Weekly Global SITREP and Q&A – Thirsty Thursday 5MAY22

By | May 6, 2022

Here’s the perhaps we are Live Fabulous grabbing the link to Share with the patrons I’m bear with bear independent dot com We’re going to do something a little bit Different This evening We usually do A thirsty thursday every Thursday Evening 7pm central time The idea being to have a little bit of q A a little bit of involvement with the Bear nation those of y’all who are Watching the show and participating in The live chat Um This week what i’m gonna do because Out of necessity the daily brief is Currently living on patreon Because of youtube’s new misinformation Policy which by the way as a caveat as An asterisk As a bump plan really If this stream gets pulled down Mid livestream which has happened to us On multiple occasions I will continue it on patreon So if you’re on patreon you’ll see it There I will not try and fight my way back in To youtube again which has happened on Multiple occasions

So if the stream goes down if youtube Pulls it we will uh Rally point patreon go there and there’s A link in the description for anybody Who’d like to join it’s five bucks a Month it’s the best five bucks you can Spend on the internet uh fact So Uh but we’ve been doing the daily brief On patreon Out of necessity and so i figured we Could at least hopefully without Offending too many of the algorithmic Robots do a little bit of a review Uh here on youtube before we get into q A so that’s my intention sorry for the Two minute intro As always your promo code at refuge Refugemedical.com Is bear nation get your free shipping on Everything in the store little bird Birdie told me there’s like one Uh multi-cam barefact in stock and 20 Red fairfax in stock and a handful of Sobs Buckets are super in stock wouldn’t care Bucket the End i don’t think youtube knows about The postpartum bucket and the baby Birthing bucket But All of that is available Shippingsuperfastrefugemedical.com promo Code bear nation for free shipping on

Everything So uh Yeah Check us out handmade made in america Guaranteed forever 38 live save to date Four continents Uh all branches electively of the us Armed forces thousands of law Enforcement officers across north America The best freaking kits you can get so Now that we’ve got that out of the way I’ve got some notes here For uh this evening’s live stream If you remember back to uh we all gonna Die wednesdays remember that with the Whiteboard Which when i get my new office built We’ll probably return Um We used to track seven different Indicators Tyranny Food crisis civil unrest Economic crisis or economic collapse War Misinformation and supply chain And so I’m gonna go ahead and touch briefly on Those seven things just the news in the Last week again all of which has been Covered At great depth on the Intel briefs that are on patreon

So tyranny right tyranny uh well let’s Start with at least for me 33 billion dollars in usaid package to Ukraine What’s so tyrannical about that Um i pay taxes you pay taxes i don’t Necessarily believe that that’s the best Course of action for our tax dollars is To send them To ukraine uh now don’t get me wrong i Do think that the people the civilians Who are in ukraine the ukrainian people Uh this is not their fault uh the The globalists Nato has decided that we’re going to Have a war russia has decided that you Not one more inch not one step closer And ukraine has simply become the chess Board that we’re going to play the next World war game on And that sucks for the ukrainian people It will likely expand outward from there Based upon The allocation of nato forces in eastern Europe Uh primarily united states but also Germany france poland finland and sweden Talking about Joining nato so big stuff going on there Very likely uh world war iii is coming And that’s not hyperbole i’m not saying That because i want to Over emphasize the gravity of the Situation i literally think we are

Beginning world war iii if not already In it and so Russia has said any military aid that is Sent by nato aka the u.s is Good to go as far as targeting by the Russian military so they’re going to Start interdicting Um war material That is being sent by nato into ukraine When they do that it’s just a matter of Time before there’s some type of nato Related casualties and my concern there Is that will become the causes bellai The um The thing that motivates all the people To get us involved in a hot war in Ukraine And i think the reason we’re involved in A hot war in ukraine is because Certain um You know the bidens and the romneys and Others Are deeply invested in ukraine and Russia had enough And ukraine for a long time it during The cold war Americans were just as afraid of kiev as They were moscow So you know ukraine was a cold war You know war horse super power damn near If you will within the soviet union And so Tyranny 33 billion in usaid package to Ukraine you’re spending my money to get

Us into a war Um I don’t like that What about anybody heard about dinesh D’souza shifting gears here dinesh D’souza has a Has a new um documentary coming out i Believe it drops the seventh Called 2000 mules talking about voter Fraud in the 2020 elections Um I work in an asphalt plant in the Process of getting training up but plan Any kit you recommend or can you build Me one if money is no object i have a Bucket and barefact 3.0 hey keith email Us Sales at refuge medical Sales at refuge medical and we’ll take Care of you bro Two thousand mules dinesh d’souza Documents using uh closed-circuit Television you know security cameras Documents 2 000 mules Dropping ballots and ballot boxes in the Middle of the night Um Very likely And When that drops the left is probably Going to lose their minds uh why was Alex giles timed out hey sarah alex Giles doesn’t get timed out he’s good to

Go Uh Unless he’s been hacked Or unless one of his children is playing With his phone So apparently there’s something about Sheep and pandas on here oh yeah those Are my guys don’t mess with them um So Two thousand mules dennis de souza Tyranny actual yeah because it means and We’ve known this but it i guess it Doesn’t mean it confirms that we don’t Have An actual effect of like electoral Process in the united states of america What about food crisis uh i’ve been Talking about this this past week i Believe it’s 38 different food Processors And food manufacturers by the way Uh you cannot I mean you shouldn’t have to manufacture Food right but food processors food Manufacturers have been attacked uh thus Far in 2022. Fires planes have been flown into Buildings And so it’s an actual attack on Food production methodologies Um Yanasa tv Y-a-n-a-s-a That fellow over there he’s got a pretty

Good channel did a very good video on i Think it was called Six months to food shortages or Something to that effect and he was Quoting a Study from the rockefeller institute That was saying we basically have six Months Until we begin to have global food Shortages Yeah what are you doing about that What are you doing about that what’s Your food production look like what’s Your food storage look like what’s your Financial independence and systemic Independence look like there’s cherries Right there bro if you want to grab one So um Yeah food manufacturers being attacked We have a fertilizer shortage we have Had a fertilizer shortage we’ve had a Especially with russia Withholding urea which also gets into Diesel exhaust fluid which is a supply Chain issue because of You know semi trucks 93 percent of Everything you touch in your daily life Was on a semi truck at one point hey You’re a cool guy thanks man Um So fertilizer People you know large-scale mono Cropping agriculture can’t get the Fertilizer that

That they need in order to be able to Plant Further exacerbated by drought in major Areas of the united states and so Food crisis is real i’ve been on record For the last uh i don’t know three three Or so weeks i’ve been saying i think We’re about In the united states of america we will Begin to see rationing of certain food Products by q3 I think we’re there i think we’re Getting there Civil unrest uh scotus supreme court of The united states of america the scotus Leak There’s a lot of people A lot of people upset about this the Conservatives are upset about the lack Of operational security within the Supreme court If you don’t think that this country and The apparatus that runs this country Hasn’t been penetrated to the highest Levels you’re dead wrong And you’ve not been paying attention so That’s just a confirmation i’m not upset About it but i don’t like it it’s just a Confirmation Um And then you’ve got the blue haired mob On the other side of the aisle That is uh Planning to attack or hold protests at

Why do i have spinning circle of death Come on All right so for those that weren’t Paying attention earlier as i said Earlier If this stream gets cut off Nope Thank you t tarp and yelp Leo ho thank you very much I appreciate that Um All right Are we back up no we’re not back up this Effing horseshit Hey youtube gosh dang i hate youtube Thank you donnie o’keefe for the five Dollar bill um not doing q a currently Um I have plans for refuge medical in 2023 May get a couple more instructors we Already trained law enforcement and Military um overly concerned about doing More of that We’re already training law enforcement And military so that’s super cool Long as you