Waffle Burger Cooked on a Swedish Torch

By | May 11, 2022

Oh Hello again guys Ah quite a cloudy day but i’m quite Liking it it’s a nice temperature prefer That to the sun um out today shelter Building As i have been um I was gonna have part two out of that Shelter build but uh I had Three days off pretty much um because I’ve kind of hurt my back All that bending over chainsawing Lifting logs stripping bark So i’m a little behind schedule so That’ll be next week starting to make Progress again now As you can see i’ve just driven over to Another part of the woods don’t want to Give the game away with the shelter and I’m going to cook something so I’m going to make a swedish torch so i Need to grab a nice block for doing that And yeah we’ll get on with some nice Food I’ve got this a nice piece of pine it’s A little bit punky but i think it’ll do The job if not i’ve got a couple of Others um i could do this in many Different ways as you’ve seen me do in The past i’ve got an auger with me Chainsaw axe I think i’ll just chain saw it down and Use it that way

[Music] Ah [Music] [Music] Hey [Music] So as you can see here i’ve put four Slits um Two thirds of the way down three Quarters of the way down And that’s going to allow the air to get To the fire inside I’m just going to use a couple of nails And my small axe to bang them in Just as a kind of a pot stand I’m going to hold off for the moment i’m Lighting the swedish torch not sure how Long it’s going to last So i’ve got just some plain flour in Here I’m going gonna add a little bit of salt And some sugar And here i have baking powder Tiny bit of vanilla extract Two eggs Hit that one a bit hard And some milk We’re going to mix this till it’s a good Consistency for our waffles Nearly forgot just a touch of oil in There as well Just added a little more milk there just To thin it out a bit And then we’ve got a nice

Waffle batter consistency And i’ll let that rest While i light the file I’ve got a wood wall fire lighter here Twizzler whatever you want to call them I’m going to try To stuff some of these Just inside Maybe push them down with a knife or Something Just to get it going The sawdust in there as well which will Help I recently ordered a brazilian ration But uh it got stopped at customs and They took everything out of it one of The things they did send for the matches Which is weird you’d think that’d be one Of the things they take out So just going to use one of them That didn’t take long at all This is my waffle iron i’m sure you’ve Seen before in my videos And Just need to screw in the handles It’s easier to transport with them out Took a little bit of seasoning this but Uh Now it’s great Still use a lot of oil And in the time it took to do that this Is going great so i’m going to put that On there Get it warming through

And give that flip make sure it’s hot on Both sides And while that’s going i’m going to heat The oil inside as well Just in a little spray bottle Need plenty of oil for this or it will Stick Okay i think we’re quite hot here It can be hard to judge Just take that side off i’m gonna ride In Just a bit more oil Just to be sure And then go in A little bit more than that maybe Fingers crossed Oh she’s going now Okay it’s mostly okay stuck a tiny bit On the bottom I was gonna do two of these but for what I’m doing i don’t think i need i could Just cut it in half And save that better Yeah it’s not bad It shall do the job I’m thinking maybe i should put the Nouns further out or not use them at all We’ll see how we go cast iron is going On First i’m gonna Put on some bacon [Music] [Applause] Right a quarter pounder here

Oh Looking good Like the gowda cheese Okay here we go with the build Gotta the elongated it a bit Oh melty cheese Some of that bacon I’ll sod it let’s put it all on And Maple syrup And i’ll put some on the inside Of the waffle too Well this is certainly something Different I saw it on a thing um is it the best Cooking review show ever whatever it is On youtube they were at a fair state Fair in america and uh i think they did Sink a bit like this Well Let’s try it Dripping There’s a medley of flavors The thing i was worried about most was The cheese with syrup It does kind of taste like a fair in one Bite There’s that cross section Well i’ve had a burger In a doughnut before as a bun Put a burger in a hot cross bun before And now in a waffle Burger done just in the nick of time With the uh cast iron holding that heat

Well because the torch is Kind of fizzling out now probably still Got some heat and life in it but Worked out pretty well I’m not gonna lie it was a bit odd But i guess one of the perks is Your little bits of waffle where the Burger wasn’t at the edges that’s your Dessert with the syrup Well it’s gonna be one of the oddest Things i’ve cooked in a video It’s given me some strength for the rest Of the build today I think i prefer the hot cross bun Burger to be honest Hope you enjoyed it sorry for the delay In part two of the shelter build but it Will be next week Back on track now And yeah i’ll see you then Thanks for watching goodbye