth Right and we’re taking all the new Growth because they were getting choked Out and we were running a t770 bobcat With a falco mulcher on it it’s a good Sized machine dude it was huge no tank And so just We were there was a bunch of dead wood On the ground and i was just back Dragging the mulcher on it To leave everything with mulch so that Way it would rot down and add to the Soil nutrient level And It kept getting bogged down the falco Like had kind of dull teeth on it and so The big wood was bogging it down so i’d Have to hop out and i’d take them all i Pound the chunks out of the mulching Unit and in the process i got i got Pissed off i was behind my guys were Frustrating me and stuff like that and i Was rushing i didn’t have gloves on and I went and i smacked it and i caught a Tooth right here laid the whole finger Open I was about a mile away from my truck

Right now this is why it’s important to Carry your kid on you because i didn’t Carry my kid on me and i was dumb And i had a kit Thanks to this guy in my truck right but I had to literally put pressure right Here Right and walk all the way to my truck As i’m like bleeding down my hand and my Guys are like are you okay i’m like shut Up don’t talk to me i’m gonna kill you I’m gonna kill all of you Is When i that I am enraged Anger media anger so i go i go to my med Kit and i like i take out some gauze and I wrap it up and well i cleaned it i Dumped a bunch of iso on it and stuff Like that and then i wrapped it up Really tight and i I think i did either like I don’t know i split it i think i might Have splinted it with a stick like i Grabbed a stick off the ground and i Splinted it and then i wrapped it again And i literally had to do the middle Finger trigger for like some uh some big Cuts that we were doing the rest of the Day yep Yeah i um let’s see what other injuries Have i had with chainsaw work broken Finger had a guy compound fractures Broken uh his finger pointed finger

Um yeah that happened Uh let’s see headed some heat casualties So yeah devin who has uh helped us Design the crash kit yeah devin’s a guy That races baja trucks awesome dude um Devin said that the crash kit sounded Like be a good kit for the forestry Industry i think so because it’s Comprehensive but again like the uh Adventure kit as well for a truck kit Like you’ve got some oil rehydration Salts in there you’ve got some splinting You’ve got a good assortment of bandages You got suture kit in there and Everything yeah exactly like if you got To do a little bit of soap work it’s a Pretty damn comprehensive gift it really Is um let’s see somebody said How are y’alls grocery stores holding up There’s some bare spots on the shelf Yeah yep And the prices like even where we are in Rural nowhere like the prep we’re still Seeing like the inflationary head and i Was talking my wife about that yesterday Like Realistically in grocery stores we’re Probably seeing like a 20 Increase i would say easily sometimes Higher on certain items like like all Poultry items is way through the roof Right now i mean now crazy Like Our we have a lot of chickens with our

People and we have a lot of eggs So yes we do We don’t buy eggs but we just had uh we Had one hen just hatched out A clutch of eggs really yeah so we Incubated some that we got from lump From tactically torah and then we had Another hen hatch out a clutch of eggs We didn’t even know about and then we Have another one of banti sitting on a Clutch of eggs right now really so we’re Getting like a A hat trick three for one on this deal There are so many chickens on your Property it’s it’s ridiculous like if You’re if you’re hungry you can Literally just look to the right All right i’m gonna eat this thing Chicken wings sounds good what’s up Constitutional carpenter So it there is uh i mean we’re seeing The same thing as far as um Baby formula here as well We had uh i actually saw some people That i know that we fellowship with Um At the restaurant the other day And they had a grandson recently born And where they are Where the grandson is they couldn’t get Formula either so like well we’ll go to The store here buy some and ship it to You there’s none to get yeah so Now that being said there are

A bunch of old recipes so it turns out That we didn’t always rely on big Corporations to make our baby formula um Maybe we shouldn’t let them make food For us either dude i agree with you okay We should hang out sometime i know hey You want to do life together yeah yeah Right Oh my god [Laughter] Um so There are a bunch Do not touch my dreams [Laughter] There are a bunch of old recipes for Baby formula they exist on the internet You go get them print them out put them In a book Because you might not need more baby Formula right now like you might be like I’ll never have another baby i’m like 60. but like do you have kids that are Going to have babies or neighbors or Neighbors or something like that you Know how to make baby formula um and That’s something that we’ve done like i Have a one and almost a half year old Right but we want to have more kids and Praise job my wife is able to breastfeed And she’s awesome at it and stuff But we still want to have those Contingency plans right like even though She’s able to do that We want to make sure that we know how to

Make baby formula if we need to do that That isn’t filled with soy also you know What’s uh Who gets the top bunk him he’s lighter Yeah if i get on the top bunk it’ll Break and i’ll kill him yeah and then It’ll actually be like the movie Um there’s a lot of uh people in our Local community Who sell goats milk And they’ve been posting on the socials If you need goat’s milk For your baby to message them directly And they’ll work with you they’ll make Sure you get the milk that you need for Your baby i think that’s awesome um and If you look at that just that one thing Is an indicator so okay decentralization Right so that’s good decentralization Community that’s super good Governmental legitimacy on the decline Right there all these things we’ve been Talking about these things for years Here And i think you’re gonna see more and More and more and more of this Um So yeah We have a granddaughter on the way Praying she can breastfeed how dare they Send the formula to the border not to Americans hey i i agree comma Let’s adjust our ooda loops do not be Surprised by their ineptitude right if

You haven’t figured out that they don’t Care about you yet you are Leagues behind where you need to be it Is getting to the point where it almost Seems blatantly obvious that they do not Want you to succeed or be healthy but Sometimes it’s like do you want us to Die Yeah i think so Passively yeah maybe not actively yet But passively proverbs 27 27 kosher dad Loves that every Uh on the 27th because we do the proverb Proverb of the day right every 27th he Messages me and it says the goats are For your daughter’s milk or your girl’s Milk and he knows i hate goats So he just like sticks it in there every 27th i get a signal message from kosher Dad that’s like hey thought about you This morning yeah yeah i’d never had Goat’s milk but then uh A sister had given me goats milk that Was like milked 10 minutes prior and she Filtered it and then gave it to me and It was a small little glass and i was Like oh man i’m going to drink this Because i don’t want to be rude so i’m Just going to like slam it and i slammed It it was amazing i was like holy smokes This is not nearly as bad as i thought It was going to be Yep yeah bare necessities in a bucket Food buckets hey brenda

Can’t talk about it Can’t talk about it cause we ain’t there Yet But let’s just say We ain’t there Yeah yet Yeah But uh yeah Yeah yeah yeah yeah we’ll leave it at That yeah Don’t talk about it brenda Matt kelton here what up yeah I’ve got some good news from uh his Brother yeah headed this way this Morning really yep i’ll share with you When we don’t have 637 of our friends Here that checks out yeah uh but i hey Madquel have i told you today that i Love you oh what a good oh my gosh i Freaking love that what a good brother He’s so cool it’s just like hugs are Required yeah well you know dude me on Site right quiet yup hugs on site There’s like a standing hug order yeah Yeah right Shalom chad neverton chad said yeah i’m An american indian trust me they don’t Care about us oh bro and that’s the Thing That’s the thing to onboard is like no They they don’t and this gets back to Governmental legitimacy and span of Control it’s continuity of government Not continuity of you it’s not

Continuity of me it’s not continuity of Us it’s continuity of Them They don’t they they don’t have the Bandwidth to care about us and so you Have to Adjust your ooda loop observe orient the Side act you’re observing these things Happening but you have to orient on the Fact that they’re happening they are Real all these indicators are real then You need to decide what you’re gonna do About it and then you gotta act then you Have to actually do it Hugs and love best free stuff on the Planet i agree with that Homemade whiskey goes a long way too Nice stick Fellowship yeah you know oh yeah ginger Beer ginger beer for those of us amongst Us who have given up on the whiskey Making me a mocktail for all the best Reasons yeah right jano have a blessed Day y’all’s you too hey fo daddy’s here What’s up look Wait a second Get back to work The whole company shuts down when we go Live technically ty’s over there Building kits and half babysitting my Daughter Good job are you helping ty Thank you doing awesome ways she’s Putting burn dressings and bear facts

I’m guessing one-handed one-handed hey Tony john awesome got my first z from Mad kelp tony johnson good brother too That’s a blessing um question are the Bare facts available at classes So pretty much no And let me explain why that is typically We have inventory that’s brought to Class for retail sale after the class The whole point of classes from refuge Training is not to sell kits Unlike a lot of other trainings which is To get you to take a low priced training And frankly a low-value training so that You’ll buy the kit afterward we give you The training kit as part of the cost for The training so we re we eliminate that I hate classes where you have to bring Your own kit and tear it apart to take The class because now you don’t have an Ifak anymore What happens wrong what happens if when You leave there you need an ifak oh by The way two of the lives that have been Saved from refuge medical were saved With blue trainer tourniquets Immediately following training so the Concept that i might need the ifak after Training has been proven out you don’t Want to have a destroyed kit when you Leave training you want to have a kit That is intact so that’s why we give you A training kit Comma

Sometimes most of the time the training Division does their best to bring refuge Medical gear for retail sale after the Training should you want it it’s not the Point of the training but it’s there Because some people want to buy it in Person they want to touch it handle it Smell it feel it i get that Supply chain y’all They don’t have a large volume of stuff Meaning training doesn’t have a large Volume of product that they can pull From the store to bring with them to These different training events because We don’t have a large volume of stuff to Send with them right we’re filling Orders every day from underneath this Roof there’s no point in taking a Portion of that inventory putting it on The road and hoping that it sells at Training when we’re doing everything That we can to keep up with the existing Orders that are coming in day to day Here at the office and so Long answer to your short question Short answer to your short question Uh maybe I wouldn’t depend on it though Yeah i mean If we’re fighting to get cat tourniquets In in the shop we’re not you shouldn’t Be sending a bunch of cat tourniquets on The road right you guys are ordering From the shop right so you know we’re

Not gonna rob peter to pay paul we made A call three months ago to go ahead and Purchase every training kit we would Need for the remainder of the year smart Call And so we did that three months ago Because i my ooda loop works I was able to observe what was going on Orient on the problem decide what to do And then act on it so we bought all of Our training kits for the year 90 days Ago so we wouldn’t have to worry about Whether or not we can get training kits For the training division now we have Them they’re in inventory they’re back Stock and so we’re able to continue to Train throughout the year without being At the mercy of the supply chain that’s Different than First aid kits Because anyone baptized who doesn’t need To be a minister anyone can baptize if You’re a woman your husband or your Father should baptize you but ideally You know ideally but it could be anybody Any man of faith that you trust whoever You’re covering is Um and then anybody can baptize i would I’ve asked a risk i wouldn’t have like a Heathen demon worshiper baptizing you Somebody who is in dwell to the spirit Of the most high Can baptize you um i’m gonna let you I’ma let you answer that question well i

Go pete shirt by soe tactical I would go so far as to say that we are Obligated to baptize so Matthew 28 19 right says that It basically orders you right that’s the Great command It says go through all the nations Making disciples baptizing them and they Will follow the son of the spirit right So with that you are told by messiah to Go out and to baptize people and make Disciples and so Not only can any follower of messiah Baptize you but you being a follower of Messiah once you’ve been truly grafted In in your spirit you can then Fulfill that for other people and so we Kind of have that obligation there Biblically through scripture to do that Yeah i know hey jay morris what’s poppin Thanks for talking about baptism yeah i Mean that’s the point right where All this is secondary It’s the most important thing is always Following the spirit and doing that to Uh to the best of our ability and you Know trying to uh Trying to work to serve the father in Everything that we do but yeah we’re Definitely commanded by messiah to go Out and baptize people um that’s just What we’re told to do it’s pretty pretty Basic stuff there oh he’s back that was A quick pee that’s what she said

What what I don’t know why did she say that She’s weird Um sorry you were Waxing poetic on the importance of Baptism then i made a crude joke so i Just brought it what’s up mark o’connor Caught lumber man i’m telling you what If you need some lumber you need Straight boards square boards no cupping No bowing no waning no run out cop Lumber is the place to go better than Home depot oh for sure For sure Way better way better caught lumber the Guys at cott lumber love us and we love The guys that caught lumber back j Morris said be prepared for a renewal of The mind at baptism absolutely that’s That’s what you’re doing you’re washing Up the old you the old you dies and i Would say be prepared for battle um Because Once you take that step and it’s really A it’s a submitting of your spirit and Yourself and truly submitting to the Power of messiah um you basically have Entered You you’ve gone into the hot zone right And so Now you’re in the hot zone you are an Absolute target of the enemy And he’s going to come against you and So be prepared for that and take i don’t

I take it as a compliment like when the Enemy comes against me it’s like oh yeah I’m definitely on the right path and Doing the right thing otherwise the Enemy wouldn’t care you have to learn at Least for me i had to learn how to laugh At it because Once you start seeing The devices that the enemy uses to come Against you and you should be 100 Self-aware in the process as this is Happening oh i’m being tempted oh i’m Pissed off oh this thing is bothering me That shouldn’t bother me whatever it Might be i just start laughing and then Start rebuking and that’s one of the Things that i find is not taught by most Churches by most spiritual leaders how To rebuke it’s super simple i rebuke you In the name of yeshua hamashiach and Command you to flee Be gone That fast they they the demons hear his Name and tremble Like trent like they’re shaking in their Boots right it’s like it’s that simple And so when you see the enemy working Against you in your life Like yeah you should lean on the father But for what strength power and Authority in the name of yeshua use the Strength and the power and the authority The name of yeshua and make the bad guys Go away return fire right right we’ll do

All these things and more and more right Exactly return fire like It’s t triple c man Step one Care under fire Establish fire superiority that’s step One put spiritual rounds down exactly Then we start worrying about any Injuries that might have been inflicted But step one return fire establish fire Power superiority So yeah like I basically in a nutshell just taught You how to rebuke You need to be able to do that are we Able to join in prayer before class uh Only every class yeah we only do that at Every class so in the texas class i Think we prayed probably like five times Like we came together and prayed at waco Yeah waco yep Yeah which was like crazy because after The course there was also a bunch of People that like Had a lot of questions and we ended up Hanging out there for probably like Three or four Maybe Yeah i’d say two or three hours after The course Just spiritually talking to people like Counseling one another and being Brothers and and that’s important that’s That’s really huge

Yup It’s a big deal Frank chapinka great part of the course Yeah frank the tank man philly pa frank Actually i believe was matthew 17 i was Standing at the back of my pickup truck In the parking lot of the holiday inn And he came over he’s like hey brother Uh mind if i read with you i’m like heck Yeah come on it goes i got a bible in my Truck i was like go grab it we’re on a Timeline here And so We did a matthew 17 study because that’s What that was my daily reading at the Time did a matthew 17 study In the parking lot before the class Started Uh and then lunch and it’s not part of The curriculum but during the lunch hour 40 minutes of the lunch hour was people Just asking biblical questions and Looking for feedback and i was like And i very clearly i’m like this is not Part of the curriculum this is not what You paid for this is not what we’re Teaching but we’re on our time right now And if you have these questions i’m Happy to answer them to the best of my Ability So Got bumps Just discussing baptism well frank it’s Time for you to take a bath yeah sounds

Like yeah that might be a you might need To listen to the spirit on that one nice Hat that is a sweet hat you look really Good i love a five by [Music] Of the nine Yellow and orange thingies Reese’s pieces Oh I guess But um i can’t really do it because you Want some help yeah i got you bob will Help you thanks bob I’ll continue talking to the internet And kicking my tripod over There we go Just put another 1500 pounds of wheat in Storage Finally have sheep on pasture was a good First day awesome Baptism in the delaware bay go for it You can use any body of water preferably It’s living water i believe living water Is scriptural so that’s gonna be like Flowing running water um But If there’s need Then i’ve actually been listening to a Lot of church history lectures lately by A gentleman by the name of ryan reeves Is very good Content And That the men of the church over the

Millennia have established that when There is need any water will suffice if It is set apart to the most high which It ought to be And that you would dump the water three Times over the person’s head If there is a lack of living water Shalom rock like what’s going on rock Wick it’s been a hot minute how you been Roger that brenda Come here let me see your sugar actually Give you extra let me see your come here Let me see you Come here show the people your hat That’s something there’s a good looking Crown right there five by nine five by Nine rat It’s rough man i even have your Notifications on nothing today no Notification no inbox nothing you’re Fully shadow man for me time to go to Patreon hey bing wright i appreciate you But yeah like Guys um Somehow by the grace of yah we’re Pushing close to uh we’re almost at 149 000 viewers With an iphone No camera crew No production team no producer an iphone Right an iphone But A good video good traction for me with 149 000 people subscribed it’s about 20

000 views It’s about one and seven one seventh of Y’all Um Hey it is what it is copy that uh we Were talking yesterday on the ports it’s Like i don’t think i get to about How awesome ya is right and There’s days i want to Oh my gosh there’s days i want to it Should be this it should be that but That gets back to your ooda loop right What should be and what is are two Completely different things Focus on what is One seventh is the industry standard Thanks badger tell that to uh the Leviathan group Right Did he go there he did well he went There this stream just got shut down Um in wyoming Roger that betty keatley i will talk to Phelps about training in wyoming uh when I see him You go bear and mack thank you frank my Wife asked me if your reader called the Torah same as kg so the torah is just Genesis exodus leviticus numbers Deuteronomy it’s the first five books of The bible use whatever translation you Want i’ve heard from a lot of people That say hey i need to get a copy of That torah where do i get one if you

Have a bible you have it It’s the first five books of the bible In the greek they call it the pentateuch Because penta means five At the top or 50 like pentecost which is actually Shabba wood which is the next high holy Day moadim that’s coming up which is the Day that the father makes and Establishes covenant it’s the day that The holy spirit descends on the apostles In acts chapter 2 after the murder Resurrection and 40 days of instruction From yeshua where are they in the book Of acts in the new testament on the day The holy spirit descends Celebrating the feast of shavuot all That stuff that was done away with Yet they were still doing it interesting Uh what was that last supper that they Had oh pesach the passover oh no They would never Uh yeah So Anyway Super important day biblically speaking But all that stuff like Whatever bible you have has leviticus 11 In it which is the clean eating laws it Has leviticus 23 in it which is the high Holy days the moadim which starts with The sabbath whatever bible you have has Numbers chapter 15 verse 37 which is the Zitsio whatever bible you have has

Exodus chapter 20 which is the big ten The ten commandments which has uh the Fourth commandment six days ye shall Labor the seventh is the sabbath set Apart unto yahuwah your elohim Observance of the sabbath and by the way If you look in leviticus 23 The first modine the first appointed Time is the sabbath The reason for this is the sabbath is The wedding ring of the most high it’s How you show you are in covenant with Him it is a sign between him and his People when he institutes that going all The way back to genesis it’s a sign Between him and his people Um and then It’s also because if you can’t keep the Weekly shabbat who the hell are you to Show up at a high holy day right like Oh you’re gonna come do pesach and You’re not even showing up on shabbat Like it’s like you didn’t show up for Practice but you want to play in the big Game yeah so uh Tactically taurus said i love it when You talk scriptures to us what’s up bro [Laughter] Shalom brother He’s 25 yards that way I’m packing kids for y’all yeah so but Uh So anyway all of that Whatever

Uh bible you have has all this Instruction in it already it’s already There um and there’s Been a long time argument over how much Of that do we need to do the ceremonial Law versus the moral law well the Ceremonial law To the extent that it was done away with I mean it wasn’t we just can’t do it Because the temple’s in our heart and It’s not a physical place right now and Yeshua jesus is the high priest read Revelation when he comes back guess what We’re doing all that stuff again yeah It’s in the new testament it’s in the Last book of the new testament so it’s Probably important that we like Keep showing up to practice so when the Big game comes we know how to do the Things right Um but that leaves the moral law and of That so the ceremonial law is about 200 Of the 613 commands that leaves about 413 A bunch of those commands are for the High priest which you’re not i’m not Which i’m not You’re not like that’s yeshua so that Stuff’s about yeshua and much of that Prophesies about mashiach about messiah Because it’s for the high priest so you Don’t have to do that a bunch of it’s For women which i’m not so i don’t have To worry about that because i’m not a

Woman and when you boil it all down There’s like 200 or so commands And really those 200 or so commands fall Under the instruction that messiah gives Us in matthew 22 master master what’s The greatest command in all the torah And The leviticus 11 is a permanent cajun Fasting diet agreed Unless you know jay johns and he makes You gumbo that’s clean because it’s Tremendous We had some of that at men’s retreat and Then at sukkot and then it’s so good any Other time we see him it’s like required Uh that in beef banking oh my gosh but Uh So the two prime directives from messiah Or love your neighbor as yourself And love y’all with everything you got And he starts with love yah with Everything you got first you got to do That first The love the the lord your god yahweh Your elohim with all your heart with all Your soul with all your mind with all Your might and the second is like unto It love your neighbor as yourself and so That’s deuteronomy 6 verse 5 And Leviticus 19 verse 18 these are old Testament commands right And so on that hangs all the torah and The prophets if you’re loving y’all with

Everything you have you’re keeping that Portion of the torah and if you’re Loving your neighbor as yourself you’re Keeping that portion of the torah if you Look at the 10 commands half of them are Up down how do you love y’all with Everything you have and how do you love Your neighbor as yourself and see here’s The thing that most people get wrong With the moral law And the obligation to keep the moral law You don’t get to tell yah how you’re Gonna love him If you’re telling y’all what you’re Gonna do shama israel yahuwah And i don’t know email sales at refuge Training and ask mr phelps and if we can We will we might be able to slot you it But please email him sales refuge Training So here’s the deal You don’t get to tell ya how you’re Going to love him Now you’ve put yourself above the Creator of the universe that seems like A pretty backwards relationship right And it turns out so that begs the Question well how are we supposed to Love him He tells us If you love me keep my commands huh i Wonder what commandos are genesis exodus Leviticus numbers deuteronomy no man can Keep the entirety of the torah

No if you could you’d be without sin Which would make you messiah which You’re not news flash you’re gonna sin Which is why you have Messiah an intercessor you need an Intercessor right which is why you get Uh first peter 2 21. for this you were Called that messiah having suffered for Your sins your lawlessness first john 3 Verse 4 that you might walk in his steps Do what he did copy so it’s a Relationship it’s a walk with him so you Become more and more and more righteous By your obligation to the moral law this Is what paul is talking about in Corinthians and romans and ephesians i Knew not sin but by the law Right shall we send all the more that Grace may abound no god forbid we’re Gonna keep sinning no we don’t keep Doing that Um So Verses 135 to 160 the poor don’t sound Like left well i’m gonna need an actual Address to where that is um It is love there’s a lot of love she’ll Bear with faith hey you know that guy i Love that guy oh yeah there’s a tour for That too well yeah i love them as a Problem okay that’s cool Keep your socks on no eye contact right Exactly yeah exactly shalom brother uh Like somewhere smack in the butt of a

Sheep probably Probably that is probably exactly what He’s doing right now Twitch stop Don’t look at me like that while you do It Anyway all i had to say like I love your interest in the torah you Probably already own it and if you don’t Already own it email us I will send you a copy of the scriptures For free it costs you nothing you can Have it i just need to know where to Send it and praise y’all you all have Helped us Donate over 4 thousand copies of the Scriptures literally just ordered Another two cases like three days ago Crazy literally crazy crazy So Yeah And as far as even if you don’t feel The obligation to keep The moral law which is what’s what Martin luther called the third use of The law The first two uses of the law The first use is in civics Managing people right and that’s super Important because i’m not going to Murder you you’re not going to murder me I’m not going to sleep with your wife You’re not going to sleep with my wife Right like that’s civics right how do we

Deal with one another love our neighbor As our self that’s the first use of the Law the second use of the law is what Paul is talking about in the new Testament as far as a mirror to reflect The image of you and your sinful ways i Knew not sin but by the law that’s the Second use of the law the third use of The law is the practical daily Application of it and we know from luke Chapter 1 verse 6 that blamelessly Walking in the commands is righteousness And so as you walk with yeshua Blamelessly walking in the commands of Yah as you walk with messiah you’re Developing your righteousness That as the ruach hakodesh the holy Spirit comes into you when you are Baptized and when you accept messiah you Are infused with the spirit as the Lutheran church would call it back in The day right the spirit is now imbued In you The old man is dead but the new man you Is on a journey Towards what yah created you to be in The first place and that’s where you get Into the third application of the law You do it not because you’re justified By your works You do the works out of obedience to Your redeemer Who redeemed you who paid for your debts Your sin that you couldn’t pay for

Yourself getting back to the torah we Know that in exodus chapter 20 you have The ten commandments in exodus chapter 21 you have the torah for redemption You should totally read that Because if you want to understand what Yeshua did when he paid for your sins When he redeemed you There’s the biblical prescription For what redemption is let the doctrine Of inerrancy let the bible interpret the Bible there it is that’s what yeshua did He atoned for your sins that’s one half Of his work upon the stake the other Half was redemption it turns out there’s A torah for that Like everything else that he did so That’s the we are we use all three Applications of the moral law the first Is civically how do we behave with one Another how do we govern ourselves the Second is as a mirror for reflection to Understand where we’re falling short the Third is in our daily lives to walk in It to be righteous to the best of our Ability as yeshua was to walk as he Walked to the best of our ability and we Believe we rebuked a hail storm on my Back porch yesterday afternoon it really Happened It literally did happen and that’s not Because we’re cool no it’s because Right because there is power and Authority in his name right

And there’s a lot of people That are walking around under the Covering of messiah without that the Tactical practical understanding of how To wield that power and authority in his Name Because you’re not walking in it and That’s the third application of the Moral law How do you walk in him It’s a huge deal and it it it’s a Different level of relationship with the Father and once you realize he means it When he says his word will not return to Him void if he said it he means it your Whole life changes It’s faith in action at that point it’s Not just a nice idea that i think god Loves me and so i should probably go to Church on sunday it’s like i know He loves me and i know everything that i Could ever do has already been bought And paid for and i’ve already been told A thousand times you will not go without Your daily bread stop asking me go do Good works go do mighty things and then When i do and i feel like super over my Head kentucky uh or whatever else we’ve Been doing i’m like whoa this is Overwhelming and he’s like dude you Think you’re here on your own power and Authority absolutely not like i didn’t Bring you bring you here for a reason i brought you here because you

Have stuff to do in partnership with me And that’s That’s where you get that real depth of That relationship from applying the Third use of the law as martin luther Would call it So K taylo has been her take halo or Something like that he’s been in the Chat and he seems like he’s struggling Right like like what How He doesn’t see parts of the law as love And i understand that right and i Understand that struggle so i like to Think about it there’s a book called the Five love languages right so and it it’s A book that’s written to understand how People love right and you have to kind Of understand your partner’s love Language so my wife’s love languages are Acts of service and words of affirmation Right that’s like how my wife Communicates i need to do things to show Her that i care about her and i need to Tell her in different ways that i care About her right um I don’t get to decide my wife’s love Language right because that’s that’s how She Perceives love and care the same way is True with the father i don’t get to Decide how the father Right receives and perceives love i

Don’t get to decide his love language Right but if i love him i will love him In the way That he wants to be loved right which You know coincidentally also provides a Blessing and a provision for me which is Super awesome right but that’s not the Reason we do it right the father wrote Out in the first five books and actually Through the whole bible it’s just a big Love letter it really is amen but Through the first five books right the Pentatonic the torah whatever you want To call it He gave us instructions as to how to Serve him and love him right And absolutely there’s some points in There where there’s like some if then Statements right if you do this then i Will do that and not all of them are Super nice like if you mess up you will Get smoked right if you don’t clean your Room i will whip your ass right just Like a child just like a child right and We are his children right We don’t get to decide The righteousness and justness of the Father we don’t our morality is not Higher than the father because you Disagree with his punishments Right Doesn’t make them unright right it Doesn’t make them unjust You have to adjust your ooda loop right

To have him as the highest standard Right there there is a punishment there Is there are consequences for your Actions right but on the other side There are rewards right and so you kind Of have to Put Your priorities are in the wrong spot Your priority needs to be pleasing him Well if pleasing him means i’m not going To do this this this and this Okay then i’m not gonna do that right And sometimes it’s hard because we have A worldly perception or maybe a Man-based perception on what love is and And what you know service is and we kind Of have to adjust that towards what the Father’s definition of love is and what The father’s definition of service is And i i know i know that it’s hard to Kind of wrap your mind around some parts Of his commands it is but that doesn’t Mean it’s not Right it means that you know it just Changes i’m gonna let the tourist step Step in here the tactically changed Slow meow Um Something that i kind of had on my mind Whenever everything uh was Being spoken about by bob and t here was Within the same five books that we see The torah that that we see all the Commands that are from the father a lot

Of the same five A lot of the context within those same Five books If you don’t understand where the father Is coming from Um With Uh you know why he says hey go kill this Nation Men women children and all of their Beasts You only get the concept of well this is A genocidal maniacal God like why how is there any love in That You lack context because what it all Really boils down to is the father Preserving a bloodline So that his son yeshua could come one Day And redeem the world of sin It truly is love The father is not A god of disorder nor is he a god that Truly desires Uh you know To vanquish man That’s what that’s really all i’ve got You know you really need to understand The context of what the father’s truly Trying to do Because otherwise all you get is oh my God this is This dude

Doesn’t make any sense you’re correct There is a fundamental misunderstanding Because even if we talk about you know In the new testament when the gospel Goes out to all nations right which is a Literal miracle Cool somebody go tell jonah that he Wasn’t the first one to take the gospel To the nation right What did jonah do Jonah was a prophet of elohim Who went and preached the word to Nineveh which was completely out of line There were a bunch of heathens he didn’t Want to go because they were a bunch of Heathens he didn’t want them to have the Same grace that he had been given by the Father by the way grace is not a new Testament construct either And uh yet he went because the father Made him do it and i think it depends on The translation you read some habit of 70 others have it as 110 000 people Were saved right and so there’s there’s Parallels there’s patterns in the old Testament that show up in the new Testament this should talk about like um The nations that will not submit have to Be wiped out go read revelation 19 When yeshua returns when jesus comes Back hippy-dippy love and tie-dye jesus Is not who you get Everybody who is not on team yeshua gets Smoked every single one of them there’s

A pattern there uh the pair of the Parallels between Joseph in the old testament and genesis And messiah Are huge there’s like 50 some Parallels between yeshua and joseph so Much so that the yahudim the jews had an Understanding that there were two Messiahs one was messiah ben joseph Coming like joseph as a suffering Servant to serve and atone for his People and to die And then messiah ben david or messiah Ben david the righteous king from the Throne of david which you see prophesied In isaiah the root of jesse right Messiah ben david which is coming as the Righteous king to lead the father’s People back to him and so the jews the Yahudim had this understanding that it Was two messiahs each coming one time They were wrong it’s one messiah coming Twice that’s why yeshua has to come Again because he has play raud fulfilled Completed matthew 5 17 Embodied that first portion mashiach Been joseph messiah ben joseph but when He returns he returns his messiah ben to B So Um and i actually have to go i gotta go Do a thing But i think it’s been a pretty good Office update

Spent uh 15 minutes on world politics And 10 minutes on Inventory at the store And 40 minutes on the father i’m pretty Cool i’m cool with that i’m cool with That If y’all need a second witness within uh The new testament on revelation 19 and What he touched on Read the parable of the terrorists of Wheat the tares and wheat in matthew Chapter 13 And pay attention to yeshua’s Description of that yep because he Explains it perfectly Yeah as he would do Yeah All right we appreciate y’all bless Y’all thanks uh for hanging out thanks For supporting the channel Thanks for supporting our small Businesses thanks for listening to us Talk about the creator of the universe And his son read your bible read your Bibles Do what it says Uh yes that was matthew 13. you all have A blessed day We love you all uh thanks for hanging in There with us as we continue to do Battle with youtube thanks to the Patrons