Blackout Kit #Shorts

By | May 1, 2022

The next one is a blackout kit on Average u.s electricity customers Experienced over eight hours of electric Power interruptions in 2020. customers In alabama iowa connecticut oklahoma and Louisiana experienced the most with Interrupted power in 2020 ranging from 29 to 60 hours in louisiana oh my gosh This blackout kit is a kit that you have Ready when the power goes out so it’s Super smart to have one of these it Could be stored you know maybe in a Small tupperware type box or a backpack Or i don’t know i don’t know how you Keep yours but i think just like a Little box is kind of nice to have it And some people even use like Glow-in-the-dark tape on the container So oh that’s good when the lights go out You can find that sucker here’s kind of The basic contents to think for this Blackout kit you have to have a Flashlight you have to have a headlamp And we’ve talked about those a million Times it’s not bad idea to have a little First aid kit in there in case something Happens you can’t find all your can’t Find all your other crap a multi-tool Candles lighter batteries an emergency Radio it’s not bad idea to have your Power company contact info in there as Well So you could call them or Whatever you got to do to figure out

Where the hell’s the power usb charger You know a lot of people keep these Things under their bed or near their bed So if it goes out at 3am you’re you’re Close to it just make sure that Everybody knows where they are in the House and except for your kids except For your kids because they just get in There and turn around yeah or you can Make one for each bedroom if yeah if you Want to i don’t have a full kit for each Bedroom but at one point i did have Flashlights next to all the beds so at Least they could get a light and see Where they were going but you know how Long flashlights last in a kid’s bedroom Not very long turn it on go to bed yep Turn around go to bed lose it the next Day it’s gone forever