How To Make Adjustable Bushcraft Pot Hanger

By | May 4, 2022

So you’re out for a walk right If you’re going for an overnight camp You’re right for a walk you’ve got the Messes with you you’ve got the kids with You whatever you’re trying to have a Good impression you’re trying to show Them how good the outdoors is you think Got my pot let’s put on a Brew which is a cup of tea if you’re in In england or let’s make some coffee if If you’re in america So You’ve got your pot you light a fire You’ve no way of suspending the pot on The fire Okay Let’s make a pot iron Stitching So There’s a lot of different ways to do This you can do it with some rope if you Have a handy branch you can make it out Of uh you know you can make it out of Sticks okay there’s a lot of different Ways guys and what i’m going to do is I’m going to show you how i do it using A couple of sticks right so there’s lots Of different ways i i could go and cut Down a dead tree and take different Branches and do all that okay but i have Tons of sticks lying in various places And what i’m gonna do is i’m gonna see What i can rustle up From those

And get a pot hanger of some description Going is it going to be the prettiest Of course it’s not it’s going to be Ridiculous Let’s get started Oh no Where’s my stick Don’t steal any of this this is this This is for the video stop stealing it So the hardest part The hardest part Of this build is going to be to stop Bruno from stealing my sticks okay Right what do we need So We need something to support No we need Something to put our pot on okay this Will do fine you can use a longer one it Doesn’t really matter okay so this will Go like this Okay we need something to support the Pot right so look i have two branches Here now all right Neither of them are true Why branches but that’s the sort of Thing you’re looking for all right now The thing about a true why branch and This is why i don’t really recommend it Is that This this is the main trunk of the tree And this is a branch coming off it right This is going to be beat into the ground To support the pot

This main trunk is stronger than this Bit and so if i have a true y piece if i Start beating on that to put it into the Ground one bit is going to break off Does that make sense Yes you see what i mean there So I could quite easily cut this off and Beat on this and this will go into the Ground no problem and this is the bit That i need to support the Pot Follow me maybe i’ll use this one Because it’s uh That one’s already made this is this is A good a good example Okay let’s let’s try this i’m going to Clear it off okay so i’m just going to Take my knife back bring him back off I’m just going to take my knife and i’m Going to move my hand down to the back Of the handle Like that Okay and i just just cleaned that off Right what i’m going to do is i’m Actually going to make this a little bit Shorter but instead of just cutting it Straight across i’m going to cut it at An angle In this way and in this way as well Using using my saw Hold up Put it at an angle Turn it over

Okay See No you can’t see See Okay Yeah you watch that griddle Renault super excited about this he’s Like this is the best day ever You’re just playing with sticks all day Guys So i’m just going to take my knife i’m Just going to sharpen this down a wee Bit more okay That’ll probably do it okay so you Understand what i mean now so i can beat On this end with a beating stick okay And this end will stay true i won’t Break i’ll probably tidy this off a Little bit as well Beating stick Now i can use this as a beating stick Okay so Might be a bit low That’s not gonna be a hell of a lot Higher anyway we’ll work on okay so This Is going to be What holds the pot in position okay so What i need to do is i need to adjust Everything about this is okay i don’t Really need to do a lot but i do need to Sharpen this end into A flat point like a screwdriver okay The reason for that is that this part

When it sits onto the pot stand or onto The hanger is going to be static and You’re going to have an adjustable Hanger okay But first we need to find a way to pin That into pin this end into the ground Which is why i cut This piece okay so all i’m going to do Is i’m going to trim off this and this Is going to become my Uh My peg okay My peg I’ll trim off this end as well a little Bit I left the knot ring on here because That is going to be stronger okay for When when you’re beating that into the Ground There we go you can have that go Whoa Okay so This I found over in the ditch as well okay So this is a branch that i cut and it Has some branch rings on it so i am Going to use this to my advantage okay So what i’m going to do is i’m going to Trim off everything except for this one Here and this is what is going to hold The pot Now What we want to do Is we want a pot hanger to go out away

From the pot so what i’m going to do is You imagine it’s on like this i’m Actually going to cut notches here here Here and here okay i might just do one And that is going to suspend your pot in Its position like that okay Make sense Yeah it makes sense funny thanks guys So i’m going to use my saw first right I’m going to make sure i have it on the Right side and i’m going to cut a little Notch right here okay Now this is the fiddly bit You might have to play around with this Bit to get it to work right But this is basically how it works so Your pot sits on there like that And this Sits in here like this And you do to adjust that Yes what do you do Maybe a flat notch works better guys Maybe this is the wrong way around Like so Now if there’s water in it i think it Hangs a little bit better Let’s let’s try another notch and move It up a bit and let’s raise this as well If i have a bigger fire guys Or i want a wee bit more Ability to uh To adjust my pot All i do is i put a longer Hole in

Everything else remains the same guys so Basically what you can do then Is Just sit it on like that and sit it over Your fire okay so you know all you need Is To know what sort of branches to look Out for and you can make a pot hanger Like this now if i want i could put Another notch in here another notch in Here and that means then that i could Lower this into The Fire for for you know for to make it Heat up faster or to cool it down by Moving this up and down okay Guys That is an adjustable pot hanger knocked Off out of what i could find lying about The forest it is not perfect But it is completely functional and Functionable functional Guys and it’s cool Thanks for watching stay frosty