Amazing Value – Meindl German Army Special Forces Boots – Bushcraft On A Budget

By | April 27, 2022

Wow Woolly here hey britain bruno is the Stick guys it’s a bushcraft on a budget Video i haven’t done one in a while but I recently as in yesterday got a pair of Boots that i think are possibly The best budget Boots bushcraft boots hunting boots hill Walking boots that you are ever going to Come across again and they are Everywhere at the moment and i really Think that if you are in the market for A pair of boots that these are Absolutely Unbelievable value okay for what you pay Versus what you get Unreal i haven’t seen it before guys That’s why i’m a little bit excited guys These Are the mendel German special forces boots okay These Are absolute top class Stay tuned This is it I bought these on ebay and i am going to Link this the the ebay page down below Guys Uh these were bought Super grid okay super grid 79 pound i Paid for these super great now what you Can see right here Is you can see The spackling on the sole

Right That’s on them when they come from the Factory guys these were brand new i’ve Just been digging holes with these That’s why they’re looking a little bit Scuffed up and stuff guys these are These these were basically brand new for 79 pound and what you’re getting is a Pair of very very very high spec Mendel boots the equivalent if you were To buy a non-military version of this Would cost you close to 300 pound okay 260 to 300 pound I have looked online guys and i have Found super grid The most expensive i have seen is 99 Pounds so 100 quid okay These are 79 and they start as low as 50 Pound guys 50 pound for a high leg Gore-tex boot full of all the bells and Whistles right So That’s luck Guys speed lacing system Here at the top Speed lacing system that means for you Guys that are in the parachute and They’re not going to work okay because You can catch your parachute lines on These okay That’s why you see a lot of military Boots with an enclosed lace system up Here Guys

This is your your uh you’re you’re Around the angle tensioning there but They also have a lock system so this is A double A double uh zone Lacing system so this is actually a lock All right and to pop the lock all you do Is you grab your lace here These ones are quite tight because They’re so new and just pull it out Like that okay and that pops the tongue Out guys A high gusseted tongue all right a high Ballad gossiped in tongue uh very very Well padded okay now what this means With this with this lock here is that You can get you can cinch this down Okay to make it your exact fit around Your foot and you can lock that off and Because you have This speed system here Guys You don’t ever need to touch that so you Can just take your boots on and off Without ever having to open or tighten Or re-tighten that system okay Guys they have uh I’m not sure on this one but i think They actually have the mendel memory Foam here In this they definitely have this uh mfs System you can see because it says it Right Here okay and what the mfs system does

It’s designed to keep your foot feet Cool when you’re walking for long Periods okay so it sort of pushes warm Air out while uh taking cold air back in Guys they have of course the very Excellent mendel sole right and look at The cushioning Look at the footbed Here okay For me this is a super important bit Guys and that is a rubber rand that runs Around the toe box like this and Continues the whole way around the boot Okay now i like boots like that because I end up like this a lot when i’m Teaching I end up in this position okay And what i find is that if i don’t have A rubber toe cap or some sort of toe cap I end up wearing out The toes on my boots guys These are a size seven and a half right I normally take a size seven i have a Pair of size seven mendel boots already And i feel that they could just be a Little tiny bit bigger i have a pair of Size seven and a half mental boots yes These are my third pair of mandel boots I’m actually in the process of of Phasing out some boots and replacing Them with manuals so these are a Replacement for my hayaks okay Scout boots Uh guys

But there’s I watched the video and your man said Get us get a go half size up and i have To say there’s quite a bit of room in Them These ones came with the mendel active Uh Insole Right Which is not the thickest insole in the World all right and now generally i will Put my own insole into boots and i think That if i if if once i figure out the Lacing system and get it set to my foot And set to my liking once i get that Done guys I think Even just by putting in a slightly Thicker more padded insole uh it will Make these super super comfortable and It does give me that option then for Wearing thicker socks in winter and Stuff like that guys um i guys I have known About mendel boots and i have worn Mandel boots for a long long time you Know they were As an outdoor instructor they were like The gold standards wow you got vandal you know they have a long history Of making really really Really good footwear and these are Absolutely no upset uh These are absolutely no different these

Are just I took these out the bag yesterday when They arrived and i was like jesus christ I paid 80 quid for these Unbelievable unbelievable guys i am not Expecting there to be any issue with These at all of course i will do uh Uh i’ll come back and look at these After i have worn these for a good six Months and we’ll have a chat about them And see how we got on but guys bushcraft On a budget right now if you’re looking At these or if you have come across These on ebay these are on rail Unreal value unreal boots for what what You’re paying for and what you get I haven’t come across it before guys Okay i really haven’t First look my opinion straight out of The box mendel german special forces Boots guys get your credit card go to Ebay buy a pair You will be impressed thanks for Watching Stay frosty Guys i’m just coming back on here just Uh just to talk a little bit about the Mandel boots and the sizing okay so It was advised to me in well it wasn’t Advice to me when i did my little bit of Research on this i’ll probably cover This in the video as well guys but this Is about Five days later uh i

It said that to go a half size up Because they were on the small size now I got a seven and a half and i did think That they were a little bit big So I ordered a pair of sevens right okay so I have the seven and a half’s on me Right now And these are the sevens and the sevens Came today and i’ve been wearing them Around the house gate And Almost i’m a seven and everything all Day long guys these are a tiny bit too Small in the toe Uh the sevens okay so i’m going to have To put up with the seven and a half just Being a little bit too big and i’m Probably going to have to put a little Half size insole or something on the Inside them to bring them up so that my Feet fit better into them uh it is Better to have them a little bit too big Than to have them a little bit too small Especially if i’m going to be up in the Hills Because what goes up must come down and You know yourself when you’re starting To come down Fat slides forward a little bit and your Toes start rubbing and it’s in case if You’ve ever had a pair of boots that rub It is a very quick way to destroy your Day okay

So uh i’m going to stick with the seven And a half’s and i’m going to return the Seventh guy so i would say go half a Size up Thanks for watching guys stay frosty