Isaiah 26 & 27 – The Prophets Bible Study

By | May 13, 2022

Shalom Isaiah chapter 26. In that day this song is sung in the Land of Judah We have a strong City he yahuwah sets up Deliverance walls and ramparts Open the gates let the righteous nation Which guards the truth enter in Remember this is a book of Prophecy in That day this is the song we sing in the Land of Judah We have a strong City yerushalayim Jerusalem read Revelation 21 New Heaven New Earth New Jerusalem new Temple High priest Yeshua is the high priest Open the gates and let the righteous Nation which guards the truth enter in We are commanded by Yeshua to Worship in Spirit and in truth what’s the truth the Truth is the Torah And there’s a million references for That in the Bible but uh if you’re into Lawlessness if you’re like nope the law Was done away with New Testament from The mouth of Paul shall of Tarsus the Apostle to the Gentiles read second Thessalonians chapter 2. And then argue with me So the righteous Nation righteousness is Luke 1 verse 6 blamelessly walking in The command so a nation of people The blamelessly guard the commands It’s almost like in Revelation It prophesies and it prophesies

Elsewhere in the word this fullness of Belief the truth of the belief the truth Of the worship of mashiach Is that we have a testimony of Yeshua Hamashiach of Jesus the Christ and keep It keep the commands of yahuwah or Elohim both fullness first page to last Page Coincidence I’m sure oh in this nation That’s you that you’re grafted into if You’re a gentile believer if you’re part Of the air quote Church you are the wild Branch that has been grafted into the Tree of life right Paul talks about this In Romans Guess what the tree is the tree of life Is a euphemism for Israel the righteous Nation which means to be a part of the Righteous Nation you have to blamelessly Walk on the commands be righteous in That day this is the song sung in the Land of Judah which is where Yerushalayim is Jerusalem we have a Strong City Jerusalem he sets up a Deliverance walls and ramparts open the Gates let the righteous nation which Guards the truth enter in the one Steadfast of mind Because a double-minded man is unstable In all his ways you guard yahuwah guards In perfect peace for he trusts in you Trust in yahuwah Forever For in yah yahuwah is a Rock of Ages For he shall bring those bring down

Those who dwell on high he lays the Exalted City low he lays it low to the Earth he brings it down to the dust my God would never do that well you better Read your Bible because he absolutely Will do that and he promises over and Over and over again vengeance is mine so Saith yahuwah He brings it down to dust Foot tramples it down feet of the poor Footsteps of the needy the path of the Righteous is uprightness oh upright one You weigh the course of the righteous Also in the path of your right rulings Justices Torah Oh yahuwah we have waited for you in the Path of your right rulings o yahuwah we Have waited for you The path The way I’m the way the truth the life The way to life is narrow right the Torah hard left and right limits of what You can and can’t do to be acceptable in The eyes of yah because sin first John New Testament First John 3 verse 4 sin Is lawlessness And sin cannot exist in the presence of The father We know this right that’s why Jesus had To take away our sins What’s sin It’s lawlessness Jesus took away your lawlessness So you could come into the presence of

The father Um Tough when your doctrines and dogmas are Smashed like the false Idols that they Are by the truth of the word I know I’ve Been there too I’ve gone through this Myself believe me born and raised in a Conservative Baptist Church I’ve tried every denomination and Religion on for size before I got here Where I finally just gave up and just Started reading the Bible and I was like I have had enough of what men have to Say about God because these men don’t Know anything I wonder what God has to Say about God Oh A whole lot And it’s not typically what men are Saying about God which is why I Outrightly reject the doctrines and Dogmas of men as did Yeshua talks about This rebuke in the Pharisees you have Nullified the commands of God with the Doctrines of men Yes you have and the father hates that And will smoke everybody engaged in that Doctrinal horse pucky when he returns Also in the path of your right rulings o Yahuwah we have waited for you the Longing of our being is for your name And for the remembrance of you my being My soul Longs for you in the night my Spirit Within Me seeks you earnestly for

When your right rulings are in the earth The inhabitants of the world shall learn Righteousness Oh like Yeshua came to teach people how To be righteous AKA keep the Torah Gospel of Luke Chapter one right there in the beginning Of Luke verse 6. righteousness is Blamelessly walking in the commands of Yah which was taught to us by Yeshua This is how you walk out this physical Body life that you have God had to Become become flesh to show us how to do It in person because we were so far off Track that there was no hope of Us Coming home again Without him coming here teaching us how To do it and then killing himself as an Atoning sacrifice to remove that sin That lawlessness so that we could come Back into his presence The wrong fines favor yet he shall not Learn righteousness in the land of Straightforwardness he acts perversely And does not see the Excellency of Yahuwah Cast not your Pearls Before Swine oh Yahuwah your hand is high they do not See they see the order of the people and They are ashamed also let the fire of Your adversaries consume them oh yahuwah You establish peace for us the Prince of Peace Prince of Peace right we’ve all heard

That Jesus is the Prince of Peace what Does that mean yeah he is the high Priest in the order of Melchizedek Melchizedek was the high priest of Yahuwah or Elohim he lived in a place Called Salem which means peace Salam Shalom Salem He was the king of peace and Yeshua Comes in the order of Melchizedek as High priest the Prince of Peace it’s a Place outside of Jerusalem called Jerusalem Salem Yerushalayam Salem Shalom assalam peace Yeah there’s way more to this word way More to this word than what anybody’s Teaching from behind the pulpit on Sunday in the self-help seminar that People are calling Church These Days Oh yahuwah established your peace for us You have also done all our works in us Oh yahuwah our Elohim other Masters Besides you have made you rule over us Only in you do we make mention of your Name The dead do not live The Departed Spirits do not rise that’s right the Second death Judgment Day the day of Atonement in Revelation 19. when Everybody who’s not on team Yeshua gets Smoked The dead do not live The Departed Spirits do not rise therefore you have Visited and destroyed them well my God

Would never do that your Gods Make-Believe Read the Bible Therefore you have visited and destroyed Them and made all their remembrance to Perish You shall increase the nation which Nation Israel oh yahuwah you shall increase the Nation you are esteemed you are Glorified you shall expand all the Borders of the land o yahuwah in Distress they shall visit you they shall Pour out a prayer when your disciplining Is upon them As a woman with child and about to give Birth rise and cries out in her pain so Shall we be before your face so yahuwah We have conceived we writhed in pain we Have given birth to wind we have not Accomplished Deliverance in the earth Nor have the inhabitants of the world Fallen let your dead live together with My dead body let them arise We avoid the second death because of our Belief in Yeshua And because we are in the family of Yahuwah or Elohim we can come into His Presence because of the removal of sin Let your dead live together with my dead Body let them arise awake and sing You Who dwell in the dust for your do is a Dew of light and let the Earth give Birth to The Departed spirits

Departed spirits Go My People enter your rooms and shut Your doors behind you hide yourself as It were for a little while until the Displeasure is passed For look yahu is coming out of his place To punish the inhabitants of the Earth For their crookedness And the Earth shall disclose her blood And no longer cover her killed ones In that day yahuwah with his severe Sword great and strong punishes Leviathan The fleeing serpent Leviathan That Twisted Serpent and he shall kill The monster in that sea it says in Jeremiah that Leviathan is the enemy of The Hebrews Consequently anecdotally there’s an Advertising group called The Leviathan Group if you watch any uh Second Amendment related content on the YouTubes they’re probably tied in with Leviathan group they asked me if I Wanted to be a part of their group and I Said I told them face to face 100 no And they said why I said because Leviathan is the enemy of the Hebrews And I am a person of yah I belong to yah And there’s not a chance in hell I’m Going to do business with the company That is the enemy of the Hebrews not Doing it And they’re like what are you talking About I said you need to read your Bible

And they said our owner the guy who owns This company he’s a hardcore Christian And I said well clearly not hardcore Enough he needs to read his Bible no way Not doing it There’s a thing you know now Foreign Leviathan that Twisted Serpent and he Shall kill the monster that is in the Sea in that day sing to her a Vineyard Of red wine to her sing to her who are We singing to her the church the Bride Of the bridegroom Ayahuwah do garden I water it every Moment lest and he heard it I guard it Night and day this Vineyard of red wine The parable of the vineyard the Church Matthew 20. Wrath is not in me who would set Thorn Bushes and weeds against me in battle I Would go through them I would burn them Together Exodus 15 verse 3 yahuwah is a Warrior yahuwah is his name and remember You are fairly fearfully and wonderfully Created in His image that means that you Are a warrior as well and it’s okay if You’re not a soft-handed soft-spoken Effeminate polo-wearing beta male You can love the Lord your God with all Your heart with all your soul with all Your mind and love your neighbor as Yourself and not be a stop and want p Word about it That’s totally okay

In fact I would say biblically that’s What’s expected of us But Levites had swords homeboy And they weren’t playing hopscotch with Them Or let him take hold of my strength and Make peace with me let him make peace With me those who come he causes to take Root and Jacob Oh you mean like grafted In John 15 verse 5 verse 5 I am the vine And you were the branches Romans 11 Grafted in Acts chapter 15 verse 15 They’re grafted in Or let him take hold of my strength and Make peace with me let him make peace With me You know what Israel means Genesis 32 he Who is striving with Elohim were Struggling back and forth he who has Overcome with Elohim We are now at Peace by the blood of Yeshua we are Overcomers right we have Overcome the world Because he has overcome the world And he who is ruling with Elohim That is the threefold manifestation the Threefold prophecy of the word Israel The name Israel in Genesis 32 struggling With overcoming with and ruling with Elohim which of course relates to our Relationship with Elohim and the process That we go through so that we can become Sanctified set apart to be in the Presence of Elohim by the blood of

Messiah Struggle first And then we’re Overcomers were set apart By the blood so that we can rule and Subdue with Elohim that’s the entire Reason man was made go read Genesis Chapter 2 to rule and subdue to work the Garden and guard it and again you can’t Be a soft-handed polo wearing a feminine Beta male to work the garden and garden I would submit that what they’re working And guarding is not the garden So Israel those who come he causes to Take root in Jacob Jacob becomes Israel Israel shall Blossom and bud that’s all Of us the Gentile believers who are Grafted in and the original 12 tribes Who prophesied in the end of the book Revelation all come together and in fact The renewed Covenant in Hebrews chapter 8 which is so new that it’s from the Old Testament in the book of Jeremiah word For word the renewed Covenant says and I Will make with them in those days with The house of Israel and the house of Judah A Renewed Covenant You want to be Israel that just means The father’s chosen people doesn’t mean The nation stayed on a map Those who come he causes to take root in Jacob Israel shall Blossom and Bud they Shall fill the face of the world with Fruit Has he smitten him as he struck the ones

Who are striking him or as a killer was He killed as he was killing And measure by sending her away you Contended with her he shall take away by His rough wind the days of the East Wind Therefore by this the crookedness of Jacobness the crookedness of Jacob is Covered and this is all the fruit of Taking away his sin When he makes all the stones of the Slaughter place like chalk stones that Are beaten to dust Asher ream and Sun Pillars are no more obelisks The fruit of the taking away of your sin Is that Your Slaughter places to your Heathen Demigods Are like Chalkstone and like dust and That ashram and Sun Pillars by the way We call these today Steeples Are no more Do you know there’s an Old Testament Commandment that you are not to build an Altar to yahuwah your Elohim in any Place that a sun pillar in ashra a Steeple has stood and yet people go into These buildings with these their penises With these penises on top of them Praying to the allegedly to the god of Abraham Isaac and Jacob and wondering Why he won’t answer them Read the book do what it says he already Told you do not do not build an altar to Me here do not seek my face here because

Sin and the father cannot coexist and The worship of these things is sin Now you know The question is what are you going to do With the information that you now know My answer to that would be confirm it For yourself put your face in the book And go read it do the research yourself Don’t take my word for it don’t take Anybody else’s word for trust not a Single man or woman on the face of the Earth with what this book says but put Your face into it yourself and read it Yourself And confirm it pray over it talk to the Father now that you know you have a Choice you can be obedient and Experience the blessings That come from the father or you can be Disobedient You can do the opposite of what you know To be true Disobedience and then you can Get freaking smoked on the battlefield Of life Because you will not win a war against The father Ask me how I know For the city of defense is lonely a home Forsaken and left like a Wilderness They’re the calf feeds and there it lies Down and shall consume its branches when His Twigs are dry they are broken off Women come and set fire to them for it Is a people of no understanding

Therefore he who made them has no Compassion on them For he formed them but shows them no Favor And in that day it shall be that yahuwah Threshes from the channel of the river To the Wadi of mitzrayim and you shall Be gathered one by one threshing Separating the wheat from the chaff Those that are actual fruit from those That bear no fruit And in that day it shall be that yahuwah Thrashes from the channel of the river To the Wadi of mitzrayim and you shall Be gathered one by one o children of Israel of Israel And in that day it shall be a great Shofar is blown a trumpet and those who Were perishing in the land of ashore and The outcasts of the land amitraine shall Come and shall worship yahuwah on the Set apart mountain in Jerusalem Hmm Yeah but Jesus said Flip to Matthew chapter 7. Verse 21. Yeah let’s see what Jesus said Not everyone who says to me master Master shall enter into the reign of the Heavens But he who is doing the desire of my Father in the heavens Many shall say to me in that day master Master have we not prophesied in your

Name And cast out demons in your name And done many mighty works in your name And then I shall declare to them I never knew you Depart from me you who work lawlessness Shabbat shalom