Live At Red Branch, With The Dogs

By | May 7, 2022

Guys i am live uh welcome to A very close-up edition of uh red branch Bushcraft live at red branch bushcraft Guys i am I’m attempting to do a little bit of Fishing but this is bruno’s first Get out of the river bruno Yeah This is This is bruno’s first time Seeing fish jump in a river and uh And he keeps Let me fix this Basically Here’s what’s happening right i am Fishing I’m camping And fishing Fishing while camping That’s my stickman And bruno is with me and bruno that’s my Stick That is my stick It’s my stick Oh So bruno is uh is is with me let me turn On the chat i’m not really sure what i’m Doing i’m on my phone here So uh Good live chat there we go who’s out There say hello everybody so guys Basically i am down camping this is Is is my setup for tonight This is my new bigger tent style tent

That you guys haven’t actually seen yet It hasn’t come out on on the channel That is a british army scorpion tent And suggs how’s it going buddy so that’s The british army scorpion tent uh that i Only received that last week and i have Actually camped out twice enough already Uh and i didn’t make videos of those Uh because I don’t know why but anyway listen i am Fishing right this is my setup for Tonight this is the view out my front Door Except for my big head in the way Uh and i am trying to get First of all the sun is right right Behind us so it’s very bright for me uh This is my conundrum The fish are jumping in the river guys And every time bruno sees the fish Jumping in the river he tries to jump in After the fish Which Believe it or not Is not doing my chances of of of Catching any fish A lot of good so This is what a mass It is Very tense As you can see Who is that simone Sorry it’s not a Simone how’s it going you’re very

Welcome it is not very uh no it’s very Stressful It’s pretty much just going to be like This look This is really bright the sun is like Right there I have all the i have this all done Wrong But i don’t really care Tom how’s it going Simone are you italian Yes So guys this is red branch bushcraft Ciao That this is red branch bushcraft uh the Only italian i know is uh are swear Words that i can remember this is i’m Going i’m going to spin this right round I wanna show you A little bit behind the scenes okay so This is this is what we call Kingfisher corner so if you if if you Ever seen my videos where i’m kayaking With the girls i’m actually in right There Okay Roddy how’s it going buddy and this is Sleeve guardian in the background guys And what i’m going to do is i’m going to 360 is and what you can see over my Shoulder here This is red branch proper so this this This is where i do all my sessions and Run everything and this is all my new

Growth these are all the new trees that I planted about seven or eight years ago And they’re all just starting to come up Now nice and nice and big uh that is of Course my tent for tonight And this Is one of my new teepees Check That out that thing is massive That thing is absolutely massive and Would sleep about 20 people 20 people It’s own room If i go quiet it means i’m watching the Rod Not you roddy the rod the fishing rod Let’s watch it It’s tough stuff Maybe No you’re not getting up So I was going to do a little bit of wood Carving but bruno has as You’re a good dog it’s okay you don’t Need constant reassurance i was gonna do A little bit of wood carving but bruno Is now eating my stick by what i mean by Wood carving is i just was going to to Cut a piece of wood to bits with a knife Yeah good job good job Anyway guys just a little in Just a little impromptu live just to let You know what i’m up to pretty soon i’m Going to get there

Get the barbecue on get the fire lit and If i don’t catch a fish i have some Steak so That’s probably what i’m going to do now Because they always take longer than the Thing don’t you don’t you don’t date Don’t don’t you yes don’t you good man Water you’re good at the old english Bruno Have you you have this That was rude bruno You just knocked her out of the way Sit down So guys listen Thanks for watching stay frosty Now i i don’t know how to turn off a Live stream on my phone